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45th Year No. 4C ^ 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, November 5, 1970 

Governor Hopes To Reverse Pear 




By Raymond Williamt 

noted Virginia Beach 

■ I 


Don't Read Your Own 

CHJESTION: I am living in Los Angeles and have been getting 
second hand copied of the Sun from a Mend. I ^ms parttcularly 
interested in your September 24 column in answer to libra. 
The same dtuatlon exists in my life. I would Uke to know If 
tliere is a good book that deals with compataWUty or lack of it 
in two people's charts? Signed DF. . . „ .. w * t 

AKBWES: The letter was considerable more detailed out i 
shortened it because of space problems. I want to answer your 
miestion by telling you of an experience that h^ipened to me 
recently. It is the sort of thing that happens to ^V Pf *<?*«»« 
Astrologer all the time and is especially sad I think. Not 
more tttan three weeks ago a lady walked into my office in tews. 
She h«l learned to set up her horoscope out of a bo<*. She 
had also set up her husbands horoscope as well and was sure 
that something terrible was going to happen tp Mm. All she 
wanted to know was if it was something that she could bear. 
I could not help setting his horoscope up. Even though other 
astrologers get a great deal of money for thls,ai>d I often 
change. 1 had to see if she was correct. She was rrnOly in a state 
of ptaic. After setting up the horoscope I decided that something 
rather bad was abait to take place, but before 1 tried to determine 
ttte enct nature of the event I decided to rectify fl» horoscope. 
I winlly begin by checking the date of Wrth. Eitter she gave 
me the wrong birtti date or. I copied it wrong and there was some 
^ffiodt aspects fliat muM be cause for concern. After erecting 
flw boroscope again (and checking again) 1 was very happy to be 
iblt |o state positively tta^ there was nothli« to be concerned 
9^, I tell you this to show you the danger in trying to be 
own astrologer is just not possible, 
been studying astrology (seriously) for years, and read 
I geilQitt and learn something new 

tt H US' tids l-MMBon ~\M I will never recommend botAs tor 
this paipos^. My advice is that there is an excellent school 
In toi Angeles and 1 will be happy to direct you to some of 
the tea(!|liers there who are friends, and they wlU see ttiat you 
get started off on the rtght foot. 1 strongly advise against 
anyom studying on ttieir own, or trying to interpret tor tiiem- 
selves^ It is as dangerous as trying to "doctor" oneself. 

Aspects Not Favorable 

QUESTION: 1 have been married for twenty five years. The 
first twenty three of these years were very hawjy, but the last 
tluree teve been one argument after another. What is happeninit? 
as Astrology explain tins? Signed MES. :.^ =. 

ANSWER: It is in cases like tiiis that I really enjoy answering 
inqvlrles. The answer Is spelled out so clearly that any beginning 
student of astrology could spot it. The problem lies in ttie bet 
that either you or your husband may not be able to a^ept the 
eiqflanation and therefore not benefit from it. It is tills area, 
trying to help people to understand, that presents the most 
'diflicult chore to the Astrologer. li 1 could explain tilings Uke 
this and then you understand the explanation I could help a great 
(teal of people who can not be helped in any other way. The fact 
thai planets affect our lives Is very difficult for most people 
to imderstand. 

Let's take each of the elements one at a time. Mars, to begin 
with, in your husband's horoscope is making a rather difficult 
aspect to Ms natal Mercury and tiie Moon. The planet Mercury 
governs the mind, and as I have said many times. Mars is tiie 
planet of tremendous energy. In bad relationship It simply means 
ttiat at tMs time he is receiving an unusual amount <A malefic 
or destructive type energy to Ms Natal (or natural mind). The 
Moon is the emc^onal nature and in the horoscope it Indicates 
cor emotional responses to others. Now when we consider all 
the pieces together we have a man who is, to put It quite simply, 
roerrtally and emotionally irritated most of the time. 

It is almost Impossible for either of you to understand that 
this is sometMng that is happening to him rather Qian sometMng 
tiiat he is ddng. Remember, he is refcelving energy and would 
respond to it the same as if it were electric current from tiie 
fall plug. Would you, or he for that matter, expect Mm not to 
re-act to th^ type of er»rgy? I teel quite sure that he has 
realized he is ading un - naturally, but has been unable to resist. 
The important tMng, It seems to me, Is that in a close family 
relattonsMp tills is sure to create confusion. If he were living 
alone he could easily go for a walk when he gets to feeling like 
this, and it would bother no one but Mmself. 

To iM to the con^Blon, you are gotog throu^i an equally 
difticttlt aspect at the same time. TMs is the most interesting 
put (rf astrotof^ and is the tM^ Uu^ usually nakes the non- 
believer a believer. How could your husband go through a 
difficult time Uke tMs and not have it affect your life strongly? 
It is not possible, since you are normally a very close couple, 
and I'm rare you love each other a great deal. 

U you were i^iynormally y(Mi woidd be ^le to understand Ms 
probteB) mudi better ttisn you now do, but ypu are also receiving 
a ^ksolt aspN!t from the planet Mars to your Natal Venw. 
VeMM fovenn tiie feeUng n^ure. I prefer the affecttonal 
ntfure tmt tiw ^andard te^d books rm tiie feeUng or love nature. 
The combiuttM) between Mars aisid Venus in l»d relattorehip is 
tiiat you are 1^ "feeling" very many good feeUng. TMs Is 
fj^^tj eleimnlarir M I tMnk you can understand the point I am 
UMng to make. The s^n^teelings (tf affection that you normally 
MHve for your husband are being short circuited now. Taking 
li^ ae«)ust what is going m in boM charts, It would seem ttiat 
n^re <x Kurma is saying "\% test you to see whiA tNto 
marriaie is Mde<tf".CH)lyttirou^itorstendingcanit micMc4 
Om Mf4 is certainf You belcmg tefether and if you can get 
teMgk^ts period ywiirtllhnrebtfltaf<nlress of tndersta»ling 


Wants Children 


Word Received By 
Virginia Beach Friends 

-Governor Linwood Holtonhas 
indicated to friends here tiiat 
te hopes to reverse the de- 
cision on leasing a portion to 
Seashore State Park to tiie city 
for construction of a school. 

The governor's intent is men- 
tioned specifically in a letter 
from Mrs. Holton to a young 
Virginia Beach couple who are 
long time friends of tteHoltons. 

ine letter was presented to 
the Sun in its entirety. The 
couple prefer not to be identt- 

Mrs. Holton said she is 
"really disturbed" about the 
lease which was brou^t to her 
attention In a letter from the 
Vir^Ma Beach woman. 

"As you know," Mrs. Holtcm 
stetes, "one\ of Lin's greatest 
long-time intereste has been 

the conservation of our natural 

"He tells me ttiat he signed 
the lease on the recommen- 
dation of the State Park author- 
ities because they said that the 
Isolation of that portion of the 
park by the Mghway made It 
unusable for park purposes. 

"In view of the interests 
shown by you and so many 
other responsible dtisens, 
however, he Is discussing tiie 
whole situation again witii the 
park authorities in the hope tiiat 
perhaps tiie decision can be 

Gov. Holton signed ttie lease 
on the park site on June 12^ 

School Suirt. E.E. Brlckell 
said Wednesday afternoon he 
knew notMng about the Governor 
looking into school site situ- 

ation. "I haven't talM to Jte 
Governor and ttie Gov^nor 
hasn't talked to me." 

Brlckell saldonTneida7,ait 
"we don't want to htve eoiH 
troversy stirred up over flw 
schools". In response to t fOf- 
gestlra that an alternate wdbaA 
site be found. 

He said It would be lnpoi«l- 
ble for him to reeominasilft 
Nortti Vtrgteia Bea^ §^6mA 
site be found. 

He said It wmild be loqMi- 
slble tor Mm to reoonBHwd a 
Nortii Virginia Be^i sAool 
site to tiie School Board ttat 
is not firee. The site \a qaes* 
tion would be leased to Vm 
dtj for |1 per yeir bii hM 
been actively opposed by tt» 
Cittsens' Committee tor Sti^ 
shore State Park. ' 

Bvtich^oes Byrd 


-f — 

As expected, Virginia's In- 
cumbent Senator Harry F. Byrd 
Jr., who despite Ms change 
of party from Democrat to In- 
dependent carried a large De- 
mocratic vote here, swept the 
dty Witt! 11,787 votes or 50.4 
per ceitf of ttie 23,413 votes 

mmnj 1 "III mimLLi \,^ 

I imljb ' i^um^-typi^ i^^Mfy 

Mostldrpoises are able to live their lives frolicking in the warm 
waters of the Gulf Stream, occasionally cdming northward during 
the warmer morvths to enjoy fresher waters and play, much to the 
delight of young children and to the fascination of those a Mttle 
older. But with that trip is a risk, one this poor porpoise took and 
lost. Wednesday afternoon he was found fn the flooded parking lot 
of an abandoned store on Baltic Avenue, apparently having been 
washed inland by a recent Nor'easter. How he got there has con- 
founded both the Police Department as well as passersby. Thus he 
dies as he lives, an object of fascination. 

Man Seeks Commendation 

Democntf George C. 
RawUnga Jr., vibo drew 8,434 
votes or 36.0 per cent of the 
vot^, wMle Republican candi- 
date Ray L. Garland garnered 
a meager 3,192 votes or 13.7 
per cent of the total. 

Byrd's victory here was at- 
tributed to the same factor 
wMch carried Mm across the 
state—Democratic party mem- 
bers crossed tiie party line 
to vote for a conservative candi- 
date, even though he was an in- 
dependent, rather than vote for 

QUESTKW: I htve been married tor ttree years and want to 
have chil£r«i. So tar I have hem lUMbte to (to so ud am very 
eontaAd nd uMa]^. Shoidd I gi tedt to mrk and forget tte 

(Ccnttnwd n page 2) 

The couple, perhap iHlRKr 
late SO's, were enjoying a late- 
In-the-season vacation. It was 
early October but the sun was 
warm, the wind was brisk but 
not too cool; it was a perfect 
day to enjoy tiie t)each. 

It was the noon hour but 
John N. Nichols of Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa, decided to take a 
swim before eating. His wife 
sat in the sun on the beach, 
watcMng her husband. 

In a matter of seconds Nic- 
hols was in a life and death 
struggle with the Atlantic Ocean. 

What happened for ttie next 
hour or so will long be vivid 
in the minds of at least four 
people, Nichols, Ms wife, and 
the, two men who saved the 
swimmer from certain death. 

TMs week a grateful Nichols 
recommended to the American 
National Red Cross ttiat his 
Tescuers, Robert Newman and 
Edward Pankowski, be cited for 
"their unquestioned bravery 
and willinpess to risk theii* 

Nlctols said. In Ms letter 
to the Red Cross, that he was 
ctni^t in a strong outgt^ng 
tide ttet tarried Mm out foster 
than Ms strength was able to 
overcome. He signaled Ms wife 
ttiat be was in trouble. 

"1 knew that I could not re- 
turn to i^iOTe without assis- 
tance," he said. A person vs^ 
has s^rtlcipated in Red Croc* 
programs on first aid ud life- 
saving for over 40 years, Nic- 
hols knew to conserve Ms 
strengtti and not panic. He be- 
pn fk»ti^ and treeing water 
in hopes ttttt help wwild ar- 
rive in time. 

Mrs, Ni<Wi^(rlghtened be- 
yorKl worite, rtortrto the office 
at ttiCLMarshaU'Jt Motel, Vrliere 
she tfS h«L husbkmd werfe 
stayl^, niiteeamed for help. 
"I tttw mnt ^n a more 
frightened 0mm," said Mln. 
fa^tf Mter, tte mwn/Aem 
cterk, who fiist Mw tti ^^n 

woman^ "Her eyes were filled 
with terror. I wiU always see 
those eyes." 

Newman is a young employee 
of the hotel and was working 
in the dlMng room that day. 
He answered Mrs. Butler's csdl 
for help and ran toward ttie 

PaMcowski is a maintenance 

man at ttie Association for Re- 
search and 'Enlightenment, ac- . 
ross the Mghway from the mo- 
tel, and usually eats lunch in tiie 
motel dlMngroom. He was there 
that day. He, too, answered the 
call for help, grabbing aruttoer 
mattress as he ran toward the 
"As I ran for the water I 

cowski (pointing) and 
look rescue tite.*' 

looked at Bob," Pankow^ said 
Tuesday. "He very calmly re- 
moved Ms bow tie and Ms red 
waiter's jacket, then Mt the 

Newman reachedNlchols 
first because tiie mattress 
slowed Pankowski down. It was 
a struggle to get tiiere becaioe 
of the strong undertow whldi 
also continued to move Nichols 
away from them. 

"It looked as if he were gdng 
right on out into the sMpping 
lanes," Pankowski said. 

The two rescuers estimate 
it took them at least 30 minutes 
to reach the exhausted man. 
"He was just as calm as he 
could be. He said to us 'give 
me a minute to get my strengtii 
back and I'll help you all that 
I can'," Pankowski said. 

Nichols was some 400 yards 
or so off shore when the duo 
reached hem. Their problem 
then was to get all three back. 
"WMle I clutched the air mat- 
tress, one got on either side and 
attempted to swim Uie three of 
us back to safety," Nidiols said. 

By tMs time the YirgiMa 
Beach Rescue Squad arrived 
with its DUWK and the craft 
made its way to the three men. 

"It Mt the water with red 
lights blazing. You should have 
seen the startled expression m 
Mr. Nichol's face as that tMng 
came toward us. But it was a 
life saver. Idoi'ttMi&wewould 
have ever made it If the rescue 
squad hadn't come after us," 
Pankowski explained. 

Nichols told the Red Cross: 
"It is my belief ttiat witiwut 
the assistance given by R(A)ert 
Newman and Edward Pankowski 
it is very protable tiat I would 
int have been a^le to n^int^ 
myself for awroximately 45 
minutes until tte rescue sqiad 
got to us or that I wouU have 
teen so far from ^re is to 
be lost ftt)m ^ght" 
He alteo oeMad ttie rmem 

(Co^med OB p^p 3) 

a liberal Democrat. 

Statewide, 55-year-oU Bjrti 
received 502,915 votes, Rawl- 
Ings got 292,605 votes, and 
Garland 144,628 votes. 

The total V(^— 23,57S--was 
considered surprising to many 
because there were no otiier 
najOT poltttnl conllids oM- 
draw ott«l% to ttie pons, m 

Incumbent First District h^. 
Thomas N. Downing, Kdw was 
amcMig 45 Democratic Con- 
gressmen runMng um^iposed, 
nonetheless drew 19,003 votes 
in tite dty. 

Other Items on the baltots 
wMch drew response were four 
constitutional revision pn^io- 
sals, tiie first sUiee VlrgUdi's 
last revisions were approted 
in tiie 1920s. 

In Virdnla Beadi. the first 
proposal for general revlsloD of 
the body of the emstttottoii 
was approved by a vcrte d 
17,872 to 3,490 negi^ve votes. 

The second proposal, ittiL^ 
renu)ves prtritUftt^Hi <rf ^ite 
lotteries and allows approvalbf 
tile legislature of psrimutuel 
horse race betting, was passed 
witii a vote of 16,320 to 4,89S 

The ttdrd proposal whidi per- 


The SoiMieastern Virginia 
planning Ostrict Commission 
has protested to the Vlrgtaia 
Depi^m^it atCoi^rvattonttid 
EeoMbmle Development tiiat It 
was by-passed In the leasing 
of acreage in Seashore Stete 
Park at $1 a year for the 
building of a public school. 
In a resolirtion ^iH'oved 
Odober 22 uid now in the hands 
of Marvin M. Suttierland, n- 
rector of the Department, and 
Ben H. Bolen, Commissioner at 
the Div^on of Parks, tiie 
SVPDC points out that tiie De- 
partmeirt has uMlaterally dis- 
posed of fifteen acres of Sea- 
shore Stete Park under a fifty 
year lease ndthout the Com- 
mission's "cogMzance,oonsul- 
tirtion or review." 

Tiie Soutiieastern Virginia 
PluiMng District Commissioo 
has been designated ttie official 
areawi(te ptenMng agency by 
federal, stete and local parttci- 
pating governmente to adminis- 
ter regional reviews pertalMt^ 
to such utlons. 

la Ite resolution, tiie SVPDC 
wpxsts tiiat tiie Virginia De- 
partment d Corservatira and 
Eed^'^'nie Develciiment nstsult 
It, under the lnt«t of tte VUr- 
glMa Area Develcq^meiit A^ 
priM- to telteg formal action 
In tte pwfiiafff for a nle of 
piMle l«Dds vdtMn Um U^rid 
and mi asm «tte i«Mde« 
be alnlid prior In tm&^n. 

nilte ti^ stito to hornm lor 
capital InprofiMBli^ iM 
paned with a vote dUlViO 
to 5,055. 

Hie last (rf the revWte pro* 
poslttooB, wMeb woMd aUov 
the stete to put IteMmaH 
and credit behind renow tsad 
proieete wMeh are f^iii- 

wlthT w& ofipHto l, 

The first piMlttC to f^^Mn 
a vote total was a^pa, jMi 
139 iralas out, to to A^ 
11 forGtrlanil,l6forte^f^ 
and all of the .refUrtew ap- 
proved, wUle ItehHtpctefaMt 
^ report «u Cape Heny at 
ahout 9 9.111, whtrt Byrd n- 
eeived 838 y/ttm, Gtrftad \$l, 
Rtvttofi 188 aid ill or the 
revisloQB passed. 

Cape Heiu7 Is almost tndl- 
ttonaUy tiie Uot pfadiirt to 
report and tiiera was a hill 
In tiMdattoni m a» cmt of 
Court's flffioe tor tbovAtfi9^ 
itos valttog the last call out. 

NoTBaalfy ^ofded, the o#y 
pecqde it tiie oMce were Vm 
n^essiry dfiobris, oawiBMRL 
and a km r apreaantitlw s «f 
ttie caadidatei, te^Uyiog to i 
generil licit of lalarett late 

Riwltegs Cirried ttie SttJtuA 
and B^^lde pNdnete iMhMi- 
able vote roa^ttes hot lilad 
to receive mudi mwe nqpport 
of note from nqy oOer lare- 

Byrd's largest siqiport cane 
from ttie Cape Hennr prtctaet, 
irtiere hedrewnSvotMtofiair- 
Ungs' 183 and Garland's 111. 

Throughout tile dty, there 
were oidy four write-In vctss, 
two in Windsor Woods, for Bdb 
Furniss, out In Virginia Beftch 
for Rose C. Wllsao and one 
for Sgrn Itoustos Jr. In the 
Princess Aane Plaia prednet. 

In addition, 21 billots cut 
in accordance witti the new 
ruling concerning Vlrglniifs 
one year r«ddne^ retpdze- 
ment mre reearded it ^ 
Courthouse predmt <» a •!- 
panUe voting machine. 

The votM were not induted 
in the unoffidal tally and iidll 
ncA be induded in tiie tttel 
vote tally unlll tiie S^«m 
Court rules <m the w astlty 
tiooallty of Urn lower eoirt 
dedsi(» allowing8ix-iac»ttra* 

The offldal cmvas irtUhe 
made tolay. _^__ 

' DiOPt 


i/eates .....»........■..**•* ■■— ■ ••y 



w omen. ........«•*..*.« ^ 



Virginio Baqch Sun 

Thursday, Novtmber 5, i9W 

Base for New Season 

urn W»ttrfi«»MM%J--5J|«f»^W^'*- 

k^ ^ft flw lliMter la alfl|. 


nMlii M^ MM JoHi 
MUf tli«r*> fMd wA ofln 
loHmtl of « 4oft 

OBty lllllt HMtoeiiMdOBaMElft 

Am — qontiAabsd te Ms tt«- 

AadcrtonPi pliT r«vol«4 
trpod t nddfflt^aiad esllBfB 
piioiMMr loniMirMoliid^* 
Mrt to mnr t «vi«ri|M la 
CiUfonU wbA Uf 

noM nn^tt^t Uk* tD ohi 
vnttind iikr IB old 

lit iriiiir 111 Floclda. His a- 

ttoiL dinelor tarry WlfflaBS 
M doiMs iteak Ms clMiiM d 
"I Hmr Saofb'* Bt ttwill 
m^Bm j/tK$ wi0k Iwfft Imh 
mm tm i ^tm Mi islwr ti Is 
tki ifiO-71 sura flC AM VIr- 
lUU BMcb unit nuttsr, a 
gray flut Hft^gtaailly ilia 

tfoTMHl siaea liiiac of iMt. 
fwlavs VUHais Is vroBC 

Sfltaft AadcrsoB^ two-act- 



bqAIM iSiSr Ms aiotttr dtas 
■oon after hm rotara to Htw 
York City. 

Goat GarrlsoB, oalraflif «• . 
p«rl«idi« a pMt 4m1 of tBir 
nMrrtaft plaas to lato eiro 
of Ms vUomdttter.Howwtr, 
Am aadltBMlMrBstlBraailitt 
•Idtofw o( sorts mt tte soe 
tUalljr rodtaad eooalsteBn 
vtfli Ms Irtter wNdd aim 
Wk, aad toft tor CaHtorMa 

P ir tete ty Inpnsstot Hd 

iMft of awflaf fma OBB seeat 
to iMftar. Gtaa Garrlsoa (Fq7 

8ha»)y ftoBB of aiMNnltoe 
p0 «d a dofBiatte itfl»r 
t t m^ toward stalUty; ae- 
tlK andtotoa vUk Ite 

fltanr tarns in a vrild por- 

fffTBHaw iS tte dnttftll SOB. 

Jndiod sotoly oa tlM last act, 
awv's portormneo vas ax- 
oiUaat. HoiPmr, Ms llBos aad 
DoNoM at Ite ooBot vara dtea 

fciiigrnBHl of tte apeoailBf 

Black Wtik:h 
In Hampton 

A iiinih ^rabd of Brittok 
Matonr aal aflHanr traftttoa 
vin aiffck toto ll» Haaptoa 
nan CsBsaam at t ii.Bb Nor . 


Tfei «arid4mdC6ldrtnam 

m towtadid Buvtaa oe Ite 
f l«iir. 17-<^ toaf of tte 
OiM Italia aad Caaada. 

At tao-kaar sKpf* of aim- 
Ivy foap aad dreaawlspeo to 
as»dm to ki a tavoiito la 
fldivitor akm IkB Utftod 
srBNd torees Is pra- 

MieArtknr's portraial of taB 
solf-aado Btaa vko dotod oa 
Ms ellai) to snoeas^ to kost 
smaaMd opkjf oat of tko itty'a 
Ums: "Bo's a ramarkaklo 
nBArtknr Mmpod llln 

CoBipHBWHnt MacArtbiff's 
portormaaoa ns SoktccaltoB- 
sail vko ptoiadMstonMailto. 
MiBf of tai ptaqr's kcst soraes 
Imrdvid Iflss BassallaadMic- 

Bttk Knwfer, pla|lng Oe 
dai^Mtr "alio ms rojoetod kjr 
kur totknr fornirrylaf tt^tm, 
tnlfos lato la Ike plai to 
stralgktea oat kir brotkerifter 
Motair dlos. Ber tested ooo- 
troi^tttoD iriik Steirls foroitol, 
addliii tao aiaded moBwatm 

Seoit PnaUoo. iiko doiMad 

porter aad waiter, and tte 
SUBS fkdal eqirMsioaa wbA 
fislares tor tnta diaractmii. 
Good taffpatHi^ pertormaaoas 
vara kraed laky Dorotky 
Jooes, Jayae WllUnsoe, Jim 
EagUfli, David Joneftiad Bar- 
tert BirreU. Frcna a tecMcal 
staadpdnt - - l^fillac, soond, 
mUMft ^ eostaaws — tto 

Bsfwe tke perforinanoe dlr- 
•elor WUBsBis aw ktvtostrou- 
kte irltk kotterfltos. Tkafs an 
oeeopillQBil kaard, and not 
neceasarlty ooooeeted vitk say 
dodito ikoirt tae performaaoe. 

Bat, If to didktvaanydpiMs, 
sorely to eaa rest easier. Ite 
koors of rekearsals iBoMieated 
sad daav qaartan paid off 
sireetty Satorday flilkt. 


ills Pride 

Mrs. Sanderlin 

Tke keU k^Uis to rio& 
As ^1^ m Mi to called toi^ 
tke docameat tke cBpig fMI 
loader. As PreMat of tte 
Ccigrtn Sdtm Vaneotk OMurs 
a^rad of tte Ust tke beU 
nailers tkrooik tab ^taeatre, 
ti'sciik d^ops at stage kroot, 
tte act(a« freese lo poslttoi^ 
tte stage Is taekUgMed aad 
toe sig^ of tte Dedandlon 
at Indepaiieooe to fiv ever lai^ 
pr«Med oe tte mind as a liv- 
ing f th^ Mii ff . 

Sndi was tae MKkBg of tte 
award ittmiti« musical "1776*% 
prwentod tart week-end at tte 
Center Tkeatrely tte Broadway 
Tkeatre Attiradtons of KorfoDc 

It wtf one of toe most tm- 
pressive eadiiqs-''tadee(!^ 
Stewa-ever seen nd lasplnd 
in tte anilMMe a deiep seaae 
of piide takalngmiAaMrlcaB. 

Ite Busle&l to Biore tku 
entorikla. it to an ei^arleBee. 
It tito tte sadieBee kadc 1b 
time to taose kot, kumld di^ 
to Jane, 1T76 as tteCoagress 
strogi^ed on dectoi<»s to tkelr 
PMladelpkU ckamters. Tte 
moB, msde tomons and aear- 
perfeet ky Mstory (as Dr. Bea- 

'Madam' musical director 
teaches at Plaza School 


lUiteta ate tanaatly oaaate 
dlt,Ht:l 4aBd»tw Mk»l 
off tor ul yowptttn aader 
tf years of agi. 

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Idea of a tomBy for tte time kelB^ Slgaed OR 

ANSWER: I eaa aee no reason why yon can aot teve ckUdrea. 

Ikara to noHdiv to tte ckar tkst woold InBcate tkat jfoa are 

ksRwa. to teat toe slpi oa toe fUta koow teowratog diUdren) 

toawirytorlltoooa.Piscas. ^. . . ^,^ 

OltoB tat W« ttit teips one fhaaketogabto to krnre cklldraa 

to tae audaty eaaaed ky ant grtting pregaaBt tte minito we 
tool we skoold. A toasloa seto op tteft preveato tte very tMag 
Oat to kopad tor. 

I ilU mdBB JOB a deal. I win ^ yon someHmes wkra I tool 
yea are ^to Mkily to gat prepant oa two ooodlttons. Hrst: 
tkat yoB do Bot Uame me If yon grtsonetMng started tkatirau 
eaa aot atop, Seeood: If yoo will report to every tUrty daya, 
gMi«ai astMainport Deal? Ok,kiregaas. Tom eaa ooaoelve 
OB tte toltowtog daia; Bofetoker 17-ie-W. Deeenke? 7~ 
•~l— . tte InmHttat tMag iinr jm to rediae to tkat tae taeory 
d oidtotam to m wrong; 01^ so l^autfra. if yon fiB toOow my 
•dvtotjRW may teJft|9r«sBrprt8e.»MaeiBber, yoa are on yoor 
tenor. We wiU te tooklag torward to tte flrst report. 

AddrMtynir qMittionsto Astro-Advi|»^ 
Virginio iMch Sun, P.O. Box 657, Virginio 
BMch, Virginio 23451. All questions will 
bo onsworod OS spoco permits but must 
include Me, time ond ploce of birth. 

A Sickling yoimg teacter at 
Plasa Etementory Sdiool tous 
ker wo^k cot out for ter tor 
tte next eigMwedEB. 

Mrs. Dlane&mderUntosenr- 
li^^ as musical <kreetor tat toe 
CavaBer Dtoner Plaj^mase pro- 
doetfon of "CaU Me Madam", 
tte pqpiflar Bromlway musical 
comedy wMck starred Etael 
Herman. Tte roiwstslnger also 
starred to tae movie verMoe. 

Tte toad to iktoyed locally 
kjr anbiter VlrglMa Beack re- 
sident, Tteresa Worrall, wte 
resides wito ter tually toKlngs 
Graat. Sl» was recently seen 
to Ul "Etkel Merman-type" 
rote to tte Cavalier's proittc- 
ttdd of *'MI»to6". """• *" 

Mrs. Sandsrun ui jIn toi^ 
prenHni mndeal la^jUxixBA 

h(mor graiAiate a MorviewBlik 
Sckool to 1961 and was voted 
^"^ *'Most Talented" senior. 
Ste ittonded Westmlatoter 
Ckoir CoUegetoPrinoetoo,N.J. 
on a s^^rsMp and, to tae 
eoUege's Symptealc Ckolr, ap- 
peared in Carnegie Ball and 
Uncoto Crater wita Leinard 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ed McMahon, 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburn, 
George Carlin, Al Capp, 
Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Considine and Elie Abel 
are regulars on 


Can you imagine what the 
guest list is like? VVeekends, on 


After ter marriage to Gary 
Saiderlto ste moved tedc to 
Norfdk, kad a daugktor anl 
oomiaeted ter BjS. degree in 
mittdc education a ODU. 

For two years Mrs.Sanderlto 
vras presidea ot tte Muac 
Educators Assodattoo and was 
selected for "Wte's Wte to 
American Colleges and ua- 

Mrs. Sanderlto is familiar 
vrtto on-stoge, work as well 
as teckgrwaid muacat duties. 
Ste appeared in tae cterus of 
"Amall and tte Nlgkt Viators" 
a NortoBc Miseum and was a 
member of tte Mod Marms, 
tbree sduol teacters wte ^ 

veiv^rifitkih a^ ¥ ^^i*#* 
Beadi Dome, dite, on tte tXdc 

Unique Exhibit 
Opens Friday 

A unique exMMtion opens a 
VlUage Gallery Friday and will 
continue tfarougk Decemtor 1. 

Presented by tte Ceramic 
Deagner's Association and 
Tidewater Craftmen's Gaid, 
tte exMUtlon will toature cer- 
amic stoneware, poreetoln, 
raku, and sculpture, as well 

as weaving,, stttctery, ^au uA 

Village GaUery, on Pro- 
vidence andlnUanRiverRoaite, 
to (ven weaaays from 11 a.m. 
to S p.m. and on Saturdays 
and Sundays from noon to 6 


Lamb Stew, etc In 1967 aw 
recdved a leave at aksenee 
firom sckool to sing^ wlta tae 
Virgida Belles, a group of 
dtfiA yoong women itao enter- 
taned on a S-monto tour of 
defaae Instaiations to Europe. 

In aMlton toter extoisive ed- 
ucattoBBl work ste kas also 
served as mnac^dlreacff far 
toe Virgtoto Beatik-Prinoess 
Anne Junior Woman's Ciays 
follies itod as accompanlea for 
tte Creeds Rorltan Cldi'sskow 
this past Marck. 

"Call Me Madam" opened 
last agkt and wUl ooatlane 
agktty except UooOays tkrougk 

toadn Franklto states: ''Don't 
worry,^ Mr. Adams^ Idstory vdU 
aeu >t v|»l") ire porA^ed 
m<»e as ttey oaMbtedly were, 
kuman beings wita ai toe nnlto 
of Mu). 

Jam AAims, so teauttft^ 
broagkt to Ufe 1^ Don Perkins, 
to, an "obnoaous and disUted" 
man as tae song Mfdansti^ose 
burang desire to to g^ tae 
CoBgreaa to declare todopen- 
dence from' tte Motter Coontry. 
Tte pl^r revolves aroval kto 
strui^e to conviBce tae 20 
mesdMn represantlBg tae 13 
ookaes tka sodi a move wookl 

Dr. Benjamto Franklin, a- 
w|^ ({noting Umself and filled 
Witt ciHrtle"remB>k8,r to nsn- 
aUy portrayed tqr Paa Trip^ 
but in tte perfwmance tato 
reviewer saw tte rote was 
played by Jonea JopUn. Ite 
performance was exoelleat, 
even tkoi«k tte sobstltote was 
mtt(ft yoonger, aad laaaer, taan 
ktotory describes Dr. Franklin. 

*Tom Jones* 
at ODU 

"Tom Jones," based on a 
eomblnaton of tte ptoy aeript 
and movie script will te pre- 
sented ky tae Old DeaaalOB 
PUyers to tte ODU Teek Aadl- 
toriam, today tkrooik Saorday 
a 8:15 p.m., and i^mday at 
3 p.m. 

BoBa Nocktos, tte director, 
kas tana flrary Fielding's no- 
vel to produce a play veraoo, 
to wkldi tte uiiMiee to gtyeB; 
a sceae vlsuaUaatloo of tae 
written words, as tteug^ tte 
pages to tte script were belag 

Tkree dramatically inqior- 
tut ^toodM tlrom tae movie 
▼eraoB wlU te tteeatingseene, 
tte Fox Boa, and tte tonelng 
scene. Gene Bammett of tte 
Norfolk CivlcBaUa to assisting 
wita tte Fox Bua, and Donald 
Theye to coaditog tte toneers. 

OJiU iW! iEi nM »!■.■■ ' ■ fi- 

Money to an toteresting 
subject. But na necessarily as 
tte sdbject of a muacal. 

Ot oourse "Money", tte 
mimica by David Aaero<| and 
Tom Wkedon, as presenUyteing 
aaged a tte Ute Wrigkt 
Dinner Tteatre, to not too oon- 
oemed witasa)jeeto orploteor 
any of tae usua trato a stage 
productions. It to merely a 
seriea.of vignettes .depicting a 
weatlqr young man's strand to 
earn dm living te reaUy doean't 
need to earn Jna to please kto 
gtarl triend. It seems ste esn 
only love a taUire, a person 
wte needs ter. 

TUs production to cabaret 






tore and ote eaa enviaon it as 
suck. Ba it's too iooselypolled 
togetter tor aaaer taeatoe. Tte 
muac to complex and tedlus 
ratter taan roUiddng and 
rkytkmical. And taere's very 
Uttle (qiportaaty f«r tae fbur 
memters <A tae eaa to skow 
anytalng ba frantle movemea 
aboa tae stage. 

Jo Aime Staielser to tae frus- 
trattog Ilttte ga wte retoses to 
Biarry ter koy nnead entll te cut 
find a ja> te's sated for, SBie 
to oae a tte pretttoit youag 

actresses to tte area and a 

taented dancer but certanly 
tocklng as a stoger. And anoe 
tkto partle^ter rde demanto 
more a tte vdoe tkan tte feet. 
Miss Smelser to a bit pushed. 

Tte taree men, on tae otaer 
band, do qato well wita ratter 
eontOf^ roles. Bob Ranacnrd 
as tte handsome young mll- 
Uonaire to moa qipMUng In 
bis trwhness. BlU Casper as 
tte caa-<^ boy triend to up to 
Us wua good stamtords, per- 
haps^ na drunatlcally oa- 
standlng ba aways dependa>to 
for a aeady, enjqrable perfoN 

Tte rea laureto to thto pro- 
duction, tewever, go to Tom 
l^ry wte Jumps from vipdte 

Publiskad weekly by the 
Bead) Publishing Corpora- 
tton, 3108 Pacific Avefoje. 
Virgtoto Baodi, Virglnto. 
234SI. Second ctass poaoge 
paid a Virglnto Beach. Vir. 
gtota. Annual aubacrfptldn 
rate by mall telephone 
703-428-2401 and carrier 
$5.20; singto copy IOC. Ad. 
vertlaing raeauponrequea. 
Member of the Virglnto 
Press Aasoclflilon. 

Some of toe tea flnes to tte 
play arl delivered by tte gray- 
kaired ad statesman. As te 
to totroAMea to Itetoas Jet- 
torsdi's bride te qdps, "Re- 
memter me, I'm itae man vtto 
tovwtod tte aove?" Aad |«s 
comment a Jdin Adato's 
uoKBrnoBi a Jeffawm's d)- 
sesaon wita making love wlta 
kto telde— "Nd everyone to 
from Bostoi^ John!''--brooght 
roais of Vta^t ^m tfe an- 

Jeftorson, played by WilUam 
Jradw, to one a tte moa 
attractive and appeaUng ekar- 
actors to tte play and tte otter 
Virgida delegde, Rlckard 
Benry Lee (Rdd Sialtoa} kas 
tae skow*«tw>^ maanUnm- 
ber "Tte LeesofCUdVtogtiito" 
frtod>, of course, tae andtenoe 

It's dUBcolt to spotlliibt one 
or two adors wkm eidi and 
every one were so good. Sel- 
dom to ttere a plaj^ tka de- 
mands so madi ai evu tte 
most minor parts. Tte wdk- 
on rote of tte ooorier for to- 
aanee (Larry SmaU) provided 
tte moatteiielitogsofo "Momma 
Look Skarp". ttere was oob- 
aderaUe demaad on all dtte 
performers to beta duietog and 
a^tog. Thto one fador wookl 
perkapa keep tte Stew from 
kaag «ad«rtakeB Iqr toed 
groiqis. Cai^ltwovkltea- 
moa laposakle. Bd wha ft 
wonderfa oonMkotionJtjmnld 
te to Tidewater ttelire if it 
ooaU te done. Tkea more peo- 
ple oookl experioiee tkto re- 
markade, aad tkorooi^ ea- 
Jcqrabte, moacal. If ever tka 
onxnrtoaty oomea agalii, don't 
pass It op. "1776" to a ptoy 
every Ameriqm skoold see. 
-RiiqF Jeaa FkUBpa 

Church Musical 

Ite AragoBi Baptia Cknrdi 
f oota Ckdr Witt prafea a moit 
dbra day mostoal "Now Bair 
It AgalT' SoDday at 7i45 pin, 

Tte^lnrdi to tooatad ailSS 
Baygood Rolil,Vtrgtoit^fpL 

^^^X^i ls«^J.t^Uta-- i^ ZaV 

ti Vl#Mttt to a variety d roteff, 
eaek deBgktol to ito intorpreto- 
tlon« Bto qdek-ekange rolea to 
tte segmea eoneeming tte 
boy's attompte to find a wortky 
cause were absohitely deli|^- 
ta. And tae operi^on scene 
was aiarious. Tkese reaUy 
were tte only two Ugkttgkto of 
tte skow. It to purtlealarly 
toteresting to know tka Story 
stepped into tato rde only a 
week afo and yd manages to 
tarn In sudi a poUsked per- 

" "Money" to merely a bit d 
ttaff, a (fiveraon krom me cares 
a tte day, 80 to speak. It 
pretonds to te ndhing else. 
Ami wlU te enjoyed by tkose 
wte eqied notttog etoe. 


Is Saturday 

Tte Dtomond Law Estdes 
Ctric Litgae wlU attoa^t to 
raise fonto to tortter ttofl^ 
agatoa poltotton by aerving a> 
(M'tuUaa Nortk Carc^na 
bartecoa Satontay. 

Tte lamtly attoir wlU tetekl 
from 1* to 5 p.m. a Atkoitlc 
Permmiea Savtofs and Loan 
on Indqmdence Bodevard. 

Ptoies WlU te served a|1.26 
eack aa WlU toctode karkeeae. 
baka4 beans, slaw, bread and 
keverage. Dessert wiU also te 
avdlabto. Tte pdflle totorited. 

VS, Mt fetee agL Urvtog 
Gary 01, SOB a Mr. and Mn| 
Irving Gary Jr. olGaryAvenas, 
to ondBtyaTanSonBkaAB. 









»ti Wl C OI 8 r*-AMafcBaO»WWHCM*l 

i^^OfciptfioOwltf Hffii^iMifigiiOfi 

prlBc»i SMdto Time £v«ry SMstav til6 AM 
tkto week "iffiliroOITOgBRWID" to eetof 


Thursday, Novombor 5» 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


New Bank Dedication h Tues, 

(H>ei^ ceremonies for Flnt 
ti Merchants Nstloinl Bank's 
new PriMsss Anne Plaza 
Bnndi vlU bei^n at 3;30 p.m. 

Tbe open boiHfvlU lastimtU 

'6 P.BU and irtU fMture r«- 
frieslunents, fMe gifts woA re- 
^stration for a diance for a 
free coUnr telei^<» set. 

Tte new iNAMing if an ap- 
prndnntel^ 3,000-fiquare-foot. 



firee-slanttng structure pdja- 
oent to ttie shoRiing center. 
It features its own parking t»- 
dUties and tliree drive-in Ulfj0f 
windows. Tbe Ml-serviee 
braheli opens for twsiness M6- 
verober 9. 

Floyd E. Waterfleld, Jr., 
F&M asidstant vice president, 
serves as manager of tbe 
branch, wMch was relocated 
from wittiln ttie sbopidng center. 
Lobby boura will coidinue to be 
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mcnidayttarou^ 
Thursday and 9-2 and 4-7 on 
Friday. IMve-in banking will 
be available 9-6 Monday through 
Thursday and 9-7 on Fridays. 

Ardittects for ^ new bidW- 
ing were Spiegel, Carter, Ziidd 
and Herman of Norfolk. Con- 
tractors were Fox-Sadler Com- 
pany of Virginia Beach. 

Bank Names 
Local Men 

Uighton P. Roper, Sr., se- 
nior vice president and trust 
officer. United Virginia Bank/ 
Seaboard Nationd, announced 
die qipolntment of Henry F. 
Clarke and Eaniel W. Klein 
both of VlrglnfaBeach, as Trust 
Reiuresentatives in the Business ' 
Development Department of the 
iMBl^s Thrust Division. 

Mrs. Barondess 


Mayor Donald Rhodes cuts opening ribbon. 

New Employment^ 
Office Dedicated 

Hep. Thomas N. Downing was 
tbe ftatored speaker at an open 
boose Frl(bqr Dedicating the 
Vlrgitfa Enq^yment Commis- 
sion's new VlrfUiiaBeadi office 
d^SO Virginia Beach Boule- 

^iililQMr WlUlam 
L. Reartwell Jr. reviewed the 
area's economy and the VECs 
contributions to the area's 

growth. He will discuss pro- 
jections of the area's growth 
developed by tbe agency's B^- 
searcb, Statistics and Infor- 
matloa Division and plans fdr 
new and apiiadad maqiower 
servlees for tbe diy. 

M^for Donald H. Rhodes cut 
the ribbon ottleially dedicating 
the 6,400-«ioare toot office lo- 
cated in the flnt building in 
ttie planned foor-pbase Birch- 
wood Office Center being de- 
veloped by Urasan Realty 

Tbe Mgbllgbt of ttie brief pro- 
gram wasaiarief lemonstration 
of tbe eiipilpmeitf which will be 
usatf la the newoffice to operate 
Virginia's first Job Bank, an 
mtomaled system designed to 

Increase Vm employment com- 
mission's capacity to bring iob 
seekers and |ob openings 
together. Job Baidi is scheduled 
to go into (^ration in VEC 
offices in Virginia Beach, Nor- 
foll^ Portsmouth and Chesa- 
peate shortly after the flrrt 
<tf the year. 

Herman H, Feldman, state 
coonttmtor of Job Bank for tbe 
VEC, demonstr^eed die n^cro- 
fllm scanner devices idiidiwill 
be used by trained interriewers 

in each VEC Job Bank office to 
find ^jproiffiate Job applicants 
to fiU Job orders and employ- 
DMnt <woriunities for Job 
seekers in tbe VEC's files in 

The raw data will be fed into 
a computmr in Ridunond, wbldi 
wiU edit the material and index 
it; The computer print out will 
be microfllmed daily and rushed 
to tbe local offices before the 
start of business hours. A Job 
Bank center InNorfolkwillkeep 
track of changes in the data 
during tbe day, such as re- 
ferraiB made for eadi Job open- 
ing to prevent excessive re- 


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squad with saving the lives of 
all three. 

"I further beUeve," he said, 
"that these two men wiUini^y 
placed ttelf lives in Jeopaniy 
to come to my rescue in the 
very strong tide that existed 
and that it is most doubtful 
if the three of us could have 
returned to safety without the 
as^Mance of the highly fralned 
and most captffle rescue 

Nidiols, who is director of 
recreation for the City of Cedar 
Ri^ids, ended by saying that if 
he bad not learned to remain 
calm, as ttie Red Cross pro- 
grams had taugM him, he would 
not be alive to make his request. 

Clarke Joined the Trust Di- 
vision following 15 years witti 
First Investors Corporation- 
First Investors life Insurance 
Company where he served as 
vice president and branch ma- 
nager. He attended Cincinnati 
Conservatory and received a 
ibree-year Fellowship from 
Jdlttard Graduate School, New 

Very active In politics, 
Clarke was a Virginia Beach 
candidate in 1967 for ttie House 
of Delegates. He currently 
serves as a member of the 
State Central Committee from 
the 1st District; a member of 
the 1st District Committee and 
Local Campaign Committee. He 
is an Elder and Chairman of 
ttie Worship Committee of Bow 
Creek Preabyterian Cburch. 
Clarkp and Us ^e^ ttie fornwr 
Enid Uttle, UveonPresidenttal 
Blvd. witti ttieir two children, 
Brett and Allyscm. 

Ktein attended American Uni- 
versity, Washington, D.C. and 
Joined UdtedVirglniaBankfol- 
lowlng service as assistant ma- 
nager of C(Mmectlcut General 
Life Insurance Company. He Is 
a member of ttie Norfolk Chap- 
ter Chartered Life Underwri- 
ters; Norfolk Association of 
Life Underwriters; on ttie Long 
Range Planning Committee of 
King's Grant Civic League; in- 
stttutlonal Representative of ttie 
Boy Scoute of America and 
a Deacon at King's Grant Pres- 
byterian Church. Klein, mar- 
ried to the former Carol A. 
Gowin, has two children and 
resides on Queensgroye Circle. 


A Virginia Beach resident. 
Earl A. Turner, 4808 West- 
grove Rd., is observing his 
25th anniversary wltti United 
Air lines in November. 

Turner Jdned Capital Air- 
lines, later merged intolMted, 
Nov. 7, 1945 in the ramp ser- 
vice depariment at Norfolk and 
became a statton agent in 1951. 

Mrs. Shirley S. Barondess 
has been named Director of 
Sales uid Productton Coordina- 
tion for Oie Terry Corporation 

An employee of the Terry 
Corporation since June, 1969, 
Mrs. Barondess now coodinates 
sales for all Terry residential 
properties, including Pembroke 
Kieadows, Pembroke Park and 
Pembroke Courte Apartments. 

Mrs. Barondess, a native of 
Vlneland, New Jersey, received 
her education at Temple Uni- 
versity, Philadelpbla. For- 
merly, she was traffic-pro- 
gramming coordinator for radio 
stations in New Jersey, Miami 
and Ft. Wortti-Dallas, Texas. 

A resident of VlrginiaBeach, 
Mrs. Barondess, a weU known 
civic leader, was a founder of 
ttie Point View Elementary 
School P.T.A. She is also a 
member of the board of di- 
rectors of ttie American Cancer 
society, Virginia Beach Divi- 
sion, and active in the Cancer 
Crusade ttie past two years, 
and also a past director of 
ttie Point O View Civic League. 
Married to Stuart H. Baron- 
dess, general sales manager of 
radio station WRAP, Mrs. Bar- 
ondess and her husband haye 
two sons. 

R. J. Red Bashford is a 
UtOe clcsemouttKd wben it 
comes to talking about hlmseU 
or his accompHshmente. 

As a matter of fact, yon bwe 

to comer him In Ms bam radio 
room to get him to mention 
himself. Even Uien, he'd inro- 
bably forget to tell you about 
ttw note he received from fel- 
low ndlo operator KlngHusseln 
of Jordan. It was signed, "Your 
sincere friend, Hussle." 

Bashford, whose strawberry 
red hair U a dead giveaway 
tor Ms nickname, would prob- 
ably sidestep) all <A the emer- 
gency messages jK's passed to 
missionaries in ttie Congo. And 
you'd probably have to read 
ttie multitude of certificates and 
plaques on his wall Just to 
find out ttiat he's not only been 
a radio operator for 41 years, 
but also an exceptional one. 
Red Bashford and bis Dal- 
matton sidekick, itinky, spend 
a good portion of their days 
in ttie compact radio room ad- 
Joining his home at ISOOWater- 
sedge Road. Surrounded by 
more ttian $4,500 worth of elec- 
fronlcs parte, Bashford pro- 
vides a Unk in ttie communica- 
tions chain for missionaries in 
ttie Congo and Oielr churches 
in ttie states. 
"Since retiring four years 

ago, I have time to talk with 
ttiem c^te often," Bashford 
said. He spent 30 years in ttie 
electronics department at Naval 
Air Station Norfolk. W4IN, 
Red's radio name, makes con- 
tact wltti more ttian 20 Congo 
outposte every week. 
- "Some of ttiese stations are 
300 or 400 miles apart,'^ Bash^ 
ford said, "and ttie mall runs 
pretty slowly." That's why mis- 
sionaries call Urn on tbe radio 
and ask him to write loved ones 
or call ttielr diurdies for them. 
Last week Bashford received 

Course Set 

■r ^^ri ' 

far Realtors 

The Distributive Education 
Service of Virginia Beach City 
PubUc Schools In cooperation 
with ttie Boards of Realtors 
of Chess^ake, Norfolk, Porte- 
mouth and Virginia Beach will 
offer a course In Preparation 
for ttie Virginia Real Estate 
License Examination. 
■ Be^nning November U, the 
class will meet on Monday and 
Wednesday from 7 to 10 p.m. 
in Room 5-09 Princess Anne 
High School. For ftirther infor- 
mation call 427-4574, Virginia 
Beach Distributive Education 

Tbe instructor will be W.E. 
Glover, president of Glover 
Realty, Inc. in Norfolk, Vir- 
fjLfdA, His firm specializes in 
residential, commercial land 
develq;>nient and praising. 
For ttie past several years. 
Glover has conducted classes 
in Real Estate for persons ap- 
plying for ttie Real Estate Ex- 
amination, Real Estate Sales- 
manship and many other sub- 
jecte on Real Estate. 

The 30-hour course wiU pro- 
vide instruction for those pre- 
paring for the Virginia Real 
Estate Exairdnation or seeking 
to learn about real estate. 

Snug as a bug?! 

Probably noi yet, if 
you've just moved 


Peiiups yoor Wel- 
come Wag(m h(»tess 

^^ can help to mae tbe 


Coll her todayf 




Monthly Payment Conventional Type 



'>l«.»5th SI. Virifinla Beach Va. 


Fareaii aH iAvm oTimviw 
jnen stoliooad ttatH^mt tte 
world have talked to fttfr ttw 
in uniform ttam^ Basl^anl 
"patches." ReoenUy, Ca#ain 
J. E. Bonds, conunuHttag of- 
ficer of the crulMrQBSlftw- 
port NtwB, jMll BasbtonLa 
letter of thanks. 

"Tou (Bashford) provided ttie 
vital link to our loved oom 
while we were gone and I can't 
tell you how much tills nwant 
for the morale of tiie ortw, 
Captain Bonds wrote. 

But all of bashford's 
messages aren't Just sqpply 
Usts and morale boosters. Ube 
tiie one from a Confo 
missionary who was woridag 
against the dodi to sav* a 
case of" serum from spoWng 
in an African oistoini office. 
"The ottlclals wouktn't rdMie 
the serum because it (fidn't 
have enough invoioet iHli tt," 
BashfoKi«al4 -~ - - 

"The serum was sqpfioiad to 
be refrigerated and it was Just 
setting ttiere going bad,** be 
said. "There were pa^ie out 
ttiere who were depandUv on 
that serum." Bashford ooo- 
tacted a medical firm in New 
York. The additional Inforina- 
tton was relayed and flie a&rim 
was saved. 

" "Ttx hobby has been good 
to me and it gives me a food 
feeUng knowing tint I'mbeUiing 
someone," Bashford said. 

There are a lot of msslaa- 
aries and servicemen who would 
have to agree witti tint. 


a letter from a missionaJ7's 
relative. The relative, recu- 
erating from gall bladder 
surgery, asked Bashford to in- 
form the inissi(»iary. 

He provides support for ml- 
sionaries from Lynnbaven and 
King's Grant Presbyterian 
Churches. But his Congo Net 

12% Gam-^J^f»M»^ ^'^^ 
Reported Get Discount 

By CoTonia] 

-.- Co|lonial Stores Incorporated, 
429-store southeast and mid- 
west supermarket chain, re- 
ports ttiat sales in ttie first 
40 weeks of 1^0 , were i2.l 
percient ahead ai tiie same 
period last year ndille net earn- 
ings were up 19.7 percent. 

Earnest F. Boyce, president, 
said sales In ttie 40 weeks 
which ended Oct 10, totaled 
$505,532,915 compared witti 
$450,873,738 in ttie same period 
of 1969 and net earnings were 
$6,U6,445 versus $5,UO,255. 

Earnings per share of com- 
mon stock were $2.14 for ttie 
40 weeks in 1970 compared with 
$1.79 In ttie like 1969 period. 
Tbe earnings are based on 
2,834,716 .shares outstanding in 
1970 and 2,829,060 in 1969. 

Frank Dusch Jr. 
Heads Yarn Assn 

Frank A. Dusdi, Jr. was 
elected chairman of the board 
of The Carolina Yarn Asso- 
ciation for ttie year 1971. The 
Association's headquarters is 
in Charlotte, N.C. 

Duscfr is the son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Frank A. Dusch of 
Virginia Beadi. 

The Tidewater BloodmoUle 
win be at GEX on Virginia 
Beach Blvd. on Saturday, Nov. 
21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Volunteers from tiie Ocean Park 
Woman's Club wlU staff ttie 
canteen and assist the nurses. 

A 15% discount will be given 
to blood doBww on ttMt Hlale 
on ai^ purchase ttiexft^h to 
make at GEX. 

Group Names 

Mrs. Marian Park Knebel, 
former Washington, D. C. pu- 
blic relations person and news- 
paper writer, has been named 
as coordinator of pubUc re- 
lations for the Citizens' Com- 
mittee for Seashore State.Pwk 
by Mrs. J.W; Sills, chairman. 
Mrs. Knebel recently moved to 
Vir^nia Beach and resi(teS' at 
46 Street. 

In Washington, Mrs. Knebel 
worked for ttie piiblic relaticms 
firms of Carl Byolr & Asso- 
ciates and Ralney, McEnroe 
and Manning wltti which she is 
still associated as a consul- 
tant. She has been a reporter 
ifor ttie Buffalo Evening News, 
ttie Buffalo Courier-Express, 
the Pittsburgh Press and the 
Miami Daily News. At 006 
time she did publicity for a 
group of Virginia Beach hotels, 
including ttie Cavalier Hotel. 

includes all reUglons Including 
Baptists and Mennonites. 

"I ateo deliver birth notices, 
travel plans and everything 
else," Bashford said. Many 
messages contain lists of mudi 
needed supplies unavailable in_ 
the Congo. ^r 

Becent turmoil te-tbaJfiddle 
East has r«sulted in traffic 
from Isreal, he said. EarUer, 
during the Cuban confllcU;^ 
Bashford's radio was carrying 
messages to Americans at 
Guantanamo Bay. Natural 
disasters such as tornadoes 
and hurricanes find Bashford 
standing by on an emergency 

Operating with ttie Maritime 
Mobile program, Bashford also 
makes "phime patctes" for 
military mA eommencial ships 
«!iW^,Jh?j* crew|„.to talk 




The Fifteentti Annual Meeting 
of the Tidewater Better Busi- 
ness Bureau is scheduled for 
November 23, at 12:30 p.m. 
in the Mayfalr Room of file 
Admiralty MoteU 

Tbe speaker wiU be Andrtw 
P. Miller,. Attorney General, 
who will 0ve tbe latest re- 
port on Virginia's newly en- 
acted consumer proteetton 
law, and his suggestions bow 
ttie business commuidty cm 
help ettmlnate ttie prt^lenui 
ttuU.oreate a.los8 ot« pUUic 
coitfldence in business.. 



The State HliJiway Commission wishes to advise that a 
Location and Design Public Hearing will be held by a re- 
presentative of the Department of Highways on November 
30 1970, at 7:30 p.m,, In the Point of View Elementary 
School^ Auditorium located at 5400 ParUment Drive, Vir- 
ginii Beach, Virginia, for tiie purpose of considering the 
OmaKi location and design of Newtown Road from 0.208 
mile north of ttie intersection of Virginia Beach Toll Rota 
(Route 44) to 0.011 mile south <rf the Intersection of Vir- 
ginia Beach Boulevard (Ro<tfe 58) in the Cities of Norfolk 
and Virginia Beach. This hearing will be held In accordaii**— 
wltti State and Federal statutes, including provisions of 
Secttcffi 128 of TlUe 23 - Highways, UMted States Code, and 
Policy and Procedure Memorandum 20-8. 

Maps, drawli^ and other pertinent inform^on are avail- 
able for pii)lic inspection and copying in ttie Department 
of Midways District (^ce at Suffolk, VlrgiBla, locked 
on Route 460 just north of Suffolk, in the Department of 
Highways, Norfolk Residency OfHce, located at the inter- 
section a Routes 13 an^ 168 In the City of Chesapeake, 
in ttie office (rf the Director of Community Services for 
ttie City of Virginia Beach and in ttie office of the Mrectw 
of Public Works for ttie City of Norfolk. A representative 
of the Department of Highways will have ttUs lirformaUon 
available in tbe Pdat ot View Elementary School Audi- 
torium from 3K)0 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on November 30, 1970, 
for viewing by interested persons. 

Written stotemenU and other exhibits relative to ttie 
(ffoposed project may be presented In place of, or In 
ad(tttion to, wal statemerts at the hearing. Such written 
statemento and exhiUts may also be submitted to ttie Vir- 
ginia Department of Highways ^ ai^ ttme wlttiln ten days 
following said pubUc hearing date. 

At tMt loomoD and design pobUc hearing, relocati<m 
antriance {s-ograns and ttntiMve schedules for right 
(d way aequisitioo and ootatruction will also be cfiscussed. 

State Highway Commission of Virginia 
Douglas 6. Fugate, Chairman 

G.L. Baughan Thomas R. Glass 

W. Fred Duckworth gyfus T. Halrston 
LeRoy Eakin, Jr. Douglas G. Janhey 
Earl A. FItzpatrick Rotwrt S. Weaver, Jr. 


Left: Side^tvrap mock jumper. $33.00 

Right: Midi^mnicoatdrBia, $38^ 

Both in Brown/white, Pitfple/white. Sixei 7-lL 


3133 Va. fine* Btat. Va. BmA/himary&^fm^ft^ 

Eictpt Moodiy and ftWiff^ » P.Mn Mtaiy CWeaaw 

Shops for the Ladia and their Dm^dm 



Thursday, Novmnber 5, 1970 

Pnbtolwd weekly by ik$ Beach PubUshing Corporatioii 

ioW R. Oriffin 

Ruby Jean PhUUps 
Mrs. (%i Edwtfcb 

Heed Own Experts 

SorvM months 090 reprttenta- 
tlvet of tho ftro dopartmonct 
rocommonM to tho city thot 
odc^ional flromon bo •mployod 
to foli«vo the volunttors Airing 
workint Nurt. Thty alto ro- 
comwim l od that tfw eity pro- 
vida iOma now fire fighting 

Tho city hat now paid ovor 
ntnototn thoutahd dollart for 
a firo ttMdy to back up what 
the ftrimtn rocommonded. 

The ttudy it, ofcourte,iTiore 
elaborate and goH on to point 
oii| that for abo(ft one million 
do^rt the city could, and 
should, completely revamp Itt 
fir#00htlng tystem. Thit could 
be cut iown to around eight 
hundPii^^i^iynand by modifying 
the reylsloitt^ 

Virflnla Beach has a most 
effe^ive fire fighting system. 
Huncto'eds of menglvethousands 
of .moriiours annually in pro- 
vldteig tfie citjr with protection 
that few^tties oould afford to 

buy. They need more equipment 
and more pold men to help 
them. And th(Bt they deserve. 

In fdct, nineteen thousand dol<» 
lore or so would hove gorw 
a long way In providing what 
they requested. 

One million dollars, even 
eight hundred thousand, would 
also go a long way in soothing 
some of ^city's growing pains 
....correcting some of tN sad 
sewage problems, building cul- 
tural fdcliitles, providing 
school needs,.repairing streets, 
better serving the tax payer. 

The day may come when a 
more extensive fire protection 
system is needed. When the 
city has outgrown the volunteer 
coikept. ftit tt«t dayJhas not 
yet come. 

The city would do well to 
listen to its own experts. They 
take their recommendations 
from every day experience 
rattier than from textbooks as 
ttils study seems to have done. 

Too late to yell 

^P€X> is certainly drawing 
its shore of controversy. Cus- 
tomers are firing public pot- 
shou at the firm on every- 
^.y^^^tfiiig. f rom its advert Is ^ng 
methods to theaf^Mat tiiot Wm 
employed nonunion labor ^lor 
a new pknt. 

lbe#eol bone of contention, 
of couree. Is the increased 
rotes. Tha pubire many times 
won't wpmik up until the poc- 
keOwdk Is pinched. And there's 
little doubt ttiotpock^booksare 
hiNtIng from recent electric 

But the time to yell was when 
tlM lncrec»ed rotes were pro- 
poeed. Where was oli this ac- 
tive then? Why didM'tthepabllc 
make Its objections heard, 
. mdrtii wHh dessenting women, 




Surfing Group Speaks Out 

protest to City Council, or do 
something... even if It was 

A VEPCO commercial claims 
theelectrlc consumption Inthis 
drtBiq'^s dodbled itt 4ess thoh 
seveii^eoi%, lioloniybecousebf 
the rapid Increase in population, 
but also becaiMe of the ex- 
cessive use of electricity. 

Apparently the only econo- 
mizing one can do is eliminate 
the use of the clothes dryer, 
stove, theater* hot water, blan- 
kets, dishwasher, mixmaster, 
blender, toaster, etc, etc. May- 
be revert to candle light. 

It doesn't present a very 
pretty picture. Maybe next time 
the public will yell louder-a- 
head of time. 

To tte Editor: 

Tte Vlrgbda Sorflog Assoei- 
stl<» Board of nreetors at a 
apodal reoont board moetlnK 
baa teddwl to atronf^j oppoao 
a roeommandattoo nnde b]r tbe 
Govtroor'a Muafononk Study 
Commlttea tliat Caov Panfla- 
ton, altar Its tboBabmant, bo 

1^ VSA and its meoibei^p 
are vary annrohenslvo about ttio 
ultimate use of tbis 450 aero 
tract of piidlcly ownod land 
ahould it be sold and aro fear- 
ftd tbat it may ovontually re- 
sult iato a mase ol hot dog 
standii^ eooereto, and irall-to 
-vail notela. Thesurifa«oom- 
muBity across tte state has been 
eydiv tbe Pendlrtoo Beadiarea 
for « !««§( ti«M aa a poasiUe , 
aU^ swtlni park., T^Be fi4 
iitttlle 1970 Kast Co«st$i|rfioy 
Cbiijptonatiiis vera Mild at 
Pendlatoo in Augnat waa pri- 
marily due to tbe ettorte of 
tte TirglalaSnrfing AssodiatloD 
in odJailuiictieoirfQi tbe Virginia 
Beadi Jayoeea. Tbis event was 
looked tqx» bjr tte GovemcMr's 
Office as a "two day experi- 
ment" to eraluate tiie posai- 
Ulitjr of qpealng a portion of 
tlw reservatloD for surfing on 
a full time basis. Tbe general 
o(»8«nsaa of those attending, 
including the Governor, the lo- 
cal prett, tta military, Oe 
dty otadals, and tiie general 
pdblic, «aa that the two day 
experiment paased ite teat wifli 
filing colors. Furthermore, ttie 
VSA w!bs amaied at the ri- 
diculously low price tag of $1 
million supposedly placed on tbe 
property l>y this committee. 

This in itself is alarmU« fo^ 
it implies ttlat someQ« 1aal« 
rea^r laving Oie vtmA woilc 
for a pdsdble ateal of 450 
acres of WilljUl braea, mea^ 
dows, lake, and beadifroat 
whldi la presantly owned byflie 

The VSA likes the thiaUi« 
of Councilman field Etiin»ho 
has proposed Qiat the pnqwrly 
be m^ntained for general pu- 
blic use as a reerealiooal fa- 
dUty and that the total «0 
acraa be heUHnpentetdtylor 
flie use of the taxpigrars, and 
ttiat it not be pot on tbe auetton 
block Uat the (kvemor'aCom- 
mlttee has reoommended. 

The VSA would welcome and 
recommend ttiat a.eomprehni- 
sive study be pai^mad if a 
"profeasioQiA idauitei »gro«p!*! ; 
-SQ^'^'aa'ithav ^l^fliaa; , Tter^ 

planning Eupgrtment and^eiliQ <SUi«|t!rt|irhnaor 
oouoterpart 1^ the atate level VIRGSQA 
ao aa to determine and iimire 
the nnximrai utiliaatloo of tMs 
publidy owned land iot Vtm 
benefit of ite present owners. 
Tbte study should eliminate ttn 
possiblility of private omer- 
sbip at the very beginning and 
concentrate on how flie area 
ahould be developed into a flcat 
dass recTMtiooal tedflty 
dttasr by tbe stete of VirgteU 
or theCityofVirgldaBaadL 
ConsideratioB ahodd be given 
to the poadbte comUnatlon ol 
two or mwe of ttie f dlowing; 
commudty'ooU«pi, aeoanlan- 
tion center, a spotb collseun, 
a mental health fidlity,ab(ffte 
radflf^tradc, a side or dfy 
park, a muddpal loo/marine- 
land, and in all day puljic swim- 
ming and separate surfing area 

utilidng tte Mtire beadi area. 
The VSA hope* that the died 
majodty of our dti a e na w heth e r 
they are surfeif. parrate of 
aurten, or dnqay oofoemed 
dtisena, fiU reattae ttat eadi 
(»e of ua kn atodhohfan in 
the Fendletfln tend areaandthd 
if we Jud dt idly by and do 
noadafe aeneooe te going to 
try to^iettAvm as Ua flwir 
own pi^t-nMftiag use. Oo 
somaainf-by voidng yourop- 
podllon to fids ridieulous re- 
aonoiendatton thdPmdlatoDbe 
add to the highest ddder- 
eall or write yov ^ooundlmen 
or state re pt a sea t d lvea; Bev 
liiddleton, Ned Caton, or 
Ittobard <jqy, and expreaa yoor 
oppodfion to file recommanded 
aala^sp*tteilyi owned^ tendto . - ^^^ 
trtvate «oterflriaa Jot: jt»atej9C'».<»?.W^ 
profit^fiddug pdKu a ea .^ k 

fl. 7ad( Jenntef^ Jr^dialrman 

Delegate Guy 
Corrects Survey 

'No Strings* Necessary 


dttma ttfho wodd ad as eoo- 
suMT - orteiied vigUadea, 
eoH^a^ '<» pHurd lor aetf- 

Mdar, a Wi 
tetqfar aaMoa for 
and daniae d tte Gaoerd 
lidws Cwvair, eoatfanedby 
amiW Sttt tbeaa groqw have 
ae«i gred dtecttvMasi la 
ottiv areas eCpthe c o mtiy, 
bd ttd Vlrgtda hu ad yd 
tetttechn^liv winds. 

nd n^ weUbetrWfbd 
to tte date's SMtropoUtan 
aziia fltttaMi'a wSntatay ocm- 
atttees have been ad ai^ ad 
a^kOy doog ttie llMt d 
Nader*a anggested "dttaen 
action arma" bd as groups 
i^OM ftawtioo te to.advlM ttie 
toed govMiiffled as to vdut 

JiVlrtfidaBaaHl, fliemova 
tor M^ a fraap mu made in 
S^d b et if lawly'^ppateted 
Bob«t B. Callte 

Ir. la ffed. ttwa»CdUs''fird 
ofiid' d baaJwaae, a wm ttat 
draw olttdSB ft«B Mvenl 
otter o OT B i tfmin, 
Ihe ar^tetem, en ge nde red 
CaUaittd nddteoBS 
prt^nnliltt Ms Mkm 

te eo^pe^^B Md OfMHoB 
tta proiosod em wealtf teie. 
^ coipcll eeiildni Mnr te 
^g i aUg aad^ ttte awtt, 
iMmt dbMsaddfiiqrwodd 
tta aen^ttM's aam- 

hei^dp be ttaUad te nudber 
aad fiat the dlradion it ndgd 
take be completely defteed. 

Thd aetton, however, may 
dttnte the efli^vaneaa d aodi 
a body, now thd ite been tp^ 

Am Coundtenn Cdlte m- 
vlsioBsthe CAC. ttwoufai travel 
throndKMt the elty.vtdtingdU- 
temf araaa aad tafidngidtt 

dttaens va oonfrodlng and 

"It'a Mcessary," CaUte 
aaya, "because they (ttia dtf- 
lens) aren't wUling to talk wltt 
as aiHnettfflM." On aeverd 0- 
easdoQS, CdBs n^s fiid Us 
dose IHandB are afraid to dte- 
eass titf mattara witt him 
because he's now aoomdlnan. 

"Bdore, we used to dt 
around and talk dxwt aU d the 
iasues, now I cant evw gd an 

And if CaUte can't gd an 
opWoo firom tts friends, be 

says he's afrdd ibod fiie r«d 
of file dfiaenry. "They Jud 
have no way to reach ua," he 

The CAC te CalUs' answer. 
U ttttt prawp can tnval abod 
nd HdMi to tta pMiAe'a vdee. 
Mi ttn rel^ fiie neange to 
Coundl, it wodd advuaee ttie 
eaaae d parfidpatory de- 

im, says, CalUs, te U» 
god d tte whote propoul. 

Bd ihne are tm lanes ttd 
can ttndt tte oommittee. 

City Manager Roger M. Scott 
told coimdl thd according to a 
stady 60m on dttaens advisory 
oomteittees, too often the 
grmq* begbi to believe ttem- 
selvas eqierte oa muddpd 
afteirs and when their recom- 
meddations are nd fdlowed, 
tend to develop uamosities to- 
ward tte City Coundl. 

In addtttoB, said Scott, tbe 
memberddp d sudi a groi^ 
dMNdd be limited in number 
and term. 

Scott's second pobit has a 
gred ded d validity. If file 
committee is to reprModa 
wide spectrum d tbe popdaee, 
it dKMdd have a\maid»rahlp 
thd refleda fiie oompodtton 
d the piqidatiQO, ettoieally, aa 
weU as polittcaUy. And fiid 
may pose a problem fw coundl 
as it appolnte fiie members. 

It'a generdly accepted fint 
whether tbe dty ateds ite 
officiate on tbe baste nf 
politted party or nc^, it dm 

te fiddled witt partlMa aad 

Tint dlmed wiu soni 
become a disease if it idecte 
file propoMd CAC, for oitess 
parttau pdittca remdna ^art 
£r<MB the wmap, tte deddoos 
made may nd be in tte bed 
Idereda d tte fiie dtiiemybd 

Tlnis, the appoidive bocfy 
B«t rMliK.JilS in 9£der for 
s CAC to be dliettire to seeking 
od tte probtems and ac- 
eompanyii^f Mlottraa to pro- 
btems d a growing dty, it 
mwt be etmskMr non-par- 

Seotf s first commed has 
gred validity as well, bd the 
reme(fy to the prddem, defldiv 
file committee's role and lettf ng 
it handle ody problems tint 
ooimdl deem apprqiride may 
tead to Ito stagnation. 

The CAC should be allowed 
to move in whdever directfon 
it deena necessary and should 
likewise have tte tadt approvd 
d the City Coundl, so long 
as it solves problems and does 
nd go around creatteg them. 

Thus, witdn ttie UmitattoM 
reasonably pteoed upon ttie CAC 
liy City Council, ttid group could 
bedn to resolve a large number 
of prditems ttid face U» dty'a 
resideds tturoug^ discussion d 
the problems, and flree ooundl 
to delve ido muiy of the yd- 
to^ onoov»ed~crises dtna- 
ttons ttid may C(»frod fiie 
dty d some ttme te ttie fdnre. 

In thte manner, sitiations 
ttd codd be«)n» orified d 
a fdure (tete oouM recdve 
ttM fdl attenfioo d ttat gr(Mp 
and be solved bdore they ever 
<tevelop fdly, for too often a 
dtiaen's vdee or>4numiiv gon 
unheeded unttl after the pidilem 
becomes teU-tdown. 

^d since the purpose d a 
govmmiMtel ladt te to s«rve 
tte peq^e, a CAC codd togi- 
ealty become tt extenston d 
tbe maldpal govemmoit- 
anottier ear fur etected 
offidds-aad oSia andhnr 
mMos d iDpd into a system 
ttd ^i^t dwqn recdve 
enough d the mum. 

Bd there are certdnrespm- 
slbtUttes fiid mud be pteoed 
trtiitt a CAC as well as a. 
relicafion fiid mud be made 
^c<aioerdiv ite power. 

to fd^t, tt should have no 
power, aave ttid to mdw re- 
pute and recommendatt<»s to 
ttie council. And tt should ttke- 
wisereaUae thd ite respon- 
stttfUttes are nd to become 
experts 00 dvic governmed, 
soplanttng eiisttng depart- 
medal ayatems itere pro- 
fessiooate are diarged witt 
aolvtef probtena. 
. It ahould reattae as well ttid 
ttie coundl te nd d>Ugated to 
accept any answer tt n»y pro- 
vide, ttttt ttiere are dher dtt- 
sMs to be considered bedd««i 
tbe groiv fiat mi^ be in ttie 
ttmeUght d ttie ttme. 

As Scott pointed out so well, 
dmiter Mmndttees viiose re- 
porte are adoomdetelyaeeep- 
ted often begte grudbUl^ dwd 
action en ttidr reprarte ud be- 
gin to ad es negattve tvAon 
to tte dty. 

Bd nqputflns d ttie pod- 
five oA/ae negattve teebun in- 
volved te file find deddoo, 
file fid ttttt tbe City Coundl 
has ^omi the ider^ te a 
Cittxena Advis<nry Committee 
te a sip ttd the vders were 
vinttcated tert Glaring. 

New blood and new aMtudes 
Witt prevdl te dvic gov- 
emsMd, and a rtrang CAC 
may well be ttie way. 

To fid Editor. 

The following has rderoioe 
to your oomm«d te flie oolunm 
on the iteddy survey thd I 
have raggeded sel^ Can^ 
Pendleton tor induatrUl dtea. 

I reipeded te M^ ttiat fid 
Govemw have a tMtf made. 
I dtad the various reaaooa, 
witt vMeh we are all fhmilter^ 
why the prq^erty in queatton 
should nd oodiinie to be used 
for ndUtary purposes. 

When the prdaible recom- 
mendatton's d ttie Govemor'a 
stady oommittee Were released, 
I apte OMnmimicated witt ttie 
Governor, requesttng: 

1. Thd ttie nitttary use be 
pbaiied od as soon aa poa- 
dbte once ttie deddtMite node. ' 

2. Ihd tbe be«h be made 
avdlalde for surfteg d lead 
on a temporary baste. 

3. Thd the ulttmde use d 
ttie inroperty be dedded by ttie 
City d Virgida Beadi— acttng 
tbroudi ttie Plandi^ Commia- 
sion uid ttie City Coimdl. 

I have never advocated ttie 
sate d ttte pr<qierty aa in- 
dusbrid dies. I have auggested. 
tourld-oriotfed (teiwloimied— 
pdittc golf course, pd)Uc tnmte 
ooiffte, posdlAy a race trade 
(tlthouj^ ttds land nuqr be too 
expeodve for aueb a use), 
a flrd-^ss amasemed pail^ 

Tbe inqnrtad ttdng d ttda 

If yott are one d ttie fdUtoaa te tMs ooudry whKHiMhr 
"LAW aid ORDER" tesue te ^ aaottier cry d "Wdi;** you 
sboubl Aa^ Witt b» tte ei^eilttD^ d rMfiag adlodd]« 
report by r3J. ttredor J. &lgar Boover, 10i od (Crime In 
UJS.-1969, $1.50, Sqierldendent d Doeanieds,UjS.Govemtted 
Priding (Sftee, Washing^, DC. 10«e), 

Ttts aanud report (iU pages) te shoddng. If I did nd 
know tte rdteMUty d fiie F3.I., I itodd ited flie staUsttcs 
in ttds tepNi hard to believe. Ld me diure some d ttem witt 

During ttie pad ten yean orar ooimtry has had a 13 p» oed 
incresM te popoteflon bd crime hM increased m per crat. 
The number d offeosn put 100,0CO pofidatton dBring fiie paat 
ten years (1960-1969) for crimes d ddence (rape, rdibary and 
aggravated assudt) have ia^eaaed 104 per oed and ertmea 
against property (buglary, larcai^ vA ado ttieft) have gone up 

It seems ttat ttie property d dbers te no tonger sde. If ttds 
ke^ up, firia alarnOi^.iherease in crime, we ndditieea 
redsbrlbofion d weatth on a bida d one poup dealing firom 
andher. Nbfidng or no one te sde. Street rdibery teereased 
186 per cent. Rdibery dgMstattonsteup 214 pu oed. Rdibery 
d tads te« 296 per OMi. 

I can remember wh«B tta dgldttme waa tta peiiad « danger 
for bun^ in tta home. No fime seema to beads today. 
White buri^ary d reaideaeea d dflt wad i«> 108 per oed, ttie 
burdary d reddenoas te tta-day ttme wed up 286 phr eed. 

To rdatTfiis to dottars and oente, Js 1969 done, pnperty 
owners suffered as eoooMde ten d $680 ndltto^ iltt an 
average d $818 per burdtry. Thte te Jod from one type d 

How many d tta fUvhrn are oangbt? Nd many. Less ttan 
one od d every five. Ihl odlte are witti^tba fldevea. 

During 1919, 871,900 addaddtef were reported atolen. 
Thte to qi from 777,800 te 1968 and an increase d 1S8 per 
oed te fia pad 10 yrars. Tbe nlwcaned agmdes were 
auoeasafd te solving 01^ 18 pw cmAd aatottafte lad year. 
Of tttose arrested for ado fiaft, 77 per tMt wot under 21 
and M per ooit were under 18 yeara d age. Lad year, ui 
adonrabtte waa reported ahden on an avengii d ana every 86 
seconds, twmty four hours a day. 

Of fia crimes agdnd property during 1969, fia arred rate 
te very tow. Ody 18 pur cent d theteroesy eaaea ra^tted te 
arreste, 19 per oeddbnr|^nd27per cut d rdibory oases. 

The young people, fiie vei^ yom^ srebeeomingDore involved 
te crime. White tta peraona in fida eondry age 10 to 17 
represeds 16 per c«it d tta popniattid, ttay aooondad for 82 
per out dallttuaearreatedladyear.Thoae mder 88 aoeouded 
for 51 per oed d ttose arrested for crimes. 

Oar ooorte and tte dedt»tod "Do-goodera" keep ptegiog for 
prdMdioQ, suspended sedoices and help tm the gdlty. these 
soft on erina people dioald took d tta rate d persons rearrested 
wittdn ste yeara. Ihe "Repeaters" amoud to 65 per cad aad 
flioae under ^, i^re iMlMiey te ft «ay d court lite, have a 
rqad reoord of 74 per oed. 

Of Qaae persons released in 1963 for ado flaft, 82 per oent 
were rearrested by 1969. Narcottca rearreate were dmod as 
bad d 72 per obd. Turdng fia gdtty od jud doen't aeem to be 
audi a good falea whMi yon aee tta rorolte. 

Law and Girder te a aarioua problem. It te bec(«dng more 
d a natlond dta^ter every year. It can nd be swept under tti^ 
rug j^jhpi^.. If a^iindhUig te nd d^ne to chinga fia tfde, 

itfieaa ofevtcms nat fia purndssiye aqetety d the past 
25 jf^^^fUm down la« md order te ttts eoimb7. The 
more wa try to repair «d rehsMHteto fla eriminate, tta Mgber 
tta crime rate goes. It dnidy te nd working. 

We seem to be on fia wrong trade Ifwearetoproted 
ourselves ^ our property, smnefidng mud be done and it 

Stece tedraey has proved to be haflbdlve, tete try fia Utter 
medldne d harsh pendfies for crime. If wa go attar fia crim- 
inate, arred fiam, give ttam a fdr and apeedy trtel aad ttan 
pd tta gdlty away for a long ttme, we can aoon dean up the 
repedera. TUa alone wiU help tta probtem. We bsttw heoome 
involved and do aonattiing, wUte w»oan, or fia erlmteilsvlll 
aoon take us over. Whiin wi become nnaate, our person or our 
property, we are no longer free. Democracy doean't worfc 
vrtan tbe peopte become afraid and fiid te a serious danger 


from drowdiv by an unknown 
reaoar. Re te an exceptton- 
ally brave and moded yoimg 
man an(l hte Identtty should be 

He te Robert Newmu, an 
employee d fia Manball'saio- Lad week'a questfon proved 
tel. At ped risk to Unaelf to be andher ttvely one: "Do 
he reapooded to fia desperate you fidnk tta dty Should ditete 
sppeal d my wife and offered Camp Paadlaton, if Itbecomaa 
to come to my dd. Be waa avdtebte, for reereattood ca- 
Jdned by Ed Pankowaki, an dttttes rafiarfiaa Industry?" 

employee arA.R.E. wbo grabbed 
an dr nnttren on tta way. 

These bvomniswimtowhere 
I was flodlng helptess in tta 
outgoing fide and supported me 
unttl tta Rtteue Siiiad arrived. 
I will be fwever gratefd to 
tti^e two men for ttair fear- 
tess and unselfish ad on my 

I would also Uke to exprras 
mf appredatton to tta men d 
tta Virgida Beach Fire De- 
partmotf ReaeueStiuad for ttair 
skilleil and aottdtous hudling 
d tta rescue. The City d 
Virgida Beach can be Justfy 
proud d ttam. 7h^ were great. 

To tta dttseia d Virgida 
Bwdi and tte many itto came 
to tta ate d strangen te ttidr 
midd, Mrs. mdate aad I are 
mod gratefd. 

ttme—ud ttds dadd ba em- 
phadxed as much aapoadUe— Sincerely, 
te ttat ow efforte dioald be^ John N. Nicteds, 
directed d: (1) fneouraglBg 
tte GoveiiMir %u wum: tu tm 
apparot recommMtaltet to 
cttsa tta idMtery use of Cai^ 
^ndleton and (^ aedng flat 
tte deddon aa to 1^ the d- 
fimate use irtll be te made 
iare in Virgb^ Beach rdher 
tten in Itt^fflond. 
Ridhvrd D. Gqr 

?X I don't recall aeeing any- 
where ttat fia (krvenm, hte 
conmiltada <x mM» ^« haa 
soggesteft fiwi tte tead be sold 

PrtU»e» Life Sa6ern 

It was an ovenfialmlng 
"YES" from tta moderate^ 
strong reqwnse. We say "mo- 
derdely" beeanse tta 600-oi;- 
so aaswns to the Stete Park 
qussfion has pd stars tetta 
editor's eyeaandaconalderaldy 
amalter number aeama nolMng 
te eeamariaon. Even flaaghwa 
reeopdae, d oourae. Old nd 
dl issues are sooMtroverdal. 

And apeaking d fiat State 
Park <]uadtonp-"Do you fidak 
a acbod abodd be bdlt on tta 
donated 18 acres to Seadare 
^e Park?"-tta answers are 
sttll coming in. Several more 
ttite wed(. All d ttam againd 

Tbe Can^ Pudletooqnediao 

pr^ed a nundwr dvery wdl 

dated toiiera to tta editor, 

dl d ittidi appear on Ihte page. 

Othera mi^ yd arrive fdr next 



J«t two wedm $p a pLe* 
tare and c ^^ on on tte frod 
page dfla^^;0iteBiiehSim 
proeUmed my dellveraiioe 

mm fuiiviY 

QUESTION: Do youttilnlc 
Camp Pendleton shouid be con- 
sidered at a site fbr ttie pro- 
posed Nortli Virginia ^och 

Year cammeite aid ilfaitlMtari waali la 
a^Mlatei aba. ^ 

,j^n ion 

Cl^ tfijl rtfaritaiVnSIIHA IIACI Mil, 

9nm ,nmB%^^Htmi 


Thurfday, November 5, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 




A'irietntwr of ttw governor's 
couiudl on drug abuse was tbere 
to l8$ite an appeal to parents. 

Tbe tead of ttie police (te> 
partme^'s juvenile- division 
discussed the drug pusher. 

A former addict who («ce lit- 
erally ate marijuana forlnreak- 
fast eiqidalned a drug rehabili- 
tation prbgraim. \ 

And a delegation of dvic 
leaders on theOrug Focus Com- 
mittee toM about signifieant in- 
roads into the drug problem at 
Virglniii Beadu 

Bi|t DO oM was there to listen. 

voluntarily turns in drugs to us, 
chtmces are that we won'tarr^ 
him," Cqns said. "Butttie nan 
that we have to Urd-dbg qi> and 
down the streets to c^di won't 
get ttie same eonsiders^on," 

Members of the Drug Focus 
Committee got a firsthand look 
at the problem they're fl^ng 
throu^ Sm\ Greehberg, a 27- 
year-old former .^teug addict 
who said he used drugs for 
seven years. 

Greenberg, in Virginia Beach 
to persuade officials to release 
an accused drug user to his 

That's tiie story on the Drug regatdlitative organization, 
Focus Committee's first open sp<*e briefly at the meeting. 

He is an exeoitive director of 
Encounter, an organiatton that 
has shown to be effective in 
reforming drug addicts. 

r — 

meetbig to the public at First 
Colonial Hij^School. Only 15-20 
people attended. The second 
meeting wus held last nif^t at 
Plaza Junior High. » y^ • i 

Mrs. Mary Russo, a member ¥ .ilt^nl iwlTL 
of the governor's drug ^-'v*'*** ^ •' * 
comndttee, pointed to the empty 
auditorium and told ttte sparse 
crowd that parens are afraid to 
confront ttie drug problem and 
"want to stidc their heads in 
the ground." 

Mrs. Russo, wife of Judge 
Phil Russo, told the group of a 
telephone warning recently 
which . indicated her daughter 
would be arrested for pos- 
session (tf narcotics. Hie re- 
port, later proved false, 
"m^ffis a parent realize the 
importance of the problem," 
Mrs. Russo said. "When 
are parents going to wake t^?" 

Lt. Henry Capps, head of the 
police department's juvenile di- 
vision, toM ttw committee that 
drug use among youths is 
steadily increasing in Virginia 
Bead!. "Youths are buying 
not in jdnts, but in pounds," 
the policeman said. 

Caps said ttie police currently 
are more concerned with the 
drug seller than -the drug user. 

A former elementary schoo 
teacher In the i^ettos of Nev 
York Ci^, Greenberg told ,th( 
committee and audience tha^ht 
began smoking marijuana iwi 
he awoke at 7:30 a.m. «vA 
morning and even soalnd .vn 
marijuana residtte with l>n^ 
and ate it for breakfast. 

He sidd hb irbommate waii 
a medical staident who got drugs 
for him by prescription. Greea» 
berg, currently of Yellow 
Springs, Ohio, said Virglnir 
Beach's Free Clinic, Mother': 
Clinic, Public education systen 
and 24-hour drug hotline art 
"definite steps in the righ» 
directton," but te also em- 
phasised ttie need for rehaUU- 
tative measures. 

The Drug Focus Committee, 
working with United Drug Abuse 
Committee, is made up of civic 
leaders in Virginia Beach who 

Jirlisfli Exhibiting 

A local srtist Is presentlag 
an art exUUtioo at VlrgtoU 
Wesleyan College daring the 
montti of Hovember. 

Mrs. Sandy Miller Lapchick 
^Vlr^nia Bea<* op<Md a 
showihg of her crefflve stltch- 
ery, p(dnting)S and sculpture 
Tuesday night «ith an informal 
reception in the Henry Clay 
Hofhetmer, U Ubrary. The 
showing is open to tte p(a>lic 

Mrs. Lapchick is the wife 
of Richard E. Lapchick, assis- 

tast proisMor of poUtUal 
sdMice at VlrgWa WeslaipB. 
College. She noAnA tte Bac- 
telor of Arts defrt« Ui art- 
istry from CoSOf CoU^ in 
Maine and hu attmded tte 
(itdhiito 8die(d^ tta^^i^r* 
^ty of Denver. 

Mrs. Lapddck Is also the 
cre^r of 'Tbingles', minia- 
ture ^gsaw pussle tor ^ngbok 
Editions, Inc., which have been 
featured In various national pu- 

Substitute Site Sought 

Members of the 1970-71 Virginia Wesleyan College c»ieerieaaer 
SQuad are (front row) Katherine R. Harrup, Kathryne J. Gresham 
(back row) Lorraine Schuessler, Charlotte G. Duer, Patricia A. 
Gill, Peggie J. Kalinoski and Carol A. Etheridge,,— — - — 

School Supt. E.E. Briekell, 
who says "we don't want to 
have controversy stirred up 
over the sdiools," said Tues- 
day it would be impossible for 
him to recommend a North 
Virginia Beadi School site to 
the School Board that Is- not 
free, — ^ 

V^ was in reference to the 
Su^stlon that 

w n ue cmcerned with Illegal drug I?p/f/»ll fjPntiR IFi CtlGGTleCLCLCTS 

In PrOOrUm use. The committee earned the MJ^ULn MJ^^UUO f,f# V/fl'^C'f ^%>\m^\m^\^' " 

'* * «^lf Mtv eouneirs oftlclal sanction ... _ .. . ..»^ i_ *•.. j i.»>. «* u 

.school site be 
free one on 15 

an alternate 

found to the 

acres of Sea- 

— *'lf someone comes in and 

Susan Laurie Marshall, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law- 
rence E. Marshall of 4187 Ewell 
Rd., is enrolled in the inter- 
disciplinary honors program at 
Wake Forest University. 

The program Is for a Umited 
number of hl^y qualified stu- 
dents and is designed to sup- 
plement the regular college 
curriculum. Participation Is by 
Invitation only. Faculty parti- 
cipant are drawn from various 
acadendc departments. Fifty- 
nine students are in ttie pro- 
gram this year. 

Miss Marshall, a sophomore. 
Is taking vart in a seminar 
on "Approaches to Human Ex- 
perience." Participants are 
studying the works of the Aus- 
trian psychiatrist Slgmund 
Freud, the Spanish painter 
Pablo Picasso, and the French 
iriillosivher and writer Jean 
Paul$artre. 1 

dty coundl's official sanction 
February 9. 

The clinics and the 24-hour 
telephmte referral service were 
set up by the committee. Mrs. 
Doris Young, dnlrman, told the 
awllence §aat several other 
steps ctirilntly are being coo- 

Book Includes 

E. E. Briekell, Division 
Surperintendent of ttie Virginia 
Beach City Public Schools, has 
recently been notified that his 
blogrty^cal sketdi has been 
selected to appear In ttie fourth 
edition of the publication 
" Leaders in Education." 

"Leaders In Education" is a 
ni^onal puMlcattcn which eadi 
year selects the nation's out- 
standing educators on the pid)llc 
school and college leveh 

Loss Control Proves Worth 

Three years after it was , 
stflMed, the Virginia Beach City 
S^dools' Loss Cont rol Program 

pro>^li to be a tremendous suc- 
cess. • 

In 1967, when the Loss Con- 
trol Program for bus opera- 
tions was started, the School 
Board's debit was 108 percent 
on the primary coverage. The 
success of the Loss Control 
Program has reduced tlds debit 
to a credit of eight percent 
on the primary coverage and 
a credit of 16 percent on the 
excess limits for the current 
• school year. 

The School Board's current 
premium is $36,000 but had the 
Board continued to operate 
under the high debit, the curreitf 
premium would have been 
$85,000. TJds program consti- 
tutes for the current school 
year % direct savings of $49,000. 
No one could estimate the in- 
direct costs of accidents over 
the direct costs. The National 
Safety Council has proven that 
the indirect costs for accidents 
run approximately five times 
the direct costs. 

Based on premium reducticxis 
since the beginning of the pro- 
grani, the School Board has 
saved approximately one- 
quarter of a milU(» dollars 
in indirect costs by reducing 
the number of accidents, and 
the severity of these accidents. 

Indirect costs of accidents 
to any school system involve 
the salary of employees lost 
because of injuries received 
In the accident, the loss of 
the use of the vehicles damaged 
in accidents, the loss of pro- 
ductive time of the employees 
Investigating and doing the 
p^wrwork on these accldente, 
plus of course, the cost of ^ 
repair of damaged vehicles and 
tiie time lost for those em- 
ployees doing the repairs. 

The recent analysis of ac- 
cidents ofVirginia Beach school 
Iwses lias shown that the ma- 
jority of ttie accidents which 
have occurred, occurred in the 
parking lots of the schools. 

The few serious accidents 
which have occurred during the) 
past three years have been non-' 


1^ WartaaracausMfby 
( vlrusM. RMiovtd 1^ 
V MiMzing Compound Wi 

Compound W* contains two 
medicine , widely used by 
doctors iMf^ating virus- 
caused warts. A few (X>lor- 
lesa drops of Compound W, 
used as directed, can dis- 
solve away warts in juat 
days. No cutting,no burning, 
no pain. Rememt)er; warts 
^are caused Ijy viruses— re- 
mtwed t>y test-actir'^ Com- 

preveitfable in regard to the 
The report on the bus opera- 

dolngTW repwllwures <«ier 
opentions such as the Virginia 
Beach bus operations for cities 
and counties in Virginia and 
neighboring states and that 
none of these operations come 

even close to Ok excellent pro- 
gram of ttie Virginia Beach 
School. iBoard. The Vlrjlnla 
Beach Sichool BotriS'a Program 
of Loss Controrts iia^ is k 
guide in preparing similat-Ibss 
control programs for schoolbus 
operations for other school di- 
visions in ttie State of Virginia 
and in neij^iboring states. 

Four of the seven students 
selected for the 1970-71 Vlr- 
glnl^i Wesleyan College cheer- 
leading squad are flrom Virginia 

The are Carol A. Etheridge, 
Patricia A. Gill, Peggie J. 
Kalinoski and Lorraine Schues- 

Miss Etheridge, a freshman, 
is ttie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Edmund T. Kalinoski of Baker 
Road. She is a 1968 graduate, 
of Bafslde High School. 

Miss Schuessler, atreshman. 

Is Topic- 

A lecture on "Nutrition, 
Longevity and Physical Fit- 
ness" will be given by Dr. 
Bernard Jensen of Escondido, 
California Saturday, at 8 p.m. 
In the auditorium of the Asso- 
dattcm for Research and En- 
Ugjitenment, 67th Street and 
Atlantic Avenue. 

Dr. Jensen haa just refurened 
firoitt a trip to Russia,' where 
he interviewed several of the 
reputedly oldest people alive 
today, discussing with ttiemllfe 
habits leading to longevity. 

Dr. Jensen's lecture wllll)e 
open to ttie public. 

Virginia Beach Oection Returns 

Nelson J. Etheridge of Matt 
Lane. She Is a 1970 graduate 
of First Colonial High SchooU 

Miss GUI, a sophomore, is 
ttie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Myron A. Gill of North Wolf- 
snare Drive. She is a 1969 
graduate fo Parkside High 
School, Jackson, Mich. 

Miss KaUnoski, a junior, is 

Heads Assn. 

A sophomore has been elected 
president of the Student Associa- 
tion at Virginia Wesleyan College 
fbr the 1970-71 academic year. 

Roy ]?. White, McLean, Vir- 
^Sa, 1& been elected president 
of the Student Association. Five 
other students were also elected 
to College standing committees 
In the election. 

White, son of the Reverend 
and Mrs. R. MaMn White, Jr.,' 
of Great Falls Street, McLean, 
is a 1969 graduate of Lake Taylor 
Senior Hi{^ School in Nortolk. 

Students elected to committees 
are Robert F. Justis, Richmond, 
Attiletlc t6thmittee;WiUl«a F. 
Morris, Virginia Beach, and 
Agnes. E. Rick^ls, Princess Anne, 
Md., Publications Committee, 
and Richard Z. Scott, Glen Rock, 
N.J., and DebraE.Swatts,Bilaxl, 
Miss., -Student Activity-Welfare 

is the daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. John V. Schuessler of 
North Bethune Drive. She is 
a 1970 graduate of Kellam Hl^ 

DE RaUu 

Kellam High School will host 
ttie annual DE Fall Rally 
Wednesday from 7 to^iSOpuro. 

The rally will bring In some 
800 DE studente from ttie nine 
schools In Virginia Beach and 
Nansemond County. 

The purpose of this annual 
affair is to promote more ef- 
fective Distributive Education 
programs in the schools. 

shore State Park which Is cut 
off from ttie rest of ttie park. 
The park site is oi^osed l^ ttie 
Citizens' Committee for Sea- 
shore State Park. 

a sltitattan pa^^ caused by 
ttie Increased number of anil' 
fiple housing units Ip tte area. 

An altenate site wltltfs tiw 
boundaries of Ft. StorylfondiBr 
OMvlderation. Hoiwver, tte 
fecteral government woald teve 
to agree to give ttw property 
to tte schools or lease it it 
a minimum price. 

"Ttere's p^ntycf landavidl- 
able in Creeds." said Briekell, 
"But we don't need aboiter 
sdiool In Creeds." 

Fimds to build ttie lurcqpoeed 
900-pupll school wiU te In- 
cluded In ttie coming IIM^ 
million s<ftool bond issue. 

"No public body can carry 
on a battle wltti private dtt- Tiif-^-^-^^-^ ----*-• 4. 
sens in ttie newspapers," said .JjlEnaKeineili 

Alttiough he has tte r^ults 

of an ecological study ttw School 
Administration had made of ttie 
park last month, Briekell said 
he will not release it until 
it is requested by an "offlcial 

Briekell added ttiat an al- 
ternate site would not onlyteve 
to be free, it would have to 

be wittiln a mlle^ and a half t_ 

of the proposed to serve ttie ^ot Assodatfon. 

area for whldi tte^^s0eon»Hl — ^^Scott, wte has been wltti tte 

Group Picks 
Mgr. Scott 

Cit/Manager Rodger M. Scott- 

i^botiffled Wednesday flwt te 

I been formally aoceptedlnto 

International City ' 

te built. 

"That area is growing," said 
Briekell, pointing out ttiat Alan- 
ton is tecoming overcrowded, 

Contest Seeks Sook-Mark 



I i 




coNinivnoNAL aMBNteasNis 










Navy Fireman Appren. Mar- 
tin Darst of Wedgewood Trail- 
er Park, was graduated from 
Engineman School at Great La- 
kes^, Rl. 

The Virginia Beach Public 
Library System is sponsoring 
a "Design a Book-mark" con- 
test to commemorate National 
Chlldrea's, Book Week, Nov, 
15-22.1 » 1 j isi 'iKh >\{^i vj'ti' »«J^ 

Childr^ jbvgrad^ l^tin^.Q 
are urged to submit an entry. 
Eis^ pritfe^ win te ailrared; 
two from otch library. A inrlse 
will te given to t|ie test en- 
try from' grades 1 thru 3 and 
anoUier to tte test entry from 
grades 4 ttiru 6. 

The ei^t winners will tten 
te jud^ to select tte test 
design in ttie entire contest. 
The final cteice will te printed 
and ttie book-mark will te dis- 
tributed at the drculatton desk 

of each Ubrary In Virginia 

Contest rulM are: 

1. Desip or draw an ori- 
ginal book-mark. 

a./ pe^boo^?mark fim te 
submitted oh^jrour c^oe of. 
paper but must te 8 1^1 indies 
long and a« V2 Inchee «lda« 

3. On tte teck of ttie entry, 
write your name, grade, sdiool 
and phone numter. 

4. Return ttie completed work 
to your nearest branch library. 

5. Tte contest tegins ooNov. 
3 and ends Nov. 17. 

6. Price winners will te no- 
ttfied by ptene and ttie prise 
awarded on Nov. 24tti at 4 p.m. 
at your branch UtHrary. 

dty for two years, said his 
acceptance as a full fledged 
member came aftnr te 
comfdeted his second year as 
ttie dtys manager. 

Previously, te teld an 
assistaiit menter^iip in tte 
organlnittoa, hot now bbUi nil 
mendiershlp and is elifiattiete 
teU otace In ttie orguinttoo 
and have a vote. 

In ocder to pinmmmUi^, 
a manafer nm^ teve been with 
a dty tv at least two^yeaxt _ 
air^t& yearrni^^^ 
-^icertid ekperitace. 

Two At OSU 

Two Virglda Beadi ttudeots 
are among a record M,441 en- 
rolled on ttie OUalKHna Stila 
University eampiB Oils IhB. 
They are Evelyn Henry, 
date for Masters in Ba 
Adninistratton; and Thad 
Broom, ArcUtednre SmIot. 





Itt 413 















SM W 17 SM 


411 m 




Ci^ Italy 


in M7 1,M 




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m m 





Ml Ml »1 n4 77S 


III 647 ss urn 

ITS lit 



21 IM 




Ml \m 


•U 2U 



III 471 

IM 434 

1« 41S 




m 30 

Iff M 



141 l«J Ml 731 




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341 771 


171 m 

«l 241 





Iff 371 



Ml 330 


314 IM 313 7N 





•74 M J17 




147 OS m 107 

2M 147 211 142 2M l.Ml 


471 IM Ml 

m Ml m 


2» 322 241 UI 



no m 

m iM Ml m 


117 111 


Ml M^ 741 Ml 741 M» 



Mr i,«| 

M7 441 

77 171 m 




AwgoM B 
Duvii CoiBiy 
Woo dilmfc A 
Woodrtock B 





7M Ml 


















3n Ml 


171 m 


wooflrtDck C 




714 571 Ml Sn 


3M 471 87 Ml 






la Ml 


4N IM 

Tff 717 la ns 


IN le 





111 111 



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UI 045 









3|7 574. 




in Ml 











Kwn pnasi 

77 IM 








in no 








170 III 


71 230 








11.717 1.1B •.«4 1.4M II-IM AM U.1M 5,055 







Vo. Beech's Mewwf & Mwf Comnltfe SOOJC SlOU 

^e Buy And Sell New & Used Books 
Over 1.000 Paperbacks In ilock 
Many Hard Bound as Jfell 

Ccill 425-1433 

11 A.M» to 7 P.M. 

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IMS Piidfk Aw. 


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Virginia Beach Sun 

TNirsdoy, f«fovember 5, WTO 

Council Asked To 
Aid Heart Victims 

Instroclgrs hold the attention of chiWren pa rtlcl pitting in an after 
school study program at the Seatack Community Center. 

Program Helps Kids Learn 

A||>hBlliB»t«ly 100 cbihlrM 
ar« siMidjNttng in an after 
sdiotf stadjr {Mrogram being 
eonlaeted i^ ttm Seatade Com- 
minilar Center for Viri^ 
Betdi pobltc s^ool stuteats 
Wtilg isapittf in i^Uf k- 
brtaiA (tf odir students in tMt 
dainrooai iKork. 

ni pn^ram was organiaed 
bf iromen eonnected iwitti tlie 
Seatatci STOP Prop>ani mha 
(Bscofered tbti a ounAer of 
diMren , (tepito ttt^r own 
efforts, were unable to meet 
re<|^red (wbttc sdiacl stand- 

TbBsi women are being as- 
sisted bf priests of ttie Star 
of die Sea Cattiolic Clrarch in 
adminstratioe of tlie program 
and tif mt^ts of Oe Ttde- 
,water Rome Boilden Assoda- 
tioB L4Kttes Aindllttry wtK> do- 
nate iastradioaal material for 
die program. 

Tlds spedattsed hrtoring is 
ta aMM from 4:30 to 5:30 
p.n. M^ ttesdi^. Wetbiesdajr 
aod Unprsdar at ite Sei^art 
CommiBlly Center mdindutes 
students tnm pidalic sdwol 
grades four tbro^ nine. 

Tte pn^[ruB indudes per- 
sonalised instruction in sudi 
subjects as mathematics. 

reamng, spelling and Ustory. 
Instructton is conducted Iqr t 
number (rf teadiers from public 
schools, interested adults lod 
seniw Mgh school students lAio 
voliorteer their time. 

time to the program may d)- 
tain additional informatioQ tgr 
calling the "school" at ffie 
Seatack Community Center, 
phone 426-0782. 

Those diildren who take part FIfIIO* AflllQA 
the spedalized training art *^* •*& -f^UUOC 



usiially recommended by.didr 
pdblic sdwol teadwrs yitio feel 
the studeito wiU benefit. 

Plans now call for die Public 
Library Bookmobile to m^ 
regular visits to die Community 
Center m Tuesday afternoons 
to affwd the children use of 
library books whidi wiU be be- 
nefidal to diem in die Instruc- 
tion in reading. 

Those conneded with the pro- 
gram say they are extremely 
pleased with the manner in 
vUdi the ddklren are respond- 
ing to die training and didr 
intense interest in wanting to 
further dieir education. 

MOou^ the^progriun Is o- 
perating on a sound footing at 
a» preset time, a ne«l does 
•xis t for, additioial training 
material and individuals ^ 
might parttdpate as in- 

Persons who want to assist 
in. ,i^ltaiidi« iistmction ma-» 
terials or wish to devote dieir 

Police investigators say diey 
arrested Joseph L. Heffernan, 
21, of West Lynnshores Court 
early Saturday morning on 
diarges oi violating drug abum 

According to ofttdals 
Heffernan is fadog charges of 
p(»sefif8ion of marijuana with 
intent to sell, and possession 
at hashid) witii intent to sell. 

Audiorities said Heffernan 
was arrested when apprd- 
mately one pound of marijuan 
and 14 grams of hashish were 
altegedly toond in his trudt as 
he was driving itneardieUiter- 
sectton of Independence BML 
and Bornwy Road. 

Police also said &y con- 
fiscated Heffernan's trudc 

If Federal fttiding is fbr^ 
«)ming, Virglflta Beat^ vdllbe- 
, come the firk dty in die onaitry 
to use an all-vdunteer fwoe 
to stem die Ui^ mortality rate 
caused bf heart atttdts. 

liemb^ of the Esiirtewgr 
Coronary Care Cunmlttee toU 
City Coundl Monday diat if a 
|2I||000 ^ ap^ieatton is 
^iflrelM, tteBfters of tin Vir- 
ginia Beadi rescue sqiutds will 
be equipped to handle jntenttal 
heart attacks at die scene, 
diereby redudag ttie deadi rate. 

Dr. William A.Diddnontold 
coundl diat the grei^rt ouise 
of deadi m die United Stetes 
is the hsBrt attadt, that be- 
cause viedms can't recdve im- 
mediate treatment, and that 
about 60 per cent ci diem die 
unnecessarily amy from ahos- 

Dr. Dickinson said diat many 
ttmes tiw victtna die because 
they havM't r«$dved care widi- 
in a five or six minute time 
Umit. Rescue squadsmra, be- 
cause diey are scattered 
diroui^ut the dty, can readi 
die victims but can't tre^dwm 
due to lack of knowledge and 

If the federal grant is v^ 
proved, that inrobtem will be 

The majority of victims die 
due to ventricular fibrillaticm. 
which Dr. Oiddason eqilained 
as an out-<rf-rhytbm pid||(ttng 
df die heart. Ilirougb dM use 
of electric shock, the heart 
is retunwd to its. normal pat- 
tern, he said. 

Under die proposed system, 
rescue squadsmen wouM be 
equiped wittt a defibrtltator and 
an electro-canttoforadi (EKG). 
t device whidi records die 
rythmsd die heart. 

the squadsman, (mee notified 
of die location, could be at 
file site wittan Qie five or six 
minute Uidt. At diat pdnt, 
diey wodd hodc the patient to 
the EKG and transmit dieread- 
Inp to die General Hospital 
of Virglda Beadi, where they 

coidd be intenn-eted by a tiaH 

"At m dme would (he rescue 
squad be making tfqr dedstaos 
diat diey sbould't,*' said Dr. 
James P. Charlton, a member 
of die onnmiltee. 

"The dodor gives die order 
to shodc if it's necMSttry," 
he said. "They are ertrastona 
of his arms." 

I^. CterltcA said Oe fiffec- 
tiwness of the projed trnt 
based on the tut diat die udts 
tanUi reach a victim imiDedt- 
^ly white a hospital4iised 
udt might take 40 mindes or 
more to reach a persm in 
odlying areu . 

The eqdianed, he said, was 
simidy operated after a period 
of training and could greatly 
Increase die duuces for life 
of a eormiary patient. 

Each udt wwifd have a two* 


to Visit 

Stanley Utting, an educator 
.from Hamilton, New Zealand, 
will be a visitor to die Vir- 
gida Beach Sdwols Noiv. IS 

\Mut i» on » tour d4le- 
segrepted ^nertean sdnol 
systems as part d his purtf d- 
pattni in die 1970 Interadtonal 
Educatton Program spons(»red 
by die Udtad, States Depart- 
ment d Healdi, Education, and 

Utdngis a graduate of Aodk- 
land Teadien College and the 
Udversity of New Ze^iland. Be 
is currently die Dtstriet Senior 
Inspector of SecoodarySdiools. 

' White in Vlrgtda Beach, he 
will consult with the sdiod 
administraticm staff and will 
risit in die City's Junior and 
sedor high schools. 

Referendum i^«es ito- ^^g 

Man Clmriedl in Attack 

A Nortdk man has /been 
charged by Virginia Beach po- 
lice Witt rape and armed rdb- 
bery la onnedlon widi an al- 
leged aitedc mi a woman abod 
midHtey Tiwsday at her Chess- 
pealK Bra^ home. 

Audiorities identified die 
ampt^ as Thomas Edward 
Cain. 19, ISdi Bay Street, who 

Is 29th 

Virginia Beadi recorded ite 
29di traffic fatality <A die year 
Halloween dght with the deadi 
(tf a 15-year dd i^rL 

PoUee officials said Char- 
lotte Rose Wade of the 5800 
blMk Burton Stdton Road, was 
fatal^ injured dwut 9:30 
wiMn she was struck tqr an airto 
near die Idersedion of North- 
anqiton Blvd. and Pretty^ Lanet 

Inv^ttgators said the girl 
aivare^y stepped ido the 
roadway ido the padi of an 

Her deadi was attributed to 
multiple fradures of the skull. 

reportedly was anffehended 
Tuesday dght shortly after his 
arrival at die PhUadeldda, Pa., 
airport following a flif^t from 
die Norfolk Muddpal Airport. 
The 30-year-ok] victim is 
quoted by investigator as say- 
ing ter assdlant entered her 
hcnne by means of a ruse, 
direatened her with a bdcher 
kn^, nqied and boimd her, 
dien fled after tddng $254 from . 
her purse. 

Thailand Duty 

Airman First Class David 
W. Land, son of Mr. uid Ifrs. 
Norwood C. Land, dr Rt. 1, 
te on duty at Kbrat Royal Hud 
AFB, Thailand. 

Airman Land is a misdle 
systems spedallst in a udt ^ 
of the Pacific Air Forces. Be- 
fore his arrival in Thailand, 
he was asdgned at Davis- 
McHithan AFB, Airiz. 

The airman is %1968 gradu- 
ate of Floyd E. Kellam High 
School. His wife, Lynn, is die 
dau^ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 
D. Siray of 260 Appion Ave. 

Increase of S4-Cents 



By Les Leh^^ i 

Men gI th« Ohespaeake Beach 
and Oeatti jt«ark Vuludeer Fire 
pepartiBM^ have aoidred a 
bdUt^ and lud for use in 
tratdng programs and drills in 
fire fii^Mlng tedmiques. TIm 
dte viii^ is located near die 
ii^rsedion d Great Neck Road 
and Shore IMve conteins a IK 
room structure and was dooded 
by DavM I. Levine. 

R. T. Padrickfiisweekbegan 
duty widi die Virglda Beach 
police Deteetiw Division. He 
tnnsferred ido bis new 
position foUowlag duty widi die 
2nd Police Prednet. 

Men d the Be^ Boroi^ 
VfMatMT Rescue Squad dds 
wa^ obtidn^ a new anriwlttice 

Sttnnach upset 
by ga> anrf «5id? 

IThis unique discovery 
Mm^ up ana remova |^n- 
iA ^a-bwKMwL Your rdief 
b »«« «Mn|riettt became 
m4M Ukm the acid and 
te gM <rat ^ aod indifoi- 
tta. Q^ m4M ti^ete or 
^•M t^Maf . Product of 

which will enable them to in- 
crease thdr value to residente 
reqdring emergency medcal 

Those on the medical re- 
covery list this week inclutte 
Sgt. L. F. Capps and Det. W. M. 
Bailey of the police Juvedle 
Divteion and M. T. Holland, 
Chief of the City's Fire Pre- 
ventton Bureau. Capps and 
Bdley renttinhosi^talized dur- 
ing thdr recovei7 from 
surgery, while HoUaiKi is ex- 
peded to return to duty next 
week following a short period 
of hospitellzation. 

City Coundl learned Monday 
that a 34 ced hike in die as- 
seated rate per $100 valuattm 
of real estete spread over die 
next three years will be neces- 
sary if a proposed $18.4 mil- 
lion school braid issue is passed. 
Lawrenc»>B. Wales Jr., the 
dty's finandal expert from 
Wheat & Co., sdd the increase 
was based on the assumptton 
that there would be im increase 
in the rado of assessed valua- 
tton of real estate. 

Wales, who aiveared before 
the informal coundl meeting 
along widi School Supt. E. E. 
Brickell and School Board 
Chairman J. W. Buffingtrai 
to discuss the import of the 
bond referendum and taxes, said 
the tax rate was based rai the 
assumption that the sale would 
be approved in the first quarter 
of 1971. 

The profxised tax increases 
would be 20 cents the first 
year, 12 ceds in 1972 and two 
cente in 1973, based on real 
estde valued at $655,000,000. 

City officials sdd diey were 
amazed d die hike, since they 
had expeded it would be more 
in the range of 40 to 46 cente. 

Wales said the hikes were 
based on the sal% of the bonds 
over three years, with $9 mil- 
lion sold the first year, $7 
million sold the second year 
and $2.4 million sold the final 
year. The sales would be iX 
an debt interest rate of six 
per cent and amortized over 
a period of 15 years. 

Thus, the $18.4 milUon bond 
issue would eventually cost die 
city $27.4 millicm when die in- 
terest on the issues «'ere paid. 

The 1970 rate in Bayside, 
KempsviUe, Lynnhaven, and 
Princess Anne mosqdto tax 
districts is $2.05. It would in- 
crease to $2.25 in 1971, $2.37 
in 1972, and $2.39 in 1973. 

In Blackwater and Princess 

Anne Borou^ die tax rate te 
$2 and would increase to $2.20 
in 1971, $2.32 in 1972, and $2.34 
in 1973. 

Virglda Bead) Borough's 
present rde te $2.45 and It 
would increase to $2.65 In 1971, 
$2.77 in 1972 aod $2.79 In 1973. 

Bridcell said the low tax 
rate increase indicated diat die 
dty has an «ccellent reputation 
for finandal managemed and 
die iqjproach it uttlidzes. 

Brickell and the rest of die 
grras) appeared before coundl 
to exptein the increase and re- 
SfMnSt to questtons concerning 
why the referendum couldn't 
be split ido two issues. 

Coundlman George R. 
Ferrell sdd he had recdved 
calte to tjie efted diat die 
peqple wouldn't mind paying 
for the sdioote bd not pi^sical 
educatlrai fadUdes, ateo a part 
of tte bond issue. 

The tesue te to finance die 
constructton of one high school, 
three dementary schools, and 
addldons to 15 schools; among 


the aiMittons are 13 gypi- 

BrickeU said die 
nasiums were a part of 
apiffoadi to pigrslcal educatton 
and refteded anewattttude widi 
reaped to dte board's educa^ 
tlonal phlloBophy. 

He said die package should 
be accepted as a totel concept 
and not brohendowninto several 
Issues for condderatlon. 

BrickeU sdd die sdioote 
could teach home economics 
wlthod a UtdiM, a^culture 
wldiod farms and sdmoe 
courses wlthod labordories, 
bd "we can teadi it a lltde 
tietter widi the prqier tedli- 

He sdd the swimming poote 
Induded in the proposal are 
part of a plan to better ed- 
ucate the youngsters In tteCity 
abod vmter safety, and was 
questlraied by Ferrell as to die. 
nec^ity of die poote as ■ 
(^90^ to more instruction te 
reading and writing. 

-wayridto la^t, nMc^ trauld 
reUqp vdee neaMlu to and 
from die iMspltd as weU as 
frims^ die EK6 raMttngs. The 
ddlbrlllator widd be battery- 
opierated and porteble. 

l)r. Diddnson sdd ttiat n- 
vdral dlier (ttles have aaed 
^e same system, such tttlfiand 
Bead^ JadnottKlUe^lod Hart- 
ford, Coim., among odiers. 

Bd die dOterdMe tf thd diese 
ddes ute pdd firemen or am- 
bulance personnet 

In order to enad die pco- 
gram. Dr. IHckinsmi asked die 

* Provide an addidraukl re- 
peater vdoercommndddlai ' 
system for dtepdddi^ fire and 
emergency vehicles. Hie inre- 
sent nm-'repedersydem would 
dien be used as a stendby sys- 
tem for personnel working a 

* (%tdn a frequency' from 
die Federal Commudcattoos 
Commlnion in die 450 mego- 
cyde range ttd wmdd be used 
by squads fbr EKG dgnal re- 

* Enad a resolutton endors- 
teg die apidleatten, iddch has 
been approved by tlie Virglda 
Regional Medical Programs 
group, to die effed dot after 
compldlon of die fe<teral id>- 
fidy duree yean from now the 
dty would serious^ coddder 
taUni over die program. 

* Deode liiDe onfiia dty** 
owned eompntor for dorage of 
Information pertddng to the 
program for later evalnatton. 
> *lte<|pdre all poUeemen, fire- 
men and Ufeguardi imrdved te 
dty sponawed, prograin to 
undergo trddng In treatfl|ed 
of heart idtadd. T&i trddac 
would be carried od at no 
cost to the dty. 

Mayor Donald H. Rhodes add 
he felt the coundl would pass 
a pbdttve resolutton tivport- 
Ing die oommltiee'i eftorta at 
Ite formal meeting Noveaiber ft. 

Dr. DlddiwMi said if federal . 
fdidliig was ad avaltahle, tte 
group would stlU iiqitemedtlia 
pTi^^am thn^ aaodier me- 
diod of ftei^BBf. 

nai ilDder ttetd«Credtlrtdii ^^ 
has been seriously woded, aod 
diat stnwi cnrtmte dvougb 
«iat waterway may have under- 
mined die bridge pUlnea. City 
liteoagar Roger M. Scott itld 
steps nwt be tdten to prevent 
die fw^^dog of the bridge 
and to inroled dienorthernbttik 
ddw canal. 

* Was briefed on the ac- 
tivities d die AuxlUary Police 
Force and requested did a 
study be made of die fddrv 
provided did group bv die dty. 

CoU WlUtem T. MacFartaod 
said die ody thing die dty pro- 
vbles die force te a pair of 
paote. a shirt and badgep, die 
remaloder of die eqdpmed te 
provided by the Inttvidual d- 
ficers, he saH 

Coundl will invMtigde die 
ease to see if finaodd ivltef 
can be given to die mendirougli 
die use of dty purchasing. 

* Dedded dat it would wait 
until die presoit engineering 
projed in Rwtee Inlet was com- 
pleted before it made any com- 
med on the ettediveness of 
die Erosirat Commialbo te re- 
solving the clearing d die Ru- 
dee Intet eiaimel. 

Sgt. Beane listens attentively during one of 
h^ classes in the specialized ^^firearms 
Instructor" course at tlie FBI National 

Sgt. Beiine Is First 
To Complete Course 

Sgt. M. E. Beane, police 
Trdnteg Aide, lis become ttn 
first Vlrgtete Beadi police 'flf<r 
fieer to attend die ^eddlasd 
"firearms Instructw" course 
of trdntng d die FBI Nattonal 
Aeadraqr In Quanttco, Va. 

The two we^ course qiia- 
llfied Beaoi to Utetrud oUier 
law enforoemed officors te die 
use of various firearms aod to 
qualify odier poUoe officers as 
In^trudors tefirearms tirddi« 

A number d other officers 
te the polloe dqiartowd are 
qualUled to condnd firearms 
traldng. bd Beane te d» first 
to ever reodve ttds particular 
tnie of Instructors training. 
Capt D.W. Simmons, polloe 
Traldng aod Personnel Divi- 
sion <£j@;, eUborated on die 
Impattaaee d Beana's tralnli« 
d QuaatloQ 1>y aaylng did "due 
to bte qgallflfadwM teddsarea 
we'll be dde to qnallfy sevoral 
men In dds d^artmed (as 
firearms instructors) aod al- 


Police codteue thelrseardi 
for suspecte te die bur^aridog 
of die Jeioette W. Mdbone 
home on Indian River Road last 

dffidate quote the woman 
widi saying her home was 11- 
tegally entered by fordng a 


More dnn $1,000 worth of 
perModHGigtnfB and^hoise- 
hold Items, includijig televlflon 
seto, a ssorted Jewelry, 
watehea, a cdn collection and 
firearms, were reported taken 
during die breddn. 

^tevlate die prcisure d having 
to rely on outside agendes, 
audi as die FBI, for iosfriK- 

Slimnons added die depart- 
med wlU still rely on outside 
agendes for traldng fhndamen- 
tate, bd Beaoe's training wlU 
mean thif Virglda Beadi poUon, 
departmed wlU now become 
more self sdfidoit te die fleU 
of firearms tratetng. 

Beane's traldng d Quanttco 
ateo Induded a coiaae In gun- = 
smiddng. Simmons potntedod 
thte win raable Beane to make 
minor rqwlrs of poUcedepart- 
med firearms and trdn dher 
officers te dds work dnis re- ' 
movlog die nacesdty daendliv 
police weapons badctoatedoii9~ 

ducied bf 'toe FBI imder die 
provldons of fii^ Omnibus 
Crime Control and Safe Sfreete 
Ad of 1968, wdchenabtedlocd 
tew enforcemed officers to re- 
ceive dd» spedaUced traldng 
at no cod to the officer or hte 

Arthritia Sufferers: 


New formula for artiiritii 
mmor pain it so strong you 
can take it leas oftoi and atill 
wake up in the morning wift- 
out all the pam'i stiflnepa. 
Yd so gende you can tilce 
d^a tiMMmi an em^ dooK 
acb. It's called Arthritis Pabf 
Formula. Od houn of »• 
lief. Ask for ArthritU PtS^ 
Formula, by the maken of 

lis Isikta lead 

IN A HURr^y '»^««««*« 


Use our NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 St. 
enter from Pacific m Arctic Ave. 




For Complete Details Send Coupon and $1.00 to: 

Disco Recording Co. 

81 1 N. Broadway Carlinvilk HI. 



Pays For ^df 
M-rmiD niRNAci 

The ^fidency of thte ^nWy en- 
ihiewwd nmuce comMned with 
the econoiny end dtMNiwH of 
lory's modifn ftMi om aodi 19 
to a M^i^ you can ceiNit,^And 
wrhM yeii'ra mtig fer aWmaon 
cemfoft iMl •« the VQRK Air 
OendMeetec IMt to tha fiimiM. 
Ml iBdwIw ■ hm •aamm a 
ftMjI^diH hrtormation. 

Mutual Fdiferal is making 

FHA, VA and 



Thinking about a home? Think at}out 
Mutual Federal. Our busine^ is tending 
and we're open for business! Since 1889 
Mutual Federal has been tailoring home 
loan plans to suit the customer's n^ds. 
We have a plan that couki put you in the 
home you have in mind. 

Come in and discuss it with our home 
financing specialists. Their experience 
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491 Vs. Umk M«4. 


Novou mawmum mimmmm 



iittMtitiiittiii ( tiiirrn T iiiiiiti>tii i riMiittiii»iMiiiiii»»»»»i»i»»>»»>i»»»»»Wii»»i« ^ »"*»"»»»»»»»*MMM 

i JtB. Jej^- Jiy S^iSJL^l5l 



Thursckiy, November 5, 1970 

4 ' 


i > 
t ' 


^>fi>>««* ^ ftftft|*fP«»«i»o««jt « «^Pfl«ff«V<«««**«<«»">««« »■•■■■■■ tumtftHOtttttftMiHf «M •j l ^ MMyMU Mm * »B IU H i |mM M I i i 

Autograph party planned 
% Friday for local writer 

MUs Price reminisces with Mrs. Kyle. 

' G reatBiTOMmSlysL 
lands at Oceana 


rating and Scouts have the national convention to ex- 

ttke everything else plain the Brownie program and 

"it^ifB vha^-'^to expect of Bro«nitei 

lirsf "I went home and ^rote^tte 

handhodc." TMs was the first 

Brownie handbook. 

oveFleaQfi^idtfp of the 

succMsful BroiJgiM Sqout troop 
in m Uoited States 47 years 

Eloise Franeo of Lake Drlv^ 
wife of Norfolk Symphtwsr 
composer Johan FraiKo, has 
written a new book whidils 
geared to cUblren of ail ages* 

The book, "Uttte Stories," 
is a collecti(» of U short 
stories, individ^ly illustrated 
by Rein Bredius, repeats simple 
truths of life and helps diildren 
accept what they are instead of 
what titey want to be. For 
instance there is a story of a 
forlorn little button in the button 
box who never gets chosen, and 
who has no history of adorning 
party dresses or uniforms, but 
who finally becomes the cute 
butt(m nose on a child's doU. 
Or the smallest piece of taffy^ 
left alone and unchosen in the 
candy dish, who is finally 
selected for the most important 
■ task of all; pulling asmallboy's 
tooth and helping him be visited 
by the Tooth Fairy. 

Mrs. Franco will be at the 

Ragg^ Robin Book Shop, 327 

LasUn RMd on Friday, Nov. 6, 

from 2-5 p.m. to autograph 

, copies of ter "Utile Stories." 

The author has always Will S 
enjoyed working with children. — 7— -"- 
She is a former elementary 
school teacher for ttie Office of 
Indian Affairs in Alaska, and 
has worked as a volunteer 
teacher 's aide for Project Head 
Start, for Tidewater Rehaldlita- 
tl<»fSM«tttutei«lJttot T^dswt 

Aflftirtitinii ^y R^^iTTt 

refcD/'Iittle ^tqriesfVj JPP* 

wrlttoi wMle s&e was libra- 
rian's assistant in ttie Child- 
ren^r 'Department on the Vir- 
ginia Beach Public Library. She 
is presently receptionist at a 
local dance studio ^Kliere she 
is constantly surrounded by 

She has written wveral adult 
bodes and in collaboration wifii 
her hisband has written ttie 
words to numerous children's 
songs, a children's play, "The 
Prince and the Prordiecy," a 
series of projects, "Making 
Music," designed to encourage 
children to make up their own 
songs, and Easter Cantata and 
a Christmas Oratorio. 

As a writer and lecturer, 
former editor of "The Seardi- 
ILffiA," the magazine of the 
Association for Research and 
Enlightenment, Eloise Franco 
Is listed in "Who's Who in 
American Women." 

Mrs. B.W. Shelton and Mrs. James N. 
Fletcher, co-chairman/ with some of the 

handicrafts that will be for sale at the Hay- 
good United Methodist Church bazaar. 


Hay goad 

11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 



James W. Tanner, adminis- 
trator of Kecoi^^itan Veterans 
Hospital, will be guest spe^r 
for the Ocean Park Woman's 
Club at their luncheon meet- 
ing on Wedqesday, Nov. 11 at 
12:30 in tha.«liitmP)inlDSboi^^ 

Mist Price was a guest at 
the Area IV Association lun- 
cheon which saluted former 
iScouls. And she was wearing a 
uniform she bought in 1929 to 
wear to (he national conventim 
in New Orleans where she was 
to eqilaln the Brownie program. 
"Thank gooitaiess Girl Scout 
ttflc^'ffls are official until 
ttiey're worn oirt," said Miss 
Price. "I'm not worn out yet." 
She admits, however, that the 
hemline on her uniform has been 
raised and lowered several 
times over the years. 

Small wonder that Miss Price 
became known as the "Great* 
Brown Owl of Scouting." 

The salute to former Scouts 
took place last Thursday at 
Oceana Officers Club and in- 
cluded a luncheon. Mrs. R.L. 
Smouse, area chairman, was 
presented with amonogrammed 
I^tt during the program. -- 

Also (Ml her uniform was a 
4S-year Scoirting pin. "It's 
going to t>e 50 in January 1973." 

Miss Price "inherited" the 
first successful Brownie troop 
in 1923 in Newport, R.l. after 
the original leader was unable 
to continue. Several other 
\xwf6 hid been formed and' 

^ had avdded Scouting 
earlier because "girls of Girl 
Scout age terrified me." 1 had 
been holding off, but I took it 

At that time Brownies were 
in "pteks" rather than troops. 
"Brownies were like an orirtm 
child on a doorstep," said Miss 
Price. "They (the national Girl 
Scoirt orgadnttoo) admitted it 
existed but they wouldn't say 

Brownies were a part of Girl „..„. _ , 

Seoirtiog. We couldn't convince years of Scouting experience as 
nation^ ttiat Brownies were a leader. 

Miss Price was not by aiqr 
means the only "old timer" 
at the meeting. Another was 
Miss Buck Harris, first Dis- 
trict Director of Virginia Beach 
•Princess Anne, who«ime here 
in 1934. "In those days - you 
didn't knock on people's doors 
to see if they were home. You 
went to the post office or fire 
station and asked if anyone had 
seen ^em." 

Another was Mrs. Margaret 
Hedley, a former Sea Scout 
who is one of the few holders 
of the Gol(ten Eaglet, formerly 
the Girl Scout equivalent of the 
Eagle award of Boy Scouts. It 
is no longer given. She was 
also Princess Anne District 

Mrs. George Boush ms the 
first Girl Scout Captain in Tide- 
water in 1916 and brought i 
charter signed by Juliette Low, 
founder of the Girl Scouts, for 
the original troop in Ports- 

Mrs. Emmett Kyle has 36 

Sneak preview 
of Follies set 

Princess Anne Woman's Clift) 
members will get & sneak pre- 
view of thel970VirginUBeach- 
Princess Anne Junior Woman's 
Club FolUes at their meeting 
next week. 

---Nunibers from the new show, 
^ch will be presented at tte 
Civic Center on Nov. 20-21, 
will entertain club members at 
their meeting on Tuesday, 
Nov. 10 at Scott Memorial 
Methodist Church. 

' B^kets made by blind ve- 
terans will be on display, and 
all proceeds flrom this sale will 
go diredty to tte blind veterans. 

Circle requests 

The Cavalier Circle of the 
Virginia Beadi City Uniw of 
Kings Daughters wlU hayeUieir 
first luncheon meeting of the 
fall at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 9 
at the home of Mrs. Thomas 
Jefferson, 320 Cavalier Drive. 
Reservations are a must. 

The Women's Society of. 
Christian Service of Haygood 
United Mettiodist Church will ^ - 
Jme its Fall Basaar featuring 
*«Dolls and Toyland" on Satur- 
day, Nov. 7 from 10 to 
4 p.m. at the diurdi, 4713 
Haygood Road. 

Booths will include Attic 

Treasiures. Country Store, --- t ~-t — ^ 

.*t4S,'%ll^letork»»*y>*^«'|*>1» % ^^ I >«flMIWC 
Gardening and Baking. There 
will also be activities such as 
bean bag toss and pedicab rides 
for chiUren. 

Powell Davis and 

L. Warren, co- 

and their 20 

Boothe Chairmen^ 

working since ISt" 

Mrs. G. 
Mrs. B. 



has been 

spring for the (Xie-day project, 

which last year brou^il $8,000 

for fordgn missions and drarch 



Lunch will be mrved, voA free 
baby sitting will be available. 

Galilee Episcopal 

The Woman of Galilee 
Episcopal Church, 40th and 
Pacific, wiU hold their 26th 
annual fund-raising Christmas 
Bazaar on Wednesday, Nov. 11 
In Tucker Hall with the doors 
<^ning at 10:30 a.m. and closing 
-at 4:40 p.m. 

Luncheon will be served fkt>m 

A bazaar is schelduled fi^tn 
9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Saturday, 
Nov. 7, at the Masonic Lodgeat 
2959 North Lynnhaven Road. 

There will be a Christmas 
Shop, Fancy Handwork, Arts and 
Crafts, Baked Goods, Country 
Store and Snack Bar. 

_„ The l^nuhnmi Dtmoliy 
Mother's Cli* wlU also have a 

Scott Memorial 

A Holiday Baaaar Is tdannad 
for Nov. n, 4 to 9 pjoL, ant 
Nov. 21, 11a.m. to 9 p.111. al 
Scott Memorial MsOiodlst 
Church, 409 First Coksdil 

Road. :..^—^^: 

As unal file church win also 
••rve itaieit hott ilihts. On 
Friday it wlU 1^ barhacM and 
Saturday wiH Heatore a Candla- 
light Buffet. 

Shops faitnrad at the ha«ar 
viU include: Chrlstmai Sbop^ 
Gift Shop. Faafasy Laid, 
WiUiamatmrg Shop, Not - Miw 
Shop, Country Slora and smack 



There irare no guidelines. 
Miss Price said she studied 
file En^Uh SoMitt^ la-ogram 
which ineloded Brownies. "We 
were making v|> ttinp as we 
weitf tioi^ I talked too mu^ 
as I uraallydo, andlwasnamed 
to ttie NattoMl l^bt^mmittee 
00 Brownies of the Nattonal 
Fduei^Mi Committee <rfScoi^. 
The next HH^ I knew I was 


-Vattoml wairted to see 
Bromles grow but didn't want 
to knowledge them. Il^y ptrt 
a mMm in ttie S^ut maga- 
zine ftat if people were in- 
tenatod in w^zi^ Brownie 
tnxqpa ttiey iUcndd write me- 
nd thnr #^-l9 Om hudi^s. 
* had h) 1^ tte ^aps my- 
Mif to aoawtr item. I evw 
IMt Han ttracftoes aa how to 
Btta uttonii. Th^r oouMa't 

b Ml ihs iM MMal to 

Mrs. Helen Smith was leader 
of the first Brownie Troop in 
Vlr^nia Beach in 1945, and 
Mrs. Evelyn Clarke became fiie 
Vlr^nia Beach Scouting orpn- 
izer in 1949. 

Special tribute was paid to 
Mrs. V. Hope Kellam, who ms 
unadble to attend tte lundle<m, 
but fras the first trained Scot^ 
in this area. 9ie is also known 
for the history d Princess Anne 
County she wrote some years 
ago which traces i»t on^ the . 
County's Ustcor but also the 
oki houses here. 

Also Ok^ed at tte meet- 
ing wu tte Girl &»at M near 
OceaM nMch Araa IV is try- 
ing to preserve. It has been 
sugg^ted Ihtf it ba sed « 
a mitteuffi of Girl S<»t]M^ 
however, apinijval from Uw 
Hitewater Cmndl is ne^ed 
btfwe ttis can be dtwe. A 
eomarittoa clmeavB^ipotBtod 
to Hod ^omatB for tta h^ 


Terrie and Kim with their boxes of samples. 

Doi^gfy^means Christmas 'dough' 

While most gb-ls ttieir age 
are rolling out cookie dou|^ 
Kim and Terrie Lamtedc are 
rolling out Christmas tree ot- 

The girls, Terrie is 11 and 
Kim 10, are petat^y going 
door to door in thdr Lymnrood 
area witt box» of aamides of 
ttdr wares ^ toidng ortters 
Witt tte promiM of de^ery 
fh ttme fctf^Christmas. Sh fa 
n^ have (Men ftom itae 
pe<vle for nsw tian 50 of tht 
M^y teei^ted oroamei^ 


lor our 

Kim. "This year we wanted to 
make mcney for Christmas pre- 

the dough is made from flour, 
salt uid w^er, then rolled onH 
Uke cookie dough. Next the girls 
ue.Christmas codde cutters to 
form the ornaments. Ihen Qiey 
are altowed to dry for about 
two days. 

The girte paiitf them 4m 
poster paiat-aonw of ttiem to 
^at (totail-and deoiratettiem 
irttti se<pto, rick raek,^tter, 
ate. Stt^ iMdude Chrl^ntt 
tnM, ngels, a Ml Santa Clam 
aad a Siite Claw face, stan. 

Christmas balls and even a 
doid»y. Prices vary accordingi 
to (te^gn. 

They have al»> made som 
ornameirts oA from {dastte 
me^ tn^« th en covered witt 
cotored hurtep Md dtecorated, 
iMit OMte an too ttme 
consuming to n^tt fnr sale. 

Their w^her, Mrs. Thmas 
F. LaBde<^ Jr., s^ OiatlOar 
dozen omraeHi dca't W» a^ 
mff% BHterial ttan km itmot 

"I ttAi* ifa gr«t ttKy*n 
this ambitloaa and ia- 


By Carolyii MeAllafi 

Let's tar *n feather 

Santa Clous 

Things are in a pretty bad state of affairs when the only way 
people can get ttieir kicks 00 Halhweea ia to prt lills cr raior 
blades into u> innocent child's mde. 

My kids had pitten the wwd to advaaee. They srfd haf era 
they went trick or treating ttiat ttiey weren't loiBgtotoka 
a^iples from anytwdy ttis jtu. 

Pretty soon ttie flve-j^tt-oMs will hafc to carry swtt* 
blades witti ttiem to defend ttiem selves 00 HaUoweeo fwm 

What's reallH»J is ttial Hie kids are hegtoriafte accaf* tt 
as a way ofSU*. Their liaiente are the oaly oaea mat ara ami 

We Uve to what to supposed to be a "nice" aalgtertocd. 

Our kids got ttieir pumpkin earty. They "W**!*.**"!? 
ttie garage so tt»t it wooM last oattt Halkween. thilr ftiBw 
carefully cut a smiling toee Iflto it ttia M^hafore. Wa |a« a 
candle ind(te it. 

They could hantty wait to put it oat 00 the fWii por**. 

And ttie neiglftorhood 'liddlea^ato l^JUSlSjf^ 
to come by to nt ttialr «ifM^ •LSM?S2S 
somewhat large ot <« tor ttirt aif»8it,eaCTl«diiOttaiM(lla 
and brolce it to ttie gutter down ttt linet. 

The UttteooMwhohadeoiiiBhf aartarw^fte 

nid "ttwic yout' for ttnlr tti<fc t^ t^iw «**«W»«« 
H fctf hi^^wmy wtthort^^awcrd <# lhBfci . 

I^ha ^mta Omb ^U hriag «rtMM uA 


Vlrginld l^adi Sun 

Thursflay, NovomlMr- 5, 1970 

GFapes dress chops 4^?„^;fef 

V#al Chopt with Grape Lemon Sauce. 

Tbe Fnodi bas ft word for 
it, Vein Cotelettts aia RaistaK 
— V«ftl Cbofit nith Grapes. 
French oooUog alvqvttressMB 
ttw proper blenttngaod dell- 
ctqr oTllavbrsln every ^A. 
Venl diops, tender aadUroini, 
in t Since golden d^flnrored 
irtth irtne, lemon, pnrsltjr nd 
dtfves, made more deltdwis 
and colorfol vlth ftie addition 
of red grapes. 

Cook tbe grapes very little 
to preserve tbdr lovely red 
color and crisp texture. Bilve 
tiie grapes and with the flick 
of a kidfe remove the seeds. 
Drop the grapes into ttie sanoe 
and beat only udil sance bol)- 
bles. Serve this dish with 
dttdiesse potatoes, petit pois 
and dtanyipons and a nlad 
of Midive and olives. Add a 
ftessert of leoumfllierbet topped 
with a gaufrette wafer or per- 
h^js fw the grape lovers, serve 
small twndies of grapes, and 
wedgM of camembert of brie. 


6 veal chops, about 3/4 indi 

Salt, pepper,'gar]ie powder 
1/4 ciq) batter or margarine 
1/4 cup flour 

1 cup white wine 

3/4 cup dddcen broth 

2 ttdsp. lemra juice 

1 tt>lsp. dKvped parsley 

1 tbtap. firosen dtopped chives 

Sprinkle veal duft wlttia^ 
pepper and garlic pnwdw. Ami 
butter in t aUlM and bmm 
dii^ 00 both sides. Cook over 
low heat|, turdflg oeeasioiially 
until dK^ are tenltt. It.mqr 
be necessary to add a fiw 
^loons of water fh>m time to 
time to keep diops fkt>m stidc* 
ing. Remove diopfc to a plattm: 
and keep warm. Add flour to 
pan drippings and stir mrtll 
smooth. Gradually stir in white 
wine, cfaldcen broth, lemon 
Juice, parsley and diives. Cddc 
over Ibw heat, sttrrli^: obn- 
stantly until sanoe bubbles and 
ttadwns. Season to taste wl^ 
salt and pq)per. Stir la grapes 
and reheat until sauce bubblefll. 
Spoon sauce over diops. Serves 

Program to be 
on Chr4stmas 

Mrs. Malcolm H. Todd Jr. 
of Vlrgialt. Beadi wiU presed 
^ program on "Christmas All 
Thriragh tte Rouse," fh>m 9:30 
a.m. to noon on Nov. 12 d the 
Norfolk Federation of Garden 
ChAs Garden Craer at 745 E. 
t9th Street 

A "ding" douation will be 
made at the door. Ladies may 
contribute anyfldng that wiU 
ding in the metal pot at the 
door, althouf^ bills won't be 

The lltti Annual. Tidewater 
Nunc Anrathdist ^mpodum 
wiJI be held tUs Friday and 
Sitiiiday at the Admiralty Mo- 
to' Hotel on MlHtiry^i^way 

Hie Symposium will open mm 
a Board Meettpg from 6-7 p.nw 
followed by a General Meting 
from 8-10 p.m. Saturday there 
will be a number d worksh^, 
indHfing one led by Dr. G«w 
Lam, anesthesiologist at the 
OenAal Hosdtal <tf Virgldft 
Beach. The Symposium will 
ooMdude wltti a butfet <ttnner 
It 7 p.m. 

peas and mobhrooms 

Cook I ptdcags (I0OB,)fh»«i 
peas acooKttng to label db«e- 
ttoBs; drainandsetaside. fiaole 
1-1/2 cam sUoed fresh 
mushroMis and 1^ cup sUced 
green oiion in 1/4 cup bdter 
until tenter. Stir in 2 teaspoons 
flour, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 
teaspooo paprika, 1/4 teaspobn 
salt and 1/2 teaqxMo Worces- 
tershire sauce. Blend in 2/3 
oq) nndihited velvetised ev^io- 
rated milk. Cook over medium 
bed until thldc, stirring^ con- 
stantly. Add pea?. Heat to serve. 
Serves 4 to 6. 

Mr. ft Mrs^ WlUtam Charte 

Mr. & Mn. ISfhard Wen- 
den DeLar^itty^ptef. 

Mr. ft Mtt. U»y Thomas 
JadmoBy dan^tw, 

Mr. ft Wa. Danny Hu^ 

Mr. ft im. Charles Ksn- 
Itetti Moses, daughter. 

Mr. ft IfrSk Robert Lee 
Steronsco, dsttghttr. 

Ur. ft Mis. Darwin Wi^me 

Mr. ft Mrs. Alexander 
Muffoe Murrell, son. 

Mr. ft Ifrs. PUUlp Anthony 

Mr.) ft Mrs. Uwrence Herxog 
Field, 800. 

Mr. ft Mrs. RdMrt Emmd 
Fitzgerald, son. 

Mr. ft Mrs. William Edward 
Brown, son. 


CondStne 3/4 09 salad dl; 
1-1/2 teaspoooB itiOAy grated 
lemon peel; 1/4 eq) freshly 
squeeied lemon Jdee; 1 tea- 
spoon (tftgano, cruidfled; Itea- 
spoon garUc salt and 1^ tea- 
spoon groond blade p^ppsr. 
Prar over 1 pound sliced muadi- 
rooms. Cover and refrigerate 
for several hours. Serve as 
an horS d'oeuvre or relish. 



It's our shiny nevviFirst and Merchants 
bank building in Princess Anne Plaza, 

{'ust a few yards down from our old 
milding. In fact, it'js s0 shiny and new, 
we've feltiprt of ^iiilty about using the 
ash trays, (ht walking on the rugs. 
And it shouldn't be that way. 

So we decided to have a Bre^k-In 

Party. A good old, whoop'-it-up celebration 
with all the trimmings. And you're invited. 
It's the best way we know to make our 
new |)ank seen^ i^litjtle Jess new. And feel a 
little more like homie. *fhe way it ought 
to be. 

There'll be pretty hostesses serving ► 
tasty refreshments and giving out lots of 

free gifts. Be sure to register for the free color 
TV to be given away the following week. 

Drop in on our Break-In Party 
November IP ^om 3:30 to 6 PM. And.pjf^ase , 
feeTf t'ee to use the ash trays and walk 
all over the rugs. How else are you going 
to break in a bank? 





As lAiipiiilmroidMdhar 
weddiim: tey Ae was aware 
flut her eleven- year -dd 
bn^fter, Harvey, was gdtlng 
mdre and mm i^ss^butdMift 
put too mndi emphasis m Ms 
djvtous di^rmlndlai to stop 
^flroffl getting married to BUI. 

Tteee Stalls prid'lothe wedd- 
ing Mil cmEDe by and miM^ to 
Margiref s moprise, out cune 
Harvqr witt t rifle pdisd «t 
Bill teUng them innoomrtain 
terms thd there wasn't gofaig 

After mudi persnsion, 
Harvey finally gave them tbe 
rifle ev^n though he was am 
an udimpy yomg man over 
the prosped of Ms older stslsr 
gdtlng married md UvlagsinMr 

Thank goodness he wasacMU 
who oodd be rsasotted with, 
bd I'm sure Bm and Marprd 
were even nuve gratdd fint 
the (Ndy weapon in ft» house 
belonged to Harvey; thd wmpoo 
bdng an AK rifle dd nd a 


A young lady recently casM 
to me asking for the most 9- 
prqtriate attire InorderforMp 
and herhud)andto"getniarfltd 
again". CoddnH help bd Mk 

It seems thd plans for a 
wedding became so involve and 
caused sudi tridion as to when 
they would be married - Vlr- 
bids Beach, Florida (hone of 
the bride), or Calif orala (bone 
of the groom) - the young 
couple dedded it would be best 
if they were married inandher 
state and solve (he debd* 

Th^ drove to Kortti Carolina, 
gd their Hoense and were 
married in ajo^ dwrdi by a 
midider. However, the youig 
lady only took two dressdl vith 
bn. One wttte (to be married 
In) and the oter a black basic 

niey todc time toflndamoter 
room whn« tte bride could gd 
drMsed Jud bdore gdng to 
the dmrdk When die pd on 
hir pctt^ white dress (she 
had worn it once bdoce), the 
dauwrs had stretched It so 
badly she couldn't wear It, the 
4^s wera dosed and die was 
liadito to do aaytUng InA wear 
her t^K* dress. a» nys she 
vas sodwomfortabletdlngher 
vows in a black dress she Jud 
tawv she would spend the red 
dher rnvried nfe "in moum- 
Ihg". CoBsaquedly, they called 
their panmts, had flwm come to 
Vlrgtala Beadi v^re they re- 
married "proper -like" In 
ehurdi, wifli parents presed 
and wlththe bride in her lovely 
white dress. 

MAID OF HONOR .... should be 
somsooe d«se to the bride ... . 
a aider, very close friend, 
favorite cousin or slsttr- 
In-law. It is nd manddory to 
ad( the fluce's dder to be 
the honor dtmdant udess she 
Is a dose friedU Aa mdd d 
honor die can assld in ad- 
dresslag InvitatlMis or tdoe 
diarge d recording and 
displayliv wedding gifts, attend 
all pre-weddlng purtles given 
in the bride's honor and may 
give her one herself. She dgns 
the marriage oertifleda, d- 
tends the bride during the oere- 
moiiy and wlU assld in helping 
her (Aange into her gdng-away 


Club News 




Mrs. Emarson Planck will 
narrate religious - theme 
Christmas arrangameds d the 
Nov; 6 meeting d (he liflkhorii 
Park Garden Cldi. Arrange- 
ments will be broi^Jit by dub 

The lundie(m meeting win \» 
d the Princess Anne Cotmtry 
Cld) wltti Mrs. J. James Dads, 
prodded, preddtng. 

Lakt Smkh Terraet , 

tlie LakeSmittiTerraceGar- 
den Cld> met Oct. 27 d At- 
lantic Permanent Savings b 
Loan Assn., Inc. with Mrs. 
Andrew J. Given, pred<ted, 
presiding. Gerald Straley, 
V.PJ. EdendoQ Aged, gave 
a very idormative program on 
planting spring bdbs and mak- 
ing a compod pile. Club mem- 
bers have worked one day per 
week on the beds d the Paul 
Revere edrance to Uke Smith 
Terrace and it is mudi im- 
proved in appearence. 

Larkspur Meadows Garden 
Cld) furnished the Judges for 
ttie evedng. Blue ribbons in 
artistic arrangements were 
awanled to Mrs. Alhm N. Grp- 


Ah international image 

A goo(i neighbor 

A good friend 


Welcome Wagon 

Hostess with 

Tht MMt Finmn Basktt in 


^^. »27-Ste6 

gory and Mrs. Andrew J. Given. 
Blue ribbons in horticulture 
were awarded to Mrs. Donald 
M. Frink and Mrs. James N. 
Fletcher. Hostesses for the 
evedng were Mrs. A. C. 
Upford, Mrs. Fred H. Cdvert 
and Mrs. R. A. Given. 


table arrangements Ua 
Thanks^ring and other Fall 
Festive Oecadons were demcm- 
strded by Mrs. M. J. Swarts 
d the Oetdier meeting of the " 
Keniavllle Garden cld). Mrs. 
Swarts successfully blended sea 
ods wltti dffysanthemums to 
render a lovely corducq^a. 

The meeting was held d ttie 
home d Mrs. W. E. Shlflett 

00 South Witdduck Road. 
"Witches Hats and Blade Cats" 
arnmgemeds were Judged by 
the pdd d View Garden Cld>, 
who awarded ribbons to Mrs. 
Calvin Ultey, Mrs. H. R. 
McCord, Mrs. N. T. Heath, 
Mrs. P. W. Fogle, and Mrs. 
W. A. StallingB. 

LymUuwen A Mean vioUt 

Mrs. Nelson Charlton led a 
program 00 ^ging and scoring 
African violds d the reoot 
medlng at ^ lymdiai^en Afri- 
can Vlold Sodety. Hie hmdieon 
meeting was held d the homed 
Mrs. E. A. Dawson. 

Blae ribbon wuners were: 
Mrs. Carl SaUmd, 2 fbr plants, 

1 fot arrai«em«it; Mrs. Clmrl- 
tcffi, 2 for i^uits, 1 for arraage- 
med; Mrs. Harry BtUnps, Ifbr 


To a bowl d crisp western 
icd)erg lettuce cbiada add 
dierry tcantoM and fr^i 
mushroom sttces. Toss v^tti aa 
herb -seasoned vlndgr^b 
drwsiy. y 


ivnii lum miTATioii 

Svlfsr Many TrovMM 

Aflw 21. tmmm KUmg at 

SSdii riwii f Tjf iiiii 1 

din. aei h«r baiJi«u«» mi 

Thurfdsy, ltov©mber 5, 1970 

. •. "^ ' 

Virginia BMch Sun 

Pci90 9 

Cox breaks na-w I 

Larry Stepney, NMrvlew's 
All-.^ewtter taUbwic, laro- 
iMtbly^lbbt like dw Iremirlcs 
coming from tte sideUnes at 
Bayvlev Stadtum Uf morettian 
he did being bridnd 3-0. 

As file Pilots lined up for 
ttielr seeood play of tlie last 
tiaif, several Bqndde^qH 
porters pelted Stepneyj "Hey, 
i^yiL yM <fcn't lo(dc like tt^ 
•iUl-TMevitir football player 
tsiA0A-'f(^'^ already three 
prills bslitod." 

&x^f "Rdewater's leading 
grooid gtfwr, looked knowingly 
at tte bMders,^n nc«i along 
flM lAditees to U)e front ti 
tte KltUa bendi vhere he 
snared one of the most re- 
mariciUa citdies of tlte Mason. 
EigMy'^vo ynrds later be ivas 
stiotti^ in tbe end nme irttb 
Horvlew't flr^ of three toudP 
dotns of ttw nigbt. 

And, by tiie time the final 
gun sooBded, Korvlew bad std)- 
daed tbe bi^eAil, but hi^less, 
Marlins 2ii-10. 

In other grid action Involving 

Beaa fiiains.,ainaiing Kemps- 

ville BOMbed powerftd Indian 

t^ver 20-8^ Code edged Booker 

T. WaaUfll^ 6-0 for its first 

irin of Uie year, Kellam fell 

to Gradjy 16-0 and First 

IColoBlll^ visions of an upset 

^trrw W*rstf(^ I'aury were 

smtfhed, 36-14. 

Bayshte's seaaon record 
<ttppM to 4-3-1 via their losing 
eff(»rt. Stepney accountedlor all 
of NiMTviev's sooring with runs 
of 10 and 13 yards in addition 
to die fi^-yud pass play. 

The iHrlins drew first blood 
oo a 27-]Wd field goal by Bill 
Petree, fiw only effective place 
kicker in lldewiAer high school 
ranks. The Marlins fou^ back 
after ^ Iforview pass play to 
lead l>riefly after a two-yard 
plimge by (putrtetback Tom 

Across town at Cox High 
School, the Falcons' Al 
Williams tossed a 17-yard pass 
to Calviii Petty to break a 0-0 
deadlock ttat had lasted three 
(loarters. Thm ttie Falcons— 
Uianks to a timely pass inter- 
ception, by Buddy Byrd— held 
00 to Udce their first win of 
ttie season. 

fiooker T. outgained the 
Falecms . M ' 70 yards, biiit 
defensive |^ by Cox made die 
ultimate dUf^rence. 

Cot wasn't die only Vir- 

Granby's Comets exploded 
for 16 polnlB in tbe second 
Quu^r, Om i^taywd an vxi- 
oellest defeoshie famalD feeep 
Kellam sooretan. .mm Oliver 
recovered a Keltom ftimble on 
the one-yani line to set q) 
d>e first teore. Tl» Knlgtts 
feU victtn to^ a IS-yard pass 
for dM final tally. 

Sequence of loodisU shots-1) 

Kempsi«^ M whUf Jeriftys. 
Zj^0Ui- Norviifir --Bayalde 
Is solid-color li^ms (dark) 
3)First C<rfoa^ - Maory - 
Maury solfil whlti. 4)Cox-BT 
WasUagtee - Btw in soUd 
white. Flntf 2 or 3 frames bluk. 

State Supt. 
To Speak a t 


Baj^ide at Princess Anne; 
Cox at GraOby; First Coloiitf 

■ at Lake Tajdw; Gretf Bridge 
at Kellam; and Kempsville at 


Princess Anne over Bayside; 
Granby over Cox; Lake Taylor 
-over— First Colonial; Great 
Bridge over Kellam; and Nor- 
view over Kempsville. 

Maury End Steve Dunn signals for tlie pass as Patriot guard Carter 
Sinclair prepares to get his man« 


Dr. Woodrow W. Wilkerson, 
State Superintendent of Ptiblic 
Infraction, will be tbe weaker 
at die dedteatlon of Virginia 
Beach's new Bq«ide Juniar 
High School. The dedlcattoo 
ceremoi^ wUl be at 3 piint^xr 
Sunday, Nov. 8. 

Baydde Junior 81^ S^l, 
whi(ft is located on Newtown 
Road i n the Iteyside area, was 
completed in die ^ring of 1970 
and received its first student 
body in September. The school 
is located on a 25 acre site 
and was built lA a cost of 
$2,596,800. The arehiteets for 
the buikUng was MoClurg and 
Wall and the contractor was 
Robert R. Marquis, Inc. 

The pid)lic is invited to at- 
'tend this dedication ceremoi^. 

Amy Harrier 
Is Elected 

Amy Harrier, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Harrier 
of Bluebird Drive was elected 
secretary of the freshman class 
at Mary Washington College. 

She graduated from First Co- 
lonial Hii^ School where she 
was a secretary of die S.C.A. 

>Legal Notices 



T\m repar me^ng of die 
Coundl >af die City of Virginia 
Beub will be held in tbs Coun- 
cil ChandMrs of the Admbd- 
stratloo Building, City Hall. 

^Legal Notices 

Princess torn iMadw, Vlr0ida 
Beaeh, VirglaU, on Moolay, 
November^ p; lf70, ai 2t00 P.M. 

City Opposes Rate Raise 

victory. When die fourth goarter/^ 
"' ended at Princess Atte, dfe 
Cavaliers had a 12-6 margin, 
but die Titans firom Lake Taylor 
were resting on the PA 2-indi 

Jerry McGradi, sec(»d only 
to Stepney in yantoge, carried 
die ball 39 ttmes for 189 yards 
in the wlDDing effort. The first 
Cavalier tally came on a one- 
yard plimge by McGradi. The 
second toudidown covered 18 
pbq« witti McGradi carrying 
die first 17* Kennetti Ahltt went 
die final yard to pay dirt after 
McGradi left wldi an injury. 

L^e Taylor had ded die game 
at 6-6 on a i2-yard pass from 
Robert Mansfield to Donnle 

Kempsrille evened its season 
at 4-4 by ootmanning Indiui 
River, a team with a 5-2 
reading. Mike aiea came in for 
injured quarterback BillPas- 
chall and added the momentum 
for victory, taittii« oo.nine of 
13 passes forl70yar(te. 

Tbe first CUsf score came 
on a S2-yard pass from Shea 
to Don Haudc. Tettnonte Julias 
Hurdle, wbo toWed more ttsm 
a 100 yeards for die night, ran 
dirom^ Hbe Braves for a 57- 
yard toudidown. Hich Deglow, a 
defensive halfbadc, idcked off 
an Indian River pass and ran 
it in for die flial Chief soure. 


The County Uttitttes Corpor- 
ation, a privately owned sewer- 
age treatment facility, will find 
itself widi opposidon when it 
aniears before the State Cor- 
poratton Commission Novem- 
ber 10 with a proposed rate 

Joining an attorney retained 
by private ddaens will be City 
Attorney J. Dale Bimson, who 
will represent the dty at the 
hearings. In addition, a State 
Water Control Board repre- 
sentetive will appear at the 
sec hearings. 

The corporation, which pro- 
vides sewage treatment for 
Birchwood Gardens, Kings For- 
est, Malibu and Thalia Manor, 
was charged Monday with oper- 
ating a plant which doesn't pro- 
vide competant service for area 
residents by P. H. Tunstall, 

Civlei«agsek^ - r - ^ 

iPBtall said |he residems 
have been reeeivllig "unsatts- 
fiictory service" and charged 
diat County UttUdes has been 
operating its plant above the 
prescribed level for safe oper- 

He said die plant was ori- 
ginally designed to handle sew- 
age for 3,000 persons, and that 
it later received permission to 
increase its service area to 
fncltide 8,000 persons. 

"We're going to do a house- 
to-house survey of die areas, 
and we've got a sneaking sus- 
pldon diat we'U find they serve 
more dum 8,000 people," he 

Tmistall said die group would 
not be against the rate increase 
if the corporation would pro- 
vide services comparable to 
diose oflfered by die Hampton 
Roads ^udtaticm District 

Many of tte privately neia 
sanitation corporations have 
sold ^Ir sewage lines to the 
dty or to die HRSD, dnis pro- 
vidbg dM families in die ser- 
vice area vdth larger s]»tem 

Birt City Manager Roger M. 
Scott said diat County UtiU- 
ttes and Kempsville Utilities, 
both of whom are requesting 
rate increases, have "stead- 
fastly refused" to liidc up widi 

die HRSD system. 

Scott said that County 
had offered the dty ite fadl- 
ttes, including its treatment 
plants and sewage lines, but 
that the dty was not in a 
finandal position to buy them. 

"If we bou^t the system, 
we would abandcm their treat- 
ment plants," he said, "and 
use ' the lines. They're the 
most valuable assete." 

County Utilities presenUy 
charges customers $10.50 per 
quarter, and is requesting that 
die figore be increased to $15 
per quarter. The HRSDdiarges 
customers $4.50 for sewage 
treatment, and the dty charges 
the consumer $6 per quarter 
for use of die lines. 

County executive Stanley 
Waranch, vdio along with 
Warren Baidiaum is a prind- 
pal in the corporation, said die 
pro|)(»ed Increase was amatter 
ofironomies. ^"'- 

' 'We've been losing numey," 
he iaid, "and been faced widi 
inflation since 1956 when we 
began tbe fadlity, but we've 
kept the rates die same." War- 
anch said the problem would 
not be as severe if the SCC 
had a|)proved a rate increase 
to $12 in 1965, but they re- 

Waranch said the monster 
in the playlet was not his firm 
but the dty. 

He said diat in 1955 die dty 
encouraged private developers 
to provide sewage services, 
so the dty could expand, and 
terminate the use of septic 

"We asked Hampton Roads 
to provide a service when we 
started, but were told it wasn't 
econpmically possible," he 
said. At die urging of the county 
idanning department, Warandi 
said services were provided 
for Thalia Manor and Malibu. 

"They lauded and applauded 
our efforts, but now the com- 
pany is operating at a defldt 
and can't get any help" he 

The proposed increase, if 
approved, would represent a 
three per cent increase eadi 
year over a 14 year period, 
since die rates have been die 
same since the corporation's 
inception, he said. 

Waranch said the all the com- 
pany was asking was ,to be 
allowed to operate at a reason- 
able profit, and added diat 
County was willing to talk with 
the dty or die HRSD about die 
acquisition of die fadlity. 

But County is not Interested 
in booking its fadlity to die 
sanitation (ttstrid's lines wldi- 
out ite conqdete sale. Waranch 
said the company believes diat 
hookup would constitute a "tak- 
ing of property wlttoutoompen- 
sation," and diat the customers 
would be charged a greater fee 
by tbe HRSD dian if diey re- 
mained with his firm. 

He said his survey of 111^ 
homes in Princess Aime Plaza, 
Kings Grant, and Windsor 
Woods areas showed that the 
reiddents were being charged 
an average of $7.44 by the 
HRSD for treatment and $9 
by the oity for the ilse of die 
'SeiMS>ttnssi--'>-'^'' ^'>'-' ■>«"»■* -* •> 

Waranch said his rates would 
be lower than thos^ charged 
by the HRSD if diey are t^i- 
proved, but that he would not 
hook up to the HRSD treatment 
system because of die loss of 
money in die deal. 

Waranch estimated that die 
two treatmentplants are woctb 
about $500,000. 

"We don't ddnk diat die dty 
should turn aroimd and dedde 
that after 14 years they want 
to extend dieir lines. You 
wouldn't have Pembroke Mall 
or Princess Anne Plata if 
it hadn't been for the private 
sewage groups," waranch saTd. 

"The dty's development is 
related to the fad that the 
devel(vers ixk a risk when die 
time came," he said. "Now 
they say, "We've got everybody 
else, why not get you.' " 

He s^d that the number of 
people served is not an issue. 
"That's a non-sdentific cri- 
terion. What counte is the num- 
ber of gallons per day oi^ sew- 
age treatment pUnte hai^e, and 
we're well within die limite. 

"It doesn't smeU like a per- 
fume factory, but dien we're 
iK)t making perfume ootdKre," 
Waranch said, adding that the 
firm uses about $800 a month 
for masking agente. 

The two holding ponds used 
by the firms, which have been 
a point of contention for the 

residente, are not necessary, 
he said. "The effluente in the 
ponds have been treated and 
are dorinated. 

"What we put in the Lynn- 
haven is a hell've a lot more 
pure than die water diey're talk- 
ing about using for drinking 
water from die Nordiwest River 
in Chesapeake," he said. 

Waranch said diat if anything 
is at fault for pollution of tbe 
Lynnhaven and ite fingerlete. 
It's die sei^c tanks in the area. 
"We're not poUuttng." 

An area supervisor for the 
Stete Water Control Board said 
that pollution from the fa dlity 
l8^a*^€W and no" Issue.^^— :^- - 

The plant as a secondary 
treatment plant is doing a good 
job, said Gerald T. Yagel. He 
said a secondary treatment 
plant's job is to remove se- 
condary solids and maintain die 
Mof^mical oxygen, demand 


tagel said the stete requires 
that the etfidency be at least 
85 per cent or greater. "The 
plant is within diat range," he 

But what concerns die water 
control agency is the heavy alge 
growth. And to control that, 
the company needs a tertiary 
treatment pUnt. 

Yagel said what caused the 
alge growth are the hig^ degree 
of nutriante diat present diem- 
selves in human solid waste 
in the forms of nitrates and 
phosphates and the BOD. 

Yagel said tbe alge grows 
on these nutriante, and that 
they must be controUed or die 
alge wiU become so overgrowh 
it will present a pollMtioB pro- 

"But the poUirtion can't be 
attributed to County Utilities 
alone," he said. 

Yagel said die board, wMch 
has requested the firm apply 
tertiary treatment, isn't con- 
cerned about die money. "What 
we're concerned about is water 

He said the agency could 
not involve itself widi notee, 
odor, or other nuisance c(m- 
dltions diat mii^t exist. " That's 
not under die pervue of die 
board birt up to die dty healdi 
department," be said. 

KelMMM 'CatcH 

If " t* 



Despite the efforts of Cavalier Tackle Kirk Wells, the Princess 
^ne runner Is pulled down by Lake Taylor guard Jeff Vanderberry. 

Federal Flood 

Now Available 

Virginia Beach 

For Further Details 
or Information 

Call Us Today 

sill Monc AVE. fmm 4».fi«i 

I fmxx& wm\ n. pnone 427.2900 

nNMa lEAC^ ViNlMn 

Army Playoff 

The public Is Invited to at- 
tend the first game of a four 
game playoff for the foodiall 
championship of the Army 
Transportation Center this 
Saturday, Nov. 7, at 2 
at the Fort Story football field. 

Fort Story will face the Fort 
Eustis First School Battaliw 
in the initial chamidonship con- 
test. Or, 

Mrs. Addle HolUe, 1553 
Eagleton Lane. 

Mrs. Addle Holmes, 83, Route 
4, Blackwater 

Mrs. Gwendolyn (Sally) 
Mawyer, 45, 524 Gotham Road. 

Mrs. Cora Whitehurst 
E verton Campbell, 73, 
1000 Ferry Plantation Rnac*. 

Herbert Floyd Fentress, 56, 
Route 1, Pwgf}. 

Capt. George Edward Fee 
(USN Ret.), 67, 1301 Wythe Lane. 

Elvert Olds, 49, 422 Gregory 

Fletdier Owens, 1094 Sea- 
board Road. 

Lloyd C. RiggB Sr., 70, 
Route 3, Back Bay. 

Mrs, Molly Worthington 
Hume, 76, 7220 Atlantic Ave., 

Walter Simmons, .75, 5369 
Bayside Road. 

Mrs. iGllzabediR. Esseguie 
Stephenson, 66. 

William J. Buck, 33, 1013 
Ittchaelwood Ave^ — 

Mrs. Laura B. Griggs, 87, 
1917 Laskin Road. 

Mrs. Audrey Johnston 
Bennet, 65, 1208 MindenRoal 
iz Mrs. Beidab Idella Sechrlst 

Winton Dudley, 1432 Locust 

Cavalier MgK 

Charles Stephen Krummell. 
general numager of die 
Cavalier Hotel, died Friday 
after a long illness. He was 
die husband of Mrs. Pauline 
Price Krummell and' bad lived 
in Virginia Beach 25 years. 

Mrs. Grace 

Mrs. Grace George Harrell, 
62, supervisor of Virginia 
Beach elemeiritary schools, died 
Saturday. Sie was the wife of 
Joseph H. Harrell and die 
daue^r of Mrs. Jane Davis 
C«eorge and the late William 
Waller George. 

Mrs. Harrell had been asso- 
ciated widi tbe Virginia Beach 
school system since 1940. She 
was a member of the Virginia 
Education Association and 
many other professional educa- 
tional associations, as well as 
a lifetime member of the ^rent 
Teadier Association. 

at wUch time die folloiwia| 
applicattoiis for <^ui|as of 
ccuiing, OS* pn^mlts, etc irttt 
be beards 

1. Andieattoo of die Ci^ 
of Virginia Baach for a Use 
Permit to ooortruct mi^dpal 
offices 00 otrtsio property 

Indepenfence Bonlerard, begin- 
ning at a point 1500 feeTHortti 
of North Witcbdoek Road, 
'running a distance ol 400 fact 
along die East side of Iflda- 
pendence Boulevard, nmolng a 
distance (rf 435 feet along lite 
Soudiem property line, nnidng 
a distance d 400 feet aloof Ite 
Eastern property line and run- 
ning a distance d 435 feet along 
die Nordiern property llM. Said 
property is known as Lots 1 
and 2 of property formerly 
Hudgins Property. (Pembroke 

2. AppUcattoo of Loretta B. 
WilUson and Carol Ann Pope 
for a Use Permit to operate 
a nursery school a«l kinder- 
garten on certain property lo- 
cated en the Southwest comer 
of Shell Road and Bradford 
Road, running a distance d 
190 feet more or less along die 
Soudi side of Shell Road, run- 
ning a distance of 115 feet 
more or less almig die West 
side of Bradford Road, rtaminf 
a distance d 178.17 feet along 
die Southern prq^rty line, and 
running a distance of lu6.85 
feet along die Western property 
line. Said property is known 
as Lot 1, Plat of Bradford 
Park. (Lateview Park Area). 

3. Appliotton of Kemlodie 
Corporatim for a change of 
zoning from Limited Com- 
mercial District 3 (C-L 3) to 
Multifde Family Residence Dis- 
trict and a Use Permit to ooo- 
struct 20 apartment unite on 
certain property located oo die 
North side of Virginia Beaeb 
Boulevard beginning at a point 
700 feet more or less West 


Parcel 1: Use Permit to con- 
struct 20 i^Mrtment unite: On 
certain property located on the 
North side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard beginning at a poig 
700 feet more or less West 
,of Witchdock Roid» and running 
a distance d 101 feet along 
die North sideofVlrginlaBeacfa 
Boulevard, running a distance 
of 512 fieet along die Western 
ptofititty line, running a dte- 
tence of 105.9^ feet aloh| tBi' 
Norttern property line and 
running a dtetance of 564.8 
feet along die Eastern laroperty 

Parcel 2: Change of soiinf 
from Limited Commercial Us- 
trict 3 (C-L 3) 1o Multtpto 
Family Residence District 
(R-M): Begimilng at a point 
700 feet West of Witchduck 
Road and fronting 101 feet alcng 
die North sideofVirglnlaBeaeh 
Boulevard, running a distance 
of 225 feet nifire or less along 
die Western property line,nm- 
ning a distance d 100 feet 
more or less along die Northern 
property Sline and rumdng a 
distence of 225 feet mwe or 
less alrag die Eastern property 
line. (Chinese Comer Area). 

4. AppUcattoo of Mrs. Mary 
Merner for a Use Permit to 
operate a mirsery (ddld care) 
on certain property located oo 
die Soudi side of Olive Grove 
Circle begimdng at a point 450 
feet East of Olive Grove Lane, 
running a distance of 55 feet 
along die Soidb side of Ottve 
Grove Circle. runnlnR a dis- 

taoce of lOf fast auig tef 
NtMttMH pC4fiei'ty Hne^rvntaig 
a disliitee of 24 fa^iaB^ftl 
H^stefa pa^opsffr'^^Mi'^ tififiig 
a OsliBea of ill feet mm 
tbt So«tem sm^t^ ttw* 
ranlog a ibiHm» of M i^ 
aloi^ teWariMBpr^ertySof. 
Srid iropn^ te dasipiMI as 
Lot 29, Seeiioii 9, Part l,vm 
d knffm. VUtaie. (.toiibMi 
Vlllaga Area). Bkmm BO- 

f, AppliadkB d M. Bi^bey 
Walter and Cteffles L. Kan^ 
man for a dMOge ol woiis$ 
from Rural Residence District 
1 (R-R 1) to Molttpie Fttdfy 
ResJdenee Ortrict (R-ll) on 
oertaln property located oo die 
Soudi side of SbeU Road te^. 
gliuiing at a point 67S Icit 
more or less w«rt of Mdliris 
Rood, naalBf adMnea d 913 
ted more m Vtm along tte 
Norttern proptfty Una of wbidi 
787 feat wan or less ts tbft 
Soudi side of SbeU ttowl wd 
186 feet more or less Ui ite 
Soudi side of Norttamptflo Bou- 
levard, running to a deplii of 
1200 net more w lea aod a 
viddi of 1300 fast more or lass, 
bounded bf Ite Shores of Lsfee 
Smltti. Said property is stef«B 

00 die Sorviy of Vrofotf d 
M. Bagley Walter and Janat 
Tucter Wattar, eootalolflg 
9.221 aerM, and Survey of Pre* 
perty of Charles L. Kanftoan, 
cuitalidng 7.240 acres, iNra- 
pared by Frank D. Tarratt aid 
Assodatas. (Uke^ew Park 

6. AppUcattoo of E.V. Wll- 
Uams Co. and Associates for 
a change of cooing from Resi- 
dence Siflwitn District 
3 (R-S 3) to Multiple Famllr 
Residence Distinct (R-M) and 
General Commercial District 

1 (C-G 1) on certain property 
located 00 die East stale of 
Bater Road Nordi and South 
of Moore's IHxid Road. 

Parcel A to te Multiple 
Family Residence District 
(R-M)t BHlmdng at a point oo 
die East side of Bater Road 
348 feet Soodi of Moore's Pond 
Road and running a distaaoe 
of 403 feet aloog die EaM tfde 

of Bater Road, running adte- 
tanoe of 2787 feet along die 
ScNrttem property line, naslag 
a distance of 434 fMt along tte 
Eastern proper^ ttne and ran- 
nlng adtetanoe of 2839 feet aloog 
die Norttern property ttne. 

Parcel B to te Moltlple 
Family Resldenee District 
(R-M): BagfaHdng at a point oo 
die Nortteast comer d Bater 
Road and Mowe's Pond Rood 
and noolBg a distance of 715 
tiet |!ltti^% Ei|« side of Baker 
Road,' nos^ a dlirtance d 
1432 feat aloi« tte Nortb side 
of Moore's Pood Road wid run- 
ning a distance of 1494 fast 
alo^ tte Eastttrn prq^r^ Una 
and running a Astence d 458 
feet aloog die Nordiern pro- 
perty ttne. 

Parcel C to te (^neral 
Comnardal Ostriet 1 (C-G 1): 
Beginning at a point <n tte 
East side of Bater Read 715 
feet Nortt of Moore's Pood 
Rood, raning a dtetance of 200 
feet aloog tte East side of 
Bater RoaKl, riiafling adtataaee 
<tf 200 faat alflog die Naraera 
property Una, mndag a dto- 
tanoa of 200 feet along die 
Eastern property Use Mid mo- 
nl0( a dlitaBoe d 210 feet 
aloof tte Souttem in-operty 

7. Apptteattoo of Whltt Ses- 
sons, Jr. for a use Permit 
to eoortroet ftnr addittooal a- 
partnmit mite, two i^resanUy 
aristlng, totaUng rix ^artmart 
oBite oo oertaln property lo- 
cated on die SoiMteast eonwr 
of 34fh Street and Arctic Ave- 

When you're not 


LjfdiaPinkham understands 

All of a sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of scHts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago, when 
ladi^ couldn't be as frank as 
we ^n today, Lydia Pinkham 
recognized the problem and 
set atwut finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for «M>men to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned tt)e %mk for the 
women she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham'* root 
and Iwrb remedy to help you 
^el b^er, more like s^urseH. 

Lydui E. IHiikliam 








Cough. SpUit. Zonk. Splat. And 

there you are in your old car, holding 

up traffic, your vnfe cmni^ainiiif 

and everyone waving hands at you. If a 

new car is what you med, aw ywxt 

automobile dealer for finandng tlurooi^ 

F&M. Or stop by P&M for yoar 

auto loan. We won't evaa laugh at 

your old car. 


mmsarm merchaicts natk^ial bank 

r F.OIC. 


■ ( 

!^ alfliig an SoMtf Ml 4r 
34tt Str w L tu aa tii t-dhiMafit 
of IM feet th»| S» EiiUrn 
pni^r^ line, nnutf^g a ds- 
te^jmjiet ilfliif tteSooli- 

a idMuiot of 140 iMt aloig (be 
Eipt i^ d Arctic ktmm, 

I. Afpnetfiw ofG«nldC. 
EiniiaB fw t IJm Ptriidt to 

lu^ (tt et^ida itfcqimtjr lo- 
ctttd on Ite Soollinst oontr 
or Arefie Afwat and SOtti 
SteM^ ruDBbv a (i|MaM« d 
140 tett along tte East aide of 
Arette Athrk, raudoc a <Ba- 
teisa of 384 ft«t Hoof tN 
SooflMin ivopertjT ttw, ryuifaic 
» istance gC 140 laat aionc tha 
Eaateni property Mm md ne- 
idi« a dMaaee of tt4 iMt alone 
ttie Norttarn pirofwftjr ttoe of 
wUoii 30 Iket ia the Sootbiddr 
of 30th Stre^ &td propattf 
is L-idMSied. VIRGIiaA BEACH 

9. Afidiealloo <tf FouitaiB- 
bead of Vlrciflla Beach for a 
Uae Pnri^t to cbortrnct a 106- 
tult motel Qo <iertaiD property 
lodged on the Stelheaat comer 
of Atlaatle Avenne and Sevei^ 
Street, ninniiig a (ttstaiioe of 
305 feet along the East ilde« 
Atlaatie Avmne. ranainc a dla- 
taace of 150 «Mt alonf theSoitt 
aide of Seventh Street, romUic 
a diataiiee of 306 tNt aloi« the 
Eastnai iNroperty Um, nmdac 
a (hateMa^ ISO feet along tte 
Northern prciierty Kae of Sixtti 
^reet. Safal parcel la dealgnatwl 
as Lots 1 tkrongh «, mock 2, 
Ptat^of Oceao Lot Investment 

Wild and JaUet B. WlldhsrOiien 
B. Pickett, A^imey, for a 
cha^ of aonlag Jtom liotel- 
Hot#l DiatHet (M^ to Retail 
^a^ata Olatrlct (B-l) on cer- 
ti^ propnrtjr located oothe 
llMlhwMt comer of SStt Street 
aod Afiantlc Avenne, nmnbiga 
diataaca of M feat along the 
North sUe of 38th Street, raa- 
niag a (hstance of TO feet along 
the West aide of Attaatie Ave- 
nue, ranalng a ittstanee of 90 
feet atibgtteNorthem property 
Une and nmnlag a distance of 
70 iMt nlong ttut Westeni prop- 

II. Application of Mrs. 
Frances FllHbl for a Use Per- 
mit fto a kindergarten and nur- 
sery Mhod (day care center) 
on certidB property located on 
the South side ofVlrgiol%Baieh 
Boatevard hegioitfi^ ^ a point 
827 fe^ West C South Lynn- 
haven Road, nmUg a distance 
of 150 feet alei« the South side 
^ VirgUriia hnxA Boulevard, 
rimnlng a (hstanoe of 29S feet 
along ttie Entem property line, 
nmning a distance of 167 feet 
along the Soubem prqiierty 
liitt, running a distance of Un 
fe^ ahng the Western property 
Um. (Plnevrood Gardens Area). 

18. Afidleation of Helen L. 
FoDS by Gbvur C. Wrlgbt, Jr., 
Attorney, for a diai^ of aoidng 
from Mttltiple Family Resi- 
dence District (R-M) with a 
Motel, Toinrlat and Restanraat 
(T^) Sqvlement Ustrict to 
Limited Commercial District 
2 (C-L 2) on certain property . 
loe^d on the South side of 
Laskin Road beginning at a 
.point 110 feet West of Cardinal 
Road, rumiii^ a (hstance of 
179.67 feet along ttie Eastern 
pr(^rty Une, running a dis- 
taiKe of 100 feet along the 
SouUiern iffoperty Une, running 
a tttstanee of 179.20 feet along 
the Western property une,r«n- 
nii« a distance of 100 feet aloq; 
the South side (d Laskin Road. 
(Unidiom Place Apartments 

13. AppUcatioD of Virginia 
Beach Eitferprises, Inc. by Ed- 
ward T. Catoo, HI, Attorney 
for a change c^ zoning from 
Residence Suburtmn District 3 
(R-S 3) with a Motel, Tourist 
and Re^aurant (T-2) Supide- 
ment to limited Commercial 
District 3 (C-L 3} on certain 
pr<^rty locked on the N<Hlh 
side of Lasldn Road beginning 
at a point 1000 feet more (x 
less West of Cardinal ^, 
naming a (ttstance oi 3S0 feet 
akmg Mie North side d Laskin 
Road, nmning a distance of 
1S6 feet atoi^ the Eastern pro- 
perty line, rundng achstanee of 
350 feet along the Northern 
pnperty Une and running a 
Os^ce of 186 feet aloi^ ttie 
WMtern pniperty Une. Sdd 
pr <^ rty is now or fwmerly 
kao«n as a portion of the White 
Mroe Motel. Plat» %ltti more 
d«taited Informattoo are avail- 
Site In the OCdce of theDe- 
■tftiMat of City Planflii« 
Pildndt Area.) LYNNHAVEN 

14. Ap^ei^ion of Real Es- 
t^ Om^oii^o d Virginia fin- 
a ^taiva of cooing from 
MMida ranl^Re^deoce DU- 
Mrt (R<*10 to Cifltfted Com- 
mmm DIaMat 3 (C-L 3) on 
cai!l^ prc^K^lo^id on the 
WuBiwaat ccvw of Vlrglnte 

yirgtnia ^QCh Sun 

Thurtdoy, Movwnbtr $/ 1970 

^L«0ar Notlc«« 

1».83 fMt aloi« Oia Wast side 
of Crawfbrd Place, formerly 
Laicaview Place',~mnning a dis*" 
tanea of 75 Hat jloag tt» 
Northern property Una, nmning 
a dlitttioa of 159 feet along ttie 
Wttrtem property Une and nm- 
nlag a Astanoe of TO feet aloi« 
tfM Nortti sideofVirginUBeach 
Bottlevud. Said prc^erty is 
known as Lot 10, Plat of West- 
land. (ChB8opelanCol<»y Area). 

15, Appttcatt(m of Joseph L. 
Lyle mid Midiael E. Bowerman 
fbr a diange of ?«Hdng firom 
Residence Aiburban District 3 
CR-S 3)tolfiatf]^FamilyRe6i- 
denet District C?-M) on certain 
property Ideatad cm flie Soutti 
side of 24th Street Extended, 
beginning at a point 370 feet 
Weat of Barberton Drive, run- 
ning a diatance of 213 feet along 
ttie SooQi side of 24tti Street 
Extended and running adistance 
of 260 fe^ mwe or less along 
the Western pnperty Une, run- 
ning a ^Hatance of 223 feet along, 
ttie Soottiem property Une, run- 
ning a dMaaoe of 250 feet along 
the Eastern pr<9erty Une. Said 
pnpatf la dedgnatod aa Lots 
1 ttirott^ 6 and 28 tturough 33, 
Block 4, Plat ofWoodlam 
(Binhieck VUlage Apartments 

16. AppUcatton of D. A. Slack 
for a ^ange of soning from 
General Commercial District 1 
(C-G 1) and Residence Suburtian 
District 3 (R-S 3) to Mttlflple 
Family Residnce District 
(R-M) and a Uae Permit to 
construct 100 aparnnent units 
on nrtain property located on 
ttM Soutti side of Laskin Road 
and ttie East aide of South 
Oriole DrivebegUiningatapofnt 
111 feet Soutti of Laskin Road 
and running a distance of 802 
feet along ttie Northern prop- 
erty Une, nmning a distance of 
621 feet along ttie East side of 
SouUi Oriole Mve, running a 
distance of 503 feet along ttie 
SoiUtem prqiierty Une at the 
Weateni extremity of Soutti 
^uterton Drive, nmnii^adis- 
tance of 623 feet al<mg ttie Eas- 
tern property Une. Said parcel 
is Irreplar in shape. (Bean 
Gantena Area). LYNNHAVEN 

17. AppUcatton ofRobertWU- 
aon and Aasod^es foraehange 
of soning fhim limited Com- 
mardal District 1 (C-L 1) to 
Midtiide Family Reaidence Dis- 
trict (R-M) and a Use Permit 
to construct 360 gai^n aput- 
flpattts Cn certain property lo- 
cated Nortti of ttie VirginU 
Beai^-Norfolk Expressway be- 
ginidng at a pobit 500 feet 
West of Firat Colonial Road, 
running a distmce of 654 feet 
along ttie Eastern property Um, 
runidng a distance of 1337 feet 
along ttie Soirthem property Une 
(Norttiem boundary of ttie Vir- 
ginia Beach - NorfoUc Eqiress- 
way), nmnli« a distance of 724 
feet along ttie Western (aroperty 
Une, running a dbrtance of 1432 
feet more or lesa along the 
Northern property Une. (LaaUn 
ViUage Area). LYNNHAVEN 

18. ^Ucatton of Ihomas B. 
Trant for a diange of aoiing 
flroffl Residence DqdexDistriei 
1 (R-D 1) to limited Com- 
mercial District 3 (C-L 3) on 
certain pr<q»rty located on ttie 
West side of Holland Road 
across from Shlpp's Comer 
Ro«l, rundng a dlstanoe of 624 
feet along ttie West side of Hol- 
land Road, running adistance of 
250 feet along ttie Souttiem 
protperty Une, running adis- 
tance of 580 feet along flie 
Western property Une and run- 
ning a distance of 250 feet along 
the Norttiem ivoperty Une. 
(Shipp's Corner Area). PRIN- 

19. AppUcatton of Virginia 
Beach HoUday Inn Trav-L- 
Park, Inc. by Talbot and As- 
sodates for a Use Permit to 

.omstmd 707 camp sites on 
certain prc^erty located be- 
tween ttie West si(te of General 
Booth Boulevard and the East 
side d Oceana Bouleva^l be- 
g^nidi^ at a point 815 feet more 
or leas Soutti d Harpers Road, 
and 800 feet more or less North- 
east of Oceana Boulevard, run- 
ning adistance (tf 4945 feet more 
or less along ttie Western prop- 
erty line, numing a distance 
of 3635 feet more or less along 
the Eastern pn^rty Une (Vir- 
rinia Electric and Power Co. 
Right of W^r); said property 
beginning 560 feet^ more or 
less Northwest of General Bo(^ 
Boulevard, and runnii^ a dis- 
tant of 2180 feet more or 
le» along the Soirthern prop- 
erty Une. Said pcopertf is ir- 
regular in shape. Plats witti 
more detailed ioformatton are 
avidUdlile in the C^ce ol ttie 
Department d City Planning. 
(Ocaana Naval Air Statt(» 

20. Api^catton d Coleman 
Farms, Inc. for a Uae permit 
lo eoBstmd a aemge pumping 
station on eerttfn prqiKrty lo- 
cated on tte East Me of Coltege 
I^k Bootenrd, bef^ndng ^ 
s pelat mM leet SooBi of 

* Legal Notic#t 'Legal Notices 

Chestnit RiU Road on property 
known as Parcel 5, Sdbdivistotf 
d tbWtt Pgrtt^fl ttoa ll iwa. 
(Cd^p IhAkm^ KEMFS- 

21. AppUa^lQD of Carolamw 
Homaa, Inc. for a Uae Parii^ 
to construct 220 ^parment unite 
on cartein property lo(»ted on 
ttie Northwest corner of Prin- 
CMS Amie Rioad and HiU Prince 
Hold, running a dLstasce 3100- 
feet along ttie North aide of 
PriuMSS Aime Road, running a 
distance of 1051 feet alcmg the 
West side of HiU Prince Road 
. and ttie Soutti side of GaUant 
Fox Road, running a -distance 
of 546 feet along ttie Western 
property Une. Sild property 
is designated as Parcel A, Uto. 
11 trough 22, Blodc C, Plat 
of Carolanne Farms, Seetton 1. 
(Carolanne Farms Area). 
Richard J. Webbon, City Clerk 

The Virginia Beach Planning 
. Commission wiU hold a PubUc 
Hearing on Tueaday, November 
10, 1970 at 1:00 P.M. in ttie 
Coundl Chandbers of the Ad- 
mlnistratton Building, Princess 
Anne Courthouse, Virginia 
Beadi, Virginia. The following 
appUcattons wiU swear on ttie 

L. AppUcatton of ttie City 
of Virginia Beadi for a change 
of soning from Residence Du- 
plex Distrid 1 (R-D 1) to Resi- 
dence Suburban Dtetrict 4 (R- 
S 4) on certain prcqierty located 
on ttm Northwest corner of In- 
dian River Road and Center- 
vUle Turnpike Extehded, run- 
ning a dtetanoe of 175 feet alcmg 
the Nortti side of Indian River 
Road, rumdng a distance of 
550 feet along ttie West side 
ofCenterville Turiqilke Ex- 
tehded, running a- dtetanoe of 
550 fe^ along ttie Norttiem pro- 
perty line and running a dte- 
tanoe of 670 feet more or less 
aloi« the Western property Une. 
(Avalon Hilis Area). KEMPS- 

2. Apidicatton of Roy Lee 
McDaniel and Mable Inez Mc- 
Daniel for a chuige of zoniiu; 
from Residence SiAurban Dte- 
trict 4 (R-S 4) to General Com- 
mercial Distrid 1 (C-G 1) and 
a Use Permit for E-Z Hmil 
Rental and Service on certain 
property beginning at a pdnt 
600 -feet more or teas South 
of Indian River Road, running 
a dtetanoe of 200 feet along ttie 
East side of Kenpville Road, 
running a distance of 169.32 
feet along the Eastern property 
Une and running a distance of 
501.24 feet along the Southern 
property Une. (Bonney's Corner 

3. AppUcatton of Amanda 
Troyer for a diange of zon- 
ing from Residence Suburban 
Dtetrict 4 (R-S 4) to Umlted 
Commerdal Distrid 1 (C-L 1) 
on certiin property located on 
ttie West side of Holland Road 
beginning at a pdd 965 feet 
South of Baxter Road, running 
a distance of 402.3 feet along 
the Eastern property Une of 
which 120.3 feet is the West 
side of Holland Road, running 
a distance of 296.57 feet along 
the Souttiem prcfierty Une and 
running a distance of 446.01 
feet along the Western property 
Une and nmning a distance of 
297 feet along the Norttiem 
property Une. (Holland Terrace 

4. AppUcatton of United 
Trailer Sales, Inc. by Jay M. 
Ball for a change of zoning 
flrom Limited Commerdal Dte- 
trid 1 (C-L 1) to General In- 
dustrial Dtetrid 3 (M-I 3) on 
certain peopevty beginning at 
a poiiU 120 feet East of Soutti 
MiUtary Highway and 668 feet 
North d Provi(tence Road, run- 
ning a distance of 130.85 feet 
along the Northern property 
Une, running a distance d 258 
feet more or less along the 
Eastern prt^rty Upe, runnii^ 
a dtetanee d 126 feet more or 
less alongttie Southern property 
Une, rumiing a distance of 245 
feet more or less along the Wes- 
tern property line . 

5. AppUcatton of ThaUa Gar- 
den Assodates to amend the 
existing Use Permit from 550 
rental unite to 590 rental unite 
c(msistlng of 556 a^artn^nte 
and 34 townbouses (40 adfitf onal 
unite), of whidi 266 unite cur- 
reirtly Mng developed an cer- 
tain is-c^rty located oa ttie 
Scnitb side of Bonney R(^ and 
the East and West si(te d Boggs 
Avenue, nmning a distance d 
980 feet more or less aloi^ 
the Northern property Une d 
which 720 feet more or less 
te ttie South side of Bonney 
Road, rmudag a distance (^1520 
feet more or lesa alcmglfie Eas- 
tem {NTf^mrty, Une, running a 
diatUM of 1240 feet more or 
tess alongteeSmittera property 
Une (Northem sn-operty Une of 
Virgika 'Beadi-Norfont Ex- 
pressway), and rundng a dte- 
tanee of 1910 feet more or less 
al<mK ttie Wotern property Une. 

(ThaUa Garden and TownhouM 
Aparh sente A rea), kfmps. 

6. AppUcatton of the City of 
Virginia Be«^, PoUee Dl- 
1^0^ for a U8e> Nrhitt to 
ex^ eiSstii« p(^ce tralttfig 
fhdUttes 'on eertalii ja-^urty 
located 2400 faet imtd «■ len 
Weat of Seaboard Road at the 

Wastem tarmteus. of JLewy 

Drive runnteg a di^aoa d 
3832 feet more or less itong 
ttie Souttiern property Une, nm- 
ning a dtettmoe of 2385 feet 
more OT less along Oe Western 
prcqierty Une, nmitfng adis- 
tance of 2650 feet more or less 
along ttie Norttwrn prq^rty Une 
and nmning a distance of 1180 
feet more or 1ms al<»ig.ttie 
Eastern property Une. Said pro- 
perty being irreipdar in idttpe. 
(Munidpal Garage Sad Santte- 
tton Department Arei). PRIN- 

7. Api4icatfoo of Hampton 
Roads Saidtattori Ustrid by 
Edwin KeUam, Attorney, for a 
Use Permit to construct a 
sewerage treatment ptent on 
certain property located 6930 
feet more or less East of Oce- 
ana Boulevard, rimnlng a dis- 
tance of 3500 feet more or toss 
along the South side of Old 
Dam Neck Road, running a dte- 
tanoe of 2600 teet more or less 
atong the Eastem property line 
(Western prcqiierty Une of U.S, 
Government^ Dam Neck), run- 
ning a distance of 2850 feet 
more or less dongttie Souttiern 
property Une and running adte- 
tance of 900 fe^ more or tess 
along ttie Western pr(verty Une. 
(Dam Neck Naval Base Area). 

8. AppUcatton of Green Iton 
Corp. for an amendment of 
Planned Unit Development 
(PUD) to indude a commerdal 
site and a Use Permit to caa- 
strud a gasoUne sui^ily stattra 
on certain prcqierty located on 
the Souttiwest comer of Holland 
Road and Soutti LynnhavenRoad 
Extended, running a dtetanee of 
206 fedt along the Soutti side 
of Holtend Road, nmning a dis- 
tance of 155 feet along the 
WmI side of Soutti Lynnhaven 
Road Extended, running a dte- 
tanee of lU^l^tjp^ the 
Souttiem propcH^ Une and run- 
ning a dtetanoe of 83 feet atong 
ttie Weftem property line. 
(Green Run Area). PRINCESS 

9. AnpUcattonof E.L. Creedi, 
lU for a diange of zodng from 
AgrieultunA District (A-R) and 
Limited Commerdal Distrid 
2 (C-L 2) to General Indus- 
trial I^istrid 3 (M-I 3) and 
a Use Permit to constmct a 
275-unit traitor park on certain 
property beginning at a pdnt 
1000 feet more or less West 
of Oceiina Boulevard oa the 
SouUi Side d Harpers Road. 

Parcel 1: Change of zoning 
from A-R and C-L 2 to M-I 3: 
Beginning at a pdnt 1000 faet 
more or less West of Oceana 
Boulevard and running a dis- 
tance of 2060 feet more or 
less along the Northem pro- 
perty Une of whidi 290 feet 
te the South side of Harpers 
Road, running a distance of 
3390 feet more or toss al<mg 
the Western property line, run- 
ning a distance of 4330 feet 
more or less along the ^Nittiem 
property Une and running adte- 
tance of 2975 feet more or less 
atong the Eastem property Une. 
Said property contains 124.48 
acres more or tess. 

Parcel 2: Use Permit to con- 
struct a 275-unit traitor park: 
Beginning at a pdnt 1000 feet 
more or less West of Oceana 
Boutevard and running a dis- 
tuice of 1480 feet more or less 
along ttteNortheminrppertyttne 
of whidi 290 feet more or less 
te the South side of Harpers 
Road, running a distance of 
1900 feet more or less along 
the Western property Une, run- 
ning a distance of 1735 feet 
more or less atong ttie Southern 
l»-operty Une wad running adte- 
tance d 1325 feet more or toss 
along the Eastern property Une. 
Said iffoperty coiUains 44.77 
acrea more or less. (Oceana 
}lavalHousli« Area). PRINCESS 

10. Ai^Ucatton of Bush De- 
velopment Corp. for a change 
of zoning from Agriculteral 
District (A-R) to Multiple Fam- 
ily Residence Distrid (R-M) 
and a Use Permit to construct 
395 townbouses and 323 apart- 
mente, totaUng 718 unite, on 
certain prt^rty located oa the 
South side of Harpers Road, 
beginning at a pdnt 1650 feet 
West of Oceana Boulevard, mn- 
ning a distance of 2295 feet 
atong the Eastem isopertf 
Une, running an^stance of 1300 
feet more o^^ss along the 
Southern property Une, runnii^ 
a dtetanee of 1850 feet more 
or less al(mg the Western pro- 
perty Une and running a dte- 
tanee of 1800 feet along the 
Norttwrn {uroperty Uneofirtddi 
600 feet te Uie South ddeof 
Harpers Road. (Oceana Naval 
Housing Area). PRINCESS 

11. Application of Cterles S. ■- 
Caruau and Olp Caruami by 

* Legal Notices 

Owan B. Plchett, Attomay, tor 
a Use Parmit to constmct II 
.JUUlfllflilielti. on oartain pro- 
perty located on ttia Northwest 
omM of Balttc Avenue and 
24fli Street^ runnlac a dtetanoe 
of 100 feet along ttia Wast side 
of Balttc Avenue, running adte- 
taaoarof 125 feet along the 
Northern property Une, running 
a ittstem^ of 100 feet a]<»i pe 
Wj^rn je^MStyJina anLruiM> 
ntef a ^ttilaaea of Hi fMtdoig 
ttie Nortti iride of 24tti Street. 

12. AppUeatica of Edwin G.. 
Harris for a Uae Parmit to 
constmd 24 motel d!lden<gr 
ui^te on certain property lo- 
cided on the Northeast ommer 
of 37th l%reet ud Pacific Ave- 
mie, rundng a (ll8tan(» of 140 
feet along the East side of I^- 
dflc Avraue, rumdngadtetenoe 
of 106 feet along ttie Nortti 
side of 37th Street, runniiv a 
dtetanoe of 140 feet alcmg the 
Eastem |»roperty Une and run- 
ning a distance of 106 feet along 
the Northern property Une. 

IS. AppUcatton of Ebbia Qtei^ 
prises. Inc. by Homaa C. 
Broyles, Attorney, for a Use 
Permit to constmct a llO-unlt 
motel on certate propertyi lo- 
cated on the East side of At- 
lanttc Avenim between Third 
Street and Fourth Street, run- 
ning a distance of 300 feet-al(»g 
the East side d Attanttc Ave- 
niw, running a dtetanee d 150 
feet aloi^ the South dde of 
Fourth Street, running a dte- 
tanee of sop feet along ttie 
Eastem prqparty Une and run- 
ning a distance of ^50 fee^ along 
ttie No^ side of 

14. AppUcatton of Humble Oil 
and Refining Company by James 
M. PickreU, Attorney, for a 
Use Permit to constmd a gaso- 
Une sivpiy stetton on certain 
property located at the Soutti- 
east corner of Parks Avenue 
and the Virginia Beach-Nortolk 
Ejqpressway Exit (21st Street), 
mnning a dtetanee of 104 feet 
along ttie Soutti side / of ttie 
Virginia Bea^NorfeUc^Ex- 
pressway Exit (21st Street), 
running a distance of 174.72 
feet along ttie Eastem jptopatf 
Une, nimdng a distance of 
208.97 feet aloi^ ttie Southern 
property Une and running a 
dtetanee of 253.04 feet atong 
ttie Westorn pr<verty Une. 

15. Apj^eatton of Eleanore 
Z. MlUs for a dia^e of zon- 
inig from Malttple FamUyRe- 
sidence Districfc^-3)toMotd- 
Hotel Dtetrid (M-H) on certain 
property located on ttie Sodth 
side of 16tti Street beginning 
at a pdnt 150 feet East of 
Arette Avenue, mnning a dte- 
tanee of 100 feet aloag ttie 
Soutti side of 16tti Street, run- 
ning a distance of 140 feetakmg 
ttie Eastern property Une, run- 
ning a dtetanee d 100 feet along 
the Souttiern peopecty line, and 
running a distance of 140 feet 
along the Westem property Une. 

- 16. AppUcatton of Viking Mo- 
tel Apartmente, Inc. by Stanley 
A. PhUttps, Attorney, for a 
Use Permit to constrjid 30 
unite to ttie Viking Motel on 
certain property k«^ed oa the 
Soutti side of 28tti Street be- 
ginning at a point 100 feet West 
of AtlaMic Avenue, running a 
distance of 9f feet along the 
South side of 28tti Street, run- 
ning a dtetanee of 140 feet 
alnig ttie Western property Une, 
running a distance of 94 feet 
along tile Souttiem property Une 
and runnii^ a distance d 140 
feet along ttie Eastern prq^rty. 

17. AppUcattoii d Lynnhaven 
Building Sundy Corporattrafor 
a Use permit to (»nstrud 76 
apartment unite on certain pro- 
perty begimiing at a point 130 
feet more or less Soutti of 
Woltenare Road, numii^ a dte- 
tanee d 177.79 feet along the 
West side of Regency Drive, 
running a dtetanee of 890 feet 
along the Southern property 
Une, running a distance d 200 
feet along tt^ Westem in-operty 
Une and running a distance ol 
837 feet along ttie Northern pro- 
perty line. (Regency Apartmente 

18. AppUcatton of Alton M. 
Butler and Rdtert G. Moore 
for a change of zoning from 
Limited Commerdal Strict 
3 (C-L 3) to Multiple Famity 
Residence Distrid (R-M) and 
a Use Permit to construct 36 
apartment unite on certain pro- 
perty located on the East side 
of Birdnedc Road, beginning at 
a point 33.15 feet Soutti of Chin- 
qiuipin Lane, namii^ acUstance 
of 131.7 feet almig ttie East 
side of Birdneek R(»d, running 
a dtetanee d 374.6 feet alcmg 
the Norttiem property Une, run- 
ning a distance d 129.87 feet 
along ^ Eastern property Une 
and running a distance of 268.3 
feet atong toe Southern properly 
line. (Binhiedc Village Apart* 
meote Area). LYNNHAVlM^^ 

19. ApittcattoB of Sarah Sal- 
ter School of Dance I* hnsa 

*Logof Notices 

Permit to operate a dandng 
school on certain property lo- 
cated on Hif 'y.M|taldt if Bird- 
Mck Road >|i|ltoi«h^< Old 
Virglitfa BeadnNaia, b«glnnlng 
at a pdnt 216 MBt North of 
Old Vteglnia Beach Road and 
198 f«et more or leia East of 
Binlnedc Road, (Woodland 
arta). lynnhaven bor- 

20. i^p^catton of Grayson M. 

WUtehmr^i Jr. tfid Manaards 
A^urtmeids by John E. SIrine 
ant Assoctitfas for a dtange 
of vMoitnm Residence Su- 
tefftian Ostrid 1 (R-S 1) and 
'Residence Sidiurtem Distrid 2 
(Et-S 2) to Multtple Family Re- 
stftence Dtetrid (R-M) and a 
tlie Permit to cMistm^ 424 
apartment mdte on certain pco- 
party begimiing at a pdnt 1679 
feet m(»re or less N(»rth of 
Wlil-O-Wtep Drive and 385 feet 
East cf First Cotonial Road, 
running a dtetanee of 122L52. 
feet alcmgthe Weatem property 
Une, running a distance of 1248. 
38 feet a^mg ttie Northem pro- 
perty Une and runMng a dte- 
tanee of 899 feet altmg tt» Eas- 
tern property Une ahd nmning 
a distance of U66.01 feet along 
the Souttiern property Une. 
(General Hospital of Virginte 
BkaehArea). LYNNHAVEN 

21. AppUcatton of Lee A. 
Glfford for a change of zoning 
from Residence Si^t«n Dte- 
trict 3 (R-S 3) to Multtpte 
FamUy Rasidenoe District 
(R-M) on certain property lo- 
cated on the Northeast comer 
of West Ferry Plantation Road 
and Haygood Road, nmning a 
dtetanee of 649.24 feet al(«g 
the Nortti side of Haygood Road, 
running a (ttstance d 1134 feet 
more or toss along the Western 
property Une, running a dte- 
tanee of 643.16 fedt aUmg the 
Norttiem property Une and run- 
ning a dtetmce d 1218.7 feet 
atong ttie Eastem property Une. 
(Haygood Siting Area). BAY- 

22. AppUcatton of James E. 
Liiidser for a diai^e of son- 
ing from Residence Sutwrban 
Dteteict 3 (R-S 3) to General 
Commerdal District 2 (C-G 2) 
on certate property looited oa 
the Nortti Edde of Newtown Road 
beginoii^ at a pdnt 1425 feet 
more or less East of Good- 
man Road, runnli^ a dtetanee 
of 175 fe^t along the Souttiero 
prc^iMrty Une of which 70 feet 
is the North side of Newtown 
Road, nmnlhg, 1 dtstamn t>f 
a4.£8 fee^ along the Western 
inroperty Une, ' running a dte- 
tanoe of 234.22 feet along ttie 
Northern property Une and run- 
ning a distance of 465.3 feet 
along ttie Eastem property Une. 
Said property te irreguter te 
shape, ^etti F. WiUiams Eto- 
meirtU7 Sdiool Area). BAY- 

23. Application. dNorth- 
ampton Assodates by John 
E. SIrine and Assodates for 
a diange of zoning from Re- 
idenee Diqiloc Dtetrict 2 (R-D^) 
with a Motel, Tourtet and Res- 
taurant (T-2) Siq^ement to 
Multtple Famity Residence Dte- 
trict (R-M) witti a Motel, Tour- 
tet and Restaurant (T-2) Sup- 
plement and a Use Permit to 
constmd 56 apartment uniteon 
certain property located oa ttie 
North side of SheU Road across 
from Maharte Road beginning 
at a pdnt 324.76 feet East of 
the Intersectton of Northampton 
Boulevard and Sball Road, run- 
ning a distance of 430.2tfeet 
al<mg ttie Nortti sUle d Shell 
Road, running a dtetanee of 
253.98 feet alcmg the Western 
pr(q)erty Une, mnning a dis- 
tance of 425.90 feet aloag ttie 
Northern pr<^rty Um and run- 
ning a distance of 411.58 feet 
along ttie Eastem property Une. 
(Lakevlew Park Area). BAY- 

All interested persons are 
invited to attend. 
Director of Planning 


In accordance with the re- 
quiremente d 15.1-431 of the 
Code of Virgisia, a pd)Uc hear- 
ing will be held Novendwr 9, 
1970, at 2:00 p.m. in ttie Coundl 
Chambers, Administration 
Buildii^, Prinoeas Anne Court 
House, on the foUowing Ordi- 


Trough) adopted by ihe 



fiavoeyion of (Um Peratfte; 

Uidass othenrtsa {^ovMed 


when a vn tfnrndt te Immml 
ttie i^^Bf iskust stem ttd 
bear eviitona in good fldtti of 
hte IiSntlon to iroM<^ fitti 
ttie emtevMoa and ote of tta 
tea^ CsBStra^ton staU bagln 
or the usi of tta Mad for «Mdi 
a use permit but been dMned 
shaU eomm^ioe wlttdn twelva 
moitfM fmm ttia date of tesu- 
aamd fldd purmtt; ottinirtse, 
said^pni^l^^aUlie vo^Prior 
to ttie entfif of ttie twelvemo^ 
period, iq»n wrttten reqoMt 
by ttie appUeant to ttia City 
Ptenning Commission, ttte use 
permit MiaU be extended for 
an addlttoiial six montts. AH 
use perndte not a<^ed ivon as 
sat tortt) above ^nU hacoB» 
voad eill^M mootts from ttia 
data of tesoanea. Adoptadbyttm 
Coundl of ttm City of VlrgtaU 

Beach, Virgtiala, on ttie 

day of wl970, 


Revocation of Dhe Permtts: 

Unless ottierwtee provided 
when a use permit te teaued, 
ttie ibpUcant must show and 
bear evidence in good faith of 
hte intontioD to proceed with 
ttie constmcttoQ and use of the 
land. Constructton shaU bei^n 
or the use of ttie land for wUeh 
a use permit has be«i drained 
ShaU commence witUn twetee 
months f^om the date of 
tesuuice of said permit; other- 
wtee, said permit tSM be void. 
Prior to the ending of ttie twelva 
month period, igno written re- 
^piest by ttia ^pUcant |o ttw 
City PUuming Commission, the 
use permit ^laU be extended 
for an addl tt onal ate moottis. 
All use permite not aded upon 
as set fortt dwve rtall become 
void eighteen months ftom ttie 
date of issuance. 

Ad(4)tad by the Cmmdl of 
ttie City of Virginte Beach,Yif- 
ginla, on ttie day of , 


FUchard J. Webbon, v r 
<;ity Ctork 



In ttie Cterk'a Office of ttm 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginte Beadi. on the 2tet day 
of Odober, 1970. 

Norman S, AUen and Unda 
D. Allen, Pteinttff, 

Stero Design, Inc., Defradant. 


Tb^ diject of ttds suit te 
for the said plaintiff to ditain 
a Declaratory Judgment and 
Temporary Injunettoi from the 
said defendant, vqpon ttie grounds 
of improper and untewf id action 
by and between the stock- 
holders, directors and officers 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that one of ttie 
defendante, WilUam E. Makrte, 
is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, ttie last known post 
office address being: 164 Fair- 
view Drive, New Martinsvilto, 
West Virginia. 

It is ordered ttot be do appear 
here within 10(ten) days after 
due pd>Ueatton hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in thte suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bmgh, D.C. 
PhiUp H. Myers, Atty. 
Suite 318, Bel Aire Bldg. 
1600 East Uttle Creek Road 
Norfolk, Virginia 23518 



In ttie Cterk'a Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 26tti day 
ofOddwr, 1970. 

Gayto Lee Titus, Pteinttff, 

Isiah Milton Titus, Defendant. 


The objed of ttds suit te for 
ttie said pteinttff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Vinculo MatrinKHdi 
from the said defentant, upon 
ttie groumte of daae^on. 

And an affliUrit having been 
made and filed ttiat the def ra- 
dant te not a reddent of ttie 
^te of Vir^di^ the last known 
pcffit office address being: 87 
Mansion %reet, Pw^riteepsie, 
New York. 

n te (Ottered that be do ap- 
pear here wittdn 10 (ten) days 
a^r di» pd}tt^4i(Mi hereof, and 
do triud any ha neoeasary to 
proteet hte latere^ te ttdssidt. 
A wpf-THbai 

kburgaret W. Bnig^ D.C. 
WtlUam H. Cdona, Jr., Atty. 
1756 LkUb Road 
Viri^nte Baadi, Virginia 


^L«gal Notices 


la ttie Clerk's <»aee of ttie 
Cirmilt Court of flia jClty of 
Virpm amm^ on the mUm Qsj 

Margaret S. Gay, PtetilUf, 

&)imrtRldiardGi9, D^ood- 


< The db|ectafttil8sidttef6r 
ttia said piainttfr to obtain i 
divwca A Vinculo lAiWlm^ 
from ttia said dafandaat, upon 
ttie growMte of twoyaan separ- 

And an affidavit having been 
made lodflladttiatttia defendant 
te not a reshlint of ttm State 
of Vlrgiida as fiff asshekpows, 
since (die lus been arable, after 
a diUgant search, to tocato ttm 
raspdndant at hte last knowh 
address, to wit: 3550 Brest 
Avemw, NorioU^ Vlrglnta. 

It Is ordetedttat he do appear 
heHSMttdn 10 (ten) days after 
due piddieatton hereof , and do 
what may be necessary to iffo- 
tect Ids interest te ttds suit. 
A ocqnr-T'este: 

Margaret W. Bmgh, D.C. 
JamM R. McKanry, Atty. 
1369 Laskte Road 
Virginte Beach, Virginia 



In ttie Clerk^s Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttieatyflf Vir- 
ginte Beach, on ttie 14th day of 
Octdiar, 1970. 

Lena Mae Reason, Plaintiff, 

Joseph Roy Reason, Dafan- 


The oblactofttdasalttefor 
ttie said ptetettff to obtain a 
divtnrce A Vinculo MatrimcmU 
from the said defendant, upra 
the grounds of two years sep- 

And an affidavit having been 
msde and filed ttnt ttia defen- 
dant te not a remdent of ttie 
State of Virginia, ttie test known 
port office address bring: 1030 
Banner Street, Durham, Nortt 

It te ordered ttiat he do a|>- 
pear here witti 10 (teq) di^ 
after due pUbUcatton hereof, 
and do what may be nerassary 
to protect his interest in tUs 


Margaret W. Brugb, D.C. ^ 
Jamas R. McKenry, Mtf, ^_ 

Virginte Beadi, Vlrgbda 



In ttie Cterk'a Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beadi, on ttie 23rd day 
of October, 1970. 

Jerome Arttaur Geaco, Ptein- 

Karen RuthGeeo, Defmidant. 


The Object of ttds suit if fbr 
ttie said pteinttff to ditain a di- 
vorce A Vinculo MatrimonU 
from the aald defendairt, upon 
ttw grounds of two yrar sep- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed Oiatfiie defendant 
te m^ a resideid of the State 
of Virginia, Urn teat known post 
office address being: 4023 Bate- 
man Street, Inqierial Beadi, 

It te ordo^ ttiat she do ap- 
pear here wittdn 10 (ten) di^s 
after due putdiertion hereof, and 
do wlat may be necessary to 
protect her interest tettitesuit 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bmgh, D.C. 
WilUam H. Cdona, Jr., Atty, 
1756 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 


In ttie Cterk'a Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Vlrglda BeadL on ttie ^nlday 
of October, 1970. 

Janice R. Rdierte, Piainttfr, 

George M^ Roberto, Defen- 


The objed of ttds salt te for 
ttie said plaiattfrto obtate adi- 
vorce A Mensa Et Thoro, -latiar 
to be merged into a dvorce 
A Vincoto MatrinumU ^m the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of constmdivt dMarttoo. 

And an affl^vit baring been 
made and filed ttiat ttie datai- 
dant te nd a raddent of tt» 
State of Vlri^a, fliehmtkaown 
p(»t offiM addrttu bdng: m 
Tew, Dmwer ^8, ^o APO, 
San Franicteco, Calilonite. m 

Itte (Motored ttiat he do #^ 
pm hnre wittdn 10 (toiO dq» 
after due pdiUcattm herad^ 
and do wt»t may be ne^asary 
to preset Us interest in ttia 

A «)py-Teate: 

Margant W. Bnigh, D.C. 
Jamls H. Mc Knry, Atty. 
BrydgM, Broytos & McKenry 
1369 Laskte Road 
Virginia B^ft,1Vlrgiida 


Thursday. November Si, 1970 


Virginia Beach Sun 


*L^|al Notices 

Cmk &EACH m THE 27111 


It i|)peaiiDg ttiat a report 
of the accounts of Alma B. 
O'Neal, Administratrix of tbe 
Estate ol Rdsert C. O'Neal, 
deceased, and of the detits and 
demands against his estate has 
been filed in Hk Clerk's Of- 
fice of tUs Court, and that 
six (6) months have elapsed 
since tbe qualification (rf tbe 
said Administratrix, on motion 
of ttie Administratrix, by coun- 
sel, it Is ORDERED that tbe 
creditors of, and all others in- 
terested in, tbe Estate do show 
cause, if any they can, on tbe 
16tk day of November, 1970, 
tiiifore the Judge (tf this Court 
at 9:30 a.m., against the pay- 
ment and delivery of the Estate 
of Robert C. O'Neal, deceased, 
to ttie distributees without re- 
quiring refunding bonds. 

It is Avther ORDERED that 
this Order, prior to the date 
above set for hearii^;, he pu- 
blished once a week fbr two 
successive weeks in th6 Vir-, 
giiila Bead) Sun, a newspaper 
piAlisbed and tnving general 
drculatlM) in die City of Vir- 
ginia Beadt, Virginia. 
Philip L. Russo, Judge 

I ask for this: 

Of Counsel for Administratrix 

<d ttie Estate of Robert C. 




By Margaret W. Bough,. D.C. 

* Legal Notices 



In tbe Clerk's Office of ttie 

Circuit Court of ttie City of 

fitrginia Beach on 27th di^ of 

'^nfn' A MAX E'YliALBOW, 



NEY BROWN, Respondents. 


THE OBJECT of ttds suit is 
to obtain the partttton of the 
following described property in 
one of the modes prescribed 

ALL of ttiose certain lots, 
pieces, or parcels of land si- 
toate, lying and being in the 
Lynidtaven Borough of tbe City 
of Virginia Beadi. Virginia with 
the buildings andimprovemente 
thereon being more particularly 
designated as Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6, 
7,8, and 9 in Block 2 on ttiat 
certain plat entitled "MAP OF 
BEACH BLVD." which plat is 
dated December 1927, was made 
by C. R. Mdnttre Eng. and 
is recorded in tbe Clerk's Of- 
fice of tbe Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, Virginia 
in Map Book 8 at pa^ 43, 
reference to said plat being 
tereby made for a more par- 
ticular descriptton and locatton 
of said property. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the re- 
spondents are not residents d 
ttie State of Virginia, their last 
known addresses being as fol- 
lows: Virginia Maxey Hirsch, 
2335 N. W. 22nd Street Apt. 
218, Oklahoma City, (Alahoma; 
Margaret Maxey Johnson, 4305 
Ranchview Road, Fort Wcnth, 
Texas; and Susie Guenwy 
Brown. 3406 Woodford Drive, 
Arlington, T^xas; it is orderad 
ttttt ttey do ^ipear here within 
ten (10) dkys after due pvbU- 
cation hereof, and do idut may 
be neee»ary to i^cAect their 
interest in ttiis suit. 
A C(^ Teste: 

by J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
W. Edward Hodgins, Jr., p. q. 
Attori^ ^ Law 
2625 Princess Anne Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 

In tbe Cloie's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court rf ttw City of 
Virgida Beadi, on ttie 15th 
day of October, 1970. 

Unwood Wakott, Jr., Plain- 

Jiiuie Eloim Walston, De- 

mSfER (ff PUBUCATim 

1%i Object of Oris siM to for 
Sie Mid plainttf! to oMdn a 
&votm a vinate maMmnU 
from tte sakldtfnte^ ^ob 
tte icroaids of ^n«tt<m for 

more ttMm two years continued 
witiMwt intornqAlon. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat ttie defen- 
dant is w^ a resident of ttie 
State of Virginia, ttie last known 
pdlit office address being: 165 
Johnson Avenue, Newark, New 

It is ordered ttiat she do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may lie necessary to 
preset her interest inttdssuit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W.Bnwh.D.C. 
Rofbeimer, Husbaum & Mc 
Pbaul, Attys. 
IDIO Plan One 
Noriolk, Virginia 23510 



In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Bead), aa ttie 30tti day 
of October, 1970. 

Janette Whitaker Key, Plain- 

Bobby Gray Key, Defendant. 


The d>ject of ttiis suit is 
for ttie said plaintiff to ob- 
tain a divorce a vinculo matri- 
monii from the said defendant, 
upon the grounds of two years 
separation ci ttie parties. 

And ah affidavit having been 
made and filed tt)at tbe de- 
fendant is not a resident of 
the State of Virginia, tbe last 
known post office address being: 
Forsytbe Coun^Jail, Winson- 
Salem, North Carolina^' 

It is ordered tt)at he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication here<rf, and 
„do what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in ^s suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bru^, D.C. 
David H. Adams, Atty. 
3115 Padfic Avenue 
Viri^nia Beaeli, Virglida 23451 

• nr-y-4T 

In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 

Circuit Court of ttie City of 

Virginia BeaiA, on ttie 9tti day 

of October, 1970. 
Arttiur Walker, Plaintiff, 

AdeUa M. Walker, Defendant. 


Tbe object of ttiis suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vincuto matrimonii 
from the said defendant, upon 
tbe groumls of OHitinuous sep- 
aration of over two years du- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by w on 
behalf of tbe comidainant to 
ascertain in what comity or 
corporation tbe defendant is 
residing but wlttiout ^ect,and 
^ last knoSni post office ad- 
dress being 1306 16th Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia, not resi- 
dent of ttie State of Virginia. 

It is ordered ttiat she do ap- 
pear here wittdn 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
lo-otect her Interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Charles V. Bashara, Esq. 
Bashara & Hubbard, P.Q. 
100 Brard of Traite Building 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In the Cterk's Office 'of ttie 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, <« the 9th day 

of O^ober, 1970. 
Danny R. Wilmoth, Plaintiff, 

Carolyn Ami Rowltmd WiU 

modi. Defendant. 


llie object of ttds salt is to 
obtidn a divorce a mesea et 
thoro from tbe said defendant, 
v^on the gromto of duertion. 

And an affiitorit having been 
Bwie and filed ttiat ttie defen- 
dant is i»t a mUent (tf tte 
State of Virginia, tbe last known 
post office address being: 216 
John ArdCourt,St. Mary's Ter- 
race Paddington W 2, London, 

It is ontered tb^ sbe do 9- 
p^r here wittin 10 (ten) <kg« 
iJter (toe piA>UeattoD hereof, and 
<to what may be necessary to 
Iffled bar inters in tttfs mM. 
A co^-Tsste: 

lAi^aret W. teu^ D.C. 
G^Uatt,, Upkin, Anderson £ 
Levy, ^«. 

M^faUCyVirglnU 23510 


* Legal Notices^ 

The Commls8i<» of Game and 
Inland Fisbertes at a meeting 
held at ^ Court House, Wal-^i 
Springs, Vir^nii^ on October 
31, ^70, adopted tbe foUow- 
inginended or new regulations 
pursuant to Se<^ons 29-125, 
29-126 and 29-127 of ttie Code 
of Virc^nia, to become effec- 
tive Noveniber 16, 1970. 
CHAPTER 2. (Game)InGeneral 

R2-8.4 (a) 

It shall be unlawful to hunt 
on Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Saturdays in ttiat porticm of the 
White Oak Moi^itain Wildlife 
Management Area south of Vir- 
ginia State Highway #706 and 
west of Virginia State Highway 
#707 from ttie ttilrd Monday 
in November through February 
15, both dates inclusive, without 
first having paid to the Com- 
mission for sud) privilege a 
daily use fee of ten dollars 
($ 10.00). Such daily use fee shall 
be in addition to all other li- 
cense fees provided by law. 
Custis L. Coleman, M. D., 



In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttK 19th day 
of Odober, 1970. 

Woodrow Yohan, Plaintiff, 

Juditti Yohan, Defendant. 


The 'objed of this suit is for 
the said ^ntlff toobtainadlv- 
orce A Vinculo Matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of a two year separation 
pursuant to Section 20-91 (9) of 
the 1950 Code of Virginia as 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, the last known post 
office address being: 218 Sarlee 
pi^y% Uniarqw,„Texas. , . 
,~j..iiJui 0Eder^ttiiishe>-das4)- 
pear here wittdnlO (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect her interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
WilUam H. Colona, Jr. 
1756 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 


Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
eeUant Condition, 425 hp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597. 

COTvette - 1969, many extras, 
must sell, 428-5353 

1965 Mustang, 289 2-4's Just 
rebuilt, chrome reverses, new 
tires, tape deck. Phone 464-5268 

Volkswagen • 1968 Red, ex- 
ceUent condition $1400 or best 
offer. 486-3707. 

Volkswagen-1970 fastback, Uke 
new, must seU. 340-6552. 

M fljpedd Netfees 

BACKYARD SALE - Furniture, 
clothing, inddentals. Saturday 
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 412 25tt)St . 

IZ Loei-FouDd 

Key - Chain, mans gold, 4 keys 
Virginia Beach, Reward 428- 
6989. , 

UA Trade 

Will tirade antique Victorian din- 
ning room suite for piano of 
comparable value. 428-2401 
(Mrs. pumps) Days. 428-5690 
after 5:30 p,m. 



BooUceeping In my home, all 
types for small businesses. 

Bookkeeping at borne, experi- 
enced, to annual audit, pick up 
and deUvery. Write P.O. Bmc 
282, Va. Beach, 23458. 

Part time bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done in my home or your 
office. Free^ck up and de- 
livery. 420-5340. 



WBusiaen OpportnHlet 

Babysitting in my licensed 
home, fenced yard, hot-lunches. 

497-9998. . 

a DreMnuiking— flcwteg 

'antee woric. Phone 497-4628. 

CUSTOM-Made Drapes ^ 
Sheers-Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperles,HilltopArea. 
Phone 428-0544. 


In the Cterk's Office of fbe 
Circuit Court of Oie City of Vir- 
ginia Beach, on the 19th day of 
October, 1970. 

Unda M. Kellogg, Plaintiff 

James R. Kellogg, Defendant. 


The object of this suit is for 
the plaintiff to d)taln a (ttvorce 
A Mensa Et Tboro later to be 
merged into a Divorce A Vin- 
culo Matrimonii, from ttie said 
defendant, upon ttie grounds of 

And an affidavit baring been 
made and filed ttiat the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the State 
.of Virginia, the last known post 
.office address being: R11941407, 
d2nd QM (AEF) Co., 82nd Air 
Borne Dlv., Fort Bragg, Nortti 
Carolina 28307. 

It is ordered ttiat he do an)ear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
ted his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Wiliam H. Colona, Jr. Atty. 
1756 Laskin Rd. 
Virgida Beach, Virginia 23451 

In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of tiie City of 

Virginia Beach, on the 14th 

dia of October 1970. 
Hilda C. Pardue, Plaintiff, 

WUUam F. Pardue, Jr., De- 



The object of tUa suit is for 
the said [dainttff to oMain altt- 
vorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from tte said defentent, upon 
ttie grouwte of parties lirii« 
separate and ^lart withoot co- 
btfait^oQ and witlKMit Inter- 
nqittMi for over a two JWM 

And an affidavit baring been 
made and fUed ,m ^ defn- 
dant is Mt a resideirt of tte 
^te of Virgtiriar ttie Itftknoira 
post dffiee ftddre^beti^ Route 
1, JcM^rvUte, Nwth. CaroUoa. 

It is ordM^d ttat he do a|>- 
pear here wlttda 10 ^n) days 
alter Aiepri)tt»ti(nberetf,aid 
^ whtf ctty be ae^^ury to 
pr(^et Us i^^st la Wa sOX, 

S4 Gntterlng-IUHrftaig 

Gutters and oown spoute re- 
placM' and roof rSpdrs. Free 



Leaks and Repairs 
All work gioranteed. 


as Home Maintenance 

Electrical Contractor 
Installation & Repairs 
Free Estimates 427-1146 

^ _ : I ■ 

paint interior and extelior.464- 

Spedal fall Cleanup and dose 
up. 25% discount for all work 
dcme in ttie next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. Dampers installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlant- 
ic Builders & Maintenance. CaU 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you with that new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can fUrhlsh nuterials from 
basemotf to attic and aid you 
In financing. 
Phone: Kellam & Eaton, Inc. 




Expansion of our operations 
has created a number of ope- 
nings in this area for indi- 
viduals who are interested in 
managing a company owned 
business. No cai^tal invest- 
ment is required. As a man- 
ager trainee, you will receive 
on-the-job training in small 
business management controls 
and operaticHi. This is a cus- 
tomer orienteted activity and 
requires personal contact, 
promotional acttrity and an 
indiridual witt) a hl^ energy 
level. We prefer candidates 
Witt) {fferious experience in 
the operation of a small bus- 
iness, retail store, restaurant, 
motel, etc. 

While this experience is 
desirable, candidates ^0 are 
ambitious, have strong lea- 
dership charaderistics and 
have demonstrated their abil- 
ities, will be considered with- 
out prerious expertence. Why 
not explore tbe (^^rtunittes 
in coi^dence? Please send 
your resume including edu- 
cation, experience and salary 
requiremente to Box 2175, 
Virginia Bead), Va. 23452. 
An Equal Opportunity 

.1 II I I I I ri . I T I 1 , 1 1 | I 

50 Bu«liieg» OpportuBltke 

Have opening for lady to sell 
Etectrolux products In the Vir- 
ginia Beach area. Excellent op- 
poriunity to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interriews held at our office 
between 9 a.m. and noon, any- 
day tt)is week. Ask for manager. 
Electrolux Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia, ^ach Blvd. 

Business is buzzing and we need 
two experienced sales agente. 
An)ly today. Call Tom Kane 
497-4851 Nighte 340-1760. 
Grow with Realtors. Stohl Re- 
alty Corp. 


TUTORING- Certified Teacher, 
Tutoring after school in ele- 
mentary subjects. 464-2681. 


Poodles - toy female, white 
3 months old, registered, shots 

Poodle Pups - 2 males, lUack, 
1 chocolate, AKC registered, 
temporary shote $75,497-2573. 

Poodle pups, black AKC reg- 
istered. Also Stud sendee. 499- 

Poodle - 6 months, black mini- 
ature registered, will sell tot 
$50 or will trade for a tiny 
chihuahua. 4 97-5561. 


DEHUMIDIFlfcR, Burns - Air- 
King, built-in, humidastat, 
water overflow switch, like new. 

Contemporary Sofa (Th aye r- 
Coggins)$65. 428-8431. 

1 1 || 1 . 1 

*Legol Notices 

A copy-Teste: 


Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 

J. E. Clarteson, Atty. 

Willcox, Savage, Laurence, 

Dickson, it Sfdndle 

1800 Virginia National Bank 


Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


This is to w^ the public 
ttiat ttie underslgMd, trying as 
KLOP'S MARKET will wittiin 
ten days after publication d 
this notice apply to ttie Virginia 
^ate Alcdiolic Beverage Con- 
trol Board for a license to mU 
beer and wine for ctt premises 
J3. Kloeppel 

Equal Opportonity 
Over 21 years of age, good 
physical condition. Experi- 
enced, or wlUlng to learn to 
earn. Good wages driving Trac- 
tor-Trailers local or over the 
Road, East, South-East, and 
Midwest areas. For appIi«^on, 
write Nation Wide Semi Diri- 
slon, P.O. Box 4329, Richmond, 
Virginia, or Call (703) 644-5258. 

ENTS- Work part time for Old 
DuninlMi University news- 
psfier. Positions still avail- 
able. Ci^ Jiu^k Bray at 428- 

' I ' ■™ " ' I ■■■ ■ III 

fers high income opportunity 
to muture man in Virginia Beach 
area. PLUS regular cash and 
vacation bonuses^ s^bundant 
fringe benefite. ,_^ 
Regardless at eiqierience air- 
mail A.N. Pate, Pres. Texas 
Refirwry Corp., Box 711, Fort 
Wortti, Texas 76101. 

GOOD MAN OVER 40 for short 
trips surrounding Va. Beach 
Contrad Customers. We train. 
Air Mail A. S. Dicterson, Pres., 
Southwestern Petroleum Cotp., 
Ft. Wortti, Tex. 

Beach Community ■ Outpatient 
Mental Healtti Center. College 
graduate, $6,400 . Permanent 
Resident. Assist Psychiatric 
Team in case work services and 
adult day care program, 

Theory, Repertdre 
James & Frances Morrisson 
Accessible from Expressway, 
Va. Bch Blvd, First Coloniad 
or Laskin Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

— boats" ~ 

1969 McKee 14' Cathedral Hull 
with 33 Evdirude Motor Long 
Trailer Complete. Ready to go. 
All accessories included, in 
water one season, excellent con- 
dition. $1100 Call 428-0541 or 
428-5531. s?^ 

1968, 40 hp. Big Twin, Long 
Shaft, Evinrude mptor^ $400. 
At 1213 Kittiwake Ct., Bird- 
neck. Ph. 428-5033 


wks. Shote, wormed. AKC Reg. 
Black & Tan. Bred for tem- 
perament. Complete 5 gene- 
ration pedigree. 464-3938. 

idce. Bea^e and Poodle - 425- 

Poodle pups, apricot toys, Mac 
mlHlahure. 583-1076. 

Cocker Spaniel, male, blonde, 
registered, wormed, 13 months. 
464-3412. ~ 

Poodle Grooming and Access- 
ories, Charalaiw Poodle House 
5689 Va. Beach Blvd., Norfolkj 
7:30 am - 6 ixn Tuesday thru 
Sa turday, 420-4790. 

Samoyed - AKC Registered, 
champion dame and sire. 426- 

Household furniture, 2 bed- 
rooms, liring room, dlnnette 
set, refrig., color T.V. stereo 
420-7773 See at 6324 Knobhill 

Apallo drum set. Red sparkle; 
3 drums (complete set) Good 
condition. $50. Phrae 497-te51 

Sales and service. Prompt ef- 
ficient repeliB. Pick iq> and 
deUvery.'Phone 428-4222, Fuel 
Feed andBuUdlngSuiq^les, Inc. 




wMum MAaMOt 

Against relnfestation, <»ly 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid, 
Roaches eat Sure Kill greedi' 
ly, then return to ttieir nestf 
and die. Here ttiese dead 
roaches conteminate other 
roaches and eggs, and ttiey 
^e, starting a chain ireidlon 
that wiir kin ttiem aU.ISBife 
Kill nevor wears out, yet safe 
to use. d has absolutely no 

tkJg. & Dist. 

P.0.B0X 1 Arvonia, Va., 


HEATER -recessed type, oil, 
150 gal. tank, $60 ca^ 428- 


111 Rmbu Per Beat '"~^ 

Marshall's Hotel 66tti and Ocean 
One room effidenqr $125 
moirfhly $32.50 weel^. Two 
rooms $190monttily$48w«ddy, 
indudes ulttlittes, T. V. and 
maid serrice. 428-6M1. 

Rooms for rent on waterfront. 
Share batti. 587-4225. 

MAUBU-Sli^ room for ]aift 
Utcben privileges. Privite 
home. 340-4325 

Room for reirt, privatejKune In 
Lake Shores. Write In care of 
ttie Sun News or call 464-3713 

after 1 o.m. . '" . 

■ ' :^ • ■•- • " i _ iiN « i-i.i- 

^eited rooms. I^idd serriee. 
Day, wedL or, mrattu 2M 20Qi 


I ■ « I 1 . 1 II 

Arrowhead, private home. Un- 
ited use of kitdien, young cou- 
ple or two ladies, references - 


One bedroom cottage for family. 
Apply at DeWltt Cottage, 12tb 
St, and Atlairtlc Ave. 

Small be^ad 4*., sennee oon- 
ide, wfoter rates. Also, roont, 
(telly or monttily. 428-6713 after 
11 a.m. 



ALANTON-8 room raodi, 2 
battis, pool toBttiia&ip, Sept. 
25; $285 42S-7967. ^ 

m HoBses Far Sals 

Lovely new 3 bedroom, 2 batti 
home. Fireplace, new carpetti^; 
large temily room, 2 car ^rage. 
Many extras. $36,500. Equity 
and assume. 427-57^. Conrt 
.Mm^^^m^.. ,^.i.,J. • 

128 Real Eatite Waited 


GROW YOUR own fruit. Free 
copy 48-page Planting Guide 
Catalog in color— offered by 
Virginia's largest growers of 
fruit trees, nut trees, berry 
plants, grape vines, landscaping 
plant material. Salespeople 
wanted. Waynesboro Nurseries- 
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980. 

Prc^erty to sell .or reot, 
cUente-waltiJig. CaU 340-0740. 

Home & Apt. Ustti«B Needed 

for Sale or Rent 

Member of VlrgbdaBeachMal- 

tiple listing Sendee. SOO 

SatesBMa wlU help seU your 


Cooper Realty 

2807 Padfic Ave. 
Ph 428-1330 

Use SUN Classified Ads. 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified od 


Minimum Charge 1.00 Under Four Lines 



LMrn le opcfHe BuiMo/crs- 
OfHl'Mi. Crtnes. Scrapcrj, 
loMcft. Trenchers, etc.. at 
our modern (ecilily. A hi|li' 
pt)d cireer it oocn to ambi- 
lieul men KMM Mici ■•»». ru 

Hitivwia* nrnn 
CMttrwtiM saMth 

NtrlMk, Vt. IHII 


Women 18 and up «%ar and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry In your 
spare time, no investnMnt, no 
deUvery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 






2 4 b 








$1.00 %IM 

$U5 $1.50 

$U0 $1.80 

5% discount If run 4 weeks 



Mittmvm Charge $1.00 OMTIAO 

4 to 6 Unes 25? ^^ 

tM 14 lines 20$ Une 

15 or more Unes 18$ line 
Dis^y Ads $2.00 per inch 

30$ line 


I Ntiiff 

I • ' ^ 



Rtll H 



Viritah Ntdi ,U, tS4S7 


Vol. 1 No. 8 

Thursday, November 5, 1970 


4 WEEKLY piaomi 





BILL SUMMERUN, well known I0C9I artist tuad president of 
tbe Chesapeake Art Guild, felt that Uiere were too many pros- 
pective artists among tbe ycHinsters of Tidewater tbat mre 
not being encouraged or recognised. He ^d sometUng about 
it. The results~"Young Artist of College Park". This new 
organization of budding artists limits the age of mendlierB 
to 17 and the dues are only two dollars a year. The dub mectts 
on Saturday at College Park in a building, tlie use of whiA 
is, donated by their sponsors, Larrymore Foundatian. Mendwr- 
sbip is qpen to any interested party, 17 years old and under, 
in the Tidewater area. Prospective new members are espe- 
cially invited to tiie first and second Saturday meetings in the 
If ore lectures on pages 8 and 9. 

Left Above ^^ . . . ' . 

Virginia Beach Elementary school teachers gathered at Altfiton 
Elementary last week for a music dinic. Teacher CHARLOTTE 
GARWOOD of ThaUa Elementary played Uie finger cymi^ 
In an impromptu orchestra arranged by clinic instructor UBS. 
For more ph(^06 see pages 2 and 3. 



Members of Beta Sigma Phi wlU be seUing poppies in tte 

PriiMess Am»e Plaza area on November 7 and 8th. The sorority 

wlU be assisting with the 1970 VFW Buddy Poppy Campaign 

to raise maoey ft» the widows and orphans of deceased veterans, 

DON GAI«;iA, area-wide diairman of tbe campaign, g^^s ta- 

structioos to members of Beta Sigma Phi members IfflS. 


Page 2 immiT Thur^jgy, Nov. 5, i9TO 

Virgmia Beach EhmeMm^Schml Mum CWm 

CUnlc instructor was MRS. GRACE NASH, top advisor and cliidcian 
in tiie creative aniroach to elementary music educaticm, repre- 
senting- Kitddng Educational Di^sion irf LwKvig Intestries. "MRS. 
NAi^, inronanent American airtbority on pedagogical principals 
and syproaches ctf Orff and Kodaly, has a^de experience in working 
witti children, tx)th as^a classroom teacher and music specialist. 
Her siminars for teachers have gained natioiwide ^tentlon from 
many colleges and administrators as a revitalizing iot(x in ele- 
mentary music curriculum planning. She is a leader in iniMvative 
and creative techniques, principals and approaches to provide 
"peake" learning experiences in the music class. Achievement 
of music skills and music literacy are among the natural results 
but academic subjects such as literature, language arts and social 
studies are also drawn into their relationship with music which 
becomes the core of the curriculum." 

. . . lik* no otH«r 

A pataiilad mirocl* bra dtsigncd by a 
woman for Iht baauly and comfort of 
WOMM avtrywhir*. Ttw ciMlom NNmI 
KNNVMCH MA Mh. iba^ md lermi iht 
largo hunt . . . «w * ia i > c o» Iho tmol butt wMt- 
04n 0n)f pooomQt wompvolo comfarf witli no 
Mrop riroin. Six** 2A to 46 in cup lint A to 

Longline Styles ovoiloble in 2 lengths 

DIANE SANDERUN, Plaza Elenwotary, pl^s tte goitar tn atray 
we've never seen a guitar played tatfore. IIkIN SICaiT pbotogrtyilier 
was so engrossed in taking tbe plctore ttwt be neglected to find 
wit the reason for tl\e inortbodttc way of playii^ 



5312-C Virgida BeaA Hvd. Vii«iiiia BcMfaJVa. 

PHONE 499-1708 

CoBiilete BeMty and Wif Senrieet 
Fiire NiBatc Hair Dryen 



Mon. Tue. Wed. Sat. 9-5 Tf^ur. Fri 9-8 
1770 Independence Rvd. 464-5664 RoMmm Comer 

iH smr 



INSIGHT Thursday, Nov. 5, 1970 Page 3 

>■.. ■»-;,-...: 

—Music Clinic 

am^MUMlASDRtJU at TiK»»»g)>«ood Eleiiiaitaxy.pla]» 
Vb6 OJAtelloiiiQDe. 

STRICCO choM the "TUnp-Tomi" oo which to further 
her miklcal k»ivtedge. r 


AtlMtk * 3Ut Stbet 


Bu^ittnmfn Umekem fnm 9S4 ufi 
S tmflKtlSfmktC kidmmMi 

Sw^ekd Dbmer &om ISO up 

Far jmt DiniiV &itwtaiiuMBt- 
Lift Onn Mviic 1^ Urnr Mmui 


Tkwitey, FrM^, Sttwiay And SaaiBy firndngt 

MRS GRACE NASH shows some of the musical instruments which she brought along to MRS. ElflLY 
PARks orindpal of Alanton Elementary, MRS. RUTH COLE principal of Hermitage Elementary, TROY 
»PERRY principal of Kempsvllle Elementary, JIM HILL of Rowe « Long Music Company, who worfa*- 
tor over two years toward the music clinic, and MR. JAMES ACKELS, superintendent Music Department 
of Virginia Beach School Board. 



S<i»e ^tf<yt 7<i»»g> '7tmfiefi. tuid "^Ui^tMl 

■BBCl IvMy iMW Sdiwhin Uln w* Mil U oiMmbM, BBCBl 
rKBBi adlmted. and rwdy ie rid* atiw •xtni dMi«*.r*kBB« 

FREE! ■■■■■ 

30 Day ins|Mction and chock up. 



6646 E. Virgninia Beach Boulevard 

MON. . SAT. 9-7 DECEMBER 9-9 





Page 4 INSKJHT Thurtdny. Nov. 5, 19^ 


liakbig Suta Clauses ior Chrti 

tr^e (Mtiaineirts are MRS, 

published each Wednesday ^ the Beach Publishing Corporation 

publishers of The Virginia Beach ^ 

Gordon B. Mitchell, Manager 

3108 Pacific Avenue, Virginia 6ea(^, Va. 23451 
^"^""^ The World's largest Resort City 



One Week Only 


SHEATH LINING in New Fail Colors 
Reg.89gyd. 69^ yd. 


15277 PRINCESS ANNE I^OAI) 49725291 

Service Mgr. 


• Free Lubrication 


•Free Front-end 

(With This Ad) 


General Motors ' 
Permanent Awti-Freege $2.75 gal. 


21 M. • PMlfie Ave. PhoiM 428-2132 


UKies United Methodist Church, on Virginia Beach Boulevard near Newtoim Road, irtU hold its annual 
t}azaar on Saturday, November 21st, from 10 A.M. to8 P«M. The tadlM^Qltte ctardi have hera woridng 
for several weeks in-eparing for the bazaar so tiie Of iSIGHT jMecn^ter Mepped by one nt^it recently 
and found tUs groiv busily cutttncseviii^, gltiagete;lf»tf the dnrdfttye also been vorldagbirt were 
not available Oie night ttie piiotogtaiiber vas there. Ois|ilajnd htoa are s^m dC ttte ittns iii<ft the todies 
of LeKies United Methodist Chur(^ have been making to be 8(dd at their baiaar. 

At left standing^ is MRS. HAROLD TAYLOR, seated are MRS. G.E. HOLT, MRS. A. SLOANE and 
DOROTHY MESSING. Busily sewiiur cataoillars and clowns. 



Tht Stf f T§ You 


166-D Rosemont Road 



5% off 





tmiOHT Thtimfay, Nov. 5, 1970 Pqgi 5 


MRS. A.W. VICK and MBS. L.G. MILLER bave Am irith a stuffed monkey as they 
.irtptre a dispbqr of some of tbe items tMtk viU be on sale at tbe bazaar. 

MRS. HUGH MOORE has an assembly line going as she maices clown pins. 





Have you ever said "I never w<» anytMag in my Me*'? So had 
LEA mSOH. Here MR. and Ml6. IXW VINSON, of North Witch- 
dnek Road, are shown thaaUng MR. EARL EDMONSON of Cen- 
tral Food Service for tin freewr wUch they won. THe VINSONS 
visited the Central Food service booth tf the Greater Tldewiltr 
Fair at Pmgo and (froppad ti^ name late aboi. Tliafs m there 
was to it. So next time you see abM that says "Drop Entry Here" 

to it. ^ . 









Page 6 INSIGHT Thurtday; Nw. 5. 1970 

PreSchool HMoween Party 

Instead of ttie Children's Story Hour last Thursday, tte Windsor Woods Brtneh lilH^ry gave a Halloween 
party for the boys and girls. Also attending was a Kalfbween witch. 

Come see a car 


and the middle. 

Tte «t^ iM a tilt Ittte ariiilflt MlMaiMdlltt4rtar«'^Mroom 
tl:o1i)le*^ One young man 89i6 he nw a food medtmU uA o^red 
to fix Ite broom. 

The Audi 10CA.S 



The car with the engine in the front is called the Audi. 

It stops differently, turns differently, moves differently, even 
uses gas differently than just about every other car in the world. 
(Sixty-one years of German engineering experience has taught us 
a few things.) 

The car with the engine in the rear is the Porsche 911. 

A true classic in sports cars. And a classic in engineering. In 
fact, over the past twenty-one years Porsches have proven to be so 
well engineer^!, so precise, that they've won more than one thou- 
sand major races. 

And thecar without an engine in the front or the back is the 

We put the engine in the middle so the 914 would hold the 
road better, comer surer, and brake smoother than alm(»t any 
other car. » 

At the auto show we'll be glad to show what our cars look 
like in real Hfe. We're very proud of them. 

And we'll show you something we're even more proud of 

thanthewaytheylook: oi-icaesr-ue I Jki irii* 
The way they work. PDnSCHE AUDI 

' ' afflvisionofM5lkswj^nofAmerica.Iiic. 


Vli^INIA BEACH, VA. 234S1 

None of the children were frigfateDded of the good witch, played fay THELMA LANE. 



46 MONTH QUARANTeE « . '^ 
AHsiitt 21 .95 


194e^ Otamontf Sprhiflt Rd. 
Pliont 464-35ie 




rff; i-^lr ^ri.ii'l^j. 

■i>»iiii» WirrMa if i n ^ • - - v^^;\„ , a- ■■■ i.«--^" rt^^^'v:" ^' liii;^ • '- " ■" ifc»* 


INSIGHT TKuriday, Now. 5, I97q^age 7 

Halloween Party 


The pre-schoolers pwaded thra the Ubrary to show olf their costumes to parents and patrons 

Va. B«adh fhop 
OpM Iv^niiiffs 



Bf ikSIM MtcftofifCf -M^llc roil Wafth 

Top quoKty bended lining- 
All 4 whMls-lnclwdes labor 
ond lining, gworontttd )• 
yr or 10,000 milts. 





Gworonteod 6 monttw 
or 6,000 «mW». 



MRS. DORIS FINNEGAN, cMWren's Ubrarian^ passed out the treate. 









•iDo It Touneif ChrUtnuu item* 




>simiimimm.mmaimKmimm,«0 vrxs;jssW-U h m wh >"< wiii— »— 



Poge 8 INS IGHT Thurtaay, Nov. S, 1970 

BILL SUMMEBUN waiti outside the clidthotiAe idfb some of UK ]K>aig ineisbers. PermisdOQ was glveo 
to tbe 3roufi|.artfsts to decwate tlie outside walls ol ttie dubiMMise iMd> «iU be torn domi to ntJu room 
for i iMWl5idldlng. ' • 




ThMC yoai« ladtes posed vlfh an example of ttieir^tfrter art. UICHELE 
JACKIE CRISS 14 iNirkMl tocatter OB ttiis Ut of decoratioB. 

Theses yoimg men, some "old" members and some new, valtod oirtslde te eMbhoasc lart ^orday ha 
tbe HaUoween party*) start. Left to right: UWRENCE (ffiEEN 8, WOMJS GREEN 10. EARL FENTRKS 

' " i II I I mmmtmmm 


INSIGHT Thursday/ Nov. 5, 1970 Pago 9 

BETH ARCHER, at eater at picture with loog hair, was 13 jears old Sunday, Moreniber 1st, but siie 
took adraitfage (tf ttie day to share her oelebratioo and Urtbday cake with other dub members. 

Caught by the IN SIGHT pbotographer at the refreshment table are TERRY CRAIN 12, PENNY QUICK 12, 

Most of the Am at aigr party is getting together in 
discission with Mends. UNDA ADAMS 12, VICKI 
FENTRESS 12 and CHRIS BRACE 15 aire shoiro having 

^^to beguif to pursuit^ to succeed^* 


Pflfltf 10 jmiOHT Thurt*v, Nov. 5, »TO 



. JWKILD tttUHCB, Wm »ork», i«rt Ume irMli Mi. BGAHTO, 
UAA q> I ildun (nne m te oatomen aa see Mat Itejr're 

Prlneess Am. Burlto CI* heW It's am.-.! action "«»' Sat««ay on HolbM Bo^. A^«k ^ Wt 
S3?il?Sj e«XTghr.u*«st.rt.d.t 10 A.M., lt,a.stlUeo.„ stK,»j .N. « left «ou«. 4 P.M. 



iVeir Appliance Service Companyt 
Now Open To Serve You 


ONLY- S6.50 service (hg. .ONLY 

9S% oi our work is ^onc ie tho castoatr't heme 
aH work gwiraeteod 

BEACH appliance service 


a little 


Buy U.S. Saving* Bonds 
& Frewlom Shares 


"Tidewater's Original" 

This young lady, HOPE LANG 12, bad tbft tt0»«lfcldoBttiis 
lot of ladies purses, $2.75. HOPE said sl» <Hfti»ttoow «lat 
she was go4i« to do with so maiqr purses but Sie ws happy 
that she ms the successful Iddter. Here she receives her 
change from Rurltaa number LOWELL CLABC. 


Padlie Ave. At 25th St.^ 
Virginia Beach 




151 E. Little Creek.Rd. 
Wajrdt Comer Norfolk 


INSIGHJ Thurtttay^ mf^S,WmPm§^ih 

ers Hold Garage Sale andBazaar 


Witk t^ntfi siies and tasurs being soriR 
at tto time of year it's no wonder thatihe 
jrowpiers are also getting into tlie act. Witii 
two garages and a playhouse stacked with 
merclundis^le items at the R. MILTON wab- 
REH home on Cherry Lane in Old Alanton, 
the WARREN youngsters and nel^borhood 
ftiends decided to haye their own garage sale 
and bazaar last Friday and Saturday. 
Pictu^gd here with some of their sale items 

To help in another garage 


is Y9ur littlfhf into 
wh§t'$ h§fp$nia§ 

in ¥ir§M§ Bonth 

60" PEARLS 3 1/2 to 8 Millimeters for CROCHETED 

Let Us Help You Make Gifts for Your Bozoar 


Virginia's Hobby & Craft 

2106 Atlantic Avenue 

Phone 428-1355 


(Cougars, Montegos, Hfontereys, 
WagoDs aDd More!) 




Over Dt«l«r'i Invelct Cosf! 


237S nrfM* laMb IM. M LomIm Iridvfl— 3404tM 



Page 12 tWSK^T Ttmnttey, Nov. 5, I9T0 

Pembrcdce Mall hosted many clubs and organizations at their 
aimual bazaar last week. Each of the non profit organizations 
set up a booth at the mall and raised nu»ief for dieir fa- 
vorite projecte. The Linkhorn Park Garden Club, beside 
having several items on sale, accepted donatims toward 
the drawing for this granny af^an iM<^ their iMresident, 
MRS. J. JAMES DAVIS, made aai donated to tte club. 


You never know when you'll need H.ELP. 

Hospital and medical costs keep going higher and 
higher. You could r«illy get stung with a swarm of 
heavy bills . . . unless ^>u have H.E.LP. It's the new 
plan of Health Expense Loss Protection that takes 
the bite out of BIG medical expenses. Don't be stuck 
with an old benefit plan. ^^ yg ^^ y^^^p 

and stop worrying. 

Ke*MHt -CcXou, 

-0«iti-' k« i i t 


ttaiffling the Camp Fire Girls booth, to sell the many items made by Qk girls and ttieir mothers, were 

At tte Pendiroke Meadows Garden Club booth wen MRS. T. k. HEAD.^^mmtraiii. and MRS. E E SCH' 
NETZLER, president, - ' /» ' 

One of the moat popidar of all tiki booths at Am hisaar was tbat afltie Virginia Beach S P C A wUeb 
fei^nred several live ulintai. 

^!— i?i 

New Look For 
Bank Tellers 

INSIGHT Thurtday, Nov. 5, 1970 Pago 13 

Chesapeake Beach Woman's Club 

The Woman's Clid> of Chesapeake Beach, Inc. held it's fourth annual aii party, luncheon mi fashion 
show zt the Cavalier Hotel last week. The fashion showj^lNkise tteme was "TTie Long and Short of It" 
was by ROSE HALL with SUZANNE LOWTON as coordinator. The IN SIGHT photo^apher would Uke to 
have biDUght you some pldsire of the fashions, especially after getting a pedc at ibe beaitilul models 
but a busy schedule woul<ta't permit. Clidj officers shown here, are left to right: MRS. CARLO. FOX,* 
treasurer, MRS. MARTIN J. MULDERRIG, JR. 1st vice president, MRS. W.B. HUGHES, president, MRS. 
RAY L. BREEDEN, secretary and publicity chairman and MRS. JAMES C. PACE 2nd vice president and 
ways and means chairman. 

Hie ttlters 9t First Colonial Bank, MaUbu Towers Brandt, dont look 
ablt Hks iiitchas, Ote (mes we knowttiat is, but Saturday was HaUoween 
and fbtf dressed for ttie occasion. Of all tiie decoratioos in the bank, 
tiUsr CA^L SNEAD was one of Qie prettiest. 

t>€0ana Exec. Retires 

CAPTAIN JOHN LAVRA, Executive Officer otOceaoa Naval Air Station 
sin(» Jtdy, 1969, retired last Friday in ceremtHiies held in hanger 500 
at the stattoQ. CAPTAIN UVRA and his wife, MAROLYN, plan to 
wttte In ttie Virginia ^ach area with tiwlr six (Aildren. CAPTAIN 
LAVS^ a r^erve, began Us naval career in 1944 as a cooAtai 
erewmaa. Ot Odober 10, 1947, at Pensacola, Flc^lte, tenmcom- 
ntfstfoBed u an euign and d^giatod a naval a^iattn'. During tte 
K<ff9Mi conflict CAPTAm LAVHA flew U ntfaslaitt and was stpt down 
twiot^ the second time 30 ^les btUnd ene% lines where be tns 
rescued tif a betteopter. Official U.S. Navy mato. 

has a new time ••• 



and a new station . . . 



T\,rr nMTiii i.iHiiiiiniinaii 

Page 14 INSI GHT THugJ^CQr^ Nov. 5, 1970 

Etmmuel Episcopal Bazaar 

Emanuel EiAsco})al Church, oa Princess Anne Road 
in Kempsville, will hold its annual bauiar this 
Saturday, November 7th, starting at 10 AM. Be- 
sides a supervised nursery and a simck bar ^re 
will be booths for the following: Christmas items, 
a childrens booth, hsmdmade items, white elephant, 
country, store, ceramic booth, cake walk, space 
walk, wig boutique. A drawing will be held for a 
color TV, a hand embroideried Christmas table 
doth and an original painting. 
Here displaying some of ttie items to be sold in 
the Christmas and l^iKimade booths are MRS. JOHN 
NEWBOLD chairman of the Christmas booth and 
MRS. PAUL A, SCHWEMLEY chairman of the hand- 
work booth. 

frcsft Lj^asftavM 


CLAMS .... *^ 49^ 


Grimstead's Market 

PhoM 42l-ft24 
11M V«. iMck llvd. «f SMrih linliicefc Id. 



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HwN Coils $10.50 


1 66 E Rosemont Rd. 

Also open for the bazaar will be tl^ new 01«! Rwtofjr Book Shop which opmad October JOtli ti a pw- 
I maneot faciUty at tti» diurch. 

mmmimsmimm^mii^ifii^^^m^^^m^i^^ffmmi^^^^^^ The book shop nils religious 

boote, Jmralry, gilts and rtatton- 
arj for aU d»ioiidDati<M)s. UBS. 
ERIC H. NeRTLEET is manager 
d the wv«t(»«. 

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I 51H0 Virjfinia Iksich Blvd. 




HiHMM Lm« Than 


INSIGHT TMi-sday, Nov.i5> J9mPage 15 





Tbe anoual mini Hower show school was held last week at Thalia Methodist 
CImrdi. The school, which is open to all garden clvb members in Virginia 
B^thf is to teach how to judge and exhibit flower arrangements. Among the 
jgpMfcere^ were the ladies below: Left to right they are: MRS. WAYNE 
GRUHDEN of Lake Shores Garden Club, MRS. DAVID STORMONT SR 

SSlSLf"**^'^ 5*'"*'®**Jf°i°*J^*^«° Club. MRS. M.J. SWARTZ. program 
fSW*„# r J°"f^^ Plantation Garden CI* and MRS. ARTHUR GAL- 
LAG|ER of Cbespelan Colony Garden Club. 

JS!ffci'*!gL**F- ^^V2 STORMONT. SR. also judged the arrangements 
!?!*?-!? *^® ^'^"^ ^^^^ prepared for criticism by the class. Left to 

CI*' M^' RmF^Vjiflff^^^.^^ Pi ^^£^' ^' Shores Garden 
«l«k„ - • ROBERT LANCASTER also of Lake Shores and MRS. IWRMAN 
PERRY at Kingston Garden Club. 

»———<W— —•———<•— ———■■■■■■■Mil 

TUewai»%MmVmuu9i GUI SAap 




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RICHMOND, VA. 31319 



|| HOV 16 I9TO 

45th Year No. 41 

Virginia Beacli# Vfrginia, Thursday, November 12, 1970 

Telephone 428-2401 

10 cents 


Pendleton Tract may be Released 

ShUn In biaitk, the 27.5 acres in quest 


The Navy has indicated un- 
officially it is wilUng to re- 
linquish control of a small por- 
tion of land that juts into state- 
owned Camp Pendleton in order 
to solidify 1200 feet of beach- 
front with the remainder of the 
450-acre site the city wants 
to buy. 

In a meeting Tuesday with 
several Virginia Beach citi- 
zens, officials at the Little 
Creek Naval Amphibious Base 
said they would transfer 27.5 
acres if the city would allow 
them ownership of a portiui 
of South Birdneck Road. 

South Birdneck Road termin- 
ates at ttie beach front in Camp 
Pendleton and would allow the 
Navy access to other beach- 
front property it uses for Mar- 
ine landings as well as boat 
crew traii^ exercises. 

The city would have to build 
another rood parallel to South 
Birijbie^ Road as its access- 
way to its ocetofront property, 
a ctticen's spokesman said. 

Al |»-esent, the existing road 
acts as the southern boundary 
of the federally-owned land in 
question but continues back into 
stato-owned land. — .-,.^'-' 

The parcel. of land reinre- 
sents a petda^vla jutting into 
Lake ClaistlDe inside National 
Guard boundaries, and is held 
by ttie FilUt Naval rastrlrt com- 
mand for tae by the Fleet Am- 
phitdoos Fwce. . 

In order for a. transfer to 
be approved, the Department of 
Defensie and other i^litary and 

governolttBtal agencies toviA 
have tQ weie to the relinqui^- 


Ij^'ever, the citlaen's 
Spol^man said he felt sure 
the Navy and otter commands 
would go along with a transfer 
that KTOuld solve the Navy's 
as well as the city's problems 

b$iif9«x« Xr isis En^ed 

^ ;.^-, 


„ eUUaal Jof V^dmiare 
1^^ wOkm poMilitlity of not 
being 11^(6 dbtaitt vitomoblle 
tod honMowiwrs Insurance po- 
Udes in the near future, ac- 
cording to a contingent of in- 
surance agents from Virginia 
Beach and the Tidewater area 
who called on Governor Un- 
wood Holton to outUne the pro- 
blems ooofrontlnc the industry 
and oifer possible solutions. 
AoeorOnc to Barry GKBey, 
Prertdent of flw Virginia Beadi 
Aasodatlon ollnaurance Agents 
ivho parttdpated in ttie oonfer- 
•noe with the governor, "The 
availability of inraranceandthe 
miiriwr of oon^aiUes offering 
inraruice to xeakleBts in the 
am are dn^shing rapidly." 
Hff addad, "#«*> some method 
of solving m problem is de- 
vised more ooii^«s will poll 
ort and we will be unable to 
ditein favurance coverage." 

A survey of ttie agents in 
Tldnnter ravMlid twenty-^ 
tf glkt compaidM are no longer 
accepttng vxf new bii^nais in 
the personal lines of automo- 
Uli .or homeomiers d bottu 
Antthose eonvanies idiicb are 
wriAg new budness indicate 
ttttt^vere underwriting re- 
strietfons tot ttie aeei^itence of 
new polides have been iisti- 
tnted. THese restriction have 
resulted in many 4>|dicants, 
mich as vidims of non-fault 
acddente or minor trafHe vi- 
oHMom, not being able to re- 
new their polides. 

i^ients point out that these 
same policy holders irouldhave 
bad no prd)lem with ren^^ 
a ooM* o' y**^ ago iNtftev 
the inrarance companies |N 
becoming so higlily select!^ 
in the polides ttey write thit 
ndnor iaddents cause eancel- 

J(*n Sbiidu>Iser, a represen- 
tMive of the Virginia Aasoda- 
tlon td Inmrance Agents si^ 
the proHem has been erei^ed 
l^ ttose who have so vocally 
(^ail^teMd tbe cause fbr "con- 
a^gHT pr^Bdion". the asso- 
dittn pdds out Oat while con- 
supir iffotedioo is a pc^xdar 
coorw, audi adioi irtll 1^ 
to e&>iwmic disaster for .the 
, la^uiM comixes if, at ttie 
•aiie ttme, ivi^ cwrtrols are 
n^ ^aeed iqk» repi^r ^ste, 
medical expend and ^al 

Giae apnt aaW tet ttMMirtio 
elkqptaa fte ooMvmer ^ose 
ere ta tfled, Uyrntf^ tte o»- 
•i^r. (Httey aapldnsd ^ 
tbe iararwee cMqiaMM, in m 
•Oort to estmta it a f^tUt 

CO existing liites, are becoming 
highly selecflve of the appli- 
cants they a^ove. As Giiflejr 
put it "The Agents of Tide- 
water are fighting for their 
lives in an effort to place in- 
surance for thell cUeitf8.'U la 
safe to say that tbey q^ndoaa- 
third to one-half oftheirtime 
trying to get ttie companies 
to continue polides which we 
have in force. And it is be- 
coming more difficult all the 

He pointed out that anyone 
with even a minor traffic ac- 
ddent idiich may not have been 
their fuilt. or a minor tnfflc 
violatton, has considerable dif- 
ficulty renewing their insur^ 

ance. Those who are canpelled 
become '{as^goei risk" and 
automatic^ly (Pay higfer pre- 
miums, and in many casira to 
compares which are consi- 
dered hi0i risk, sub-standard 
companies. This means many 
reliable customers wind \ip 
paying hi^r jn'emiums than 
tt)ey ordiiUiril^ should. 

A statemeirt Issued by the 
representattves who called on 
ttie govenRff stetes Oat '^We 
as agents, certainly do not like 
increases In the cost of in- 
surance any more than die oon- 
.sumer does, but we realize 


(see Crisis Pg. 12) 




The Virginia Beach Jaycees 
said Tuesftey ttiat Camp Pen- 
dleton "should not be^wed for 
any commerdal develo|mient 
now nor anytime fiitteMnre," 
and conveyed those seittments 
to Mayor Donald H. Rhodes by 

Jaycee President Rdiert L. 
Warren said ttie membership, 
after its regular meeting, felt 
ttiat it was time to g^ on re- 
cord. "We ftdly sunwrt ttiede*' 
velopment of Camp PendleMb 
as a multi-purpose recreational 
fhdUty ," Warren said, but 
stands firm against commerdal 
encroahroent. f < 

Warren noted that ttie de- 
velopment Would benefit not only 
the residents but also fliousands 
of dttzens who comprise this 
metropolitan area. 

"The Jaycees firmly believe 
ttiat fills relatively «ilBpoUed, 
4&0-acre {natural areat^QuMbe 
h^ld in perpetuity fw thexe- 
dwationil use d ^ piktUL" 
W«rren^«ai4- -^■'^'^^^-.-'Ikj-^jM- 
^*i|^ aai* iiie I p i aw a a ' " 

Hl rBTyaaa an fwwtfdiatf' 

dy 4^ ttie Cam^ PejiraHpn 
done by a profMsional iittd 
plamdng groiq>, itth conalda- 
ratloBL dven to a munie^ 
zoo and/or seaquarium, an ad- 
ditional golf course, horse sta- 
bles and riding trails, jogging 
and bicycle trails and surfing 
and bathing areas. 

In addltton, he said, planning 
should be i^ven to a multi- 
purpose recreattonal park for 
all outdoor sports. 

The area whldi the Jaycees 
refer to is currently ovmed 
by the state and the federal 
government, both of whom are 
being asked to relinquish ttieir 
proportion to the dty for rec- 
reattonal development. 

if the state turns over the 
land to Virginia Beach. 

Thus, the ,dty would not have 
to worry abdtt two divided areas 
for development and two differ- 
ent means of access for de- 
velopment, the spokesman said. 

A Navy spokesman said the 
land has been leased to the 
state for the past 11 years, 
ttie lease being renewed every 
five years. 

The Navy spokesman agreed 
that the land represents a bar- 
rier to development which is 
considered so vital by the city. 

"Everybody's lookinginto 
it," the officer said, "but I 
can't tell you what's going to 
happen." He said that in ad- 
ditton to the land, the Navy 
has its bleachers set up on 
state beachfront and uses them 
for landing observations. 

'•This Is a very seissittve 
subject," said another Navy 
otfidal, who added ttiat ttie land 
has been Navy property since 
ttie late 1940*$. "This covers 
more than my responsibility," 
ttie officer said, and indicated 
ttiat a formal answer to the 
dttzen's move to gain tbe use 
of the land would have to come 
firom a higher source. 

But ttie military response, 
althou^ guarded, was tevor- 
d)Ie, said tbe dtizens' spoils- 
man. . 

For several months numer- 
ous dttzen groups have been 
trying to acquire Camp Pendle- 
ton for dty recreatianal use, 
among tbem, Che Virginia &ur- 
flng Assodattm, several drug 

rehabiUtatiwi groups, and 

If ttie city uses tbe land for 
recrwtional ixirposes and does 
not turn it over to private de- 
velopers. Mayor Donala H. 
Rhoftes said he could se4no 
reason why the governnwat 
would fail to turn the land 

When asked what the city 
might offer for the land if It's 
for sale, Rhodes chuckled and 
replied, "One dollar would 
seem UOe a good figure if we 
could get ttiat price." 

The Navy has not comm«nted 
on tbe value it {daces « the 
parcel, nor •has indlcMcm^^^at 
it would accept Inlieuo^tnoney. 
In a letter to Gioyernor A. 
Unwood Holton, Rhodes asked 
ttiat "ownership of the camp 
(be) vested in the City of Vir- 
ginia Beadu" 

He noted ttiat ttie state has 
Just purchasad oceanfrcmt pro- 
per^ below ttie Department of 
ttie Interior's wildlife refuge 
for state park uses, and added 
ttiat "Our dty has greater need 
for the property than does ttie 

Rhodes said tbe entire par- 
cel sbraM be kept together and 
not divided "piecemeal into a 
multitude of uses at the pre- 
sent time," that it would re- 
<iuire long-range planning to 
determine the best use of ttie 
entire site. 

However, he said, the site 
i^uld be considered as a tem- 
porary site for a proposed com- 
munity college in Virgida 

Beach until a permaiwnt site 
can be developed in the Green 
Run developnied off Holland 

There are other uses of the 
lud that can be considered, 
mich as a location for drug 
Jreatment, an enlarged area 
for surfing and so on, Rho(tes 

But "I would personally op- 
pose any "temporary" use of 
the land, since, like taxes, they 
can so easily become perman- 
ent," he conttnued. 

If necessary, Rhodes said ttie 
dty might consider buying land 
for a drug rehabilitation center 
since the need for such a unit 
was high on the dty's priority 
list, rather than permanently 
commit a portion of Camp Pen- 

The mayor said recreational 
use of ttie area would probably 
be most desirable, but that 
he was completely (q)en to any 

He noted however, that ff the 
dty leased the land to pri- 
vate developers it mig^t not be 
able to derive any taxes from 
that real estate since it would 
be dty-owned. 

Although not a clear ques- 
tion, Rhodes said he had asked 
Qie dty attorney's office and 
ttie dty manager's office for 
advice on the possible imple- 
mehtation 6f a lease holding 
tax, allowing the dty to tax 
land it would lease. 

This, he said, would allow 
ttie dty to receive benefite 
from the land in terms of ,% 

. *- 

Mayor Donakl Rhodes and 
Norfolk Mayor Ro| Martin will 
leave Saturd^ fbr Puis car- 
rying well over lOO.p) signa- 
tures of area resi<!^ts mrgUig 
ttie release, or at nleaat in- 
formation on, tiie men being 
bald or missing in Souttieast 

The trill is teing sfionsored 
by ttie Virginia Chapter of Na- 
tional LeHoa of Families of 
AmericaB Prisoners in Soutti- 
east Asia. Two other repre- 
Mntattves may be added at ttie 
last minute but tbere was no 
confirmation Wednesday after- 

The two mayors were se- 
lected to make tbe trip be- 
cause ttiey represent ^ entire 
population d tills area, . 

"This will be a^<^-to- 
people move, a hummiltarlan 
project," said Rhodes Wednes- 
day. "We will carry witti us 
ttie mmes d well over 100,000 
people who are askii^ ttiedele- 

Sun Plans 

N allies T 9 Paris 

gation for information on the 
men missing in adion, for as- 
surance ^mt the Geneva C(m- 
vention is bdng followed witti 
out prisoners and for permis- 
sion to allow the Red Cross 
to visit the camps." 

He said they would spedfi- 
cally ask for information on 
tbe 21 men from ttie Virginia 
Beach-Norfolk area. There are 
nine known prisoners of war 
and 12 missing in action. 

Rhodes said he is encour- 
aged ttiat he and Martin will 
get in to see the delegation 
in Paris. They will spend Mon- 
day and Tuesday in Paris, re- 
turdng to this country late 


"ff after two days the dele- 
gation won'f see us," he said, 
"our diances will be pretty 

If ttiat happens, the mayors 
will at least leave ttie peti- 
tions in ttie proper bands. 

The League lassolidteddg- 
natures, but not funds for tbe 
trip. There was a little trodDle 
at the last mimite, a 8pd»s- 
man for the wives said, bitf 
the men at Oceana Naval Air 
Station took up a collection 
Tuesday and added $500 to tbe 
fund. A private dtiien, Mrs. 

(see Mayor Pg. 6) 

tax base as well as ^ ad- 
ditional rti^nue It coidd pos- 
a^generate. i s* 
|8be^ said there wtretiso 
liopiibiiUtics ttiat a dNWtntion 
center, horse race brad^ mi- 
rin «id several dber Itqjeds 
could be developed In and ag- 
round ttie site. 

Already, ttie dty has used 
about 250 acrea of ttie land to 
build an 18-hole muddpal foff 
course. Rhodes indicated fhare 
mi^ be an adAttonal need 
for Mother course. 

"But again, you have to re- 
alise this is my perscmaliUflfc- 
ing and that it can daage at 
any ttme and is subject toolbar 
ideas," be said. 

1st Triplets 
Born at 

Virgida Beadi General Hos- 
pital can boast of having lis 
first sd of triplets. Mottwr, 
father, and thre^ome all are 
reported ddng fine. 

The bablea, two boya and a 
girl, were bom Tuesday mora* 
ing to Mrs. Ddmrah I^e, wife 
of John Dye d 1817 AaUeir 
Drive. The coiqrie were nmra 
several mdnttM ago tint Mp- 
lets could be expaotad. Hay 
Imve ofi other ddkfrea. Ac-: 
cording to ttie new fitiwr; 9m6 
are "ttie first and tbe last** 

Tbe baU«B, umamedatpnai 
ttme, were near Ml ,t«r»aa 
is obvious from tiieir wtlgMs. 
nesigaa^H AjRfi, in oN^flt. 
birth, Ibe^ are A, a b<qr» 4 
B>. 15 oLt bom at 9-M a.BM 
B, a boy, f lb. 5 1^ ^a.^ 
9:38 a.ffl.r C, a girl, 4 Jb* 


DUSln6SSa«#«»»ee<e>f— »>»•»*»#« ^W' 


ClassUied ..10-11 

Deattis.i.... :.......M 

EntertainaMK:;:."... t 

Editorials ♦ 


Women. « 7-» 


The First N^me 

M«"**Pefl9y Skinner waits In line as husband Dr. Emmett C^ Sklnnet 
Jr. signs the first petftion being circula^ii thrqugbftut the city b¥ 
the Qommittee for Control of Visual Pollution, a group formed i6 

combat the possibility that billboards may be approved along the 
Vifilnla Beach-Norfo11( Expressway anff other major arteries in 
the city. Looking on Is VPC secretary Mrs. Pauls. Courspn Jr. The 

petHions will be presented to City Council at its December 21 


The Sun, dbrough its In-Si^ 
pictorial, ha» imtiated a pro- 
gram desiped to stimulate 
more interest in journalism In 
ttie local hi^ schools. 

Hie journalism classes in ttie 
six high schools have each been 
dfered one page in the weekly 
tabloid for coverage of school 
activities with the students 
themselves in complete charge 
of context and lay-out. 

First Colwiial High School 
is tiie first to take advantage 
of the <MtT and that school's 
page appears in today's editicn. 

Tte program allows the ^w 
dedson-the-jditraining in wri- 
ting, composition and make-up. 

Stutents are selected by tl^ 
Joumalkm instrudors to par- 
tfcip^ in the program. Those 
aeleded nwy comjale andwite 
tteir sdiod's new, sd>mlt it 
to the &» to be set, tten do 
the &}m^^ lay-out paste-up 
fbr prinltag. "Qiey may wen 
i^Mtattae wOn tt» #^Mm 
of Mr supervisor. 

Schools wUUw to perttd- 
pate in ttila pregMm an ariad 
to contad John (kifla, gneral 

Members of th^Virrflnla Beach Excl»ng« Cl«b aw' 
touches'to a replica of a ^'Vietnamese Prisoner Ca9# 
constructed froln bamboo In coimection wftti t oroori 
assisting Amerfcan P.O.W.'s and M.l.A.'s 



Virginia B«aeh Sun 

ber 12, 1970 

Last performances 
are this week-end 

Final ptrformaiioes of tte Vlrgiitfft Beach Uttle Theatre's 
preMiitatioa of tte fiobert Anderson drama "I Never Sang 
for My Fatter" «iU be Friday and Saturday niglits a^tte 
Bay Hartwiir Room of tte Wttto Heron Motel. Thetouddiig 
and cteltenglnt pliy tes teen irldely acclaimed by local «ntlca 
and mtclal pndse tes been awarded tte four principle cte- 
ractert: tof Sbam as tte ntddle-afed ton with Becky Russell 
as hU nm^rni^maimti Seth JCraecer as tte (ttsinherited 
daufhter and Join MacArttav as tte tyrannical fatter. A 
shrimp *n beer boOat vlll te served firom 7 to 8 p.m. followed 
by ttie |day at 8:30 p.m. 

Sebastian Cabot 

Charm best describes this ^gentkman^s gentleman^ 

He waited into Qmtatm at 
tte Misfam Motd» tte epitome 
d tta WB0ik fHatteten^ neat 
in a ooaavr^ve Mw tasltess 
Mtt t MuS^ MlQ^ a nrm 
teaoitete aad a aen^ne smUe 
behind Itel ob-w-famittv 

Be rtlund la a dnir-i^e- 
bi^Mtt Catet» 4ir <a televi- 
sM^ "Faulty Altair"-aBd 
fi^ te hmr-«r so oMda da* 
H^Mfid ooovn^ion, and a few 
cauitte, rtflterte, f» siAijeds 

rangli^; firom mattty, sex and 
fVlolenoe &a Vtm acreea to his 
own ptnoBal pedbhais oftelng 
typ»-cail as a "gentleman's 

Censorship Is a particular 
tene of oootMittoB; 

"Ilraa In a ate* once wtere 
a young bof was supposed to 
pr^end te aras shoaling at la<- 
dians. 'Bang! Bang!' went his 
imaginerary pistol. Tten down 
came tte dlredlve from iqi-;|^^ scene, it was 

too'violent. So it was changed 
to i^w tiie boy pinching away, 
sqpiMsedly fl^ng tte bad in- 
diansi 'Pov! Pow!' te boxed 
his invisible foe. Again came 
^ directive....cut tte scene^ 
it was Joo violent! Now Qiat is 

"Pai^ilB are resptnsiblefor 
tti^r diildren. They should te 
the ones to make tte decision 
on wbetter or not a stew is 
too violeirt for tteir child to 
see. Are ttey 80 namby-pamby 

that ttey cant send him into 
ant^ter room, or qwtaini to 
watdi anotter diannel on Us 
own t.v. set? No. Televisloo 
(toesn't even allow tte parent 
to mate tliisdedsi(ii.ltlsmade 
for^m. It's ridieolousl" 

Wiai a twinide In Us eye, 
knowing ftdl well that Us views 
would raise a few eyclHrows, 
he tadded tte <|ue8tton ol"skin 
fUcks?' and sex. 

"Nudity on tte screen is all 
right if it is appUed in te^ 

Tte world tei enttred, a new Mfe of Mttory, 

tte ap of tte msawHy of man and the 

highinliili Of a wortd d vMiatktf. 

Tte aaiMB of this new dlvalopineRt weii 

Mm who WW wilad. tartMad. banMiad and 

IwpyfwiBd for mora than 40 years. 

He Rwed during tte last csntury. His name — 


THE QIjOKY of C300 

pfliMMpni. SBM by Ood ainaa tte teginnini ol 
nan a aHMMioe. rle is tw RonMad One 
of M religions. Ms eomlni ushers in tte Age of 
riiHMmant mentioned in aN tte praptoaies 
of tte pest Mii^llah bringsOoirs nan 
for wofM peaae, world jttsiiee and world iNiMy. 


NIWMMT NtWS . 9»«4)I3I 

VMOHMA aCACH - 4a6.^T» 


WVAB mm wso 



Sun InUrvivw 

ri^ s^nse. I teve no objections 
to sex in tte movies or on 
taievision as loog as it is in 
good taste. Ttere Is iMfUd^ 
wroig wiHi a nuie man and wo- 
man in bed, carreadng each 
otter tet tte soeiw tiioaklttde 
oat «f ttat point... J don't care 
to see tte actual act m tte 

"And, of course, I can hardly 
plettre myself in a male scene. 
I've teen filmed stripped to tte 
waste I few times but thafs 
ateid as &r as I care to go." 

And wUle on tte siibject of 
sex, tte star temoaned tte Ihct 
ttat tte producer never see 
fit (o iqtroduee a little sex in 
Us stew. 

"If Brian Keitt or myself 
are ever pictured irittainfflm, 
ste's usualty a dogt I had one 
scene once wtere a wonum-- 
ste musi ||ave been 900 yeara 
old— put te^ hand on mine. And 
they cut tte soenel" 

Cabot, wto was here Monb^ 
for tte Rotary Ghtb'sVirginU 
Beai^ >F(Mrum is U^i^ffuocess- 
fUl U Usrole as Keith's raan^ 
servant m tte comedy series, 

a fftet arUchdbesn'tneeiimilr 
please Um. He fears, as most 
actors do, that tte series will 
tfpe-cast Um. "I wiU always 
teve tte image of a fat Arthur 
Treacher," te said. 

His fears are well founded. 
After only two years of "Cbeck- 
niate" te was typed as a Bri- 
tish criminologist. Witt five 
years of "Fandty Affair" al- 
ready teUnd Um, Us appro- 
tension can te qipreciated. He 
took tte rolir artte miiiser- 
vant, in fact, tecause tte 
"Checkmate" image had kept 

Publlahsd wssiciy l»y the' 
Beach Publishing Corpora- 
tion, 3108 Pacific AvifNM, 
Virginia Beach. Virginia, 
23451. Sooond claas postage 
paid 01 Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia. Amuol subacrlptron 
rote by moll telof^hone 
703-428-2101 ond carrier 
$5.20; single copy IOC. Ad- 
vertiaing rotes upon ra<|ueat 
Memiatr of tts Vlrginiv. 
PretaAaMclaMon. . 

Um from gettii^ ancAter job. 
"It was simply a matter (rf 
nuNwy," te lau^. 

Seteirtian Cabot, tte actor, 
is a viersatile pniformer vdiose 
italei^ range l^omShake^nr- 
«an drama to redting ^'Wionie, 
ttte tooh." And it somewhat 
a^wys Um when fans express 
sarprise< at his dtflity to por- 
tray sometting otter flian an 
Englisb butler. "That's what 
one cteracter does for ]rdii. 
An actor tecomes that cm ^m- 
actor in tte eyes of tte pu- 
bUc and it's difficult as heU 
to gat rid of that image!" 

WUle Sebastian Cabot's man- , 

servant may be slightly cool 
and aloof on television, Sete^- 
tiaa Cabot tte person is fhr 
from ttet. There is consider- 
able warmtti uid sincerity about 
Um. And great EngUsh charm. 

He is not as rotundas (ele^ 
vision would teve you telieve. 
Nor Is te as old, eitter la 
yean or attitudes, as tte char- 
acter te portrays. He is an 
enttnisiastic stwy teller, as his 
audtenoe learned Monday nigtt 
and a remarl^le ccmversa- 

Cabot is apparently a patient 
man. He unhurredly answered 
tte interviewer's questions, 

desi^te' a pressing time scte- 
dule. And despite Us anxiety 
to get away for a visit wltt 
Us long-time Mend, Noel 
Laugely, wte now liv«B near. 

<'What about Sebastian Cabot, 
tte man? Wte Is te?", tte actor 
was asked. "His wife .wouU 
probably teU you te'sa8.a^b.," 
Cabot laughed. "But basicalty 
te^ a man wto enjoys tte easy 
life, ftridng, flying Us own 
plane, and visttlag tte friends 
te seMom goto to see.Ifetepes 
someday te can do just /)cca- 
slonal shows and spend tte rest 
of Us time being lasy. That's 
tte man." . i 

Want Entertainment^ 
Then See 'Madam' 



RcuivesfAMa . 


ricjB line » dtoMlvt cnm a«i 
4qri. Get riw«OM...»aU 4ne 


Once upon a time, in tte* 
myttlcal land of Lichtenburg, 
ttere was a robtuit lady am- 
teMadeTTfrom America iittMie 
01^ interests Wre gi^rtnlf ea- 
bon^e parties and giving away 
onrtnadreniiniion U.S. for- 
eign aid dollars. 

In liditenburg a country 
"too small to te a dty and too 
big to te a town", ttere was 
a nuMct charming and debonair 
man of great Influence— some- 
tfUi^ tte foreip minister, 
sonietimes tte prime miniver, 
d^nding on tte status of tte 
Cabinet |hat week— idiose pride 
would not, allow Um to accept 
tte money Uxc Us country. 

And wotddnt you know^ itt 
He fell in love witt tte flam- 
boyant ambassadoress. 

To complicate tUngs a bit 
more, tte ambassador's young 
and handsome American aide 
ML head over teels for tte 
teautlful but lonely Liditenburg 
princess...a nntdi hardly con- 
ducive to good international re- 

Now, pull allttese little coro- 
plic^ons togetter witt some 
delightful music and ycni teve 
♦he Cavalier Dinner Play- 
hou^.'s production of Irving 
BerUn's "Call Me Madam". 

Tte show is an adaptation 
of tte book by Howard Lindsay 
and Russell Crouse and came 
off Broadway and tte silver 
screen as pure Ethel Merman. 
Her enactment of tte Mrs. Sally 
Adams role, tte "hostess with 
tte mostest", was in usual 
Merman fasUon — strong. 

Tteresa Worrall's interpre- 





Features: 2.4-6-8- 10 




A *» — « »** — » 

A nMR VWMern 


A NMIONM GfNf IM rmm% (f lE/^ 

nmm»ll*mi IKHNICOtOf 


^ ..^ramm i 



tetion of tUs role at tte Cava- 
lier has more gentleness. It 
is, in fact, a pompls^ty ;<W- 
Ii»rent Mrs« MisJiSm»,fM 
tte chbge lirtAaffweltomeu! 
Mrs. WorraildliipHqrs ter tre- 
mendous voice, and her flair 
for comedy, to its test ad- 
vantage in tUs production. It 
is ayiways a treat for tte au- 
dience wten a versatile per- 
former finds an instrument to 
fit his or ter talents and that 
is what Mrs. Worrall has in 
tte rolde of Sally Adams. 

Josh Barry as Cosmo Con- 
statine, tte prime minister, etc 
fits Us role to perfection. Just 
enough dignity to his tearing 
to make him atelleviibli Eur- 
opean political figure and e- 
nou^ warmth to Us diaracter 
for tte audience to see why 
tte lady ambassador tecomes 
so infatuated witt Um. Ama- 
zingly, Us intrigulBg accent 
stays Witt Um throughout tte 
entire show and adite ite own 
touch of charm to Us musical 



Tte VlrgiUa Beach Civic 
Cterus will teld its asoBal 
Christmas concert Decemter 13 
at 3 p.m. ai Princess Anne 
High School. 

The concert, under tte 
direction of Walter NoMia, will 
follow tte tteme "Songs at 

It will also te presented De- 
cemter 2p by tte Norfolk Art 
Museum. " 

Tickets are available firom 
chorus- meroters for $1.50 for 
adults and 15 cents for students. 
Groups wisUng tictets may 
contact Mrs. Rdbert Coulsti^ 
or James Slantls. 


Tte oomUned v(^ces of The- 
resa Woradl and Joai Barry 
are')ifMlitu'|8eastt»#4ii"lfar»> • 
ryii«^4or I^e" and each dtes • 
a flte lBirintteS(^aumters. 

Tte |iUi£es^1iJiKtorablyjDQi- 
trayed by tte ttttIeblonde^<J^w 
mer Luante Nelson, % Ugh 
school senior wte walks away 
witt some of tte choicest roles 
in arM tteatre. And ^tifiably 
so. She has fresh teauty and a 
pertectly beautiful voice. Her 
role in ttis production doesn't 
allow ter much opportuUty vo- 
cally tHit wten she does sing, 
she is in conqdete command. 

It is unfdrtuiate ttet Ernest 
Moscatello's v<Hce Is not ^p to 
per as tte young aide because 
Us duet Witt Miss Nelson in 
"It's A Lovetyd/' and wltt 
Mrs. Worrall in "You're Just 
In Love" would te most me- 
morable^ As it is, tte teUes' 
videos are too powertui for 
him. He is an attracUve young 
adw, tewever, and a welcome 
addition to tte local stage. 

Ttere are a numter ol otter 
'ttmiliar faces in "Madam"... 
James Weldi, Jim RanUn and 
Richard C. Frederick, for in- 
stanee,». and ttey turn inthdr 
usual good performances, btrt 
tte show teloBgs primarity to 
die four totdlng roles. 

Jon Dawson, wte seems al- 
ways to teve tte magical touch 
with a musical, dlrecte this one; 
tte dK>reography is quite good 
under tte direction of Susan 
Stinson; and tteaccompaUroent 
by DIineSaiidferUn,backed^by 
Bernie Cbapel and Jate Huff, 
is certainly vrtiat tte familiar 
numters need. 

The overall production is 
good. The staging is excellent, 
and tte pace is lively. 

"Call Me Madam" is notUng 
moriB thah. ju^ plain enjc^able 
entertainmeid...and wte could 
ask for aaytting more? 

Riiby Jean PUllips 


Feertures: 2-S:aO-&:4@ 

NUMif IMmi M Ml el *tlii iMv8itmri* 







Through Tues<tey-Features 1:25 ^M 5:25 7:26 9:85 - 

\When whole way of 
life ends for half 
nation, lo(^ for tnx^le 

Princess Kiddle Time Every tettn&v 9a5 AM Only 

- ■ ■?! 
t' -'I 

Thurtday, Novwnter J2, 1970 

Virginia Btach Sun 




The new TAHB building will be dedicated today. 

TAHB BuUding Dedication Set 


Cirmeo CernigUaro, VL L 
been ^Kx^nted manager of Ma 
proeeffl^ by United Consoli- 
dated iDdustries (UCl), It w« 
annooaeed by Miltoa Pvbrov, 
pre8i(|«it of autoi»otiv0 parts 
warelwuse network. 

CernigUaro «iU t* rwpon- 
sible for systeios design, pro- 
gramming and operation of the 
UCI in-house ooa^Hter center 
headquartered III Norfolk. The 
company inteili toutlUseoom- 
puter inventory control, UlUng 
and purdiasing^ all operating 
units in Virginia, Maryland, 
District «i Qolumbla and New 
York, l"^ 

Ceri^iffiuro resides at Vir- 
ginia 0Mch with his wife and 
three ddldren. 

Carnival Sat. 

Shelton Park School PTA will 
hold a Fall Carnival Saturday 
fron^ 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 
the sdiool. 

There will be handmade Items 
for Mtis snd games and prlws 
for ,#» youngsters. 

First & Merchants Plaza Bank 

Shonrers failed to dMwn tta 
smiles oi mA oQeltt Al 
Craft, ltftliCfk9tf^^ii^A^ 
riflit, m StHift M^tae eat 
the riliboiiT«isdiyopMii«ftt 
new FlrstsadMnrdiiiitsteaMi^ 
In PrlneeM Ana* Plttka vttdi 
replaced tn existtng 

The Tidewater Assodattooof 
HomebttiUers' new home at 
5865 East VlrglnU Beach Bou-^ 
levard wUl be dedicated todtjr 
it 2 p.m. 

Iifltiiloai have bato ex- 
tended to najrora of the four 
dtles, other dty offldils, and 
FHA andVAcUef underwriters. 

The buUdUng, datlfiiid^ tte 
arcUtecturtl firm ofBriaidafa, 
Cohen, Holtoo, and KroiUn, Is 
the reallittton of a program 
which started In 1958 when 
a ftmd was estal>llsbed for tlie 
CMif triicttoo of a new oMee 

Orgaslied In 1953, TAHB 
first met In Oia lionticeUo Ar- 
cade to offices iliared wltti the 
Horfblk and Portsihoath Real 
Estate Board. Later meeting 
places- nare at a om-atanr 
dnder^lockbnlkllngon Graatoy 
Street, at 22nd Street, and at 
Oie Larrymore Professional 

The bidldlag occupies 2600 
square feet of office space. Hie 
bride and stone structure con- 
tains three private offices, an 
office for bookkeeptag and 
office-macUne functions, and 
a smaU kitdien In addltloa to 
the reception room and aboard- 
room. . ■-- ".- 

Mrs. Nancy Clark and Mrs. 
Joity^iadea, dthe TAHB Wo- 
mmi Auxiliary, were in dnrge 
of me Interior decoratli«iidildi 

It might have been schools ra- 
ther thaii banks that were the 
topic of conversation for School 
Supt. E.E. Bridcell and former 
Supt. Frank Cox, but they both 
were among dignitaries and in- 
terested persons attending 
opening ceremonie»of the Plaza 
First an d Merchants B ank. _^_ 


Louis Barba (center) president of the National Association of Home 
Builders, was on hand recently to see the new headquarters of the 
Tidewater group. With him are (left to right) TAHB Vice President 
Btrnard Kroil, Stanley Waranch, TAHB President David Howard, 
Fred Napllltano of Terry Qorp^ and TAHB Second Vlte Presld^|it 
C. Roy Kelley. 

Bodner & Manuel,Inc. 

35 yean in business 

Compliments of 


was calrrled out in a green 
and gold color scheme. 

Assn.Piclcs Lumberman 

— HGeorge H. Burton, president 
of Burton Lumber Corporat^n 
of Chesapeake, is the new trea- 
surer of the National UnAier 
and Building Material Dealers 
Assodatlon. The Assodatlon, 

whldi represeote the nation's 
himber dealers ttom Ite Wash- 
ington, D.C., offices, held the 
etectl<H)s Od. 20 during Ite 
annual meeting In Miami Beadi, 

Burton, whose home Is in Vir- 
ginia Beach, has been active 
In Industry affairs for most of 
ttie 24 years he has been in 
the lumber business. In addition 
to serving on the Budget and 
Executive Committees of the 
National Assodatlon, he has 
been presidenj^of the Virginia 
Building Material Assodatlon 
and of the Virginia Chqiter, 
Arcldtectural Woodworking In- 

!*■ H. V' ->■ 

Compliments of 


Coleman Nursery 

& ' : ^': 

Mabe Landscaping 



'm '''' 


Compliments of 

General Mechanical Corp. 

Plumbing Contractor 

Mallbu Towers 

Compliments of 

Ceramic Tile 
of Florida,Inc. 

lOl-A Haycox 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Phone 340-5421 




E. S. Garcia 


Ce wirqctof 

^■a,-^-, i 



Masonry 'nc* 

Business Dimensions, Uice 

Woistlines, Con 

Chonge Rapidly. When 

They Do See Us. 

To the expindiinf and vibrant First snd 
MerchanU Bank we, In Uratan't Conlmsfclil 
Division, extend our sincere cenfratulttieiw. 
As an intepil part of the site seleetisn ind 
detailed negotiations we are proud to bo*a 
part of this important relocation effort 

Pravlding this kind of day to day sonrleo 
for our existing and prospectivo ellents Is port 
of our iofvice. It is never routine. Booauso 
every client has dtfferont needs for differont 
things. We make it a habit of finding solutions 
and rolling them into a package for the mutual 
^nefit of buyer and seller. 

If you an the growing typo and thlim are 
getting a little snug around your burtnoss 
waistlfne call the profossionato In the Larann 
Commercial Dlvtolon. We'ro fust what tN 
doctor ordered. 


3401 Va. Beach Bhrd. 340-3030 

Property Management 









Established 192S 

Thiradfty, Hwmtk&r 5, 1970 

PuUtohed weekly by the Beach Publishing Corporation 

John R. Griffin 
G§Htfmi Manager 

Ruby Jem Phillips 

Mrs. 01^ Edwards 
AdotrtUiag Mtamger 

Humanitarian Mission 

Mayor Donald l^hodot will 
loove Saturday, alofid with Nor- 
f^ iytayor Roy , Martin, for 
Ptfris, carrying with htm the 
nomas of tome 117,000 rati- 
dents who are pleading for aid 
for our pH^ners of war and 
those missing inaction in South- 
east Asia. 

With each of those names 
goes a prayer that tKie Paris 
delegation will listen to the 
people of Virginia Beach and 
Norfolk, and heed the cries 
for taJr tfocRment of the pris- 
oners, release If pMsibie, and 
•ome woN^^en the fMe of thosd 
10 long missing In action. 

; The people of these commu^^ 
nities have done the one thing, 
in most cases the only thing, 
tfiey could do to help the wives 
of these men who have so dil- 
igwitly struggled to help their 
husbands survive their plight. 
The POW-MIA Wives have 

taced rejection at the Paris 
peace talks," hove faced apathy 
among their fellow Americans, 
have taced financial burdens 
to forther their efforts to help 
their men. 

Now, at lost, they hove the 
people behind them. They hove 
shown the world, through these 
signatures, thot Americans, 
specfficolly Virginians, do care 
what happens to the men in 
Southeast Asia. They hove pro- 
ven to the Paris delegation that 
they do have the interest and 
support of the country their 
men serve. 

With Mayor Rhodes ond Ma- 
yor Martin go the prayers of 
those, of us here that they will 
be allowed to appear before 
the delegation, that they will 
make some progress In getting 
help for these men, that they 
will in some way ease the bur^ 
den so long borne by a handful 
of tioilont women. 










Hire A Veteran 

H »/!? 

■in >-iJ»i3ii»n<»>.) 'to 

I ^Colling ottenttoH to the hirlnji 
lof veterons is a yeor-around 
responsibility but once a year 
^even doys ore set oside to 
focus attention on "Hire a Vet- 
eran Week". Governor Linwood 
Holton has declared this week 
to be that special observance. 

Governor Holton has stated 
that the economic situation and 
the increosing nun«ber of Viet- 
nam veterans being discharged 
each month hove caused a pro- 
blem in the employment of v^- 
erans in yirginia. Either no 
jobs are available to them or 
the jobs are not suiMle. " — 

The problem is not another 
area's concern. It exists right 
here in Virginia Beach. The 
local Employment Commission 

reported thk between NovinrH- 
ber 1 of lost year and the 
same date of this yeor, one 
thousand two hundred and twen- 
ty-six veterans applied for em- 
ployment. Only three hundred 
seventy-eight were ploced. 

The state already has over 
half a million veterans in Its 
civilian population and each 
month it Jumps by another fif- 
teen hundred. There will be no 
let up in this employment pro- 
blem unless concerted efforts 
are made by local business, 
organized labor, veterans or- 
ganizations and state and mu- 
nicipal government agencies. 

This week is "Hire A Vet- 
eran Week" but the problem 
won't end Saturday at midnight. 

Pre$ervt PendkUm 

To the Editor 

I tbink that if the Camp Pen- 
delton area becomes available, 

aararfl bMoty and recreatioii|l 
valte. '? rtia^,.',. 

If tUs can be done, Ms laid 
irtll fbea serve the best 
interests of the pe<qde of Vir- 
glida Beacb andof theCommoo- 
wealth as well. 

Steven M. McAllister 
210 80th St. 
Virginia Beadi 

To the Editor: 

The posdbility that Camp 
Pendleton may be available for 
ottier use is a mce-in-a-life- 
time opportimity for the dtjr 
and peofde of Virginia Beach. 
When many <^r cities, most 
of iriUdi grew up too Cut with 
little or no community planning, 
are searching often bopelessly 
for recrei^ooal areas, we have 
been given the chance to develop 
sudi an area almost as astroke 

The attra(^on pf a varied 
recreational paric to tourist is 
evident, but more important is 
flie benefit to ttie people and res- 
idents of Virginia Beach. For 
example, (ne of the forennst 
benefits would be asurflng area 

iii.iiii i i -fcm i \nr> r%ifhwi i^^n*^"^**** ■■■■^.■■■...■^■..^■...■. ■■■■■ 

WEEKS. Edward HaBBihal. Bos- 
ton, Houghton Mifflin, 1970. 

nils is the ^ory <A kM 
(Fitiie} Fltipabrick, an Irish 
b(9 fnMii Boston who makes 
good (m MadiMo Avenue and 
then irooders why. 

The title recalls Fitaie's 
' sammer working at « lee 
ansi plairt, where dKXNriate 
lee cream bars meutt on more 
vM to clean, vMto popirides 
imast Si ea^r prodnctioa 
Uae, cleaittv, and life in gen- 
eral. Afto- the ice cream plant 
Mtd BostoB CoUege came mar- 
rU«e «xl Ari^rii»Titzie,then 
a break with the traffitional 
patten as be ited^d to try 
New York rather than go bade 

Al(^ the way ^8 is the irtory 

d Fitsto aad Janice and their 

love '*aod mu-riap, tddi^ is 

very up iU times and flouode- 

rt^ at odin«;.^ldren aivear 

it ii^rvals b^ are never real 

<tend«rs, aad it isn't clear 

irtiy I^Ms wi^to mmreof then. 

Fltf^i mmtm mm admn 

paitdMs Ite fi^ve or ds- 

fMer«rt » a tartMd mttl a 

AmHI is tte lu^ ttid a food 

(Ml ftf li^ospeetlcn taid tte 

Fit^^fdes to ttrir peiMial 

From Virginia 
Beach Library 

SICLE WEEKS is a Houghton 
Mifflin litery Fellowship Award 


MlUet. New Yofh, Dotiblsday, 
1970. $7.95. 

A Ughly intelte<^a aad'in- 
toresting book showUiff how 
sexual poUtics lave played an 
importam role in to^it^ kx 
M^ories. There his a^ngt 
CKCOLATE DAn, FCV- b««i a stn«|le betiP^ the 

sexes with woman lo^ in a FAREWELL TO THE KING. 
patriardalsodeiy.MiisMiUet Kerrw Sdjoendoerflter, Stain A 
traces the beginnings of the Day N.y. $6.95. 
sexual revoluttoD whidi lasted 
from 1830 to the 19Z0's. It 
was during the Twenties, 
coitfrary to popular belief, that 
w>imn began to lose groimd 
as the counter -revoluttoo 
gained strength. UiUil soflM ra- 
dical changes take (dace, women 
are boimd to the shaddes of 
sexual reaction. Durii« tte last 
fifty years Uie doctrines of die 
Communist and Natioiial So- 
dalist puHes have done much 
to keep women confined to their 
inferior stotus. Hie n^ale pfe- 
JiMiices of agmund Fl-eud and 
a number of writers of the per- 
iod have (kme much to shape 
cultural attitudss. Miss Millet 
considers D.H. I«wr«iiee,Henry 
Miller and Newman Mailer as 
" counterrevolutioittry sexual 
poUtidans." In their writings, 
women are reganted only as 
ai^mals or as instruments of 
male {deasure. The works of 
tlwse writers aswellasMveral 
others are thoroughly investi- 
^ed vsA shariUy analysed. 

TUs bo(d[, on a siAject caus- 
ing much C(mcern in today's 
sodety, is well written and well 
documented. It unrovers oMay 
aspecte of sexial politia, or 
the subordinatioD of women to 
men, that hoXSk sexes will be 
shodwd to reci^ldK. 

Jeanne W. Fok 

Pierre Schoendoerffer, a 
French film director, wrote 
this prize winning jjovel of war- 
time Borneo and Xan Fielding 
transUted it into EngUsh. It 
is an exceptionally fine piece 
of descriptive writing. 

The aeti(m is centered in the 
dense Jun^e fo Borneo during 
the seccmd World War. The 
special agents have parachuted 
into the interior, to persuade 
local tribes to help the AlUes 
rout the Japanese from the 
costal area. To their amaxe- 
moit they find a red-haired 
American «1io clains Im is 
"king" of the Muruts. He is 
Sergeant Learoyd, who has 
become ttie leader of the tribe, 
and is married to toe dau^ter 
of one of t!» great headmen. 
The two apnto & Learoyd ot- 
ganise tl» natives to harass 
the J^anese. 

There is a startling contrast 
between the earthly beauty d. 
ttM Jungle and die uDbelievable 
^rodties (»)mmitted there. The 
story covers only a small »%- 
roeirt dt Oe tohU wir lecture, 
but the viidd deaaripttve pan- 
SfM make you realii^ i^t 
devw^iV effecte war las on 

Helen DoMtft 

for our youdL Wa have talked 
mudi (tf fhiding a place fw 
youth actlvittes in our com- 
munity life, what better way is 
there than providing a mudi 
oeedad surfiiv area away from 
the t^r estdUldMdbeachas. 
Thfc dedstoh of.whar%<k> 
wtto CaoQ) Pendl«toa,irhMiiad 
if it is avalhdt>te,wlllnmmiifly 
be made oo die basis of Mian 
Ibr ttia busihaM ifltorefts who 
always seem tosee apartment^ 
motels, hotels, and oommercJtf 
buildings in almost every open 
area on die beadi. Let us hops 
diat ttuse who naka this de* 
dslMi will, at least for once, 
recognize diat the making of 
money is not die only w^r to 
measure progress or to pro- 
vide a hs^ipy aad full life for 
a dty. Our City C<Hmdl rnqr 
be on the qwt here, and wo 
will find out idiere their iffi- 
mary interest lies. 
Sincerely, * 
J.E. Wsirich 
1508 Bade Cove Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

PhriMff LUUm ThBOtn 

To die Editor: 

Reoei^ it was my pleasurt 
to enjogr die openbig produetton 
of die Virginia Beach Uttla 
Theater at the Bay Harbour 
Club. The performuice given 
by the entire cast of "I Nerer 
Sang For My FiUier" was an 
excelled testimonial iA the 
dedicated aad exoellrat taleot 
available la dds area. Ihe ev»- 
ing consisted of deUghfbl ea- 
tertaimneDt and exMlleot fbod. 

How fortunate we are to have 
sudi a sincere and talented 
group to provide our dty with 
diis mudi aeeded culture. I urge 
every(me to give their oondnual 
suKwrt to future producQons. 

Hopefully, Virginia tieach 
will eventoalfy have ibi own 
Theater BoiUiing. 
Mrs. Henry 0. Petzella 

Edueatiim Plu9 

To die Editor: 

Hatra we Anwricans arri\^ 
^ the pAtk idiere we ddidc 
Educ^on is a panacea for every 
huflMn ill and ahort-coming? If 
any of US harbto' tboughto of this 
Uad we are indeed short- 

I teve be«i a an Eitae^OT 
diroi^^ut my entire irorilng 
]wan Md iiave an almost wir- 
shipftt ^tude toward die Pro- 
feiadm. But I am tolly ocoMaeed 
d^ e^aOicn linked with a 
bad - habit - behavior-p^tem, 
€0 produce an enemy sf hum 
lighto and freedoms. 

It ttf»s quite some ddi«, 
on the partofparente,feMAMrs, 
•odal workers and MiWil ef 
powli^ youtt to 

" ladiHteBl to acoommodate, ad- 
nntafaously, aa opaaded ed- 

kcci trahiiag program of 
youth, ttiat separates ddld-Ufe 
f^om "The greiit (^ of dw 
(UntofrsefVlMhaiis th^ihrniwa 
vaip8,th^ build « fopdattoo 
hir n useful e^hpeadoB. A pwrsou 
who Ins lived his or her ttfe 
wldi a true concept of a God 
of compassion aad love, learns 
to love and seldom laisuses an 

It would be well for America 
and ite peo|^, if America's 
Supreme Court considered die 
reUttive values of worship and 
Ed. L. legate 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 


To die Editor: 

To answer yoor qmdtaa 
aboot what I dilid( of die school 
behig bdtt on what you rtfer 
to as "donated land"— IS acres 
I believe you nid— it will cover 
SO, not 15, to being widi- 
and it is land fiiat betonga to 
me and die rest (rf the peopto 
of Virginia. And to s^r I dis- 
approve a putting the school 
or anyddng else on park pro- 
perty is an unders^mei^ 

Far hrom ddnklng dds partof 
the park Is useless land, I 
beg you to go take a walk 
diroagh diese acres and sector 
yourself. It is one of die most 
varied and interesttng parts of 
ttie park. Surely ite value todie 
dty, he^ng poUudon, teaddng 
our young peopte, Just beii« a 
pleasant place to grow and learn __ ^^^ 

in is vitally important. Why^itasascAoJisite." 

We htve been, tdd over «ad over by our, glorious 1«ade||p 
duA we are die greatest, the most IntelUfint, ti» Inrei^rs 
of ewryttlng worth having, the wealthiest, and so on and on. 
Mo^ peoob Inihe U.S.A. have heard diis so often and Siey see 
so aany wuoderiUl addevemehte that are bnily AroerieUi dny 
Jwtt a|»une ira are die greatest hi all fliiBfB. 

If tids'iwM trw, we would hive wiped out iUitoracy in 
Aroeriei loai ago. Right? Well, wi haven't wiped out Illiteracy 
by a lo^stai WUle we have been doini some ?ery sutstending 
ddnp, In mmty ftelds, education for Ihe averagb American is 

^ iMttd Aaericai reqsooM to soa^MMr «• femwi't been 
«bte to' do fa h^irite it off as foVMihw Ipt can't be dootf. Not 
so m dds case, in Denmark, for tli past lITyears d»y have had 
no nmitalty normal adWlts iriio are UUtor^. If ttisy can do it, 

iHty can't wa? 

Let me ejqdtfl somethii«. If you liateaed to our glorious 
teaders, or.tiii ftock of birds in our so called tdneidonal 
system, di^wiU swear up and down die United StUes has no 
imteracy. They would have you beUciw we are all smart. 
U you belteve everydiing our gtorious leaders teU you, dud Just 
iroves we have an ilMtvaqr prdbtem. 

When it baoune dMam that illiteracy was diriving in America, 
what did Blf BrodKr do? Simple, he chanpd Am rules to no 
one (maUfted to bt iUitorie. Aceordtnt to the aulho^ttes, you 
do not havi to be able to read and write to be literate. All you 
have to do to get out of die illiterate diass and become literate 
is to "Claim" dHl you have conpMad die flfdi grade. Who 
couMn't ^ Oat? 

Late see how that works. Now diet we have had compulsory 
sdmol attendance in this coantry for the last half century, we 
have tew, if any, people who can not daim t fUtti grade edeeatioo. 
SdU, dUMre than a slxdi of all draftees scored, so poorly on die 
Army general dassiflcatton test, which to ahisic test hilepding 
ikill, dat day c«i't be accepted as soldiers. Thev tre illtftlrate. 

In some large dty taitarUifi 9dbooi», 25% of ttaafvendi 
graders score so low on nadiag teste ditf U it olirtous diey 
can't read. IfweuseddaoMtypetestof having to read and 
ifflderstend sonaddag, a good gnaw would be that one adult 
in tn It hnetloaalty illiterate in America. Among Negroes, die 
nmhNr it elosex' to one to four. 

Many of da lard core/oamptoyed can't read or write well 
enoiigh to conqptete even da simplest applicadon forms. They 
can't be trained for good Jobs ortil they can read ttd write. 

Can illiteracy be lidnd in dds country? Sure it can. During 
WW n da- Arnqr brained over one million nan to read and Vrrlte. 
Mny of date weirt on to be not only good soldtaw but Bne 
dtiaens after da war. 

Several yean ago da Army started idcqillng 100,000^ nan 
a' IMT lilio flunked the test and were chased as oiflt du« to 
iUiteraqr. Some 80% of these were trained aad wert on to beeotoie 
good soldteis. 

Many of our immigrante who came to dds country to da past 
couM not read ae write or even qaak EngUsh. They w|e^ to 
dgbt sdiod and learned. It to not impossible at all. 

If it can be done,«why isn't it beiiig done? What htnaned? 
If we have iconqwlsory sdaol attendpMe wity can't everyoine 
read and write? No doUbt a number of reuons cube ^ven 
but vdan you get right dom to the^^-i^i^ of the matted, 
you face toe cold hard ted dat our educatlMial system and fti 
mediods have hdled. 

In da mad nah to buiki a flnandal empire, bdU great 

. „bulMnfi,|»<^tt4fiJiite9 jAooey, sohreall mans ills, redesign 

"'^ Mslif edii6attotail sjitom to please the libera] premiiBtvw 

elite^ we bowed down to da educators and gave dam our ddKbecta 

along Hdtti a' blank check. Wldi audi a wonderful onortabyv. 

dayfhiled! «f^ 

The medad of teaching adopted to da lade's and SCa, toe 
"Look-Say" or "Whote-word Recognidon", ffeitod. This Is an 
esteiblished fhd. Sttll, about 70% of da school systems ttiU 
hang 00 to it as if it were someddng great. .41 

How long wiU da American peopte pid up with a system^ 
education dat does not work? How long wiU we condmaT to pay 
people who are failing us and our ddhiren. It has been too long 

Responses Continue 

The same situation eiUte dds 
week as existed IwtweA— 
three questtons were answered 
todaSun^nrvqr. - 

First, dare were the 
responses to da oirrwit <|nM- 
tton: "Do you ddnk Camp 
Pendteton shouU be considered 
as a site for da proposed Norto 
VirginU Beach School?" 

There were tome iaterestin 

There were Mme toteresting 
oommento on thte question: "A 
very sound idea; but it shiwki 
be part of a padcage wUdi 
uses Camp Pendteton as ad^/ 
state piAlic recreation area." 
Several odar readers agreed. 

Another <hsagreed: "Oe- 
ddedty not. Nor should OaState 
Park. These sites belontto da 
stote. They are notda prq^rty 
of VirgiDia Beach." 

The opposidonwondateUy... 
it was five to one against udng 

destroy one of da most unicpa 
atcis on all the East Coast? 

May I suggMt da City Coun- 
dl sttck to dair plans diat de,- 
vel(9imente will have to give 
land to bdU schools to ac- 
commotete da diildren day 
will bring to. 

As for the swimmi^ pool, 
Mr. Aragona offered the dty 
a pool uid dwy tumwl tt dovn. 
They mn ahR) given a ^ance 
to acquire 100 acres ^m da 
Jewish Commoaity wito lature 
centers all built, a marvetoia 
pool, acreage to build a school, 
place for addte, etc^Why not 
a pool at toe NIKI site? Jiat 
as easy to bus chiMren there. 

Vir^aia Beach could have da 
bttt opportunity to become 
temoia (wOTto dicwsands of 
doUars to ftee advertising) if 
toey wotia adntf t day have made 
a mistake, and give dase acres 
back to da peopte ol Vlrgiida 
again, to whom di^ beloi«. 
If I sotffld like I feel stro^ 
about dds, I do and wlU 
appredate aqrttinf you can do 
to stop dds tngedy. 

VirginU Beach, Va. 

Resp(»se also conttaued to 
come to 00 da previous wed^'s 
question "Do you diink da dty 
should obtain Camp Pendl^on, 
if it becomes available, tor 
recreational fadUdM radar 
than industry?" There wen 
only a handful but day agreed 
it ahould be used tor dat pru- 
pon. One mder comnaoted 
"Maybe a school woukl be 

better." Anodar attocbed a 
suggMted qaeiMon concerning a 
tobbytet. The exact totent of da 
question Is not dear. If dat 
reader wlU send to a more 
demrty deffaad qnesdon, or call 
da editor, we will be gtod to 
ute bis tngfMtion. 

Needless to say, mudi of thte 
week's retpoiae condnuedtobe 
diat eveiftopular quMtioo 'HJo 
you think a sdaol rtimdd be 
bidlt on da donated 15 acres to 
Seashore Stete Park?" 

An rattre dvic league, eadi 
questtomaire signed, semlnite 
oppositton to da sdiooLOdars 
Joined in tor a total of over 
50 rMpcases to dds qnudion, 
bringing da respcase to date 
to well over 600. And more may 
sdU be in da mail next week. 

The school situadcm has ob- 
viously become highly- 
charged issue. Schoote usually 
are. But tUs mtk we are goiiv 
to tdw a reader's sunwtion 
and approach an entirely 
asped...da dress code of da 

Amibber of oommente re- 
garding da rultog against pant 
suite lave been made tosteff 
nambers of da Sai and it ap- 
parently te much dtocussed 
among da school personnel. 
TUs week we oftor toe chance 
to air toe iraue. 


GMJESTiON: Should teachers 
and/or students be aiiowed to 
wear pants suits in tlie ciass- 

Year MMMiltf •H ilfiad IHItri wMli be 

I^^MlVliw tM> 

f K n MO n 

CNp la^ rettra MtVKtillA MACI SIN, 

Thursday, Nov«rnber 12, 1970 

Virginia peach Sun 


Lobby Group Formed 
For Financial Relief 

Court Square 
Georgian A rchUecture 

Attorney Sacl(s malces l^ point as Mrs. Anne Penington (left) makes 
notesand Mrs. Sills listens attentively. 

North End League 
Proposes Two New 
Alternate Sites 


Tte North Shore Civie 
L»afup), a small group formed 
rt OMiUy to battle constriictioo 
of an elementary scbool at Sea- 
shore^State Park, (ttsclosea Otis 
ireek ao alternate site for tbe 
propoMd facility on land al- 
ready earmarked for construe- 
tioQ of a sdwol. 

lirs. J.W. Sills, one of the 
groiq^'s orffuiisers, told the 
Sun ttiat tbe dty already owns 
a S2-acre tract near Great 
Neck Road on First Colonial 
near tbe hospital. "According 
to , tte Planning Commission, 
tbe site is a part of the 
G^eat Neck Plan and bas al- 
ready been earmarked for the 
construction of an elementary 

.Tim Barrow, assistant direc- 
tor (^ tbe .dty'8 Planning De- 
plrtflwnt,. confirmed ^.exte- 
tance of a tract and said a 
ppi*tion of tbe site bas been 
o^^iilly designated as ttie lo- 
qinoo of a future elementary 
sdiool.' Tbe Great Neck Plan 
has been approved by City Coun- 

, " Aitbougb the site is not lo- 
cated in the Northern area." 
Barronr said, "it would relieve 
Iffessure in tbe Eastern por- 
ticm." He said construction of 
an elementary scbool at tbe 
Great Neck site would "buy time 
until a Icmg-range solutioo'' 
could be found. ~ 

Mrs. Sills said tbe dvic 
league also bas another alter- 
nate site tbtU would cost tbe 
dty no money but tbe exad 
^location Is being witbbeld for 
various reasons, she said. 

Tbe North Sbore Civic I^eague 
was formed soon after tbe 
School Board araiounced plans to 

build an elementary sduol on 
IS acres at tbe State-owned 
Seashore State Park. 

Tlie State's Department of 
ConservatloQ and Economic De- 
velopment agreed to lease tbe 
15 acres to tbe dty for $1 
per year. 

Since its inception, tbe dvic 
leagiw, along witt several other 
or^u^ons, bas fougbt tbe 
proposal and initiated several 
studies by ecological experts. 
Tbe grot9 claims support firom 
residents ttarou^ut Virgida. 

Tbe alternate site is located 
near First ColodalHi^ Scbool, 
whidi. currently claims many 
students from tbe North End 
of Virginia Beach in its en- 

At a recent meeting at Gali- 
lee E^copal Church, the dvic 
league denounced ttte "giving 
away of puldic perks" and re- 
vested possible {flans ^or legal 

Attornqr Stanley Sacks, irtio 
recently defended suspended 
Norfolk State students, said be 
bad met with rcfpresei^tives 
of tbe group and was "researdi- 
Ing the tacts". 

Sacks said a s u bstan t ial legal 
question is involved concerdng 
"whettter or not lud ttat is 
priceless is gdng to be used 
to build a scbool when other 
land could be fbind. 

"There may very well be 
legal ways of preventing tbe 
^ sdiool from going there," be 

Mrs. Sills said legal action 
would be a last resort. No 
litigation was tmderway at mid- 

At least one person attending 
tbe meeting disagreed with the 
group and accused the dvic 
league of making "a concerted 

effort to deprive my cldld of 
a sdiool." 

Robert M. Fanney of 207 
64tb Street said he had been 
trying to get a scbool built 
at tbe North End for 24 years. 
He also charged that the dvic 
league doesn't represent the 
feelings of most North Vir- 
ginia Beach residents. 

Mrs. Ann Ramsey, also an 
organizer of the dvic group, 
showed tbe audience several 
'peti4ions whidi stated Oe 
signers were "unalterably op- 
posed to construction on park 
land of a scbool in North Vir- 
0nia Beach." 

She claims suiqiwdrt of^ 
presidents of area garden cliAs 
and tbe Environmental Coundl 
of Students at Old Dominion 

Mrs. SiUs and Mrs. Ramsey 
told the audience they "are 
flor getting tltttN^toC&verndr 
iTdlten ^uid lie fs studylfil^ and 
considering our iitformation." 
Mrs. Ramsey also said mem- 
bers of tbe School Board were 
considering alternate sites. 

An ecological study was in- 
troduced which stated tbe dunes 
and contours of Seashore State 
Park make tbe area udque 
to tbe East Coast. 

Innkeepers Will 
Air Problems 

The Innkeepers of Virgida 
Baacb wiU idtiate a uniqite 
program in tbe near future-- 
a series of workshop forums for 
airing tbe problems that plagued 
them during the past seasons 
and possibly find some solutions 
to Uiese problems. 

Each session will have an 
experienced ^Jnnkeeper as 
moderator to keep the dis- 
cissions going and to act as 
something of a "devil's ad- 

It is expected that tl» dis- 
cussions win be q?en only to 
members of ttieassodation,but 
eqwrienced non-raenAer iim- 
keepers may be invited to serve 



AlleltM Z1.V9 


1i4i-F PlMWOiii %9irtKm M 
PHoiM 464'391« 

With Virginia Beach among 
then^ twelve urban locaUttes 
within the state Wwded together 
Monday in Wdimond to form 
the Virgida Urban 12, a lobby 
group they bops will be effec- 
tive In providing state reUef 
for urban tfttf* 

Accordli* to City Manager 
Roger M. Scott, who attended 
the formation meeting along 
with Vice-Mayor Earl M. Te- 
bault, the areas dne dtles and 
Arlington, Fairfax and Henrico 
counties are not able to keep 
flnandal pace fdth the needs 
of their commudties. 

Scott said the group will ap- 
pear before the 1971 General 
Assembly and address its com- 
mittees on the need for new 
meuss of flnandal support. 

The first appearance of the 
Virginia Urban 12 before a 
committee will be made by 
Mayor Ann Kilgore of Hamp- 
ton Nov. 16 when she addresses 
oe House Appropriations Com- 
mittee, Scoti said. 

In addition, Scott said the 
Urban 12 will also appear be- 
fore the Benbdm Committee, 
which he said was a legisla- 
tive study group investigating 
local finance. 

The Urban 12 represents 
about three-quarter million vo- 
ters and 46 per ced of the 
state's popdation, as well as 
a $10 billion economy and half 
the state's gross economy, Scott 

But despite the sizeable econ- 
omy, the dties have not been 
able to maintdn an even mone- 
tary flow because they can't 
adjust their tax bases every 
year, he said. 

The state, on the dher hand, 
does not have to consider in- 
flation since it is the nature 
of an income tax base that it 
corresponds to the inflationary 
taxable base. 

"What we hope to do is in- 
dicate the flnandal plight of 
Jhe city," Scott said. "We plan 
to show the General Assembly 
what methods they can use to 
be^ assist us." He would not 
elaborate further. 

Up to now, there has never 

been a concerted effort but the 

past fiscal year proved so di- 

-sasterous to several of > the 

^ties that an immediate solu- 

fiion must be sou^it, he said. 

^ But Virgida Beach Is fortu- 

nate, he added, becaiae tbe dty 
is about ten years behind other 
areas in terms of developmed 
and demands on city-provide^ 
services. ' 

And if the dty remains "be- 
hind," It willbe able to progress 
at a normal rate without having 
to confront the budgetary 
squeeze faced by other urban 
localities, since there will be 
solutions to the problems, Scdt 
said. ^ 

He expressed great favor with 


Is Main 

"The Bayside student is the 
most imported ingredient of 
the educational formula at Bay- 
side Junior High." 

That's the way the school 
board introduced its newest and 
most modern school Sunday to 
a large turnod d parents, dty 
offldals and educators. 

But several other ingredi- 
ents, including the latest tedi- 
nological develq;)ments, mo- 
dern educational aides and so- 
pbisticated commudcattcoi 
eqdpment, make tbe Newtown 
Road school the flagsUp of 
Virgida Beach's scbool sys- 

Dr. Woodrow W. Wilkerson, 
state superintendent of pdilic 
instruction, delivered the key- 
note address inthesdioorsnew 
audtorium. Though the sdiool 
was offidally dedicated Sunder, 
it has been in use since the 
beglndng of ttie current se- 

WilUam D. Gilliam is tiie 
school's prindpal. AssUtant 
prindpal of instructi(m is 
Joseph R. Hassell, and G. Ray 
Smith is the assistant prindpal 
of adnddstrattm. 

as moderators. 

Each sesdon wiU be confined 
to <me or two varied, and pre- 
selected, subjects, such as per- 
sonnel trddng (maintenance, 
didng and desk), housekeeping, 
credit cards, etc. 

Also, any unusual problems 
WiU be broi#t to the attention 
of tbe workshop. 

There are presently some 50 
members in the assodation and 
dhers have indicated an in- 
terest in the wganization. 
Members d tbe board of di- 
rectors will soon call on ttiese 
prospective members to pdd 
out some d the moMtary bene- 
fits availaUe to tbe nwmbers. 

You Say 
You'd Like ^^ 
A Picture? 

It's easy to get as many 
codes as you wodd lite d any 
pidure taken by SUN photo- 

Cl^ Uie picture od d the 
paper with Oe dde it apptared 
and send it along with your 
order to: 

Photo Departmed, 
P. 0. Box 657 
Virgida Beach^^ Va. 23451 

You wm raeeive the fUiished 
glony 8" x 10" prid wttUn 
two weeks by nail. 

The dmrge is $3 for Oie 

first prid and $1 for eadi 
addUonal print. After four 
weeks, the charge will be $4. 
Please indude 3fi sales tax. 

An international image 


A good friend 


Welcome Wagon 

Hostess with 

The Most Famous Basket In 

the World® 


Phone , 



When You Se« What 
A Comfortable 
Savings You'll Make 
with a 



Ttit* WMlity inglnnrad furnace i» 
dtt^iMd le liva you * thrtc-wiy 
Mw/n^ RMucn fu«l bills. Savtt 
'"on ciMnifla WH*. Kmp( miinttn- 
anct costs down. And all BONG- 
WARNER Furnaces ar* dasifned 
for tasy addition of VORK Air 
Conditionlns (or total comfort 

Call us, ywr comfoit experts, for a free estimate. 

Anns ^^oiiOf% 

431 Va. BMch 


the UrlMn 12 eoocept, bat ssM 
he would reserve a^ commeiit 
OB the Urine d a fliUtioie 
lobbyist for the proup imttl tlie 

next mediM ^ ^^' ^ 

At thit time, by-lews and 
other regulstloMi will be set 
up, and bopefVlly the group wiU 
be able to d^de on the need 
and cost of t diredor, be sdd. 

Scott said ttie budget dis- 
cussed for operati(» d ttie Ur- 
ban 12 tdsty was abod$50,000, 
with between $20,000 and 
$30,000 of that going for a 
direetor's salary. 

Re said the city's share, 
bated on population, would be 
about $4,000 but that "1 don't 
ttfiiA we should be spending 
mcMiey for sometMng we don't 
laiow anyttiing about." 

Scott said be would lite to 
know what group will direct 
fbe lobUest and how He wiU 
be controlled until te. made 
toy comment. 

v'irglBia National Bank 
opened its lOTtli office io the 
state Tuesday ^ 2S39 Prlo- 
oess ^uw Roed. 

TUs newert addition to the 
statewide system— named 
Court Square Office— was de- 
slpted by tbe Virginia Beach 
arcldteetaral firm of Waller 
and Setter. Its Georgian ex- 
terior and an intertor furnished 
with Colonial Reproductions 
were selected to eonfwm with 
historic Princess Anne Cenrt- 
house, built in 182*^ neeoort- 
house site was the |iecn«liic 
cei^r of old Princess Anne 
County and is now the center- 
piece for ttie area whidi coo- 
tains all the dvic offlees for 
ttie City of Virginia Beadu The 
new bailing iMwse is located 
five blocks to ttie west. 

An addlttoosl feature of the 
ottloe is ttu^ it will cootaln^ 
collectton of contemporary art 
wUdi includes works by sev- 
eral local, noted artists. 
Previouily named as man- 

ager of tte Govt Square OfBoe 
is Waldo P. BorDMBttn. BU 
assisteot numager is BuloKd 

82 Awards 

Elgitty-two ewar<to were pre- 
sented at ttie Coort «t Bonar 
for Trofv yn^waAtixaosltvnrf 
boy Mned ae award er re- 
oelvedepr<nnottfln.Four scoots 
were advaeeed to TeeOarfoot, 
three Bcoote advanced toSMOid 
Claee, aad oee to Flnt Ctaee. 

Ckarles Earley, Steve Car- 
iMtor, and John Irish earned 
tte promotteo of lite. 

The Gdden Ax award wu 
praeotsd to Charles Etf I9, 
Steve Carpenter, MdMOdKoeh, 
and Dottdas Koch. TUs iwaid 
is given for tbe scmit atteodlag 
every caaqiag trip &adag tbb 


New school was dedicated Sunday. 

FOm 64p (Statt)— Raviaad JkBaaiy, VUtti 

State Beak No... 



Consotldafed'Beport of Condition of^ :.:: 

of yirgliiii..Be«(?hIv .in the State of ..y.*,1fM!^<. 

businese on. Qfitpl)ftr..^9.. 


.The-fXret -Colonlal-BaBk 

...^.end Domeetie Subeidiariee at the doae ef 
to The State Corooretion Coamliiion 



ASQfi unposted debits) 

1. Cash and due from beaks (Induding f. 

2. U.S. Tnesmy eeeurities 

8. Seeurittss of ether U,S. Oovcmmsnt agmdss sad eorporatioBB. 

4. OUigstioBS fli States aad poUtieal lub^viiioBs. 

6. Other seeuritieB (induding 

6. Tradiag aeconat sseuritiaB. 





Fedml fonda eoM and seeuritiss purdiassd uadar screameati to resd 

OthsrloaBa '■■ 

Baalt pranisM. furniturs snd fistuns, sad othar aasets rapresentinf bsnlt pnmiaas 

Real csUte owned other than banir premisas .'. 

InvastnuDts in subaidisries not eoisolidsted....... 

Custwnw's Hrirfltty to this banli on aeestrtaacae o u t s tanding . 

Othar sssets.. 



15. Demsnd dqwsito of iadividusls, psrtnerdiips, and oorporationa. 

16. Time and aavinga iepcdtM of individuiJs, partnarddpa, and oorporationa. 

17. Depodta of United SUtaa Government 

18. DepodU of Statea and pditieal aubdividons 

19. bepodts of foreign govamments and ottdd inattt utJoae 
a>. DqxidtB M eommtrdd bsnlcs ■.•. 

21. Ccrtifled and dBeas' diedcs, etc. 

22. TOTAL DBPOBira. ' / ftiZ$i i | 9 i ' H 

(a) Total damaad depodta *t-l, 7h k ,M kk. 7n 

(b) Total time aad aavinp depodu > 2t » 77t3 6 1i 8* 
28. Federal fundi pordiaeed and aeeuritias sdd under agtaemeBto to repurduHN. 

24. Othar UabiUtiaa for borrowed money 

26. Mortgage indebtedneaa ■■;•; - 

26. Aeoeptanoia wewited by or for aoobunt of this banit aad outetandi nr 

27. Othe UdtiUtiaB - 




30. Raeerve for bad debt loMa on loans (set up purmaat to Intemd Revenue Sarviee ruHnge) 

31. Other reeervea on loant 

32. Reaarvaa on securities 


34. Cspitd notes and debenturea , 

(spedfy interest rau and maturity of each iaaue outstandiag>j' 
85. Equity capita!, totd (sum of item* 36 to 40 bdow) 

Preferred stod(-totd par vdue 
(No. sharea outstanding none 

Common stodc-total par value $10.00 
(No. sharae authorised 5 0,lin( 


Undivided profiu 

Raeerve for contingmdee and other capttd i 

41. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (sum of items 34 snd 35 above) ^ .. ~ , 

42. TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (sura of itene S8, 0. SS, and 41 dwve) 





Average of total depodu for tbe 15 calendar days ending with eaU daU 
Avenge <rf total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with esU d^e 
Uneemed discount on instahaeat loans included in totd capitd aeeounu 

) (No. shues ouWaading 70,000 

I, .%' G. AppeoBeller, Vice President 
is Ime and eorrtd, io Ike ted sT "W tamisdvr and MkT. 


I miUL mtm te^tn tf i 


mtn^ ^ixgij^a, 



e«i/*w«i»ei»^ft*/e«ad«ie|b»r«r*»*'^^«»^/)/ . iC ^Jt r t 
,f^ f,.f.,i Bi frrr ^"^ *• ."^ %J^J^^ ^ ^^^^^^ 







By Us UhMi 

-. _jaM o( ttrM nort ottleer G.K, i^ ^tecftcd to 

meo bav« betn added tott»4# tiM Srd P(dl<» Pndw^, for 

rotter ol tte Betel B<«Mg|i flM» tf^very of la 8 pound 7 

Civil DafeiiM odt. Ite Mw oiaet baby ^rl. M last r«- 

?ol«BtMTt Ineluda W.W. Oavlf , ports VldL Us vife Uada, ind 

Jr..SlmtWrayaad^G«rl«jr. dawMar Sasaa mdialle vera 

FM CUef E.B, teyM ki- 
InriM w three more men titon 
qiaJIM f(ff senrlee vltti tiie 
YOlJHtear flttBMB «»1diiiiltt 
Oie B«MiiBorou|^FireDn)trt- , 

alt dolBg fine. 

Men ol tte Plasa Voluateer 
Flra JDeptttmeot wlUbestei^ 
a turtejr siioot ttte veekeaAMid 
Bast veelBaiid to rafsa f^s fbr 

iBaat.JterlaelMlaGarleBHay- aBl»pt©teda.l%tsiootlsl»eiii»W 
ta^llo«na»D»rtei»l David Si1KE?Vluttp!r2^ 


S|i. fS, Souborooi^ It- 
tafllnd to tte police Trattci n- 
vUdoiL is beginBlut a oooise 
of InpfBctto^ to sifo txpt op- 
enrilQai lUs m^ for youDg 
paoj^ oCite rfwrt dtjr. Scar- 
tero^ tatSeitos he Moidi to 
'Httek oT' ^ pnfTtp at tliel 
VteilBUQeaehMor agl' 

lie stoft paid a viilt laM 
FH4K9 tk0^ to the home of 

Hit, Robbed 

Pottoe fflmtfi wy ttslrsMTdt 
tat tvo suj^^cto la the Mfoog 
aroMd Rjliberjr and sMtdt ctf 
a MorthaavtoB BM. s«^ee 
^iMso aHmdaflt early TtoMdajr 

(Mdato qaot* Georfe Be^ 
vltt n^iac two men drove lato 
toe st^» to pwetase jtt. 
While Bei^ vat panploi gu 
Into tlMr car toe men npor* 
tedly ettored the station bidld- 
U^ and pnnhaied nsandwlcb 
ITMI a veaittBc miAlne. As 
Be|^ ins ^eadac the car's 
rawmr, aoeeiittBg to pottce, 
he «as ^rvdc on toe head and 
(himed hritad toe servinsta- 
ttoi itere he was tied ap by 
toe men. 

mm hw scene min apprm* 
natol^ fttttoiArtlioB rteelpto 
and Be|^# money. 


Si^or^s and from 13 noon to 
5 9M on Sndays ii the 100 
blodiflf Bflsenoitf Road. 

Gme Warden G.C. Fentress 
toln week informed as ttalte- 
tlvUy was at a peak to the Bnefc 
Biqf f^lon as luaters were 
jmttoic ^ llflliAii^ touchM en 
"blinds" in preparaHons for 
toto Sahoday'a opaaini of the 
Aicfc i^mm. Hmtors sn re- 
Bdttded of the "dally bag limit" 
of Mm dada per day. Thto 
indndes Uoltattons on oomore 
than one "Cam«s Bade" or 
"Reitoeid". t«o "Wooddaeks", 
or tiro "Bbek Ducks" and/or 
aiqr eoiMnaHon of these. Htoi- 
tors this, year have hew al- 
tovred a bonus to toat darlnf (he 
first dght days of toe awlason 
balers ulllbepernilttodtotdn 
two "Blue Wing Teal" in nd- 
dltion to the dally bag Unit 
on dudes. Hunters are also 
advised to obtain a pamphlet 
regardlDg regalattons this sea- 
son on water and ml0nKtory fowl 
from todr loesl qi^tfag goods 
headquarters lor aqp rhmgai 
whleh na^ afilet ttiam tots 

Girl Gets 

Virginia Beach police officers listen attentively to Det/s Vital! 
anB Pritchard In a new program to **crack-(lown" on Illicit drug 
tr^ficking through the resort city. 

Police Get More 
Drug Instruction 

Indications are toe "Blue 
Ftoh" are moving ttoptgh thto 
area to their InMaf southern 
mlfration. Sgt. N.C. Morse, 
attached to the 2nd PoUce Pre- 
etoet, toiorms usheaodtMad 
landed 12 of toe ^'choppers" 
weightog UP to 18 potoKte during 
a one ^ outing off toe Beach 


The Virginia Beach Police 
Department to taking addiaonal 
steps to comtout toe increasing 
ilUcil dr^ trafflc through the 
resort dty. 

The move follows reporto toat 
arresto oh dnrges InvoMng 
dn4[ abuse tows thto year have 
Indrensed Mffly 300 percent 
over the nde of last year. 
Ttom fhr totoyear^aocordingto 
ptdlce, 499 barges have bem 
ptoced tot vkdaliopsof narcotic 
and/or drug taws, while a total 
of 163 sudi duu^ were filed 
by police during 1969. 

OfUdato said toese arresto 
Indicia an increased flow.of 
"hard drugs" tbrou^ the 

resort dty. 

The latest tactic to aimed at 
reaching -toose reapcmsible for 
brini^ng narcotics aiird drugs 
toto Virglda Beach, and toose 
taking an active part to the 
movement of drugs through toe 

The Bew inrogram centers 
around incressed utilisation of 
untformlid police offUen to 
combatliic toe movement of nar- 
cotics and dn^sB. Heretofwe 
thto situitfion has been the pri- 
mary concern of toe police 
Detective and Juvenile 

Special training sessions 
were comhKled thto week to 
ac(iuaint aU sworn metobers of 
toe police department witothe 
various ^rpes of narcotics and 

WKh fMcosts gokiK up^ 
youwMfittieiiyour hMthls bMs 

* ■» 

Wb want to help. 

This is the winter to do everything 
you can to cut your heating bills. Because 
this wmter some combustible fuel costs will 
be higher. 

We're facing the same problem you 

Here are four suggestions that 
will help: 

1. Make sure your home is properly 
insulated. It tekes twice as much fuel to 
heat an uninsulated home as it does to heat 

are. The cost of the coal we bum to generate an insulated one. 

^^tricity has gone up 35 to 40% this year. 2. InstaU storm windows and doors. They 

So we understand the problem. €an redueeiieat loss by i» much as 10%. 

And we want to help. Sure, it costs money. But it*s an investment 

If you heat your home electrically, that will pay for itself over the years, 
we have s^od news. The cost of electric heat 3. Make sure your entire heating system is 

will actually be lower this winter. That's 

right,'lowei% Even though rates went up in 
July for the f ii'st time in 16 years, our 
average electric heat customers will find 
that the new winter rate will result in 
heating costs that are reduced by as much 
as 16%. 

Whether you heat your home with 
ofl, gas, coal, or electricity, there's still a lot 
you can do to cut your heating bills. By 
making sure your heating system works as 
efficiency as possible. And by preventing 
unnecessary waste. 

cleaned and checked at the start of the 
season. That includes furnace, flues, filters, 
and thermostats. 

4. Caulk mtMmd windows and eaves. And 
weatherstrip doors. Every opening and 
crack wastes fuel. 

Will all this insulating, checking, 
cleaning and caulking really make a 
difference in your heating bills? It really 
wilj. By a significant amount. 

And that could go a long way 
toward keeping the rising cost of fuel from 
hitting home. 

dnv whidi might be found to 
Virglilli Beadi, the methods by 
vMch toey move througli the 
dty, and the type of individual ' 
irtK) might be assodated wito 
thtttUdt drug traffic 

Det.'s J. P. Vitale, Jr.,and 
J. W. Pritchard, police vice 
squad members wito an exten- 
sive bMluround of ctqjlng wito 
dra^ trafflcking, conducted the 
tnd^« sessions. 

During the instructional per- 
iods Vitale and Pritdmrd em- 
plowed sanqdes of drufi which 
are being fooid in toe resort 
dty to order to tomiliarlse 
uniformed police officers wito 
matoriate they will be looking 
for to suspected drug tow vio- 

Officers examloed samptes of 
marijuana, berdn, hasUdi, 
amphetamines, barbiturates, 
and haltodnogedc drugs sodi 
as mescaline and LSD. Hie 
men were also instruded tothe 
methods by which these <taii0i 
sre used and the eqdpment 
needed to their use. 

"The traidi« included the 
affeds drugs have on in- 
divldnato and how a person 
under toe iofluenoe of ^tangsi^ 
may ador aipetf.'' \- -•> Mi ^m 

The one fiu:t which perhaps 
mif^illistrate the importance ' 
d toto new move on toe pert of 
the Virgtoto Beach poUce de- 
partment to contained in aso^ . 
bering police statistic vdddi 
denotes a contlndng increase 
to "hard COTe drugs" movement 
throui^ the resort dty. 

Authorities Indicate that the 
first drug tow violstitm in- 
volving herdntoVirglntoBeadi 
was recorded two years ago, 
-White last yew ten dn« tow 
violatlMis involving herdn were 
recorded in the resort dty. 

Arthritis Sufferers: ^ 


^New fojnnuto Jm attoritis 
minor pain is ao Mrong you 
can take it less of ten and still 
wake up in toe morning wito- 
out all toe pato's Stiffness. 
Yet so fentfe you can take 
this tablet on an empty stom- 
ach. It's called Arthrttls Poto 
Formula. Get hours of re- 
lief. Ask for Arthritis Pan 
Fornudt by the makers of 

PoUce officials said they have 
(Purged Susan A. Cummins wito 
two counto d possttssioii of stl- 
mutont drugs during an inves- 
tigation thto past week. 

According to police Miss 
Cummins, 19, lAose address 
was Itoted as toe Ball Hal 
Mdelto the B«idi Borough^ 
was arr^ed ital^ an inves- 
tfgidlon tn the ana of 22ad 
Sfrld ad Afiiritte Aveme. 

Imradigatara«dd d toettme 
of bet M9^ she aUefedly 
hi^ aqnantttyddimulut drugs 
to her poMeadon. 

To Speak 

At A.R.E. 

"llan'sCreative S^t" wiU 
be the sd>Jad of a tolk on 
Friday, Nov. IS at 8 p.m. d 
toe Assodstion tux Rttsearch 
and Enlif^ilenmed, 67to Street 
and Aaanttc Avenue. 

Mrs. Jadtscn SheUey, A.R.E. 
editor and authcHr, will be toe 

On Saturday, Nov. 14 d 8 p.m. 
and on Sundtay, Nov. 15 at 3:30 
Pbffl. toe (flsttngdshed ^aflca 
Karagulla, MJ)., author of the 
irUely rend book, "Break- 
ttorough toCreativlty", WiU tec- 
tore on "kfan and Hto Ener0 
Ftohto" end "Changes toEnargy 
Fields to Healto and Dtoease." 
Dr. Karagulla, who has degrees 
from Edtobnrgh and London, to 
d prosed i^eslded and di- 
rector of the Hl^r Sense Per- 
ception Researdi FmmdatioQ in 
Beveriy KUs, Calf. 

These lectures are open to 
the pd)lic. Further information 
may be had by ealtngtoe Ano- 

Officer Gu^riln and his oartner **Frlt2". 

Tritz' Plays Bloodhound 
And Sniffs Out Suspeti 

The value d the pdUce K«9 
Corps was proven again thto 
past vedc wito the ap^rehen- 
don of • le-yrar-^ Juvedte 
on snspldon of grand larceny 

Aceonttng to offidato the 
apprehendon d thesuspedias 
due inrimarily to toe effdrto d 
officer A.7. Guertin, Jr., d 
toe 3rd Police Prednc^ and 
hto German Shepherd putoer 

Investigators sdd an ado 
fitting toedesaripti<Adadden 
vehide, and oo^dnlng three Ju- 
vedles, was dgttad by a po- 
lice pairol udt to the CUnese 
Coraer area, tte driver of the 
car Ignored pdioeofficen'slg- 

Crash Follows Fire 

Fout perasns were injured 
to an auto-trock acddedTues- . 
dsy eivestog wtodi occurred to 
oonnedion wito a fire udddi 
virtually tetroyed toe Kemps- 
ville Bike Centor, KempsvUle 
•and BrtocessAnwitondSi ^<u ^.i 
' Adhulttolitofii«a«e ttn^tfit' 
began to toe rear d the to<!^" 
dlify and raddl^ enguUM the 
bdldlng. The fire repmrtodly 
began abod dosing time, ud 
no one was iojmred. 

An"ihvesti0Uion to underway 
to determine the cause of the 
fbre which was confined to the 
^ke Centor.AnadJddngdner, 
"Rdiy's lunchonette", received 
smoke damage flrom the fire. 

Offidato sdd that white the 
fire was to progress toree ]u- 
vedles, a 12-year-old and two 
IS-year-oMs, loaded a sundy 
of bicycles flrom the Coder onto 
a pick up truck for transfer 
to toe oompaiqr's Acre<tole lo- 
cation for nfe keeping. 

As toe truck proceeded along 
Kempsville Road, according to 
police, the vehicle collided 
head-on wito a car while d- 
temptti^ to rotnd a curve near 
toe idersedioQ with Olive 

. Offldals sdd two of the Ju- 
vedles received serious hea^ 
tojuries. The driver of toe car, 
idedifled by offidato 

ations to the sodded. 

Fred "PUl" muips, owner 
of the Bike Centor, Wednesday 
mordng add be was ton^o- 
rarily transfHrring (^ariUlons 
d the KempsviUe Bike Centor 

^fflpsvffie^asd 'tod^ River 
Eloads. Those wishing to make 
ioqdries regarding purdtoses 
and/or repairs should phtme 

Volunteers from file Kemps- 
viUe Fire D^artmed, bt<Aed 
UP by the Davis Comer and l^loaavAAm 
lliaUa Volunteers, were st the V'iiftDprUUlll 
scene of the alarm for nearly 
three hours. 

nato to stqp and fled hlong 
Grayson Road wito police todto 

When the car retdiafl the 
HempsvUte sedton of thsf City, 
aeewctopf to dOctoto, th%J|u- 
vedles mandonad the car and 
fled on fod into surroundii^ 

K-9 OfflcerGnrtinwassnffl- 
moned to toe sc«ie, and wiiton 
momeds "Frito" had plckad 
iq> toe seed d one d toe sss- 
peds and began tracking 
through the woods ahd dedse 
ondartffudi. \ 

"Frito", aoeordtog to Guer- 
tin, followed a criss-cross trdl 
throagh the miderbrush in 
abod 45 mtnntos for a dtotaaee 
d spprodmatoly one mile. The 
trdl woiffld badE Into toe ardt 
d the County View Triillir 
Court, on Bomey Road, whmre 
officen apprehmded the Ja- 
vedte susped as he was sed> 
rundng among houdng ndto to 
the trdler parte 

Officials Indleate thdr 
SMreh eonttmias fdr toe otoer 
two Jtvedles being soudit to 
dwnsdtoa iifith Vfk apto ths^,^ 

He»d for 



(Cditinued from Pg. 1) 

TasweU Taylor, had codribded 
$600 earUer last wedt. 

"We would have been to 
trodtle if it had nd been for 
these donations," the spokes- 
man said. 

A send-off for the mayon 
will be held Friday d noon 
at MiUtary Circte Shopptog 
Center. Rhodes and Martin wlU 
be preseded toe petitions and 
will give a diort talk, the 

The Virgtda Beach Seholl 
Systom's seeretsrial and 
cal staff, thto week, found 
selves idngbndctothe 
room its t jsfredier 

On Wednesday, aU dtheS^- 
tom's secretarial and dericd 
employees started a series d 
to-servlce elssses revdvtog 
around sto generd areas d 


Members d toe cratral ad- 
mlnistntton shd' siqwrvlso^ 
stsft. In coopers^ lAtlLthi 
Vlrglnto Beach Association d 
Educational Secretaries, have 
outlined a series d six areas 
to be dtocussed in a twelve- 
hour period d instruction. Tt» 
six instrudlMml areas to be 

SSteG^ S?d%l!Iri- i^'.^^rfifiS^lS^^ ^* SUr^SrtoiilL-^^ce'pr^ 
^ZZrr. r • "*r°' ". *"'^* wlU dso be introduced. -.„ .-,, hi«iii«M oBvehotocv. 

away Road, recdved leg and 
todal injuries. Her 14-year-old 
daughter EUcabdh reportedly 
received leg and fadd lacer- 


Taylor Jdms<»i, prodded d 
the Virglda Beadi Exdiange 
Cld) wlU presrat to toe eom- 
mudties a r^oi d a cage- 
such as the prtooners are con- 
fined to in Vid Nam. Htfs 
visual dd to dedgned tograer- 
de iderest In the pUgbt d 
to« men to S(^eait Ada. 

buy it! 

gram are: business psychdogy, 
commudcdlons, record keep- 
ing boddEoeptoi^ sduwl w edu- 
otldnal tow, and dflce ma- 

Secretaries wiUmeettostag- 
gered groups for two hours- a 
dsy for 12 sradMs. Five ini 
strudlMial cedera wiU be«Md 
for 'toto in-service prognm. 


ICellaAK 'C^iXci^ 

'«itft^*^a •• fl 

Mutual FederalJias money to lend 
on good existing homes in desirable 



An >Ctna Homeowners policy Mn't tewe wm bfwdcs 
out of bad(yard> neigi»orhoed fodbcdl^ Idll ran 
prdecT^w iiscihiM ghm btwolragb, damme to 
yo«r ikmAm omI a raft of ^ler fhiny Aot ocn^ 
cml de fi^pM. So b^ore h happww to yoi^ «M 
w for eon^Me dMaftu 


b pe^* ..■te^tai paspi* 


S4M - • nMcm MM n. 


fiim yii»inttMiiiniwwrnii#i»iMi nn 

l llllItl MM lllllltAllHIltlAAmAAXa^ 






Thursday. November 12. 1970 

%..... p. immnfir «*>••'•■*»«■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■>■■••>•«««««■■■■ ■■••■■■•■■■■■■■•■•■■■«»«««innf!"n«««nfti**'****************^ 

Some other Christmas decorations made by Mrs. Gresham. 

These Christmas arrangements were made and displayed by Mrs. 
Horace Jordan, a member of Thoroughgood Garden Clul) which is 
planning Christmas open house at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.R. 

GompestHion f or lame 3^em erg esJDet ween groups 

Mrs. Betty Q resha'm holds ue an angel made 
from cloth dipped in wallpaper paste and 
draped. She advised using acrylic medium 
to maintain a bright gold color on such 
figures. In front are decorated egg shells. 
She prefers goose eggs because they are 
larger. Mrs. Gresham gave a special deco- 
rations program at the Virginia Beach 
C 11 h c If of G a r d en C Fa b s mti e e t J n g 


By Carolyn McAOra 

Every kitchen 

needs an expert 

"TW Mqttngw tas vi^mln A and UiebeiBBbave vltunin C," 
•aid (ii itfw-y«ir-old with authority as she pointed to the pus 
OB (te fetovt. 

"WlK> told you that?" 

"Thit's what the teadier said." She had Jost returned firom 
her iUat oookinc lesson to AdflU requirements for her Girl 
Scoot eooUac )m^, "She also said I have to pra^oe nakln^ 

"Oh? I thought you already knew bow." 

"Uh: oh. Hers taste better. Can I make some toolgfat?" 

"Walt uBtU tomorrow idght when I have more time." 

"CUb. Mama, you're doiac that wrong. You're sapposod to 
measve margarine witt a tei^;ioon." 

"Who says?" 


"Well, Id* at tUs stick. It's marked of f in teaspoons oo the 
paptt. All you have to do Is ^ce sonw off." 

"■alaa, you're supposed to put Oie dessert fork next to the 

"We're not havtag aiqr dessert. I don't sunnse your taidter 
toU you to praetiee i^ettliig ttie IMile too?" 

"Uh, ilL Just make biseulte." 

Virginia Be^ Council of 
Garden Club members were 
warned in a letter yesterday 
to be wary of petitions dbout 

The letter/ from Bob Stanton, 
a carman of the Visual Pol- 
lution Control Committee which 
was formed to fight billboards 
along tte Eqiressway^ General 
Boott Bl«d» and ltorttampto» 
BVnti included a ccmy of a 
petition in favw of biUnards 
which Stanton says is now being 
circulated by paid woiters. He 
said they are being paid (he 
didn't specify bf irtwrn) a <ttme 
per name. 

Mrs. Arthur H. Gallagher, 
president of the Council of Gar- 
den Clubs, said that she was 
approa^ed by a woman witti a 
billboard petition irtien die 
^oted Nov. 3. Mrs. Gallagher 
said she told the woman iibtt 
oogM to have a petition against 
bUlboaids in bar other hand. 
Hie woman replied thatshawas 
neither for nor against bin- 
hoards bat was "making her 
Christmas money." 

Council mendwrs were urged 
to attend the OtyCounell meet- 

ing on Dec. 7 wten current 
billboard applications will come 
a^nst bilIboar(h; before City 
Council for acttcm. They are 
also drculatlbg petitions. 

Mrs. P. S. Courson, Jr., tte 
Council's representative on toe 
V.P.C.C, noted that "It is tp to 
our committee to convince toe 
City of VirgiDla Beach that we, 
cannot be boug^ fiar^utoentae!' 


The Council also Uxk iq> 
Pembroke MeadowsGar- 
den Club's cause asking that toe 
Council's name be added to the 
club's potion for ui ordinance 
nMch would require persons 
found guilty of littering to dear 
a set area of Utter in lieu of 
a fine. 

The Council announced plans 
for their money making projed 
fbr the year— a spring fasUon 
show to be staged by. Sears at 
Om Civic Ceirter on Feb. 24. 
Tickets will be $1 and in r^um 
everyone attending the show will 
receive a coupon for a free 
pair of stocUneB. There vdU 
also be a $100 wardrobe as a 

The theme for the flower 

lAgr don't you wear ui aiurMi? My tradier does, 
aie odd fin* t» to tai^ cm next w«^." 


"BfcauBC 1 like to w^ mf huds on n^ dt^tes. Besides, I 
■aver em flnii ana lAm I nMd U/* 

"Mama, jran know iHmt? We Mt ^tt^ good breaktots 
ttowd hen." 

"Wall, I'm ^ to hear it I ttiak so too." 

"n^ a^ iMdMr Mqfs we tfuidd have hot eax«a akng wito 
(See •nt^ea' pb ^ 

Members of the Princess Anne Woman's 
C lub of Vi rglnia Beach got an early showing 
Tuesday of some of the Utent which will be 
featured In the **Beach Play Mates" follies 
presented at the Civic Center Nov. 20 and 
21 by the Virginia Beach-Princess Anne 
Junior Woman's Club. Club members were 
alee recruited ^^Mrtitoltz number. 

show which will be staged bythe 
Virginia Beach Coundl, the 
Portemouto Coundl and the 
Norfolk Federation of Garden 
Clubs along wito Tidewater Al- 
Ued Floriste in March will be 
"Language of Flowers." 
The show will be at the Civic 

35th bazaar 
i8 Nov, 21 

"Christmas Is Coming. The 
Geese Are Getting Fat.*^ The 
oM English Round seems an 
appr<q>riate introduction to the 
annual Oyster Jloast and Ba- 
saar to be held at Old Dona- 
tion Efiscopal ChurdionSatur- 
day, Nov. 21 from 10 a.m. 
1 to 4 p.m. 

The historic dnirch, dating 
from the early lira's, is pre- 
sei^y becoming surrounded by 
literally hundreds of modem 
sulrarban homes, but the oM- 
time country flavor remains. 
"Fixto's & Doln's" are aU 
from "scratch," a tradition 
ind point of pride wito the woami 
of Old Donation. Formerly 
called the Oystn: Roast and 
Country Fair, the first l^usaar 
was held 35 years ago, and 
devotee's come from as lar 
tfi Suffolk and North Carottna. 

Besides the food, which wlU 
also include Smitttfleld ham 
sudwiches and hot dogs along 
wito the oysters, there will be 
aeedlewoit, dried flowers, pic- 
kles, bread, irtiite eleptuuite, 
pony rides, qpace walk, bowling, 
Christmas Boutique and little 
I>t<9te's Stop. Batqrsitting will 
also be furnished. 

H.D. Chib 
turns 21 

The London Bridge Home De- 
monstration ell* celebrated ite 
21st birthday at. the home of 
Mrs. W.K. Hudler on Rude* 
Avenue receiAly. 

A partial history <A the clii> 
was read to give present mem- 
bers some idea (tf things the 
club has done over the years, 
bringing many dmddes from 
some of toe oMer members. 

Among current actirities re- 
ported was toe ddi's partid- 
pstion In the "Good Neighbor 
Ways" heMatthe LondonBridge 
SlMpplng Cmtor. The ladles 
sold hanrtnade artides uA 
made #oodte from scratdu 
Some redpes used were 75 
years oU. Pro<»e<te will be 
»ed tor the 4-H CUhs and 

A covered AA lu^toon, in- 
clutti« a birthday aJte wMdi 
was cut by Mrs. T.C. Bolars, 
the d^s fii^ presi<teat, was 

and Woo^ of Avalon Garden 
Clii>, for a total of 53 ehiis. 

-n* amiual Coundl luncheon The £oundl wj,^«£| «2 7* "^ "***** wiU be in 
wiUbeMay 26 at toe Ad- new dtibs.AragonaGardenCh* jmaary. 

1*<l ■W|}<»'.t->-y- j.,^ 

Mrs Lena Brown, Mrs. Mary Boyette and Mrs. Albritton, along 
wIth'Mrs. Rosa Washington who is not in the picture, meice up the 
STOP staff. 

STOP means help 

Everbody is familiar wito 
Headstart, but less fantfttar 
to many is the STOP (Souto- 
ea^rn Tidewater (^iportualty 
Program) NdgjAwrhood Deve- 
lopment program which works 
wito the whole family. 

Althou^ toe program works 
from headquarters in the Sea- 
tad( Commtnity Center, toe 
four workers cover all <rf Vir- 
fiiAa Beach, w^rever poverty 
«dsto. Their goal is to raise 
peqple and neighborhoods from 
poverty by "Helping Pe<^eHelp 
Themselves," the theme of 

Mrs. Ann Albritton, Virglda 
Beach supervisor of the Neigh- 
iMNliood Devel(vmeirt program, 
said that most people are willing 
to accept their help but others 
art steptical because "they 
can't beUeve they'll get some- 
thing lor nothing. They've had 
so many promises they'll get 
Miind P ttiat have never come 
true. Once jrau get toeir trust 
they are wilttng." 

One of the big undertakings 
ri^ BOW to to estalJlish a cre- 
m oion to he^ Se^dc re- 
sidento who wiUneed loans when 
sewer lines are extended 
toroo^ toe Area. "Hopefully we 
can g^ federal funte Ua It 
(the eredlt entoi^ aaid Mrs. 
Atoritton. tte Irst meting 

AlrMl^ oiiariMd ttd Hider- 
miy to a "bqwrs' dub." Mem- 
bers pv a flaed aimnnt of 
money to order toil the d* 
^ pod toi unouat and h^ 
lae^ wUeh ttny esM Ht 
othM^iMn aBoidL tiriRriastfto. 

"We always organise," said 
Mrs. Albritton. "The Wronger 
you are, the better j^ are." 

' Other goals now are to have 
another Job Fair at Virginia 
Beach, establidi another group 
of consumer education danu 
and organlae groups for dto- 
seminatioo of information on 
home loans and set tq) dasses 
on a montoly basis. 

Another major goal, whidi 
wlU {ffd)ably take longer to 
accomidlsh, is the estddish- 
menft of a day care ceiter lor 
th(^ ddldren of working mo- 
toers. A Ion was nute by 
Dwd} Hnbard for the purchase 
of laud beUnd theSi^aGkC(»n- 
mu^ty Center on iM^ tobolld 
the addltioii. However, Hiterd 
must be r^sdd befcMre lamb 
to bdU the addttton can be 

The need for such a oeitor 
is great, Mrs. AIlHrittni nid. 
She said thiA a mn^nf ^• 
todc showed that toert an Stt 
children between the t^m of 
toee and a^ Many sf ttMm 
are too ymng to attoadSaitf* 
stori <^ae8. Mrs. ' 
said she knows of aanftMrot 
tamUtes to which the aekMl 
age cttUren ttf» taraa i^tog 
hoHM from Mhod trtto yoaaiv 
brotoers and sislMi an 9m 
thdr^awlher can «vk.Shesiil 
tost often toe dOlrw Ma 
iBterert to Mh«4 m^sntf m. 
behind to todraiilMli. 

xecomnHnidlng agpHcanto and 
distrlbvttaf forms tor Friend- 
ship Viltofi, which WiU open 
Nov. IVtt to a i«flt Mvple- 
men apanmeni aevuapneni 
boUt by Friends Cbnrdi. Itoi. 
ABvittoB aided that fandtara 
to badly needed fbr the qart- 
ments. 11»ra to aston^nxm 
available at the aptttmaato at 
the endofCtfvur Avenaejnstoft 
of mrdneckRoal ST(H» wlU 
also arrange to pick np taral- 
tore. > 

to aditttioa school dototog 
to needed. It shoold be to 
gaod eeedMtoa, any 8iaa,and 
dettveiad to ton 8|0^ Cantor. 
Atoo "tMpirali^aeadar tor 
the school aU^M is a eem- 
lieto sat of eatyetopsdtai tor 
toair afiar at^ool ta di i ia rin g 
program. The Ceatur his pttto 
of nv^al s^, bift no ewn- 
ptete » up to di*e oei^^Be- 
rtdes fha aflMasan ips^u^ 
a niari)» of ataliato ita^ at 
tiie Cantor at light haenaa 
it to the oe^ «M ^et n^- 
ibto tor toem. "Vhw iw have 
dght or In kids to J^aa or 

do^' at the Cantor. 

Otte^ adivttaa 
SfCHP tea 
tags and 
tor fbodstami 
Tltto Onaaoa 
lug, that w« 

•Ad's ***' 

Virginia iWHsh Sun 

Maher-b^^ €la§$€8 set 

Tlmrtday, Neywibfr J^ Iffl 

MoMwr-Biby cUmesiAUtw 
|lii at 10 u on WediwidqF, 
Nov. 16, 9tm AoMricip Rtd 
Cross, TldeiiiterClMifrtHr, 414 
West Bote Sk 

The six tw>«teiir elisses, 
beld Mch Moodsy anl Wcdoes- 

<^, i«U te tauglit bjr t re- 
iMtota ourse* 

Tboss visiibif to stteod 
sboold all Mm Elolst Boll, 
dirtetor of mnim txovftm. 
It 6^-e791, for rcgls^tttoD 
iod iBtorm^iaii. 


Mrs. Weast 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Floyd Eislack 

HudS(Ml, SOD. 

•llf, & Mrs. James, Jlay 
Lamm, daniMsr. . ■. 

Mr. & Mrs. Cliarles E#strd 

Loft, son. ^ . 

M*. & Mrs. Ttomas Urlac 
. Mr. 4 Mrs. KennetH Grsf 
Cmbbs, dsugttsr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Dtvld WtyM 
"llai, son. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Clttford Bsvllt 
Uvls, son. _ 

Mr. 4^ Mrs. MarUn WoodTow 
McGliee, Jr., dangiitar. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Alvln Arti«iB 
Armstroof, soou 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Michael Lm 
Brown, dauiliter. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert MaxweU 
Parr, daui^r. 

Mrs. Panl C^lqi gave apro- 
|ram oo codm od eaadle M* 
ders and txpUiiad meUiods of 
maidog Cbrtotntf ^ oisa- 
meiils It tht Itoveidbnr BMMUiit 
of tbe tjmdiavn (ka^n Club. 
B«ratiAa caadl* teUns oMite 
mads from M&m lai^mm^ 
uslflg "crystal erazi" andotter 
spray pid^. 

Tbere trere 39 awmbers and 
two visitors 9tme meat^ 
and Mrs. F. Stritby was wal- 
oomed back lalo flie (Mi, The 
dii> voted to biqr Cbrlstmn 
gifts of dotiiiaff for sbat Iw 
at a local ttu^^ biMDe. 

Blue ribbons were won by 
Mrs. WX tarn, Mrs. C.W. 
JemlgiD apd lbs. R.A. Seb- 
leffer tot TbaaksgivlnK ar- 
nBgements. Hostesses were 
Mrs. Oeaa Potlar, Mrs. M.M. 
Evaas and Mrs. George Wads- 

Apple- Weast wedding 

KitchtH (Coat.fh>mi».7) 


MIM laidlieeB Sue Apple be- 
came ttw tofde of Larry Wayne 
. Weast in a ceremony Saturday, 
Hov. 7 in CMnmuidty Udted 
MeCbodist Cburcb witb Rev. A. 
Herbert Moyer officiating. 

"ne bride is tbe dauf^r of 
ifrs. Itary Maxtoe A^le and 
Vance Warren Apple of Vir- 
ginia Beadt 

"nie tMridegrooD is tbe son 
of Mr. and Mrs. James Paul 
WeasTofVirgiflU Beach. 

Tbe Inride was given in mir- 
riage by her laUwr. Mni.Ro* 
bert Ip. MorreU of Norfolk, 
sister of tbe bride, wu matnn 
of bouMr. Miss Carol A. Fiedler 

was bridesmaid. 

Union Robert Mills, m was 
best man. Groomsmen were 
Robert D. Murrell of Norfolk 
and Charles A. Weast, brother 
of ttie teidegroom. 

Following a reception in the 
Social HaU of tbe church, the 
couple left on a wedding trip 
to Nag's Head, N.C. They wlU 
mate their home in Norfolk. 

The bride and bridepoom 
are graduates of Princess Anne 
Hi^ SdMol. The bilde is em- 
pl^ed by First and Merchai^ 
National Bank, and the bride- 
groom is emidoyed by Metrol 
Construction Company. 

"Nobody in this family, ineludte you, wlU est hot cereal. 
What do you want me to do wltb It?"^ 

"I dont know," she shrugged. 

" Mama, you didn't put in enough fknr." 

"We can't eit a whole recipe of biscuite, so I'm making 
Just half." 

"Now, look. I wish I had been such an expert on oocddng 
when I WIS your age. Until you're ready to take over toe 
Utdien, either let me cook or tell your teadier to come do 
it for us." 


"I Just wanted to ask if I could go outside and play.' 


get so upset about dn^ 

when you really doift know 
a thing abort them?'' 

If you're having a little trouble these days getting 
through to your kids when you try to discuss illegal drug 
use. it may be because they know a lot more than you 
do about the subject. 

We can't promise to make you an expert, but 
we can help you to catch up a little. Here are a few factT 


Its use is a felony. Conviction, even with a suspended 
sentence, may cause interruption of education, I 

difficulty in obtaining a driver's license in some states. 
entering a precession, getting a responsible job. While 
marihuana, which is not a narcotic, does not cause physical 
dependence, it may lead to "psychological dependence" 

if taken regularly. There is no current conclusive 
evidence that marihuana is "medically safe." Research -is 
currently being conducted to find out more about its 
physical and psychological effects. 

2. LSD: 

Its effects can differ at times in the same individual. 
There is no way of predicting whether a "trip" will be 
"good" or "bad." And days, weeks, even months after 
using LSD. the things the user experienced while on the 
drug may recur unexpectedly. The LSD experience can 
sometimes be disturbing enough to cause acute and 
even long-lasting mental illness. 

3. "Ups and Downs**: 

Excessive use of amphetamines ("ups") can drive a 
"^rson beyond his physical endurance and leave him 
totally depleted physically, since he feels like neither eating 
nor sleeping. The body develops a tolerance to these 
drugs, with larger and larger doses required to feel the 
effects. Long-term heavy users are usually irritable, 
unstable, and may suffer social, intellectual, and emotional 
breakdown. Abrupt withdrawal ("crashing") for the 
heavy user ca.. .esult in a deep and suicidal depression. 

, Barbiturates ( "downs" ) can. in regular and 
excessive doses, become physically addicting. Overdose, 
or abrupt withdrawal for a heavy user, can cause 
death. Barbiturates are a leading cause of accidental 
poison deaths in the U.S. Amphetamines are sometimes 
prescribed as "diet pills." and barbiturates are given '' 
as prescription sleeping pills, but rwither should be taken 
except in strict accordance with a physician's prescription. 

4. Narcotics: 

Heroin is physically, as well as psychologically 
addicting. Large, or unexpectedly unadulterated doses can 
resuU in death. The addict's main object in life _^^,_^ 
becomes getting the drug. He may turn to crime as the 
only way to get enough money to support his habit 
( which can run as high as S 1 00.00 per day ) . 

For more detailed facts about these drugs, write for 
free drug bookMs to: 
National Institute of Mental Health, 
Box 1080. WashingttHi. D.C. 20013 

Gi^ backs 

Ric^ifd 0. Gt^f «> ittoroey 
and repiMw^ve to toe rtato 
legislata^ i^essed the 
Princess Abm MsiwMi and 
Prcrfessicmal Womea^ Club at 
toe Thunderbird Matoi Lodge 
on Monday ev^dog. 

Mr. Guy cited toe beneflto 
of pari mutoel horse radng. 
In addition to provldlog em- 
ployment, tax revenue tmd eft^ 
tertainment, ttis big bu^n^ 
attracto conventiMis, business 
and imtostry. He urged UKm- 
ben to be e^hisiastie optt- 
toisto, write letters to editors 
of newspapers and to repre- 
sentotlves expressing views on 

Club visits^ 
new center 

The Woman's CIid> of Chesa- 
jeake Beadi, inc. was to bcdd 
ito meetii« on Nov. 12 at 10:30 

The group was to tour flie- 
Viri^nia Beadi Center for Ef- 
fective Uirnlng at 233 North 
Witcbdudc Itoad. Mrs. Peggy B. 
BiTson, director, was to con- 
duct tbe tour of the center. 

Later, the group will pro- 
ceed to the Rannda Inn <m 
Newtown Road atooonforlundu 
A busin«ts meeting irtll folldw 
hmdu The meettog is being 
planned by ttie Edncaticm Dei 
partment, beaded by Mrs.W.W. 

These Austrian Heirloom Crescents and the Poppy Seed Tea RtlJ 
are delicately spiced as are so many of that country's delicacies. 

Austrians like spices 


(Cout. firom p. 7) 
oUc Churdi who also gave spe- 
cial totoring to slow teamers, 
a Job Fair in June which got 
employment from some 100 ap- 
pUeanto, recruiting volunteer to 
escort underpriveleged ddl- 
drin on bos tours,, to fairs 
and to Oceana Naval Air Sto- 
timi, partlG^pting In tbe Uidted 
Drug Abuse C enters. A oi»d 
marriage ddb to teadi English 
to wives of servicemen who 
have married overseas Is also 

Of their busjuKhedule, Mrs. 
AlbrittoD commettfed, "^ou 
can't beorginiaedbecanseNdnn 
fou go oat you newr knovwhat 
■y«H*re gdng to run into. If 
you plan on seeing two families 
you can't tell another family 
they aren't on your list." 

Meetings of groups to poverty 

areas mitside Seatadc are usu- 

aUy held in eburches. "The 

dmrches have been really good 

.about worUi^ wito us," Mrs. 

'Albrltton said. , 

One ci toe main reasons for 
suoeea of the tederally funded 
STOP program is thattheSTOP 
workers jure ON»re whenthey're 
needed. "That's viiat we're 
here for," said Mrs. Albritton, 
"to help them get out of po- 

Wine, women, song and toe 
delighto of toe table have made 
Austria famous as a country 
whi(^ enjoys life. Food is for 
the fun (tf eating and toe Aus- 
trlus eat ridily and often. 

Austria has been called "llie 
heart of Eurcve". Her cidsiiie 
to closely related to thiU of 
Germany, but strongly influ- 
enced Iqr tbe culinary arte of 
France, Italy, Scandinavia and 
Hungary. It takes a well-stocked 
spice shelf to season these 
international spedalties: anise, 
bay leaf, caraway, cardanwm, 
chervil, diives, dnnainon, 
cloves, coriander, dill, f«mel, 
marjoram, mustard, nutmeg, 
pepper (of course) and ptenty 
of paprika to nudn Hungarian 
paprikashes sffld gnilashes. 

Every great Austrian dish 
seems to require ito measure 
of oiilon, tw the irresii^bte 
aroma of rauteed onion drifts 
across thto genial land at all 
hours of the day. Garlic to used, 
but wito restratot. 

Austrian women love to code 
and toey had better know how, 
for Austrian men consider a 
light hand wito cakes a great 
asset in a prospective bride. 
Every proper meal starto wito 
a savory home-made soiq>. 
Beef, veal, pork, chicken, goose 
and duck are favored meato, 
generally Ivaised in or sen^ 
wito a sauce. Vegetables are 
oodced so respectfully that they 
are served as a separate 

Austrian kitchens are most 
famous for the superb desserts 
and baked goods which are pre- 
pared there. As a for-instance, 
do try these redpes from toe 





120.00 and TIE AT $7.50 to $10.00. 



3133 Va. Bmeh AML. W. Bmek/MUilary CmkSk>ppui§Qr. 

Va. BMch &oi» (^pn kbadaY Thru S^. » AJf. to • PJM. 
Eicqit Mowkr aad FMm '^ 9 P.M^ MOitaiy Ciide Stan 
OptB Mml-S^ 10-10. 

Shop9,fbr tiieLadie$ and their Duif Atars 

Hmmm 340-36^ 

test kitchens of the American 
Spice Trade Assodatleii— 
Heirloom Crescoito and Pc^y 
Seed Tea Roll 

(Awtrian Helium Crescento) 

1 eqp finely ground nuto 
1 cup oisalted batter or mar- 
garine, softened 
3/4 cup sugar 

3 top. ground cinnamon, di- 

1 top. pure vanilla extract 
2-1/2 cups sifted all-purpose 

1 cup sifted confectioners' 

In a medium bowl combine 
nuto, butter, sugar, 1 teaspoon ' 
of tbe dnnunon and vaoUla: 
mix weU. Add flour and blend 
to a smooto dough. Cover and 
diiU dou|^ for several hours 
or until firm. Using a rounded 
teaspoonftd for each co(^e, 
shape dou^ into crescento. 
Bake on ungreased cookto 
sheeto in a preheated moderate 
oven (350 F.} 15 to 18 mto- 
utef Of uitil pale gokl. Cool 
sU^Rfyr Ron cookies to re- 
maining 2, teaspoons cinnamon 
mixed wito confectioners' su- 
gar. Cool on wire racks. Yield: 
Approximately 5 dozen. 


2 boxes (13-3/4 os. eadO 
hot roU mix 

1-1/2 cups warm milk 
1/4 cup sugar 

4 egg yolks 

2 cups poppy seeds 
1 cup sugar 
. 3/4 cup milk 
1/2 ciQ) seedlMS raisins 
1/3 ctqp butter or margarine 
1 egg white 

In a large bowl dissolve yeast 
from hot roll mix in warm 
milk, stir to sugar and e^ 
yolks. Add flour mlxtore from 
roll mix; blend well. Knead 
10 minutes on lightly floured 
board. Place dough in buttered 
bowl. Cover and let rtoe in 
warm place imtll doubled in 
bulk, about 1 to 2 hours. Mean- 
while, making filling. Place 
about 1/2 eup poppy seeds in 
blender container. Cover con- 
tainer and grind about 3 min- 
utes or until poiqjy seeds are 
very finely ground. Repeat. In 
a medium saucepan combine 
ground poppy seeds with re- 
maining ingrediente except egg 
white. Cook over medium teat, 
stirring constantly, about 8 
minutes, or until mixture to 
thidcened. Cool. Punch down 
dough. Divide into 3 equal parto. 
RoU each part of the dough 
on a li^tly floured board toto 
18 X 12-inch recta n^e. Sp read 


liiffor M««y frwiMM 

AAh 21. eoMMi KMMy m SMMw 

frlMICMI. MMMMpiOf . 
bOol 4t^ Mid MllM, 

nniy. «m nay Iom iImp md 

Irtw iffrtirtifi. 9aA»am nd 

la wckirri' 


wito one-third poppy seed nix- 
tore. Roll from longest end, 
Jelly roll fMhioo. Seal ends 
or shape into a ring. Plaee 
on greased co(dde sheet. Re- 
peat wito remaining douf^ Let 
rise 1/2 hour.l^toforlC blend 
egg white wito 1 ttwpooa water. 
Brush over tqps of rolls. Bake 
to prehe^ed moderhte oven 
(350 F.) 1/2 hour or untU dona. 
Cool on wire nds. If daslrad 
oofflbtne 1/2 am ocnfaetiooMrf' 
sugar wito .1/4 cup water. 
Spread over rolls. SprtoUe with 
addltioDal pom seeds. YlHdi 
3 18-indt rolls. 

Garden Tips 


«i^^ — 



YSTEX a nwll/af ii 

ooatfoit to caivjaej 



Sa« kow fail a caa Mp jroa. 


Contimie mowing your lawn 
as long as toe grass grows, 
efen after cooler weather. 
Newly seeded lawns can be 
mowed after tbe young grass 
to a few Inches taU. 

Late Fall Flowers— Thto to 
a time when toere are not many 
flowers to bloom. For next 
year you may wuit to plant 
more chrysai^mums«iMMO- 
qua camellias. New Hoii^and 
asters, uiA selboldi sedum to 
give you some late fall ^lor. 

Fall berried ^ubs are quite 
ornamental now as well as at- 
tracting birds. Pyracantha, 
various viburnums, hollies, and 
dogwoods toad the list. 

This to a good month to 
renew mulch around flowers and 
shrubs, the mulch irlU pro- 
tect small planto thto winter 
from alternate freedng and 
thawing, ii^di may be very de- 
trimental to perennial flowers 
and bulbs. 

Cut bu± roses after ftost 
to about three or four feet id)ove 
the ground to prevent whipping 
to cold winter wind and pos- 
sible loosening of the rooto. 
A mulch may be piled several 
inches deep around the base 
of roses for winter protectioQ. 
Further pruning should be done 
early next spring. 

A compost pile to an excel- 
lent means of turning leaves, 
grass and shrub cUppii^, 
weeds, twigs» old flowers and ' 
other waste pateriato into valu- 
able humus. Select an out-of- 
toe-way spot, preferably shady, 
to iNdld your compost pile. 
Alternate Uyers of the plant 
materiato wito soil or peat 
and keep evenly motot. It may 
be turned or stirred every 
monto or so. Withto six montos 
to a year you wlU have hu- 
mus which can be used tor potted 
idanto, as a muldi or mixed 
toto7our garden soil. 


Dip 1 pound ficM&imishroon» 
toto 1/4 09 otfft then into 
3/4 C19 pancake mix. Fry in 
hot deep fat (375F.}untUgoUen 
brcwn, about 2 ndnu^. I^ain 
on ab8(»i>ent paper. UOub 6 

IN A HURRY 'toi""*"-* 


Use our NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 St 
'•ntor from Pacific or Arctic Av«. 

Thursday, Novtit^r 12, 1970 

Virginio Beach Sun 

Kellam s 

them all- defeats Great Bridge power 

The Marlin defense contained 
PA and its all-star fulIbaciL 
Jerry McGrath, twloe near the 
goal line. MoGratti carried 30 
times for 107 yards l>efore lea- 
ving the. game in tbt foortti 
quarter with an injury. Bay- 
side's ground game was led 
by Lance Platz who gained 54 
yards on 19 attempts. 

Cox's Buddy Byrd, often itie 
only offensive ttveat generated 
this year by the Falcons, suf- 
fered an ankle injury in the 
first quarter and sat on the side- 
lines while Granby held oft a 

late scorii^; bid by his team- 

The Faleoos, trailing 16-0 
at Inlltime, stormed back in 
the third quarter with an rtgtt- 
yacd dash by quarteittek Al 
Williams. Kevtai Petty added 
another toutMowntoCoxtette 
last quarter. A bad coovertlcin 
pass followioc ttw first seore 
meant the diflffence in defeat 
and a tie. 

First Colodal broke even 
in district piay via their Fri- 
day shutout ovtr Lake Taylor. 
Welton CoweU ran six yards and 

Clintoo &«dBhaw slamnid 
tbro^ tte Um 00 a one-yard 
jflu^ to aecouot for the Pa- 
triobi' sooflat 

First Colonial traveled ISl 
yards via lOkt Bianidi's arm 
while ptding up oaly 14 yards 

At Norview's CnMun Field, 
Larry Stepney flartsi lis All- 
Tldewat^ crednlli^ and sco- 
red four touchdownl^ demoUt- 
hing any ideas of a Kinpsvl&t 
upset. The CUeiB dbtnanace, 
however, to score more poiais 
on the niots ttan ingr otter 

tsan tUaytKe, 

CMeT ffirtefliiek Bill P«. 
aiali piilid tte ftorvMir de- 
fensIN SBOOBtey tti ]i0t, 
eonplfliiv on Mi first 10 tf- 
tots am eBauig tin ught idth 
n Qt li tor 119 yirdt tad a 

KempfvUls M Ba|«|de 
Baym war IteniMndlla 
PriaosM Mm oim CoK 
First Cidoiial over Kellan 

Fast-paced action between First Colonial and Lake Taylor Friday night In Norfolk. 

BiU Ralph, coach of Kellam's 
game bnt not very successful 
Kailbts, hadn't had mudi to be 
happy aboiA before going into 
Frldi^ ni^'s encouirter with 
Great Brid^, a consistent Wes- 
tern Conference powerhouse. 

His Kfligbts hid salvaged only 
ooa win all year and ttiat bad 
bsMi at tte expense of. sqnally 
oneosifAil Cox. &r«i tbat 
had teen a squeeker. ^ _ 

lut when Friday's aJB^ wiffi^ 

Great Bridge had run its cour^, 
Ralph found himself atqp the 
shouklers of several victory- 
starved supporters. As they 
carried him off the field, the 
Scoreboard's 11|^ still reflec- 
ted the Knight's stunning 14-6 

MatBwhile, across town, 
Bayalda's BiU Petree - Tide- 
water's Mdy Ugh school fteld 
goal Udnr— was booting the 
Marlins to a 3-0 upset onr 

Princess Apie. Petree's 23- 
yard field goal assured the Mar- 
lins of fiieir first winning foot- 
ball seas(Hi since ttie school o- 
pened five years ago. 

In three games idayed in Nor- 
folk, First Colonial shut out 
Lake Taylor 14-0, Granby quel- 
led a Cok rally for a 16-14 
win, and Larry Stepney and his 
Norview colU«gues ruined an 
upset threat fay KenM)sviIle,33- 

Youngsters Learn Tq=^ 

Kellam's Ed Sellers bounded 
48 yards to score the flrat 
touchdown. A blocked Great 
Bridge punt in ttw final quarter 
set 19 Qie insurance touchdown 
for file Knighte. 

Much of the credit goes to 
a siQerb Kellam defense that 
held Great Bridge to -23 yards 
on the ^ound. The Wildcat's 
only score came on a 36-yard 
pass from Mdeay Curey to his 
brother, Dickie. Hie win upped 
Kellam's record to 2-7. 

Baysides's upset over PA 
moved ite record to 6-3 for file 
jear, and it was the second 

Respect Firearms 

in ta whidi Petree's foot meant 
|Oe difference. The Marlins 
ited on a last-minute field 

Pby Petree earlier in the 
' to edge Deep Creek. 

—Cadet On 
Honor Roll 

Coxquarterback Alan Williams passes to halfback Richard Mecure. 

Club vice president 
offhand position. 


*'With one round, lock and 
load. Commence firing." 

Hnring these words, one 
migU think they had stumbled 
iq»B a military rifle range 
comidete with men in uniform 
haMttng heavy rifles. It is 
startling to realize that ttiese 
^mmanto are being given not 
to a professiMial rifle team, 
but to a group of youfiis as 
young as 11 and with an aver- 
age age of 14. 

These youths are all mem- 
bers of file Windsor Woods 
Sliarpshooters Junior Rifle 
Clot). In exisistance for approx- 
imately obe year, the clilb is 
eomprbed of tweirty members, 
bofii boys and girls, and is affiU- 
ated with ttie National Rifle 
Association. The club is spcn- 
sored by fiie Windsor Woods 
Civic League. The dub l^der 
is RdSert G. Hirsch and tfie 
instructor is Enwst C. Hyers. 
1%e cUb officers ^ present 
are Dorothy Garrison, pr^- 
jMt,\ Br^ ClMk. vice-|ffesl<te ^ 
Ginger Maddox, secretary; Ifi- 
chael Raper, execotira officer. 

Presently, fiw d<i) is usii^ 
fin facilities of ttie N.A.S. Oce- 
ana Pistol RaE«e. Members are 
urged, but not required, to vm 
fiielr own ii^apms, whidi are 
required to be .ffi caliber bdt 

Fun Match 

Tte Saiitf Bernard Club of 
Eastern Virginia will have a 
fw matdi Sunday, Nov. 15 in 
flb field next to t!» Garden 
(rf the nms Pet Cemetery ^ 
2681 Salem Rd. 

Judging wiU be ixm by 
lUcterd Tang^ an Al^ llc^iMd 
^Ige nd e^dUiibtf. Entri«i 
wW be Mesa from noon to 1 
p.m. and the mtdi wiUbsfh}m 
2-4 p.m. 

Brett Clarke demonstrates good form In the 

action rifles. The only age re- 
quirement is that since it is 
a Junior cliib a member must 
not be 19 or over. 

Tlie primary objective of file 
club is to teach safe handling 
of firearms and at the same 
ttme provide the youths with 
a safe onwrtunity to get prac- 
ttcal experience "behind ttie 
trigger." The members are 
provided wifii a diance to earn 
N.R.A. ratings and some of file 
members are already quite ad- 
vanced. In addition it is an ac- 

tivity ttiat boys and girls are 
equal in. The club's most ad- 
vanced marksman is a ^rU 
Even tt^uf^ fiie club Is head- 
({uartered in Windsor Woods, 
the membership is open to all 
areas. Those interested should 

contact file Civic League, 
Hirsch or Hyers. The dub tries 
to bold a practice twiceamontlv 
and periodic safety courses are 
held as needed. 

"Cease firing. Ground your 

Cadet Thomas H. Trant son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Tlwmas B. 
Trant, 1200 N.Inlynnview Road, 
has been named to the 2nd 
honor roll for flie grading per- 
iod Just ending; 

Me attained a 3.50 »rerage 
'on afour point sode^'scc^ntltng 
to an announcenieni by'fiie 
Dean's office at Randolph- 
Macon Academy in Front Royal, 

Randoph-Macon Academy is 
a college preparatory school 
for boys founded by Methodiste 
in 1892 which enrolls students 
in grades 8-12. 

Parents Meet 

Tlie Tidewi^er Chapter, d 
Parents Wifiiout Partners will 
hoM a general meeting Sunday 
at ttie Atlantic Permanent Sa- 
vings and Loan Building, 944 
Independence Blvd. Virginia 
Beach beginning at 8 p.m. 

Mrs. Muriel Alderman from 
the Child and Family Service 
will be guest speaker. Her to- 
pic will be "The Things on 
my Mind-Will anyone Listen''? 

Hm <4p (State)— ItoviMd teMijr. 19* 


R^W^V m^^t99^^ •^^^•." 



Consolidated Report of Conditioii of "...P.««p)l<;'« 9»nH.C!l..yiTSiAi»..Beiijdb 

of ...Yirginia. Beach. ..;... i^ tlie State of ...yirginia. .... 23451^ Domestic Subsidiariea at.thedoseof 

business on October.ZB , 19 7Q . 

Ifade to the State Xorporat ion CoamiaalftB 


1. Cuh and due from tanlu (indudiac 

2. U.S. Treaaury stcuritiw 

3. SeeuritiM of othar U^. GoTMrnmant agendei and eoqiwatioBa. 

4. ObligationB of Stataa and poUtleal aubdiviaiona , 

6. Other aecuiitiaa Qndndnt I ewporata itoein) 

a. Trading acooiut laeuritiaB. 

7. Fadaral funda add and aaeuiitiaB purduaed under asraamanta to raaeU 

8. Other loans 

9. Bank premiaea, fundtore and fixtures, and other aaaeta reiiresanting bank iffemisas 

10. Real estate omed other than bank prendaet 

11. Investments in suliaitiariaa not consolidated 

12. Customer's liaUHty to tUa bank on aeeeptaneea outatandinf. 

IS. Other aaseU 



16. Demand depodta of individuals, partnerdiips, and eorpOTationa. 

16. Time and savinps dapoaHa of individuals, partnershipe, and corpwaticna 

17. DqMdte of United State Oovemmrat 

18. D^Midta of SUtas and poBtical subdivUima 

19. D^MMita <rf fordga fovamments and offldal institutions. 

20. Depodta of eommerdal banka 

Cracks And 
Holes BstlBT 

21. Certifled ud oflleani' diedn, etc......... i-;i-nn'i'"i%L'Q""6r 

22. TOTAL DEPOSITS t *»g. PW , 9gO. W 

(a) Totd demand depodta ^ $ — 8 , 144, k45 . 8 ( 1 

(b) Totd time and asvinsa depodts • %037 i 9^Ja?f 

23. Federal funda purcfaaaad and aeeuritiea add under agreonenta to repurchaae 

24. Other Ufbflitiea for borr ow ed moneyv.;i^...,-;.-..v^<..- ■■ ■■■■ ■■ 

25. Mortgage indebtedneea 

26. Aeoeptanoea executed by w for account of thia bank and outatantfng 

27. Otlur Hdiffitiee ..''. 




Monthly Payment Conventional Type 




210-25thSt. Virginia Ifeach Va. 

I'hon*' i2.K.»:i:n 


84. Capital notea and debenturea 

(apedfy intereat rate and maturity of each iasue outetanding) 

85. Equity cairital. total (aum of itema 86 to 40 bdow) 



30. Reaerva for bad dd>t loaaea on loana (aet up pursuant to Internd Revenue So^ee rulings) 

81. Other r e aervaa on teana 

82. Reaervea on aacurittee 



_) (No. shares outatandi|i| 

Prderted atoek-totd par valua. 

(No. aharea outstandii 
Common atodc-total par value.. 
(No. aharea aut 


Undivided profile 

Reeerve for eontingendea and other ca|»tal reaerves 
„. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (sum of items 34 and 85 above) 
42. TOTAL U ABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS twm of it«na 28. 29. 88, and 41 Aem). 





1. Average d totd depodts for the 15 eabndar d^ya ending with call date 

2. Average d totd loana for the 15 ed«idtf da)»«ttding with call dau 
8. Unearned diacount on inatalment loaaa induded in totd eapitd aecounta 

^K. James Crouch. Jr. .Vice President & Ca|^|^,,^^ j,^^ 
(a tnu and eanmi, iotlubml^mt hmMft aadMitf. 

Comet— Aifad: 

J. F. Malbon 

W. P. Whitehurst 

Rhae W. Adams 



M Ul^'^'A 

Swont to •■■ BBeBwea wtftn w fku 




yirgJnlo^iKh Sun 

Thuriday, Novtmbtr 12, |9t0 

Talk Limits 
ay Be Next 

Special Ceremony 

A special fia9 raising ctremony was held recently at the Kemps- 
vllle Masonic Lodge as a climax to year long efforts by the Demolay 
cMpter there to get a flag and polfe for the lodge. The Idea came 
from Demolay members who wanted a flag for their Patriotism Day 
ceremonies. The National Sojourners Association donated the flag, 
then a lodge member gave them the pole. At the program, to wlilcn 
^rents came. Marine Sgt. Major Bob Oman gave a history of the 
American flag. "^ t 

city Council's formal after- 
noon me«tUigs . Amy l)e<»me 
dtldwn-t^ng, flnger<Ucklng, 
recor<l<^tttq[ sltttf^^ if Mon- 
day's docket wis an iDdicattai 
kA vbat lies ahead. 

Beset by idannlng ^plica- 
tions pending final am>rovd» 
council speirt four sours of a 
marftttKHi dgtt tour session 
deliberating oi) tbree of 20 vp' 


mk ttteytedbeen forewarned. 
Iftyor DouOd 8. BlMdsfticdd 
ibe councilaien In an Infarmdl 
Msslon tlHU be ml^t Inve to 
lnv(^ a ten minute talk limit 
if ttln^ got too breecy. But 
it never came aboiif. 

So as tbe 8ft began to set. 
Public loforsuAion Officer 
Frank Li, Ct*^ sugpstedthat 
be ml|bt get everybody a box 
of firled d^eken, since itlodeed 
like tbe Stsilcn irauld oontinie 
into file vitSA, Tbe suggestton, 
bowever vrell-inteirtioned, was 
put off by a grovv of sUlvart 

Said.Rbod6s to Coundlman 
F. Rdd Ervin: '^Reld, you cam- 
paigned for night sessions. I 
guess you got your i»ish." 

But Councilman George R, 
Ferrell was oonslderably more 
tired, and fiu- too serious, to 

Call No. 415 

Charter No. 1 1 1 1 Ni^looal INunk Region 5 





Cash and due from banks (including % 180,898.87 unposted debits) 


Secorttks <A c/Vber U.S. Government agencies and corporations ........ 

ObUgattont of States and oollUcal siMivlsions ^ . . . . 

OOMr weurttles 

Trwttm account securities 

Federal ftnds sold and seeurltlM purduused under agreemei^ to resell . . . 



' be put off by ttti ^mor. UUc- 
ing a suggeslloa tbitt tbe in- 
formal briefing si^kHuJ^ held 
at 12:30 p.m. iiistead tf tbe 
usual 1 p.m.,"^FerreU fmiod 
almost unanimous <»»sent. 

In other matters, a belea- 
gered coundh 

'''Approved a street domre 
motion for Oriole Drive at tbe 
Intersection of LasUn Road, 
despite arguments that coundl 
might find itself reverse at 
a later date by a Suprenw 
Court of kppezis ruling con- 
cerning the precedence of title 
and deed restrictions oversm- 
ing ruUi^. 

^Approved m second reading 
ui ordinance authorising Ibe 
sale of 118.4 million w<ffth 
of sdwol bonds. 

^Passed a resolution en- 
dorsing an emergency coronary 
care program within the dtf, 
to be handled 1^ volunteer re- 
scue squads. 

«Was told there would be a 
Mnt meeting of the coundl 
and the Erosion Commissimi 
Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. 

*Was told .that Nov. 18 the 
dty's advertising jury will re- 
ceive advertising proposals 
from the three firms selected 
to bid on the dty's $204,000 
advertising contract. 


tjL.. .,••'• I 


■I— I !■ 

prenlsis, ftirniture and ffattures, and oVber assete representing bank premises 

RMliitate owned oibei-ttanbaAl^enlsei 

bivastai«AB In subsidiaries not erasoUdated 

Cartoniers'lUbiUtf to tUa bank on aec^Unces outstanding. . 

Otter assets (including $787^994.00dlred lease finandng) 

, TOTAL ASSETS ., , ^j, , . . . . 


• ••••••••••*•■ 



1 I lid I 89 II 




Demand dqxMdts of indivkluals, partnerships, and corporations 

Time aad savliiga deposlli of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations . . . 

D^oitta of United St^esGoveraraeirt 

Otporite of States and polttleal subdivisions 

D^odli of lorelgaioveminante and (rfOdal institutions 

D^odte of oommerdalbaidts. » • • • 

Certtflid and (Peers' checks, etc 

TOTAL DEPOSITS 690,467,683.32 

id Total dtnaoddepostts 324,837,398.96 

b) Total time uidsavli«sdepostts 36S,eM.284.36 

ToMdapoiite la foreign offices .......•....•......••*•.....•".*••.•.• 


Fadifal tu0 purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurcnase . 

UlaMlltlts for borrowed money . . . ^ 

MwteMn teMitedosss. .••.••.............*. *. 

Aoe^teest SMcated by or for account of ttls bank and outstanding 

Otbtf UdHUttet 







■■■»7?rTii _ 









Reserve for bad debt losses oo ^oans (set op pursuant to IRS rulings) 

oa«N' reserves on teaas. . . .^-.^r-^-.-. 

ReMrvcs on secorlttes •..••......... 



--•- • a • • • 

l^-V—* f^'^*- • « « 


Cspttal notes and debentures . 
— .%Dae $- 

Equity capital - total 

Pfiferred ito«k - total par value 

No. shares oatetanttng None 

Coranoo Stodc - total par value. . 

No. shares authorised 1,996,670 
No. shares outstanding 1.996.670 


Uiftvlded iffoflte . . . 

RaMTvc for oootli^ndes sod ottier capital reserves . . . . 

























Average of total (tepQsfll% tbe 15 eatendar days endfatg with call date . . . 

Avariffe of told tans for tbe IS ealeoter teys ending with call date 

tatarart collect ed not earned on installment loans taduded in total c^tal accounte . . 









I, Hewy D. Nadunaa, Vice President, of the above-named bank do hereby declare that this repon 
of oondttlon la true aisl corred to the best of my knowledge and belief. 

Henry D. Nachman 

We, tbe wderslped direetcnrs attest the corredness of this report of condition and declare that it 
has been examined by us and to tbe best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. 

Jdm S. Davenport, HI 
James S. Wattdns«^ 
E.A. RennoMs, Jr. , 


imitr • MmouMrs mmtional bank 
MembacFDiC ^ 





B. A. BOLT, JR. 



In the Clerk's Office (rf the 

Circuit Coifft of the City (rf 

Virginia Beach, on tbe 14th 

te o20etd»rl«70. 
WMa C. Partbie, Plalnttff, 

WUliam F. Pardoe, Jr., De- 


mmn OF pubw:ation 

The objid of tUte soil Isfor 
file add pUlnttff to obtain a di- 
vorce a viiM^ulo mibrtmMii 
from the stfd d^endtaht, upon 
tlM gromids of parties Uving 
wpK0i end apart vdfhout oo- 
habitiAoo and witbout inter- 
nvttca tat over a two year 

And an aflUlavit having been 
, made and filed Hot tbe defen- 
dant is not a resUlent of the 
State of Virgini|,^tt»e last known 
' post office address being: Rrate 
1, JonesvUle, North Carolina. 

It is ordered fiiat he do ap- 
pear here withia 10 (tea) days 
after due pri)lication bsreof , and 
do irtiat may be necessary to 
proted his Interiest to fids suit. 

Margaret W.Bru|^,D.C. 
J. E. Clarkson, Atty. 
Wlllcox, &vage, Lawrence, 
Dickson, & Spindle 
1800 Virginia National Bank 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 

■ ■ 

In tbe aerie's Office of file 

Circuit Court of tbe City of 

VlrglnU Beach, on ttie 9tbdS3r 

of November, 1970. 
Jean Frances O'Sulll^ 


George FrederidcO'Sulllvan, 




The objed of ttli suit ts 
tot the said pUdn^ to ob- 
tela a divorce a viotwo mtri- 
BfenU from tba 8^4 fl^ndurt* 
^(W tte grwHxIs d d^vrttoft 

And an affidavit havlag been 
mglto and filed that the de- 
tiuSUt is not a reslikBt of 
file ^ate of Virginia, tbe last 
tammpoat office addressbdor. 
9 PlymoaHi Avenue West, Gro- . 
ton, Connecttcut 06340. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear bera wlfiiin 10 (ten) days 
after due pddicatton hereof^ 
and do what may be necessary 
to prtted his interest in fills 

A i6i^-Teste: 

Uarga»t W. firogb, DX. 
Cottmui and Cofftnan, Attys. 
5172 Virginia Beadt Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 

In file Clerfc'a Office of fiie 
areatt Court of ttie City of 
Vlrilnta Beach, oD flM 2M day 
ofOctdier, 1970. 

Gayle Lee Tltw, Plalnttff, 
Isiah Milton Titus, Defendant. 
The d>]ed <tf fids suit Is for 
fiw said plaln^ to obtain adi- 
vorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grwmds of deserttcn. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat the defen- 
dant Is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, file last known 
port office address being: 87 
Mansion Street, Poi#keepsle, 
New York. 

Lifted for lADO Tuesday 
Local Hogs «^ ^•*- Coliseum 

Virginia dttes of Norfolk, 
Portsmoutti, VlrglniaBeachand 
Chesv)eake were released ^tom 
Federal quarantine this week 
as the Intensified State-Fe<teral 
program to eradicate trouble- 
some hog diolera outbreaks in 
souttieastern Virginia and 
northeastern North Carolina 
conttnues to show progress. 

Tbe action hy ttie U.S. De- 
partment of Apiculture came 
on the recommendafion of Dr. 
R.E. Omohundro, Assistant Di- 
redor of ttie Animal Health 
Division, irtio is coordinating 
State - Federal er adlcati>pn 
efforts from a Suffolk, Vlri^i^a 
task toree office. Dr. W.L, 
Beadix, State Veterinarian for 
Virginia concurred in the re- 

Of fiw four Virginia dttes 
relessed from quaranttne, only 
two had experienced bog diolera 
outbreaks ailter Sept. 8, the 
beginning date of the stepped- 
up eradication drive. They were 
Cl^s^peake andViri^niaBeach, 
wltti two outbreaks each. The 
last Cbesitfieake outbreak was 
Od. 1, and file last Virginia 
Beadi outbreidt was Sept. 28. 

The four herds with con- 
firmed hog cholera in Chesa- 
peake and Virginia Beach con- 
tained 4,870 head of swine. 
Infected herds were destroys*!^ 
and owners were paid State 
and Federal indemnittes to help 
compensate tb^m for U^sses. 
Most of the destroyed aidmals 
were from a single Virginia 
Beach herd numbering about 
4,600 hogs. 

To qualify for quaranttne re- 
lease under current ground 
rules, an area nnist have had 
no hog diolera for 30 days; 
and all farms m the area must 
have been checked at least ttree 
ttmes by survey teams. Mul- 
tiple checks of swine premises 
are made to minimize chances 
of hog cholera cases going im- 

Tbe Yugoslav National 
Dance and Folk Ensemble, wlU 
perform tX 10 a.m. Tuesday 
in tbe Hampton Roada CoUseum. 

The show. Including SO dan- 
cers, singers and musidans, 
is being brought to Hampton 
by tbe dty in cooperation with 
the Hampton Public Schools 

All ttcketo will be gneral ad- 
mission wifii studente tidcete 
on sale at 50 cents and adulto 

Snug as a bug?! 

Probably not yet, if 
you've just moved 

Perhaps your Wel- 
come Wagon hostess 
can help to ease the 

Coll her todayl 




George Bernard Smith, 72, 
1301 Luirdwood Lane. 

Joseph S. (Joe) Tate, 441 
Soufi^ate Avenue. 

William WanUaw Thompson, 
Virginia Beadu 

Mrs. Jessie Mansfield 
OUver, 77, 4601 Lookout Rd. 

Carroll William Kennedy Sr. 
68, Virginian Hotel. 

Bertram. C. Anderson, 801 
IStii Sbreet. 

Mrs. Fannie Simons, 5329 
Pandora Avenue. 

Dr. Kerr Is 

Dead at 92 

Dr. Kerr, 92, an educator, 
lecturer and cultural leader 
who lived in Viri^nia Beach 
40 years, died last week in 
The Hermitage at Onancock. 

Dr. Kerr was one of the 
first 10 woinen to be awarded 
and assodrte membership in 
tbe national honor sodety, Phi 
Bete KsMM. At tbe time she was 
a member of Smitti College 
Chapter of Phi Betta Kawa. 

She founded the Intenu^lonal 
Stwly and Prayer group at Vir- 
ginia Beach, was prof^sor of 
EngUshat Hood College and 
Cornell College, academic dean 
of women at the College of 
Women at Downer College, dean 
of Wheaton College, dean of 
Florida State College for 
Women and dean of women al 
Atlantic University. 

She was also active in the 
original suffragette movement 
and was muchinctemaiKl through 
the years as a ledurer. 

A memorial service Ux Dr. 
Kerr will be held Tuesday, 
November 17, at 4 p.m. in fiie 
chapel ofthe First Presbyterian 
Cburdi by the Rev. Jotai S. 

Fire Kills Boy 

A Virginia Beach youth was 
one <tf five \K(f8 who died In 
Noridk early Sunday when the 
log cabin in whldi tt»y were 
sleei^ng burned to the ground. 

TTie local boy was Johnny 
Robert Hill, 14, son ctf Johnie 
Blount Hill, Route 1, and fiie 
late Mrs. Ullian Hamilton mil. 
He was astudeitfatKellamHigh 

It is ordered that he do ap? 
pear here wlMn 10 (ten) dqrs 
after due pubttcatton hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect hia Irterest in fills suit. 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Wilttam H. Cdona, Jr., Atty. 
1756 LasUn Road 
Virginia Beadi, Virginia 


" T"--— ^ . 












Tbe obied of this suit is for 
file said plalnttff to ditain an 
adjudication ttiat she has ttw 
right, under ttie wlU of C.W. 
Hartlove, deceased, to dispose 
of file real estate deriaed there- 

And an affidarit having been 
made and fited that fiie following 
defendanto, if they be Uving, 
are not residents of the State 
of Virginia and that dIUgenoe 
has been used Iqr and on behalf 
of file s^d idaintifr to ascertain 
in what county or corporation 
they are, without effect, and fiiat 
the last known post office ad- 
dresses respectively of file said 
defendante against whom pdiU- 
catton is asked are as fbllows: 

Mary Virginia Dunton Ji»- 
ttce. Belle Haven, Virginia. 

AU(» Dimtm BalachI, Route 
#2, Box 222, Salem, Virginia. 

Bertte Dunton Flemming,409 
Deep Creek Boulevard, Porte- 
mouth, Virginia. 

Nellie Dunton Davte, Parks- 
ley, Virginia. 

Edgar Taylor, SuffoUc, Vir- 

Theodore Taylor, Suffolk, 

Arfiiur Taylor, Suffolk Vir- 

EUzabefii Taylor Austtn, RFD 
#1, Suffolk, Virginia. 

Stanley A. Taylor, RFD, 
Prince George County, Peters- 
burg, Virginia. 

And the biU of complaint stattng 
fiiat ttiere are or may be per- 
sons Interested in file sdijed 
to be disposed of, whose names 
are unknown, and making fiiem 
parties defendant by fiie gen- 
eral descriptio) of "paartles 
unknown", and affidavit havii« 
been made and filed that ttiey 
are unknown, such unknown par- 
ties being the widow end heirs, 
devisees and successors In tttle 
of C.W. HarUove, deceased, of 
Princess Anne County, Virginia, 
who died May 16, 1947, and if 
any of the foregdng named 
defendants be dead, tbe widow, 
hdrs and devisees and succes- 
sors in tttle of fiwm. 

It is ORDERED fiiat file said 
aforenamed defendante, if fi^ 
be livii«, and file said persons 
made difentente by fiie general 
description oi "parttn im- 
kiwwn" do iHiear vdttiin ten (10) 
days after (hie pd>licatt(m of this 
order ml do wMt Is necessary 
to prated ttieir interest. 
A c<w-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
Grw^ C. Wrigit, Jr., Atty. 
^SOI ^dfic Avenue 
VlrgiBia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's QSIoi of fin 

Circuit Court (^ file City of 

Virgiida Beadi, oo fiie SMi day 

ofOefdier, 1970. 
M»garet S. G^, PWnttff, 

Rdiert Richard Gqr. Dtf end- 

The obJed of fills suit laior 
^ said plainHft to oMaura 
divoret A Viacalo MatrimooU 
fr<»n file fald d^odast, iqwo 
tbe grouniii of twbyearssepar- 


And n afl&tavtt hKvli« been 
nada andfltedttatttudsfeBdaBt 
te not a realdBOt of tte State 
of Virginia as Iv as sbe knows, 
sln« abe has been oMlfle, after 
a dUgent seardi, to locate fiie 
raumjident at his last known 
addr«8«, to lit: 3550 Brest 
Avenoa, Norfolk, Virginia. 

It if orderedtlMthadoappear 
bere> wtfiilB 10 (tea) days after 
<hie pddleattoB beraot, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
ted bla Interest In fids suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

James R. McKenry, Afty. 
1369 Laskln Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


In tHe Clerk's Offloe of file 
Circuit Cdirt of fiieCity of Vir- 
ginia Beach, on fiie 14fii day of 
Octdwr, 1970. 

Una Mae Rehspo, Plalnttff, 
Joaaph Roy Raasoo, Dafeo- 

Tlie m 

the aatd plalottff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
firom the aald defradant, upon 
file ^ounda of two years sap- 

And an affidarit having been 
made and filed fiiat fiie delMi- 
dant la not a readent of the 
State of VlrgiBia, fiie lastknown^ 
post office address balnr. 1030 
Banner Street, Durham, Norttr 

It la ordered fiiat he do ap- 
pear here wlfii 10 (tea) di^ 
after due putdicaflon hereof, 
and do what nu^ be necessttn. 
to proted Us Interest in fids 

A oopjr-Teste: 

Marpret W. Bnigb, IXC. 
Jamet R. MdCrary, Atty. 
Bndiea, Broylas b MdCaary- 
1369 Laskln RoMl 


In me Clerit's Office of tt» 
Circuit Court of file City of 
VIrglpU Baad^ oo ttia 23rd dqr 
ofOctdier, 1970. 

Jerome Arfiiur Gaaeo, Plain* 
ttff, " 


Karen Rutti Geco, Defendant. 


Tbediiadof tfdaaultlffor 
file said plalnfiff to ditein a dl- 
vOTce A Vinculo MtfrimonU 
from the said defendant, upon 
file grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidarit baring been 
made and fitedttiatfiie defendant 
te not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, fiie Isst knom post 
office address being: 4(ffi3 Bate- 
man Street, Imperial Beach, 

It Is Mifered fiiat she do ap- 
pear here within 10 (tm) di^s 
after due pddlcatton hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
prded her Interest In fills suit. 
A cogy-Teste: 

Margard W. Brugh, D.C. 
WllUam H. Colona, Jr., Atty. 
17S6 Laskln Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 2iM51 


In file Clerk's Office of file 
Circuit Court of fiie City of 
Virgii^a Beadi, on fiie 23rd day 
ofOetdier, 1970. 

Janice R. Roberto, Plalnttff, 

George M. Roberts, Defen- 


Hie obJed of fids suit Is for 
the said plalnttft to obtain a dU 
voree A Itaisa Et Tboro, later 
to be mergad into a Divwce 
A Vinculo Matrimodi from ttie 
said defradant, I4MD fiie grmnids 
of construettve desertion. 

And an affidarit having been 
made and flted fiat the defen- 
dant Is not a rMident of the 
State of Virginia, fiie last known 
post office address twlag: 362 
Tews, Drawer 78, c/o APO, 
San Fraiddaco. Califorda. 

It la ordered fiat he do q>- 
pear b«re wifidn 10 (ten) di^ 
after A» pditteattoi hereof, 
end (to idud nay be necessary 
to priced his Interest in tUa 
fuit. ^ 


Itari^ret W. Bru^ D.C. 
Jam» R. Uc Kenry, Atty. 
Bry^M, Bn^Vm ft MdC«ry 
1369 Laskln Road 
Vlr^ida Beach, Virginia 


'Friday, Nov«mb«r 12,' 1970 

Virgifila Beach Sun 

•Ll^l NotlcM 

DAY Cff OCTOBER, 1970 


It iqwnrlng ttuu a report 
of Om> aecomts of Alma B. 
O'Neal, Administratrix of tbe 
Esta^ of Robert C. O'Neal, 
^ceased, and ni tlie debts inA 
demands againrt Us estate has 
been filed In ite Clerk's Of- 
fice oi Ms Court, and that 
gtt (6) BMWtlis have elapsed 
since the qualification of tbe 
said Admlolstratrlx, on rootioo 
of ttie Adpatdstratrix, by coun- 
sel, it U OI^DERED that tbe 
creditors of, and all others in- 
terested in, tbft Estate do show 
cause, if any tbey can, on tbe 
16tti day of November, 1970, 
beforv'tbe Judge of this Court 
at 9:30 a.m., against the pay- 
ment and delivery of the Estate 
of Robert C. O'Neal, deceased, 
to the distributees without re- 
quiring reflmfing bonds. 

It is further ORDERED that 
this Order, lo^or to tbe date 
above set for bearii%, he pu- 
blished Mice a week for two 
socedtiive weeks in the Vir- 
giila BMdi ^n, a newspaper 
piMtobed and having general 
drcttlatlMi in ttie City of Vir- 
ginia Beacb, Virginia. 
PU1U>L. Russo, Judge 

I a«k for this: 

Of C(mnsal for Administratrix 
of the Estate of Robert C. 
(Wleil— _j -_ '.. .. .' 

A oopy-Tasta; 


By Margaret W. Bougli, D.C. 



In ttie Clerk's Office of tbe 
Clredt Court of the City of 
Virgioia Bfadi on 27tb day of 
Oct(*er, 1970. 


eomplaioant, '"* ■~* "^ 


NEY BROWN, Respondents. 


THE OBJECT of tMs suit is 
to obtalR,^tbe partition 'of the 
following described property in 
one of ttie modes prescribed 

ALL of tbose certain lots, 
pltOM, or parcels of land si- 
tu^e, lying and being in the 
Mmtaavea Borough of die City 
of Virginia Beach. Virginia with 
the bdldlngB and improvements 
thereon being more particularly 
designated as Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6, 
7,8, and 9 in Block 2 on that 
certain pUt entitled "MAP OF 
BEACH BLVD." wblch plat is 
dited Decenflier 1927, was made 
by C. R. Mclntire Eng. and 
is recorded in ttie Clerk's Of- 
fice (tf ttie Circuit Court of die 
City of VirginiaBeach, Virginia 
in Map Book 8 at page 43, 
reference to said plat being 
hereby made for a more par- 
ticular descrlptton and location 
of said pri^erty. 

And an affUbvlt having been 
made and filed that tbe re- 
spcmdei^ are aoi residents of 
ttie State of Virginia, ttielr last 
Imown addresses being u fol- 
lows: Virginia Maxey Hlrsch, 
2335 N. W. 22nd Street Apt. 
218, Oklahoma City, CMda^oma; 
Mar^ret Maxey JohnsoiL 4305 
Ranchview Road, Fort Worth, 
Texas; and Susie Gueroey 
Brown, 3406 Woodford Drive, 
Arllngtcm, Texas; it is orteRd 
ttiat ttiey do qvear bere witttfn 
ten (10) days a^r <toe prtitt- 
caUoo hereof, and do irtiat nay 
be beeessary to {K'otect tbeir 
interest In ttils suit. 

by J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
W. EdNrard Hudglns, Jr., p. q. 
Attorney at Uw 
^25 PriMess Anne Road 
Virglite Beach, Virginia 23456 
^ 11-5-4T 

In tteClerk's Ofllea of ttie 

drcuil Court of tbi City of 

Virgiite Beach, on tbe 15tti 

(to of October, 1970. 

Piinwood Walstoi, Jr., Plain- 


Jaanle Eldse Walton, De- 


(mm. (V pubucahcw 

Tbe object of «■ salt Is fto 
file said plainttft to obtain a 
ttvM^ a vtno^ iMtiiflMili 
fNNB ^ said defanfaiit, vfion 
te xrouids of svsra&m for 

*L09al Nttlcts 

more tbiB two yews conttnued 
wittiout interrtqittfin. 

AmA m aflldavU having been 
made and filed that ttie defen- 
duA is not a resident of tbe 
State of Virginia, ttie last known 
post offiee address being: 165 
J(4ason Avewie, Newark, New 
* Jersey. 

It is ordered ttnt she do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
tflir due puldlcatton hereof, uid 
do what inay be necessary to 
protect her interest in this suit. 
A a»y-Teste: 

MirftfaC W. BruRh. D.C. 
BofliMmar, RiManm A Me 
MmA, Attys. 
1010 Plasa One 
Morfdk, Virgliia 23510 

In ttM Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of tbe City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 30tti day 
of October, 1970. 

Janltte Whitaker Key, Plain- 
Bobby Gray Key, Defendant. 
Tbe (ibject of ttiis suit is 
for the said plaintiff to ob- 
tain a divorce a vinculo matri- 
monii from the said defendant, 
up(Hi tbe grounds of two years 
^ separatton of ttie parties. 
And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the de- 
fendant is not a resident of 
ttie State of Virginia, the last 
known post office address being: 
Forsythe County Jail, Wlnson- 
-^alem. North Carolina^ 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publicatton hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in ttdssuit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bnigh, D.C. 
David H. Adams, Atty. 
3115 Pacific Avenue 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

,;AT?.:!Y^ ' '11m5«4T 

■Itl , I 

(Commonwealth of Virginia 

In ttie Clerk's Office of ttw 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach; on ttie 9th day 
of October, 1970. 

Arttnur Walker, Plainttff, 

AdeUa M. Walker, Defendant. 


The object of ttds suit is for 
ttie said plainttff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from tbe said defendant, upcw 
ttie grounds of ccntinuous sep- 
aratton of over two years du- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by w on 
behalf of tbe complainant to 
ascertain in what county or 
corporatton ttie defendant is 
residing, but wlttiout effect, and 
the last known post (tffiee ad- 
dress being 1306 16tti Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia, not resi- 
dent of the State of Virginia. 

It is ordered ttnt she do q^ 
pear here wittiin 10 (ten) days 
after due piibli<»tion hereof, uid 
do what may be necessary to 
Iffotect her interest in ttiis 


Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Charles V. Bashara, Esq. 
Bashara ti Hubbard, P.O. 
100 Board of Trade Building 
NorfoUc, Virginia 23510 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 9th day 
of Oct<Aer, 1970. 

Danny R. Wilmotti, Plaintiff, 

Carolyn Ann Rowland Wil- 
motti, Defendant. 

Tlie object at tUs suit is to 
obtain a divorce a mensa et 
tbturo from the saU defendant, 
qKMi the groimds of desertibn. 
And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that ttie defen* 
<to^ is not a resident of the 
Sti^ of Virginia, the Uat known 
post office address being: 216 
JoliB ArdCourt,St. Marys Ter- 
raee, Ptddington W 2, London, 


It Is ordered ttiat she do ap- 
pmi bere wittiin 10 (ten)<^ys 
after (tae pnbttcatton hereof, and 
to i*at-«ay be aecessary^to 
prteet her ti4ere^ in ttiis sidt. 
A co^'Tmts: 

Marpr^ W. Bri^ D.C. 
G(dJu^ UpUn, Anderson & 
Levy, A^». 
804 Om M^ Plaza East 
NorMk,Viriiiia 23510 


*L0gal Noticot 

Tbe Commission of Game and 
Inland Fi^rles at a meeting 
held at tbe Court House, Warm 
Siurlngs, Virginia, on October 
31, 1970, adopted ttie follow- 
ing amended or new regulattons 
pursuant to Secttons 29-125, 
29-126 and 29-127 of ttie Code 
of Vlr^nia, to become effec- 
tive November 16, 1970. 
CHAPTER 2. (Game)InGeneral 

R2.8.4 (a) 

It shall be unlawful to hunt 
(m Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Saturdays in that portion ot ttie 
White Oak Mountain WildUfe 
Management Area soutti of Vir- 
ginia State Highway #706 and 
west of Virglida State Hiflliway 
#707 from ttie ttiird Monday 
in November ttirou^ February 
IS, both dates inclusive, wlttiout 
first having paid to the Com- 
mission for such privilege a 
daily use fee of ten dollars 
($ 10.00). Such daily use fee sball 
be in addition to all other U- 
oense fees provided by law. 
Custis L. Coleman, M. D., 
Chairman ii-s-iT 


In ttie Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit -Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, oa tbe 19th day 
of October, 1970. 

Woodrow Yohan, Plainttff, 

Juditti Yohan, Defendant. 


Tbe object of ttds suit is for 
the said idaintiff toobtainadiv- 
orce AVinculoMt^moniifrom 
-tte said ddradai^ upcm-^tt 
grounds of atwo year separation 
pursuant to Section 20-91 (9) of 
ttie 1950 Code of Virginia as 

And an affidavit ha^ag been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, ttie last known post 
office address betni^218Sarlee 
Drive, Lioiarque, Texas. 

It is ortjered that she do t^ 

ter (J^lNibQSiiM) tiered, all 
what may be necessary to 
protect her interest in ttiis suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bru^i, D.C. 
WilUam H. Colona, Jr. 
1756 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttieCityofVir- 
ginla Beach, on ttie I9th day df 
October. 1970. 

Uada M. Kellogg, Plaintiff 
James R. Kellogg, Defendant. 
The object of this suitAs for 
ttie plaintiff to obtain a nvorce 
A Mensa Et Tlioro latlr to be 
merged into a Divorce A Vin- 
culo Matrimonii, from ttie said 
defendairt, tq)on tbe pounds of 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat ttie defend- 
ant is not a resident of ttie State 

Corvette.f966, Convertible Ex- 
cellant Condltton, 425 hp. 4 
speed, low mileafe, price re- 
duced. $24 95. 46<M597. 

Chevrolet-1961 Impala conver- 
tible, automatic, full power, 
idr conditioned new transmis- 

sion and tires, one owner. 


spectd Oct., $375. 340-5648. 

Jaguars? nuxXte old, 4 plus 
2 coupe, new car condition, 
air condittoiMd,sterot^pe,AM- 
FM radio, other extras, $4,975. 
425-1388. . 

Triumpb - 1965 Spitfire, low 
mileage, excellent condition, 
497-8636. ^ 

Valiant - 1966 2 dr., standard, 
new* tires $750 - 464-5767. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
Crown Imperial, Ught blue, 
black vinyl bard top, white lea- 
ttier and black satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptionally 
clean. $3,000, price firm. 425- 

Volvo-1968, 144 S, Excellent 
condition, going abroad. 486- 
3902 evenings. 


IHINGAIAUIG^ furniture; etc 
If you have it and dont want 
it, call: 

Used Furniture lOOOMonttcello 



M Gnttenng— Rooftag 


Leaks and Repairs 

All work guaranteed. 


Gutters and down spouts re- 
placed and roof rqmirs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed* 
36 Home MalntenaBce 

Electrical Ccmtractor 
Installation & Repairs 
Free Estimates 427-1146 

paint interior and exterior. 464- 

Special fail cleanup and close 
up. 25% discount for all work 
done in ttie next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. lumpers installed or 
fixid. Furnace cleaning. Atlant- 
ic Bidlders & Maintenance. Call 


Contractors A Home Builders-. 
Let us heU> you with that new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can furnish materials from 
basement to attic and aid yoi* 
in financing. 
Phone: Kellam A Eaton, be 
(1) 427-3200 
• 428-1688 


90 BmintM Op|WrtiiaMe« 

Equal C^vortunity 
Over 21 yeaw of age, good 
physical condition, Experi- 
enced, or wllUhg to learn to 
earn. Good wages driving TraC- 
tor-Trailers local or over ttie 
Road, East, South-East, and 
Midwelt areas. For appUcation, 
write Nation Wide Semi Divi- 
sion, P.O. Box 4329, Richmond, 
Virginia, or Ca" (703) 644-5258: 



Garage Sale! What nots;clotties 
(boys, girls, mens andwomens) 
2929 Mars St. 340-2049. 


Babysitting in my licensed 
home, fenced yard, hot-lunches. 

Bookkeeping In my home, all 
types for small businesses. 

425-1328^ rr ''"■''"■* \'^^:'^ 

Part time bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done in my home or your 
office. Free pldc up and de- 
livery. 420-5340. 

One room to a house full. No 
Job too small. Call: 

1800 Monticello 622-2102 

K Pwnakbig— Se whg 

antee woriE. Phone 497-4628. 

C USTOM-Made Drapes £ 
Sheers -W(»rk guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies, Hilltop Area. 
Phone 428-0544. 

— W BiuiBets OppertaaMlef 

•Legal Notices 

In ttie Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 
of Vlrginiai ttie last known postyVirglnia Beach, on ttie 21st day 
.office address being: R11941407, of October, 1970. 
aSnd QM (AEF) Co., 82nd Air 
Borne Div., Forf Bragg, Nortti 
Carolina 28307. 

It is ordered ttiat Ik do a^iear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due publicatton hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his Interest in ttiis suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
WllUam H. Colona, Jr. Atty. 
1756. Laskin Rd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 




Expansion of our operations 
has created aoumber df 0P« 
nings in ttiis area for indl 
vlduals who are interested in 
managing a company owned 
business. No cs^^ital invest- 
ment Is required. As. a man- 
»ggr: tortnsi you Jig jeeelve 
on-the-job training lot small 
business maliageihent controls 
and oiwration. This is:a cus- 
tomer orientated activity and 
requires personal contact, 
promotional activity and an 
Individual witti a Mgb energy 
level. We prefer candidates 
witti previous eiqierience In 
ttie operation of a small bus 
iness, retail store, restaurant, 
motel, etc 

%hlle thts: experience Is 
desirti)le, candldi^es who are 
amiblttous, have strong lea- 
dership characteristics and 
bave-denoonstrated their abil- 
ities, will be considered wltti- 
out inrevious experience. Why 
not eqdore the opportunities 
in confidence? Please send 
your resume including edu- 
cation, experience and salary 
requirements to Box 2175, 
VirglnU Beach, Va. 23452. 
An Equal Opportunity 

Tbe following abandoned ve- 
hicle was removed from ttie 
streets of ttw City of Virginia 

1957 4 Dr. Bel Air Chev- 
rolet V.I.N. VC57B124521 
Tills veUde has been re- 
moved to lnterc(»stal Steel 
Corporatton in Chesapeate, 
Virginia. The oik-ner or any 
person having security iirtere^ 
may claim ttiis vehicle witUn 
three (3) w^eks (d the date of 
this noiice tgr paylog all towing, 
pre^nvaticn, and storage 
diarges. Failure by tte owner 
or persons having security in- 
terest to exerdse ttieir tiifiA 
to reclaim tbe veUcle within 
tbe ttnw provided shall be 
deeB»d a waiwr and..sMU be 
tiotistrued as coipmnt to ttw sale 
d tbe ibondmed mcrtor veU- 
de ^ a puUle «i^(m. 
G. K. Bn^m, C^[Aain 
Conoumdiag (Xflcer 
Tr^lf UvisioD 


Norman S. Allen and Unda 
D. Allen, Plalntiffi 

Stero Design, Inc., Defendant. 


The object d this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to obtain 
a Declaratory Judgment and 
Temporary Injunction from the 
said defendant, upon ttw grounds 
of improper and imlawful action 
by and between the stock- 
boMers, directors and officers 
of Stereo Design, Inc. 

An9 an affidavit having been 
ma^ and filed that one of te 
defendants, William E. Makris, 
Is i»t a resident of the St^ 
of Virginia, ttw last known post 
(^ce address being: 164 Fair- 
view Drive, New Martinsville, 
West Virginia. 

It is ordered ttttt he do appear 
Iwre wi^n 10(ten) days after 
doe mdsUcatton Iwreof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
PIBlp H. Myers, Atty. 
Stttte 318, Bel Aire Bldg. 
1600 East UtUe Creek Road 
Norfolk, Virginia 23518 


Train now to drive semi truck, 
local and over ttw road. Diesel 
or gas; e:q»rl«ice heli^l but 
not necessary. You can earn 
over $4.50 per hour after short 
training. For Interview and ap- 
pUcatton, call 703-845-7033, or 
write Safety Dept., United Sy- 
stems, Inc., 3608 Campbell 
Avenue, Lynchburg, Vlr^nia, 

GOOD MAN OVER 40 for short 
trips surrounding Virginia 
Beach. Contact customers. We 
train. Air Mail A. S. Dicker- 
son, Pres., Southwestern Pet- 
roleum Corp., Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Women 18 and up wear and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry In your 
qpare tinw, no Investment, no 
delivery. Car aixl phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

■■ TRAIN TO SC A am 


learn to opttatc BiHMoters; 
Or*|l>Q** Crintl. Scrapcrt, 
loadcis. Ti»(Khf»$ etc.. »l 
our motftrn iKihty A (tiih 
ptid carttr is ooti) to an<6i- 
liout mtx mm •*« >mm »• 

ll*i««ui Niwy 

•m -BN-WJ 
naa^lfb) 583-5772 

Have (Hienlng for lady to sell 
Ele<^olux products In ttie Vir- 
ginia Beach area. Excelleirt op- 
portunity to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interviews held at our office 
between 9 a.m. and noon, any- 
jay ttiis week. Ask for manafer. 
Electrolux Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia Beach Blvd. 


Poodle Pups - 2 maliSj I black, 
1 chocolate, AKC ntfstered, 
temporary shots $65. #7-2573. 

Poodle pups, black AKC reg- 
istered. Also Stud8ervlce.499- 

Poodle - 6 montttt, blade mini- 
ature registered, will sell toe 
$50 or will trade for a tiny 
chihuahua. 497-5561. 

Poodies-Wldte miniatures, 
flufly beauties. AKC registered, 
ebamplon blood Une, 8 weeks, 
reduced. 486-1843. 

Poodle Pups-black miniature, 
AKC registered, 9 weeks, 

GROW YCHIR o«a frtdt. Free 
copy 4t-paf» Ptenllag GUde 
Catetoc is eidor— flftersd tff, 
VirginU's Isnast growtfs of 
tna trees, not trees, betry 
pbnts, grape vines, laadseaplng 
plant raatediL ^lespMfie 
wanted. Waynesboro Nnrseries- 
Wayneiboro, Virginia 22980. 


■ 1 1 1 ■■■ ■ MJlM—tW 



MarsksU's Hotel 68lbandOeeaa 
One room effidmcy $119 
monttdy $32.50 weekly, Tm 
rooms $190 inc»MiIy$48 weekly, 
indudes uUilittes. T. V. and 
maid service: 4a-w41. 


Buslness is buzzing and we need 
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Apply today. Call Tom Kane 
497-4851 Nights 340-1760. 
Grow with Realtors. Stohl Re- 
alty Corp. 

Poodles-4 small wMte toy fe- \8butnatiOu 

male, 8 weeks, chami^on blood \ j>^ 
line, AKC registered, $100. 

Rooms for rant OB mterfiraaL 

vice. Beagle and Poodle -425- 





Minimum Charfi Sl.OO 

I to 6 lines 
7 to 14 lines 
15 or flMrtf !ln« 

Display A<k $2.00 per inch 


25C Une 
20? Une 


30? line 
28? line 
26? Une 


TUTO^G- Certified Teacher, 
Tirtoring after sdiool In ele- 
mentary subjects^ 464-2681. 

Theory, Repertdre ^ 
James & Frances Morrlsson 
Accessible from Expressway, 
Va. Bob Blvd, First Colonial 
or Laskin Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

— Po odle Grooming and A<%ess- 
ories, Charalane Poodle House 
5689 Va. Beach Blvd.. Norfolk. 
7:30 am - 6 pm Tu^ay ttiru 
Saturday, 420-4790. 

MAUBU-Slngle room tot lady, 
Uteben privileges. Private 
Home. 340-432S 

Room for red, prtvdeibone Is 
Uke Shores. Write la eare of 
ttw Son News or call 484-3712 
after 1 p^m. 

I|Mted rooms. Maid servtoe. 
Pkj, week or monlfe. 206 20tk 


Household fUrdture, 2 bed- 
rooms, living room, dinnette 
set, refrig., color T.V. stereo 
420-7773 See at 6324 KnobUll 


Small hMted aiit., serviee oo«- 
|de, winter rates. Also» rooos, 
daily at nionttify.ffi8-67U after 


1969 McKee 14' Cathedral Hull 
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Trdler Complete. Ready to go. 
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water one season, excellent con- 
ditton. $1100 Call 428-0541 or 

Runabout-16' and trailer, both 
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Boston terrier pups-shots and 
wormed registered. 340-6070. 

Dachshunds-2 male miniatures, 
AKC registered, $75 each. 

Lhasa apso pups-AKC regis- 
tered, rare golds. Also, re- 
gistered Yorkshire terrier. 


II gainst rdnfestatton, only 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid. 
Roaches eat Sure Kill greedi 
ly, ttwn return to ttwir nestr 
and die. Here ttwse dead 
roa^s codamlnate other 
roaches un eggs, and tbey 
die, sta. ung a ^tain reaction 
thit wi kill ttwm all. Sure 
Kill nev wears out, yd saffe 
to use, k..d has absolutely nc 

P.O.B0X 1 Arvonia, Va., 



ALANTON-8 room rsndi, 2 
batttt, pool mentersMp^ Sept. 

25:1285 428-7967. 

' - 

lt« HMies Per 8de 

Lovely new 3 bedroMn, 2 bath 
home. Firqtoce, new carpetinc 
largetenily room, 2 oar prage. 
Many extras. $36,500. Eqpitty 
ud assume. 427-5736. C(NVt 
Bwise Forest. . 

in Red Estate Waalei 

Persian Kittens-registered, 
pedigree, sliver. Cril 497-5360. 

Sdes and service. Prompt ef- 
fided repairs. Pick op and 
deUvery.-*Phone428-4222, Fnd 
Feed andBuildingSnpidiea, Inc. 

Property to sell or 
eUents-wilttng. CaU 310-0740. 

Home It Apt. UidincB Needed 

for Sde or Red 

Member pi Virginia Beach Md- 

ttple Listing Service. 500 

Satesmen will be|p seU your 


Cooper Realty 

2807 Pidfie Ave. 
Ph 428-1230 

Use SUN Classified A^^ 

1 to Work For You 

with Uw Cm! classified ads 

Compose your own classified od 


Minimum Charge 1.00 Und«r Four Lines 




Circle One 
I 2 3 4 5 TFN 






$1.50 $1^ 

5% discount If run 4 woeks 

I Name, 




Vlrflsh leadi ,Vs. t|4Sr 



Thurtday, Novtmbtr 12, WTO 

Lake Smith Units Vetoed 

Although these two first graders are a little young to read yet. 
Grey Sweeney and Celeste Beachum are ^husiastic about the 
Book Fair. 

Book Fair Planned in Big Way 

Tnmtwood llementary 
Sdiool if plaiinlQg a bode fair 
in a blf way. 

For ooe tiling, poet, play- 
wr^, folic sinfer, composer, 
actor and auto racer Don Theye 

will entertain students on Nov. 
17. On Nov. 16 students will 
compete in a costume contest 
as ttiey wear costumes dipic- 
ting their favorite boolc cha- 

The boolc fair dates will be 
Nov. 16-19. Parents are es- 
pecially invited to visit ttie 
school library during those 
dates and select books for their 
diildren, possibly as Christ- 
tms presents. 

In a^essiwi t^ lasted aboiiA 
«i0il(ams. City Comeil Mon- 
day overturned aPlannlngCom- 
mission recommeuiation and 
voted 8-1 tfi deny an a^ii^- 
cation for t dange of toning 
for i4>artmeirts along ttie edge 
of Ldce SroiOi. 

The 16 acre site belonging 
to Dr. M. B«g}ey Walker and 
Charles L. Kaufman, would have 
been used at a later date for 
82 two-bedroom tmits. Coirten- 
tion on the partof^ec^npositfon 
was that sudi use would add 
to pollution of the Norfolk wa- 

Ellis C. Woo(n}urn, president 
of the Lakeview Park Civic 
League, told council th^ 18 
months ago a previous ai^llca- 
tion by Walker wfus denied and 
that approval of thlsapplicaticm 
would constitute ttke end of the 
lake's beauty. 

"The lake has a duuru^er 
that shcmld not be sacrificed to 
asiAalt and concrete parking 
lots," he said. 

Woodburn said water runoff 
from the parking areas as well 
as additional numbers of people 
walking along the lake's edge 
would lewl to eventual eroslw 
of the perimeter. 

Woodlnirn said he represen- 
ted 222 residents through pet- 
ition and members of the Lake 

Smith and Diamond Spring 
civic leagues. 

But the applicants' attorney, 
Edwin Kellam, said that fpr 
thousands (tf acr^ aroimd, ttie 
lake is also (te end pdint for 
pollution, and «bi^ 82 aHOittonal 
units wouldn'tinrt. 

Kellam dteotheNorfoQc Met- 
ropolitan Baseball Stadium and 
its parking lot as well as ad- 
ditional apartment imits is 
sources for polluttoo. 

"The greatest jiffttion is 
from the fertilizers used by 
farmers around the laJce, not 

people," Kellam said, and 

council where and to what 6» 
gree it was going to call a 
halt to pollution. 

He said the change in icMiing 
was brought about by a clnnge 
in growth, and said th<l%part- 
ments were necessary. "This 
is the highest and best use of 
the land," Kellam said. 

In addition, Kellam ^d if 
the units were approved, 4 sew- 
age treatment plant woifld be 
construded adjacent to the pro- 
perty and replace septic tenks 
presently used. | 

"That would do more t4.«nd 
pollution of the lake than add 
to it," he said. 

Coundlman F. Reid Ervin 
said that ^ one time a man 
could do what he wanted widi 

his land wittiout having to ccn> 
sider pollution Actors. "Now 
we have to con^der <M»tB. 
Maybe we've (tesecrated our 
environmeitf, brt nov we have 
to st(v and see what we Ittve 
to dotostempollutton,'*hesaid. 

Argume^ by both Kaufman 
and Walker that the lake would 
not be damaged and conunitt- 
ments by both to reduce the 
amount k acreage fronting on 
ttie lake tttd not sway ccwndl. 

In ano^r controversial mat- 
ter, approval was granted lor 

dia^ie of zoning a{v>lication 
by ttie E.V. Williams Co. for 
construction of i^Mrtroeht units 
across f^om Virginia Wesleyan 
College on ttie east side of 
Baker Road tiid South of 
Moore's Pond Road. 

The MeUiodist-related col- 
lege opposed construction of ttie 
units, calllr^ it an end to the 
buffer system the institution had 
set up to protectits "integrity'*. 

Voting agairat a motion for 
approval were Councilmen Er- 
vin and Robert B. Cromwell 
Jr., with only Councilman Earl 
Tebault dissenting from the re- 
mainder of the coundl. 

In other matters, coundl: 

^Approved a use permit ap- 
pUcatton by ttie City of Virginia 
Beach to construd a health 
fiidUttes building in the Bay- 

Any dejmrtnwnt store Santa can tell you that 
kkb think hlk these days. And yesterday's sugar 
^ttnia are tooay's super toys. (With prion to match.) 

When you have to worry about affording 
Chftttmaa, tbm Christinas iei't much fiui. 

And that's rough. 

This is why F&M . . . the bank dedicated to 
taking rough spots out of Hfe . . . wants you to 
join our 1971 Christmas Club. 

Deposit any amount on a regular basis. And 

ne»t year we'll mail you a fat check to cover all 
your Christmas expenses. Then Christmas can be 
sn«>oth . . . and fun. The way it's supposed to be. 

You can open an F&M Christmas Club account 
at your nearest F&M office. 



Side mtn^dpal oo^iex on In- 
dependence B<wlevi^ 

*Ap(ffov»d a use permit ap- 
p^^on by Whitt Sefgons, Jr. 
to i^istrud four a ^ M B i onal a* 
partner on ttiesouttiMtitoa'* 
ner of 34th Street ud Artte 

*AHvoved a use perntft ap- 
Irilo^loii by Foio^idietd ot 
Viri^a Bwdk to construct a 
lOe-imit motel between m and 
7tti Streete on ttie oceanfront. 

^Approved change of soi^ 
and use permit i^catf mis || 
>aA. Slack to cawtrud Iw 
apartment units on ttw soutti 
side of LasUn Road and tti% 
east dde ot Soirth Oriole Drive 
183 feet soutti of LasUn Road. 

^Approved a use permit ap- 
plintipn by fbe Virginia Beadi 
HoUd^ Inn Trav'-L-Park Inc. 
to construct 707 camp sites 
located between ttie west side 
of General Bootti Boulevard and 
the east side of Oceana Bou- 
levard 815 feetsouthcf Harpers 

'^ Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by Carolanne Homes 
Inc. to construct 112 townhwise 
units on the northwest comer 
of Hill Prince and Princess 
Anne Rc^. 

^Deferred for 90 daj^ an 
abdication toe a change at lo- 
ving and a use permit Iqr Robert 
Wilson and Associates to con- 
struct 360 luxury garden q^t- 
ments 550 feet west of Firat 
Colonial Road adJaceiU to Las- 

The matter was postponed 
unttl ftarther information can 
be gathered concerning over 
crowded schools after settle- 
ment of a proposed schoc^te 
controversy at the Nortti end 
of Virginia Beadi and the 19- 
coming $18.4 million school 
bond referendumu \ 

Display Art 

Craftsmen of two Tidewater 
orgatfialioos opened an eidd- 
bitton of craft work this w^ek 
at ttie College Park Village 
Gallery. This spadous gallery 
allows the craftsman uid the 
viewer to see craft work at 
-its bMt, and is easily readied 
at the intersection ot Provi- 
dence and tndlftn River Roads 
in Vtrglola Beach. 

The Tidewater Crafts Guild 
has been eidiiUtiag at the Nor- 
fblk City Arts Festival each 
summer in ttie Grafts EdiiUt 
in the large tent. Its menrtm:- 
ship produces original art 
forms in a great variety of 
craft media: diqr, wood, fiber, 
metal, paint, glass. 

The Ceramic Designer's As- 
sodation is ttie newer groqi, 
having formed in 1967 from 
students of the . fuU ceramics 
program being tught by Ric- 
hard Laf ean It ttie Norfolk Mu- 
seum Art Sdiool. Its members 
work with clay and are inter- 
ested in the study, ^iipreda- 
tton, design and use of oerunic 
forms. The Cerunic Designer's 
Assodation exhibits frequeirtly 
in ttie Tidewater Area and par- 
ticiples in statewide ediiUts 
uid workshops. 

This multt-craft exhibition 
of creative forms in stoneware, 
porcelain, salt and raku, wood, 
weaving, stitcher y, ceramic 
sculpture and ^ass cq^ened on 
Nov. 7 and continues throM^ 
Bee. 1. Gallery bouts are 11 
to 5 weekdays and 12 to 6 (m 
Saturday and Sunday. 


(Cootinaed from Pg. 1) 

tbi^ a fitfr rate sM^ be main- 
tdaed if ttie biqring piidlc is 
to be i^ovUed itftt a rMsoo- 
able mariwtlor tti^rlhsttraooe 
aet^.... and feel stroni^ Oiat 
Mme tatm ot "open <»ippe- 
ttttw" r^ Uw m^ tie in- 
acted btiammtt r*w^ ses- 
siDn of ^ Gemnl Xssenibiy 

The agento feel ttiat open 
eooqietiU^n nwidd resuft in a 
gr^er iultltf oi insurant 
plans available from which ttie 
cuirtomer could dioose his co- 
verage and price. It would also 
result in insurance Iniag more 
readily available to everyone 
and more attentlba being paid 
to each Individual policyholder 
witti the cost bawd 6a past 
performance as oppdsed to one 
standard rate for safe drivars 
and one assigned rUk for fliose 
who have experi«iced accidents 
or traffic vipUiti(»is.; 

The ^ots also pint outttiat 
ttM open coDQMttttop could re- 
sult in greater swdngs to the 
nfe driver and peuliae ttieof- 
fnider, which could have an, 
eventual effect on ^traffic 

The Tidewater ageirts idio 
eallid on ttie governor pointed 
out'' ttiat 26 states now have 
' some Uam of open competitfoo 
rate making and proposed "ttiat 
ja sinHdifiad version of the 
rating legislation that was k)st 
in the 1970 General Assembly, 
be considered in the next qie- 
dal session. A delay uirtil 1972 
will be too late, as the insur- 
ance buying public must have 
a marketpltt^ maintaiaed. The 
absence of a reasonably re- 
ceptive marke^dace will also 
diaiply affect ttie careers of 
hundreds of insurance people 

What ttie agmts are asking 
is that the companies have ttie 
flexibUity of increasing or de- 
creasing rates according to 
enrrent losses and aceordim; 
to competitton. 

They point out ttiat the cott 
of insurance is based directly 
on the number and amount d 
daims paid out, and Oat tttt 
number of claims as well as 
flie settlement costs are con- 
stantly increasing. As John 
SUnholser put tt, "If the con- 
sumer wants to have a lower 
insurance premium ttie nnndier 
of accidents must be cut down 
eittsr ttiroui^ driver disdplim 
or more sfriet frafflc lam and 
enforcement." ^ 

He poioted out ttuTv pre- 
sent, the Virginia Drunk Dri- 
ving Law permttB a person to 
have as many as 14 one-ounce 
drinks of alcoholic beverage 
during a one-hour period be- 
fore he reaches the level of 
"presumed drunk driving". Ytt 
more ttan 50 per cent of ttie 
fatal acddents in Virginia last 
year involved an impaired 
drinking driver. 

Is Program 

James C. Mbunie of ttie Vir- 
ginia Beach Sdiool Board offloe 
will address the Point View 
PTA on Nov. 17, at 7:30 

Mounie will talk to ttie group 
about ttie Bond Refertndunu 

Miss Van Kuren's 5tti grade 
dass will present a sldt in 
conjuncttoo wltti library Week 
which is Nov. 16 ttirough 20th. 
The Book Fair will a]so be 
open that evening in the library. 

There will be roomvisittficm 
and all tiarents and interested 
friends are Invited to attend. 



The State Htfliway CommiMiaa nisbea to advise ttiat a 
Locatim and Detlfn Public Hearing 11III be beM bjr a re- 
presentative of the Department ctf Hlgbiwya on Novenber 
30, 1970, at 7:30 p.m., in ttie Pdnt of View Elemealary 
School Auditorium located at 5400 P^Umeirt Drive, Vir- 
dAia Beach, Virifsla, tot die purpoeb ot CMisidertag tlie 
ffopoeed iocatton and desicn of Newtown Road from 0.206 
mile north of tte intersection d Virginia Beach Toll Road 
(Roirte 44} to 0.011 mile soutti of the Intersedlon of Vir- 
ginia Beach Boulevard (Roi^ 58) In the Cities d Norfolk 
and Virginia Beach. ThU hearlag will be heMln aeeoniaooe 
with State and Fetteral ^atotot, InelBdlBg pnvULam of 
Section 128 of Tltte 23 • H^fnrajfB, United St^ea Code, and 
Poli<7 and Proeatert Me^raadon 20-8. 

Maps, ib«wti«B and oMir perttnentlnformatioo art avail- 
able lor piDUc InspaetloB and ccqijrlnf in the Depvtment 
of Hlghw^v District Office ^ Saffolk, Vlrgliia, located 
on Route 480 Jurt n<»rth ot SvOoik, in ttie Department of 
Hl^wqrs, Norfott Residency OtAot, located 1^ the liier- 
seetiofl of Rcnites. 13 and 168 bi ttc City of Chesapeate, 
In the offloe ctf the Director of Commodtjr Services tar 
the City of Virgk^a Bnch and tai Oie ofBee d the DIzector 
d PdiUe Worici for a» City of Norf<dk. A repraecDttfive 
of Oe Department of Hl|)iways will have tHs iaformtflcn 
available in Oe Point of View Etemcatary School Audi- 
torlHiB from 3K)0 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on November 30, 1970, 
for viewing by iaterestwl persona. 

WrtMn statemente and other exlriblte relative to ttie 
{O-opoeed pn^ect may be prwieitfed in place d, oris 
addltlflB to, oral statemeirts la ttie hiring. Sudi written 
statemente and eddUte may also be satanlited to ttie Vir- 
ginia Oepartmeirt of Kghvnqrs it aqr ttme wittitn In days 
follov^ said public hearing date. 

At ttds lod^oo and deslip piiiUe bearUi^ relocittoa 
awtetance pograms and t«^lw schediSes for ri^ 
of w^r ao^tioo and constmdteo wia dse be dsmMsed. 

State Highway Commission of Virginia 
^ Douglas B. Pugate, Chairman 

G.L. Baughan Thomas R. Glass 

W. Frftd Duckworth Ryfus T. Halrston 
LeRoy Eal<in, Jr. Douglas G. Jannty 
Earl A. Fitzpatrick Robtrt S. W«avtr« 

VmiHIA KACH sun 

Vol. 1 No. 9 

November 12, 1970 


A WEEKLY piaami 





KAREN NEWCOME was crowned Queen at Plaza Jutf or Hii^ Sdwol's. 

Homecoming Saturday. More Homecoming [dctures on pages 8 and 9. 


BELL of Thalia, peruses "Reader's Guide to Periodical literature/' 
RICKY was searching for reference material on starvation, a subject 
which he is studying in his health class at school. RICKY diecked out 
two- books, "The Johnny Unitas Story" and "Story of The Secret 
Servi^". More lectures on NaticHial Childrens library Week on pages 
4 and 5. 


These two young brothers brought their own 12 guage diotguns along 
and both won turkeys. The picture was taken on Saturday and i>« bad 
a report that the young sharp shooters repeated on Sunday. The sons 
12 and BILLY 10 1/2. Other turkey shoot pictures on page 12. 



page 13 

Pu^Z INSIGHT T Ny^dtey, N0¥. 11^ 010 


New Sign Goes Up 

Weigh-in Comes to Beach 

Sattti^y vtt a good ^y M wotUm too so workmen installed the sipi at Firat & Merehants 
Nattonal Bank's new building cm Maza Trail id ttie Princess Anne Pl«EB^9Pi»ng Center. Tbe 
rltibon ciMng was held Tuesday and the bank is open for business in their new buikU^. 


The only I'ielute pa/H'r 
rarvring Virginia Heark 

Arline Jarashow 
Brings to Virginia 


WEIGH-IN LTD. Giv«s You: 

More Personal AtteiitioR 
More iRterostiNgPiograin Foods 

Classes for Mei. Wimi aid CMMm 


, Mibtwy Mi^tway al ft. 17 (GMrg* W«iiHnfl«en 


4*10 CcroliM A«MNW CwMr. krt Sim* (Wm14m»mi Atm) 


Poncokt Hqum, ^rincMt Akm Hoia 
THURSDAY, 10 AM and 7:30 PM 


C««ahtr Oimw Moylimnt, 3517 AivMHW Awmw OM CraiMMll 
MONDAY, 7:30 PM 


N* Rt-rvgiitretioii far ctirrwit «mI liltlima 
mambart of timilar ergamiatieni. (Pltata. 
hring proal of mtmbcrilMp) 


ARUNE JARASHAW lield tbe first dats ofter naw orgudzatioii, W«ig|i-lQ, at 
tiM . Pancake Hoive at PriMOM Anne Plast iMt w«^ ARUNE tas bad wveral 
yeirs eiqierienee in he^ng peagiB lose weight and is burself a personal testirooogr 
of ttie inspired dieting tectoiqoe, baviig lost pomds. Wdi^-In will condnct 
classes at tbe Pancake House eadi nmsdajr at 10 •.m. and 7 p.m. 






Vataf^ M— nrtfil QnidM of iaawMdl MaaaM NiL (laodrf 

Oofil Dtlfl! 

Hfl III And ikM CbupM Mow. 

Gtf C^mph h InhmmH on Mow 

Linkhorn Park Garden Glub 

<NSIGHT Thurtdoy, Nov. 12, 197P Pagt 3 

SPC A Inmates 

Tbe new Atlantic Mental Hygiene Center building has now teen landscaped. Thanks go to the linkhorn 
Park Garden Club. Members of the garden club took m the laidscai^ng of the center as a H A N D S 
I«-oJect. Shown here looking over the new shrubbery and trees are BRUCE MURPHY. President Advisory 
Board of the center, MISS MARY EUZABETH CRUMP, Beautification Chairman and MRS. JACK UNDER- 
WOOD, member of tte garden dub and DOCTOR J.N. WILLIAMS, Director of the center. 

Cats of aH si«es, color, breed, male and female are now at the 
Virginia Beach S P C A awaiting homes. Why not c^428-3601 
now and see if they have the one you want to adopt.^PP^ P C A 
also has a large selection of dogs on hand. 

You Get A Free Gift With Your 
Chesapeake Savings Christmas Club! 

The time to open your Christmas Club account is right now while you can 
make your payments every two v^ks without having to play 'Catch up' 
because you started late. And you'll sleep better all year long knowing that 
next November youll get all your money back plus earnings. Not having 
bills ond'time payments hanging over your head is what makes Christmas 
merry. Open your Christmas Club today at Chesapeake Savings, the friend- 
liest place in town. 


CHOOSE THI PLAN BIST '2 •^t^-^ •S©^ 


amsTMAs CLUBS THAT iio ^^^^^ ^aso*" 

PAyURMINGS '20 .«ht..^ •SOO^ 



MoiiiOHk»-1ia¥((HlYoihai>M».NH«>k «MlMdB»Offic»-213BollWWlM.,S. 

■«MiyOffi»<204W.I«UirAM,NMMI •gyridtOIHc»^)3nMiuNHeM*M»Vb«Mi 

Page 4 INSIGHT THwrufciy. Nov. 1]2, 1970 

National Children *s 

Next week (November 15 to 21) is National CldWi-en's Ubrary Week. To help promote the interest of children 
in the Virginia Beach Library, the Bookmobile and books in general the IN SIGHT photographer took the 
pictures on these pages at Uw main Ublru-y on Independence Boulevard and aboard the bookmdSlle. 



This young lady is five years old and likes licture bodes. She is 
of Aragona Village. ANDREA found that the Ubrary on Independence 
Boulevard has a good supply of the XxxUks Ui^ she likes. 

On Tuesday afternoon from 3:1$ to 4:30 p.m. the Virginia Beach PubUc library Bookmobile is at Janke 
and Odessa Streets in Diaroood Springs. This is one of the bostest stops on the Bookmobile route as 
evidenced by the group of youngsters valtlog to board. 



Be A Professional Hair Stylist 


.JaEQBGE COPELAND U seeks assistaaee^^ from Ubrarian. MRS. 

aniWilllWIillWl l l l lW IW II II I I IIII MI l l lWWHWt WWM IIM 



I From 10% to 40% Savings 

I OnMostltMns 




Gr4daa(« «f Robert Fianc* Hair 
Otti^n Intl. wi)h Over ^ Yiart 

&ptrl«nc« in lt«ufy Otltur* 






* Appiivii Vflifwa MiriaitlfiNw t 

Vocational (Ubayiifation t Va. Dopt. 
Sdwol toard of EdueaHon 






A Libby*s Beauty Sthoot Dipmmwrmrl^^trtm^t to a top galarted poMUion 
anywhere in the world. Call or come in today for complete information 


587-1717 9305 Granby Street, Norfolk 588-7447 

(20 minutes from Virgrinia Beach via toll road) 

''Choose Your School With Care'' 



INSIGHT Thursday, Nov. 12, 1970 Poge 5 

Here shown seeking out their weeks supply of reading matter, until the iMokmoblte visits again next 
Tuesday, are PATTY RECTOR 12^ LARRY LEMOND 11, MIKE WIDSOlS 10, and at left rear, PATRICIA 
0DOM12. . — ^-„^_. ^»„ 

Not only the children but adults, too, look forward to the bookmobile 
visits. MRS, PAT STAIR, right, gets help from MRS. MARILYN WISE, 
Llbr|ry Assistant. _ „„„_^ 

,^ Subscribe To The 


to receive 

/N siom 

nevery weelt 


20% OFF 

oa Al TraiM A 

AN HO and N Gauge Trains and Aecessorias 
Raduead— New's tha Tima io Lay Away for 

Virglila's Hobly & CraH 

SIN AHmKc Avmmm Hmm 42S-1»SS 


Initial Cleanout Seryite 
S7, this we«k only 


Service Mgr. 


•Free Lubrication 

•Tune up Special— 

Plw Parts 

Install Plugs, Paints, 
Condenser. Complete 
Engine Cteck l^ & Road 

T«*?> $14.95 

General Motors / 

Permanent Anti-Free«e $2.75. gel. / 


21 St. & Pacific Ave. Phone 428-2132 

You never know when you'll need H.E.LP. 

Today's oywrpowering itospltal and medical bills could 
clamp a bear iiug on your savings . . . unttss you 
liave H.E.LP. it's tiie new plan of Healtli E)qpense 
Loss Protection that keeps you safe from the squeeze 
of BIG medical expenses. Better checit your medical 
benefits now. |f y^yf prot^ion is out of date 


You'll be thanldul you did. 

Kekuun 'ix!ti>H 

c^«ltf'>>.« «i «i 

Pa9«6 mSIGHr 

Skic^iik In^^SmtM 

Ob eight acres of Itwt, mams VirflMa Beieli Ba«te«iti4 Inm 
PemtNToke Mall, DOUGLAS WALDORF, a ^esenUm eClte Swfw- 
tmaock IndiaQs, tas iD«» btek three kyirfred fears le'^reaie the 
Sidcoak Living Museum (tf the Amerieia Inttaa. He stares Ms 
knowledge of tndiaji Inre with visitors whom te coiidMiB on tours 
at his living museum. Last week Oie IN SIGHT phatofrapher took 
die tour nlth two third grade classes from Kinn^ EWmemtary 
are their teadiers. 

DoyG e xplaitffi the many di ff e r e nt ^rpeg^ wrews wed fay the ladhuH aaAflieir jMrpose. 



These young third graders were^intrigued with DOUG'S explanation 
of how the Indtan arrow consisted to two parts. One holding the arrow- 
head was inserted into tfie shaft of the part viiich held the features. 

DANA CLAVES assists DOUG in showing bow slnrp a stom kidfe can tw. Here they cut some deer bain 
to show the keenness of the knife. , 

pubit^hed each Wfednesd^ by the Beach Publishing Connration 

pubiBhers of The Virsinia Beach Sun 

Gordon B. MItclioN, Monagor 

3106 Pacific Avenue, Viipiia Beadi. Va. 23451 ^ 
The Worid'sLarpst Resort CHy 

INSIGHT Thurt#oy» Nov. ]2» T970 Poge 7 


Ilkttani also Uted music. WALDORF demonstrates how their reed 
flutes were |day«d and — ^ 





; '-. 


wty -^ 

CINDY NEAL models a deerskin dress for her dassirafes. Besides 
ttie tannery there is an Indiao house, a vegetaMe garden in whi<d) 
DOUG grows maixe, tdkeco and gourds. 
DOUGLAS WALDORF is closing Ms livi^ museum at ttie end (tf the 
season. Nert spring he will open a mw museum on RoancdK Islaad, 
N.C. (» the site where the nine Indian houses stood when the first 
explorers landed. 

how they made a musical instrument by drying out a turtle. * 

Virginia winter^do get cold so the Indians had to have dottes. Tteir main source of clothing was Uw 
^ns of animals. Here the youngsters learn how deer skins were cleaned and tanned to make clothing, 


Tidewater's Origi 

Pftciffe Ave. At 25th St. 
Virpnia Beach 





Pag«8 INSIGHT Thursday/ Nov. n, I^TQ 

Plaza Jr. High 
Wins Homeeoming 

The tKimecoming pme behveen the Plaza Trojans and Princess ^ui^Hl^'s 
Junior J.V. Cavaliers produced some exciting action. Herie number 44, LLOYD 
"LITTLE BULL" HODGES (see arrow) has jacked iq) some blockers and is cm 
the way ' '■— 

The Plaza Junior Hi|^ Band was un hand to i>rovide music for the game and for the half- 
time ceremcmies. 


Thoroughgood Estates 

Boyside Pines 

Lyimhaven Colony 


Avalon Hills 
CALL MRS. HILL 499-0917 

-down ttie field for a 35 yard toucteSown. 

HODGES is hit at the goal line but goes over for another TD. Final score was «* 
28-6 Plaza over Princess Anne. 

On iflottwr ittemiit HODGES Is lit bgr two Prtncea Aiuie players. 


INSIGHT Thursday, Nov. 12, mo Page 9 


Saturday was a beautiful day for a football game and a large crowd turned out for the homecoming festivities. 


The Besf To You 

iQ(h Week 

Ant. Coach JIM BOBBITT and Head Football Coach CHUCK 
SNYI^R watdi the action as they get ready to send in KIM 
BROWN, co-captain. 

In Futures 

The cheerleatters also did their thing and ke{rt tte Plaza rooters cheering Oieir team on. 

1% BUGS ^ 

HouMt L«M Than 
$8 Pm Month 


166'D Rosemont Road 



5% off 

KAREN NEWCOME was crowned Homecoming Queen and presented 
with the traditional flowers by KIM BROWN and SCOTT LAYTON, 
co-captains of the Plaza Junior Hi^ football team. 




We Rfipair Anythbtg SUelnmie 



House Colli $10.50 

1 66 E Rosemont Rd. 




Tfflilf'1il''lll-1~i "' 1 [I — 't rfflrrfillr" ■^lti"i'iMMWi 

t r-i 

Pa9$\Q INSJGMn lfeur««iy» Hov. 1^ ]»» 

CUations Presented 

Woodstock Recreation League Officers 

1 - 







The Woodstock Recreation League held it's annual election 
of officers last week. MAYOR DONALD H. RHODES was 
on hand to present citotloiB to the out-going officers fw 
a 1* well done. He said it was "GraUfylngtoknowof 
the tremendous amount of work you're doing for our young 








The incomine officers who were installed the same night are; GtKE DORLAND, atheletic ^re?"^; ^0***^ 
MNSBvlMcTtJ director; EDNA WHEALTON. secretary; NAT UNDERWOOD, president; EARLA 
S&S; secretary; BILL BRIGHTWELL, vice president; MACON FELTS, buildings and grounds 
and DWIGHT HOOPER, treasilrer. 

Another ABBOHS! 

ABBOllSConf inenfal House . . . 

center for designs by international 
craftsmen ond designers, 

announces the opening^of 

ABBOTTS Qf Virginia Beach 

corner of 25th & Poci^ Avenue 

(Chamber of Commerce BuHding) 

100 W. FrMmoton St., Downtown Norfolk 


^1 25tn ^trMt, Virginia leach 


Tteeeiirho received stations an shown here w^ MAYOR 
atheletic director; JOANN HORMSBY, publicity director; 
LEROY V. FOWLER, flee presldentj SALLY NEWMAN, 
secretary; GENE MCGRATH, boildingB and grounds, BILL 
MONROE, treasurer and BILL BRIGHTWELL, ways and 
means chairman. 


2104 F PL"-..JURE HOUSE RD. 464-2471 

At Shore Drive 

Color Specialists 

Sales and Service 

21 Yearr. Experhiue 

Be Satufied WUh Bau»ide 



New Appliance Service Company 
Now Open To Serve You 


ONLY- $6.50 service ch|. .QNLY 

95% of our work is tfono la tho cusfonor's home 
oil work giirfliitoo4 

BE A CH appliance service 

mm¥^mmm»^^*oiif.}2i,^9m N9«ii 


, .,y 




^^ ^^^^^^^Bl 

Pog«t2 iNSMIIir Ttaff-s^i^ M^ 1^1970 

Plaza Fite Department Turlmi Shmt 

Plaza Volunteer Fire Department held tbe first two days of their turkey sho(4 
Saturday and Sunday, the fun is not over • the shoot will also he held on the next 
two week ends, November 14 - 15 aqd 21 - 22. The scene is on Rosemoirt Road just 
sout h of tbi toll road. Proceeds will be used for the fireman's recreation fund. 

MRS. WItUAM H. STEMLER of Brookwood receives tiie recoil from her shot 
at the target. Fire Department roemlwr PAUL GAUrfflER and other members 
kept a watchful eye on each shooter. 

DETECTIVE RICK TAYLOR of ttie Police Department's Juvenile. Division has a 
new and unusual bobby. lUCK is collectiog shoulder patches from police departments 
around the country. He recently wrote requesting a shoulder patch from Kent, 
Englaad. Since they do not wear shoulder psyches be was most pleasantly surprised 
to receive a metal badge, whidi is worn on die helmet, and collar insignia. R^K'S 
collection is now on display in^ office cf the Juvenile Division ^ hndqudrtafs 
but as the collection grows be hopes to make it available for display at otter 

BURT LLOYD signs up SUSAN Bi^KKS for the next shoot. 


a little 

Buy U.S. Savings BotMb 
& Freedom Shares 


(rougars, HIoBlegttit. Hlonlereyii. 
WagoBii mmI More!) 




Over Dealer's Involct Cost! 


237S Vlrfiiri* UmA MvA ar Umtoii tni^t—l^MmH 


CLAMS • • • • 4tt, 69t 

Grimstead's Market 

nMM 4tt*9tM 
11M Vs. iMch Mvi. at iMffc MNmcIi R4. 

JNSiGHT Tlwridoy, Nov. 12, 1970 Pogt 13 

First Colonial 


Sponsorr BtflMra larkpttriek SUift TripS 

High School News 

Semors pedal away with spirit 

Margret Murphy is young, pretty^ 
vivacious, and won F.C/s liome- 
' coming! 

"You mu^ ba ftom wA-ot' 
town becauM you're ao enthusi- 
asfic ind aliveloddog!" Sudi was 
t compliment given to tbe Berl- 
in annual staff widle visiting 
tbe Metn^nUtao Museum ot Art 
m New York City. 

Seven members of the annual 
staff along with sponsor, Mrs. 
Gwen Infantine, and ber hwbaod, 
attended a yearbodt workshop at 
Columbia University in New 
York. Hie workshop, held on 
October 15 and 16, demonstrated 
ways of Improving an annual by 
usbig different layouts, cover and 
copy. A banquet lunch was served 
at tbe Waldorf Asteria for the 
400 annual staff members from 
across the country that attended. 

October 17 and 18 was spent 
sightseeing. The staff visited 
Times Square, Rockerfeller Cen- 
ter, Greenwich Village, Central 
Park, the Metropolitan Htuseum 
of Art, and a walk down Fifth 
Avenue. Staff members Joyce 
Keller, Laura Earley, Lee 
Withers, Laurie Penner, Karen 
White, Jackie Leescbe and John 
Comninaki enjoyed seeing the 
musicals "Man of La Mancha", 
Fiddler on the Roof", "Hello 
Dolly!", and "1776". Transpor- 
tation, accomodations and enter- 
tainment was paid for by the 
-individual members^ 

One prevalent comment by ttie^ 
staff was that the people In New 
York were "extremely cold." 

^*Spirit, F.C. Harir 

Tbe "week" of October 19-23 
was an axdtUig (me for tbe First 
Colonial Fighting Patriots and tbe 
loyal Patriot followers. The pre- 
puiitions for Homecoming to be 
iMld on Friday, October 23, bad 
reached a fttrioos peak. 

Tbe traditional Spirit Week 
began <» Mimday and continued 
throuf^ Friday. It was sponsored 
by the S.C A Spirit Committee, 
beaded by Joanne Delaney and 
Linda Bozard. Each class bad 
its own special day, and each 
tried to "out-«pirlt" tbe other 
four cli8ses< llie school was 
swarmed with clever, jcelorftil 
posters and strange outfits, worn 

Tbursdqr was Senior Day. In 
tile m(»rning the lOtb, Uth, and 
12|h gripers competed in various 
cSbfits. The 8th, 9tb, and lOtb 
graders mmpeted in similar (»n- 
tests in tbt aft«rnomu The re- 
sults of Uie morning assembly 
showed tbe Seniors victorious 
intbe "bopiiing," "three-legged" 
and tricycle races. Tbe Juniors 
shone through In the (upcake 
eating and egg-throwing contests. 
Hie class oi '73 won four of 
the 5 contests in tbe afternoon 


Tbe Pep Club, under tbe lea- 
dership of Susie Litchfield, made 
a gtand showing in tbe Home- 
coming preptrattons. The i^pirlt 
Chain was it's big project, and 
was draped all arowxl fl» school 
to remind the students oi tbe 
coming festivities. The Seniors 
challenged the Juniors to a con- 
test to see who could buy the 
most links. On Friday, the Sen- 
iors were declare^ tbe winners. 
The Pep Club also sold pom- 
poms and balloons during tbe 

Tbe Homecoming Parade be- 
gan at 4:00 Friday afternoon and 
proved a great success. As First 
Colmilal Is tbe only school In 
Va. Beach to have a parade down 
Atiuttlc Avenue, it was a very 
exdttng event, as was shown by 
ttie crowds tM. ^tbered to see 
the gaily and imusually decorated 
cars and fabulous floats. Grand 
Marshall was Lonide Cross, wlw, 
with his assistants, Mike Saun- 
ders and Dale Warden, did a 
great job of organl:dng the pa- 

The exdtment mounted as 
8:00 P.M, s4vroad)ed. Our ad- 
versaries were the /i^hurchland 

Truckers, and an exciting game 
was played. 

The Halftlme ceremony was the 
peak of the day. At that tin», 
the winners of the float compe- 
tition were announced. The Sen- 
iors won first place, fdlowed by 
the Juniors, then the sophomores. 
The 1969 Homecoming Queen, 
Rebecca Martin, crowned Mar- 
garet Murphy as the 1970 Queen. 
Margaret was chosen In an ele- 
ction Thursday In which the en- 
tire student body participated. 

The PatJTlots romped the Truc- 
kers ^-0, which put everyone 
In hl|^ spirits for tiie final fes- 
tivity, tbe dance, the tbeme of 
which was "The Jtihigle Bodk". 
ThaiUcs to Summer Bylngton, 
Dawn Joy, and Kevin Dee, the 
decorations portrayed tbe right 
atmosphere. Hostesses were 
Nancy Kahn and Bonnie Cross. 
Th^ served cake and punch wUle 
tbe two great bands, lifascMi and 
The Soul Explosion provided fw- 
tastic dance iiH»ic, 

All-in-all, it was a perfect 
day for everyone. Many thanks 
go to all those who helped, and 
espedaily to P9i Cooper and Lee 
Withers, who were in charge. 


On Noiwndber 2, Black Soli- 
darity Day, BlMk rtude^ were 
re(;^sted to do Uie following in 
order to demoMtrate that Blacks 
can unite for a common cause. 
They were to make no purchases 
or plu»e calls and to do no 


M. Courtney 

Ass. Editor 

K. Duckett 

Sports Editor 

J. Hooks 


J. Chalkley 


B. Barber 

Tbe studei^ wore black arm 
bands or a pa^di of bli^ oat- 
erlal. Tbe multi-cokHred bands 
consisted (tf three colors: blade, 
red, and gi<e«B. Blade represen- 
ting ttie people, red synuioliclng 
tiw blood sbed |br dvil rights, 
and greenstaodsfiH-ttleaidhope. 

Blade Solidarity Day origim^ 
in New York dty <» Almost 19, 
1970. It is supfXMled by tbe Nat- 
ional Black Cburchmen wUch is 
an iirter-dwiominational orfuii- 
satioa. Qa Qtfs date Blade udty 
was strii^ for in 31 major 

Hockey Players Gating It On 


The jy. football team concluded 
their football season with a 19-6 
win over Granby High School. 
Their record for the season was 
3-1-1. They had vldorles over 
Bayside and Kempsville, tied Cox 
and the (me loss was to P.A. 
• Coach's Loar & Phelps singled 
out the following players for tiielr 
outstanding contributions for the 
season. On offense. In the back- 
fleld it was David Eldridge, Ty- 
rone Little, Doug Janazeek and 
Mike Hughes. On the line were 
Mike O'Reilly, Dick Wray, Carl 
MelUn, Edward Douglas. In the 
(jtefenslve backfleld were James~ 
ISary, Steve Jordan, Chris Pap- 
hlles and Don Pulley. On the line 
are Mike Pohle, Otis Cooper, 
John Themides, Ernie Davis and 
Al Humes. 

Hockey "BuUies" 

To Winning 


Now In Its fifth year, girl's 
field hockey has a 2-1 league 
and a 5-2 overall record. Coadi 
Miss Clark explained that since 
the team now has more exper- 
ience, there Is more team effort. 
Althouf^ over an average of flify 
spectators attend the games. 
Miss Clark feels that girl's 
sports has not had enough pub- 
licity In the commiffllty. Girl's 
partldpatlon In this sport has 
brou^t more Interest vaoag 
coaches of other sportsi. 

Junior varsity field ho(dDey, 
coached by Miss J. Anderson 
has a 4-1 overall record, Tbe 
next home Varsity and J.V. games 
will take place November 18, 
with Kellam at 3:30 P.M. 


The First Colonial Patri(^ 
kicked off their 1970 football 
jchedule against Western Branch 
at the Churchland High field. 

Tbe Patriots struck fast and 
held on to win by a score of 
25-15. Steve Taylor scored two 
touchdowns on runs of 9 and 4 
yards. WeltonXowell scored on 
a 3 yard run and Quarterback 
Mike Branl(di scored on a keeper 
from a yard out 

A 4tb (juarter touchdown run 
from 5 yards out carried PA's 
Cavaliers to a 8-0 victory over 
visiting First Colonial. 

After 3 quarters of brutal de- 
fensive action, PA recovered a 
Patriot fiimble with 8 minutes 
left in the 4th quarter, marcbed 
dowi^eld and scored. 

Butch Flore, Leonard Berry, 
and Tommy Sofield were oi4- 
standlng as they repeatedly diut 
the door 00 PA's running i^cfc. 

The Bayside Marlins, coKSbei' 
by Bob Hicks, scored all of fiKlr 
polnte in the second quarter and 
held on to beat First Colonial 
22-15, In the Patriot's first borne 
game of Qie season. 

Tbe Patriots lost because of 
two costly mistakes that Bayside 
turned into touchdowns. Clinton 
Bradshaw scored tbe first TD on 
a 29 yard run while Steve Taylor 
scored last on a 3 yard run. 
Taylor also ran over for tbe 
2-polnt conversion. 


The First Cdcmial Patriots 
took advantage of an interceptioo 
and a fbml^ ifrtte ddrd (garter 
to break open a dose game and 
whip Kempsville, 28-6. 

Steve l^ior scored 2 tou(d)- 
downs (m runs of 16and ISyards. 
Welton Cowell scored firom 5 
yards out, idiile Mike Brani(di 
scored on a keeper and passed 
for 2 conversions. 

The Patriots returned home 
for their Homecomli^ game irttti 
Churchland. The Patrick for out- 
dassed tbe b(q;)eles8 Truckers 
and W(Hi 60-0, setting a sdiool 
scoring recordf. 

Tbe Patriote ran ^ 448 total 
yards (tffense, 333 yards rushiag. 
Tbe Patriots defense was out- 
standing In holding Chur(d)land 
to a mere 65 yards rushing and 
34 yards passing. 

Mike Branlch scored three 
touchdowns, bo from 2 yards 
away, and anoOier on a ke^[»r 
from a yard (Mt to lead Flnt 
Colonial to 31-8 rompororardi'- 
rlval Cox at tbe Falcon field. 
WeltoD Cowell Parted tile 
scoriiv wiOt a 15 yard Jiumt in 
tbe flnt (piarter. 

Page 14 MilSJGHT TMiric^^ Itov. 12, ^9W 



Old Donation Gets Renovation 

LEN INTERIERI took on the job of painting the windows 
and the trim. This takes either a steady haiKl or a good 





-■- ~3; 







1 • 



*c"^r. ^« 


KEN DUSSAULT, on ladder, waits lor CHARLES ZIU:H 
to cut a ceiling tile to sise. 

TIM Old Donation Episcopal Ciuffcii will act look s& 
oM now. At least the parrishhaUaadtbe kttdkui wm'U 
Maa of tbe clmrch are in tha process of ivDiildtng 
nA refiaislABg tiM)se two room la preparattoo for 
tke apcoBiiac 35Ui Aaaoal Baaar. The htsaar wiU 
be held on Sttuhtey, Noveiniber 21st, from 10 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. aad will teatvre aeedlewcHrk, dried flowers, 
white elephants, Christinas twutique, little people's 
i^op. 7m rides, space walk and many other hoc^hs 
and games. Batqrsitting will be ftimished. 



Atlsntie ft 31it Street 



BuBinesBmen Luncheon from 9S4 up 



oiBo Mixed BwtmgoB 

Special Dinner from 1.S0 up 

For your Dininf EntertftiiuMBt- 
Uve Orf»n Maiie hf Lurry Uam 


Thursday, Friday, Siitarday and Saaday Eveniap 

CECIL STANLEY painted the walls of the parrish hall. 
A long handled roller makes ^'job easier hut it's still 

KENNETH C. CAMPBELL and DUTCH KLOTZNER wait for something to work with while DICK MOSHER 
drills a board. 



^Do It Ymmelt CkriMtmm itetm 



INSIGHT Thufictay, Nov. 12. I9T0 Poge 15 


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CNBAPIAKE4III \iMm Rivtr RM^roONI A27-544I 





RICHMOND, VA. 83319 



45th Year No. 42 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, ISIovember 19, 1970 

Telei^one 42i 

10 cents 


A rea Representatives Succeed In Paris 

X '> iH * »». 'l»> . '«lj l » . '» J > . '» . *i . » . *»!>« » ! »»!>«W»<*»»!> . * >! ><* . '* . '> . '» ! » . < !« . *!»* » ! " * *< **'********** * ***^ 

Rates Culture May Fall 

WifiMur Smith k Associates, 
trilOc ooDBultaflt« to the Ches- 
apeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel 
pidtiict, have recommended a 
revised and restructured toll 
sdie<bile for the bridge-tunnel. 

Ilie recommendation is de- 
signed to simpiuy and speed 
up ttie toll collecting process 
and at the same time eliminate 
all ptissenger charges. 

The Bridge-l^mnel Commis- 
sion, at its meeting at Cape 
Charles Wednesday, unani- 
mously adopted the proposed 
schedule and will put it Into 
effect January 1, 1971. 

Hie revised schedule is 
structured on a $2.50 per axle 
diarge over and above an es- 
td91l9hed minumum base for 
cars and trucks as follows: 

Passenger cars, plck-uis and 
panels, 2-axle 4-tired, $5.25; 
comUnation ticket, for above, 
with Hanq>ton Roads Bridge- 
Tunnel, $5.75; trucks, 2-axle 
6-tired, $8; each additional axle 
dwve two, whether on prin- 
cipal! vehicle or towed vehicle, 

The above tolls include driver 
and ill passengers. 

Buses and spedal vehicles 
taAl in a sepwhite category. A 
substanttal savings will be ef- 
fected by any vehicle carrying 
3 or more pe(q)le, driver in- 

to City Dredge 


A significant archeological 
discovery on and around Davis 
Island in the Lynnhaven River 
may be lost to erosion and the 
city's dredge for all time un- 
less local ai-cheologists are 
allowed to complete their ex- 

"We have a cutture here that 
is unusual in that it came up 
from Florida waA possibTy South 
America, and this is their fa- 
ttiest penetration North," said 
Floyd Painter, editor of the 
Chesopeian Archeological Soci- 
ety ma^ne. 

"It dates from about 500 
A.D. to 1600 when it was wiped 
out," he said, "We've also 
learned that these were sea- 
going people «1io depended 
mostly on water transporta- 

That knowledge, as spotty 
as it may seem on the surface, 
indicates that greater things 
may be. found. But it may all 
be lost. 

Painter said the group con- 

ducting the dig has ^n told 
by the city that tlwy must be 
bonded for insurance purposes 
before they can continue work- 
ing on the island, whidi is part 
of the bank of the canal which 
leads waters from Lynnhaven 
Bay to the Chesapeake Bay. 

City Coundl, afraid holes 
created by the explorations 
might icreate a hazard. and 
lead to a lawsuit against ttie 
dty, ordered the arcbeologists 
to stop digging uitfil ttiey can 
get the needed insurance co- 

In addit(Hi, it was learned ttut 
ttie velodty of water ttut flows 
through the canal and under ttie 
Long Creek Bridge may have 
undermined the bridge. The ca- 
nal may have to be (ta-edged and 
widened to prevent ttie bridge's 

But Pinter says the dig can 
be competed in a matter of 
months. The prc^lem is t)*'^ 
ttie group is lacking the funds 
to become ■ bonded, • he said, 
and is stack until they can. 

By that time, ttie dty and 
Army's Corp of Engineers may 

Wheels Moving 

Former City Manager % 
RuswU Hatc^ett said Monday 
ttiat ttie people ol Virginia Beach 
woAM suffer a "sacrilege and 
a (iisservice if ttiey aren't al« 
lowied to get ttie wheels mov- 
ing' for a referendum Ml horse- 
radng and betttng next year. 

Appearing befwe an informal 
Session of City Coundl, H^ 
ch^tt said it would be unfair 
to the dty if a bill permitting 
a tocal referendum on the 
niatter were not allowed on the 
dodcet for ttie General Assem- 
bly's spedal January session. 

"What I'm asking is ttiat ttie 
governor intercede so ttiey can 
bring it up at ttie January meet- 
ing," he said. "They always try 
to liokl it to one thing for ttiese 
spedal sessions and then turn 
around and say we need yearly 

"The senior Senator from 
Norfolk said you couldn't bring 
up radng in January, but that 
word has lieen used too much 
in Richmond in recent years,' 
Hatchett said, referring to 
statement made by Sen. Ed- 
ward U Breeden that since 
radi^ wasn't a constitutional 
issue, it cooldn't be discussed. 

II sometMog needs to be dis- 
cussed (tealing witti container- 
ised fHegbt, it would prda^ly 
be ixrw^ vp, he said. "I can't 
recall M(r legislation that's 
bteo turoi^ 19 for Norfolk's 
beocJit tti^'s been stymied by 
ttie bead)." 

Hatcbett said it was of vital 
importance that the radi^n^- 
tor be discu^ed now before 
Virginia Beadi finds itself in 
deep financial trodble. 

"Your needs are muiey. Ttey 
mre when I was here and ttiey 
viUbe tor somettmetpooiae," 
he said. The tut growth of ttie 
dty has produced needs for 
services th^ will not. be 
mat<Aed unless a new.moBey 
atmw like radng Is found, 
he added. 

Ual«ss radng is t^iproved, 
"tt^'re gdng to break our 
balks wifli taxes," 
RiScbett said, "I s^ to yotr 
tut radng is something we 

*'There are 5,000 mcrtel 
r^lHi in Qis dty iww (M 
art vwcxA. It shouldn't be. 
I can't gain t^ it personify- 
I don't oma wof m(^els-M 
I mgsk to tee nqr city gain." 

Motinc tM racing Is tte lar- 
fert and mort finai^iaUr re- 


warding (^ all the swctator 
sports, Hitdiett said the re- 
ferendtnn bill shouldn't be held 
up imttl the 1972 General As- 
sembly session but acted on 
now. "Hove it iq) on ttie calen- 
der and in a year or two ttie 
dty will have greater flnandal 

Hatchett said the fUnds couM 
be used to solve nany of the 
dty's {Hissing problems such 
as the school construction si- 
tuatlon,^niinatton of tolls nd 
toll fadifles in tiie area, and 
the increasing burden of com- 
munity services on the dty. 

"We've ffA a governor in of- 
fice who said if ttie people want 
to vote on something ttiey should 
be allowed to," Hatchett said^ 
and added that he wanted to 
get the vote accomplished be- 
fore a narrow-minded man re- 
places Gov. Linwood Holton in 

I Oystermen Tie 
Up Dredging 

have moved to dredge the ca- 
nal, and ttie whole site, or a 
large part of it, may be lost. 

"The wasteland is not going 
to be used," said Painter, "and 
we thought we were safe there. 
This has come as quite a blow 
to us." 

Painter said the site might 
provide a basis for a fine col- 
lection for ttie proposed Vir- 
ginia Beach museum, but that 
he's afraid ttw people in Vir- 
ginia Beach are interested in 
art the way the "Grand Dames" 
of Norfolk are interested in art. 

Besides, said Painter, 
ttiere's no way Virginia Beach 
can hope to compete witti the 
Chrysler art coUedion, so they 
Stould strike out in a differ- 
ent dlrecttcm. "The nucleus is 
here, and I'm sure it would 
be of interest to visitors as 
well aft our inhabitants," he 

Painter said ttie nearest large 
museum of niarine and natural 
history Is in New YoVk dty, 
and ttiat Virginia Beach would 
have little or no competition 
in ttie area. 

But even ttiough Painter would 
like to see a museum here, 
his greatest interest Ues witt 
ttie Davis Isluid site and ttie 
Chesi^ieake Indian Culture. 

Davis Island, discovered 

Vl<|ssfL to one 0t file best 
t^teli Punter Mid he has seen 
wMitn ttie dty. "It -oBBe to 
(Mir attei^(»i«ten th^ started 
widening ttie eanal/' 

When ttie dredged inaterialt 
were dfedced, It was found ttiat 
ttiey contained Ute and pieces 
of p6ttery, and tints ttie search 
began. "We sort of praise and 
deptore ttie activity," said 

Thus £ar, about half a ton of 
pottery with a decorative motit 
has been found at flie site, 
he said, and the grotqi ttdidcs 
ttie designer might have been 
a woman. "The artistic efforte 
are most unusual. The other 
tiling that's interesting is that 
ttiere are different motifs," 
he said. 

Most InUan cultures had 
only one design that was re- 
peated, he said, but tills site 
shows that ttie people ttiere were 
individualistic because every- 
thing Is absolutely different. 

"They foUowed tradition, but 
ttiey did it loosely," Painter 
said. And that may have lead 
ta their downbdL 

According to ttw legends and 
from what can be learned from 
old records, Powhatan sent a 
group of warriors down to the 
lite of ttie vUlages witti orders 
to bring ttie Indian tribes Into 

OSee Culture Pg. 6) 

James Pritchard,an excavator, looks over 
the condemned site on Davis Island, the 

source ofthe re-constructed pottery pot he 
holds* ., - 

After three days of waiting 
four Tidewater representatives 
of the POW-MIA group in Paris 
Wednesday spoke with North 
Vietnamese Delegate-General 
Mai Van Bo about the fate of 
North Vietnamese prisoners of 
war. y 

Mayor Donald H. Rhodes said 
the group accompHshed what 
they set out to do.flTiey talked 
with the North Vietnamese re- 
presentative for about 50 min- 
utes, he said. 

He said the group held a wide 
discussion with Bo and talked 
about the need for more speci- 
fic information on prisoners of 
war and the return of the sick 
and wounded. 

Bo promised nothing, Rhodes 
said, but added that the Am- 
erican group was treated with 
great courtesy and that Bo lis- 
tened to his position. 

The group said ttiey talked 
at lengtti and ttiat it appeared 
ttie North Vietnamese were wil- 
ling to continue ttie discussion 
but that they terminated it when 
it aK>eared no specific infor- 
mation was forthcoming. They 
had asked for a spedfic list 
of prisoners being held. 

Rhodes was accompanied by 
Norfolk Mayor Roy B. Martin 
Jr.; WilUam P. Mitchell, vice 
president of the Old DomldoD 
University Student Government 
Association; and Edwin H. 
Bra^t, Jr. metr(^litan editor 
of the The Virginian - Pilot. 

Brandt asked that he be al- 
lowed to travel to North Viet- 
nam to tour prisoner of war 
camps and was toki his re- 
quest would be considered. 

The group lefi Norfolk 1^- 
urday for Paris bnr&if jiel*- 
ittons signed by 170,000 tide- 
water dttzens asUng lot A 
complete list ofallpersoaileld 
by, ttie'Nortti Vietnamef*, IM- 
mane treatment ot pt^aofiMrs, 
and immediate negotiattoM for 
their release. 

Arriving in Paris, il» dele- 
gation made contad iritti ttie 
North Vietnamese ! tart reoelfBd 

no concrete answers onttlTliM* 
day afternoon when tlMjP ap^ 
peared at ttie North Vietna- 
mese delegation's door In Pa- 
ris' Lefi Bank. 

There ttiey stood In rain cur- 
rying tile p^ti(»is until aNortti 
Vietnamese aide appeared and 
told them ttwy would reoelTe < 
a telephone call Wednodnr Uh 
forming them If they woiud be 
able to meet Bo. 

Wednesday morning RliodMi 
sent a cablegram to Public 
Information Ofilcer Frudc U 
Creasy, which said, "SboBg 
posslbiUty of visit wift 
Nortti Vietnamese delegation'! 
secretary - general A.1I. Nov. 
18. Arrives Dulles 10:38 p.m. 
Call wife, McSanieki aad press. 
Dtm Rhodes." 

EarUer Tuesday, ttiejr tank 
witti Chief U.S. NegoOator 
David K. Bruce uid dlseoiMd 
ttie POW situation witti Um. 

Tlie group returned to Nor- 
folk late Wednefday nlglit after 
ttMir five-day nlSBioa. 

Another POW mlsilOBif 
sdMduled some time next notdi 
when the mayors of Hanptoond 
Newport News wtU tftvel to 
Paris to talk witti tiw Mortb 

School Board^HearsA nswers 
To School Site Questions 

A spedal report on the' pro- 
posed First Landing School site, 
which Included oidnlons from 
an ornithologist and two eco- 
loglsto, won the unanimous 
backing of the School Board for 
Oe stand taken by the School 
Administration on the contro- 
versial* site. 

In the Introdoctton to tiie re- 
port given by James Mounie, 
spedalist in curriculum and 
research, it was stated that, 
"for some months the pro- 
fessional staff has been in the 
difficult position of possessing 
certain information that could 
refute the often falladous ar- 
gumente of some of the c^- 
ponente to tine utilization of 
this site by tiie Virginia Beadi 
School Board for construction 
of the proposed school. While 
we have possessed such infor- 
mation, we have not const-, 
dered it proper for the school 
system to engage in a public 
debate with its own citizens 
through the news media. 

"While respectable and well 
meaning organizations and indi- 
viduals have endorsed the po- 
sition of the oiqponents of the 
school constructfon, such en- 
dorsements were most often gi- 
ven without any Investigation of 

the ^lous elemente Involved. 
This kind of opposition has 
distressed us. We were 
heartened when one group that 
represents many thousands of 
residents of Virginia Beach un- 
dertook a comprehensive, dis- 
passionate and impartial inves- 
tigation to determine the ele- 
mente of truth relative to the 
idle and its use. this group, 
ttie Council of Civic Organi- 
zations, undertook this investi- 
gation not at the request of the 
School Board, but as the re- 
sult of an action Initiated l>y 
the opponente of the school 

A letter from Marvin M. 
Sutherland, director of the De- 
partment of Conservation and 
Economic Development, to Sen. 
WilUam B. Spong, Jr. on Aug. 
19, 1970 was read which pointed 
out that the 50-acre tract In 
question Is conq)letely cut off 
from the park by Shore Drive 
and has little relationship to 
the "preservation, development 
aiMi usuage of the main park, 
since it would be impractical 
to cross the heavily traveled 
Shore Drive." 

Another letter, from Ben H. 
Bolen, commissioner of the Di- 
vision of Parks of ttie Depart- 

ment (d Conservation and Eco- 
nomic Development, concluded, 
"We find Uttle Justification for 
preserving ttiis small area when 
just across Route 60 Seashore 
SUte Park provided a 2,700 
acre natural area for ttie use 
and enjoyment of VlrglnlaBeadi 
dtizens as well as visitors 
from out of state. The small 
piece of land where ttie sdiool 
Is to be located serves few peo- 
ple in ite iMresent condition." 

The School Board became in- 
volved with ttie site when the 
City Planning Department in- 
formed them ttiat ttie Division 
of State Parks and the Depart- 
ment of CMiservation and Eco- 
nomic DevelofMnent had no pre- 
sent or future jdans to main- 
tain or use the 60 acres lo- 
cated in the Northeast section 
of Seashore State Park. Bolen 
said ttiat if the Virginia Beach 
School Board and Dqwrtment 
of Recreation would develop 
a utilization program for a 
school, perk and recreiUion 
complex, he would prraent the 
propositi to ttie Board of Di- 
rectors and recommend to ttiem 
that a lease be executed. 

The School Board first sought 
ttie land on which ttie 4-HCamp 
Farrar is located and found 

The director of Community 
Services told City Council Mon- 
day that the dredging in the 
Lynnhaven River's Eastern 
Branch was almost complde 
but that dredging the Western 
Branch would be set back in- 
definitely unless oystermen are 
willing to release rlghte-of- 
way in the channel. 

WilUam C. Fteming said ttiat 
about 15 oystermen have state 
leases on oyster beds In ttie 
path of the proposed dredging 
operation and a^iear to be im- 
wilUng to reUnquish rl^te to 
ttieir areas. 

The dredging, which ^been 
requested by several re8l(tente 
along the Lynritaven River and 
otters concerned with polIuttoQ, 
wlU have to be tabled inde- 
fltdtely, Fleming said. 

"My recommendation is ttiat 
we 6m'i do anything inttwEas- 
tern Bran<ft ludl tt^ i»n be 
resolved," he said. 

Fltming stfd tlw (te{«rtme^ 
would ber»dytobeglndre(^:lng 
opeitittoiK in the urea wittiln 
tour to six weeks, in vdiidi 
time be said ttie We^mBruieh 
dredging operattoo woidd be 


He said he had no Idea how 
long the Eastern Branch pro- 
cedure would take. "We'd sim- 
ply get In and stay until we 
complete ttie jd), depesittng on 
ttie we^er ami ottier&ctors," 
' Fleming said. 

Flendi% said the relMses 
were neceoary to av(4d any 
suite for damages by owners 
of the beds. 

He said negotiations do mt 
appear to be moving to a so- 
hittoo^very n^ldly, and sug- 
gested that public pressure 00 
Vthe group mi^t help. 

Ac<»rding to Capt. George 
L. Ayers, t^rmett of ttw Che- 
sopeian civic Wiyterways Com- 
mittee, the Qpeidng of tte (fen- 
nel would permit pMter dr- 
culstion of tt» 'mter» ^ tte 

The raUnity ot ttie w^bet 
would also pc<^My Incr^M, 
he said, leaittng to better 000- 
"diticffls for oysters. 

"We hope to sit down aad 
resolve tUs ttiing so no dras- 
tic action en aqrbody's part 

(See 'Oystermw' p, ^ 

Council, Commission 
Settlfe Very Little Tuesday 

The oft-discussed Init seldom 
reme<fied Rudee Inlet is drawii« 
a more ^mistie diagnosis, 
but Ite ultimite f^asamartna 
developmeirt depends on the 
success d a $170,000 dredge 
and a Uttle help from nature. 

That's the word nwmben 
of City Cwaidl received in a 
ToMday nipt OMeting wltti ttie 
Vli^iia Beach Ero^<» Com- 
misidMi. Comdlmao 1^1 
ErVln in«s«aied ttie eommis- 
id« K prepared Mst ef ISq^ies- 
tt«K «»ceritfag the states ol 
(frci^ng c^ratioos to cImt 
tte iiiet el sud bidkl-aps. 

E. R. Chnrdi, ^irnno of 
fl» EroskA ComndsslMi, toM 
eomdliMB he hoped drecj^bv 
ol a ttad tnp ^ fi>* mxXk 
d tte UiUA noM be oomideted 
br tte end d ttie year. "We're 
trjdBg to iH fiat Inlet ttke yon 

^t it," Church said "but 
yn can't guarantee wytW^g- 

Church and a consultant for 
ttie commission told the coun- 
dl ttiat dredging operations 



■«••••■•••••••••••• * 




Effltorlals........ ' 









haven't made as much headway 
as expeded because "ttK sand 
is coming in as fttt as we 
can get it out." The commis- 
sion said, however, the new 
12-lndi dredge purchased by ttie 
commission this summer is 
making headway. 

Joseirti McDonald of ttie con- 
sulting firmof Langley-McDoo- 
ald said a recent storm also 
has aggrlvated dredging opera- 

Eryl9 ^d ttie meeting was 
called to bring new camdX 
members up to 6aJt9 00 the 
loin's status. "All of us arc 
tired of trying to def«id Sodee 
Inlet," be said. 

Mttdi oidroversy has cen- 
tered arownd ttie*large amwmte 
ol moMy wUdi have beenspent 
to keep ttM Inl^ free of sud. 
Many feel ttiat ttte ecoeonfte 

devel(4>ment of ttie ertire Bade 
Bay area hi^jes m the suc- 
cess <tf ttie Inlet Improvemeot 
program. A small number ol 
diarter boate curreiUly oper- 
ating od of the Inlet has oc- 
casslonally been trailed lnsl(te 
beouttw d nnd buiU-viis atthe 
mouth of ttie inlet. 

The reqwn^tdUty for r^e- 
nishl^ tte beadtts vdtt sand 
was alrad uten Ervin adaed 
ttie eomndsidoo Ifitwotddjpor 
ttie dty's anuming Wrale. 
JQie Ension Coms^ssioD im 
r^teSUKd file ba^s since 

"I «»n knnr wUdi is ttie 
best way," Ctareb stf4 "U 
ttie dty tidces over oper^ou, 
I teel KHrry for ttw cooicil. 

(See Settle Pg. 8) 

ttils to |be lmpo6sllil«jJ«d 
ttie 15 acres located H i taB 
Shore IMve and ttie 4-B wmp 
was evaluated, bul IMa.too 
proved imfea^bte beeaoie of a 
dangerofiis left tun aorwi 
Shore Drive and a raqy t w a tat 
ttiat a 100-foot buffer be dAUh 
tatoed aloig Sh«% Drive vMeh 
made tocattoo ol tte mSocA 
piqraical idantOerelniiQaatt. 
"Mr. Bolen ms advlied fiat 
ttie best Interests ol ttn ete- 
cational program^ fliesaMy 
ol ttie cmUreQ p^blted ose 
ol ttiat site, he proposed ttist 
ttie School Board consider ttie 
site between QTtti aad Mth 
Streete. Woridag dosety vifii 
our Paries tsod Reerertioft De- 
partment and 'With- fin Amd 
planning director of ttie tmf, 
ttie school staff deveUqied ft 
comprehensive plan for total 
use of ttw 15«n:es In qoMttoa, 
apian guaraitfaeing maitwm 
(se by all dttsens of Vlr||alft 

First objeettoos to ttwjte 
came ftom "pers(»al to- 
tereste" of Norfli Vlrgtaift 
Beach residente, aeoirflii to 
ttie report. A part d i. Wttm 
from Mrs. J. ^ Sills, U, a 
leader in ttie oppositteB, to 
Bolen dated Aug. 7, 1987 read: 
"We feel ttiat ttiis area alodd 
be preserved, and tbat not oibr 
wouM^a dty park md caop- 
groond (te^nqr ttie arii^tt 
voold also destroy ttie peace 
ol Bind and iroperty vafaM 
of those who own peogtatf irt- 

jolDlng it Hie 4-B Camp 

menttooed in yeirtard^r's pav» 
is a great tirlal, and we hid 
hoped flat tt wouU be eli^sed 

(See Site Pf. 9) 

Goal Made 

The Virgiiia Beach Cte- 
mber ol Commereeteldaw^ 
tory <»ld)raa<n tert viM m 
ttie WttiUi^oii axbmm 
Inn. The oecasloo 
brate the tact the 
apin ttds yor aeUevid # 
goal <rf 100 1 
in a om^ mHBa»r^i|ip] 

AUk»^ Oe «Gut 

at iffMS ttme, ExsaKNt Wee 
PresMeak Al Matftes ndd 
"sidi^ankk^ m»* ttaa M 
lev BMrilmi B« fi9MM to 


: ._ „ jm 



Virginia B«ach Sun 

Wuter^ I rash A uthority 
Near 8 Final Solution 

BMcii flitr aiiii4i[.fa|tr 

'■NiV 9ve daadce in ttit 
BiMkfMfBlMlaiB vttiiMar- 
liA oMr viiir. 

of an raUlirl^ to ] 


nftHwiit4 liilHra BiLiilbittnc* 
ptabwd tonratomolBMCMB- 
dl «( CMe OtiniaittQn, tbe 
dttoi **« «Mr t Sod ndt 

lloaili nimAH to glvt «aet 
d»tai]f« %ott toU «» dvie 


Barold C. (Hun Imm te«D 
aunad Ibaniar if ti* Ittdo^ 
IgliBd Mattfleal Wtkttlte Be- 
^ at VlifiBliBMA accord- 
ill to C. EdwiriiCarlnB, R«- 
I^OBtf Dinetoor of tta Baraan 
of Sport fliteriis and WU«- 
lUi'tSoalteaat Riglflo. 

Otea b^n Hi Fadard ca- 
MW it 1S64 aa !Mtt|e Maoa- 
far f!raliia« li toa Sooyi Flor- 
tte VaMfi eof^dex via toad- 
QMurfnv tolMnrBea^Flw- 
Ma . la 1966 Ha teeame A»is- 
tm ItoMiffir Gt CUaeolaagae 
HMtood WUdltfe Rafme, Clriii- 
«ilaagiia, Virfbila. After nearly 
tow yeara to Oto poaltfoo, he 
wan raaaaipad aa Aasiatont 
ItaHier flf Croaa Creelks Na- 
iiottai WUdttfa Retafe, Dover, 
Taaniian, tte pottttw from 
Dftteli he la now tawBaterrinc 

A nattw 4tf Gainandlle, Ga. 
hehaaaBJS. dagreetoWUd- 
Uh BtotogyandForeatlfan^te- 
OMt frooB Hoclli Carottaa^ate 
Collate, SaMili. North Caio- 
ttfli. Re to a aiember ot toe 
WUdifie Sodrtjr and toeKtmato 

(Moa «U1 have Innedlato 
aopervtotaa of Madoy Island 
MNft, adieh to adndidatered 
aader tttfaBeralaupervialoBof 
toe Maaa^ of BadE Bar N^- 
ttoaal Wlldlito Refitie, Virgialt 
Beaeh^ Vlriiaia. Thto 6,917- 
nneAtote to locitod to North 
Caieiin a|id Viriiflia. The m- 
tofe pnvktes aaactaary for 
vlatoriac poptdationa of ivhtot- 
Ilag arnoa, greater snow geeae, 
Caanda feeae, and nriouaspe- 
daa of dads. ^ 

WUh Ma vile and snaU son, 
Olaon frill ttfe 00 tte retoge. 


emphasiaed that WMMthortty to 
to the aagotttftoo s^. 

Ptas irodd eaUibf Norf^ 
to seU ito water ihdUtias to 
the aothority whUe Viritoto 
Beach would aell Momit Trash-' 
nK»re No. 2 and tta ^Hi^osiA 
eqoipineal tothaanthortty. I^Mih 
cUy voaldhe an e(|Bai partner, 

"I h^Ave thto toan arrange- 
nent toit to toir to the dttoMia 
of both cittea," Scott saidjito 
said BBost of toe negi^iidlona 
have been betweeaHm aadNor- 
tolk dtr manager Hiomas Max- 

. Scott aaid the road tonegotto- 
tlona fdto Nortoto was iiaved 
when potMUone^rtotoldNw- 
Mk it cdiildBt barn trasbtotto 
dty aiqr more. "They Qlorfolk) 
needed a idaee to grt rid of 
their garbage," he aaid. 

The dfy manager stfd Vir- 
ginia BeiMd) has goitMittawalw 
from Norfolk ainoe 1921. Re- 
lattons between the two dttes 
became strained, Soott said, to 
World War n wben Norfolk waa 
aiAed by toe goveirammt to 
smi^ water for four talMtary 

Qtr. DividetuU 

IXrectora of Coloi^al Stwes 
Incorporated, 429-rtoreaouth- 
ust and mldwestom siqier- 
market diaia, today declared a 
regidar quarterly cash<ttvldend . 
of 35 ceirts idns m extra of S' 
cento per share m conuMn 
atock. IWs wiU bring total 
paymento to 1970 to %\M per 
share. Tbe same as paid last 

The r^ular quarterly carii 
dividend of SO oentS' per-share 
was declared on ooti^anding 4 
percent preferred stock. 

These dividends are p^rabte 
December 1, 1970 to atodc- 
telders of record on Noveteber 
16, 1970. 

Colonial Storea, wito head- 
qoartora to Mlaato, has (vera^ 
tioas in the following stotes: 
Alabama, Florida, 
Kentttdqr, Maryl 
Carolina, OHo, 

IflstollattoDS at Virginia Beach. 
The ayatem became overloaded 
and ctmM severiU DrddboM 
b^ore N(»toUt laid a napr 20- 
indi main to the liM's he said. 

The 19S0'a brought another 
tt^trontatton i^ja Beadi r««i- 
<tei^ and offldato comidained 
that water rates wore too Ugh. 
Later, in tbe 1960*8, Norfolk 
toreatened to stop iiwter to 
Virgtda Beach when toe Beach 
and Princess Anne County at- 
tempted a merger to bait Nor- 
folk annenilii&r| 

A five-year oontrad aided to 

Thurtiiay, NowmNr l^rlffa 

Loccd wheat growers 
Uwotved in research 

BOAT DIALERS MEET- Taking a breaH 

at the recent a n n u a I Pacemaker Corpo- 

igM.'^ottnidTandn^^ ration dealers m e e 1 1 n g In Atlantic City, 

oontracto have been for ooiysix N .J. are Ji m Byrum, Bay Side Boats* Inc., 

Virginia Beach, iand Paul Burton, Pace- 
maker sales representative. Pacemaker Is 
one of the iMor id's leading producers of 
power pleasure craft. 

moidhs at a time. The current 
water cootract expires De- 
cember 31, he said. « 

Accordiag to Soott, one of toe 
majOT botttenedts in negotto- 
tiooa wito Norfolk has been a 
dauM in the onitrad wUdi 
forces Virgida Beach to buy 
mrters and otoer eqatimient 
from Norfolk if Virginia Beach 
pii& in ito own water system. 

Beadi (^dato claim re- 
sideds already have paid for the 
meters throng water rates and 
"shoiddn't have to pay for tbe 
m^rs again." ScoXi nid Vir- 
l^nia Beadi has "a moral if nd 
legal right" for ito stand, but 
legal experts say the 1963 con- 
frad to tegaUy binding. 

Much of toe recent haggle to 
OMiferences has been over the 
coaA of the metera and water 

system. The system has bera 

appratoed at approximately \,^^^ my 
$5,200,000 and, according to g^^ 
Scott, "we have nHotiated to j^i '^^ 

Virginia Beach wheirt 
growers are dindly invoked 
to the new Wbeat RAseardi 
ud Promotton Ad, accortttng 
to Chris Kraheddtt, chairman 
of the Vlrginte Beach Agrieol- 
tarat StobUiaattott and Ckouer- 
vation (ASC) CMMtf ttoe. 

Secretary oi^ Agrt<»Mia'e 
CHftord M. Hardto has said» 
"DoBiistic otittaaiion of wheat 
in HaMui motion and industry 
can be encouraied by toe re- 
ceatty enacted JAMKtBesMTdi 
and Pronation Ad. The pnis- 
ped to qdte pnodsiag toat 
reacarA can develqp new pro- 
^tectoiuxi freafenr ^tttartioo of 

Beach Youth Is 
Va, Toy Finalist 

a very 

dose value of toe 

For the sixto consecntive 
year, yoai« Tinkertoy desig- 
ners are being i^ven an q>-, 
portunity to share in hraor a- 
wards aqd a $1,000 Scholar- 
ship, plus an eqwnse-paidtrip, 
by dedgning («iginal and ima- 
gldative toy modles. Now hold- 
ing the titte of Virginia Stote 
FinaUst is David Chow d 2232 
Road, Virginia 

and girls in thto 
immediate viddty are eligible 

Inrs. "toe awards program to to 
keepii^ wito our line (tf crea- 
tive and fUn toys." He also 
added: 'Eudi year, the edhiH 
siasm and toe mntoer of par- 
tidpanto to toto creative amunto 
program continues to surpots 
all expec^ons." 

SketdMS or photgraphs of 
original dedgaa should be sent, 
before Dedember 31, 1970, to 
Toy Tinkers, a Questor com- 
pany, 807 Greenwood Street, 
Evanston, lUinoto 60204. 

o--*» »^M »h. «.«.m »w ¥k^ *° partldpate in Toy Tidters' 
Jff *^.?152SJ1S SdiotorsMp Award Program Ijy 0^-,l*^w.o ^«.^ 

2^^ ?!fif^'*^i!!?^ «»*««««« »>«tdie8oTphot2. isanicers are 

Jr boto Norfolk •«* Jlrgida ,^ ^ Anginal modeto 
Beach would give the dties "^^^ "^ 

. #^ ^I^.^.-*?^ ^<* they have dedgned from P'mwnnf^fi 
equal footing <» "ttoidtag^in- xidcertoy, Tldcer Zoo^y Ma- MrOmOiea 

ker, or any oonUBatioiof toe 

TT '*^'l?^r^Sn.S; Tidcertoy, Tld»rZoo,1V)yMa- 

^rJStSlT^^^A^'*^' «»y ootottaation Jf toe 
to Vlrfflaa^duBTe aitowtd ^^ j„^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 

toewi^r aystem wo«W *• w^- for Judor Engim»er Certifl- 

3SSSlftJfh.Z? ^""'" cati^ of AwaS and toen for 
adfflttonaltoxlwden. fl^ Sdiolarship Award Pro- 

♦ ^SiJl^?Sl^*«S2iS8rain,whid» to Judged on toe 

^s4onfromtoe«undl.S«« ^,^^5^2^^^^ ^^ 

above honors, the SO state fl- 
naliste recdve handsome- 

Finandng of toe progrun un- 
der the new law to to cooie 
from prooeeda of the 1968 itoeat 
export certillcato pool not 
etolmed by ^glble farmers. 

"Local wheat growers irtMse 
share of the eaqpcnrt certiflcite 
pool amoorts to $3.00 or more 
win recdve notice diredly 
from Virglda Beach ASCS 
office telling them what tbdr 
duure d the pool to and ex- 
idaidng file (gitions eadi grower 
has," KraheddU said. 

A producer nny choose to 
recdve hto share of the ex- 
port certificde po^ ov he may 
leave it in the pool to finance 
toe leseardi and promotion 

Wheat growers to Virglda 
Beadi editted to receive less 
toaa $3j00 will nd recdve a 
spaeial nottee but toey can 
nevertoeteas claim thdr share 
of ei^rt eertifldto by filing 
a wrttldi reipiest for payment 
vdto the ASCS office. Each pro- 
ducer's share of toe expMt 
oerttflcate pool will amoud to 
about $.56 for each $100.00 
of 1968 domestic vdieat eer- 


Wheat growers will ten; until 
Deeetober U to notify thdr 
ASCS office ^ their chdce. 

KrahediUl pdded out that 
file Vir^ Beadi office to 
still to tbe process of getttng 
toe notices reaify to g^ od 
to iHieat pt^'Krs, and none has 
yet been nmiled. Tbe iwtiees 
to toe glowers will be mdled 

The 1M8 wheat export cer- 
tlficato po(d of abod $4.2 miU 
lion to file rendt irf legtoto- 
ttra paaped sewral years ago 
that provi(tod fat enesa oollec- 
ttoar et export certiflcates to 
be distributed pro rato amoong 
whrat producers. 

Wbetf exporters are ra^red 
to twy eiq^ certificdea for 
aiqr Id d whed eqwated when- 
ever toe U.S. price to less than 
the world price. Wli«Hver the 
U.S. price exceed the world 
price, an exp(»1 sdwidy tepdd 
to Oie eqmrter to make toe 
whed competitive in worM 

Tbe world raaricd price fbr 
the 1968 crop of wh^ was 
d times higher than toe tJ.SL 

price^ and an Mq»rt -wrtifl- 
cate pool a cca ma rfed. The ori- 
gldal law proviited fur thto pod^# 
to be divided pto rda amoung 
wheift pn)di^». "For most 
producers, It i^ikl be a pi^- 
med of o^y a few dollars— 
teM toan a 4dlar, In fid, for 

"Ibe Mw Unr diom toem 
dtoer to Noeive todr pro ^i' 
diare, or toave it in the pod! 
to be aaed to na^aardi and 

amotion of VJS. wheat,'* he 


The law Mlhoriaes tofft 8e^ 
eretary of Agrientture to^tatw 
into ;acraenad wito i 'flffm' 
organisations r^NMding 
lAaat prodnod' iii»M|s,'lneh 
tm (ha newly tostm^i Nattooal 
Wbed Inditote, to carry od 
resnrcn una pfomoiiQii. 

1^ laatttnte to indn-profit 
orgadti^ represeding too- 
(^rdtve effort amoiifi|[ idieat 
producer groups to ihJirelse 
(tomestie wbed usage. Ilie to- 
stltde tooorptvatos toe re- 
qdremeds outlined b)r file t.S. 
Departortd of Agriculture; fctt' 
ellgDiil^ to reedve contmto 
nnd«r the prcfram. 

said Norfolk's current water 
fadlittea will have to be even- 

Marine Pft. Michael R. 
Usse^, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Joe W. UsseryoyziZBoootr 
Road, was jradAaterfrdto Avi- 
dion Ordnance "A" Schod d 
the Naval Air Technical Train- 
ing Center, JacksoiiviUa, fU, 

«S*.12LrSSfm°'£l T1«^^MP Award to a 

^|K^<S;te"teS^^»'°~ '^i?L'^."%n 

^vn5n«JMw« ^hL^^^'^P**^ I**** ***P to New York 

""..^ ^^ I! Jif J "8 or her pareds. Wito thto 
'^f M?..?ElS tr^£S *^«» goes the title of Toy 
IS" '**^!'»5!S.?^^2Sf "«*«' of toe year now held 
before it becomes mwfd. 12-year.old Mike Dunn of 
Moud ^Traabmore No. 1, wttch ^g,, HoodLandlngRond,Jadt- 
bas ptoed a-ttonal dtentton to ^^^y pj^^^"* 

"^^J^S^J^ ^^ Acoorttag to R.A. Chrirtof- 
oiyiadty, Scott saio. Arson, nredded ti To» Tin- 

Two Virglda Beadi baoiers 
were ammg 11 persons pro- «^ • •• .• 
motodbyVirgldaNimondB^ l^UOliCOtiOnS 

presided C. A. Cdchins to fin 
Eastom Region. 

Waldo P. Boniemann, tAo 
heads the Court Square Qflice 
whidi opened Just last week, 
was pr(»nded from aasistad 
cashier to assistont vice pre- 
sided and manager. 

Frederick W. Twyman d the 
Virglda Beadi Office on At- 
tantic ^vfpitvai, R|f»pt|d 
from aastotad manager to as- 
stotad vice pi^esidad an%^s^ 
sistant madier. -^** 

Are Delayed 

The 1971 edtoUna of yoor 
federal income tox, and tax 
guide for small badness, will 
nd be availalfle until late Da- 
ceBabwv 197(1 Maes P^Joyte, 
IBS Dis^pct?D|%irMVir- 
gWto.his| '" 

W¥AB mm 1550 


PUmner at 

Harry M. Lange of Virglda 
Beadi to among a group d 
plandng otttdato attonding a 
short course d toe Udverdty 
of Virglda fids week. 

Editted "Ptoadng for Urtian 
and Urbaddng Areas," tite 
worship is being conducted Iqr 
toe Schod of Arddtocture's 
dty {dandng divtoion and the 
departmed of urban aftoirs and 
commuiity services in tiie 
School of General Studies. 

Thalia Carnival 
Planned Sat. 

Thalia Etementary School 
will have ito annial cardval 
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Satur- 
day, Nov. 21 d file school fbr 
toe benefit of PTA projeds. 

for the sate of toese pddi- 
cattotts to eansed by file re- 
qdr^ned for sdgtontlal re- 
RefwuL Ad d 1969, ^yte said. 
Boto pridications, whidi are 
intended lb he^ taiqiiyen flto 
thdr individual or bnlness in- 
come tax returns, will sen for 
75$ per wffi d file IRS of- 
fices to BaUeys Crossroads, 
Newport News, Norfolk, lUdi- 
mond and Roaadm or firom tbe 
Superintended of Documento, 
U.S. Govemmed Printtag Of- 
fice, Washington, D.C. 20402, 
Boyte sdd. 

A Sure Sign 

A decorative white Christmas tree is se* 
cured in placeatop Herbert Harreli Florist 
on Laskin Road, just one of the Beach bus- 
inesses getting in the mood for the busy 
holiday season ahead. 

Hall Is Pembroke Vice Pres. 

James W. Hdl has been 
named vicepredded of Pem- 
brdoe Rn^ and Insurance 
A^nqr, Inc., accordtof to •& 
ttmwmcemed by a ptiMlpd of 
toe firm, Ridiard E. Olivleri. 

Hall will httMUe commercial 
leasing and deralopmed for file 
real estote firm. Ito has pre- 
viously developed and teased 
shqwtog ceders, office bdU- 

inp, and ottier commercial 

Hdl was formerly prodded ecuttve Chib. 
of Tidewater's Alsage Realty 
Corporatton befwe which he 
was vice-presided of Good- 
man -&»pur-liogan. Inc., Re- 
altors of Norfolk. 

A member of tbe Idemd- 
ional Couadl of Sbi^ng 
Ceders, Hall to also adive to 

die Natioaal Institute of Farm 
of file Sdes and Markettng Ex- 


Monthly Payment Conventional Type 




2IO-25th St. Virginia Bearh Va. 

Phonf 12H.933I 


Publidiad wtslcly^by the 
teach PdbtlaMng Corpora- 
tion. 3101 Poclfic Avsnia. 
Virginia tend), Virginta, 
23451. Second class postag|B 
pold at Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia. Annual, aubacrifrtion 
rote by mail toiephone 
703-^8-2401 ami carrier 
$5.20; single copy iOC. Ad- 
vertising rotes upon raquad. 
Mwnbsr of the Vlrglnto 
Press Aaaociation. 







Thuriday, Nov«frtl»r 19, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 




Honesty Their Best Policy 

The. customer walked into (he 
rare and asked for "some kind 
of vitamins"* The young man 
behind the counter asked why 
she thought she needed 

"Most people need ttien, don't 

"Only if they don't eat pro- 
perly." He asked about h?r 
eating habit. She told him» 

"Lady, you don't need 
vitamins. You couldn't possibly 
havf any kind of deficiency with 
eating habits Uke that. And* no 
one should take any kind of 
pill, even vitamins, if he doesn't 
need to." 

Such honesty may not make 
sales out it certainly mates 
happy customers. And that is 
more important than the dollar 
bill to the trio who operate 
Natural Foods on 17th Street. 

"Honesty is really what oiqr 
business is all about," explains 
Mrs. Phyllis Lupi, the store's 
owner. "We sell honest foods, 
those grown naturally as God 
intended. It only makes sense 
that we should have an honest 

Today's interest innutrition- 
and there is no doubt that there 
has been a noticeable increase 
in concern about foods-knows 
no age, economic levels or 
race. The customers who fre- 

quent the natural food stores 
in the area attest to that. They 
ootM from all walks of life,... 
sophisticated dowagers, sur- 
fers, middle - aged business- 
men, illiterate l^rers. 

"People are getting away 
from foods with chemical pre- 
msrvatives," explains Mrs. 

"Yes, anJ attitudes toward 
nutrition are changing, too," 
comments Mrs. Susan Davis, 
store manager. 

"That's because the young 
people see the things wrong in 
the processing of food today. 
They are tiK ones who started 
the trend toward orgaidc 
foods," claims the third 
member of the trio, Bill Tabit, 
representing Uie youth of which 
he speaks. 

Part of this growing interest 
in nutrition by the young people 
has evolved from the use oi 
drugs. ,Some are getting in- 
terested in health and good food 
in overcoming the habit. Othen: 
are trying to get away from 
drug sources, and this includes 
the chemical additive^ in pro- 
cessed foods. 

Mrs. Davis learned the hard 
way the value of nutrition. While 
going to school in Califnornia 
she sadly neglected ter intake 
of proper foods. She snacked 
on the run most of the time, 

seldom stopping for a balanced 


"A doctor friend of mine saw 
me one day and immediately 
put me in the hospital," She 
said. "He said I was suf- 
fering from malnutrition aiKi 
would be dead in two days if 
I didn't start feeding my body. 
That taught me^ a_jesson I '11 
never forget.'^^ • '^ 

Mrs. Lupi opened the store 
three years ago but her intere;st 
in natural foods, especially 
herbs, started some 15 years 
ago when she wa^ living in 

"I started out here trying to 
specialize in herbs," she said, 
"but the demand has been so 
great for other things I've had 
to expand. 

This expansion is much more 
than just stock items. The trio 
can advise their customers on 
everything from the proper way 
of "purifying" sprayed vege- 
tables to the growing of an 
organic garden. 

"The one thing we always 
stress," said Mrs. Lupi, "is 
that nutrition is an individual 
matter. No two people have 
the same needs. One person 
might be a total vegetarian. The 
next might need red meat. It is 
important that we never push 
our own personal beliefs onto 
someone else." " , 

Site of the record-setting land transaction 

^Snowflake^ Actually a Giant 



tf I rii 

"Operation Snowflake" has 
been a top priority project at 
Pembroke Realty and Insurance 
Agency, Inc. for the past ei^^t 
montt^ or so. 

Monday Edward W. O'Brien, 
vice president of commercial 
sales, announced the project';^ 
successful completion — the 
largest land acquisition by a 
singler developer ever re- 
corded in the State of Virginia. 

"Snowflake" was the name 
given the project by the firm's 
staff during the months it took 
to cmisummate the many com- 
plex transactions involving the 
five separate land acquisitions. 

Its completion means that 
over 600 acres have been Ac- 
quired by the Terry Corporation '" 
of Virginia for construction of 
a regional shopping center and 
some 5,000 homes. 

The property, collectively 
costing some $4 million, is 

located on the south side of 
Holland Road, one mile east of 
the intersection of Independence 
Boulevard and the Norfolk-Vir- 
ginia Beach Expressway. 

Principals of Terry Corpora- 
tion—Horace Cistole, Frede- 
rick Napolitano,Emilio011vieri 
and Louis Lucente — have 
created a new division in their 
land development firm specifi- 
cally to design and build the new 

Plans for the new Terry ac- 
quisi'tion, 50 per cent of which 
is wooded, include the construc- 
tion of lakes and open green 
areas to provide environmental 
corridors for the developed 

Highway plans call for a 
major intersectioninthe middle 
of the property — Independence 
Boulevard and South Plaza 
Trail, once th e two roads have 
been extended. 

It is estimated that it will 
take eight to 10 years to com- 
plete the overall complex and its 
finished value will probably ex- 
ceed $150 million. 

The Plann^ Unit Develop- 
ment will Incorporate "the best 
of Terry Corporation's past en- 
deavors", Napolitano said. 

"Our plans for this site wiU 
reflect our desire to make this 
new community the high point 
of our careers. It will be the 
outstanding .accomplishment of 

the Terry Corporation of Vir- 

Certainly Terry Corporaticm 
has already nude Its mark in 
Virginia Beach. The firm 
started here a number of years 
ago with a section of Aragona 
Village, then built Malibu and 
other communities, before de- 
veloping the outstanding Pem- 
broke properties. 

This undertaking ,wiU sup- 
posedly be a "new concept of 
the psychology of a new com- 
munity," according to Na- 
politaiu). " n ' ^ 

The proposed residential 
giant is as yet unnamed — but 
it probably won't be "Snow- 

flub Aids 

Christmas Club a Cor- 
poration has releiMd O^mt 
for the Mlion's 1970 Chrl^ttif 
Cltib members tot^m 
$2,396,736,000 in club savi^ 
during this year. Owr 
16,644,000 Americans opeMd 
cliftw tlds year and saved an 
average of $144 in each cM) 

This r^resents another re* 
cord ye^r for Christmas CMh 
savings and memberships, ae- 
-cording to Christmas CMb a 
Corporation, the orgaSixatiOB 
that originated the savings plM 
back in 1910. 

Over 10,000banks «uid savlqp 
institutions wIH issue ^«^ 
to members during^ this JMI^ 
when th^ ChristmasbuyingM^ 
son starts. 

Christmas Ckrib surveys |B^ 
that although many people ^n 
just for Christmas cash, nearly 
$700,000,000 from 1970 cUbp 
will go right back into saviQ^ 
at the institutions where the 
clubs wer e joined and the re- 
mainder spent on Christmas 
presents and such eiqiienses as 
taxes, insurahce,tidtiott and va- 

The record highs in mendber- 
ship and dollars saved indicate 
a strong plan-ahead attitude on 
the part of many AmericaiK to 
insure a Happy Holiday season. 

Auditors Meet 

The Tidewater Chapter of the 
Institute of Internal Auditors ^_i 
will hold its regular meetinr^ 
Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Raf 
mada Inn cm Newtown RoadL__^ 

Clyde Jones Assit. director ^ 
of the Naval Area Audit Ser- 
vice, wiU discuss the develop- 
ment and use of 'The Internal 
Audit Program'. 


1^ for its o w n sa ke alo^ 
but for the sake at society and 
good government, the press 
should be free. - James A. 

Susan Davis looks over some of the Natural Foods stock. 

Gunfire Trainer Opens 

Opening ceremonies for the 
new Naval Support Gunfire 
Trainer were held Monday at 
the Little Creek Naval Amphi- 
bious Base. 

At 10 a.m. Commanderiialph 
S. Stedman of PubUc Works 
turned the keys to the new 

F & M Dividend Declared 

The Board of Directors dt 
First & Merdiants Corporation 
dedared today a regular quar- 
terly divide^lj^ 45 <»nts per 
tHaxt payable December 23, 
1970 to stoddioUers of record 
as of December 9, 1970. 

building over to Captain Homer 
H. Haisten, Commanding Of- 
ficer of the Naval Amphibious 

Guest of honor at the cere- 
mony was Vice Admiral Luther 
C. Heinz, Commander Amphi- 
bious Force, U.S. Atlantic 

The trainer wiU give instruc- 
tion and laractical experience In 
planning and executing a sup- 
poi't exercise for members of 
gunfire teams from both 
cruisers and destroyers. 

Modc-iqs of support gunfire 
plotting rooms, programming 
departments and computer cen- 
ters will enable the crews to 
practice all phases of suivort 
gunfire wittiout the unnecessary 
waste of ammunition. 

Two Attend^ 
AHA Meet Z 

Two Virginia Beach repre- 
sentatives attended the Annual 
Meeting and Scientific Session 
of the American Heart Associa- 
tion in Atlantic City last week. 

They were Dr. William A. 
Dickinson and Marcia McCall, 
a registered nurse. 

They were among about 7,500 
{Aysicians, reseat scien- 
tists, nurses and layinenfrom 
throu^ out the country to at- 
tend and were among 78 perscms 
representing Virginia. 

. £L. 

■..! .L . , 



■i I '.'*>; 

■■>'•' a 

.JJ»" •Uf-,;,l.<H»f ' •■!.» .5* 

Mn. i 





Now remove com the fast. Miy wn 
«tich Fnciom4. Liquid FitcMoe tc- 
li««ct p«in intiandy. works bdow the 
ikin line to diiiolvc cotm ftwar ia juK 
day*. Get FreezOM...M«U dnif covoMfl. 


refinance It! 

Snug as a bug?! 

Probal^ly not yet, if 
you've just moved 

Perhaps your Wel- 
come Wagon hostess 
can help to ease the 

Call her today! 

Mutual Federal has money to lend to 
make mortgage payments easier on 
your budget. 


MteiM* M»CM 




Lrke math, can religion be 
logical? And based on law? 

Christian Science says yes. 
Religion can and should be 
logical and true. It should be 
scientific as well as comforting 
...provable as well as inspir- 
ing... arid practiced as an 
effectual help in every aspect 
of life. 

If you would like to learn 
about a religion that cah be 
experienced in everyday life, 
come and hear a lecture 
called "The Scientific Break- 
through in Religion" by Otto 
Bertschi, C.S.B. Mr. Bertschi 
speaks from many years' 
experience in the public prac- 
tice of Christian Science. He 
is a member of The Christian 
Science Board of Lectureship. 
Admission is free. 

You're cordially invited to 
bring family and friends. 



8:00 P.M. 



MI48 Great Neck Road 

Va. Beach 

Under die aisplces of 
First Chiffdi of Christ, 

VirgtaU Beach, Va. 
Nursery Provided 

get SO upset a 
when you really doift know 
a thing about them?'' 

If you're having a little trouble these days getting 
through to your kids when you try to discuss illegal drug 
use. it may he l)ecause they know a lot more than you 
do about the subject. 

We can't promise to make you an expert, but 
we can help you to catch up a little. Here are a few facts 
JO talk from: ^^^ 

1. Marihuana: 

Its use is a felony. Conviction, even with a suspended 
sentence, may cause interruption of education, 
difficulty in obtaining a drivers license in some states, 
entering a profession, getting a responsible job. While 
marihuana, which is not a narcotic, does not cause physical 
dependence, it may lead to "psychological dependence" 

if taken regularly. There is no current conclusive 
evide;nce,t,hat marihuana is "medically safe." Research 4s 
currently being conducted to find out more at>out its 
physical and psychological effects. 

2. LSD: 

Its effects can differ at times in the same individual. 
^ There is no way of predicting whether a "trip" will be 
""good" or "bad." And days, weeks, even months after 
using LSD. the things the user experienced while on the 
drug may recur unexpectedly. The LSD experience can 
sometimes be disturbing enough to cause acute and 
even long-lasting mental illness. 

3. **Ups and Downs'*: 

Excessive use of amphetamines ("ups") can drive a 
person beyond his physical endurance and leave him 
totally depleted physically, since he feels like neither eating 
nor sleeping. The body develops a tolerance to tfwse 
drugs, with larger and larger doses re(^ired to feel tlK. 
effects. Long-term heavy users are usually irritable, 
unstable, and may suffer social, intellectual, and emotional 
breakdown. Abrupt withdrawal ("crai*ing**) for the 
heavy user can result in a deep and suicidal depression. 

Barbiturates ("downs") can, in regular and 
excessive doses, become physically addicting. Overd(»e, 
or abrupt withdrawal for a heavy user, can cause 
death. Barbiturates are a leading cause of acckkntal 
poison deaths in the U.S. Amphetamines are sometimes 
prescribed as "diet pills," and barlnturates are given 
as prescription steeping pills, but neither should be taken 
except in strict accordance with a physician's fwracription. 

4. Narcotics: 

Heroin is ph^ically, as well as psych(A>^^Iy 
addicting. Large, or unexpectedly unadulterated d(»es can 
resulUn^dea^ The ^ictVmain objertin Bfe 
becomes ^tting tlw drug. He may turn to crime as tte 
only wi^ to g« enough money to support his habh . 
( which can run as high as $ 1 00.00 per day ) . 

For more detailed facte about these dwfs, write for 
free drug booktete ^o: 
Natbnal Institute cA Mental Health, 
Box 1080, Washif^on. D.C. ^)0i3 






EstabUslwd 1925 


19, 1970 

iPiiblisted weekly by the Beach Publishing Corporation 

John R. Griffin 
Gtneral Manager 

Ruby Jean PhiIU|» 
Managing Edttimr 

Mrs. Olga Edwards 
AtbertUing Manager 

Push for action mw 


The Insurance Picture 






t rmuronce compawJw com- 
^loki that tlwjf can't maki a 
=^roHI, Inturaici ogwitt com- 
plain that thty hovt tnwbit 
getting Inturonc* cpmpanlw to 
' accapt mfi or rtntw poUclw 
^B»^ cuftwwrf complain that tt» 
'^' rottf for infurancearotoohlgh. 
^ And iome politicians are using 
the tltuotlon for personal gain 
lot the cost of the consumer, the 
a)mpanies and agents. 

it Just may be that all In- 
volved are guilty of com- 
pounding the problem of high 
insuronce premiums...the cus- 
tomer, the politician, theagencs 
? and the companies. 
tr Policy holders cannot expect 
-to enjoy low insurance rates 
"when the rate of accidents and 
'^-claims agoinst the companies 
^ are constantly increasing. 
r Simply stated, in order tor 
^ insurance premiums to be low- 
ered, some solution must be 
found for the Increasing costs 
of ciaims...repalr cogts, med- 
ical costs and legal fees. And 
what about those unreasonable 
"Iniurwice Injur4e!i" ae they 
hove come to be colled. Indi- 
vlduols who file them and law- 
yers who encourage such suits 
are also contributing tothehigh 
insurance premiums. 

Insurance companies are 
certainly not without fault In 
this matter. Many companies 
hove had years when there were 
low claims against policies 
in force, resulting in good pro- 
fits which are invested and 
poy handsome dividends. Then 
in subsequent years, when los- 
ses hove been heavier, instead 
of using those investment In- 
comes to cover the losses, 
the companies are going before 
the regulatory agency seeking 
rate increases. 

The politicians who fight a 
reasonable rate increase are 


doing so at the cost of the 
comumer. Many so-called av- 
erage policyholders who hove 
previously had no trouble get- 
ting their policies renews are 
now being thrown Into aseigned 
risk categories or ore forced 
to obtain insurance from non- 
standard, high cost componles. 
So the protection, insteadof be- 
ing for the consumer, Is for a 
highly selected few. 

The insurance agents who foil 
to fight suchoctions by the com- 
panies on behalf of their clients 
are ol so at fault. , 

Obviously, there is blame 
enough to be spread to all seg- 
ments of the society. More 
obvious, however, is the need 
for repreeentatives of the reg- 
ulotpry agency, the componief, 
agents, the consumers and the 
politicians to sit down and foce 
this problem, discuss the. facts 
Involved without emotion or po- 
litical motivation, and reach an 
equitable iolutfon. 

The insurance companies 
have suggested^that the solution 
should be in some form of "open 
competition" rate making. 

Another suggestion was that 
the procedure used for setting 
rates of Workmen's Compen- 
sation Insurance be adopted. 
In that cdiie, representotives 
of the Insurance companies and 
the regulatory agency sit down 
each July and review the ppj- 
Iclces in force and the claims 
against tmn during the pre- 
vious year. The new rate for 
the next yeor is based directly 
on the amount of claims a- 
gainst the policies in force. 
And the rates are current. 

Whatever the solution, in the 
Interest of the consumer, it 
should be reached soon. The 
consumer is still the one who 
is losing. 

City Council was urged Mon- 
day to get the wheels in motion 
immediately in appealing to the 
General Assembly at its special 
session In January to g^^ri- 
mutuel b^ing before the voters. 

The prodding came from a 
ion^lme advocate of parimu- 
tuei betting, W. Russell Hat- 
chett, former city mcmager. Ae 
he pointed out, he was in a posi- 
tion to know tlw financial iMir- 
den faced by this city. The city 
had them when he was heading 
the AdministratiQiiond they have 
them now. In fcict, they get 
worse by the year. 

Mr. Hatchett speaks with a 
voice of experience. There are 
untold millions of dollars the 
city could enjoy if parlmutuel 
betting were approved. And the 
benefits would be far- readilnjf.. 
toils could be eliminated, rec- 
reational focilitles could be de- 
veloped, tourism could be more 
adequately promoted, many of 
the city's financiol problems 
could be solved. Certainly it 
would ease the pull on the tax- 
payer's purse strings. 

But these things will not come 
about for perhaps several years 
unless city council moves now. 
The special session is Just 
around the corner. Norfolk says 
Virginia Beach should not act 
hastily. W? say the city cannot 
act fost enough. 

The states which have finally 

legalized parimiltuel betting 
have biossoHMd. Florida isper- 
haps M best emiple. It Is a 
wealthy, continually growing 
state. Ifs resltents are pro- 
vided the very best Iniy^iway 
systems, education, recreation, 
etc. The economy of Florida 
does not depend on the taxpayer. 
He Is given many benefits for 
minimum taxation. He d^s not 
pay extro money to check out 
of a grocery store. He does not 
purchase textbooks. He does not 
pay ^lls on his brills cmd 
highways. He Is p a mp e r e d, 
compared to the Virginia tdx- 
payer. becouse of tourism 
(richly promoted by the state) 
and par imutuel betting. 

Our neighbouring state 
of Maryland is hot as prominent 
or successful yet as Florida, 
but that state, too, is progres- 
sing because of the iegallzatlon 

Mr. ^fotchett is, indeed, wise 
when he urges council to pro- 
ceed Immedlotely in soliciting 
the General Assembly's att^ 
tlon to this Ism. The legis- 
lators are apparently to deal 
only with Constitutional re- 
visions at the sfKBclai eesslon. 
The lottery Issue Is One of 
these revisions. The voters 
supported the Change whole- 
heartedly on November 3. It 
definitely Is not too soon for 
Virginia Beach to push for 

to the 







To tbe Editor: 

Last June I visited tbe Tide- 
water area for the first time. 
Wbi^ a trip to remember! I 
visited 'many of the historic 
spots, and made a very com- 
iflete tour of most everytUng 
ydn have to be proud of. I 
have never seen a state or peo- 
ple more proud of their heri- 
tage. For tbe f^rst time in my 
life tte history of my country 
and it's trials and victories 
came alive in my mind. All 
this thanks to the wonderful 
places like Williamsburg, Pe- 
tersburg and many more. 

I was amased at the fHend- 
liness of tbe peq)le, and this 
1 value highly, since I am ttom 
a very small town, and some- 
how felt fri«idliness like I was 
shown came only from small 
towns. This was shown to me 
everywhere, stores, historic 
spots...peo{de in general. 

The beauty of your country- 
side, is insurpassable the 

ocean and beadies far surpass 
anything 1 have seen on the 
West coast. 

However, you have something 
else that amazed me too. Some- 
tting so undesirable, that some- 
how I would not trade my home 
on the barren, lava fields of 
Idaho, for all the beauty of tbe 
land you have. You have smog. 
Brother, do you have «nog! 
In tiie almost two weeks I spent 
in Virginia Beadi and surroun- 
(ttng area, I never saw a re-, 
ally blue sky! Each nigjit or ra- 
ther late afternoon, I watdied 
that orange, piidc ball slowly 
gdng down throi^ the haze? 
ft>g? SMOG! I have only seen 
ddes like this in Los Angles. 
Rave you had it so long, you 
no kmger know wh^ a tdue 
sky is... .What are you (kdng 
about it? In my area, smog 
is just beginidng, with hazes 
in the valleys diving temper- 
tkan ioversiou...«Jiid thaidc 
God industry is stertii^toirark 
with state pollutioo atrthoritiw 
now before we too are buried 
under a blanket of smog^ as 

Perhaqps you wMider v^ I 
care, and why 1 am trying to 
stir you wraderfttl pe<^e into 
Mat 'son^tfag. My iMrotter. 
Jack Koenman is a realdNl 
of Virglflia BMdi and hat 
ttrottgb tbe monOisbeen making 
comports t&od tbi poIIutioQ 
ol the lake adjacent to Us 
hoott. I hokl in my hand an 
artide in^nted in your paper 
on Odober 27th, telUi« of his- 
eoraplaints and headlined 

tide states that Mr. fagklof 
tbe State Water Control Board 
said "be had not seen aiqi'«a ■■ 
on the lake birt recognised flat 
pollution could exist in that 
fashion." Perhaps I should have 
slMwn Mr. Yagel my kin 
streaked with oil last Jane, 
after I waded iiAo ttds same 
lake with n^ <taui^r. , 
* I care about you and ydur 
land, because it is mine too... 
because I am an American. 
You have so mudu..^ don't 
you make a REAL effort to keep 
it...qpen your ^es and see viiat 
is haroening to your- beauti- 
flil land...Listen to those who 
warn you....aod ad! 
Mrs. Lloydl>helps 
Conda, Idaho 

A»ka Mayor To Look 

To the Editor: 

I note in tbe Virginian-Pi- 
lot of November 12, 1970 that 
oatmnfot of the City of Vir- 
ginU Beach, Mr. D. H. Rhodes, 
is taking a Jaunt to Paris on 
behalf of the American P.O.W. 
Let me state that my sincere 
sympathy is with the P.O.W.'s 
and their families and I hive 
ttie mission accomplishes ite 

When tt» mayor returns firom 
beautiftil Paris', I would Qke 
to invite him to visit devas- 
teted KempsviUe. If it is pos- 
sible tac him to get members 
of the Natiooal Safety ComcU 
to accompany him, there Is a 
good diaim tint they will ooo- 
denm it and dtts it as t u- 
ttooal disaster area, and die 
dty would tterdjy be eligible 
for more federal ftmite. 

A telephone call to the "Pa- 
lace" is the ultin^e in com- 
plete frustratioo. After being 
referred to at lost six dil- 
fereirt offices and finally la des- 
peration resaUng to proftidty, 
it is pattently explained to you 
that this te a Federal and State 
projed that U let on cootrad 
to a private firm. 

The Mdy iattriffetatioo I can 
give to this is that oaee yoa 
dip your snout into flie federal 
trough, an^«il jp^enotetfl 
officers have one osy vmmt 
to aU complaiflts aad fto aU 
pneiteai purpusaa, n i»if»w 
firm tabes over tte operation 
of Oat SM^oo of tti dty. 
In wUdi ease, wlqr tbe HeU 
do we need a BH^r, dty 
lire a ^betwA Mp, taaya, 

aod^ wbra you^ gM back, cmw 

ilog'throBilli ^ nad anddtist* 

with the nhttves. 

Yoort tndjr, 


PJB. Use a dty ear, as the 

vdMeis will be out of line when 

you leave. 


To Uw Editor: 

Maw, romantic pleasureland, 
miles and miles of goldepsaul; 
sportsman's paradise, ifs 
grand. Happiness, Virgiflla 

Wond^rfid historic shrine; Sp 
saleas, dogwood trees, wood- 
bine; State Park's nature trails, 
divine; HaiiAneas, Virginia 

Back Bay is f(n' fishermen, 
Carmlands to eqdore, modem 
motels everywhere, restan- 

Snrf and sand and i^owing 
' son,^ fidilng pier wben swim- 
mii«'s <lime. Water skiing's so 
bueh fun; Happiness: Virginia 
BsMh, t 
Jane W. Martin 


To the Editor: 

Thank you tor showing us 
around Radio Statton WVAB and 
flw Virdnia Beach Sun. It was 
nice of ]N>tt to let one of our 
Girl Seoute talk over ttie radio. 

Thaidt you for diowingus how 
to m^ f newspaper. 
Sincerely yours. 
Girl Scout Troop 276 

Vice Pr-ddart Spiro T. Apewr^,?!^^'^^^ 

panel of govemmwt ^^"X^J^V^m^ 
so that any prejudices they may have oowa w wwnpi* « «» 

■^SitfteteSte; with two television comia«Atf«ri it 
rS^ £ vt^^fJiSfuiA oat newsmen en seted 

tor ttTmot part, the ^^S/t1^i:S>S^ 
and major «'m»V^^»^'^^tffJ?^^ S^^ 
mualty sees nothing w*nt *»* **!. »2JS?' te « SSb 
and potato ©rt ttat 'ifireedom of the press is one of the 

tounflations of 6ur system. . ^ 

TTie c««rv.tive '^^P^l^f^^^^l^.S^ 
dauer. They- seem to feel ttw a '"'^^ ^^^!^ *lrSr 

"irSe the vS President is no <5««ja^SS1.2t 
file Dodtion of the me<fla in our democratic »fWf. Jw* m 
£ rXs of the "ledU are no dcwj* o»^«^ Oe 
nodtion of the Vice Preddent in our democratie fljtem, Ma 
Oougtt of "wamlnMil" «w commentetors might open a 
Pandoras Box best Wt closed. ^^ ^ ^_i _. 

TSdTanyona wlU concede fiid Ms^ ^^Z^Z 
government tends to earrraiiy jwigBijn^ tojnwUW tor 
ends. M given tliBsllgbte8tm«HPiit«lUnm wild in aU diredioos. 

If M to Vice Pwddeat mweated, a pand of fovarnment 
officials were aathortied to ."examine" aww"?!* ."g "» 
imioced tedt could grow and p»jn«"Ji* 'SfS "S^^SZ 
bureaucratio dghtmares. Big Brother Just doasnt know when 

TbMt who would Uke to see our news medU "more res- 
pondble" or "less biassed", as they >"» towJ^^ooWbe 
deased d firat. To have some of our leadinggetal com- 
mentetors and reporters before a panel of ofttdds would 
dettght some. TUa would no dod>t turn up any nwiDtoar of well 
known people as bdng prejudiced. Once thte was aoeomplished, 
in the name of fdness they wodd have to seek out and brand 
some as bdngttassed towards conservative idea. — 

Then they would have to brandiodandlnclnde other members 
of the media. By this tUhe they would want to sd n» a new 
departmed to handle fids growing effort. This would start 
file mad scraifll>le for more employees, more space, more 
money, more authority and so on and on. ^ 

The next step would be to indnde everyone inliie country.^ 
We would aU bavt to be "examined" by BigOralha^ to have 
our prejodloea brought to flie attedloD of everyone else. 

When thte was the 'law of file land,' the next step oouU br 
to have dl ttie findtegs of such putls a mdter of pddic record. 
No use in diggti* iq> aU fiiose pnjudiees If everyone couldn't 
know about Aim. Mo dod)t fi»y would wind vhvringsome 
typical gove Ament dp language or code to oddenie ttl finfii^lr'^ 
Thte Mde coold fiien be printed on a metd or plasttc ptete, 
like file name, rank and snrial number of those in file military 
servioe. Thte codd be worn aromd the neck. 

When anyone wanted to express fiMDselves they migbt be 
required to hold up ttidr prejudiee plate f6r all to aee. In fiid 
way« everyone tt«t might be ttstadi« would be abte toeheck 
to be sure whd hang-ups file speaker hid. 

Of course, if fiite maridng or prejodloea wed nr enough 
it would have to indnde op glorioos pdltidans. Now fiat ndi^t 
be a good idea! Tobe hfloest, I eaa'tsee our newt medU being 
Vfl^^p^^fa^Tcm to ^f?^ jsfl«|tr3f^ spme of w pdittcd ^ 

CoiM to' ttbfli ibod 1^, %^«eiiive a tiial program md «e 
01^ fldokin Washington ac gdnsa pigs. I «9«€t Vm vodd bin 
more prejodloea per stnare inch ttian our newamedte peofIS 
will ever have. 

It sura woohl be teteresting reading if all theUas,pre- 
Judioes, bate, bigotry and down riibt nttMynesa of our elected 
(and appoidetO would be a probtem 
for some ^ carrying aromd a plate large anomlitoltet 
ttwir major prejudices. In faet nd waof of us wodd look 
good walking aromd carrying a lid of our prejodloea. We dl 
live in i^tua houses so be carefd with castiag stones. 

Pantsuits Win Favor 

You Say 
You'd Uke 
A PUtwre? 

B's ea^ to nt as na^ 
eopiai asywwoddlflndaqr 
pfctnre taken by SUM pbdo- 

CUp Iht pletare ed d the 
paper wtth the date it as^lBred 
nod it akng wn ymr 


Pboio Dq»rtmMt, 



TlnHr fii^ Va. SS481 

Yoa wU nedvt tee fld^ 
gteasy r' X 10" 
tvoWHiibf amO, 

•m dwie Is H lor tee 

flrd prtet and 11 lor each 
addttloMl priat After four 
weda, Iht ^nt wfll U $4. 
Pleaw iDdade fk wiku (ax. 

l%e questton last wedc 
"Shodd tea^rs and /or 
studente be allowed to wear 
panto sdte to file dassroom?" 
reedved modest nsfoan, bd 
tt was all unadmously to fnror 
of file pads sdts. 

One reader stated: "If 
roodec^ te a factor, pads sdte 
are surely bdterttian mid'a." 
A pdd well made. 

The response Indicated a de- 
fldte hesltatton on ttie partof 
teadiers to express ttidr views 
on the sdijed. Not one question- 
naire was dgned, wUdite on- 
usual. And very Hew of (he 
envelopes bore return 
ad d re aaea. 

Ctae letter expressed a 
teacher's wife's views but she 
aaked spedfically fiat her name 
not be used for tear of caudng 
troiMa for her hudmad. The 
tetter te dgned, however, and 
'though we eamd prld it wifii- 
od a name in file Letters to 
file Editor, we will uae exerpte 
here: Tbe writer is heraelf a 
former teacher and she expteins 
file awkwardnaar in benttng to 
ratrieve an eraser orstretcUng 
to reach fiie top of fiie chalk- 
board te teiAioodile tengtti 
ddrte. "Padaoite are practt- 
eaJ, attraefive, femidne and 
oomfortaUe. Tbdr use would 

dteviate ttie aforemedioned 
uncomfiartebte dlittfi<»s." ' 

She also points oiA fiid 
nursea, aeerdariea and re- 
tailers wear fitem and "It te 
hoped ttnt oor local sdiool ad- 
midstratora are ampafiwtte 
and aacnre enoogh to allow 
soma elastldty in file dress 

llM rsMter laakis o^e find, 
and very valid, pdd: "Pad- 
adto are Mgh fu/Uoa wbA ara 
appropriate for almost a? 
dtuatton, from a trip to Uie 
grocery store to a Joomay to 
file PrMddenfial longonlBdl. 
Pai^dte are hi^ teUon. 
Stodm and sweaters are not." 
And aha dates flMtsbebeUeves 
fint loeal taadiars are mature 
enoui^ and profasdtmal enooi^ 
nd to abuse ttie privilege of 

To ttttt reader we say fianks 
for an cxcellmtf letter. 

School Soperidended E.E. 
Bridmlldqpstsd to City Coun- 
cil firis wad[ ttiat tend de- 
velopers be reqdred to donate 
cash tar ttie ocmstroetton of 
oomnmdty sdioob, rattier flian 
file api^xiprlattaii d pn^rty 
wUdi ttM dty nmst purchase 
d raw tend rates. 

The Tidewater Home 
BoUdars <vpose ttiis re- 


QUESTION: Should City Coun- 
cil Impose stricter financial 
responsibility on lond develo- 
pers In providing schools In 
planned residential commu- 

Ytsr ca«»atts as4 slfaM lifltri wwH ba 
ap prailsldl aba. 

risn jion 

Clip ni retsra tttVINMIA NACI SM, 
Ni W , Viriliii laMk, li. iS4Sf 


Thuridtty, HofifntMr 19. 19T0 


Virginia Beach Sun, 




Institute U greatest' 

^■■■■■■■■■■■■■•M By Les Lehigh ■■■■■i i i j tt M t 

Officer Scarborough captures the attention of Beach Jr. High students in the opening 
session of "Safe Boating" training course. 

Boating Course Is a 'First' 

Last Friday witnessed the 
begtnninK of a course of tnstruc- 
tlcm in safe boat operatioas for 
stadwts of Virginia Beach Ju- 
nior High School. 

The course is being conducted 
by poIlceS|^.F.R. Scarborough, 
who during the summer months 
Is Inched to tint police marine 
unit working Qirouglwutttievar- ' 
lous bodies of water 4n and a- 
round the resort dty. 

Scarborou^ said the prime 
faetmr behind the course Is to 
acquaint young people (tf the dty 

Local Men 
^ack Tubs. 

A number of Virginia Beach 
servicemen are scheduled to 
return to the United States 
Tuesday after a 6-m«ith tour 
of duty in the Mediterranean 
idboard the destroyer tender 
USS Sehnandoah. 

They are: CPW J.T. %c 
Cut^eon, husband of ttie former 
lOss Doris V. Harden; Senior 
Cim Joieph jC. JUdEldge^ bus^ 
band of the former Mii^s ylvan 
A. Priest of MacDonaRi Road; 
CPW Charles H. SUyton, 3968 
Chester St.; CPW Daniel H. 
Ringer, husband of the former 
Miss June Zeger of Umplight 
4ja€}j P03/C Larry E. Dowdy, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. 
Dowdy, 809 S. Sunland Drive; 
and PC 1/C Daniel L. Graham, 
son <A Mr. and Mrs. Daniel 
L. Graham and husband of Mrs. 
Wanda L. Graham, all of 1525 
Haekensadc Road. 

Navy officials say two fliers 
fttadied to Fighter Squadron 
101 at Oceana Naval Air Sta- 
tion perished Tuesday afternoon 
during an exercise some 35 
miles east of the Virginia 

The men were identified as 
Lt. (l.g.) John D. O'Connor, 
24, pilot, and U. (J.g.) Thomas 
F. Hanagan, 23, radar inter- 
cept officer. 

Au^oriUes said the men's 

wlOi basic Amdamentals in ufe 
boat q;»ratlon as a result of 
the increased number of young 
people taUag to the waterways 
each year in boats of various 

Classes are being conducted 
each Friday during the cne hour 
period normally devoted to 
"study hall" t^ the studentis. 
Attendance in the course is 
strictly on a volimtary basis. 
However, the course is con- 
ducted on the same principle 
as any other subject offered 
in the sdiool curriculum. In 
additloo to the classroom in- 
struction students have a cer- 
' tain amount of "homework" 
whldr must be completed in 
order to obtain the knowledge 
required to complete the 
course. At the end of six weeks 
of instrudlon students will be 
given an examination on the 
lesson material and Qiose who 
. receive a passing grade will 
I be awarded a certificate. 
i During the course students 
are fiimished ani Illustrated 
manual compiled by Scar 

lifting and operation of boats, 
proper equipment for extin- 
guishing of fires on board boats, 
CamiliariziUion with naviga- 
tional aids and bouys, precau- 
tions to be taken when fueling 
a boat, basic seamanship, train- 
ing in recognizing we^r 

Plan Ahead 
For Trips 

Planning Thanksgiving trips 
will be the order of the day 
for many families the next few 
days, prq^npting Chief of Po- 
Uce Col. W. W. Davis to re- 
mind 4rivers ofAieitjresponir 
blllties in holiday traffic. 

"Figure' out a sensible sche- 
dule, and stidc with It," Chief 
Davis suggested. "Avoid peak 
traffic loads and make frequent 
rest stops for both driver and 

While you can't predict the 
weather, it's a good idea, he 
added, to l)e ready to call off 
your trip if a winter storm 

which would affect mariners and 
[procedures to be followed in 
any emergency aboard a boat 
or on the waterways. 

A basic first aid course is 
also Included in the training. 

In discussing ttie future of 
this iMToject Scarborough admits 
the course underway at Virginia 
Beach Junior HighSchoollsJust 
a beginning with hopes of such 
training lieing implemented on 
a wider scale throughout the 
Vlr^nia Beach public school 

Last Friday marked the com 
pletion of course d spedaliced 
training for 12 Virginia Beach 
police officers at the State Po- 
lice Headquarters in Richmond 
The men graduated from the 
"Instructors Training Course" 
sponsored by the Virginia Uw 
Enforcement OfiUcers Training 
Standards Commission, quali- 
fying them as instructors inttie 
training of new police officers 
required to attend in-service 
training programs. Those who 
completed the course include 
Lt.'s B.L. Rogers and C.R. 
Weast; Sgt.'s F.R. Scarborougit, 
E.F. Butzy, D.G. McCloud, M. 
E. Beane, K.A. Belangla, C.E. 
Carlson, Sr., E.L. Jackson and 
R.L. Robbins; and Juvenile Di- 
vision Det.'s J.E. Haslinger 
and L.A. Ives. 

Our first "tale of woe" of 
the current hunting seasons 
comes to use from Capt. W.J. 
Moore, Jr., 2nd Police Pre- 
dnct CO. Capt. Moore tells 
us last Saturday'sopening 
day of duck hunting in 
the BackBay regioolsooe 
that he will l<fflg remember. 
Moore says that despite minor 
dlfflcuUties with his "blind", 
continuing trouble with his out- 
board boat (which Incldently he 
had Just retreived after its 
being stolen a few days before 
the opening day of the season), 
and \x^yivig to wade through 
marshes deeper than his hun- 
ting boots resulting in a com- 
plete soaking of his legs and 
feet, that he still managed to 
"bag his limit" for ti»e ds^. 
Four more names were added 
to the duty roster of the Vir- 
ginia Beach police department 
this week. Jlmmle L. Cox is 
performing regular duty fol- 
lowing his assignment to the 
3rd Police Precinct on com- 
pletion of training in the Tlde- 

water Police Academy at Old 
Dominion University. Erasmo 
Rlojas, William A. Nlel8<» and 
Steven E. Tlwnqison have as- 
sumed duties of police dis- 
patdiers. Thomps<m is working 
in the Commuideatlons Center 
at police headquarters, Nlelsm 
has been assigned to the 1st 
Police Prednd, while Riolas 
is attached to the 2ad Police 
Prednct. Nielson becomes tc» 
first dispatcher to be assigned 
to file 1st Police Precinct. 

Mrs. Gin^r Ue, "Girl Fri- 
day" in the dty's Fire Pre- 
vention Bureau, tells us her 
efforts to "Wck the habit" have 
turned into a war of endurance. 
Ginger tells us she liasn't 
smoked a dgarette in nearly 
two weeks and is so convinced 
she will never again that she 
has given away all her Ughters 
and fftvorite ashtrays. She says 
^e campaign is not an easy 
one, however, in that she thinks 
her nerves are "about shot", 
she has lost count of the packs 
of gum she has chewed, and 
that she has consumed untold 
tons of food (describing her 
Increased appetite as causing 
her to "eat everything In the 
house which doesn't eat me"). 
The only regret she has voiced 
thus far Is that she believes 
she will have to turn to diet 
pills to lose wel^t after her 
current battle with the "nlc- 
oUne fit". 

"Were It left tometodedde 
whether we should have gov- 
ernment without newspapers 
or newspapers without gov- 
ernment, 1 should not hesitate 
for a moment to prefer the 
latter. But I should mean 
that every man should receive 
those papers and be capable of 
reading them. -Thomas Jeffer- 

U. AUNd E. Smitli, foUowiflff 
his grMhn^oo from the Sou- 
them PoUee Institnto last Fri- 
day highly, praised tte Insti- 
tute by sayinJEi "For %mms. 
visory offloer it's the grettest 
course ever otfwed in Uilt 
country for advanced poUoe 

Lt. Smith, atta(^ to the Vir- 
ginia Beadi 3rd Police Pre- 
dnet, completed 330 hours dt 
dsMroom Instruction duriag 
the Instltde's 12-wed( term on 
subjeds sudi as police admin- 
istr^on, police personnel ma^ 
nagement, constitutional law. 
evidence )y;td criminal proce- 
dure and psychology for lav 
enforcement persmmel. 

When asked what phase of 
training attracted most of his 
attention, Smith repUed, "I 
think constttuUraal law and pro- 

Arrest May 
Set Record 

Members of the Virginia 
Beach police Narcotics Squad 
arrested a man last Friday 
ni^t for a violatton of drug 
abuse laws whidi could posfibly 
establish a record in the history 
of State drug related arrests. 

Offidals say they charged 70- 
year -oU Roosevelt Womach 
with possession of marijuua 
with the intent to sell, wUeh 
under present law constitutes a 

According to investigatiors 
Womack was arrested shortly 
hfter midnight when 4>- 
proxlmately two pounds of 
marijuana was discovered inUs 
home in the 1400 block of Vir- 
ginia Beach Blvd. 

Dates of court proceedings 
on the charges are pending at 
Qie present time. 

i.t. A.E. Smith 

bably poliee persooitel nattafs- 
nent were the twa oottriaf 
which will be si tniunOxm 
benefit to adniitfstrattv* olB- 


Id dlae«Mli«obJecttns of a» 
Institute Smltli said ta Mt "ti» 
main thtng tlwy waalad oa to 
recognise was that paUoa work 
has chaqied and wmf ^^ 
old ideaa are outdated.*' • 

When rtfltettBf ovtrwhitflte 
Institute meant to Urn SuHh 
said of beinf abte to atlMS 
the school "Ifs ao op|»irte- 
nity the poUoe departmesl pp» 
me that very km poUaaan 
ever get, and I hiqw that flaort 
offioera wiU have this diaooa 
in the future." 

This malted Ihe 44tMiM 
to graduate from ttie Soattm 
PoUoe Inatitate conduetod by 
the University of LodavOla, 
at Louisville, Ky. 

In the lostitiite's 20 yaart 
of operatton 714 poUoa distrt- 
mente from 46atatea. ttw HLf. 
Army, the U.S. Stete Dafart- 
ment aad tt loreiei eoUDttrlaa 
have trained Uv enfbrcaMMt 
offleera in ita programs. 

Graduatea of the S.PJ. la- 
dude 168 cUeCB of poUea uA 
88 aasiatant chiefa. 





borough ^<*outUnes reaPitefd,/>rea|9nSe,,;TJW^^ tjipa,. 

procedures t^:&'followaai/oif!.Q««D j?fllD^ ^»*Ui pur first . 

severe wether. 

Another we^^toavoidatitouni: 
blesome trip is to have your 
car's safety equipment checked 
before-hand by a competent me- 
chanic, according to the chief 
and the International Assoda- 
tion of Chiefs of Police. 

Lif^te, tires, brakes, defro- 
ster, windshield wipers and wa- 
sher, and engine performance 
must all be In top condition, 
they warn. 

safety In the deration of boate 
and witef Udlng. 

The manual pdnts out that 
"safe boating begins by drying 
laws" and outlines the laws 
whldi are enforced for safety 
on the many miles of water- 
ways throughout Virginia 

A number d pointe irtiidiare 
covered in the safe boating 
course indude the proper steps 
for the registration of boats, 
equipment necessary for. proper 

John Wharton Weaver, 80, 
441 Chesopeian Trail. 

Mrs. Pauline Crowder 
Brooks, 43, 261 S. Plaza Trail. 

Mrs. Effle Hamil Sawyer, 64. 
5216 Carolanne Drive. 

Mrs. Rachel Key, 42, 1919 
Washl^lton Ave. 

Jamea Sidney Skipper, 65, 
1309 Baltic Ave* 

Mrs. MoUy Moore HiU, 48, 
528 CaiAerbury Road. 

Mrs. JttUa Hunt law, 77, 
1457 Woodhouse Road/ 

Inffent Maria Lee Johnson, 
229 Holland Drive. 

Thomas B. Brady, 53, 332 
EastpMl Road. 

Jesse B. Smith, 49, 5018 Prin- 
oeM Anne Road. 

Melvin Roman Jads, 50, 
Mayflower Apartments. 

Mrs. Jane DavU George, 82, 
4955 Athens Blvd. 

Reid Claibcaii Black, 66, 
24S0 Seaview Ave. 

i. Lora1%rry,ll»Bea«tl- 


Phantom n jet plunged into tlie 
Atlantic Ocean momente after 
being launched from the air- 
craft "Carrier USS Forrestal 
while they were engaged in 
carrier qualification exercises. 

Offidals said Hanagan'sbody 
was recovered shortly after ttie 
acddent, however a search was 
still underway Wednesday 
mordng for O'Connor's body. 

Hanagan is survived by his 
wife Carole, who resides in ttie 
1400 block of Reynard Cres- 
cent. O'Connor's wife linda 
resides in the 3600 block of 
Virginia Beach Blvd. 

A Navy board of Inquiry Is 
conducting an Investigation to 
determine the cause of the 

""''"— -""-Mjropouts 

^■.■^TT^sm' ~j- 




' Il'\' 




aiii r 

• Mi 

::tA -,^'iAJii^ - ...-«!< i" 1^ 

Wayne Turner is a member of the Sales DepartAient of 

Vepco Gas at Virginia Beach. His work is advisory in nature, — 

since he consults v\rith users on the most efficient '__ -- — 

employment of gas. '^ '■ -■'' ' 

That is a different kind of selling than is commonly understood 
by that word. It is selling-through-service. __ 




A report on Virglda Hi^ 
School Dropoute recently re- 
leased by the State Department 
of Education stetes that ttie 
Virginia Beach City Schools had 
the lowest percentage of drop- 
outs of area school divisi(ms 
for the 1969-1970 school year. 

The overall state percentage 
of dropouts out of 389,142 stu- 
dents in gradM elg^t through 
twelve was 4.6 percent. The 
statewide dty dropout rate was 
5.2 percent aiMl the statewide 
county dropout rate was 4.2 

Virginia Beadi had a 1969- 
1970 dropout rate of 3.9 percent 
In grades eight through twelve. 

Service is a characteristic of Wayne's. We found that Wayne 
is a regular donor to the Red Cross blood bank, - •■ .^ 

That is truly giving of one's self. 

It is an attitude that we at Vepco Gas try to encourage, 
for giving is its own reward. 

Dedicated to Public Serv/ce . . . V6pC00g8S 

fCdXaHt ' catcyH 

( • "♦ » • 



do dieir Imwance liMMwerk" to 

Tbb i^^BHHaie appreo^ to yoM- 
Ida b port of the podtogo ww eaU^ 
Sofvieeb Why net tert M wen? 


Oils Eveiythlng 


3111 Ncmc kit 





Virginia BmcH Sun 

Thursday, NovtCT^r19> 1970 

CUltUTB (conliatwd from {Mge 4} 

Virginia Wesleyan student Bruce Snyder 
tmes in costume for his role in^^OhWhat 
ai.ovely War." 

VW Presents *0h 
What A Lovely War' 

Fifteen ietors pUjr 87 dar- 
aeters in tte Virginia Western 
Cdlkgt Ttetfer's produetioDof 
^K^^iTlat A Lovely War" iriddi 
vlti-dHittiiut in tbe ooUege 
dtli^ hall UkA^ tbroagh 
Sam^ at 8:30 

H« Ridr Hlte, assistant pro- 
f^Bor of drama at Vlrgiitfa 
Wealeyin» is directing tlieijlay. 
EUabetli A. Startup, a Junior 
tram Wasidi^toa, D.C., is ttie 
asfllsta^ tfrectw for tills pro- 
dseto of tbe World War I 
BMiteal satire. Mrs. Susan 
Stimoa, part-time instructor in 
plijFSieal education, is ttie 
choreogrmiier. Music is being 
provided ifjf L. Anderson Orr, 
am^XBk i^esMr ot EngU^ 
«!MK Rgy Pc WWte, a sopho- 
more from McLean, Virginia, 
tnmipet and drums, and llioiito ajr • 
Amoreno, Virginia Beach, Vir- lfMQVt>^ 

Memlwrs of tbe cast include fg% ffg^Jn V 
8iiidiUR.Beraer,Trladelpbia,«'«' '**t?C// ^ 

W. Va.; Catberine E. Black- 

bom, Demarest, N.J.; Chris- 
tine L. Brudzinski, Springfield; 
Vincent G. Coanery, McLean; 
Michael D. DeHaven, Spring- 
field, Pa.; James P. Fit^- 
trick, Westfleld, N.J.; Gary L. 
GiUas, Onancodc; Barbara W. 
Greene, ViriJnia Beach; Mrs. 
Winaett W. Hagens, Virginia 
Beaeb; , Tempie J. Kessler, 
Chesapeake; Keith W. Mallow, 
meksviUe, N.Y.; Marc L. 
Paster, Norfolk; Michael L. 
Ritcer, Lorton; J(M A. San- 
tolo, Morristown, N.J., mi 
Bruce C. Snyder, Alexandria. 

Hie piMlc is invited. There 
will be a duurge of $1.00 for 
admission for all pecqde not 
c(»nected with Virginia Wes- 

Breakfast Club 
Meets Friday 

TBI Prayer Breakfast, CUb, 
foivcM last DMMitti and open to 
Hepifettc, will meet tomorrow, 
Friday, nxHrning at 8:1$ in 
imrn Hall of GaUUee Episco- 
pal thmrch, 40th and Padfle. 

lUiv. H. U Camper is heading 
(he group wMdt hokls an 
ecuflwnical fellowshli bre^- 
fii^, Dutch, and ^n bi iks fbr 

Special showings of 
"Scrooge", the first musical 
version of Dickens' Christmas 
Carpi, are being sponsored as 
a ThimlsgivUig vacation evrat 
by tbe Vlrgijiia Beach Branch 
of the YWCA. Hie performance 
win be held at the Princess 
Theatre, Virginia Beach Blvd. 
and at tbe Garden.Theatre, 1760 
Utile Creek Road. Both have 
been scheduled for Friday, Nov. 
27 at 10:30 a.m. 

Tickets which have been 
priced at $1.50 for all ages 
may be obtained Monday through 
Friday 9 to 5 p.m. at the fol- 
lowing locations: Virginia 
Beach Branch, YWCA (rear of 
Princess Theatre) 3177 Vlr- 
^nia Beach Boulevard and in 
Norfolk at the YWCA, 253 W. 
Freemason Street and tbe Phyl- 
lis Wheatley Branch, 927 Park 

All proceeds will go to 
YWCA projects. 

the Powhatan iwtion. They re- 

So Powhatan seol Us warring 
parties <k>wn to Ull the men 
and spread the women and dill- 
dren throui^ut the villages 
within the Powh^aflNati(m.And 
thus ended a culture ttiat had 
been in exlstanoe for over 1,000 

Painter said that the cause 
of the massacre might have 
been a proidiecy from his me- 
dicine men and prophets of the 
time that a great nation would 
rise ftrom tbe East and des- 
troy tbe Powluitan Nation. "Re 
may have been right irbeliev- 
iDg it, but the natlcn may not 
have b^n the Indians Iwtt tbe 
Englishmen or the Spanish," 
Painter said. 

Hie area had already been 
mai^ and several^tes named 
by the time Englishmen became 
entrenched in Jamestown and 
Williamsburg, Painter sM, 

Virginia Dare's grandfather, 
John White, made mqjs and 
water colors of the area and 
listed the Lynnhaven as a river, 
along with two villages of In- 
dians, one at what is now Lake 
Joyce called Apasus and tbe 
other at Witcbduck Point called 

These, he said, were the- 
first two nu^iped tribes in the 
area, but the maps didn't show 
any villages around Creat Neck, 
even thougti the Chesapeake In- ^ 
dian culture was concentrated 
in that area. 

Painter said that Adam llio- 
rou0food was really tte man 
who should be credited with 
naming the Lynnhaven River. 

Tborou^good was said to 
have called the body of water 
after tbe English river Lynn 
and the interior waterways 
"haven", thus the river's name. 
' Similarly, tbe Chesapeake 
Bay is named after the Indian 
culture now being researched 
and explored. 

Painter said the indication 
that tlw culture moved north 
from Florida is due to the type 
of tool found at the site. "They 
used conch shells for tools. 
In fact, they made micro-tools 
out of the shells. These jieoplt 
were fantastically delicate 
about tbeir work" and were 

Using tbe small shell tools. 
Painter said the people could 
flake off ^s mall pieces of stone 
only one-j|ixteenth of an Inch 
thick and a half inch long. "They 
were a unique people as far 
as North Carolina and Viq^nia 
are concerned, and nuiybe ^t's 
why Powhatan didn't trust 
them." ), 

"They 'trere an alien and 
exotic group living here sur- 
rounded by other cultures," 
he said. "They\ere different 
and there was no trust." 

Painter said other flnds^ at 
the site include clay and stone 
pipes with geometric design 
that are repeated in other finds. 
These designs, he said, may 
have had some religious or ma- 
gical meaning to the people. 

Tbe design is a series of 
three or four concentric rec- 
tangles or squares carved into 
the work before it was glazed, 
whldi also indicates that tbe 
trU^ were advanced. "Inter- 




ri, flMN cemiert It buM-in to 


, iMetai diMiMfl hM to tte 
umtm at ■•« Ami end tMs 

IIWMHI P^p nK mMl HI I raw 
ftmm, iNIM. WW 1^ jHI IIWIN 

iionnoAf lod YORK Ah Cdimw ow* 
h«. CM to- 
«r tw a fine 
NMimi eeU- 

infer tJlll 



D«4ivered l^ui^y Equipped In Norfolk 

00 $ 




-ed Credit) 

1Vittc«A# Jmnc 


ToMl prin $IS4V. $09 4e«m. SIMM to Knenc*. M 
i h>i h W|! pe yiwi H ot SSt, finaiK* chorgtt S324, total 
at cMirwi S2I34. oMiwal p t w wtoy rot* I I.OS%. 

Munifmit uMH IB at mwiiunii m mnmm 
ow&ntt umb mmam tm m mum man 
mtm: • t^m matm* »pn m m mi mi *m 

' ~ " ' rt« Hk • Mri l|« MMl qua 


f immmmmnmim in ■wmi 

I* ttMaoHklatop MM* • Itaito toi HMr 

• kM* MMii «*■ • Mr iiw •litor iM • 4 




telww Mm* We iMt ff iosier f • f«r 
fke r«plfatfe^iNiM^m 


wtli^^y enough ttie savage peo- 
ple ttirott^ul tbe vorM are 
artistic that way." 

Pal^r said ttet tte ^oup, 
despite their dettoii^, wasn't 
the flowerchlld nation of the 
1600's. "They had to be war- 
lite or they couldn't survive." 

But all of this may be lost 
once again. A 1(^ of the site 
has been (itestroyed ttirough ttie 
eroSion (rf tbe western tip of 
the area and the develc^ment 
of the area that surrounds the 
site. Painter said. 

"I guess we'll Just have to 
terminate the explor^ion and 
learn no further a^ut it," he 


(continued ftrom page 1) 
will be necessary," be said. 

J.C.. Arcid)ell, an oysterman 
who holds a state l^uie to 
about 65 acres in tbe Eastern 
Brandi, refused oommeitf on ttie 
subject and would not disclose 
why he was q^xned to the 

"If you want to talk with me 
about this you'll Inve to make 
an ai^intment that will fit in- 
to j^ur schedule as well as 
, mine,*' Ardibell said in a tele- 
* phone interview. 

But Ervin B. Klii», who holds 
tile lease to about 15 acres in 
the branch, said he was waiting 
to see wiiat the oystermen on 
either side of his leased acre- 
age would do before he made 
a decision. 

"It's simply that the neigh- 
bors on either side of me don't 
want to make any concessicms 
to the dty," he said. 

However, Kline said it 
seemed to him that toe dredging 
of the branch would be helpful 
and beneficial to all the parties. 

Althouf^ no specific figures 
have been discussed for pur- 
chase of the leases, Fleming 
said it mi^t cost as much as 
$1 million to purchase the beds 
in toe proposed channel. 

Plan Shoot 

Bayside Christian Church- 
men's Fellowship will hold a 
tarhey shoot November 28 md 
December 5 from 9 a.m. to 
5 p.m. 

The events will be held on 
Shore IMve oi^iosltc; toe S^re 
I^ive-Ia Theatre and menibers 
of the group, as well as the 
public, are Invited to partici- 

The Churchmen's Fellowship 
Supper was held Thursday wito 
Dr. Clarence Holland, Bayside 
Coundltoan, as guest spealnr. 
He discussed tbe forthcoming 
school iwnd referendum and 
held a lengthy guestiqi;, and 
answer period. • ^" 

About 60'pers(His attended toe 
dinner which was prepared by 
Mrs. Bev Mlddteton, Mrs. 
Charles Martinette and Mrs. 
Dean Hayes. Among the gueste 
were Delegate Bev Middleton 
and City Clerk Richard Webbon. 

Bagpipes Sound 

The very special sound of toe 
bagpipe has a work exclusively 
its own — skirl. 

The autoentic «klrl of bag- 
pipes, sounding Just as tbey 
sound over tbe Higlilands of 
Scotland, will be seen and heard 
at 8 p.m. Monday, to tbe 
Hampton Roads Coliasum. 

Tickete are oa sale at $6, $5, 
$4, and $3 wito $1 off for all 
youngsters under 16 years of 


Altbou^ Sdiool Supt. E.E. 
BrldnU said TuMday that a 
cash settlemrat for a school 
site is for "Ms particular 
itftutatlM and no other," ap- 
pareoOy toe lldewater A^o- 
datlM oi Home Builders feel 

Hife ai^eeroert, approval by 
the St^boiA Beard wito om dls- 
^Msg v<te, is for cash to 
provide a sdiool site for chil- 
dren In tte Green Lates Com- 
munis plMted by J.D.C.and 
C. K. Rockefeller, since no 
suitable setetd itte Is available 
In, their 1^ to»5 of land. 
The Rodcefeller's have also 
signed, but not in ite final 

David A. Howard, president 
of tte Tide^er Assodation 
of Home Bdklers, said that 
"aiqrbody is free to make ar- 
rangemento wito tte Sdiool 
Board. Ite Assodatlon is oaa- 
cemed toat it stould not te- 
cpme preMdfcnt. 
^"I would like to pdnt out 
toat ttere Is a grot differ- 
ence in providing cash out of 
our podcet and selling land at 
raw land cost. By tte time toe 
land is needed for a sctool, 
tte cost would te less than 
ttet of market value today. 
The develqier giv^ up unre- 
alised profit in land, but it's 
easier to do than to lay out 
cash. Our biggest problem to- 
day Is cash. This to a busi- 
nejBS toat requires large a- 
moui^ of cash at toe initial 

"Ite (Mdal position of tte 
Assodaticp is that we encour- 
age develqpers to make land 
available for sdiools and re- 
creation, irtiidi we reo^se 
as well as aiqrtedy to needed, 
on a mutually agreeable basto 
wito tte monldpalauttorltles." 

Tte amount of cash In tte 
Rockefeller agreement was 
reached by a sonwiidiat com- 
plicated formula and may total 
some $170-175,000. This for- 
mula mnltipUes tte- number of 
diildren eqwded to occupy tte 
various typies of housing in toe 
develqHneot by tte raw land 
cost. Tte numter of children 
to determiiMd by asurv^ made 
of different types of bousing 
throu^^t tte dty last spring 
For an elementary school of 
900 studeote, 15 acres of land, 
or .0167 acre per diiltf is re- 
quired. For a hi^ school of 
60 acr«i for 2,400 studente. 
It to .025 per child. Tte as* 
sessment per dwelling varies 
according to tte type of dwel- 
ling and numter of children 

For Instance, a single family 
dwelling wito toe average as- 
sessed value of land at $7,000 
per acre would come out to 
$133.70, while a one bedroom 
apartment would be $5.60. 

However, tte cash paynwnt 
would te made over a period 
of time as building permlte for 
various sections of toe develop- 
ment are jUPpUed for. Wrlttoi 
In Is a 10% increase in land 
cost per year. 

Said BrickeU, "We caimot 
compel ai^ developer to give 
us land, sell us land or give 
us money to buy land., Let's 
lace It. What we've got tere 
to a friendly agreement. If we 
relieve item (develqiwrs) of 
tte school site requirement, we 
still teve to provide a school 
site and a sdiool for toe diil- 
dren who will be livtog in tte 
devel(q[>ment." ' 

Tte j:equlrement that 20% of 
toe land In devel(q|)mento must 
te reserved for pid>llc use was 
wrltt^i into toe newsidxiivision 
ordinance drawn t^tqrtte Plan- 

All for the sake of 
the cameras, you see! 

On a brli^ Sioday last June, 
Floyd Kellam Jr. learned tte 
n^eudog of action. In a spaa of 
less ttnn six teurs, he got 
married, had a baby and got tte 
child baptised. But all for tte 

Kellam, akn^ wito his sister 
Bedqr, toe Reverend Emory F. 
EUmore and toe chlkl of Freddy 
White stood jwtsldemBinio 
Church for aboirt two teurs 
posii^ for tte Vem Hammar- 
hind, Inc. advertising i^ncy's 
Chrysler automfi^^ campaign. 

This week tte ad tegan ap- 
peutoi^ fint to toe Novemter 
23 ls«te of U.S. News and W<»-hl 
Report. Kelton^says tte ad to to 
appear toottierinagaxinestotte 
coming m«itos, amoi^; ttem 
Lode, Ute and Esquire. 

Even hto selection must teve 
been divine. "I was fitting toere 
to churdi asA noticed two 
strangers across toe tele from 
me. In a dnurch as small as 
toat you can't telp but notice 

"After tte services, ttey 
came over and asked me If 
I'd Uke to te in an ad," Kellam 
said. '1 was surprtoed, but 
said ttet I'd te glad to do it." 

Kellam said he was to bring 
hto wife , get a teby sSoovt 
five weeks old for tte ad and 
join.toe minister and toe crew 
at toe church about 6 p.m. 
Ttet's wten tte trouble tegan. 

Kellam to not married. 

"So I called my sister and 
ste said ste'd te glad to do it. 
Then tte problem was tte 
baby," te said, whidi was later 
solved wten Freddy White in 
Pungo said te'd te gjad to let 
hto baby substitote for tte real 

But Kellam said tte instant 
marrii^ hadn't affected his 
sodal life. "I don't think it 
will hurt roe, I sure hoi» not," 
said tte new browh-halred 

Kellam said he would teve 
d(Hie toe modeling for iwthing, 
"But ttey paid us each $75," 
he said. "It was fun; I'd teve 

Is December 

Tte program for Decemter 
at tte Virpilda Beach Plane- 
tarium wlU te "Stories 
of Christmas, and the Bethte- 
I tem Star". 

Designed as a family pro- 
gram, it reviews toe history of 
a few customs of various re- 
ligious faitte. Tte star field 
of toat era is explained, and 
astronomers' conclusions about 
toe star of Bethletem are ex- 

Winter tours are: Sunday, 3 
to 4 p.m. on tte 6to, 13th, and 
20to; Tuesday, 7:30 to 8:30 
p.m. on tte 1st, 8to, 15to, 
and 22nd. Ttere will te no 
programs Sunday tte 27th or 
Tuesday tte 29to. 

If reservatt<His are particu- 
larly teavy, due to public in- 
terest to ads seasonal program, 
extra programs will te given. 
For example, if interest in- 
dlcitea, second stowlngs may 
te given Sunday 4 to 5 p.m. 
or Tuesday evening 8:30 to 
9:30 p.m. Jp 

Tte planetariuiinseate 120 
people, and is easily accessible 
from tte 44 toll road by tak- 
tog tte Lynnteven exit to Lynn- 
teven Road. 

Teleptene the main office at 


tedc d % ttediurdi. 

But/ it's dast/tM that te'U 
te reedving aqy otter calls 
from tte Chiller agency for 
tMure ads. Floyd Kellamdrives 
Ifi OUtemoUle. 

d<H!e it for 

aad waited for ««»^tw toffl» 
aatil tte sun reacted J«rt ttj 
right point to toe treestehtad ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ 

VWC Gets $5,000 

^11% of tbdr ciq^tol needs." 

In amKunHdng tte gift, Presi- 
dent Clarke said: "We are 
very pleased to teve teen a- 
wai^ tois sigpiflcad grant 
firom'toe Morpa Memorial 
Food. Ftoandng of private 
collets to a anulal issue to- 
day and irt are^ encouraged 
by toto type of tiqipMt." 


At Cox 

486-1917 for reservations. Ad- 
mission free. Children under 
a^ 12 may te refused entry 
unless accompad^l l^ a na.- 
tore person. 

yirglnU Wesleyan Coltege 
has received a grant of $5,000 
from tte Marietto M. and 
Samuel . T. Morgp^ Jr. 
MeHMrial FundaBadmintotored 
by tte First and Merdianto 

Tte announcement was made 
in a letter to Vlriginto Wesleyan 
College Presided LandMito M. 
Clarke from Jote R. Baster- 
vllle, executive vice prestdrat 
and trust offilcer for tte bank. 

Ttese funds wlU go toward 
a goal of $1,019,000 In Wes- 
leyan's airrent Phase 1 11 JDe- 
velo|Hn«it program. To dan, 
approximately $750.000 has 
teen pledged toward toat goal. 
The projecto to tote current de- 
vebq^ment effort Indude two re- 
sidence halls, completicn of 
sidence halls, completion of 
tordshtogs for tte college's 
new library and completion of 
land paymento. 

Morgan was a retired farmer. 
He and hto wife teto died In 
1965. The tN-ms of tteir will 
iiKllcated that tte income from 
toe trust fted establtohed "te 
used to such manner astodial- 
lenge tte individual responsi- 
bility of dttseoB d tte comm- 
udty in tte support of wortlqr 
religious, diarltablettid educa- 
tional institutf(»8 in tte pro- 

12 Named 

Twelve studento teve been 
named to a Student Develop- 
ment Coundl at Virglda Wes- 
leyan College. Tte announce- 
ment was made thto week by 
President Latobuto M. Clarte. 

Tte Coundl, compost of 
studento from all four classes, 
will teve ttese functions: (1) 
to express ideas and feelings 
from all studente U^tte admln^ 
totratlon and toe Board of Trus- 
tees concerdng long range de- 
velopment plandng for toe Col- 
;tege, (2) to interpret to all 
studente actions of the Board 
of Trustees concerntog long 
range plandng, and (3) to assist 
toe College's Development Of- 
fice in iderpreting tte plans 
of tte Coltege to otoer groups. 

President Clarte has indi- 
cated toat tte group wiU meet 
monthly wito toe Coltege's Di- 
redor of Developmed^and, on 
certain occasl<»s, wito toe 

memters d tte Board dTrus 

Tte Board announced tte se- 
lection of a Committee on Stu- 
dent Affair^ following ite annual 
fall meettng in Oddser. 

Those named to tte Student 
Dev^<HlHaent Coundl for tte 
1970-71 academic session are 
Vincent George Connery d Mc- 
Lean, a sedw; Chartotte Glad- 
stone Duer dExmore,asedor; 
Gary Lee GiUan of Onancodc, 
a soptemore; Patrida Ann Gill 
of VirgldaBeach, asodiomore; 

Peggie Jo KaUnosU of Virginia Hock", accompadad by tte 
Beach, a Judor; Dale Edward 1^^'^^ Michael B. McDade. 
Lyman of Charldte, N.C., a Open to people of all fdtte, 
sedor; Rdwrt AUen Perry of ^ service will te teld next 
Virglda Beach, a Judor; Susan Ttotrsday at 11 a.m. No coUec- 
Marie Ralph dVirgida Beach, ^ons of any kind are to te 
a judor; Norvell Dale Rotert- t*lK»* 
Judor Hi^ School. son of Norfolk, a freshman; "^^^^ will te ivovided for a 

A Christton Sdenee ledure 
on "spiritual breakthrougte" 
win te t^ventodgbt iBider spon- 
sorship of First Cburch of 
Christ, Sdedtot, of Virglda 

Tte speaker will te Otto 
Berteehi, C.S.B., of Zurich, 

tfitcerlafld, a prat^ttdier and 
acter of Christlairsct^ce «; 
wte to curredly on tour w a^ 
member, of tte deqw^^m^n'Ai^ 
Board d LeduresW^;C.__j 

Hto lecture here wUTtegto 
ak 8 p.m. in Fruik W. Cox 
High School, 1848 Great Neck 
Road. Admisdon to free aad_ 
open to tte pubUc, say toe spon- 

Titte at tte lecture to "Tte 
Sdedlflc Breaktormii^ In Re-__ 



cesuwB, wiia toe ^ rWlW V 

and representative gkf K HftWiitSr 

f tte Board of TruB- V* * f»l«#»fMf 


A spedal service cmThanks- 
glveng Day has teen annoimoed 
by First Churcb of Christ, ScU— 
enttot, 209 20to Street. 

Tniditioiial music for tte oc- 
casion will include hymns of 
gratitude sung by tte congre- 
gatlott. Hie sototot, Vir^a 
Opallo, will also dug Hendel's 
Aria, "He Shall Peed Hto 

Wanda Carol lliomesd Parks- P^i^^od d prayer aad for tte 
ley,a8Mii(»r;R(qrPrwtQ0Wtlte Indlvidtel egression dgrati- 
d McLean, a sq;itemore aad tu<^ ^ metoters of tte cdi- 

Jade Odell Young dCourtlaod, 
a freshman. 

JlttflHgLIygai^eatures 1:25 3:25 5;2S 7i2S 9»2S 








as usual. 

PftoeesB Kidtte Time Every Saturday 9:15 AM Ody 
tbto week "MY SDE OF THE IK)UNTAIN" color 

WM tte DIC1^@ have ttey done to SCROOGE? 


Tte First Reader, WilUam 
D. Gilliam, and Constance C. 
Crosby, tte Second Reader, wiU 
condttd tte service. All persons 
are welcome. 

Lettermen Sing 

WGH Radtto will presed The 
Lettermen at tte Huni^M Roads 
CoUseum Sunday i^ 8 P.M. 

Tidceto are oo sate d Nach- 
man's. Sear's and tte tex of- 
fice for $5, $4 and $3. 


Warto an caused by 


amadng Compopnd Wl 

Compound W» contains two 
mwitoinea widely ua^ by 
doctors in treating vlrus- 
cau^d warts. A few color- 
IMS dn>|» of Compound W, 
u^ as directed, Qsn- dia- 
soive away wai^s in Jqat 
days. No burning, 
no pain. Remmd>«r: wvto 
are cau»^ t^ ^nna»-m- 
moved by fiM-«cting C<nii- 
[K)und W. 


nuiii ii 


¥? !» ■ ■■■ 

llAlAllAHIHIlliHi I 

m r miiiimiim ' iigggMMiMiiiMipii i 




Thursday, November 19, 1970 

»«ft««^^Bfft^flP«^«¥ati«tttttmnmt ■■■■■!■■■■■■■■■■■ !■■■■■■ ■■■■■••■■■•■■■ ■■•■••■••a>«ftinn« 


kicks off 

The Capes Beach and Gap 
bana Club comUned wlQi the 
Bay Harbour Club, began Its 
new year op Nov. 1 and It 
fast approadiing the oA-att fi- 
gure of 500 members. 

The new officers for the next 
12 months are: Algy W. Ccdien, 
presidaiit; Bill (Buddy) Kane, 
vice president; Edward Bro- 
gan, secretary; Mason Gam- 
mage, treasurer. Board Mem- 
bers: Bernard Inge, Laug^y 
Land, Anthony S pi cuzz a, Ri- 
chard Davis, John B. James, 
C. T. S. Keep, Walter J. Bald- 
win, Frederick Napoitano and 
Phil Hamovtt -^ — 



The Dye triplets don't seernUo be quite as 
happy about all the fuss as their parents 

are. At least they all have healthy lungs. 

2 of trio go Home with 


jiAlthougJi triplets had been 

6ticipated since August, one 
ing the Jack Dyes hadn't ex- 
pected was to take two of them 
home from the hospital along 
itii their mother Sunday. 


Deborah and Jack Dye had 
_ ught that since the b^es 

Sire sure to be premature, 
pecial^ since Deborah is so 
petite herself (normally 115 
pounds, five feet five inches), 
ftey would be in the hospital 
r awhile. However, the babies 
ighed a total of 16 pounds 
;/4 ounce, and the identical 
twin Iwys, John Daniel and 
Thomas Wells, went home with 
tteir mother Just five days 
l^er their birth on Nov. 10. 
Their dster, Laura Elizabeth, 
the Ughtweight of the trio, will 
remain in an Isolette until she 
readies five pounds. 

"We thought we'd have at 
least a month," said Jack. "We 

thought we'd have plenty of time 
to go shopping." 

Deborah had been confined to 
iKr hwise and mostly to bed 
since X«ra3^ on Aug. 7 showed 
three babies. • 

«'We have^ some 
fi-om friends," said Deborah. 
"We really aren't organized, 
though. My feotber provided one 
layette. That's all we have." 

She added that Jack had taken 
over the housework in August 
and cooked all the dinners ftom 
then Ml. 

He more or less got even 
with her when he took a pic- 
ture of her shortly before her 
trip to the hospital. "He had 
to snap it quickly because I 
could hardly stand up more than 
45 seconds at a time," ^ 
commented of the "rotund" 

"We were really thrilled that 
they were all healthy and nor- 
mal," said Jack. 

"And we're haw)y they're 
mixed, bo^ awl a girl," added 

The CiDUple, \^o live on Ash- 
ley Drive, will celebrate their 
second wedding anniversary (» 
Jan 2. Jack, a graduate of the 
University of New Hampshire 
and a former Army captain 
who served in Vietnam, is a 
representative for Union Camp 
container division. Deborah, a 
Mlddlebury College (Vt.) gradu- 
ate, is a former airline stew- 

They said that grandparents 
and great-grandparents "all 
cried they were so hi^vy' ' about 
the birth of the triplets. 

Jack says their English gol- 
den retriever knew something 

was going on. While Deborah 
was stiU in the hospital, he 
was going around the house 
tearing up fiie rugs. 

They have a live-in baby 
nurse temporarily. "We had 
great thoughts of doing it by 
ourselves," said Drtwrat 
"Now wiUt^^m coming home 
so soon we'll have a nurse for 
several weeks. Then my mo- 
tl<er-in-law is coming." Her 
mother is unable to come be- 
cause of a broken shoulder. 

They were surprised at the 
number of offers that have come 
their way. Stork Diaper Service 
is letting them have a suivly 

(See 'Triplets' p. 8) 

Committees have l)een 
fl^l^nted covering Teen Age 
activities, swimming, tennis, 
house, entertainment, member- 
ship, beach and cabana, spe- 
cial events and finance. 

The clifl) will be open daily 
from II a.m. with the excn>- 
tlon of M(HKlays, when the dii) 
will be closed. 

The "Kick-Off' event of the 
season will be a gala "Black 
He" dinner dance on next Sa- 
turday, the 21st. Music will be 
furnished by Bob Sheppard and 
his ordiestra. ^. ,- 

Several Innovations are 
planned, such as T^en-Age 
activittes, H^ppy-Hours (« Fri- 
days, adlscoteque,Sing-a-Long 
parties. Game Nights, a "Night 
Owl" club, 03«ter roasts and 
Duplicate Bridge -(» Tue$day 

Arrangements are now being 
made by the "Special Events 
Committee" to book special 
priced group to«irs and cruises, 
both home and abroad, for the 
dub members. 

An old time Thanksgiving 
Dinner will be served. There 
will be two seatings, noon to 
3 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m. 

ri : 1 vvgii^ vviii jt be next week or next month? 

P.A. turkeys date back 

How would you l i ke td f a c e -^tam fbr 15 y«ars.^edoe8iiH 
the task of dressing some 1,700 know how fw back the turn 

turkeys between 

now and 

That's what's in store for a 
spedal at Carey's Poultry 
Farm on Indian River Road 
which features Princess Anne 
turkeys. Although R. L. Carey 
says he "doesn't know that 
Princess Anne turkeys are any 
superior to others", there are 
some differences. For one 
thing. Princess Anne turkeys 
are sold fresh and are never 
frozen. That's why special "last 
minute" dressing creys are 

"Years ago Princess Anne 
turkeys built vp a reputation 
because they were fed a lot of 
corn and didn't range around 
mudi so they stayed tender,"^ 
said Carey, who has owned fiw 

dates, but be said headstones in 
the family cemetery date back a 
hundred years. He added that an 
old farmhouse on the property 
is 80-90 years old. 

His own turkey, Inddentally, 
do not range sround mudi 
elthe% They are confined to 
turkerlunises all of their Uves 
and do not run In outside pens. 

Carey said he started idth 
Just 400 turkeys per year and 
has increased the nunlber to 
1,700.^ "We could go for more, 
but we Just haven't got time to 
fool with them. We have Just a 
few days to do everything. 

"It's hairder to seU fresh 
because people order them by 

nmighlr^ teneoBe orders^ It 
pound tvrksy, then we havt to 
give ttiem a 13 pound tnrkqr. 
UwecutthelMto hold tin 
wtlght, then tba breast maat 
qoallty Is not as lood." 

In additloo to turkeys, Corey 
has some 10,800 dddBSOS ind 
600 hop 00 Ms turn. 

Most of tte tekiys ire 
spedal ordsTi, and, as la ttie 
past, Priooett Anne iarkeys are 
popidar as business GttMmii 

The questioo, of eourae. It 
whether Carey, or any tnrkay 
firmer, canfMeatarkeydbmr 
00 ThidBHili^ iftw liidliif, 
norslnf and dautfog vf ifio* 
ttien tor fivt or ^ nooths, 
then kUUngiiiddresflncttea. 

Designer says midis are fad 


Working on spice bags for the Dec. 2 Christmas in the Country, to 
beheldatSeabreezeFarm,are leftto right, Mrs. E.Gilbert Keene, 
Mrs. J.L. Craig, Mrs. E.E. Cox, and Mrs. Wi 1 1 iam F.Jones, 
Proceeds will be used for two teaching and one nursing scholarship. 

Christmos in Country is Dec. 2 

TTie Cape Henry Womjm's 
cm dedded Thursday to help 
two needy famUles at Thanks- 
gt^ with food and clotUne. 

A cM^bi^on was nattolbe 
Williamsburg Jaycee's project 
for Eastern State Hospital and a 
contrlMloD was maite ^tp 
KeoiflliiAui Vfteran's Hospital, 
for i^ to ttie pattente. 

Mrs. Cecil H.Beed, regard) 

md conserv^Mi dtairman for 

«Ae UAus Gardeia, shewed ple- 

^^es <rfttK lotos as tt is growing 

^ Expo '70, Jipin. l%e seeds 

were taken from tte Lotus 
Gardens in Tabernacle Creek, 
Virginia Beach, and cultiv^ed 
and crossed with the Jaianese 
hc^m. An article aweared in a 
Ja|»nese newspaper ibout the 
Lot®, p-oMJ inVirglniaBeach, 
which is on display at Expo "?0. 

The annual Christmas in ttie 
Country wiff be on Dec. 2, at 
flw hunm d Cmd. and Mis. 
William F. Harrls,(U.S.N. Ret.) 
1476 Fire Hill Trail. TMs home 
was fornMdly Seabree» Farm 
at the end <rf UtUe Heck Road 
belcn^ng to the Hill sisters. 

In additlai to the decor^«l 
house, featured will be the 
club's annual Country Store and 
Mrs. Santa's Kltdien. Hours 
are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7, 
to 8 p.m. 

Mrs. F« H. S^el9, Conser- 
vation and Ganten Chairn^iy 
presented the (vogram, a film 
on Holiday Decorattors. 

Table decoratlc^ fur die 
meeting, were d«ie 1^ Mrs, 
J. L. Craig, Jr. and^». W. A. 
EllenMusen. Hoi^ses were 
Mrs. K. L. Jard and Mrs. 
Charles Traub, ni. 

When Ullle Swltzenbaum 
changed careers In midstream, 
she had to learn how to sew. 

LllUe, who as a fashion de- 
signer goes by the name of 
"Lillte Terese", started out as 
a fashion llhistrator. 

"I really wasn't that great," 
said the striking dark-haired 
designer of her illustrating ta- 
lents. "I got tired of it and 
was asked to model for the 
desip department." 

"I fell In love .with it". De- 
sigidng, not modeling, that is. 
She changed her major at the 
Maryluid Institute of Art and 
began selling her designs while 
still a student. 

"My designing teacher told 
me 1 was a natural. She taught 
me sewing too. Most of the 
dass had sewed all their lives." 

Until the birth of a daughter 
18 months ago, Ullle designed 
and sold to a bouticiue in Bal- 
timore and one in Norfolk. She 
said she used to work from 
eii^t in the morning until nine 
tf ni^t and finish one outfit 
a day. "It's different with the 

Since ter return to Virginia 
Beach in May (her parents have 
a summer tome at 310 34th 
Street}, ste las been designing 
for individuals and hopes to do 
more df tUs as she becomes 
established In the area. ^ is 
also desipdng children's ■wtu 
for a manufadurer. 

"I love VirglniaBeach,"said 
Ultte. "I thli^ it's the greatest 
pl^. I've lived here every 
sinraier since I tras a little 
0rl." Ste's a Suffolk i^ve, 
and WIS named best-dre»ed 
In U^a<^ool. 

UlUe prefers simple dedgis 
aiMl good quality material. 


Lillie holds one of her designs, a dress of 
lime bonded satin with a shocl(ing pink wool 

Sometimes she designs fashions 
to^fit Uie naterial. and ottig^ 
times she flD&^uerii£rB~go 
with the design. "Good quaUty 
goes a lot further." 

Altbm^ she believes midis 
are a tad and wiU be gtme 
by summer ("It's too hot to 
fo arowid fiie beadi in a mlA 
ddrt In sumnwr" J, she Mdcs 
caud» pants are great "Ink 

only with boots." SIm also likes 
Jump suits. 

"I wear puits everywhere I 
go. In New York in tt» theater 
on Saturday nl^it, even. You 
ifon't have to worry about being 
In style— you alwa^ are." 

Ultte also paints as a hc^ 
^ DMlms her own clothes 
"when I tave time." 


By CaralyB McAllta 

Next time we'll 

try a green one 

A wig is an experience. 

First id alL my hudaod 8i«i^ed thi^ I grt<»e. So after 
several nontte (rf Indedsloo, I dedded to go iliaid.Itook 
the nine-year-old aloog for moral tagfacU 

That was my first mistake. She Uksd every ooe I triad 

00 and wtt DO help whatsoever. 

Next she vranted me to buy a hnd fwm iMift saint com- 
plete with red Ups, big blue eyw and IdvUH^qretaAM. 

1 toW her I wasn't about to share abedro<»«nni«| 
form and my hwbind boUi. Beildaft, I oeeldi't ilirttehifs 
the thii« oa the dresser sterlng it me wUle I iM drwfflig, 
that si^rlor sndrk on her face. 

Anymy, sqr husband's Immetttate reaction was «Mt I oodd 
have sav«l m^ell some oiooey and vAt^m^BapOaUf 
objection. It seems, Is ttiat lt»s the nne eotor li "f w. 
He saidlf I tas going to get a wig, I should have plto Itofl 
or red. Then he added ttat the only wi««w>o»»'^ Jg 
is becauM tbey taven't had time to wi^ thdr hair ae aipi 

The first day I 0t nerve enoa^ to pi< ttoo,! h«lthe ^ 
kids iS an iamm. AU ttree wanted to tfr««too.lW 
the feeUi« aU dif that everybody ta»w I »•< i^flfcjW, 
hatf ^e^^ ttiae 1 A a't tril g- otlw ^iwBift MMPMPi t^i^ 
I have the fletUnt ttat mine doesn't took nrt*rtSN»^wP> 
my younger «m0ka didn't even kODfW 1 was wwrlngttoie 
day. Ntn* M i^riMiaud i^bn he ijiA hratr 

The r«l trwMe has be«i the sJx-y^g-^dd, ttoafr^ yy 
time 1 teke hin with me to %^Ux*UMHfmfim m 
Mommy Is waadng a wig." Sntil voater I tid 

At least te Mdi Us It 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Thursday, November 19, 1970 

Miss Bliley engaged December 




Mtii Mig0 BUltr of Vir- 
gil Bti^ te togaged to 

Miia muiy is ttMdftugliter of 
Mn. UoE.BlUeyaf letliStreet 
and die late lir. BUtey. 

Mr. Brant is Oie aim of Dr. 
and Mrs. Arttuir Brant of Ridge- 
fteld. Coon. 

Miss BUity is a graduate of 
CMBtry Day Sduol and a 1970 
grsduite of Mary Washington 

A gradNUe of Hobart College 
in QtiMva» N.Y.. Mh Brant is 
selidaff is tbe U.S. Army. 

A spring wedding is planned. 

Miss Bliley 

Engagement Camellias 
announced to be shown 





Mr. nid Mrs. Aycodc Brown 
of Mairteo, N.C. announce ttie 
encagement of tbeir daugiiter 
Estt»r Gale Brown to Stephen 
Foster Hidts, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Claybome Hicks of Pine> 
hurst Point. 

Miss Brown is a graduate 
at Monteo High School and of 
East Ctfolina University. Ste 
is a nsember of the faculty at 
Butt's Road Elementary School 

Mr. Hicks attended Frederick 
MUitery AcMlemy and te agra- 
Aiate of Princess Anne High 
School. He att^ided Old Do- 
miflion University. He is pre- 
Mfltly self emiaoyed. 

the couple plan a winter 
wedding at Saint Andrews By- 
The-Sea Episo^al Church in 
Nags Head^ near the bride's 

I^tmkmen Colony 

The Virginia Camellia So- 
ciety will in^sent a display 
(tf camellia blooms in the Nor- 
folk Botanical Gardens Auditor- 
ium on Saturday, Nov. 21 and 
Sunday, Nov. 22. This disiday 
will be open both days from 
2 to 5 p.m., at no charge to 
the general pid)lic. 

, It is intended to serve prin- 
dpally as an educational ex- 
hibit, illustrating the progress 
that is being made toward de- 
veloping a second camellia 
blooming season for Ms area. 

Such an eiddbit would not be 
possible were it not for tbe 
recently developed practice df 
bringing camellias into ear^ 
bloom by treating buds wi^ 
gibberellic add. In recent y^irs 
"gibbii^" has become a popu- 
lar practice wherever camel- 
lias are grown and is adding 
a new dimension to camellia 

Gifts for (^>eration Reindeer 
were collected at Vt» November 
jBSettiv of the Lynnhaven Co- 
loiqr Garden Club and are to 
be seat to mental patiente in 
Willlui^burg. Christmas bas- 
kets for needy families were 

Ite program was Iboutmak- 
i^ UtA vtAag various types of 
eaodlei. Mrs. Ann Murrell was 
hostess with Mrs. Sybil 
WiUiunsss eo-hostess. .^,.^^^i 

All growers, whether or not 
they practice gibldng, are in- 
vited and urged to enter blooms 
between 10 a.m. and luon, Nov. 
21. Separate awards will be 
made for blooms grown out- 
side and those grown in green- 

Of all the traveling done in 
the nation's urban a^as of more 
Oian 50,000 populi^on, 99 per 
cent of all trips are be hig^- 

'>^<*y'vehi«lei'-'- -'"^ ' '■ 

FABRIC Finish is elegant shimmer . . . won- 
derfui irridescent colors and black and white. 


Vt. iMeh Slaw Opw Mswhy Thru Sit lO « P.M. 
mum MMliy and TtHv 'til 9 P.M.. Miliury Cireh Store 
Open lto.4it. 10-10. 

Shopif for tf» Ladies and their Ihugfaern 



Mr. and Mrs. Owen Pate of 
Efttngur^ Drive anammce the 
engagement of their daughter, 
Nancy Ophelia Pate, to Lt. 
Michael McCauley. 


Lt. McCauley is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McCauley 
of Palos Verdes Estate, Calif. 

A gradiMte of Princess Anne 
Hi^ School, Miss Pate grvhi- 
ated from Old Dominion Univer- 
sity wher# she was a men^r 
of Chi Omega women's fra- 
ternity. She is preseitfly em- 
ployed at Bayberry Psychiatric 
Hospital in Hampton, Va. 

Lt. McCniley is a graduate 
of Ihe University of Redlands, 
Calif., and received an M.A. 
degree in eiqiMrimentalpsyi^ 
logy from the University of 
Hawaii, Honolulu. He is {are- 
sently an experimental psy- 
dwlc^st stationed at the l^aval 
Aerospace Medical Institute, 
Pensacola, Fla. 

Prevent plant damage 
with care before winter 

The wedmng is planned tor 
2 p.m. Dec. 30 at First Pres- 
byterian Church with the Rev. 
John S. Lyles offidating. A 
reception will follow at the 
Officer's Cldb at NOB, Norfolk. 


The Unkhorn Park Garden 
Club will holdits annual Christ- 
mas Silver Tea at ^ home of 
Judge and Mrs. George W. 
Vakos, Pinewood Road, on Fri- 
day Dec. 4, from 3-5 
Membeis wiU decorate ttdi 
room in the home an;! tradi- 
tionally, past presidents, and 
Mrs. J. James Davis, current 
president, will take turns pour- 
ing. Mrs. Vakos is member- 
ship chairman. 

At the November meWngheld 
^ the Princen Anne Country 
Club, Mrs. Thomas Rose, flret 
vice-president, introduced 
Mrs. Emerson Planck, his- 
torian, who ejgplained the ar- 
rangements, assigned and made 
by various menflwrs, each cre- 
ation depicting verses and sym- 
bols of ttie Christmas season, 
tkken from ttie BiUe, and stres- 
sing the Urth of the holy Christ 

The dUb held a booth at Qie 
Pembroke Ifoll Baspu-, n^Mi 
now selling chances on a haod- 
crocheted afglan— a dollar a 
diance— whidt will go toward 
the $300 to be raised by the 
club in order to enter the 
"hands" int>Ject. 

CheMpekn Coloay 

The Chesopeian Colony 
Garden Club at its November 
meeting at the home of Mrs. 
Blanche Addison formed a com- 
mittee to aid in Visual Pollution 
ControU In addition groups were 
oreaniaed to assist in spedal 
education Vbexvps on Monday 
mornings at King's Grant 

Mrs. Thomas Pletcher gave a 
Iffogram on "Candles for All 

Winning blue ribb(»is for ar- 
rangements were Mrs. Ruth 
Wilson, Mrs. Mary Socia and 
Mrs. Addison; for horticulture, 
Mrs. Carl Ritdde, Mrs. Robert 
Schaller, Mrs. WllUamGres- 
ham and Mre. William Love. 

-When you're not 

like yourself, 

LydiaPinkham understands 

All of a sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago, when 
ladies couldn't be as frank as 
we can today, Lydia Pinkham 
recognized the problem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she. knew. Because it^ 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for ^u, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's root 
and herb remedy to help you 
feel better, more like yourself. 

Lydia E. Pinkham 

At MbUt it TaUrt Md U«U r«. 

(Editor's note: TMs is one 
of a seriM (» home horti- 
culture by W. P. Judkins, ex- 
tension horttculturist, Virginia 

Your Umdsa^ shrubs iwed 
spedal treatment to prepare 
them for winter. You can im- 
prove their hardiness if you 
give thert some loving care 
before the cold weather arrives. 

The hardiness of plants is 
an ability to withstand cold. 
In the case of your shrubs, 
it relates to the ndnimum tem- 
peratures whld» occur during 
the winter months. 

The best way to control da- 
mage is to select shrubs whidt 
are hardy in the climatic;^ eone 
where you live. You can also 
adjust your culture and fer- 
tiliaer program to increase 
their altfllty to survive the cold 

The death of buds, twigs and 
branches by freezing is one type 
of winter injury. This is tbe 
result of ice formation in the 
celte of the plant which des- 
troys the protoplasm or living 
part (tf the ceU. 

Freese damage is not a ser- 
ious prd)lem with most orna- 
mental shrubs. It occurs most 
commonly when plants are ex- 
posed to a sudden drop in tem- 

Damage by freezing may be 
reduced by selecting hardy spe- 
des. Also, your shridM should 
not be watered or fertilized 
heavily in late summer. This 
would cause them to continue 
to grow actively into the fall 
and early winter. 

Growtti should slow down in 
late summer so die protoplasm 
In the cells will become more 
concentrated. In this condition 
toe {dant will tolerate a lower 
temperature before freezing 
will occur. 

The browning or burning of 
(he foliage of evergreen shrubs 
during February and March is 
andther important type of winter 
injury. This is caused by des- 
sication or drying of tbe leaves. 
You should act now to prevent 
sudi damage. 

Water »ie sdl around your 
'^yhrtibs tbdrk^f Ms fall be- 
fore the ground freezes. If dry 
'^^weatber octuriii^Hiig ttie win- 
tor, i4>ply more water when- 
ever tbe sdl is not frozen. 

Evergreen plante lose water 
from the leaves whenever the 
temperature is above 40 de- 
grees. The greatest losses 
occur during the warm windy 
weather. Adequate moisture 
must be present in the sdl 
to replace that which is lost 
by the leaves* 

Apply a two-inch organic 
mulch of sawdust, wood diips, 
pine needles or peat moss a- 
round^ your shrubs. This will 
conserve moisture and help 
prevent the sdl from freezing. 
Ilius, more water will be avail- 
able for your plants and the pos- 
siblli^ of winter burn will be 

Broadleaf evergreen shrubs 
of qiKstionable hardiness may 
need extra protection during die 
winter. They may be endosed 
in burlap, or you may ered 
a plastic film screen around 

An anti-wilt spray may be 
applied to reduce water loss 
from broadleaf evergreens. 

This treatment is espedally re- 
commended for new plantinfB. 
T^e anti-wilt sj^ay should be 
as effedivie as the imsi^tly 
burlap or film screens. TMs 
spray should be sotted in late 
November when the tempera- 
ture is above 50 degrees, and 
repeated in midwinter. 

The heaving of young plants 
out of the ground by alternate 
freezing and thawing of the soil 
may cause serious losses in 
small, recently planted shrtA^s. 
The roots are broken and the 
sdl becomes OMite loose. Water 
absorption lis reduced and the 
plants may die. 

Tbe best way to prevent loss 
by heaving is to anply muldi 
around your shrubs. Also, ever- 
green boughs or cornstalks nay 
be used over the i4aAto te re- 
duce or in-event freezing of the 


(Cont. from p. 1) 

for three for the price of cme. 
Bill Slovic of the Virginia To- 
mato Corp. has offered them 
a three-year sun^lyd tomatoes 
and bananas and George Cu- 
perick of Ridi^nd has dXered 
them Similac. 

Now their main problem is 
to tell the boys apart. How- 
ever, the General Hospital of 
Virginia Beadi gave them a 
supply of extra ankle tags when 
they left. 

is program 
for Juniors 

Many Bayside Judor Wo- 
man's Club members were sur- 
prised to find out that Mt. 
Trasbmore is going to become 
an ami^theatre. 

R. E. Dorer told members 
at their November meeting that 
there will also be a soap box 
derby race track at the "moun- 
tain." Another hill of triash had 
to be buUt to aid the UtUe 
cars instopidng. ^ 

The club's Fourj^^Amiual 
(jiame Party, for tbe'benelit of 
various ddb diarities, was held 
this mmtb. The Veterans Hos- 
pital recdved the profite from 
the bake sale at the game party 
last year for their Christmas 

Hostesses for the meeting 
were Mrs. H. L. Dunton, Mrs. 
W. H. Garner, Mrs.G.F.Rhudy 
and Mrs. J. J. Ryan. The Decem- 
ber meeting will be a spedal 
Christmas party for members 
and friends. 

GingsT, red pepper and sesame seeds spice Hawaiian specialties 
such as water chestnuts and pi neapple in this delicious poultry 

Stuffing can be different 

A savory stuffing "makes" 
ttie holiday drd. Dickens said 
it best in his mouth-watering 
description of the Cratehit 
family's holiday goose, golden- 
brown and plump with a sage 
and oni(n stuffing: "When ttie 
long-expected gikh of stuffing 
issued forth, one murmur of 
delight arose all round the 
board . . .Bob said he didn't be- 
lieve there was ever such a 
goose cooked." 

Sage was and still is the herb 
best associated with stuffings. 
But now we also have convedent 
poultry seasodng which weds 
sage with a skillful medley of 
sudi ^s& tnarjoram, white 
pepper, ttiyme, savory vpA per- 
haps allspice and ndmeg. In- 
stant minced and chopped cxiion, 
mixed vegetable flakes, sweet 
pepper and celery flakes and 
seasoned bread crumbs are^ 
dher products ttiat make stuf- 
fings a little easier today. 

Stuffings, and dressings how- 

ever, make a big subject ~ 
as varied as the imaginatton d 
ttie cooks in many different 
lands. The Hawaiian Dressing 
for Turkey below introduces 
such surprising flavors as gin- 
ger, red pepper and sesame 
seed, along witli water chest- 
nuts, pioMWl® u>d soy sauce. 
The mitlil» flavor and crunchy 
texture of sesame, inddentally, 
mates a fine additton to any 

The English are fond d adding 
sausage to their stuffings, as 
seen in ttie redpe below. This 
is another tridc you can use 
with any of your fovorite stuf- 
fings. But remember that ttw 
sausage adds seasonii^ d its 
own uid be prepared to adjust 
ttie rest d your spidng accor- 

This holiday season would be 
a good time to try these stuf- 
fing ideas from ttie test kitchen 
d the American Spice Trade 

i««»>«>>»>»»>>tii>« , 


; »»»<«»»««>■»««*»< r 


An international image 

A good neighbor 

A good friend 


Welcome Wagon 

Hostess with 

The Most Famous Basket in 



Phone , 



Mrs. & Mrs. James Douglas 
Allen, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hii^ton, 

. Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Rid- 
dick Forbes, dau^ter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Attwell 
Miller, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Earl Pal- 
mer, daui^ter. 

Mr. & Mrs. WilUan Edward 
Swinburn, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Douglas 
Blankenship, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Astor 
Townsend, son. 

Mr. L Mrs. Gregory Frank 
Zingsbbim,. daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marion 
Baudiano, Jr,, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lacy Wayne Ja- 
cobs, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lee Tal- 
bott, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Douglas 
Coleman, dau^ter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilton Lee Da- 
vidson, son. 

Mr. ii Mrs. RaV Edward 
Hughes, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell George 
McVay, son. 

I he Talent Committee contains a number of 
talented people itself— including those with 
the ability to cut our **bunnies." Shown are 
Mrs. Dan DeHart, Mrs. Lowell Clark and 
Mrs. Bill Bartee. ' 

^Playmate 8^ opens 
tomorrow at Dome 

The Virdda Beach-Princess 
Anne Judd* Woman's Club wilL 
present the 20tti annual folUes 
entitled "Beadi Playmates" on 
Nov. 20 and 21 at ttie Vir- 
gida Beach Civic Center. 

Friday dght the show will 
be theater style begindng at 
8 p.m, Saturday dght will be 
a cabaret style performance 
wltti dandng before and after 
the show. Doors open at 9 
p.m. on Saturday and reser- 
vations are necessary. 

The show is staged and di- 
rected this year by Christopher 
Brown witti Jerome Cargill 
Productions of New York. 
Brown has aK>eared in movies 
such as "Mary Popdns",Sing- 
Ing in the Rain", "Call Me 
Madam", and "Band Wagon". 
He has also worked on Broad- 
way, in television, ai«l per- 


S2S litkii littf 


Us* our NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 St 
•ntw from Pacific or Arctic Ave. 

formed In di^t clubs from the 
Club lido In Paris to the Dunes 
In Las Vegas; 

Talent for the follies has 
been drafted from all sources. 
There will be vocal rendittons 
by Andy McCdlough, Oscar 
Northen, Kay Owens and Pam 
aiKl Sandra Stanley; dance solos 
by Dona McCloud, Brebda Viar 
and WilUam Martin of ttie Vlr- 
glda Beach Balld Society, to 
mention only afew talented peo- 
ple who have dfered their ser- 
vices to make this year the 
best {o-^ed^on ever. 

The proceeds from this show 
are disper^ to various char- 
ities throu^iout tt» Tidewater 
area. In pest years donations 
lave been given to Camp Cl- 
vltan. The Cardlo Vascular 
Center, scholarships and other 
worttiy causes. This year titt 
profits will assure Uie contin- 
uation of a Under^en ctess 
for retarded children at Wy- 
dlM Presbyterian Church wMch 
was started ttiis year by ttie 
Vlrgida Be«^-Prinees8 Anne 
Jiffitor Woman's Cldi. 



6«l <hi* flocter*t formuUI 

Zemo tvmim "^..^f^ ^ 
•xterndly caai^ i»cWiif .-« 

S^?^^^ KiOtinHHoatofwi^ 
Zfrno-rLiq^ or (MnsBt. 



• ! 

1/2 cup instant minced odon 

1/2 cup water 

1/2 cup butter or margarine, 


1 cut (5 oa.) water diestnuto, 
drained and finely chopped 

3 Tbisp. soy sauce 
3 Tblsp. sesame seed, divided 
2 1. ground ginger 
1/8 i. grotffld red pepper 
12 sups dried br^ eubes 
1-1/2 cups hot diidnn of turkey 
brotti t 

2 eggs, beaten 

1 can (6 to 8 oz.) sliced mush- 
mushrooms, drdned 

T can (1 lb. 4 oz.) pineapple - 

Comtdne Mdon with water; 
let stand 10 minutes to re- 
hydrate. In a medium skillet 
heat 1/4 cup d the bdter. 
Add rehydrated odon and chest- 
nuts; saute 5 minutes, ^r in 
soy sauce, 2 tablespoons d the 
sesame seeds, ginger and red 
penper; set adde. In a large 
bowl combine bread. cd)es, 
brotti, eggs and mushrooms, 
^r in sauteed odoo mixture; 
mix well. Turn Ido a bdtered 
12 X 7 X 1-3/4-lnch b^ng dUh. 
Melt remaining 1/4 6up butter. 
Pour over dressing. Sprinkle 
with remddng 1 tablespoon se- 
same seed. Cover and bake hi 
a preheated moderate oven 
(375 F.) 45 mimitss. Remove 
cover and bake 15 minutes 
longer or until browned on tip. 
If desired, scoop dressing onto 
pineapple rings and serve witti 
turkey. Sufflded stuffing for 
a 12 pound turkey. 


1/4 cup (Mlon flakes 

3 Tlds. water 

5 cups cubed potatoes 
1/2 lb. pork sausage links, 
1/2 lb. sliced fk«ih mushrooms 

2 Tbls. butter or margarine 
1 Tbls. parsley flakes 

1/2 t. sage leaves, crumbled 

1/2 t. salt 

1/16 t. ground blatcdc pepper 

Combine odon fl^s witti 
water; tet stuid 10 minutes to 
rehydrate. Meanwhlte, cook po- 
tatoes In bolUng water to cover 
for 5 minutes. Drain potatoes, 
reserving 1/4 cup pdato water; 
set aside. In a large skillet 
saute sausage, about S minutes. 
Rembve sausage leaving fat in 
skillet (about 3 t^lsspoons). 
Add relQfdrated oddi Ind mtsh- 
rooms; saute 5 mli^s. Add 
butter, potatoes, slusage and 
seas(»^igs. Cook, stirring con- 
stantly for 5 minilt!^. Turn 
mixture Info a 2-quif t casse- 
role. Add reserved pciato water 
to skillet; bring to boiling; stir 
to release particles in bottom 
d skillet. Pour over stuffing. 
Cover and bake in a preheated 
moderate oven, (^0 F.) 20 to 
30 minutes. Approximately 6 


The November minting d 
ttie llioroui^good G«^en Cldb 
was held at ttie home d Mrs. 
G.P. Hand on Cod^ ClUb 
C^de. Miss Kay Dtosmore, 
a member of the Hi|^ School 
Garden Cld>, gave a report cm 
Native Camp. Miss Dinsmore 
spent two weeks d ttie camp 
ttis past suimner and w» spon- 
sored by ttie lliorwghgood Gar- 
den CluW It 

Final plans for the Holiday 
House aiKl Christmas Bazaar 
which will be heU at ttie borne 
d ttie B.R. Mlddletoitt, 1612 
Watefleki Drive, Ttoroug^ood, 
on Dec. 8tti and «h, were oom- 


Thurwhiy^ NovgrnNr 19> 1^70 

Virginia Beacli Sun 


it w 


Newly elected officers of the Kempsvllle Volunteer Fire Department and the units- 
Ladies Auxiliary were installed last Monday. 

Kempsville Volunteers Install Officers 

Mew officers to guide the 
o|»ritk»at tbe Kempsville Vol- 
nnteer Fire Department and tte 
unit's Ladies Auxiliary, were 
installed during a spedaJ dinner 
meeting Monday night at the 
Ramada Iim on Newtown Road. 

ia^ newly elected adminis- 

Open Sun. 

We<^wood Theatre in Hamp- 
ton has added Sunday perfor- 
mances to its regular Thursday 
ttirot^ Saturday schedule. 

Suq^y performances are 

currmUy held at 3 p.m. with 

Ibn twffet lundieon at 1:30 p.m. 

Tlck^ are available for the 

show only if preferred. 

After December 6, however, 
tb» Sunday performances will 
alternate matinee and early 
•reniiig. The evening schedule 
will be the buffet at 6 p.m. 
followed by the show at 7:30 

Final performances of "The 

Owl and Tbe Pussycat", 

starring Claudihe Iddinp and 

. Steve Merle, wiU be held to- 

'" td^tthrod^Simday. ' 

The musical comedy "The 
iRir of the Greasepaint, the 
Smell of the Crowd" will open 
November 27. 

Navy Petty Officer lUrd 
Class Robert L. Reece, son d 
J.A. Reece of Bob Lane, Oce- 
ana, is serving aboard the 
guided missile frigate USS Ma- 
han whidi returned to San Di- 
ego after an extended two year 
deployment to the Western Pa- 

Airman Jeffrey L. Burns, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Burns, 
3313 MacDonald Road, has com- 
pleted basic training at Ladc- 
land AFB, Tex. He has been 
assigned to Lowry AFB, Colo., 
for training in the armament 
systems field. Airman Burns 
is a 1970 graduate of Kemps- 
ville High School. 

trative officers include Bob, 
Smith, president; Rali^ Record, 
vice president; Douglas Sawyer, 
secretary; Jack Brinkley, trea- 
surer; and Bob Ziemba, diap- 

New operatioDal officers are 
Eldon Swartsentruber, chief; 
Stuart Buxbaum, 1st asst.chief; 
Bob Smith, 2nd asst. chief; 
Paul Hersbberger, 3rd asst. 
diief ; Bruce Brinkley, 1st cap- 
tain; Douglas Sawyer. 2nd cap- 
ta!n! "and Jim Cambliss, 3rd 

The Department's Board of 
Director is also comprised of 
men from the staff of admini- 
trative and operational officers 
and also includes Dan Hum- 

Those elected to officer po- 
sittons in the Ladies Auxiliary 

Is Cited 

U.S. Air Force Lieutenant 
Colonel John C. Fremont, son 
of Mrs. Jesiaa G. Fremont, 
Mewerranean Avenue, has re- 
ceived Ids second award d^ 
nisrtajgHfahed Flying Crpssiioc 
extraordinary achievemenl in 

Colonel Fremont distin- 
guished himself as a pilot. De- 
spite tbe constant threat of 
attack by enemy ground fire 
and without ground radar to pro- 
vide guidance, he successfully 
air dropped supplies to allied 
forces at A Shau Valley. 

The colonel was also pre- 
sented his second award of tbe 
UjS. Air Force Commendatiui 
Medal for meritorious service. 

He was honored in Norfolk, 
where he now serves as a joint 
plans officer for Headquarters, 
Atlantic Command. 

Col(Hiel Fremont was com- 
missioned through the aviatira 
cadet program and has served 
in the Republic of Korea. 

A graduate of Carmel (Calif.) 
High School, he attended the 
University of California and re- 
ceived his B.A. degree from 
the University of Texas. 

include Carol Record, presi- 
dent; Shirley Barnes, vice pre- 
sident; Judy Moss, secretary; 
Gwen Lackey, treasurer; and 
Liz Barnes, historian. 

City Manager Roger Scott 
delivered the feature address 
of the evening and praised tbe 


(continued from page I) 
The people who call me at all 
hours of the night wouldn't vote 
for me for dogcatcher," he 

"I do think the dty has pro- 
fitted by having the Erosion 
Commission," Church said. 
"We didn't have a beach be-^ 
fore the commission took 

The Erosion Commission 
chairman said land values along 
the beach were extremely low 
before the commission began 
replenishment operations. By 
contrast, Church pointed to the 
high construction rates along 
tiie beach in the last year per- 

"I'm not so sure you can 
<verate chet^r thai^ tbe dty 
.coilild,*iJrvin said.,,, 


Volunteer Firemen by sayini^ 
"It's a real hcmor to be here 
tonight because you're tbe ones 
who are protecting my house." 

Scott also said that is his 
opinion "for the first time in 
50 yearsVirginiaBeachis dose 
to becoming a ftill time part- 
ner in t water system." He 
added, however, that inaoy 
questions need to be answered 
and issues resolved before this 
can become a reality. 

Commissioier of Revenue 
Ivan Maiv, who also serves as 
president of ttie Virginia Beadi 
Fire Coundl, aded as instal- 
ling officer, 

Al Bryant, outgoing presi- 
dent^ thanked everyone for the 
cooperaflon he has rec^ved 
during his term of office and 
took the occasi(Hi to announce 
that he will assume the status 
of a "retired member" with 
tiie department. 

As the meeting closed men 
of the Kempsville Department 
offered their thanks to members 
of the Davis Corner Volunteer 
Fire Department who remained 
oa alert throughout tbe evening 
to respond to emergency calls 
infhekircla. ■ ' ''^^' .-•j: ..: 

Of Chaise 

Motorists of Virglnifc Beach 
are"^ being reminted of a re- 
oent diange in Vtm Code of 
Vlri^nia affedinc the (veration 
of motor vehides on highways 
of tte Old OominiMiwhiditalGes 
oo special aignifleance during 
winter mobths with tbe in- 
creased number of nif^me 
drivli« hou». 

Tbe new law applies to the 
procedure whidi had been ac- 
cepted in tbe past of quking 
use only of parking li^ts, or 
siniUar UgMtf, on motor ve- 
hicles being driven during Uie 
hours (rf dusk' and/or dawn. 

Under an amendmeirt to tlie 
State Code Section 46.1-268 tlie 
law reqdres tbe display of 
lighted bead lamps on all ve- 
hicles being (grated on high- 
ways within tbe State during 
the period of time ttom a half 
hour after sunset to a half hour 
before sunrise and "at any dtier 
time when, due to insuffldent 
light or unfavorable atmos- 
pheric conditions, persons, or 
vehicles on tbe highway are 
not clearly descernible at a 
distance of 500 feet." 

Creamer Wins 

Robert S. Creamer Jr. of 
^Virginia Beadi is one of four 
winners of the Woods Leader- 
ship Scholarship at the Uni- 
versity of the South inSewanee, 
Tenn. He is one of two in the 
school of theology. The other 
two are in the college of aris 
and sdences. 

Creamer, a senior in ttie 
sctool of theology, is the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. 
Creamer. He earned Us B.A. 
In history frotn AriB)na State 
University and worked as a 
buyer ibd sales manager be- 
fore entering the seminary. 

The scholarships are 
awarded- on the basis of aca- 
demic competence and excep- 
tional qualities of leaitership. 


(ccntimied from m^ 1) 

CATS, by Beth Brown. Hewitt 
House. Old l^tfipan. New Jersey. 
1970. 16.95. 

CATS is a deligbtfd com- 
binaUoD of practical infw- 
mation and fasdnating photo- 
graphs which will surely in- 
terest tbe cat tover. In a concise 
manner Beth Brown provides 
excellent guidance in aU as- 
pects, routing and emergency, 
of earring for cats throu^wut 
their lives. She discusses the 
various breeds and the ques- 
tions involved in seleding seat 
as well as the procedures for 
settling a cat in your home, 
naming, feeding, training, 
housebreaking, grooming, 
mating, and traveling with your 
cat. In tbe chapter m toys you 
will learn that cats are in- 
trigued by such things as 
shadows and pi^r bags as well 
as simple toys you can make. 
Miss Brown gives advice on 
dioasiim a veterinarian and 
blowing the laws concerning 
cats. The chapter on illness 
and first aid is espedally help- 
ful, in th^ it contains a list 
of essential medical items to 
have on hand, describes routine 
diedcs which the cat owner 
should make on his pet as well 
as symptoms of illneps, and 
tells how to cope with eadi 
situation. The format of the 
bode, with its many subjed 
headings, makes it easy to lo- 
cate any information needed at 
a moment's notice. 

Beth Brown's anecdotes con- 
cerning some of her ex- 
periences in tbe feline world 
are quite entertaining, and the 
brief discussion of cats in 
history adds another interesting 
(ouch. Joseph Alpern's pboto^ 
graphs featmre adorable kittens 
^t could melt even a dog 
lover's heart! 

Ftok 378 Inducts Boys 

Teacher of Year Picked 

Mrs. Naoma T. Wilson, a 
teacher of disabled readers at 
the Virginia Beach Center for 
Effective Learning^ has been 
selected as tbe Virginia Beach 
Schools' Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Wilson jdned tbe Vir- 
ginia Beadi School System in 
1969 after having tau^t inlAn- 
eral County, West Virginia; Al- 
leg^y County, Virginia; Mmt- 
gom'ery County, Virginia; and 
Nansemond County, Virginia. ^ 

She holds a B.A. Degree flrom lof" wPiBr 
Shepherd College, Shepherds- -*«»•' •* «/U# 
town, W. Va. and has done grad- 
uate work at West Virginia 
University, University of Vir- 
ginia and Tbe College dWilliam 
and Mary. 

Mrs . Wilson was seleded 
from a group of nine candi- 
dates win were presented by 

individual schools within the 

She will represent the Vir- 
ginia Beach Sdtool System as a 
candidate for the Virginia 
Teacher of ttw Year award. 


The Virginia Beach School's 
planetarium, located at Plaza 
Junior Hig^ School, is com- 
pleting one year of operation. 

Durihg the first ten months 
of operation, the planetarium 
presented programs to 20,356 
persons, "nie average atten- 
dance has been 2,036 per month. 
December drew large audiences 
for the Christmas program, and 
fbs month of February was a 
record m(M)th when ttie eclipse 
program was being shown. 

Free public programs are of- 
fered twice eadi week. One pro- 
gram is presented each Sunday 
afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 
4:00 p.m. and another program 
is presented on Tuesday evening 
of each week from 7:30 p.m. to 
8:30 p.m. Tbe program is dian- 
ged monthly to Include curred 
celratial events and seasonal 

Nati<»ial ini>lidty has been 
given ttie Virginia Beach plane- 
tarium through tbe distribution 
of a planetarium brochure, 
planetarium guide, and ttie use 
of pbotographs of ttie planeta- 
rium in ttitioaal advertisinR. 

Tbe Viri^aia Beach planeta- 
rium is in its infMncy— one year 
old. During ttie first year, ser- 
vices to ttie commudty and to 
tlw sdiools have been estab- 
Ushed and projects have been 
originated &»k will serve as a 
fooi^ioo for ttie second year. 
A basic curriculum hss been 
estalAshed for tt» school sys- 

On O'HARE, **0" stands for Opportunity as tliirty four O^HAREMEN, 

^who advanced In rate on November 1^, receive congratulations 
%om Commander Paul E. SU THll LAN D, of Virginia Beach, 
Commanding Officer of the O'HARE, The ceremony was a happy 
beginning to the month which sees the Norfolk-based destroyer 
marking Its twenty-fifth anniversary of service in the Navy, O'HARE 
ft kept young in spirit by such petty officers, most of whom were 
born after the ship was commissioned. 

Marine Pfc Jamei R. Itar- 
gatRT^ son of lieutoia^ Col- 
owl aao Mrs, KJi. Murpitroyd 
of KM S^oolfikMd, iras gra(ta- 
aM in tts top tu percwiA of 
Us d«» from ttM Aircrew 
SsnAval E^Rtpnentrntfi Sdiool 
at ttl Mnral Mi Technical 

Cub Pack 378 recently held 
its October padc meeting at 
ttie Virginia Beach United 
MethM^t Cburdu One of ttie 
hi^gbts of ttie ^dng tas 
a Halloween party. There were 
games, costume prises and re- 

After the Grand Parade, ttie 
following boys were inducted 
into ttie pack and presented with 
Iheir Bdicat pins by JdmWlse, 
Assistant Cubmaster. They 
were Robert Settles, Clayton 
Lee Wheaton, Billy Mosley, Jr., 
Danny Felix^ Andrew Neubert,^ 
BoM)y Nevill, Charles Gregory, *' 
Michael Arwood, Michael 
Farley, Philip East, Troy 
Mosely, Johnny Ray Jarrell, 
Mark Settles, Rdiert Wheaton 
and Franklin Clark. 

Also welcomed were the fol- 
lowing boys transferring into 
our p«^: Steven and Jack 
Phelps, Fred Pratt, Frank De- 
ledda, Keitti HuxoU, Tad Coch- 
ran and Eddie DeRoche. 

Robert Settles, Richard Neu- 
bert, Theodore Cochran, 

Sgt. Brown 
In Thailand 

Air Force Sergeant Midiael 
E. Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
E. S. Brown, Redwood Circle, 
is on duty witti ttie 307tti Stra- 
tegic Wing at U-Tqiao Air- 
field, Thailand. 

Sergeant Brown, a Strategic 
Air Command Jet engine me- 
dianic, supports B-S2 Strato- 
fortress bombers wUdi daity 
attack Vid Coog targets and 
KC-135 Stratotukers whidi 
provide refueling to flg^er, 
bomber and reconnaissance 
aircraft conduding the air war 
over Vietnam. 

The sergeant was as^pied 
at Kadena AB, Okinawa, before 
arriving in Thailand. 

He is a 1968 graduate of 
Princess Anne HighSdwol. Tbe 
sergeant's wife, Deborah, is ttie 
dau^ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. 
R. Brenneman, Fairfield Court. 

Stomach upset 
by gas and acid? 

Di-Gel Mth Sim^cont (^wXh/ 
relieves gassy-ictd upset 

This unique discovery 
Inreaks up and removes pain- 
ful gas-lMil^es. Y<Hir rdief 
is in<»« dmiplete becaiue 
Di-Gel takes the add md 
the gas (mt ctf add ind^fes- 
tkn. G«t Di-Gsl taUete or 
liquid today. I^oduet of 
n(High, Inc. 

Charles Gregory, Johnny Rjy^ 
Jarrell, and Chris Blaski we^ 
presented with their denner 
bars. Assistant denner bars 
were , liven" ti)' SleVen Pbelpsj 
Artiiuf Dennison, Lane Grimes, 
Michael Arwood, Keitti HuzoU 
and Fred Pratt. "^ 

Ten boys in the pack we)re 
presented witti me year pins. 
They were Cholley Fishel, Steve 
Phillips, Tommy Cox, Scott 
Turnbull, Walter Smitti, Arttnn> 
Dennison, Anthony Hug^s, 
Lane Grimes, Lionel Silva and 
William Orgsbon. 

The boys in our padc have 
been very active during these 
"RtMuid - up" months. Bi^ 
Martin, Robert Ronidc, Tommy 
NeviU, Robert SmiUi, Jeffrey 
Rose, Charles Wise, Cholley 
Fishel, Mike Vice, Bruce Suit, 
Ridiard Dawson, Steve Oeledda, 
Randy Cdfey, Chris BluU, 
Rex Vice and William OrgSbon 
were awarded recruiting 
badgM. Mrs. Fay Moseley was 
also presented witti a recruit- 
ing badge. Mr. Wise, on be- 
half of ttw den leaders, pre- 
sented a Roundup award to 
Woody Smitti, committee chair- 
man. This award i^ven by Tide- 
water Coundl designated Pack 
378 as a Honor Unit 1970. 

A special ceremoiqr took 
place in viMdi William Org^on 
was presented witti hisW^ielos 
Award. Tills Arrow of Light 
is ttie highest honor ttiat aCdi 
Scod can nm. William ttien 
crossed ttie twid^ into Boy 
Scouting and was welcomed into 
Troop 378 byAsst.Sc<Mitmaster 
Jim Kelley and Scoot Ken Oe- 

Anyone wishing more infw- 
matton on Jddng Padk 378 
may call ttie registrattrai diair- 
man. Mr. Martin at 428-8541. 

evWualty. An additi(»al caop- 
gro«d woiM be a mortal How 
to tUs seettoQ. Our beadies 
alr«Mty overflow witti tide- 
nid(«rs and niwtty parttM, 
pleking tiie se oates .<;BiC). 
traiqM ^ <>u*s ma 
Uttering Oie beadi witii frasL" 
Then ttw sHbJed of eeoiogy 
teooght iq) when opffMkn 
forces son^ outside help. Ae- 
oonUng to Mrs. StUs in the 
"Beaccm", "People have 
struggled all ttielr liiras to 
acUeve ttiis (lifi style). Bat 
ira-bave to fi^ oo a regional 
or state basis if we are gdng 
to get sqiport." 

Said ttw Sdiool Board report, 
"Tbe onpodtton hu attempted 
to cast the Sdiool Board in tbe 
role of violatingnature, cansliig 
ttie Inundatton of tbe Inlands 
and endangering untqneispeds 
d the natural world. Thdr 
purpose was accomplished when 
well-meaning and respectable, 
but misinformed individuals and 
ori^zatton flocked to ttidr 

"T be School Board had 
secured tbe services at ecologi- 
cal authorities in ttw areas cf 
bird life, flora and fauna, sdl 
and sand dunes, in order to 
obtain a true picture d how Qw 
proposed school would dfect ttw 
ecology. This action was taken 
wltti full knowledge Uiat all 
professional ecologists are 
predisposed to ttw preservation 
d all areas in their natural 
state. Because of threats of 
legal suits made by tbe op- 
position, we do nd feel it prc^r 
to make ttie CMSultants' names 
available at ttils ttnw. 

"The opposition has stated In 
ttie Press M in mudi private 
correspondence ttat con- 
struction of ttw school iriU 
destroy valuable areas-4)ird 
nesting and feeding— and 
disrupl the migr^ry habits of 
many spedes and endangering, 
ttwreby, some spedes. They 
have ftarttwr Indicated ttnt 
unique flora and fuma will be 
destroyed and ttat modificattoD 
d ttie site vAU obUterate a 
dune, tbe type of whldi Is to 
be found ooty littiln tttelS-tere 
fract. Furttwr, ttwy coxAmA, 
dune breadilng will expose ttw 
Inland to inundation." 
One part of ttw orittiologist 
- report reads: ■' "Hw trad is 
not largely desolate or undis- 
turbed. The nearby presence of: 
(1) roads oo tiiree sides, (2) 
a residential area, and (3) Fort 
Story certainly are dlsturtiing 
fadors to ttw btrdlifto on tlis 
site. Use of ttw land by UD- 
restrided groups is also liksty 
to be infhwntial. Diriag oiw 
transed d the idot, I eoontsd 
over 200 beverage containen 
left to litter Qw area by sodi 
persois. In addlttoo, ttwrewas 
much evidence d target 
practice witti rifles and diot<* 
guns. I doiM ttw total effeet 
of such acttvUy wooU be beae- 
fidal to ttw birds dttw area. 
"It is my (vtnion ttiat ooo- 
structton of a sdiool at tlw 
l»-oposed site will have little 
immediate effiKt iqmi ttw loeil 
bird populattoos ud certainty 
will not endanger any rare 

Mounie went on to ny ttit 
althomJi formal rqwrtsfirom 
ttie flora and tmm coiwiHaafs 
have not bemi reedved, Hwy 
have indicated ttiat ttwre te no 
evidence d rndque or rare flora 
or fuma oo ttw 15-aera trad. 
"A preliminary study Iqrafawal 
ecologist recognised as know- 
ledgetfde of Seashore State 
Parknakes no daim fliat flora 
and tuam are to be foood in 
tbe 15 leased Mrea flwt an nd 

to be fiMDd in ottnr arMw of 
tbe park." 

AeeordUigtyt fr^taOaarf M- 
ports firoii ttree obMattaMtt 
ttw saad doMS wketopeTCdNd 
wiBi diiws aU Mm tt» n»t 
Coast iaOeale mtn» sand 
doMi on fiw fife are aot«l«w 
and do not Mipoft laiqae sdh 
logical oMSMBUtes. 

Mounie Own pdatad oat that 

the oppoolttoa showed oo ooo- 
oera idr ttw eeologr flf ttsaiea 
along Shore Drive, aome NO 
acres, «Mcii was aflieted by 
the wldeolog of the Dtlva to 
loor lanes. This loo waa a 
part of Seashora Stale Parlu 
Another argnnwnt ofthaep- 
posltton, encroachmeiil ea Ihi 
pdiUe doBMiB, was aasvared 
br a series of sUdes lAtoh 
showed 86tt^ 87, aadSlttiStoeil 
witti fences bdtt OB the fMIc 
easemed and a waitm of bo 
paridi4MieM OB piiWe |ro- 
perty. In aABtfott there wm a 
fence diownaerotaMth Street 
estended wUdi statid tti^ it ia 
private pn^eity. AUhootfi flw 
streets are odty iboot BO li^ 
wide, ttw City.has an 80 fod 
rigtrt of way on 86th and 87tti 
Streets and 100 feet on 88tti. 
There were also a mabn of 
keep od and private property 
signs photographed. 

SUdes also showed motor- 
cyele tracks eaodng erosioo d 
ttw dunes and also a nonber 
of discarded m a ttre aa es . 

"The opposttofi oootends ttat 
ttw pdbUc domain should be fbr 
pubUc use and nd f or the oae 
of spedflc ifltorost groupssodi 
as ttw pdblie sehotds. We are 
admittedly felaiad heeanse we 
teel that the sdnoia are ttw 
most pdilic diatCToats. 

"Evidenee taidlealed that ttw 
property waAa (Haoa^on ia 
nd now avaUaUe to ttw pddie. 
There are mnoraigna ttiat would 
indieate that the park land aid 
City-owaed itreeta are nd pu- 
bUc prqperty. For persons hi- 
terested ia preserving piMie 
domain to private ose, many 
memb ers of th e oivoBittoehave 
demunatialed that ttwy are nd 
cppoMd to converting pddiedo- 
main to private we hy eoa- 
stnwtlag restraining falls and 
feneea on as mndi as 29 ffed 
of the pdiiie domain. Their ae- 
tions beUe ttwlr proooimce- 

Grads Sought 
For Reunion 

Gradiy High School's class d 
1956 will soon hoM its 19Hi 

AU graduates, or aqpooe 
having infOrmattoa ooao^ralng 
gradoitfes, d the Aniry, Jmw 
and Auguat gracnaooaa a ma 
are asked to call AUm Cope- 
land, S88-21K) or Jadde Baker, 

Aa to ttw qoeattoo d Owmed 
for ttw school, ttw reportstates, 
"It ia oootenpliM that hf 
1972 AlantoB, John B. Day and 
Uokhom Bark Schoda wiUha 
overloaded tg ^ stndoAs. At- 
tendaaee Ums have been re- 
peatedty dai^ed in order to 
relieve ovnerowded adwols. 
The game d 'nmAeal dnlrs' 
hBiran its coona: thiedattar 
•ehools are at eapadty enroll* 
meat and allittooal ftemttea 

As to aMemate adtool sitaa, 
ttw report says that one sog^ 
gastodtn Fort Story was dso 
unnitaMa to the oiipositfoB. 
Thdr JoggMtioa of a site be- 
teeea First Cohmld Road and 
Great Meek Road iamatm» 
to Ow School Admioiatrattoii 
heeanse its on la aottdpated 
im anottwr levd of adoeatton. 
In addlttoB it Is ad aow ownad 
hy ttw SdwolBQard. 

In ooadudfli^ Monte saM, 
"The Scbod Board has beea 
east te ttw fole of deatroyiag 
aatnrehy Mw uwMW B la ofttte 
proposed aehool oooatrodlfla. 
In Mrs. SUIs' Ml» of Nov. 
S, 1970, she asiB 'Mtyweagalii 
nrge flwt thiSehoolBoardwHh* 
draw from ttw toaM of ttw 
15 aeres teSiaahoraStatePark 
and allov ns to h^ iMlilldae 
natfoaalty its leiterdipiaeoiH^ 
aervaHflO.' Ia Utfil of ttw evi- 
denee, c u BC o ne aee with her 
reouest woaU ha at the ex- 
pense d the School Board's re- 
pataHoa for aerviag the bad 
iderest of ttw City at Biaimal 

After ^iraMBtettoMehool 
Board' BWBJWf %Mmt l4ft 
"VbUI I see evl- 
fli BBCe detertorattea 
of arsiB by s«ho<dB thmi I*va 
alreilr seen, I eaawt oppoae 


Vfl. Beach's New0sf t Mesf CoMffoft BOOK STOfff 

We Buy And Sell New A Used Books 
Over 1,000 Paperbacks In stock 
Many Hard Bound as Well 

Ciill 42S-1433 

11 A.M. to 7 P.M. 






V^mMa Bcflch Sun 

Thurtclqy, MovmNr 19, 19TO 

Bayside Marlins Are City Champions 


Hmm mnre sone dmMs kr 
tvMIe, InA 1^11 ttnt ttHdlr 
m ott Fritey at teyi^e 
a^mm, tte llarUas IhmI mI 

(Mm'i'^4»r4rJK*inpn4ne, but 
&ey dM bti rii^M flu lop 
rmg Id tteir brief ptd career: 
top team iB Viq^nta Beach. 

tt ai9tiiii«, Baydde's 20-14 
e^ over Oe We& was sym- 
liOlic itf ttM entire season— 
j^otebes of greatneas, a few 
T&s^ edges anl a narrow es- 
cape. The llarUns' 7-3 reading 
te a long way tiom the brdJc- 
efen marktiii^ most preseason 

B-side anastted Its 20 pcrints 
In the first hatf, then had to 
refy oe the defense in the closing 

mlBBlM «f Hm latl quarter to 
ml^ m imA, Dova 10^ at 
hM, XenpvMi MorMd b^ 
in tte HM ^wlar «ilh M 
pedals Qanmli'miPttAaU 
and JnUw Hn«a, 

The iterttnaefiMMW managed 
to beat back the Chl«b* last^ 
scoring attnnpt idtt o^ 1:39 
left, in tte game. Bagnlde's 
ctfMsive effort wais led by I^bqni 
Boha who sowed oaetMKhdown 
and teammlte Lnce Plats who 
added two more. 

Across town lACox, Princess 
Anne lodced less than brilliwt, 
but nevertheless managed to 
stop the battered Falcons by 
20-12. Kellam, stiU hi^ from 
last week's iqset over Gre^ 
Bridge, was un^le to stage a 




-The Bays id e band had something to toot 


"^tat performance and fell to 
First Colonial ^-14. 

It was a ho-hum pme fortte 
Cavaliers vrtio prcAttbly ted 
trouble gettingupfor the cellar- 
dvelttag Falcons. Too, PA ww 
wlthoat tte services of Jerry 
' McGrath, the Cavalier running 
bade who sparked the offense 
all year. 

Both Falcm TDs came on 
Alan Williams' passes. The 
sturdy Cox quarterback passed 
for 172 yards vtdle his runnii^ 
tacks accoui^ for only 62 

Tom Butts turned a short 
flat pass ioto^a 73.yai^ toudi-' 
down for ttie Cavaliers and Ken 
Ahles and Hobbs added a touch- 
down each. 

First Colonial gained 310 
yards on the ground in downing 
Kellam. Welton Cowell made 
two trips into the Kni^it end 
zone on runs of 6 and 12 yairds. 
Mike Wareing accounted for the 
other Pi^riot touchdown. 

After the Patriots' first 
touchdown in the second 
quarter, Kellam drove 60 yards 
in 10 plays with Robert Hochman 
plunging in on a two-yard dive. 
Tte oXber Kellam score came 
late in the game when Gerald 
Jackson took an eight-yard pass 
from Keith Reiger. 

First Colonial's Mike 
Branich ran for 95 yards, 
Clint(m Bradshaw got 93 and 
Wareing picked up 85. 






JBear Takes 
State Prize 

A VirgiMa Beach man has 
placed second in Uie bear com- 
petition of the Game Commis- 
sion's State Bit Game Trophy 

Ronald Syt)ers took second 
place with a Dismal Swamp 
bruin which scored a respec* 
table 27 points. 

First place went to Russell 
lAm of Elkton whose 581 -pound 
Slack bear lagged in Page 
Copty easity won.^he beur 
coiiu)etition witii ^ skull scoil 
of 30-6/8^ setting a mew state 
record. - 

Kempsvllle Back Kent Heintzelman gets 9ood support frorn his learn mates. 

1^ 2 ^ 





Drunk drivers bring families together. 
In hospital rooms and at fiinerals. 

Because that's where the drunk driver's victims wind up. 

Drunk drivers are involved in at least 25,000 deaths and 800,000 

crashes every year. 

And what can you do? 

Rmnember, the drunk driver, the abusive drinker, the problem drinker 
may be sick and need your help. 

Tte fest thing jou can do is get him oil the road. JhW his sake and yours. 

Do something. Write the National Safety Council, Dept. A, 425 Noi_ 
, Michigan Ai^., Chicago, Illinois, 60611. And your voice will be heard. 
IScrem Bloody Murder. 'lH^A* 

Advertiung contributed for tite puUic p>od. 


bacl< Joe Roenker closes In on Falcon ballcarrier Randy 



The fishlngseasdnisftrfiraiBh;^ 
ove^ for tboiK who live within 
driving range oftheCbesapeakie 
Bay B^dge-Tumel. 

Here, at tte mouth of the 
great Bay.OiithlrdAuiualWiii- 
teraattonal Striped Bass Deibf 
got underway Soaday. The con- 
test, whteH hu attrtetad mm 
Hittn 3,000 ttiltos la Its taA 
two years, wfUrunforsixve^ 
ttirougb Fri<lqr, De(»iiri)er 31. 

■nw teonMHBent's pwpoM is 
to luke peoide aware 01^ long 
after ftebing for lunter stripers 
is over In other sec^oos of 
the couhtit. Bm season is Just 
getting started in the w^rs of 
the ChMapeake Bay and in the 
AtUurtic Ocean off ttie Virginia 

Bounteries within which fi^ 
: must be caugjtt are between 
Uiese pdnts: Qie Maryland line 
on file North, Viri^nia-Nortti 
Carolina Uoe of me SouUi and 
fii^ Virginia portion <rf the 
Chesapeake Bay and its tribu- 

Troidiies will be awarded for 
tiie largest fish in each of three 
divislMis: men, women vbA Ju- 
nior (boys and girls 14 years 
of age and younpr). The (oumt^ 
ment, sponsored by WTAR-TV, 
is free to all entrants. Regis- 
tration forms are available at 
most of the marinas In file 
Virginia Beadi-Norfolk area. 

The largest fish taken during 
the tournament's two years was 
a SS-pouDder eangbt by Join 
Harlow of RldunoDd, in 19N. 
Experts feel ttiat the present 
state striper record of ^ lbs. 
8 oss. could be surpassed dur- 
ing this year's tournament 

Entry blanks and rules for 
the Wintemattmial Striped Bass 
Derby can bf obtained from the 
Tournament Director, WTAR- 
TV, 720 Bousb St., Norfolk, 
Virginia 234510. 


First Aid 

Whit yoa know tiMut a Eun 
can't hurt you, but what f^ 
don't know about a gun can 
UU you, said Paul Jacksbn, 
Safety Director, Tidewater 
Chapter, American Red Cross. 

Because of the dangers that 
accompany the sport, it Is im- 
portant, Jackson feels, that 
sportsmen, especially those 
new to the game, be aware 
of the hacarda involved, and 
know how to mintmlse them. 
He also said mat a gre^ many 
veteran himters have already 
equipped fiiemselves to help 
themselves and others in case 
of acddeirt, by taking a Red 
Cross first aid course. In fact 
many enthusiastic hunters 
serve as volunteer first aid 
Instructors for Red Cross. Be- 
cause so great a number of 
experienced huAers have 
learned the values of first aid 

training, Jackson recommends 
that anyone who plans to take 
^ himting as a hobby, take 
Red Cross first aid Instruc- 
tion first. 

The roost recent statistics 
show that In 37 states and se- 
ven Canadian Provinces, the 
casuaMles taidiided 400 dead and 
2,591 injured. Of these, seven 
percent were those mistakenfnr 
game; eleven percent stombled 
or feU vdiile carrying guns; 
trin*rs wUch caught on t for- 
eign objed aocouit^ Ua four 
point six parcel^, and loading 
or unloadUif guni represeptod 
five point six percent. Renovo 
Ing guns from vehicles ic- 
counted for Qnree point seiwn 

"Safe procedures in using 
gi^ and ottMT hse^ «q^ 
ment are n daoluto necessity 

Virginia Wesleyan 
Announces Schedule 

Virginia Wesleyan College 
has amtounced a 17-game sche- 
dule for the 1970-71 basketball 
season, eig|it home and nine 

«^^ ^ :.^^ — - ^ 

Ite college's Blue Marlins 
will compete ai^nst Christo- 
pher Newpturt College, George 
Mason College, Greeisboro 
CoHhCi LyncUbiffg Coltege, 
Madison Collet, Metludlst 
CoUege, Nortti Carolina W^- 
li^in College, St. Andrews 
Prert^rlan College aiKl Uni- 
ver^^ oi North Carolina ai 


Virginia Wesleyui is an asso- 
ciate number of The NatiomU 
Association of IMer-coUegfote 
AfiileUcs, Distri<* #29, and a 
jsenjber of the Dixie Intercol- 
legiat Athletic Conference. The 
D.I.A.C. Toumamert wiU be 
held at Nortti GaroUna Jlfes- 
leyan College, Penary 18-20. 

Tlie l»me garnet will eltter 
be held at Norfolk Academy 
(NA), Lake Taylor Hl^ School 
(LTHS) (H* at a Ipcrtio* yet 
to be announced ('x^. All gaoM 
will start at 8 i>.m. 

December 2 
De<»nd}er 5 
Deramber 8 
December 11 
December 12 
January 9 
January 11 
January 13 
Janiary 15 

in reducing acdideitfs, prevant- 
ing injury and saving lives*', 
says Paul JadcsoQ. 

North Carolina Wesleyan CoUege QiA) 
George Mason College (LTB^ 
Christopher Newport College mmf 
UJf.C. atGreendwro tway 
GreensboroCollege away 
George MttcmCoUege tway 

Christopber Newport College (NA) 
QreeMboro College Oo^ 

January 19 
jbBuary 23 

m. Andrews Pr^^erian CoUege 
North Carolina Wesleyan Coltege 


Febnary 15 
February 18-20 

Metho(Hst CoUege (NA) 
MethodtstCoUege m^ 
U.N.C. atGre«i8boro (HA) 
St Andrews CoUsge (HA) 
Lj^hl^Coltete cray 
D.l.A.C.Toumameitf ^ North Candtaa Was- 


»i«ir»*y, Nwimbtr If, If TO 

Virginia eeai^ Sun 


*Legal Notices 


In tbe Clerk's Office of the 
Clr4^t Court of Uie City <tf 
Vlrglata B<ach« on the ^Oth dby 
of October, 1970. 

Jtnette Whltaker Key, Plain- 

J^SIqr Gray Key, Defendant. 


lie object of this suit is 
for the said plaintift to ob- 
tain a (ttvorc^ a Vinculo matri- 
monii from tte said defendant, 
upon tte ptiunds of two yean 
seliaration of Ok parties. 

And as affidavit having teen 
matte and filed that the tle- 
fendant is not a resident of 
tile State of Virginia, the last 
known post office address telng:. 
Forsythe County Jail,Wlnson- 
Salem, North Carolina. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here wittiin 10 (ten) days 
after (hie publication hereof, and 
do «hat may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this suit. 
A ccw-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
David H. Adams, Atty. 
3115 Pacific Avenue' 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 
^___ 11-S-4T 












Tbe object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to (^tain an 
adJudiciUion that she has the 
right, under the will of C.W. 
Hartlove, deceased, to dispose 
(A tbe real estate devised there- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat tbe following 
defendants, if they be Uving, 
araJaot residents ^Dl the^ State 
of Virginia and that diligence 
1§8 teen use4tarai4,9n behalf 
(^jpe said [daiimB to ascertain 
in. what county or corporation 
they.groi wttbout effect, and that 
tte last known post office ad- 
dresses respectively of tte said 
defendsmts against whom pid)ll- 
caitioi^ is asked are as follows: 

Mary Virginia Dunton Jus- 
tice, Belle Haven, Virginia. 

Alice Dunton Balachi, Route 
»i. Box 222, Salem, Virginia. 

Bi^rtie I^mton Flemming,409 
Deep Creek Boulevard, Ports- 
molith, Vlrgtiita. 

Nellie Dunton Davis, Parks- 
ley, Virginia. 

Edgar Taylor, Suffolk, Vlr- 

Tteodore Taylor, Suffolk, 

Arthur Taylor, Suffolk Vir- 

EUzabeth Taylor Austtn, RFD 
#1, ^folk, Virginia. 

Stanley A. Taylor, RFD, 
Prince George County, Peters- 
burg, Virginia. 

And^ tdll (tf complaint stating 
ttiat ttiere are or may te per- 
sons Interested in tte subject 
to te disposed of, whose names 
are udcnown, and making Qiem 
parties defendant by tte gen- 
eral description of "parties 
uidEOown", and affidavit having 
been made and filed that ttey 
are utdcnown, su^ urimown par- 
ties Mt^ tte widow and teirs, 
devlse«i and successors in title 
d C.W. Hartlove, deceased, at 
Priocen Anne County, Virginia, 
who di«d May 16, 1947, and if 
any of tte foregdng named 
defendants te dead, tte widow, 
hdra and devisees wA succes- 
sors in title of item. ORDERED tbat tte said 
afowMflMd defentatt, if tb^ 
be ttvlag, and tte ntd penons 
made defendants by tte leneral 
desckiption of "parties lu- 
kBowa*' do«f»aniittilntaa(iO) 
iasft after (tae publicaticm at Ma 
iffder nd do what is necMsary 
to pn/ttd ttieir interest. 
A e(^-Teste: 

j:<^rtig Fruit, D.c; 
Grover C. Wriglit, Jr., Atty. 
SS08 PKlfic Aveime 
Virginia Beach, Virgiida 


* Legal Notices 


The object of tMs suit is 
for tie stid plaintiff to (4)- 
tain a divorce a idnculo matri- 
nonii ttom tte said defendant, 
upon tte grcwnds of desertion 
and abandoomeirt. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttet tte de- 
fendant Is not i resident of 
tte State of Tlrglhla,llie Ti^ 
known post office address being: 
9 Plymouth Avenue West, Gro- 
ton, Connecticut 06340. 

It is ordered tbi^ te do ap- 
pear tere wijthin 10 (ten) days 
after due pubUcaticm hereof, 
and do what may te necessary 
to protect his interest in this 


Marg^et W. Brugb, D.C. 
Coffman and Coffman, Attys. 
5172 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 


In tte Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach, on tte 26th day 
of Octoter, 1970. 

Gayle Ue Titus, Plaintiff,' 

Isiah Milton Titus, Defendant. 


The object of ttis suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
from tte said defendant, upon 
the grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit teving been 
made and filed that tte (tefen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, tte last known 
post office address being: 87 
Mansion Street, Poughkeepsie, 

It is ordered that te do ap- 
pear here; within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication tereof , and 
do what may te necessary to 
protect his iOierest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
WilUam H. Colona, Jr., Atty. 
1756 kasVia Road 
Virgiifla Beach, Virginia 



la tte Clerk's Offlee of tte 

tiiedt Court of tte City of 

Tlr^^ Bii^ OB tte tttdigr 

Jean Fraactt O'SuUivan, 

d«Hi» f rederickO'^ttvaB, 


In ihe Clerk's Office of the 
Circiflt Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach, on tte 23rd day 
of Octoter, 1970. 

Jerome Arthur Geso), Plain- 

Karen Ri^ Geseo, Defendant. 


The object ot this suit if for 
the said idaintiff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Vinculo Matrimcnii 
firpm tte said defendant, iqixm 
tiM grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, tte last known post 
office address telng: 4(^ Bate- 
man ^reet. Imperial Beach, 

It is ordered ttet she do ap- 
pear tere within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication tereof, and 
do wtet may te necessary to 
protect ter interest infills suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugft, D.C. 
WilUam H. Colona, Jr., Atty. 
1756 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 


In tte Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 23rd day 
of Octoter, 1970. 

•Janice R. Roterts, PlaiiAiff, 

George M. R(d)erts, Defen- 


Hie object ot tUs »it is for 
tte said {dainUff to ottidn a di- 
vorce A Mensa Et Ttero, later 
to te merged into a Divorce 
A Vinculo M^rimonii Irom file 
said defendant, upm Ute grounds 
ot c(»istructive desertion. 

And an ^Uavit teving been 
made and fited fbai ttie defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State oi Viri^a, tte last kiKJwn 
pMt olflice address b^ing: 362 
Tews, Drawer 78, c/o APO, 
&U1 Fraoidsa), CalU«fnla. 

It is cMTdend O^ te (k> ap- 
pear tere wittin 10 (teg) Oays 
after dte piAUcattcw tereof, 
and do wM may te neeenary 
to protect bis Interest in this 

A ca|iy-Te^: 

Jains R, Me KMiry.Alty. 
Bry^es, Brcylei 4 MeKenry 
Virginia Beuli,,TlrglMa 


* Legal Notices 


TAKE NOTICE that pursuant 
to tte terms of a certain Deed 
of Trust, executed by Edward 
G. Day and Patricia P. Day, 
husband and wife, dated January 
17, 1968, duly recorded in tte 
Clerk's Office of the Circuit 
Court of the City of Chesapeake, 
Vir|iida, in Deed Book 1504, at 
page 392, default having oc- 
curred in tte payment of tte 
note ttereby secured, and at 
the request of the holder of tte 
note so to do, the undersigned 
Trustee will sell at public 
auction to the highest bidder on 
on Friday, Novemter 27, 1970, 
at 10:00 a.m., on the steps in 
front of tte Circuit Court of die 
City of Chesapeake, Vir^nia, 
the following descrited pro- 
perty to-wit: 

All those two certain lots, 
pieces, or parcels of land, 
situate, lying and teing In tte 
City of Chesapeake, Virginia, 
and being known, numtered and 
designated as Lots Nine (9) 
and Eleven (ll),inBlockTliirty- 
six (36), Subdivision "F", of 
the property of tte Hampton 
Roads Land Corporation, known 
as Indian River Park, as shown 
on a certain plat thereof en- 
titled "Plat Showing Subdivis- 
ions A, B, C, D, E, F,G,H,I 
and J, Norfolk Highlands", duly 
recorded in tte Clerk's Office 
of tte Circuit Court of the City 
of Chesapeake, Virginia, inMap 
Book 17, at page 79. 

This property will te sold 
subject to a prior Deed of 
Trust, tte amount of which will 
te announced at tte time of 

A bidders deposit of $450.00 
will be required when jtSe po^ 
perty is sold and settletnent in 
full shall te made witbin 10 
days thereafter. 

TERMS^ Cash 


• n-19-2T 


In the Clerk's Office of tte 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach on 27th day of 
October, 4970. 


NEY BROWN, Respondents. 


THE OBJECT of this suit Is 
to obtain tte partition of tte 
following described property in 
one of tte modes prescribed 

ALL of ttiose certain lots, 
pieces, or parcels of land si- 
tuate, lying and teing in tte 
Lynnhaven Borough of tt» City 
of Virginia Beach. Virginia with 
the btdldings andimprovemente 
thereon teing more particularly 
designated as Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6, 
7,8, and 9 in Block 2 on ttet 
certain plat entttled "MAP OF 
BEACH BLVD." which plat is 
dated December 1927, was made 
by C. R. Mdntire Eng. and 
is recorded in tte Clerk's Of- 
fice of tte Circuit Court of die 
City of Virginia Beach, Virginia 
in Map Book 8 at page 43, 
reference to said plat teing 
tereby made for a more par- 
ticular description and locs^on 
of said property. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that tte re- 
spondents are not residents of 
tte State of Virginia, tteir last 
known addresses teing as fol- 
lows: Virginia Maxey Hirsch, 
2335 N. W. 22nd Street Apt. 
218, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; 
Margaret Maxey Johnson, 4305 
Ranchview Road, Fort Worth, 
Texas; and Susie Guerney 
Brown, 3406 Woodford Drive, 
ArUngtcm, Texas; it is (ordered 
that ttey do appear tere witUn 
ten (10) days after due publi- 
catioD tereof, and do wtiat may 
te Mcessary to protect tteir 
interest in tids suit. 
' A Coi^ Teste: 

by J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
W. Edward Hudgins, Jr., p. q. 
Attorney it Uw 
2625 Priiwess Amie Road 
Virginia Beadi, Virginia 23456 





Cadillac - 1970 Sedan de VlUe, 
white with black vinyl top, fully 
equipped, $6,000, owner, 499- 

Chrysler 1. 1967 Newport 2 dr., 
hardtop, air condittoned, power 
steering and brakes, by owner, 
call 497-0741. 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
cellant Condificm, 425 hp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597. 

Jaguar-7 montte old, 4 plus 
2 coupe, new car condition, 
air condittoned, stero tape, AM- 
FM radio, otter extras, $4,975. 

Pontiac - 1965, Bonneville, all 
power, air condittoned, AM-FM 
radio, new ttres $850. 425-8803. 

Rambler - 1962, nicely main- 
tained, $250 or test offer. 464- 

2678. V 

Triumph - 1965, TR-4, wire- 
wheels, radials, good top, $850. 

yolvo-1968, 144 S. ExceUeot, 
condition, going abroad. 486- 
3902 evenings. 

* Legal Notices 

i. Martin L. Swersky requesto 
a variance of 10 feet from 
required 30 feet to 20 feet front 
yard setteck and a variance 
of 6 feet from 10 feet to 4 feet 
side and rear yards setbacks 
of Uts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 
and 14, Block 2, Atlantic In- 
vestment Co., Inc., 16th Stireet. 
Lynnteven Borough. 

II. Richard I. Hanes requests 
a variance of 28 feet from,, 
required 75 feet to 47 feet led 
frontage and variance of ^146 
square feet from required 
10,000 square feet to 3,854 
square feet of part of Lot 15 
and Lot 16, G.L. Bonney Plat, 
89th Street. Lynnhaven Borou^. 

ffl. Powell & Huntley Inc. 
requests a variance of 4 feet 
from required 6 feet to 2 feet 
side yard setteck of Lots 5, 
7, and 9, Block 1, Central 
Park, Reef Court. Virginia 
Beach Borough. 

IV. Elsie Pa4)pas requests 
a variance of. 10 feet from 
required 30 feet to 20 feet front 
yard setteck of a parcel, Lef- 
fler Lane. Lynnhaven Borough. 

V. Ashton H. PuUy, Jr. re- 
qiKsts a variance of Section 
3-F, Motel-Hotel District, of 
Lot 6, Square 21, Hughes Plat, 
2101 Atlantic Avenue. Virginia 
Beach Borough. 

W.L. Towers 


Valiant - 1966 2 dr., standard, 
new tires $750 -. 464-5767. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
Crown Imperial, light blue, 
black vinyl hard tq;>, white lea- 
tter and blade satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptionally 
clean. $3,000, price firm. 425- 
7045. - — ■ 

1969 McKee 14' Cathedral Hull 
with 33 Evinrude Motw Long 
Trailer Complete. Ready to go. 
All accessories included, in 
water one season, excellent con- 
dition. $1100 Call 428-0541 or 


2S Mobile Itemct 
For Sale or Rent 

Conner - 1970, 12' x 60', 2 
bedroom, assume payments^ 
497-7366. - 

New Moon - 1969, 12' x 60', 
carpeted and furnished, A-1 
condition, $300 and take over 
payments. 497-6133. 

M Special Notloei 

If you teve it and don't want 
It, call: 

Used Furniture 1800 Monticello 


Part time bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done in my home or your 
office. Free pick iq> and <te- 
.livery. 420-5340. 

Babysitting in my Ucensed 
home, fenced yard, h(4-lttnctes. 
497-9998 . 



One room to a teuse full. No 

Jobioo smidl.^iAl: 


1800 Monticello 622-2102 

« Dreegmaktog— Sewi ng 

CUSTOM-Made Drapes & 
Sheers -Wwk guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies^ Hilltop Area. 
Ptene 428-0544. 

antee work. Phone 497-4628. 

S4 GnttWing— Rooftig 

— — I^eaks and Repairs 
All work guaranteed. 

Gutters and down spouts re- 
placed and roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteedk 
428-9464 : — — — —^-r— ^ 

36 Home Maintoiance 

Electrical Contractor 
Installation &. Repairs 
Free Estimates 427-1146 

M Burets eppottenM lei 

Train now to drive semi trud(, 
local and over tte toad. Diesel 
or gas; experience helpful tet, 
not necessary. You can earn 
over $4.50 per hour after short 
training. For interview and ap- 
plication, call 703-845-7033, or 
write Safety Dept., United Sy- 
stems, Inc., 3608 Camptell 
Avenue, Lynchburg, Vir^nia, 

■ ■ ■ ' " I ■ I I I x' ' ■'— 

Have opening for lady to sell 
Electrolux products in the Vir- 
ginia Beach area. Excellent op- 
portunity to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and tonuses. 
Interviews held at our office 
tetween 9 a.m. and noon, any- 
day this week. Ask for manager. 
Electrolux Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Business is buzzing and we need 
two experienced sales agents. 
kpply today. Call Tom Kane 
497-4851 Nights 340-1760. 
Grow with Realtors. Stohl Re- 
alty Corp. 

Women 18 and up wear and sell 
Swab Coventry Jewelry in your 
spare time, no investment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. - — ' « /::: 

In tile Clerk's Office of tiie 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 21st day 
of Octoter, 1970. 

Norman S. Allen and Linda 
D. Allen, Plaintiff, 
Stera Desip, Inc., Defendant. 
Tte object of this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to obtain 
a Decburatory Judgment and 
Temporary Injunction from tte 
said def^idant, upon ttie grounds 
of improper and unlawful action 
by and tetween thestock- 
teMers, directors and officers 
of Stereo Design, Inc. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and file^ttiat one of the 
defendants, WilUam E. Makris, 
is not a resident of the State 
of Vlri^nia, ttie last known post 
office address telng: 164 Fair- 
view Drive, New Martinsville, 
West Virginia. 

It is ordered ttiatte do appear 
tere witiiin 10(ten) days after- 
due pubUcatton tereof, and do 
wtet may te necessary to iffo- 
tect bis iiAensi in ttiis suit. 
A WW-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bmgit, D.C. 
^Up H. Myers, Atty. 
Suite 318, Bel Aire Bldg. 
1600 East Utile Creek Road 
Norfolk, Virginia 23518 


Tte Virginia Beach Zc^ng 
Brard oi Appeals will coodwA 
a PubUe HHiriag on Wednesday, 
Df«emter 2, 1970, at 8 P.M. 
in tte Madcipal Court Bidlding, 
upstairs owt room. City HaU, 
VlrglaU Beach, Virginia. Tte 
f(^wli« ^yUeattniB will ap- 
peal on tte ^nda. 


Minimum Charge $1.00 CONTIACT TIANSIT 

4 to 6 Unes 25? Une 30? Use 

7 to 14 Unes 20? line 28? Uoe 

15 or more Jlnes W? line 26? Une 
Di^lay A(^ $2.00 per inch 

Hous^ld furniture, 2 bed- 
rooms, living room, dlnnette 
set, refrig., color T.V. stereo 
420-7773 See at 6324 KndbUll 

Sales and service. Pronqit et- 
fictent repairs. Pldc up ud 
dfliyary, 'Phone 4 28'»tf 22, Fuel 
Feed andBufidingliup^i^, Inc. 

Antiques-New shipment Just ar- 
rived in time for Christmas 
giving. Eu-ly Porcelain, Hall- 
mark pewter, hand - wroi^t 
brass, con^r, signed paintings, 
auttentic Jewelry, Newel Post, 
7454 Tidewater Dr., Norfolk, 
off Express 64. Open 1-5 pim. 

Rowing Machine Exercisor - 
New, $15. 428-8239. 

■i TRAIN TO BE A ■■ 


Learn to operate BulMoters; 
Oraglints. Cranes. Scrapers, 
Loaders. Trenchers, etc., at 
our modern facility. A l)i|h- 
Mid career is ooen to ambi- 
tious men. Mm atac* Mimm. ru 

Universal Hoivy 
CMMlriiction ScliMli 
•Wt #BN-WJ 

imamthmt eriM 

Nirt*lk,Va. 23911 

Pteet: (763)583-5772 




A. gainst relnfest^oo, only 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid. 
Roa^es«at Sure IQU «ree<tt- 
ly, tten return to tMr nestf 
and die. Here ttese (toad 
roactes contaminate other 
roaches and eggs, and Ibey 
die, starting a chain reason 
ttiat wiU UU tiiem all. Sure 
KiU never wears oirt, yet sale 
to use, and has absolutely no 

Mfg. ii Dist. 
PgO^ox 1 Arvooia, Va., 


70 Dogs-Ort»-Other Pete^ - 

Boston Terrier - male, 7 weeks, 
registered, terms. 340-4609. 

Boston fpnier pups-sbote and 
wormed Tistered. 340-6070. 


Mlnlatare Setaauars Pvpiieii^ 
ears orqifM^ parnanenttiiote, 
wormed, wti»t uA temalti, 
wUl tokl for Christaas. i6k- 
6764. w 

PpodlM - small minifdure,r^- 
tetered, 9 weeks, $75. mk 

PO(^e Piqps - 2 notes, 11 
1 chocolate, AKC reg' 
temporary Aote $65,497-2971, 

Poodto -6mootts,blac|[iiil^ 
ature regisfered, wUl sell # 
$50 or wilt triie fbr a a| 
chihuahua. 497-SS61. ^ 

I ilM 

Poodle Pups-tOtek ndoiitm^ 
AKC registered, 9 m^ 
486-1348. - 

I I M il m 

Poodle8-4 small white toy % 
male, 8 weeks, diaii^oo ttogi 
Une, AKC registered, $1% 
425-8181. ' Q 

' *■■ 

vice. Bea^ and Poo(Qe •M2|)> 

Poodte Grooming ud Access-' 
ories, Cbaralane Poodte Rooia 
5689 Va. Beach Blfd.» l%p1o§ 
7:30 am - 6 pn fmaksfttftm 
Saturday, 420-I790. I^ 

BOOM$-io^ia> I 

m laeBs fir aMM - 

MarsliaU'i Hotel QtlbwdOeM 
One room Mdmcf $^ 
monttily $32.50 wteUy, Tm 
rooms $190aMaiidy$46we^i^ 
includes tdtUlttes, T. V. a^ 
maid service. 428-^1. ^ 
II ——»».».—<■» 

Room for rent, ftM^Mem to 
Lake Siiorit. Write In earetf 
tte Sun News or caU 464*3713 
after 1 p.m. z 

United rooms. MaM weankm 
I^, wi«k or monttu 206 SOBi 

. 3t. 

in Real Eatate Waatei 

— , I... iMlM 


u rman 



i^perd - Large boned, 
unusual color. 428- 


GROW YOUR own fruit. F^ee 
copy 48-page Planting Guide 
Catalog In color— offered by 
Virginia's largest growers of 
fruit trees, nut trees, terry 
idante, grape vines, landscaping 
plant nuiterial. Salespeople 
wanted. Waynesboro Nurseries- 
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980. 

Labrador puppies - 16 weeks, 
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or 49i(-l833. 

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gistered Yorkshire terrier. 

Propwty to sell or real, 
cUeots-vattliv. CaU USi^nm 

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for Site or tent 

Member of VlrginiaBeach ibd- 

tipte UstiBg V Service. 500 

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Cooper RMlty 

Wn PaeifteAve. 
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paint interior and exterior. 464- 

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ney Sweeping and fire place 
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ic Builders & Maintenance. Call 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us telp you witti tbat new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can furnish materials from 
basement to attic and aid you 
in financing. 
Phone: Kellam & Eaton, Inc. 
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TUTORING- Certified Teacher, 
Tutoring after school in ele- 
mentary subjects. 464-2681. 

Tteory, Repertoire 
James & Frances Morrisson 
Accessible from E^>ressw^, 
Va. Bch Blvd, First Colonial 
or Laskin Rd'. Ph 428-0587. 

to Work For You 



ComjDose your own classified ad 


la MM wwM 


Minimum Charge 1 .00 Und«r Four Llnw HO- cff weeks 

Z. ,' I Tn RITK 



Circle One 
12 345 TFN 

r/ / 

$1.00 %IM 

$U$ %lM 

_ $1.50 


5% discount If run 4 w««kt 




Rail It 

Vlffilili iMdi ,Vt. 2S4SI 

Virginia EkKichSun 

Thursday, Nwwnb^r 19, 1970 


Followed Touring Couple 

The Pincos' are glad to be horne^ 

It sorted out to be a fiirly 
roatiiie Mpb A tow of Uie 
nticaai ptHs. But four monUtt 
and 12,000 nOlMi later Mr* 
and Mrs. S^slaus Pli»»s ted 
doUnd up eooui^ adve^ure to 
last ttem aU|Btime....tlie7inr- 
rowly escaped a sniper's bullet 
in Wisconslo; experienced ttie 
tragedy of tlw roaring fires in 
CaUfortda; battled a sumner 
bUszard in Vbn Oregon forests; 
even wandered amnong ttie dino- 
saurs in Wyoming. 

The Vir^nla Beadi coiqde 
returned borne Friday for tbe 
first time since July, a bit 
fraywl aroiffld Oie edges but 
bubbling eothosiasticalty about 
tbeir never-to-be-forgotten 

"It all startedin Wisconsin,'*' 
Pincos said. "We should bave 
realised then it was goii« to 
be some trip." * 

Mrs. PineosiiraFdrivingwhen 
flie sniper's buU^ came throu{^ 
the front windshield. 

"We saw the man's arm res- 
ting on his car door as he 
drove toward us," Pincos said. 
"I wondered wl^ he was hold- 
ing a stick in his hand." 

The "stick" was a sawed- 
off shotgun. The sniper fired 
as be passed the Pincos' sta- 
tion wagon. 

"We saw a ball <tf fireiand 
I swear ttiit bolM ^emed to 
Ut the wlaMield in slow mo- 
Ifoo," mn. Pincos said, 
'"nude goota«98 it bK at an 
angle or I'd have pj^n It 

A M«K»ed driver, ttieVlr- 
'lllnia Iteach wonuui ^lanaged to 
keep calm suid bring Qie car 
safely to a stop. The wind- 
shield was shattered and tbey 
iwre sfurinkled with glass iHit 
thankful to be alive. 

"Police t(dd OS that about 
30 minutes before we came a- 
long, a nuui was fired at and 
completely demolished Ids ear 
when he ran <rff the road," 
Ptncos said. 

The dinosaur park in Wy- 
ombig was one of the most 
imusual things the couple saw. 
In flte wi^ <tf si^ts, Uiat ts. 
"People travel to Europe and 
elsewhere to see the si^its and 
we've got everything in this 
country you could ever dream 
of," Pincos noted. "Evengla^ 

And speaking of sights, tbe 
Pincos* were soniething to see 
themselves when they stopped 
in Yellowstone, each outfitted 
in western garb reminiscent of 
a Gene Audry movie. 

"People thought we were 

movie stars," Mrs. Pincos 
lau^M. "Theywouldn'tbeUeve 
m. Even el^ m t&t rarttto- 
gri«ta^ We finals showed them 
<m oar irttt Virginia Beach 
wrttton all over it and by the 
time «efot^<oughselIiBgawm 
on Virginia B^ch they were 

Hm California flr^ mus. 
experieiused to be i^^red^eu, 
ttie ^wiple siM. Th^ took 
movies c& ttie beurttftil fi»-«rt8 
and tbe expensive homes ia a 
canyon near Los Angeles. A 
few hours later ttiere was no- 
Mv^ left but smolderii^ coun- 
tryside. At San Diego itseimed 
as if. everytblBg was ablaze. 
"You can't ima^ the fear of 
those pet^e^" Pincos said. 

Mrs. Pincos was taken ill 
at San Diego and during her 
visit to the boMtal there tf», 
imt a family who had barely 
escaped the raging flames. The' 
15-year-old daughter' told the 
story: tiie heat became so in- 
tense from the oncoming fire 
that a trailer outside their 
home, where the grandmother 
Uved, exploded, setting all of 
tbe shrubbery and trees afire. 
The daughter and her parente 
(fate of the grandm(4her was 
never made known) jumped in 
ttie car to flee. The mother was 
already badly burned and the 

steerii^ trt>^ was so hot tte 
girl's lamb mn tarmd. The 
ear wodtt't Start. Witt only 
seeonds to i^Hre, tte mcrtor 
finals ttred and tte tmOj es- 
Ciped with tbeir Vves. 

Pia», a retfred Navy dvU 
ra^ieer, aiA be got ttM^Aod: 
of fi^ life iiten ttey dwdced 
into a motel in San Diego, 
switdied on televlstOD i^ found 
ttemMlvei irigirt 10 HH mMdle 
of a prc^ram on Moinl Trasb- 
more, Virginia Beadi's unique 
refuse disposal. 

"It was a groqp of aigtoeers 
discussing tte disposal pro- 
ject," Pincos said. "Tbey tob 
about bow it was done, hov 
juccessfbi it Ittd beeaand ben 
suibible it would be to otiier 
parts of file coohtry. I was 
sure proud (tf Viri^'nia Beach." 

The eidensive trip was more 
(ban Just a i«e^on. Pinoos 
plans to write an article on 
oallraal parioB and bcq^s to get 
a (legree in wlldlite and soil 
conservation ftom UCLA. Al- 
together they toured at least 
30 parks and speirt two weeioi 
in Yellowstone in tbe field with 
a ranger. 

He also plans to make upspma 
of Ids nravie^ of tbe trip into 
a film wbidi can be shown to 

service diis and sdwd 
Ipro^is. "The fo(4ap on tte 
firMi sboidd be somethii^ to 
see," Plpcos slid. 

If llln»s bad not Jrtrudc down 
Mrs. Pinos they woidd te,w 
covered 9,0W} oua'e milelbi- 
fore retundng to VirgMlia 
Beadu Bid alter an operation 
and five wedos in tbe hospital, 
doctors inadi^ she return 

"He Qier husband) has abeart 
ailment, too," she said, "joid 
^ doet(ffs wanted US to fly 
btdE botwe would bave nottdiif 
to do with that. We wouldn't 
bave ndssed tbe return trip for 
anytldag in ttie world." 

It was. Indeed, a summer to 
remember but the couple de- 
finitely agree there's no idaoe 
like home. 

"After touring to entire 
eoudry, I'll talw Vir^a any 
day," Pincos said. "Ite coun- 
trrls file p)rettt9st and ttie dri- 
vers are ttie most courteous. 
Yessir, there's no place like 
Virglnia...4uid especially Vir- 
gtnU Beach." 

Ai^ de^urtxMnt store Santa can tell you that 
kids think bw these days. And yeeterday's sugar 
phmm an today's sujmr toys. (With prices to match.) 

-^ Wlim^^ni have to worry «bo4^^JlMKiing 
Chrirtaias, tJien Christinas im't much fun. 

And that's rough. 

This is why F&M ... the bank dedicated to 
taking rough qpots out of life . . . vi^mts you to 
join our 1S71 Christmas Chih. 

Deposit any amount on a r^;u]ar bans. And 

next year we'll mail you a fat check to cover all 
your Christmas expenses. Then Christeias can be 
8n»x>th . . . and fun. The way it's supposed to be. 

You can open uq F&M Clusirtmas Ckb account 
at your nearest F&M o£Sce. 




A £ad-4inding committee of 
file Council of Civle Organ!- 
cations bas sit>miitod a report 
to flie ooundlbteldogthesdiool 
board in ite plaas to bdU an 
elementary sdiool at Seashore 
State Pari^ but U» oounctivetad — 
to table ttie proposal before 

Mrs. J. W. Sills and Mrs. 
Ralph Ramsey, delegates at ttie 
^ortt saiore (Svlc League, bad 
mrUer requested ttie coumdl 
to take a stand against con-, 
structlon (» state pti^erty but 
file council tabled tbe motton 
until a fact-finUng coiAnitte^ 
could investigate ttie issue. 

Gene RuminsM, a metnber of 
tt» four - man committee, said 
oonstnwttoD of ttie sdhbol at 
ttie park woukl be In "tte ba- 
lanced best interest tor &e en- 
tire coaamitf," His report 
noted ttiat Virglnta Beach would 
save an esttmated |1S0,000 in 
aoquisitton coste bjr using ttie 
park site. 

Hie committee's report 

■ —Hie IS-acre site proposed 
for constructtgn is not a unique 

—Tbe area is not a tdrd 
sancuatary because ttiere'snot 
enou^ food to support them. 

—Tlw dunes already have 
been riolaled, and any further 
violattM "is purely ac- 

—A master plan of ttie state 
park does not involve ttie site. 

Mrs. SiUs said sbe was M- 
tounded at ttie committee's re- 
oommendattoo and added, "if 
we have to, we'll go to coinrt." 

One metober df ttie investt- 
gati(H> team introduced a large 
bag of trash be pidced up at 
ttie park during anlnvestigidive 
trip. "Tbe site is a gattierlng 
place," Rumioskl said, "for 
Illegal and immtnral purposes." 




Miss Buchanan 
in Play 

Georgia Powell Budnnan, 
dan^r of Cdr. and Mrs. Alvin 
J. ^chanan, Jr., of OttbStreet, 
was an assistant stage manger 
t&t ttie Vassar CoIIh* Eqieri- 
meidal Theatre's recent pro- 
ducts of Aristopbanes' "Ly- 

Miss Budianan, a gnKbode 
of Amundale High Sdiool, An- 
aandale, is asqpbomore id Vas- 
sar. She is a member of tbe 
College Senate and of Owl and 
Torch, a gnnv of studente idio 
serve as gddes for campus 



MiMia eau. 


esosed by iBfluunaUoii 

Doetim haw fooad a aMdiea- 
tton tbit In laaiqr oMt gives 
pfOByst, temKiaxy Hiief nam 
pab and bura&tfMdi la beDi»- 
Aoidal tinoes. Tim it acta^ 
helps diriak eweOiac of tbeee 
ttames ewMd kv iBfiuaaatiiNB. 

No j^caoiiitiai to Beaded far 
PreparatloB R Oiatmeal or 

, Federidc J. Napolltano tea 
been named Cancer Crusade 
Cbatrinan Ibr fife Virginia BeicB 
Unit, Americaa Cineer Society, 

He wassetoetedby tbeCanoer 
Crusade Committee, all past 
Crusade Chairmen, conslsttng 
of Dr. Howard Kablb, Larry 
Sandlio, James Sadler, Bruce 

Horace Cistola, Unit Presi- 
dent introduced Nqwlttano to 
ttie Board of Directors. 

The new cnairman isaSenior 
Vice-President of Terry Cor- 
poratton of Virginia, builder 
and developers of tbe Pembroke 
area of Virginia Beach. Re 
is also a paiteer in Plabroke 
Square Assodates, ttiabuUders 
of Peoibroks lull Shopping 
Center. Napolltav is a Prind- 
pal of botti Pembroiw Realty 
and Insurance Agency, and Lyn 
C(^struction Corporation. 

Napolltano is atpresentvice- 
president of ttie National As- 
sociatton of Home Builders. 
He is a past president qf ttia 
TidewatwAssodattonofHoaie \ 
Builders, and Sdioiarddp '^ 
Foundatton. He is on ttie Board 
ofDIreetorscfbottiFirstNallo- ( 
nal Bank of Norfolk and First S 
CommoowMUb Insurance Cor- 

His interest in community 
life is shown by bis acttve 
partidpatton in ttie followi^ 
dvic organiadions: Board of 
Tnotees, St. Ibry's Infante' 
Hraie; Board of Directors of 
Virginia Beaeb Beauttficatton 
Committee; 4tti Degree, Knii^ 
of Coluttbus; Board of Direc- 
tors of VirgidaBeacb Chamber 
of Commerce; Member d Vir- 
ginia Advisory Legislate 
Committee; past President 
Men's Clid), Star of ttie Sea; 
Boaid of Directors Virginia 
Beacb Democratic Cli*. 

Boa Naptdlteno uid Ms vfUe, 
JaeqaeMne^ have tidcenaa acttve 
interMt in tt» Cancer Sodety 
over ttie la^ few yean, giving 
mndi of fiieir ttme to past 
Cancer Crusade. Tba 
N^wlitano's moved to Virginia 
B^Mdi over fifteen years ago. 
They presently live in Bira- 
ned[ Pdid. Iliey teve four 

soothing antissptic rslief for 




ytnmiA beach sun 

Vol. 1 No. 10 

November 19, 1970 






in a program held last Friday at Uie Military Circle Shopi^og Mall 
over 100,000 signatures of concerned citizens for American men 
in Viet Nam was presented to the four man delegation from Tide- 
water. MRS. DOROTHY MCDANIEL presents the petitions to MAYOR 


Upper left 

WALTER NOONA directs the Virginia Beach Civtc Chorus In 
preparatlM for their program of Christmas music which is to be 
presented at Princess Anne Hl(^ School on December 13th. Picture 
story page 2. 


Galilee Episcopal Church held their bazaar last week. These tturee 
pretty ladies decorated one of the bootiis of pretty decorations. 
They are: MRS. E.P. BARNETT, MRS. CARL aWELL. and BJRS, 
PORCHER GREGG. Additional pictures oo p^ 3. 

page 13 


pogea mmr Thtmmmfgi 19. im 


MR. NOONA wasn't satisfied but to an untrained ear, tl» lAotographer's, they sounded p>od. 




INSIGHT Thur«*w. Wo». 19, IMP P<»y 3 

Galilee Bazam 

Santt 'ClMA Is arrlvliig earlier every year. He came to GaUlee 
Episcoptl Clnircb's Annual Bazaar last week. CLAY 5, and TODD 
4, iOMi of MR. and MRS. J.M. UNDERWQQP g( Unkhorn Park, 
were tte first to greet Um on Ids arrival. 

The luncheon ^rved at ,the bazaar was a huge success and understandbly so— the food 
was delicious. After having lunch the IN SIGHT photograidier understood v^y six ladies 
from Tidewater Red Cross Headquarters in Norfolk had traveled to the Beach for lunch. 


If it aint 

forget it. 




mm wtmm II rtliii mmlkMt jgifrnmSXH 
rrtid ■■ffaifc ftr tNmbm, PUm A FREE 


Qjocfet DAIRIES 


Pag» 4 (NSIOHT Thurttfqy, Nw. 19, IWO 

Distributive Education District I Fqll RaUy 


mrineiptl «f KeUan ffigb ScBool. 

Floyd E. Kellam High School played host last week to the Disttlcti Fall Rally, Virginia Assodatiao 
IXstrlbutive EducatioQ Cltte of. America. Nine schools were represeirted, six from Virginia Beadi and 
three from Nansemond County, kellam won ui attendance plaque for having 88% of it's menfliers present. 
More ttian 600 menlters ot DEC A, their advisors uxl school board membera ^tended flie rally. 

HOWiS TNf riMi re BUf 

# Obttia 9ttiatttkm lor cliwn 
briag IbnMd to iktf |w n^' 
iMn to ■Mhi jfonr on 
ClirlatnM iltti a dMonttoM. 


The Best To You 
EQ€h Wook 

In Pi€furos 

VirsinVs Hobly & eraft 




We Repair Any thi/^f Sieeironie 


Hmm CiIIi $10. 


166 E Rosemont Rd. 


CHARLES HANBURY, Southern Area Vice President, installed the new 
officers of all nine ISCA clubs makii« up District I. 


At Shore Drive 


Color Specialists 

Sales and Serriee 

JH Yttn Bjcfwimf 




•Do It Tmnelt ChtUtnm iUm9 



INSIGHT Thuriday^JteV, 19, 1970 Page 5 


During refNgbneot ttme In the cafeteria these young ladies gathered for a GEORGE HUTCHIJIS, WALLY JORDAN "n^JISiS^-ni^^l^^ ^^^ POW-MIA peUtions at a. 
of Princess Anne. 

Fashion KolUes for Business Attire was presented by Cox DEC A members. Lomentary was 
by DEE DURKEE of Old Dominion University. 


NANCY WILUAMSON and GARY CASTLE were very helpful to the IN SIGHT 
plntograpber. They helped to set up grpup pictures, identified students, etc. 


The only Picture paper 
covering Virginia Heach 


Initio! Cleadout Service 
S7 this we«k onl" 
499 4719 


166'D Rosemont Road 



5% off 



•Free Lubrication 

•Tune up Speclol-- 

Plos Parte 

Install Plugs, Poii^, 
Condenser. Conydete 
Ei^ne Check Up & Road 
Tested $14.95 

General Motors 
Pormanent Anti-Fr— lo $2.75 o«l. 

Service Mgr. 


21 St. a Pacific Ave. Phono 428-2132 


-VT. ^f^^ffW^gyg^^^^^iJ^^- 

iv ' m'» ■ I II r M m ai iH i ■^ i^»w 



Pom 6 INSIGW Ttywwtey, No¥. 19. 1970 


Virpna Beach 
Elect D.E- 



ALEX KUPETZ, viee president; DEBBIE GRAEFF, reporter; JAKET KEE, c^ain; i 
president and LAURA KUHN, secretary - treasurer. 



. «''. 



JACK MC ELVEEN, president; TERRY BRANTLEY/ vice pwiMeflt; BECKY STUBBS. secretur: DEBBIE 
ROUGHTON, treasurer; SUSAN AGOLINl, reporter; RONNIE KALE, parUmentariao and MARK OSTRAND 
chaplain. ' 



BILL NEWSOME, president; CONNIE EDWARDS, vice president; MARY RHODES, treatnrer; BARBARA 
MC U)UD, reporter; MIKE SCHRIVER, parUmentaria^ anil BOB PALLETTE, sergeant at arms. 


(rougars, MimlegoM. Hlonlereys. 
Wagons and More!) ^ 




Over 0««kH>'s liiv«ict Cost! 



237S Vir^rffl iMcb IM. ^ LmMm lrM9*-^4t4IM 


INSIGHT Thurtiay, Nov; 19, I97D Pogt 7 



LEE KNIGHT, president; RICHARD DAVIS, vice president; JACQUEUNE 'JORDAN, secretary; KATHY 
MELTON, treasurer; REGINA PRICE, liistorian; DIANA TAKAHASHI, eiNplain and GARY CASTLE, 
"porter. _; .. 

• -.'Mi 




KENNY HNARD, president; KAREN PAINTER, vice president; TERESA TUCKER, secretary; CHARLENE 
SMITH, treasurer; GAIL POLHAMUS, tiistorian, MARK BARNES, reporter and RAY COLEY, photographer. 



All * 




PHOM 4«4.38ie 

MART Ali^OSE, prtsMaot; CATHY PAGE, vice president; JACK HOLLAND, rtporlar aad BOiBT 
lfABS(»t, psrUnMiittriaB. 

^^MT^-- ■-:. --^ 


Pqgte INSIGHT, Thurtdax^ Noy. !9, 1970 


Choreographer CHRISTOPHER BROWN of ttie Jero^CarJU Agency InNw Y«A dAV^/dE DEraSSIflLkR;KAYOW^^^ DONA ilC CLOUD, BKENDA 

was putttDg them thru their paces. Here practtdne a Rockett Une number are the MRS. HOOKER and SANDRA SAWTffiR with eras bhowm Mt^mL 


HOOKER and SANDRA SAWI^R with CRIS BROWN directing. 

Virginia Beach - Prihce$$Anne Jr. )l 

JANE SOOfTT. fMMTtl datrmaa of tte Follies, 

Doing the "Mermaid" number are, standing: BRENDA HOOKER, MARILYN DAYS 
and JANE FOXWELL. Seated is KAY OWENS, the aierm^ and oo floar are DIANE 





INSIGHT Thurtdoy, Nov. 19, I97D Pogtt 

Practicing one of the routines are MRS. MARTHA CLARKE, SANDRA SAWYER, JANE FOXWELL, DONA 

MRS. DONA MCCLOtn) and MRS. SANDRA SAWYER take a breather 
after a stremious wwk-out. 

Vamen Present 

$ $ 

Members of ttte Virginia 
Beach-PrincMS Anne Junior Wo- 
man's Clob had hoped to present 
their anmial follies in a fuAion 
of the famous Playboy Clubs. 
However, Hugh Hefner, despite 
much correspondence refused 
permission for the local cliA> 
to U9C^ the name or tiieme. 

The members responsible de- 
cided to go Just a Utile bit 
l)etter flian the Playboy tbeme 
and make it "beach playmates." 

The anpual fbllies will be pre- 
sented this Friday and Saturday 
at Oie Virginia Beach Dome. 
Maiqr housewives ani hu^^Mnds 
coitfribirte tbeir time and talents 
ea(^ year to this effort. And 
under the (ttrection ol a pro- 
(estfooal <firector and chcnreo- 
gri^r provided by ttie Jerome 
H. CargiU ProAicing Orgai^ia- 
tion io New Y«*1l Oe evening 
Is always deliijit^ and enter- 

Wtei tte pnctioe Mstfoft wm tmt ttw yoaig BM0m> ooUe^ed tteir dtfldren from tlie oorsery whidi 
«» iped^ provided inr tt» ewt. 

,».eJdM i i.K iiW i — LJ B HaiJ-l] ' Ml- 'Pg 


JO JMSIGHTThursctey, Nov. 19, 1170 

Minor League Champs 

Tto tnwball season has been over for some time now but since Uie Benevolent and Protective Order of 
Elks, Lodge 2268, was in tbe process of moving into tiieir nev home 9t 3522 Virginia B^di Boulevard it 
was Kcessiry to|»sQioiie some of their Tiinctlons. One cf tBese l^tponed Ibn^bns was held bst week 
in the new lodge hall. BPOE ^68 sponsors a Uttle League baseball team of 8 to 13 year old b(qrs known 
as tbe "ELKS" The Elks w<Mmd \xp the season with only «ie game lost, by a score of 1 - 0, to win the 
Minor League diampionship. Last week the lodge held an awards id^ for ttie team and pcMented ttiem 
with a trophy and each boy with an American flag. Shown here with their flags are: VALENI FELTON, 
award night diairman; CHARLES REICHA, team manager; GERALD VERDUN, exalted ruler; MIKE LA 


HousM Lttt Than 

$8 P«r Month 
Phoii* 340-6267 



Deli»«red Fulfy Equ«pp??^ '" N,.* ilk 



00 $ 



ToM ftkt $1149, S49 damn, SIK» la (inanci 
nwirtMr pbyNMfrttot $59, fcnanc* dtorgti S324. 
of coMtoci S2I24, onmioi p«f Mfltog* mtt 1 1.0>%. 


■BMBnM t UBW m-UL flMMMBiM M nmiMi 

flMffTflfT KMCi KMCMI fltt M HUtHKt tKUBt 
mnn: • NM tK MM • 4«M 1^ «MMai k»- 
MM • Mm MMM Mil Mill • MM Ipi Ml« qrta 

hMH* 11 ■*■»»«» MMt • MM ^ MNr 

• IMI* MMIH IIMM • M| MmTmm Mil • 4 
mttti IMV^MNMVII •MMl Mm • taMMMM 
Ml • Ms M« MW hMM Ml Ml 

Nnr Yun! 

You never know when you'll need tii.LP. 

Hospital and madicil costs art at an all time high 
... and still going up. You could be swallowed up 
financially . . . unless you have H.E.LP. it's the new 
plan of Health Expense Loss Protection that safe- 
guards you afsinst mammoth medical bills. Don't 
lake chances with your present benefits. They may 
be too old for today's heavy costs. 

If your protection is out of date 
You'll be thanWul you did. 

Ke*MHt -ixttcH 

Newr ftlM* lint Wt AMft fatiar ro fwy 

ne ri^iflirfiavinMMif In 



Be A Professional Hair Stylist 


Gr«du«t« of Robert Fi«n<t H«ir 
Dttign Intl. with Over 20 Yt«ri 

E«ptr!«nc« !n B««uty Culhir* 


• Appnvad VtMrMt AiaiflMnliM t 

Vocational Rohabillfation t V«. Dopt. 
School Board of Education 


••It i^4l »i « 

A Li&by'a Beauty School Diploma UYour Magic Carpet to a top $alaried ponition 
anywhere in the worUL Call or come in today for complete informatwn 


§88-1717 9305 Granby Street, Norfolk 588.7447 

(20 minntes from Vii^nia Beach via toll road) 

''Choose Your School With Care'' t 




INSIGHT Thuriday, Nov; 19, 1970 Pqgg II 

New Personnel Office Opens 

Call 428-2401 

Planning a party? 


Foods first 

Mademoiselle/Mark IV Personnel, Ltd. opened their second office 
last week, located on Virginia Beach Boulevard next door to GEICO. 
Looking on as Mayor DONALD RHODES officiated at the ribt)on 
manager of the firms two offices. The other location Is in the 
Golden Triangle, Norfolk. 


A Complete Selection of PARTY FOODS ] 


Bike Shop Destroyed 


Delicate Patty Shells 
Assorted Hors d' deouvres 
Assorted Cold Canapies 
Wing Ding Drumettes 
Barney Egg Rolls 

Swedish CocltairMeattalts 

Franks in Blanket 

Variety of small party Pizzas and 

Fizza Rolls 
Full Assortment of Crackers and 

Potato Chips 


Crab Fingers 
King Crab Legs 
King Crab Meat 
Fresh Backfin Crabmeat 
Fresh Special Crabmeat 
Peeled & Deveined Shrimp 

(asst. sizes) 
Jumbo Cooked Shrimp 
Frozen Jumbo Shrimp 
Variety of Fresh Fish 
Fresh Oysters & Clams 


Cooked Smithfield Ham 
Cooked Turkey Breast 
Cooked Roast Beef 
Boned & Rolled Turkey 


Frozen Daqueri Mix 
Frozen Whiskey Sour Mix 
Mrs. "T" Bloody Mary Mix 


Sharp or Blue Cheese Spreads 


Sweet Mixed Fancy Pickles 
Cocktail Olives 
Tomato Pieces 
Pickled Corn 
Hot Cherry Peppers 
Fancy Relishes 


Assorted Frozen Pastries 
Cream Puffs and Eclairs 


Plastic Glasses for Parties 
Fancy Peanuts of All Kinds 
Delicious Party Rolls 


Full line of Convenience Foods 
Ready to Heat and Serve 

All Items Available In Assorted Sizes 
Many ottier gala holiday party foods toa numerous to mention 


1224 Diamonil Springs Rd 

Phom 464-3554 Open Weekdays Til 6 PM and Saturdays Until Noon. 

Specialty Foods Division 

Off Northampton Blvd. Dridge Tunnel Rd. 
at R^ute Y and Vi Y Intenection 

A fire lart week destroyed tiie KempsviUe Bike Cei^r located at ttie 
inlersectloo of KempsviUe and Princess Anne Roads. The mornlog 
after Uk fire owner FRED PHILLIPS was loddng over the dtoiage to 
see what could he salvaged of Us business. PHILIiPS nys flat uijroDe 
1^ tad lay-aways or repairs at Kempsville Bike Center stould contact 
bin at Acre(ble Bilw Center. 


PcBt U J>BM?HT Thur«tw> Hw. 18^ WTO 

MRS. AUGUSTUS WALTON of Holland Road was raklBf letvea 
last week wten she lodced ap into a tree and saw something 
which she h»l never seen before. A, nei^bor, MR. C.I. 
SILER, identified the unusual si^it as a honeycomb which 
MR. WALTON'S bees had built there instead of In Ms Wve. 
The' WALTON'S now have a problem— how to get to Uie honey. 
The combs are approximately thirty feet up in a tree that 
will not suDDort a mans weifdit. 

MARSHALL "BUD" COPPEDGE is a fire and rescue dispatcher for ttw Virginia Beach Fire Department. 
Two years ago BUD started a new hobby, that of carving and paiirtlng decoys. He also collects decoys 
preferring to trade rather than buy or sell. BUD says it's a very relaxing hobby and It only takes him 
about four hours to carve, sand and paint a duck ^iecoy. , 





Presiding over the ceremoqr at Military Circle 
Mall was MRS. DOROTHY MCDANIEL, State Co- 
ordinator of POW-MIA Wives. At extreHevjeft Is 
TAYLOR JOHNSON, President of the VirgliiU : ^^ 
Exchange Club, who preMited a replica of a cagr 
such as the prisoners are confined to in Viet Nam. 
The delepi^on torn, Tidewater to present the pe- 
tition to the delegation to the Paris Peace Talks 
are MAYOR ROY B. MARTIN of Norfolk, MAYOR 
DONALD H. RHODES of Virginia Beach, BILL MI- 
TCHELL, student at ODU representing concerned 
youth and ED BRANDT, Metro Editor for the Vir- 
ginian Pilot. 


"Tidewater's Original 


Puific Ave. At ZSth St. 
ViifiBi* Beach 




151 E. Little Creek Rd. 
Wudi Cafner Ntrfolk 





Bu$ine$»men Lmtthmn tnm 954 up 


BmU Prim IMtm Jut. 

Speeied EHmmr fnm i.50 up 

For jmt DUdnt Ent^taiuMiit- 
Un OrgBB UmU by Urqr Hun 

Tkmtej, Friday. Sfttarday ud Snday ETeninga 



IMSiGHT Thurtdoy, Nov. 19, 197D Pcye 13 

First Colonial 

High School News 


OR . . . 


1. StartiD^ off In the inorn> 
ing, liu^ad of looking terrified, 
sliow autborlty and knowledge. 
A "Killer" look in your eyes 
will bave tbe Uds convinced 
you've be«i a substitute mai^ 
times before. 

2. Next, turn tbe bus radio 
dial to classical music. If it 
doesot piA tbe Uds to sleep, 
it will turn flieir breakfhst over 
in tbeir stomachs. Side or sleep- 
ing passengers don't cause 

3. Wbln everyone's stomadi 
bas adjusted and ttie sleepiness 
hu worn off, bit a few eorbs 
and strip some pars. Tbat will 
bring till kids to attention fbst. 

4. A sudden case of amnesia 

will explain tbe passing of de- 
signated bus stops. A long walk 
on a hot day is good for your 
passengers' constitutions. 

5. On the bus coming home, 
when everyone is excited and 
talkative and tbe students think 
tbeir substitute bus driver has 
done everything possible to shake 
litem up, dm't relax. The kids 
will talm advantage of you. In- 
stead, hit tbe gas, sUde bto tbe 
other lane Just barely missing 
some cars. Hearts in tbeir 
tlircits ttiey'll watch you make 
dramatic recovery, give you 
three dieers, and the next time 
you sidbstitute, welcome you back 

a hero Or better yet, maybe 

ttiey'll walk home from school. 


The DriU Team has added new 
color to our field during half- 
tine. Tbey spent three mcntlm 
raising $700 to buy their twenty 
flags. Captains, SanDee Garett 
and Barbara Lasas spent maiqr 
days learning how to manuever 
the flags. 

It is impressive to see the 
team twirl twenty of these seven- 
foot flags. It may look simple, 
but when there's a strong wind, 
it's something else! 



"lUs clt«>....(Egg) is very 
nearly perfe^...members are 
all cracked and hard-boiled.... 
good dean fun." 
Good Hou8eco(ving 

Untuned like ttie reviews, Egg 
Inc. is open to anyone interested 
in film making and its related 

Being led Uiis year Iqr presi- 
deirt Bill Myere, vice-president, 
secretary Katty H^lmer, trea- 
surer Soott Myers, 'Egg* bc^MS 
to make as many Aims as pos- 

This year, as last, it plans 
to sponsor the Original Film Fes- 
tival. This festival "encourages 
any^individual, or group, to make 
a film of aiqr length, site, or 
topic to enter in ttls festival... 
prizes and ftune aiwtled", says 
Miss Widman, sponsor of Egg 

Last year's winning film 
SCHOOL, made by Egg Inc., was 
sent to an amateur fim eootert 
being held by Kodak. (No lesatta 
yet, we'U keep you posted.) 

EtfHor M. Cowlney Reporter* 

%es.Edttor K. Oucfcatt J. Hootn 

Sforu tfwtor J. Hooln $. WalkM- 

LoyOui A Owy ey J. Jaa n l np 

B. Bwter K. Aickiilt 



Patriots Pounce Lake Taylor 
First Colonial Patriots played 
heads-up football in the Lake 
Taylor game at Metropolitan Sta- 

Halfback Welton Cowell scored 
one touchdown on a six-yard 
run, and fullback Clinton Brad- 
shaw scored on a one -yard nm 
after long drives downfield, lead- 
ing the Pats to a 14-0 victory. 
The score could have been twice 
as bad for Lake Taylor, but 

fumbles in tbe first quarter killed 
two Patriot drives; one at tte 
Titan 30, and another at tbe Titan 
one-half yard line. 

Patriot defense, led by Tommy 
Sofield, Leonard Berry, and 
Butch Fiore, held the Titans to 
only 88 yards niching and 64 
yards passing. 

Eight of the 2400 students who 
eagerly persue knowledge are ex- 
periendng their first year \n a 
school foreign to their own. 
Frandsco and Alberto Juarez 
are from Argentina, Sakai Mika 
is from Japan, Marc Gosselein 
and Daniel Mairiaux are from 
Belguim. and Mal inda Sia's 
former iume was in tbe Pbil- 

To be in a free country, Meet! 
TlMrsen misses many of her per- 
sonal freedone. Meeti comes 
from Denmark where you are 

able to express yourself freely 
in the way you dress. "I feel 
that First Colonial's student- 
teacher . relationship suffers 
greatly because of ite strlck 
rules." The majority of ttte 
foreign students has the sam^ 
complaints as Meeti has about 
ihe Dress Code. However, tfaey^ 
all like the early dismisal hours 
and the quality of our text books. 
Markku Sewel, from Finland, 
kept saying over and over, "It's 
an O.K. school!" We agree. We'i 

Leading in the Sdiool-widel 
iCandy sale as d November ISthl 
■are: Alaboo Cason, EarlSlattum,| 
JBob Warren, Darlene Koch, Ken- 
Ine'tha Miller, Sharon Black, | 
1 Larry Woodhouse, Patrlda Par- 
Iker. Mark Verneav. Val Burns. I 


Enrollment Forces Shifts 

Tbe ineretting number of stu- 
dents enrolled at First Colonial 
presented tbe serious fxMam 
of overcrowding. It's solution was 
tbe 8tagieredsbiltoreigbt4»lls. 
Junion, seniorB, and 50% ofthe 
sopbmores u« on Oie first ^dft 
with eigbtfa, ^nth, and tbe other 
teolb graderi on file second. 
This system frees nni^ class- 
rooms (hirii^ ttM first and last 
two bells. It also ettmHiates 'Ite 
need tot more portable dan- 

TUs is not to say, boiraver, 
that it is the most ideal slt- 
oatUm, Severtf new pnblems 
have arisen siaoe its introdne- 
tion. Tbe cyatem eUadaatas 
Home Room i^ait dMi tfCMia 
oould be dteewsed and Study 
Hailf widen bsftt stodaiii wko 
aeetf llMm. Stadeatsparttdpli^ 
in iadooor sports m^ also be 
ineoBvetleBoad br lata pneltsa« 
koara. f aoallir and adudaiitti- 

tton are faced with mote seriow 
problems. Witboot Home Room, 
iMendanoe records make extra, 
work. Also, transportation bad 
to be arranged for both diifls. 

Tte sy^m appears to be 
working well desi^te inconveni- 
ences. SouM perttoent comments 
on it are: 

Mr. Bowyer: "Tbe eigfat-beU 
system works quite well. It meets 
our needs and aooemplisbesfbat 
tbe seventt-beU system is sup- 
posed to do." 

Steve West: "It's rough on 
some peopte, but generally it's 
pretty food." 

SoniQr BoOer: "T like tbe eigfat- 
beU system because it gives you 
it» ehdoe tt taking an extra 
Mbject if yon want, and first 
shift ettdi at two o'dodc" 

Clayiea Bnbeit: "I tUiik tt 
ia a madi bstlMr system ttin 
ite six-ten, eapedalfy lor aE. 

RusseU JenningB: "I get to 
school later but I get home later,, 
so it kind <rf equals out." 

Mary Moore: "I thinkitstiidB 
when you bave/buid practice 
from four to sixi" 

BUI Wbesdors: "I like it te- 
cause you get out 80 early and 
you don't have all that wasted 

Courtney Coffman: "It's good. 
I have second shift and I get 
to watdi Captain Kangaroo in ttie 

James ^atrin: "If s too eom- 
idicated. It oonAaes me." 

Gary Pelton: "tt gives me 
more tiipe to be with my mofiier. 
By tte way, what was flist about 
a party at 6&id street?" 

Craig Erictooa: "Tjii, I'm te 

anyttdng me 



of ttlUayaar 

tHw 14 IWSIOHT Thur»dw. N0». 18. WTO 

Free Lecture on Christian Science 









The First Cinreii of Chriit ScinUst wlU 
prestnt OTTO BER'TOCHI, C^.B. of Zturidl, 
Svitnrliuid in •' ITm tectart oo CliriittaD 
Sdciioe iflttttod "The Sdoifllc BreiktkrtN«h 
Id ReligloD" tX dgM o'elock, TtandayevenlBf, 
Novenber IMb, at Frmk W. Cos Rt|h School. 


The First Cburch of Christ, Scientist, at 209 
20th Street, is holding a Christmas Open House. 
MRS. FRANCES BOYKIN shotws visitors, MR. 
& MRS. FRED MOORE, some Christmas cards. 

,,»• J 

' ''• '"jJ™ 









MRS. SMITH Y. HUGHES looks at a ttook 
vhdb MRS. GILBERT H. WILSON recomnMnto 
in the dnrdi Imdinf library. 

iNnniw Men MBRBQ^f qf M Bncn fUidiWK uipora^ 

p i jM i riMn of Ite \finiM Bwh Sun 

Qofdon B. MK^mNi Mmmqw 

3106 Pactfc Awa*. Mim Bndi, Wi. 23«1 




^ftftoHT f Nfr iMteiv H&i. n, Wnr Pag« l¥ 


As An Introduction to our new 

We e kly^FictoTrat^ Y oU M a y 

Subscribe to 

Wl. BEACH INSIGHT WbbUy Phtorkl 




JlwVA. Bim Sun _ 

^ Jtui^Y 5.20 Q fur 

Both For One Year For Only $5.00 



aip And Mail Tlw Introductory Coupon Bolow 




EncloMd Chock or MonoyOrdor AndRotumto- 

P.O. Bex 657 
VIrflnia Botch, Va. 




We'd like you to meet 
AtlonHc Permanent s 

Championship Team . • • 


Thomas J. Chqiel 

Attt. Vice Prekldmt 

Mgr. Churchiand Office 

P.D. RIchord 
iwlgr. Indian River Rd. Office 

Ronnie 0. Davie 
Mgr. Virginio Peach Office 

Henry J. Jones 
Asst. Secretary 

Donoid 0. Davis 
Mgr. Great Bridge Office 


. . . these are the people who formulated the policies 
and programs that have made Atlantic Permanent 
Tidewater's most progressive, most popular lend- 
ing and savings institution. 

K^liem^^im loan association 

IIOIfOU-741 l«di SMi Hue M/KNtTSMOimi-STM W|h St/VIRGINIA lUCN 144 



liver Ieeini0li«7-54U 

RICHMOND, VA. 23219 



.r^ jaaHE' 

1 NOV Hm W 

•< Ok,* 


45th Year 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Wednesday, November 24, 1970 

telephone 428-2-101 

10 cents 

^its At 

A Virginia Beach dentist, re- 
presenting the Tidewater Com- 
munity College Tuesday lashed 
out at Uie state's lack of sup- 
port qf a community college 
lor this resort city and sug- 
|i[^ed Camp Pendleton as a 
temporary site for such a fa- 

Dr. J. , Henry McCoy Jr., 
vide chairman of the college's 
Boiurd of Trustees, said "We 
would like to see the college 
at least get started in our 
dty and we feel that the tem- 
porary quarters at Camp Pen- 
dleton for two to three years 
at the most would be ideal." 
^'Camp Pendletoh has been in 
tile midst of much controversy 
lately since early reports in- 
dicate that the Governor's Ma- 
nagement Study Group will re- 
commend that the predomin- 
antly state-owned military re- 
servation be released for sale 
for $1 million. The complete 
study is scheduled to be re- 
raised next week. 

POW Rescue 
Attempts Praised 
Here By Officials 

The camp, used for summer 
training for Army Reserve units 
and Naval amphilAous exer- 
d$es, is the preference of the 
Jrjistees because of its available 

"Camp Pendleton, as is, 
could provide about one block 
ci oM barrados, renovated a^ 
a :nii|ilmum eiqiense, wUdi 

honors from the American Red Cross went 
out Tuesday for two Virginia Beach men 
who rescued a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, man last 
October from the waters of the Atlantic In 
the face ofa strong rip tide and heavy seas/ 
John Roper III, representing the Red Cross, 
presented citations to Edward PankowskI 
and Robert Newman In a brief ceremony at 
ttte |*4«fi^we1g4n Ladyi^ Al^ihe are^ntation in 

Bravery Re^ogBpei 

front were PuWic Information Officer 
Frank L. Creasy, City Councilman Robert 
H. Cajlls Jr., Roper, PankowskI and New- 
man. After the ce re m ony, the two were 
asked if they'd like to repeat the feat but 
in view of the brisk 24 degree weather. 
It's understandable that they were reluc- 



Richmond FirmTiy 



The dty's $204,000 ad- 
vertising contract for tourism 
and industrial development 
Monday was awarded to the 
Ridimond advertising firm of 
Brand and Edmonds Associates. 

After seeing a 45-mlnute pre- 
. sentation by the firm's various 
media representatives. City 
Man^r Roger M. Scott ap- 
prbv^ the spedally-appointed 
adverttstng Jury's selection. 

Scott said the dty would start 
to work Immediately with the 
firm to get the contracts signed 
vbA shortly begin the actual 
vork at hand. 

llie firm's selection came 
after City Council a{^inted an 
dg^t-man advet-tising jury to 
view the applications of 13 a- 
gencles who expressed an in- 
terest in the contract. 

Following idtial screening 




City Council Monday z^ 
proved the appointment of R. 
Bradshaw Pulley to the Board 
of Trustees of tte Tldeiirater 
Community College, repladng 
Dr. Clarence Holland. 

The appointment fills the 
three positions allocated to the 
dty. Pulley will serve for three 

Coundl also an)roved. the 
aiq)dntment of former coundl- 
mab G. Pewey Simmons to ^ 
Sotheastem Virginia Plaradng"* 
District Commission. The sin- 
gle negative vote was from 
Cotmcilman F. Reld Ervin. 

Ervln said tiie position should 
have been filled by a coun- 
dlman or aiK^her "hi^ rank- 
ing member of tte adminis- 

Coundl also approved Mrs. 
Peter A. Agelesto III, Braden 
Vawleventer Jr., V. Adm. Rey- 
nold D. Hogle and Edwin C. 
"^Kelllm as members of tl» 
Bottrd of Trustees of the Vir- 
ginia Beach Museum of Art. 
\ In dter iH)ddn»nts, Coim- 

^Ann'oved tlw nomiiatioD of 
Dr. Claren(» C. Holland to 
serve as a member of tte ex- 
ecutive committM of tbeSmitti- 
MStern Vir0da1Xstrict Plan- 
ing Comodssi«u 

*Apnvved tte a^poidmeirtaf 
City Mtaiger Roger U, Seott 
Is IN (^ FooM CMBPdtee. 

the jury selected Ballard, 
Lawler and Little, Martin & 
Woitz, and Brand and Edmonds 
Associates to make the final 
45-minute presentations. 

Monday that presentation was 
repeated by Cecil Edmonds, 
the firm's president, and key 
agency executives. 

Media Director Bob Barrett 
told the gathering of City 
Coundlmen and members of the 
jury that the development of 
Virginia Beach's account was 
an example of advertising by 

He said the firm based its 
campaign on data collected 
through two independent 
studies, as well as information 
the agency had developed for 
the state. 

That information, he said 
showed that: 

•Vacationers view the dty 
as a beach for younger people, 
but more for families. 

•58 per cent think of the dty 
as having modern mcrfels, with 
betier than one-third thinking 
of them as average. . 

•Think ttiat prices at Vir- 
ginia Beach are average. 

•The pec^le of Virginia Beach 
are friendUer than elsewhere 
in Virginia. 

•Consider the dty equally a^ 
ordinary and exciting. "^ 

•Seven out of ten think the 
restaurants and entertainment 
as average. 

•Almost three out of five 
think it a plac^ for a short 

Barreti said that based on Qie 
findings of the market research 
report, the agency adopted 
"Virginia Beach... one more 
day is wondered" as the cam- 
palp theme. 

'nuit theme, he said, wold 
be followed through the entire 
program and demonstrated 
several radio advertising q)ots 
carrying the theme. 

He said the theme would be 
used to increase the stays of 
visitors, who spend 5.1 days in 
ttie state but (mly a week-end 
in V^r^da Beach. 

Barrett iwited titat there iwre, 
several points VbaX had to be 
a)nsidered as objectives for 
the caro{aip. In tourism and 
travle, ttey are: 

•EiAend the two and a NUf 
day average visitor stay. 

•CaiMtalite on adjacent at- 
tractions to iMlude a sti^ in 
ttie dty and see more. 

•Extend the 100-day snscm 
into prc^table weeks btfwe 
and after (te SMsra. 

^Mdi new peojrfe in WMre 
key treu wbo tre pc^itftl 


In terms of industrial de- 
velopment, Barrett said the 
phrase used to catch the subjed 
would be "Combine good living 
with a good place to work." 
That is an objective, he said, 
as well as a slogan, along with 
a means to show sophisticated 
approaches to industrial de- 

Edmonds said the firm can- 
vased 27 firms listed in For- 
tune magazines' top 500 cor- 
porations as to ^y they would 
locate in a given area, and that 
the biggest reason was the labor 
market, along with considera- 
tions for transportation and 
other factors. 

He said dties often approach 
the problem with information 
that is outdated the minute it's 
published. Edmonds suggested 

tiiat the dty begin to use com- 
putorized and personalized re- 
sponses to firms interested in 
the area, giving them updated 
and immediate information. 

"What we're proposing is 
definitely a. merdiandlsing gi- 
mmick," Edmonds, said, "but 
we think it will work well. 

"We believe, too, that tou- 
rism advertising has to be gea- 
red to merchandising, with spe- 
dtic events and specific book- 
lets for the people". 

Edmonds said the purpose 
of the advertising is to give 
people a reason for coming. 
In that vein, the (irm told the 
dty it should consider holding 
special weekends for specific 
regions, providing spedid rates 
and coupon booklets for dis- 
counts while here. , 

Already, the Arm has drawn 
up a plan for the dty of Balti- 
more , asking Baltimpreans 
"to remember, the fun starts 
in Virginia Beach May 9th," 
offering them special advan- 
tages. i 

Howard Packett, the agency's 
executive vice president, said 
the firm has arranged with a 
cosmetics company to provide 
sun tan lotion with each res- 
ponse for information. 

Along with that, he said, tiiere 
are other gimmicks such as 
butions, brochures, press kits 
and special methods for attrac- 

(See 'Sell' p. 8) 


First District Congressman 
Thomas N. Downing Jr. said 
Tuesday the fruitless Amerdan 
commando raid November 21 
into Noi ♦h Vietnam in search of 
Amerdan prisoners was a posi- 
tive move and should be re- 
peated if possible. 

"I heartily approve of the 
attempted rescue," he said. 
"My only regret is that the 
intelligence was faulty. If we 
can develop new intelligence 
which we can believe, I say 
we should try it again." 

He said the action itself 
proved the feasibility of such 
a mission, noting thisLt it was 
accomplished without a 

"I had advocated action like 
this almost a year ago after a 
detailed interview with an 
"^Iflcer who had escaped from 
the Vietcong," Downing said in 
a telephone interview. 

He said it was important, 
in li^t of the raid, for the 
enemy to lau)w that "we want 
our men hohie. It is importaift 
for the world to know that we 
protest the actions of the North 
Vietnamese in refusing to honor 
the Geneva Convention." 

Downing said he talked at 
length with numbers of wives 
whose husbands are either held 
as prisoners of war or listed 
as missing In action in Sodh- 
esist Asia by the Department of 
Defense. "They agreed ttte 
action was worthwhile," he 

The women feel that it's worth 
rundng the risk, Dowdng add- 
ed, when the possibility that 
the men can be freed and gotten 
jme*^ is cwjsidered. 

Four women from Virgida 
Beach were in Washington 
Tuesday pressing for action 
in gaimng the release and im- 
proved treatment of the pri- 
soners, which is required under 
the Geneva Convention Dowdng 
referred to. North Vietnam is 
a signatory of the Convention. 

A member d the recent POW- 
MIA mission to Paris, Mayor 
Donald H. Rhodes, said the 

raid into North Vietnam would 
not have an adverse affect on 
the negotiations for prisoner 
treatment and release. 

He said he was glad to know 
that offidally the Udted States 
was "obviously concerned 
enough about the prisoners of 
war to attempt a raid into 
North Vietnam." 

Had they been successful, the 
whole nation would be ap- 
plauding their efforts." Rhodes 
said. "Personally, I am nd 
prepared to crittdze their ef- 

Saturday dght's raid on a 
POW camp at Sontay, just 20 
miles west of the port d Hai- 
phong, turned up negative re- 
sults when the commandos 
landed in a vacated camp. 

trip because the missloii vent 
to talk witti the Nortti 
Vietnamese on an inttvidBtl 
basis, e]q>res8ing concern of 
dher individual dttzens here. 

That issue is separate from 
tiie politics d the war, he nid. 

"Irrespective <A the pdlttci 
involved, we were still witMB 
our ri^ts in seeking proper 
treatment for the prisoners. 
It shouldn't have any atfed at 
all," Rhodes said. 

Mrs. W. M. Tscbudy, ttie 
wife of a Navy navigator teld 
by the North Vietnamese for flva 
and a half years, said ite iMf 
glad to hear of tiie ndaatoM. 
"We are all gratefttl to Ite 
volunteers who risked tlielr 
lives for huntadtarian rea- 
son," she said. 

"But it's Just too looQ to 
make any comment of iditther 

According to an Assodated ^ ^gg ^ ^^ move," idie said* 
Press dory frgin^joutLYiJ^ . .MEverytting'*^^ J^ 4M»^ «ih 

^m, the fdds were neitlwr 
the tirst into North Vietnam nor 
Qie first' such attempt to re- 
scue prisoners. 

According to the AP, none 
d tiie release attempts have 
been successful, that fact at- 
tributed to fadty intelligence, 
simple mistakes and security 

Rhodes said he shared the 
concern d oters who tUnk tite 
raids might, be de^nmtal to 
the best interests of the pri- 
soaers d war, "bd I Mtk 
we can cnrercome ai^ adverse 
affecbsr tiiat this mi^t cause." 

He said the raids would nd 
have any affect on the reced 


Business ...3 


Deatiis 8 






Women .6-.7 


}^n. Tschudy said sbe would 
be hedtan^ to trmt even ber 
own judgemed in tiie matter, 
since she didn't teve aU tti 
informatitm ^ hand aafl vantod 
to lei tilings settle, tooth in her 
mind and idenatioutUjr. 

PTA Council 
Baekfl Si^^ 
For School 

The Virgida Beach Copdl 
d Parent Teacher Atsodilioi^ 
^reiMresenttng 12,239 Iqr tteir 
November meeting adcvtadOie 
following resoluttoa by imud- 
mous vote and direct«l ttMt it 
be sent to Gov. linwoodHt^tob: 
_"A sdMwl is iMll; Mtdl^ 
in ttie Nortti Virginia Beaeb 
area, and we feel it should be 
bdlt on ttie site Insed to tte 
City tor ^itr pu^Me^ in tte 
northeast section of Seashore 
State Park." 

"Trustii^ you wiU taki no 
stqps to revoke or rertrld 
tt» lease as now drawn, I re- 
main sincerely, Mrs. C. E. 
Hitchcoek, Jr., president d ttie 
Virgida Beach Council d 

Tree Project Is 
Now Tiger's Tail 

Mrs.Rd)ertSteinmetz has a 
tiger by the tail and doesn't 
qdte know what to do with 

At a recent meeting of the 
Home Demonstration Club she 
mentioned an article she had 
read in a national home im- 
provement magazine concern- 
ing the saving of newspapers 
to. help conservation and pol- 

"For every ton of paper ^rtiich 
is recycled, 17 trees are saved 
from being cd down," Mrs. 
Steimetz e]q>lained. "Trees 

P.O. Plans 

Post office will observe reg- 
ular hidida^ schedules on 
Ttanksfiving Day, Thursday, 
Nov. 26. 

Mail will be pid^ tq) ti-om 
d^iosit pointe » Mrmii holi- 
day scheddes and processed 
for (Mit^>ing diqiatdi, but tere 
will be no regular window or 
delivery servt<^. 

Special delivery service will 
be available, and post offl<% 
lobblM in Virgida Beach will 
be («>en toe nalidepc^t, %f&^^s 
In todc httfm aaA porduoe d 
rtu^ from ^^ttaes. 

help purify our air, so the more 
we can save, the better off 
we all are." 

Her Home Demonstration 
Club was impressed with the 
project so Mrs. Steimetz de- 
dded to try a community drive 
to see what reaction it would 

The residents of Thalia, Tha- 
lia Village and Birchwood were 
asked to bundle their old news- 
papers and put them out on 
the street for the Udon Mission 
to pidc up. 

Most of the notifi.cation was 
through church bdletins and by 
word of modh. There was 
very UtUe publidty. Yet, over 
(HW ton of p^r awaited the 
mission trucks when they came 

Now .Mrs. Steimetz is getting 
calls ft'om interested conserva- 
tiomsts asking when the next 
pick-up will be. 

''T%ered€fidtely is an faiter- 
est," she said. "But I am 
only one perscut. I om't take 
on a conservation and pollu- 
tion project for ttie entire dty, 
no matter how d^cat«! I am 
to the cause." 

The great ttdng abod this 
particular project, sIm sdd, is 
ttat it doesn't c(st anyone a 
eed. It (toes make mamy f<u- 
^ charitable orgadzattcns 
whidi collect te pipers bd 

^ 'Tdl' p. S) 

Heavy line i nd I cates section to be improved. 

Newtown Road Hearing Mon. 

A location aiKl design public 
hearing to discuss proposed 
improvejnents to Newtown 
Road,^ a Norfolk-VirgidABeadL. 
boundary street, will be held 
at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the 
Point of View Elementary 
School auditoriunu 

The Virginia Department of 
Highways, in announdng plans 
for ttie public hearing, said that 
a representative of the depart- 
ment will have noaps, drawii^ 
and other pertinent idormation 
available for viewing by in- 
terested persons from 3 until 
7 i^m. Ml the day d the hear- 
ing at tte Pdd d Vtew SdKwl. 

The representative will be 
there to answer whatever ques- 
tions interested citizens may 
juute^dor^ the hearing. 

This idormation is also a- 
vallable for public inspecticm 
and copying at the Department 
of Highways.distrid office, lo- 
cated on US 460 just north d 
Suffolk; at tiie department's 
Norfolk residency office, lo- 
cated at the intersection d US 
13 and VA 168 in the dty of 
Chesapeake; in tte c^ce of the 
Director of Commudty Ser- 
vices for Virgida Beach; and 
in the offlcw d the Director 
d PubUc Works. Norfolk. 


Under present pn^iosals, 

0.45 d a mile d Newtown Road 
between Virgida Beach Bou- 
levard (US «J) aaUte ^r- 
gida Beach-Norfolk Eqa-ess- 
way (VA 44) would te recwi- 
structed ido a four-lane, di- 
vided fadUty with a 15-fod 
raised median. The r<ad is now 
a two-lane thrMgt^ire. Tte 
project plai£ also wwld pro- 
vide for ourbs and pitteis Ind 

' If aniroved u Maimed, tte 
rc^dws^ would tte in nM ^ 
tov-laae facility ab«a#b 
{dace tetw^Kev^svlIk Itoid 

and Stcny Pdd Road. 

Written stitenw^ m^ otter 
e^Uts relatiTO to ttw jn^ 
I»sed prop} m^'Kriraiitti 
in plaee d, orin adMtts tk~ 
oral statemedB d tte iMrtag, 
Sick wi^ea afateawiite atitt* 
UUts ffiiqr also te w te U ted 
to tte DepartsKStdag^iQw 
any time idttbi 10 (bqn tJOm* 

M tt]te 
pdtte teartag. 




Vlrglniq Paa^^w 

Vt«km^Y> rtoywibflr 25, 1970 

An Out-of-the-Ordinary Exhibit for Unusual Gifts 

C^tor— tfBi|lwt1nn»-t qmb- 
MMMtt<» MmMd to pQ»ite 
«^teiMil la ttl a^ MAMt 
eeaiiitartiM Inii tiMit p«- 
li^ In Um m^iw exUUt of 
«li ul erafif bov m ifls- 
1^ ^te vnUfi Gilton^ 

EV9l'|tttl( frOB iind VWM 
pOM^KWlo IMCTt il lt Vrilklllf> 

bifi to npe tioMirart fill fb» 
lE^pitjr ro(«, flirir trray of 
e^or tttf 4Mtp tdttaf a Ut 
of tanlfB Unmr toflii nttUt. 
Miitoi^ Slorfii^ Grtek. 

Tht mriDt ineml tBiteex- 
mittn tfet •Marti of mnberf 
of Ihft Ctnaie DNtf pier's A«- 
•oci^«> aad Om Tldtwater 

tlttn ire om 3W pieees 
OB liq)^, «lutt IdAc^ly fai- 
iMOaiA to it* wOTknuMAlii. 

(X pirtfciAv iBlerei^ ire 
tlw k>yety will lu^faci, lod 
la Ml froaplai Join Gitffi^i 
tatrlH are owhrtamtlng. Tbe 
ej^-^tdiera we tte naoitaie 
Rooad EI|M la its eoaqiUoaM 
deiAga, ite Square , Brmai la 
Ite laiter lad tte tiadertn^) 
vovea luui0n( bi aatama eokm 
vUdi nixes nidi matertili 
IS henM?, rope, |am fiveid, 
etOi into pore delight. Her work 
la macrame is exe^obally 

Marine Lcmc also lias a de- 
ttgUM wnwB watt tUHmtac in 
greas and fidd iadTv«iBe£«- 
Usui syai»ltM8 today's free- 
Sflrtted flMleiiisirM her space 
tam^ai, a i^edal fnrorlte of 
ttisrwriever. . 

In woven work lUss Utfean 
also Utatu in lier very thsh- 
io^Ue poB^os ml Pat Ober- 
hottir's Greek reve»itde vest 
and tw) hanflM^, taodvoven 
«^ macrame, yAU surely 
lieise tte taoA critical among 
tbe ^WflBHyitisriflnw . 

Tlie woven murk, iafiut.pre- 
doaiflates ftis exhiliitj even 
ttKMgl fkt lurray <a onUts is 
eideaslve. Hie carved polisbed 

wood is iater^l^ W. onfy 
funnel Brtelteiise's glcutic 
Hover and AM or tvo of Ids 
mnsiirooms ire irtfy outsteid- 
ing. Most di it is is^tty muA 
roatine, in stibje^ matter 
(birdi, turtles, etc) if not in 
vorkfflttidiip. The sanie is true 
<d tte itoBevare and p(»'eelain. 
It Is pr^ and «)|<^ble, Ijot 
fev plecM dnw you tiadc for 
a second look. 

The seuUitee work <tf Betty 
Ki|^ are doiAde>look items, 
ho«ever...Jier three Adam It- 
gurM and that of ^. Fraads 

Aaott^ very iVecial feature 
ol ttiis 9Mm are the hand- 
carved diddmers, 4-striBg 
teardrop-and hour i^ass 
shaped instrumi^, t^ Gewge 
Hea^dosoo. And, oi couse, 
Lester Knorr's outstandiag tile 
'^galade" q;iread over eight 
panels is qpite inlque. 

There are so many inter- 
esting—and martetidl)le— items 
in ttds eaddbtt it seems n^r 
a shaiM 1o ttndt thetr recog- 
oittoa. There ere many poten- 
tial Christmas gifts <m display, 
truly different ^fte tot those 
who eajoy tte mit-of-tbe or- 
dimry. The dww will close 
Tuesdiy night to mike way fw 
tte minerals and gem show 
which will open on December 
6. It will he well worth a 
few minutes during this holi- 
day week-end to drop by the 
Villige Gallery and see ttiese 
unusual pieces of arts and 

-Ruby Jean PhilUpi 

St. Francis by 
Betty Kight. 

'Being ^^ 

Is Topic 

"Being Yourself' will he ttie 
sid)Ject d a lecture % Wwtt 
Kidd at the Asao d atloo far 
RMeardi and Enlii^meirf,67tt 
Street and Atlantle Avenue on 
Frid^, De^mber 4tt at 8 p.m. 

Kidd is on ttK staff of tbe 
AModatton, working at a nat- 
ional level irttt studbr grmips. 

(ta Saturday, PeeeoiberSttit 
8 p.m. FredridE Oaiddson, Ph. 
D. will talk on "The Balanced 

Dr. Davldmn is assodate 
prttfessw lathe lldntire School 
of Business, Udverslty of Vir- 
glda, also associated witt the 
Sdiool of Arddtecture. He is 
a meinber of the A.R.E. Board 
of Itostees. 

On Sunday, December 6tt at 
3:30 P.DU Charles Thomas Cay- 
oe. Ph. D. wiU talk on "Ed^ur 
Cayce Ccmcepto aa Child Rea- 
ring in ttie Family." Dr. Cayce 
Is a psychologiirtspedalidngin 
work Witt diihbren. 

Ponchos by Yvonne Laf^an. 

*Our Town* At Kellam 


Virginia Beach 'Astrologer 
Raymond Williams will hold 
introductory classes in astro- 

The classes will be held on 
Tuesday nights mi run for 
10 weeks. 

RegistratiMi may be made 
Witt Williams by calUng 

% PubUshad waaUyj by tjwl! 
Baoch Publishing jCorpolra- 
tion, 3108 Pacific Avenue, 
Virginia Beach. VirgMW^^ 
23451. Second ciats postage 
paid at Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia. Annual subscription 
rota by mail telephone 
703-428-2401 and carrier 
$5.20; sir^ie copy IOC. .Ad- 
vertising rates upon request. 
Member of the Virginia 
Press AssocicRion. 

Try Outis 



The Virginia Beadi little 
Theatre will hold try-oute tor 
the Arthur Miller dasite 
"Deatt-^ a Saleanan" Moi^ 
dtr uid To^iday at 8' p»m*'ia 
the Bay flatour Cldb of the 
WhlteHiroB Motel. ^"^ - 

Director for the drama will 
^ Sam HaUm. The cast calls 
for eif^t men and five women 
of ages ranging between 20 
aiM) SO. 

The play will be presented 
in the Virginia Beach high 
schools in' evening perfor- 
Tinattoes lot ttree week-ends 
and win end ttie run witt six 
performances at the Bay Har- 
bour Clvb, 

TAKE ¥nf AB 




Gene Cousin and Terr I Brennen rehearses scene from **Our Town". 

The ThorntoD Wilder epic 
"Our Town" wlU be presetted 
at Kellam High School Decem- 
ber 4-5 at 8 p.m. 

. It will be presented by the 
Kellam Drama CliA> and tte 

JCellam Chapter of the Inter- 
natiooal Thesplans.Diredor 
win be Miss Rhett Pridgen. 
The east of 17 indudes tte 
loUowli^leid role performers: 
Jerry Johnscn, Gene Cousin, 
terri Brenmn, Cathy Perkins, 
CIvUrCtevWfDdMe Alderman 


''Our Town" revolvei around 
Ibe idmetliwS quaint, some- 
times tooddiv, sometimes aj£- 
using hi^pei^ags in tte wm 
of Grover's C(»tiers, New Ham- 
pshire In the period 1901-1913. 

Art Guild 
Seeks Members 

Chesapeate Art -Guild is hav- 
ixig a membership drive.' Ar- 
tiste or ttose who wish to be- 
come patrons are welcoim. 

The next morning will be 
from nooa to 2 p.m. Dec. 1 
at tte College ParklnformatlcHi 
Center. For information call 
Mrs. BartNura Fentress id 420- 
3596 or Bill Summerlin at 420- 

.({ THHTBf 

25tt A atlamhc 


Features 2-4:30.7-9:30 


^ ^ ^ ^ Highest Rating!" 

^ ^ ^ ^ -N.Y.DMyMn 

Taylor Elected 


A HovMitt W. Koch 


Produdion Starling 





David Taylor of Virginia 
Beach has been elected i^resi- 
dent of the Alpha Psi Omega 
at the University of Teimessee 
at Martin, Term. 

He is the son of Mr.andlflrs. 
Billy C. Infield, 3902 Brent- 
wood, and is a Junior majorii^ 
in liberal arte at the university. 



Baaed kvantwIiMialPliyOnAaMr Day Mou Cm See ForiMr 

tobNewliart/Lany Oyden/Simon Oakland/Jack Mi^iolson and John nitwdso 
MuscbyaurtonUna ScfaenplayandLyrialiyAlanj^Umar PraduoedbyHowantw^i 

OkadedbyVineaniaMinnaK MuaicAirangsdandCanducMbyNalaonlMIe 
'»a¥iikrfTedinicoteANiiweuWWclure't i--AI Aflat Adri«»dQan^ 

IBgrt ii* mum vm mm en n n eii * mm ' 




The »tft Hl^viy ConmlscloR vlikH to advlst (let a 
Locatton and Dislp PuWc HtartBg «1U bt beMbyin- 
pretMiUaive o( On DipartnMl of tt|h«ais on Moitrtmr 
30, 1970, at 7:30 pi.m., la Ite Pdal of Vim Etenmtery 
School AudttortuB loeatatf at S400 Parhawnl Wn, ^r- 
iJola Bcadi. Vl^iia, for tte purpoae of eonridertiig tte 
tropoeed tocadoa tad dtslpi of Nevtova Road iroB (^m 
mile nortt of Ite latertwttoa e( VirHau Beadi Toll Ifawd 
(Route 44) to 0.011 mile aooib «( Ite Irimedloo of Vir- 
i^Dta Beach Botdevard (Rode M) la Ok Ctttes of VatUk 
uA Virilala Beach. IMa teartig vlUte teldla aoeordMoe 
with State and Federal ateMMu IndMv irorialflM ef 
Sectioe 128 ofTttle 23 . Higlnrva, Uriled Stiiee Code, Hd 
Policy aad Proeedwr MemNraadua »•<. 

Maps, (brnlBga lad ottir pMHiMttalorBattoaire avail- 
able for piMic taape^oe aad eovflag bi Ite Departneot 
(rf Hl#n9» Oslriel OfBee at Sa^Ut, VIrgMa, loeaM 
00 Route 4W Juat BorOi of SHiatt, la tte O^artaMl <( 
mfinvn, Norfolk Itoaldeaey Ottoe, leatod at Ite latw- 
aeedoR ef ItoHM IS aad 1« bi tte Cl^r olCteaapeate, 
ta tte oOloe of tte Ureetor sf Cmmmk^ Bwlets itar 
tte City <rf VirgWa Beadi ad to tte oillM of Ite DIreelor 
of Ptf«c Wote for tte aiy of HotfoBu A lemeeidHlw 
ef tte Departawnl of RlfteMya «tU have IMs taionMHea 
avaiMUe la tte Petal of Vtow EtoaMWtery Sdnri iUril- 
torinn fron 3KM i>.ib. to 7KI0 p^BL oe Novetiter 30, IffTO, 
tor vieidag by iaiereatod parsoWa 

Kiima i trt e nanta at a l ter ^ahttUa retettve to tte 
propoaed pnjeet mqr te preaiwd e d la ^aee of, mt to 
addlttoe to. oral •tateamis «l tte teailag. teh vrittoa 
itAtmata tafl mtom aay dao te aAadttod to Ite Tlr- 
glida Departaeat of U^noff at My ttme vSttla ton dan 
MIovtag aaid pdUe lnit% dite. 

At tito loGittfle aad deilp p*Uc teariag, reloeatloa 
M^ataaet pragraaa aad ^mUBm acteMea far right 
of way ao^Mttoe Md eaestnidlea lUl dtoo te I 

State Highway Commlttion of Virginia 
Douglas B. Fugate, Chairrtian 

^.'.(■V^Hflt*" Thomas R. Glass 

W. Frtd Duckworth Rufus T. Halpston 
LeRoy Eakin, Jr. Douglas G. JaniMy 
Earl A. Fitzpakrlefc Robert S. Wtavar, Jr. 


Wednesday, November 25, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Po0« 3 

Caring for the elderly is a growing bwach business 

Wlwn onptnrtiMty knocked od 
Homer CinmiDi^iam's door four 
years a|o, tie made tq? (lUii miiid 
|,to one ^Aag. He wasn't going 
to let tiiat knock take Mm away 
from Virgfaiia Beach. 

Becanse of Mb resolutioo, 
today the resort dly is head-' 
qutrters for a muiti- million 
dollar nursing home operation 
that extends as far S<Nith as 
Florida as tu north as Ulinds 
and as far west as Colorado. 
The tastefully decorated 
offices housing Medic-Home 
Enterprises Inc. are located in 
(he newly constructed Colony 
BuiUttng on Virginia Beadi 
Boulevard and will be formal^ 
(Vened ttiis afternoon by a 
limited group of invited guests. 
There are presently some 15 
pecqile worUiig here in the ad- 
ministrative end of ttie 
(VeraUoQ and Cunningham says 
thai five more or so will som 
by added. The statt increased 
considerably three weeks ago 
ilien tiie entire offices in 
Florida, where ttw heavlst oon- 
centration d nursing homes Is 
located, were consolidated into 
the Virginit Beadi offices. 

The over -all personnel 
employed by Mecttc-Home En- 
terprises would be almost im- 
possible to tally. There are 24 
fadlities, over 3,400 beds, 
throughout Virginia, Florida, 
North Carolina, New Jersey, 
New York, Ohio, Colorado and 
Illinois. Handling ^ mammoth 
Job of supervising this wide- 
- spread operatiori places great 

Cunningham grabs a breather from his busy 

demands onCunningham'sttme. 
Last year he flew over 75,000 
miles and is away from his 
family mudi of the time. But 
mcorii^ the offices away from 
Viri^nia Beach, perhaps to 
Florida or New York, is "out 

of the question," he said. 

"1 seriously thought about 
going to Florida," Cunningham 
said, "because of the con- 
venience. And the president, 
who has offices in New York, 
would like for me to move \xp 

. -JR." ■> 



^re. But 1 could never leave 
Viri^nia Beadi. TUs is where 
we are gdng to stay." 

TliiS devotion to his dty per- 
h^is dates back to his real 
estate days vlien, with con- 
siderable foresight, he located 
his offices very near the area 
ttiat is now the Plaza Shopping 
Center. At that time, of course, 
it was pretty barren... Con- 
vient neitter to the resort or 
to Norfolk. 

'•Other naUors to lau^ at 
me for locating so far from 
everything," he said. "But I'd 
point out Ml a map that ttiat 
location was the geognqphlcal 
center of Virgida Beach and 
that sooner or later that's where 
Oie develcqmwd would be." 

It was ttiis kind of foresight 
that prompted that knock four 
years ago. 

Two men from New York who 
were involved in a national 
nursing home (deration sought 
Cunnln^tam's services in 
locating bdhttng sites in Vir- 
ginia, ^e became more and 
more involved in the business 
until, finally in 1967, be disolved 
his real estate firm and became 
vice president of Medic-Home 
Enterprises, Inc. 

There is no question but what 
it is a very lucrative business. 
The firm last year deposited 
over $8 million in local banks. 
And Cuhdngham has some 
theories as to why more and 
more elderly pe<^le are placed 
ui^er nursing care. 

"It's the change in our sodal 
habits," he e^^Mned. "In the 
past most families stayed close 
to each other, they raised large 
families in big homes and the 
elderly were cared for by their 

"Today it's a different story 
entirely. We have more elderly 
because ttie great strides made 
in medidne have extended the 
life span. Families scatter at 
an early age, the homes are 
-smitHer and there is justHoeH 
way to provide for the older 
members of the family when 
they can no longer care for 

And it is at this point that 
Medic -Hom^ steps in. They 
^ovide modern, well equipped 
fadlitlM for the care of the 
•Id^E^. Chie of the homes is in 
Virginia Beach, Just offVir- 
jglhaia Beach Boulevard near 
Birchwood Gardens. It is so 

modern in design and decor that 
few people even realize it is a 
nursing home. 

Making patiente happy is one 
of the main purposes of Medic- 
Home facility. And it is one d 
the reasons why this is one d 
Viri^da Beadi's most growing 

Holiday Job 
Course Set 

The Distributive Education 
Service of the Virginia Beach 
City Public Schools is dfering 
a spedal ten-hour, four-day 
course of instruction to per- 
sons who wish to increase their 
diances of obtaidng employ- 
ment for the holiday season. 

Emphasis is being placed on 
tile practical aspects of seeking 
employment, such as dress, 
grooming, what the employer 
expects from employees, and 
how to apply for the Job. A 
certificate d completion will 
be given to each satisfactory 
enroUee at the end dttie course. 

Several local merchants have 
indicated that tiie average per- 
son who has never held a Jd) 
or has been od of the labor 
market for some time could 
benefit greatly by taking advan- 
tage d this onmrtunity to in- 
crease their Job-seeking skill. 

Classes will be held at Sea- 
tack Community Ceder on 
Birdnedc Road for four even- 
ings '.from 7-9:30 on November 
30 throu^ December 3. There 
will be no cost for this pre- 
employment course. 

Interested persons may en- 
roll l^ calling 427-4574. Seats 
will be reserved by name on 
a first come first served basis. 

Mrs. Zella wrote the thick manual in the foreground. 

She teaches what she 
learned the hard way 

Integim Dividends Due 

I n t e g n Corporation direc- 
tors today announced approval 
d a regular 5 cents a share 
quarterly dividend paydde De- 
cember 18 to shareholders d 
record Deceniber 4. 

This- year's operating earn- 
ings through September, an- 
nounced recently, were up 16.3% 
over the same period d 1969. 

Mrs. Virgida Zella is a 
Jack-of-all-trades and master 
of them all in ttie nursing pro- 
fesdon....a registered nurse, 
a hospital admidstrator, a 
traldng officer, a gubernatorial 
^pointee, you name it. 

Because of this outstanding 
background In her chosen field, 
Mrs. Zella now heads a po- 
werful training program, for 
Medic-Home Ederprlseft, Inc. 

Seated behind her desk in her 
very plush Colony Bdlding d- 
fice, the attractive traldng d- 
-=ficer sets up programs fbr 21 
nursing hodes to better pre- 
pare personnel in nursing, 
dietary and housekeeping prac- 

With 30 years d nursing be- 
hind her, Oiere really isn't 
much about tiie prdession Mrs. 
Zella doesn't know. And her Job 
to^ is sharing this exper- 
ience-learned knowledge wltti 
select leaders in each at Vbe 

nursing homes operated by 
Medic-Home. She has even 
written a voluminous manual 
covering every phase d nurs- 
ing home care as a gddeUne 
for her trainees. 

Before Jddng Medic-Home, 
Mrs. Zella headed the Nurs- 
ing Home Inqirovement Pro- 
gram for ttie Virginia Healtti 
Department She was recently 
appointed t^ Governor HdtoD 
to the State license Board for 
Nursing Home Admidstrators. 
The traldng she Insttlls in 
ttie personnel is far from the 
correct wty^ servr iHUi; 
mdce beds and fluff pillows. 
Mrs. Zella's instruction ranges 
from tiie proper public relations 
attttude d ttie jadtor to con- 
cocting colorful and flavorfd 
party foods for the patieds' 

ttie ioM^ornnce d keeping ttie 
"The patirat may have been 

« banker, a doctor, a comimi- 
dty leader and we don't wad 
to take his digdty away from 
him Just because he is feeUe 
and can no longer care for 
himself," she expUioed. "We 
want to keep him as indepen- 
dent as possible." 

She also trdns the ft^iUty 
personnel, especially the ac- 
ttvittes director which eidi 
homr has, in ways taketpte 
pattents ocoqied. 

"We f^ant to keep ttiem up 
aod moving as mudi as pos- 
sible/ 1^ are d)le to do this 
witti perinps 80 to 90 per ced 
d ttie patteds. Mealtima is a 
social hour, (me d the higb- 
U|^ d tbdr day, aod here 
we strws good nutrittdu We 
also give ttwm pbydcal therapy 
to ^ep^t^r b(4lea active, 
a Me pai^Nach mooaAf ttwfie 
^Ota lave hirflidays «M other 
sodal idlvittes to ke^ ttidr 
minds active." 

Richard White, right, didn't even fill out the stub that was drawn 
by Howard Smith, center, president of the Plaza Merchants Asso- 
ciation, and won a new color television set for him. The set was a 

prize in the grand opening of the new First and Merchants Banl( 
In Princess Anne Plaza of which Floyd Waterfield, left, is manager. 

Joins Plaza Site Approved 
Wheat For Recreation, Club 

TAHB InstaUs 

1 Bernard KroU has been 
eleded preddent of the Tide- 
water Association^ d Home 
Bdlders, succeeding David A. 

New ofllcers were sworn in 
Saturday dg^t at the Presi- 
dent's Ball in ttie Golden Tri- 

Ottier new ofllcen are: C. 
Roy Kelley, vice president; Ed- 
ward P. Brogan, vice presided; 
WilUam J. Fanney, treasurer; 
and Theodore S. Sdilossman, 

New directors tax 2-year 
terms are C. G. Harris, Dajle 

E. Hull, Douglas W. Talbot, 
Bernard iaffe, Roger Nond, 
and Stemurt Pmaer. R. Dmo 
Lee was elected to fill the un- 
ejq^red one year in ttie term 
d Fanney. Re-electe3 to an- 
dher 2-year term was Herbert 
L. Kramer. 

Seven persons remdn on ttie 
board. Thdr terms wiU ex- 
pire in Noventer d n«ct jwar. 
They are Joseph C. Addington 
Jr., Laszlo Aranyi, Nel8<w C. 
Davison, JamM J. DiQM, E. 
Gilbert Keene and F. Wayne 
McLeskey Jr. 

Rdiert James Tidwell of Vir- 
gida Beach, Virginia, has 
Joined Whed & Co., Inc., as 
a registered representative in 
ttie Norfolk branch. The 
announcement was made by Al- 
fred Wood, branch manager. 

Wheat & Co., Inc., member 
d the New York and Ameri- 
can Stock Exchanges, Offers 
a comprehensive range of in- 
vestment banking and brokerage 
services to individuals, corpor- 
ations and instttdions. 

Headquarters are in Rich- 
mond wltti Virgida branch d- 
flces in Danville, Lyncdjurg, 
Martinsville, Newport News, 
Norfolk, Petersburg, uidRoan- 
dce. Nortti Carolina offices are 
in Raldgh, FaydtevlUe, and 
Rocky Mount. West Virgidad- 
fices are in Ctarlestm and 
Bluefield, and ttie firm has a 
cashiers dfice in New York 

Before Jddi« Wteat & Co. 
TidweU was empl(qred as asalM 
representative for Hud-W«- 
Tton Foods, Inc. d FuHerton, 
Califorda. He is a graduate 
d ttie Udverdty d Virgida 
Witt a BadielOT of Arts De- 
gree in Mattiemattcs and ids 
a Master's in Budness Admin- 
istratton from the CoUi^e d 
William & Wtary. He served In 
tte Virginia Army Ndlooal 


Tidwell is married to the 
ibrmer Jadce R. Pierce d Su- 
ffolk, Virgida. They have one 
toy age 2. The Tldmlte re- 
dde d 860 S. CldjIuNae Road, 

Mrs, Mary Ball at the reception desk in Medic-Home's lavish 

city Coundl Monday gave 
ttie go ahead for a boy's dd> 
and commudty center in Prin- 
cess Aime plaza with the do- 
nattcm of two acres of land. 

M. J. Owens, tead d tiie Vir- 
gida Beach Boys Club, sddttie 
donation d land would dd 
greatly in getting funds for ttie 
club. He sdd the group had 
been in touch with severd phi- 
lanthropic fcHindations and had 
been told to raise some money, 
get the lands, and then call 

Now, Owens sdd, the group 
can gd to work on ttie projed 
d a heavy pace. Thus far, abod 
$20,000 Itts been rdsed by ttie 
group for the proposed $1 
million fadUty, wdch is to be 
open to all reddeds in ttie dty. 

Appearing with Owens was 
Mrs. Francis X. Kuhn, who 
said ttM boys d Princess Ame 
Plaza needed a place to go dher 
ttian the woods to sdfi ^ik, 
aie sdd ttiere have been several 
drowdnp, irtiidi could have 
been prevented if the boys had 
had a place to swim ttid was 

City lifanager Roger M. Scott 
Mid ^ Departments d Parks 
and Recreatt(» had agreed to 
hand of^r ttie land, pert d a 
dty-owned parte on Northgate 

Drive In ttie Plaza ar«. 

After the strwjtiffe is wm- 
plete, Oiens sdd it would re- 

wrt to ttn dty. 
to ottier matters, CoomUj 
•PMS«d t reaoldion aiding 

state and federal agencies to 
appropriate their share of 
$160,000 needed by the dty to 
tradorm Mt. Trashmore, the 
dty's waste disposal dte, into 
a recreatton area. 

Agreed to appropriate $554 
for printing d 10,000 hanl- 
bound books by the Drug Focus 
Committee cm drug abuse pro- 
viding a listing d s(mrces for 

•Appropriated $16,000 to pur- 
chase a recr«itional dte in ttie 
Pinewood Gardens area. 

•Awarded citations to 
Burdey W. Wilttams, WilUam 
R. Jeddis and Roger Palldfor 
tteir actions in the rescue d 
two people whose boat capdzed 
in ttie mouth d the Rodee Idd. 
All three men work on ttie dty's 

•Received a Idter from 
Coundlnon F. Reid Ervin to 
Healtti Department offidd M. J. 
Of/BBS addi^ i&c an investi- 
^tion d ttie wder poUuttoii d. 
dreanffi wT U»8 i^^n ttie 
dty by ttie State Water Control 
B(Mrd and the tU3»'s hedth 



Zmdo ^eeito toottttaf n&r to «[• 
tmidly OHMd hiMdeca 


Men Elect 
M. Savvides 

Michael C. Savvides, oper- 
dor of the Black Angus Res- 
taurant on Padfic Avenue, has 
been eleded first vice presi- 
dent of ttie Virgida State Res- 
taurant Assodation. 

The elections todc place d 
the group's annual meeting d 
ttie John Marshdl Hdel in Rich- 

Savvides previously was on 
ttK Board d Uredors and was 
second vice presUent. 

Helps Shrink 

ea«Md bjr taiflaMmation 

DodM ham found a medica- 
tna Ikd to mmsy cues sIvm 
praevt, tw^omy idMlraai 
nda nd bu^tttch te tancw- 
^bdM tUmT^oi K M^ally 
hdpeehiJBli MwlUaf of these 


build it! 

Mutual Federal has money to lend 
new homes in every price range. 
Bring us yoiFpTanfr 


flBinnp.'ddi.iiitf» ^p^mr 
Qdck fdief; or yov wwy ka^t 


gfe _ 


h iMiJid far 

WntBcat or 





4 WAYS! 

1. WMh the low cost d oH 
fbd and tlM dflcisncy of tiM 
quaHfy Miginaeiwl B(HIQ* 
WAMNBt Furnao*. you idH 
prdMbly tMlixe oondderaMa 
savings in ttw firat yaar of 

2. The BORQ-WARNER Oil- 
Flred Furnaca, udng tod^r's 
hnpraved heating dtsb pio* 
ducM wdi dean iMal, your 
home bocemet vimth more 
and ywi save in daadng 
and radacMating uns. 

3. AH BORG^Aimeil ON-Fliod mmaces ara ftiHy sutongtte, 
livorii« • compMdy raguldad flow d hMt thmm^wt your lioiiii 

4. The BORQ-WAimEfl On-Flrad ^m*MtarMmdte 

• . ^ted aaiy adtlRhw w YmKi 

house Air Condittonlng. 

See our comdeta Ho* of KXlffi-WAfWER Oil>Flr«l FunmM— 
thoro's a mem iud i^ for your Immiw. Cdl fod^f. APtt 

431 Vs. BmA m^ 









Esteblislwd 1925 

24, 1970 

PttbUshed wmkiy hy the BmcIi PubUshiiic Corporation 

John R. Grtffin 
Gtnerai Mmmger 

Ruby Jran PhiiU|» 
Mtmoi^ng EiBior 

Mrs. Olga Edwards 

Theatre Still Pending 

vyhore is tfie support City 

"^Coilncit hos indlcatod vioiild bo 
- 9JV0II «« Virfinio Booch Littio 
TMotro? It Iws boon monthO 
^ sinco tho thootro fraup tnocte 
r*1ai pieo for fimmctal holp in 
ITibmtructinQ a tfwotro building 
-^wid though thoir cHos foil on 
^'iympothetlc oars no dofinlto 
irpction or commilmonthoscomo 


It ikmW bo unmrlso for City 
Council to now tlocido against 
^lupporting this group. Thoy 
lyeontribute much to tlio com-r 
l^^nunity, not just in provMing 
i^^ortoinmont forthoroslitaits 
piuring tho off-soason monHis» 
^'but in such projocts osbrlr^Jng 
iiXQ lifo the English assignmonts 
^^ locol high school studonts. 

;,^ Nbxt pook ttw thodtro pooplo 
?^wHI loundvprollminory stops 
^ producing tlii Arthur Millor 
-^l^lasoio ''eoc^ o^A^^MMmon." 
.^fhis is boiiHi dono primorlly 
mtor tho high schools. Tho same 
i^ true of "Our Towi^ which 
:^ilt be presented later In the 
Reason. Both ploys ore senior 
^ ^iHilish assignments. 

The Virginia Beach Little 

heotre is composed of hord- 

joricing people. They hove truly 

^rl^ te buflil tWwtre. Wheh 
^piFAiFore fipyneloss'V lai^ 
iMson they worlied to produce 
^WHdsummer Night's Dream" 

fbr the schools. They solicited 
iMtt for the bulMing. They 
undert o o k various projects In 
attempts to get the needed 

This season they hove 
arranged with the Boy Harbour 
Club to produce ploys there 
and tho first endeavor, "I Never 
Song For My Father", was 
trmnendously successful. One 
patron was so impressed with 
the endeovors of the group to 
bring top quality drama to the 
Beo^ thot he contributed five 
hundred dollars on the spot to 
the building fund. 

The Virginia Beach Little 
ThOotre is a group that helps 
inself. It has never before asked 
for help. The money needed 
would provide a tangible asset 
to the community... a fully- 
equipped theatre building to 
serve for conventions, clubs qi^ 
other gatherings, as well as 
little theatre. 

When a groups works to sup- 
port Its own needs, it deserves 
the interest of the city in a 
time of crisis. This is the 
situation that now exists with 
the little theatre. City Council 
would do well to take action in 
their behalf so that wbricoould: 
pr^lfod on a rriu^-needed 
theatre building fbr Virginia 

Regulation is for all 

If a citizen of this city should 

Ifirow old tires on the burning 

^^sh of propirty being ctwrod, 

^ley would undoubtedly be pono- 

^zed for violating a city or- 


^ : If the city commits the some 
^blotlon it is even more ob- 
:|octionable because city od- 
' Ministration supposedly stands 
; ^(Si <m example to the rosldeiifts. 
' ^ B(A the city did burnoldtires 

on raging trash fires last week 

ohkI irrate citizens took note of 

the action. 
Biming trash is in itself a 

severe air pollutant. Burning 

rubber added to this is insuffer- 
oble. And the crews in charge 
of the clearing should have 
realized that. 

it has previously beenpointed 
out editorially that the 
ordinances regulating this city 
apply to all pw>0' regardless 
of their political affiliation, 
their financial or civic position 
or their color or religion. 

The citizens of Virginia 
Beach ore not allowed to con- 
taminate the air and justifiably 
so. But this same regulation 
opplies to the city itself. 

Project needs organization 

A Virginia Beach housewife, 
completely on her own, lost 
week launched a conservation 
and pollution project so simple 
in Its concept that one's Im- 
nwdlc^ rMctton might question 

^^ ^fectiveness. 
^Slw merely asked residents 
of three closely related com- 
|^nltlPiitt» bundle up oldpopors 
for recycling so tiwt new trees 
mi^ be spared ttie pulp mills. 
Tho more rwycied paper that 

I con be used fbr cardboard boxes, 
pi^r bags and other paper 
pi^kKts, tfie fewer the troM 
that will foil «} the woodsman's 

\ ax. And the more trees America 

j has, the purer tNt^oir, the clea- 
ner the iwrter, ttv more beau- 
tiful the i^witrysl^. 

Her IdM was on immediate 

hJt. Residents of the trial-run 

cwnrmmltles responded far 

lori successfully thanthe 

MsMlfohadejpKM4 Mntfior 

asltlw ami #« ^ p«e|Ho 

of Virginia Beach are keenly 
interested in environment. 

It is a simple contribution 
to the relief of a mommoth 
problem. It doesn't cost any- 
one anything except a few min- 
iftes of their time. 

But it seems that the inspired 
housewife created a Franken- 
stein monster. Her telephone 
rings constantly for more infor- 
mation. She cannot handle the 
swelling project herself but she 
Is afraid to. discourage the in- 

^r s. R obert SteJnmetz needs 
U> turn the project over to a 
wide-spread group of people 
who will carry It into every 
comer of the city. The Coun- 
cil of Civic Organizations or 
the Federation of Gordon Clubs 
come to mind since both are 
ivell represented oil over the 
city. Certainly the project 
tfiould not be dropped In its 



ly W. A. UimI, riD. 


olkjRi/or pa rkjeheU 

To the Editor: 

For sonk voonXta now, mudi 
bas been vritten and expressed 
ctHicerid^ prc^osed oMistrttc- 
tlon of an elemoitary school 
In an area of Seashore State 
Park, some fifteen acres b^ng 

Working closely vrltb the 
aebool system of the City of 
Virgiqla Beadi in my capacity 
as Prul#iit ^ Virginia Beaeft 
, eouacU;ol Pareote & Teadiers, 
inddeobOIy, total membership 
io tile Coandl numbers 12,239 
persras, I have laag felt the 
'need for some helpful action 
to be taken tqr those of us 
favoring this school site. Let 
me emphasise, however, I am 
writing you as a citizen of the 
State of Virginia and the City 
of Virginia Beadi, I Just offer 
the idiove informatim In order 
that you maiy know I am flior- 
ou0dy fiunliiar witti the existing 

I have eqnressed my feelings, 
on several occasions, to our 
esteemed Siqierintendent of 
Sdiools. Mr. E.E. Brldcell, fee- 
ling tlui the PTA Council could 
be be^iful to Sdiool Admini- 
stration in educaticm tiie public 
to the truth of tUs matter. He, 
Mr. Brldcell, being the fine, 
patient, gentlenum he is, has 
repeatly expressed confi- 
dence in Uils prqixtsed site as 
offered by the state and felt 
no need to call upon our vast 
membership for aid. Further, 
he has expressed not wanting to 
divide the community over pro- 
posed school site nor to con- 
duet a campaign for same 
throu^ tbie news media. I sin- 
cerely feel the Sdiool Admini- 
stration, as well as Que School 
Board of the City of VirginU 
Beach, have had their patience 
vexed to the limit - I don't 
know how they have remained 
silent 00 ttie mkay untruths 
being made pii>lic l>jr members 
of tte committee opposing this 
school site! At the November 
17, 1970 meeting of the Virginia 
Bttch Sdtool Board, whidi I 
attended, a ninteen page report, 
together witit films, was pre- 
sented by Mr. James C. Moo- 
ide of the Virginia Beach Sdiool 
Administr^oD, a specialist in 
curriculum and research. Ne- 
edless to say, after Mr. Moo- 
nie's outstandii^ presentaticm, 
I was prmi to be present when 
the Virginia Beach Sdiool Board 

v(^, unanimously, to reaffirm 
it's decisi(» to locate the iro- 
posed school oa this fifteen 
acre site. 

M(rtorcycle obstacle course, 
shocking nnge, nothing short 
of a (hinip now exists on this 
proposed sdiool site. Ridges, 
due to mdtorcgrcles, in smd 
dunes that are s«n>osedly "rare 
and uniqaetito ttie area" are 
waix^^W^ ^ a fvhnre 
more severe than any.'Coostrur 
cCfion, be it a school or ttiM| 
else. A bed, tw^n^ nu^es^, 
discarded stove, hot water hea- 
ter, beer ,c|ii8, gun shells - 
these are some of the existing 
ttilngs to be found in this area. 

What about persons living 
in this area posting "No par- 
king" "Private Property" "No 
Trespassing" sig^ at various 
entrancM to this area. Tbrir 
very yards are encroached ob 
public prcverty-fences, shrUbs 
and flowers, permanent t^ 
wall enclosures now edst, bn 
some cases as much as 25 feet, 
on state owned, pUUic prop- 
erty! This situation is abomi- 

Needless to say, at this point, 
I felt compelled to write you, 
to let you know there are many 
at us here In Virginia Beadi 
favoring the onstru^tioa of in 
elemratary school on this pro- 
posed site. It seems to me these 
opposing forces are letting (heir 
personal leellngs generate alot 
of ill will in our dty. They've 
got a "good deal" down there- 
I can understand why they don't 
wuit it disturbed. I wish I could 
make tee of the land behind 
my home in the manner these 
persons have in the land in btmt 
of, adjacent to, and behind Qieir 
residences. It's incredible! 

I strongly urge the Governor 
of Virginia to stand firm in the 
lease as negotiated by ttw State 
of VIrginU and the City of Vir- 
ginia Beadi S^ool Board. We' 
ve remained silent too Irag, 
dtizens becoming increasingly 
alarmed over the actions of ttie 
group opjpoBiog this site are be- 
diming to act, and I sincerely 
Itope we're not too late! 
Mrs. C.E. mtdicock, Jr. 

- •* 
Prai$et Astrology 

To the Editor: 

^^lose you may get "a lot 
of letters complaining about 
"a lot of thii«8". Mine is go- 

ing to be diflerent. I want to 
say how much I enjoy your 
newspaper and •epediOf the 
Astro-Advlee hy Mr.WlIttaos. 
t missetfTiiffiig it last we^ 
and have wondered why It was 
not in there. However, am look- 
ing forward to tUs- wedoa and 
hope Mr. Williams AstrorAd- 
vlce wUl be In there. I, bdng 
file wife of a Navy Man, have 
movad l^m ;09nHi 4*y iP*^ 
state to state iDd ^ever htne 
I ^r seea a henpafew i«i 
could write In aboot astrology. 
I've even bought extra copies 
at tile (bug Ktore to send mgr 
triemtai as a number of them 
are Astrology fins ahd we know 

Keep 19 the excellent wot 
tot "m astrology tans" and 
the residents of yomr dty wMdi 
I feel a part of. 
VirgInU M. Harton , 

Editor's Note: Mr. WilUaras 
has been involved In a mmber 
of projects lately «Udi q^ 
parently have loterferad ' with 
US oolmniu 

Once a monthinndltnecessajytofMhar up aU the tow n^ 
the Uns^iieode send me and do nqr he^ to pqr them. What 
ooBwi In aad whit shoidd go oat doesn't alw^ halanee lor 
mebBtldotiiebertlcan. , , _.i 

When this time of tt» moBQi oofom around my lovely wife 
nd oar ddldnn hmid sofUy and refirala irom asUng far aay- 

thlBg.ThflrlnKi(waislsiiotlhstime, ^ _, > . 

t havt been known to raise oy voioe and even Joqp q> ud 
down nd demand the most severe aart»ity. ^ 

I have be«i known to say sodi tUnn as: **! am not made of 
n»Bey»^, "Money doesn't 1^ on trees" and even emphaslae 
the pW by saj^ a tow niigWy words. 

Ineome and Oi^ i ... a... 

Reoently, *hen It was the time apin, it *««• ™» 
moat!» whra Income suffered a devastating drought wMie oit|D 
reedvedaftood. " _^ . 

The dedsloB of ii^ to P^ "^ *^ ^ 1)**" ^i**^ (°^ ""^ °°^ 

aadIdeddadtostoptor*«ttto««*««l*'«W?*i ^ « 

The first artidel read wa> one that set ny teeth on edfa. B 
we had a tree in our yard I tidnk I woold have goM rti^ oat 
and cUnAwd to the very top and Dhouted dbscene remarks bIknA 
$20 Minion A Year ^ _ . 

Did you mow flat Mr. and Mis. Aristotle Socrates Onassts 
(Mrs. Onassis Is the fUrmer lint ladf of oar country and the 
widow ot President John F. Kemedy) are Uving It up to the 
tone of twenty milUon dollars a vear for personal ekpenses? So 
you don't misunderstand, that Is $20,^,000 a year. 

When you break fiiat down, it oomes o«A to the grand sum of 
|384,615J8 per week. For Oiose of yoe who work by the hour 
and relate yoor exprases to how mudi an hoar of Ubor brings 
in, that coBHS oat to $9,6I5«38 per hour based on a 40-bour 
week, that Is $ieo.25 per minatel 
More Thu Dream 

How in the world can anyone spend teenty mtUlaoayear 
Just on personal UvIng expenses? That is $54,794.M each day, 
36S di^ a year. That is so moch money 1 can't dmm up 
ways to account ftir It. 

Well, it seems that they have 202 servants aad It takes 
$1,S93.800 a year Just to pay (ham. They hs«e etght restdtnces 
oo three eontinente and these costs $2,000,000 a year to hasp 
op. nienyonhavetomentlontheJittle gifts Mr. Onassis showered 
on Jackie. These Uttte trinhets amomft to only $9,000,000 for 
the year. The rest of the $2O/)00,00O seems tohave gooa for 
the basic necessities of Kfe. What a life! 

My first thought was "Poor Mr. Onassis". What atlme he 
most have opceafligiiPi when he triedto make Income meet ontfo. 
Just when r^irted to Ml sorry for UnLlieadufhereHs 
income ttm sUivIng akme was exttmated a $90,000,000 a year. 

Since he has several other industries he owns phv a kt of 
stodcs, etc, Ms total Income nnst he quite a pile. 

EstUnates of Ms paisonal weaUh range Item a ndalnnm- 
of $900 ndUion to $1 mUHon. 

When you atop aad tMak about aU that money and (he style 
of living it biqrs. It auikes yoa fMl sorry for the former Caan 
of RuMia and good oU Cleopatra. They were the big apndars 
of flieir day and they didn't come aaywhere near HvIng on radi 
a lavi^ scale. 

Where :does sodi maiey come from? How does one go 0oat 
M*iac mmtAmttSl ean hiMi)^'aiBtiiiit1«^ nndi less 
-accpoatferhwriiiyiieldouidraahiH:'*-*^.'**^''^^ '" - 
^ I cnft eveniflgwn out how h^ilMHiit ttndi, hnch less make 
it llilr and siioare. 

Since Mr. Onassis was not horn Into greid WMHh, he made 
It and retidnad It somriiow. Of ooowe, he wan't married to 
Jadde while he was making It and that most have be«i abtg 

With aU that money, I wonder vdmt ha does once a month 
whan it is tiffletopay(haMUs?Whanyonhnfe<BK)re (hmenmi^ 
to pay everyOring; whtf ean you my? Whit doat ha fMi af Us 
wife about and whit exease orn ha have for saying HiM^ words? 
It must be boring, 

I onHhel^bnt be a UtOe green with envy at tt9oae4miinr 
all that money bat I have become so oaed to ny once a month 
ritual that I would miss It 

When ywi have so nnicih, values much dmnfft, Whra you can 
boy aiqUdng you wai^ and not worry about the bill, It must 
tike sMne of flie pleasure out cf hfe. 

Oh well, I wUl never know for sure. The way my taaUf 
Impends money they will always stay ahead of w Income. Way 

POW Letter Suggested 

At the requestof a number of readers of the Virginia Beach Sun, 
the following letter is printed as a guide for those who wish to 
help our prisoners of war and those missing In action. The letter 
was drafted by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association. 

Please sign your name, date and stnd the letter to: Concern for 
POW, Inc., P.O. Box 9117, San Diego, Calif. 92109. 



Since the Virginia Beoch Sun 
went to press early bepouse of 
Thanksgiving, the Sun Survey 
res|»onse was not adequately 
representative foracolornnthls 
week. It will be resumed as 
usual next we^. 

Yasr ctmmMifi sitf tifaa^ luttrt vetll le 


cnp M« ritsritijVlieffM NACI MN, 
Iti W , fb^rfi IsMb, %%, 2S4S1 


The Honorable Ton Due Thang 
Democratic Republic of Vietnam 
Hanoi, North Vietnam 

As an American I would like to express my deep concern over 
yotir treatment of Prisoners of War, 

Being a nation in the world community, you are obligated out 
of humanitarian considerations to afford those whom you hold the 
minimum standards of existence. Your ratification of the 1949 
Geneva Conventions relative to the treatment of Prisoners of V/ar 
requires you to: j 

(1) permit neutral Inspections of all prison camps; 

(2) publish a complete'llst of all men that you hold,* 

(3) release the sick and wounHed; and "~"~ 

(4) allow a free flow of mall between the Prisoners of War 
and their tamllles. — 


My fellow Americans share this grave concern over the 
desperate plight of the Prisoners of War, those Missing In 
Action, and their families. 



^tdnetday, Novtr^r 25, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Answers to Veto 
Sought by City 

city UurngfiT Rogsr M. Seott 
said Monday tbe dtywlUseek 
ansv«» itom state afaiuies 

1^^ vettMd file city's dr«()gliig 
of tto EastarB Brandi (^ ttia 
Lym^mn IttTor in aa effort 

• to reverse tt« Army Corp of 
ilni^eeiv appUcattob deoial. 
Scott termed ttie interfer- 
ence of otter st^e a|endei» , 
particularly tbe state's Health 
DepartaMiit, "pretty poor" and 
said tlMir department bad do 
twstness even c(Mi8iderlng tbe 
a^catlon^ outside ofilie water 
qiiaUty problem. 

A letter fromEnfl^neeringDi- 
reetor E« C. Mereditli to Uie 
DeiMurtmet^ of Conservation and 
Econondc Develi^ment, lat«r 
forwarded to tbe Corps of En- 
^oeen, said tbat "70 acres of 
- existing oyster beds would b^*^ 
destroyed by ttie project and 
poinribly addltiooal beds would 

If tbe area was dredi^, Me- 
reditb said tbe channel "would 
open iq> desireaUe areas for 
Om d^elopmeitf of marinas,. 
wUdi would undoubtedly affect 
water ipUity in tbe area." 

Mereditb also discuissed tbi 

New Houses 

Larasan Realty Ccurp. bas re- 
ceived fftvorabis response to a 
new mortgage divide pUnre- 
CMitly inti^odttced, exclusively 
with tbe cooMiiaiiy. 

Under tbe plan tbe builders 
of bomes in Ifayfair, Green 
Run, Ridglea and WelUngtoi) 
Woods pay a portion of fbB 
interest jn^ whole mortgage 
for a fbU two^Nui. Xccwd- 
ing to a spokesman for Urn- 
san, tbe builders cannot ralae 
the price of the bouse to oom- 
foOUs because VA 

iH FHA wbn't allow them. 
"B^ers can get as mudi it 
$25 ft monOi on an eqmifiva 
bouse. It's pnrfeetly ligltimate. 
A bank wUl mail a cheek Mcb 
month for the unoant.Tbemll- 
deri are under bond. Really, 

"J^ |Q4nli|^|va| Jpfeltdo 
^ is to be a genuine nver and 
'I* (lualify toe a«bome. The people 

are responding very favortfdy 

to it." 

2 Drug 
^ Chaipges 

marketing loss of shellfish to 
tbe ai^Mti 

Other i^es Uitd; cwitected 
tt» eoosaniMtioo and ecoiwroic 
devek^Mnefll group were the 
Marine Resources Commis- 
sion, wUch dted tbe fact that 
valuable oyster beds were in 
the path of the proposed dredg- 
ing area» and tbe Virginia De- 
partment of Hig^wajw, vdiidi 
Aid It was planning for Old 
Dooaticm Roi|d to cross tte, 
Eastern Bead) and that ttie 
City's work would conflid. 

In lif^ of these recom- 
mendations, IHrector K M. 
SMherland said Ms department 
would cDied to any dredgli« 

But Scott said he ctHiUi't 
understend w];at tb* health de- 
partment inisdaii«involvingit- 
self In tbe flnandal application 
of (qpsters or cracerning it- 
self with cost-benefit ratios. 

He said it was not their 
business to concern themselves 
with sudi matters. 

"Tbe fact that the oysters 
themselws are going to be 
removed is what^ereste mie," 
Scott said, referring to infor- 
mation tbat in most areas there 
are no oysters. 

He said the dty would at- 
temi^ to negotiatei with the state 
agendes in an effort to iron 
out the dlfficulttes, and that 
C(Hnmunity Services Diredor 
William Fleming would be in 
duurge of Ok dty's discussion. 

Two Await 

Two Virginia Beach resi- 
dente, Walter W. Moon and 
Vernon T. Crockett, Jr.,iBre 
tw aittng SMitendng after bdng 

by Circuit Court Judge PhiUp 
L. Ruspo. , ' 

Moon, 20, of tbe 400 block 

of 27t& Street, was found gdlty 

of dne drug me" diarges Te- 

portedly involving marijuana 

, andhaabisb. 

Crod»tt, 18, of tbe 4700 
block of Jeanne Street, was 
oonvicted of tbe sale of mari- 
jMMtoandnorr . ^ 

MdAt vid Cfodtell^fldln^ 
flgaagi'dfll Ijrtib^oii report 
00 their backgrounds. 

Two Cities Agree On 
Water, Sewer System 

City Coundl Monday gave 
ite approval to developmed oi 
a proposed two-dty water and 
solid waste disposal authority 
between Norfolk and Virginia 
Beach, paving the way for an 
end to botti dty's pressii^; pro- 

In presenting the proposal 
to coiffldl. City manager Roger 
M. Scott said the respective 
situations of Virginia Beach 

baviiv to worry about v^re 
water wouU come from and 
Norfolk wonoering where it 
could get rid of ite trash were 
"thorns in tbe sides of the. 
two dties." and got flw needed 

Friday, Scott and Norfolk Gty 
Mamger Tbomaa Maxwell an- 
notmeed that after modhs of 
negotiation fiiey had reached 

Several Matters Discussed 
At Safety Council Meeting 

5 Drug Arrests Made 

wiNNtRS ALL — Frank Lassiter,of the FirstColonUI Bank; Mate 
Stroud, an account executive with the Rubin-Donneily Company; 
David Fuller, Pembroke branch manager for United Virginia Sea- 
board Citizens National Bank; Bob Ashburner, with Sadler Mate- 
rials, Inc.; and Mark Perry, a United Virginia trust officer, stand 
In line waiting for the presentation awards foNowIng the annual 
Chamber of Commerce membership blitz last Wednesday. Fuller 
took top place, winning a color television, for collecting 3Z new 
memberships for the ehamber. Other winners, were Perry, second, 
Stroud, third, and Ashburner and Lassiter, who tied for fourth. The 
drive netted 163 new members worth $10,609. 


Police offldals say they have 
diarged John Bland, 39, with 
murder in connection with the 
fatal shooting of his wife Ella- 
rene, 35, at the couple's home 
in the 200 block d Sykes Ave- 
nue early Saturday. 

Investigators said the shoo- 
ting followed a domestic argu- 
ment shortly after midni^t. 

Bland has been released on 
4)ond pendinaLihe outcome d 
court proceedings. A prelimi- 
nary hearing in Munidpal Court 
has been set for Dec. 18. 

contained a burd substance and 
seeds resembling marijuana. 
Court proceedings are pen- 
ding for each of the suspeds. 


Munidpal Court Judge P. B. 
Whiia noils pressed two drug 
eharias fUad acaiast Susan A. 
Cuflunias rasdmtronber v- 
reat 00 Nov. 6.\; 

ifiss Cummins, 19, whose re- 
ddance Is listed as the BaU > 
Bai Motel, was arrested by po- 
Uoe at 22iid Street and Atlantic 
Avemie witti several capsules 
in her possesdon whidi were 
thou^ to oootdn mescaline and 
m^th amphetamines. 

However an analjwis of tbe 
material deterndned they were 
sleeping {ills »>d protein gela- 
tin vdiidi had been prescribed 
for her. 

She had been confined to the 
Vlrgida Beach City Jail tot 
14 days unttl offidalsitere lible 
to dhtain tbe resulto d their 
uialyBis d tbe capsules. 

She is sttU awalAng court 
sppearance on a dtarge d pos- 
sendoD d hadddi fdddi rt- 
sultsd from bar arrest Aug. 
6 at a dwelling in tbe 100 block 
d Kentucky Avenue. 

ZaUy Joins 
Local Agency 

Kenneth Zally d Virgida 
Beaeh has }dned tbe staff of 
MatOias & Redmond Advertis- 
ing, accoitttqg to a recent di- 
nouncemed by Russell J. Ited- 
mood, predded. Zally wtU ad 
as Accmmt Executive for tte 
local agen^. • 

A native d Cdcago, Zally 
was assistad to the Marketing 
Dired(»- d iMcDniald's Cor- 
poration ubtU be Jdaed 
Matthias & RsdmoDd. His r»- 
spoBsibitttieB with Md}opakHs 
Uieluded the Inptemadittai d 
. nitlonal ndio and TV theratsin 
to<al nuurket areap andtbeirt- 
ptratton d pdd d purebaie 
loaterials and dired mail 

Ve understand poUce officer 
E.E. Rorrer is still reflecting 
over SB imfortuDate chain d 
sveds which began on "Friday 
the 13th", and which have 
strengttenad Ids belief in evil 
omens usually assodded with 
that dde. Usually reliable 
souress tdl us that during Us 
mprdng drive to the Police 
K-9 Corps trddng areaadray 
doi darted ido tbe path d his 
vedde and was fhtally injured* 
When be arrivdl d the braining 
area, approximately 30 mtintes 
behind sdiedde as a resdt d 
his earlier indded, im are tohl 
be was pRunptly attadwd and 
Utten by a K-9 dog and had to 
be taken to VirgldaBeachGen- 
eral Hospitd for emergency 
tredmed. Rorrer»8 "luck" 
oodfanied idoSaturday when the 
starter on Ms personal auto 
fdled, and he strugi^edthrough 
repairs under ttie Underance 
dtbe lat^dtheusedooe 
hand. Sunday and Monday were 
his "days otT' and proved un- 
eventful. However, meanwhile 
bade d ttie trdntog rai^ on 
TMsday a vending maddne o- 
parator while flUingasoft drink 
mad^M dr^Hied a bottle whidi 
prompt^ shattered tmd show<> 
•red Rorrer vdth gtass ttdsoft 
dridu Tuesday was also markiBd, 
by Rorrer's K-9 dog becoming 
ill diirii« the training sesdoii 
secefdh^ioB hit teving to be 
takm to ttie vderinaiten, and 
iMIe Rtffm was Ittving his 
tandi d a local dineryhis wdt- 
reas knodnd over a glass d 
wdar into Rorrer's lap giring 
him a thorough doudi^p At burt 
reports Rorrer's hiefchad taken 
a turn for ttie better, bd we 

Three irreste ^were made 
tor violdi(»)s of drug d)use 
laws in the dty Sunday mbrdng. 

Otfidals sdd Joe L. Stack- 
man, 18, d Saliisbury, Md., and 
a 16-year-old ]uvedle were 
arrested d a dwelUng in tbe . 
300 block d 25th Street. Nhr- (Continued from page 1) 
ooUc Sfuad investigators sdd Mrs. Steimetz says that isn't 
the pair were found dtting d ber intent, 
a table rolling dgarettes from "My ody intered is saving 
a sd)stanoe identtfled as marl- our trees. If ederprising peo- 
Juana. Both were charged with pie or orgadzations make mo- 
possesdon d marijuana. ney from the collection d paper, 

Oflicer G.D. IRoImard^ the that^thetr badness." - 

2Dd PoUce Prednd charged Her mdn prd)lem, now tbd 
Michael I. Waddington, 20, d she realizes tbe people d Vlr- 
the 27Q0 block d Broad Bay gidaBeachare^concerned about 
Road with possesdon d mari- consemHofi and pollution, is 
juana. getting flilprojedorgadzed to 

Roland reportly stopped Wad- ftmction effidently. 
dington'a^ado for a traffic vio- "There are a number d or- 
lation in the 220Q block dGred gadzattons collecting paper- 
Neck Road and rtquested Wad- Girls Scoute, St. Gregory's Ca- 
dington's drivers Uoense and thoUc Church, for Instance- 
the vehicles's r«^stration. As but there is no central plck- 
WaS^'i«^1i'po<ii>^^ (^ tl6'ter<IHt11me to 

^^^im^w^^mmm^ w^ i»oject 

rafierRdland'obsetVedasmijill, needs on^ prgadzation to get 
" ~ itrealiy gdng." 

Meanwhile, unttl some group 
comes to the housewife's dd, 
she will continue to answer the 
teledione to "Are you die tree 
lad]^" and try to give helpfd 
idormation to ttK>se dtizens to- 
tereded in the project. ! 

Members d tbe Virgida 
Beach Safety Coundl turned 
Oieir attention to matters con- 
cerdng safe boating, drivers 
trddng, school bus sdety and 
a prospective "Sdety City" du- 
ring their regdai" morilUy mee- 

Police Sgt. F.R. Scarboroui^ 
idormed the Coundl Uie res- 
ponse to a sde boating course 
by high school students has 
far exceeded expectations. 
S<»rborough is currently con- 
ducting such a course of trd- 
dng at Virgida Beach Judor 
High Sdiool wdch is avdlable 
to students on a voluntary Insis. 

' Elmer Barbour, City School 
Coordinator of Driver Educa- 
tion, and Frank Williamson, d 
the City's General Services De- 
partmed, briefed Council 
members on ttieir recent vidt 
to State Police Headquarters 
in Richmond, where they wit- 
nessed Troopers undergoing 
frddng for driving sdely du- 
ring adverse^ weather condi- 
tions. Barbour and Williamson 
outlined plans for establishing 
a dmiliar program in Virgida 
Beach which hopefdly will be 
offered to resort dty police d- 
ficers and dty employees. 

idormed Coundl members d 
contindhg etforte to lodde a 
"Sdety City" In Virginia 
Beach. Barco and Alexander 
spoke entiiudastically d tbe 
projed, wMch is desiped to 
acqudd youngsters with basic 
sdety tedors to be foUovdd 
on Uuroughfares, d becoming 
a reaUty in the resort dty. 

Coiffldl memben aiso dis- 
cussed tiie posdUlity of wor- 
king towards establishment d 
legislation wdch wouU reqdre 
potedid boat cqMrdors to un- 
dergo trddng and examination, 
dmiliar to thd now reqdred 
for the operation of motor ve- 
Mcles, before operating boata 
on waterways. 

Rev. Plonk 

I.. r.--Trrryrrr 

ttn-fdl packet which allegedly 

understand be is stiU wondering 
"Wha' Happ'ned". 

Officer W.M. Beard, attached 
to tiie 3rd Police Prednd, is 
reported making a satisf adory 
'recovery from surgery d Vir- 
gida Beach Generd Hospll^* 
We understand he is confliwd 
to room 201 and is permitted 
a limited number d vidtors. 
Congratdattons are in wder 
to ttiose men who tds pad week 
were elected to gdde the op- 
erations d Princess Anne F. 
~0.P. Lodge #8 for) tiie coming 
year. The newly eleded ottloers 
oondsttng of S.B. Sdorinto, 
Predded; J.E. Haslinger, vice 
predded; Sgt. D.G. McCloud, 
secretary; R.F. PdUips, guard; 
D.H. Kappers, condudor; M.L. 
Edy, ctttiOin; Sgt. N.C. Morse, 
1st year trustee; D.C. Wataon, 
,2nd year trustee; and J.J. Sdo- 
rinto, 3rd year trudee wlUbe 
dfiddly instaUed during a spe- 
dd December meeting. 

Those men and women who 
find tiiemselves to tte Vir^da 
Beadi City Jd| over ttie holiday 
wiU nd be forgotten. Tbe 
Ihanh^ving D^r dinner menu 
includes roast turkey, witii 
dressing and gibld gravy, cran- 
berry sauce, candied sweet po- 
tatoes, peas, bd rolls, coffee, 
ud pumpkin pie. 

As ycNi and I jdn toved ones 
tills Thadcsgiving Day to re- 
turn ttndcs for our boudifd 
blessings Id us pause for a 
moment in remembrance d 
tiKse v^ are less fortunate 
than we. 


Robert C. Kingan, son d Mrs. 
Margaret L. Hunter, 803 Vir- 
gina Ave., has been promoted 
to drnaii flnt class in tiie 
U.S. Air Force. 

Airman Kingan, an dr traffic 
controller d Bergstrom AFB, 
Tex., is asdgned to a udt d 
tiie Air Force Commudcations 

: H>: 

the City's school bus opera- 
tions, discussed deps which are 
-being taken to increased pro- 
tection d approximately 42,000 
studente ridng busses to and 
from area schools. StricUer 
described one d ttiese deps as 
a relocati<»i d many bus stqis 
vdiere studente board busses. 

The Rev. WiUUm McGdre 
Plonk, pastor d Bow Credc 
Presbyterian Churdi, has be«i 
chosen as a Tower Room 
Scholar d Udon Tbeologicd 
Seminary, Richmond, and will 
he in reddence Nov. SO-Dec 


The Tower Room Scholars 

plan, made posdbte bjr afomi- 

^ datton gran tpaas %egun in^e 

realization thd pastors need 
not ody to study d home bd 
also to have occasiondoppor- 
tudty for extended research, 
a chance to refled and idmr- 
pret meadngs, and expert gd- 
dance on a seminary campus. 

^The Tower Room program 

agrtemedoD establishnwt d 
tbe aotiiority. } 

In a jddamiouDoeaiMtfSootI 
sdd tiie dties have agre^ to 
dlow the auttiority to purqttM 
die respective fadlitf es pM 
tiy bofh dties. 

Scott sdd ttw anth»tty imdd 
supply botii dties the serdoes 
d udform rates under «»- 
trad did would siqiptMrt revw- 
ue bonds necessMry topwdtase 
ttie faciUties. 

Bd eadi dty wouM oootard 
and operate ite own wdnr di*> 
^ibution system andd d e rm i m 
rates and pottdes for tbe.Mf- 
vices to eodonns vitiin Ita 
jurisdldlfli^ be aaid. 

Each dty wudd ats<rlia al- 
lowed to mdddn ite own woSUt 
waste coUectioo system. 

Scott sdd ttN two have igrMd 
tiiat water Unas and aqdnnnt 1 
owned by Norfolk bat loeatad 
in Virgida Beadi tre iwth 
$4,577,000, and ttat Uie. dty 
d Virgida Beadi diodd be 
dlowed to piffdMse tbe SQdp- 
ment and s^tem. • i 

Scdt sdd ttie devetopiiwdtu 
d an auttiority sudi as flM out 
proposed wodd be die only way 
die two dties could oooUdtae to 
develop smoottdy and mediha 
constantly ino'eadi^; needs d 
botti dties. 

"It wodd be mdually bdie« 
ficial fw tbe two dties t^'ss- 
tablish ttie proposed adhortty 
to provide eoooomtcalsoUioas 
to providing ttwse twoesseotid 
servlcM to tfia two dttes^f* ha 

"The reeed emphpuds and 
public concern on tte prddema 
d pollution udeeo^ ndtett 
imperative thd tv«y metro* 
poUtan area devise 
Ude for ttie long term sd- 
tttion d ttiese problems, ^ Scott 

Tbe flnallaatlflii d tteacrae- 
med is some ttoM off, Qodt 
sdd, and wodd od spMflde 
u to when OH fofflBd iir««- 
med wodd be rewfy for'pre- 
sedatioD. . ^ . 

and/or Where tiiey are dUdft- »h ^•f'^S'JSK ^^S 
rged, Strickler dso informed sdieddes tiid make sydem- 

toothlng antlsiptlc ralid for: 


Coundl M a reoed reduetton 
^ ^ Insurant rdes eoveringop- 
eratton d the busses. 

R.L. Barco d tile Recreation 
Department andBiU Alexander 

dlc.4tdy difO«tt to adikys., 
^aeh d tiie ni^ d 12 to la 
Sdgages in mi own idwldfi 
study in a "Tower Room" d 
ttie Seminary Ubrary. 


IN iHt A 

A free pr^ss is tbe unsleep- 
ing guardian d every otiier 
light ttnt freemen prize; it 
is ^ mod dangerous foe d 
tyranny.-Winston dhurcMll. 





KellcMK -ijoXi^ 

« f .'• • t 

OCttf^vO* • 




Businessmen ore giving die highest grade to ^Ina 
Life & Casuah/s new concept in lidbMy insurance 
-the A4- Comprehensive UobilRy Poficy. Why? 
Because your exposures to public liobiltty hcoords 
WW covered by one pdicy with one premium. Ifs 
conveniently comprehensive. Call us for details. 

3111 PACmC A¥l. HWII 411-flM 

S4M - 1 nUKESS ANNI M. PMNI 427-2900 



Beach Publishing Corporatioi| 

Publishers of Virginia Beach Sun 




CompCNirKi W* a>nUN two 
medicines widely ussd by 
doctors In treating virus- 
•caused warts. A few oolor- 
lesi dro|M.of Compound W, 
used M directed, cm- dis- 
loi^e away warts ii» ivet 
days. No cutting, no burning 
no pain. f)«nen[ib«^ wwto 
are caused ^ viruaee-ie- 
moved by fad-acting com- 
pound W. 

We wtdTlo tluuik tke clutiHBen of the lete late Mr. Jama for their 
aympefhetk) ufidenteiulliig during the period whe» t h e ie w a n e 
pick-ap. A oev driver Isji^ aervinf the ere*. We appreciate yo^r 
piitieqiee dnrii^r this trai^tion. 

Complete Line of Commercltl end 
Personal Printing: Business Cards, 
LAtterheads^Envelopes, Bulletins. 
Booklets, Circulars and Brochures. 

S100 Ndfk Avisee 


ff»PP.i l ill|lt ! PP ^iWi pi iiJiJULiyAp IIHl|^itf^4^^mi^ 


^ fyyte M^ M M "^ 

r tiimmnmiwimuMMMtMiiin MMMiiHitit 


1 W®MEN 


W^lnesday, November 2S, 1970 

Come join us....Obvlously those attending the cabaret style Virginia 
Beach-Princess Anne Junior Woman's Club **Beach Playmates" 
enjoyed themselves Saturday nidht. 

It wouldn't be a Fol- 
lies without D u g i e 


By Carolyn M^AUen 

Ome windmiU and 

24 pictures later 

Tlw otne-y«ar-<)ld veirt on in all-day trip to Jamastown and 
WiUiamslwrg wltli all ttw ^ourtti grade classes last veak. 

WteD they got tack at 6 i).iii. (oo tte dot) after leaviog at 
• a.ak.IasindlMriiliatkiiidaltrlptliey]ad. , 

•It v« great I got two colas." 

Sbe lad been warned way In advance by ber tea^r md her 
puMm tiat ate was n(4 to dare break out in the usual rash &» 
tat^whea she gets excited. Sbe didn't In fact, she dUn't even get 

Bowerer, she said there was one Uttle girl who couldn't go 
aboard tte Susan Consonant (|de), the reidica of one of the three 
stfliag sUps on irtddi the settlors arrived, because Ae vas 
a&raid she might gi^ ^asick. 

Before she left, the nine-year-oM told me to be sure and 
puck ptarty ftv her to e^ saw had a sandwidi, cheese slicks, 
nOslitt and a cream-filled cake glas the colas aid two cuidy 
bars (hat me of tlie duyieroQes handed out. When lAe got home 
^e amxNnaed she dbhi't want aiqr supper. By the time we had 
<talTen tte half n^ k> the bouse fi-om the s^ool die had changed 
her adnd, however, and even vtaA far seconds. 

She ^i^d dot wltt two rolls of 12 pictures eadi and used 
Owm bott 9 before she got to WilliamdMirg. I'm afnid to get 
ttMB iteveldped and find out what she took 24 pictures of. 

What Memad to imsrtss her moirt abo^the vrtKde day, (hou^ 
bMldM tte ^laa, wm a picture of Pocahontas die saw-ttat and 
tte flseov^ that ttt bises had bathrooms oo them. 

^al^, tt^ tte bos <Mven I feel sof ry fo«^. There's no 
telMif how BMqr leads of toarttgrslers they drive to Jamestown 
ml WUMamii^arg Mdh year. Co^ yon itand a bisload of some 
S&-40 idne-year-olds en a trip like tti^ , 

Mrs. Tynes with a plate which she describes as being one of her 
most difficult pieces to paint. Behind her are some of the oth^r 
pieces she has done. 

Her days aren't long enough 

AlUe (Mrs. Robert) Tynes 
says she paii^everythtngflrom 
portraits to plek^ fenoM. 

"I paint things I Uhe to Uve 


Alttouf^ she^ has taoi 
painting since she was a cUkl 
in Nortt Carolina, she saidtttf 
many of her friends here are 
surprlMd to discover thiA she 
is an artist. That's tecause 
when ^ and her hu^Mnd were 
(^en^ng a motel -apartmoit 
comidex on 22nd Street she ^ 
too busy to paint. 

Beach of wUdi ^ is a 
past preddent In addltioo to 
individual pii^M, cups and 
saucers, tea sets and vases and 
pitchers, she has eompl^ed 
several sets of elgU-|dace din- 
ner services. 

Her workshop is her Utdien. 
In addUion to an easel for 
oil pamUDp, ^ has akilnfor 
firing her cUna. Sb» is quick 
to pdiA out ttat diina painting 
is wA related to cerastes. 
"Ceramics is a craft; this is 
an art" 


on finrflA 

about ^iperoAoc abi^h Bkettat OM^UDe^ 
o< tte kidi got lort in the maze behind the 
at WlBaffitfM^ How could jaa ever round 
ooee ttey ipwe tooM in a lArAbny mase? 

ywtettqr moralag. The dne-fear-ote 
"Mnna, ft»fs aiMwaing I wai awoaad 
t^ I mt a itadnUl too." I still havw't 

Mrs. Tynes, wbo forawrly 
tau^t art intheSuffolkschools, 
concentrates on oil palling and 
china painting now. The 
methods, however, are just qp- 

i»slteALsald.Witt otlp alattag ^ 

she starts iitttte4urkoolQnr^fi^U The paiat la built up 
Md tten paints the highligUs. «ltt another coat, andthebadc- 
Indiina palling die starts Witt roiad is fired. "It uswlly 
tte Ugtt and ^ws to dark, lafcea ttoee firings." Accrat 

ooton are added ta^ 

China piinttng is a lei«thy 
process. First Mrs. Tynes 
dram a deslp on tte por- 
celain piece fliM Is o^g. Some 
are made vp and otten ai« 
oc^ed. Tim a li|^ cod of 
paint is appUed, and it is 

SeasGape to help home 

%e tkm gidltte belM^^ to 
tte Union (tf Gidkl'a of St,^) 
Itery's Uilitt Xh)me are (or- 
ganised to ij^ve tte dUkhr^n of > 
tte home tte "frills" not pro- 
vided in the budget. "* 

for fasiittnce, (iie gdld,^^n 
the guilds w«% first started 
niore ttan two years ago, do- 
n^d a lidl leni^ niirror when 
they foud the home had no 
mlrrw. Anotter guild painted 
tte insUte of tte home. 

I There are ttree guilds In 
VlrginU Beach . St Cedlta 
OdU is currently selling 
ehancet 00 a pdnUng by Vir- 
Hda Beach arti^ Rutt Ltiloto 
to rdse money for ft» home. 

Mrs. Uakso donated the 
panting, a cbloHU seasc^, 
after iflscnsslng the home vAtt 
aster Ann Grifitn of ^ IQ<^o- 
laa ChdfaoMc Clmrch while d 
a party. It is valued at $350. 
Sec<Hid priie Is t^ hdr 

Chances are 25 cents or five 
fi^r a dollar. Mrs. E. B. Cox 

is project dairma, and 
(AancMi nnqr topu»!l«sedtrom 
her or ^ gdkt medber. 

Although "tte home was 
founted by nuns, ddldren of all 
fdths and colon are useepted. 
The h(nM now his a pro- 
fesdooal director, but it is still 
staffed by nuns as fell u nurses 

Many of the -diihlren d the 
home are tatadir who stay only 
a short time until they are 
adopted. Otters fre dtfUrw 
viio have been roaoved frdn 
tteir homes Iqr tte courts. Still 
otters are bratn-ddnafid "ex- 
cepfiooal^' ctfttmi who are 
kept at ttehoma odil ttey are 
dnei years dd. There is no 
other such ttdltty tor ttem In 
tte Itdewaler arM. 

A Ucensed home, it Is 
supported by i^endte pladag 
ddUrea, the Udtod Comndii- 
ties Fund dd some parwits 
he^ pay for tte care of ttdr 

cUldreo. The' number of 
^Uren vules from 40 to 50. 

«'We sinread good will for St 
Ibry's," said Mrs. W.H. 
Blade, prodded «f the Ualoo 
of Gdkhi. "We wnt it tote a 
magic word. We don't wuit It 
to te money making." 

Each OMmtt pdU members 
toing artldes th^ have mde, 
such as dresses, pinaform, pa- 
Jamas and bed pads, to tte 
medlng. Iliey are concerned 
Witt tte year-round needs of 
the children rather than hoU- 
days wten so much is done tor 
ttem t^ fltrvloe ddis. How- 
ever, ttey say there Is never 
eaoii^ inflvniid dtontloo from 
vobaieers d ^ tte home, 
espedaUy from men. 

The home will tave an open 
hmae tnm M p.m. Dec. 6 
spoMored by the AudUary 
Beam of St Mary's. Thepddlc 
Is Invited. 

"They've never refused a 
dilld," add Mrs. Black. 

Mrs. Gregg and Mrs. Liles watch to make sufe Mrs. Robert 
Atherhold, left, signs In the right place foraField Day committee. 

Field Day plans made early 

Evenett Sdiool Parents te- 
lieve In pidmlng ahead. , 

Last vwdc a coffee was hekl 
d the hoow of Mrs. Sherman 
LUes to plan the Fiekl Day 
which is ,sd for next May 8. 
M». Liles is co<^ehdrman,and 
Mrs. Pordier Gregg is 

Although tte yieneral tteme of 

tte Field Day Is a tunlly-ty[pe 
licdc, comi^ ifitt relays, 
sack races, etc, tte piMicis 
welcome too. It wUl te teld 
from V) a.m. to 2 p.m. d 
Virglala Beach Jailor Bldt 
School. Proceeds wtn |o tw 
tte schod bdldbN( tad. 

Ittdaded d tte Fldd Dqr 
wiU te a aadter d bootts, a 

raffle and a dothesllne art 
show. Ilie art will te done by 
Everett School studeds and It 
will te Judged th»i placed oo 

Ttere will te a prided pro- 
gram of eyeds to show whd Is 

tte «qr. Attsfadsnts dd parents 
will prttdpale. 


Sba has qdte a collection cf 
palntinp, bc^h oil and diim. 
Lad iredc, d ter lto^K6tor• 
in-law's si^gMtion, de teld an 
open house to dtaiday ter wirt 
tor some of ter fri^ds and 
feUow medters of PrUttett 
Anne WoMa's Cld> of flrgSda 

Ste added, thoui^ thd dl 
pdntlag has one advantafa over 
eUna pdnttag. 'nfoaenalways 
^u^ a pddloB you an" 

Mrs. lynes, wte has tflwl 

tere some 30 years, said ttd 
one of ter two sons told ter 
te waa glad ste/ learned to 
paid early so itte has somer 
thing to keep ter busy since 
Ae has rdired. ^ says die 
feels stNrry for retired persou 
who don't haw enough to do. 

"Tte (ta3«ureaotl(»genoai^ 
for nw," die said witt eoo- 

Sec. of Year 
to be nqmed 

Th*' Vlrgida Beadi Chapter, 
Ndicmd Secretaries Assoda- 
tlon. will select its J'Secre- 
tan- <rf tte Year" d a dtaaw 
m^i]^ cm DeMdter 1, (s% 
p.m.. White Heron Restanrad 
on LMdnBoad, 

A. JaaMS De Bellis, drector 
of tte Dqiartmed of Ecommlc 
])evdoi«ied for tte City of 
Vlfditt 3eKft|| ' wIm te' "tta 
wptAnx tor ttis spedd 

Area secretarietaad thdr 
nads are lavlteir to dtoid. 
Please call 427-4541 
m 42I-M98 for restfvdiflcs 
by Mov. P. 


Mr.andMrs.Algy Cohen Che's president) with Mrs. Mason Gamage 
and Gamage (he's on the board of directors) and^Gritchen Pares, 
behind, at the Capes Beach and Cabana Club and Bay Harbour Club 
combined party last Saturday nIghL The dinntr danife was the first 
event of the season for the two cwbs and.provlded a good «et ac- 
Quainted evening fpr all. 


vy«dMi«|ay, November 25/1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


Training table mealsvshould 
gain extra points for cook 


Tiie^n Arams beglD tteir 
glov roU, bi^ pema^ nap 
jm tii0 !»««««» two row ci 
irmored tebeim^ lace one 
Mottor, AsuHOlilirBiisblaroe 
Bofes fonrard to meed ttn 
eMfli^. Ttermopflte? Agln- 
conrt? Vtrttan? «o; It's NFL 
fooHnll^ and o(»«.ttiu 31 nOl- 
Uon Amerieaas watdi tlie pros 
'ta^ it 0^ every Simday In 
24 dtlis, <n televidni or at 

Dttrtng the ollidal sixty mln- 
otes of plajrtng time ^re will 
be bn^ force, Incredible 
strategy and counter-strategy, 
gnd fldous elioreograpiqr.... 
tbe ime Ta^or Dancers of 
aviDsl^ But all tte action von' 
be on tte field. For irlmitlier 
at borne or at the stadium, 
ttere irtll ba boss observance 
of certain rituals i>bidi are as 
mdk a ptft of tbe game as 
die players ttiemMlves. Pre- 
game snada and bors d'oeuvres 
will be set up on millions of 
cdfee tables and tailgates. 
HUf-time cans for am^r 
round of goodies, while post- 
game siqwer sustains arm- 
diair qiarterbacM every- 


loinen enjoy the game 
as much u men, it's the wise 
hostess irtK) prepares tbe 
victuals in advanra — leaving 
idaylng time free for watdiii^ 
From . pre-pune strategy 
snacks to post-game cas- 
seroles fM only need heating, 
idtdien quarterbacks know all 
the new plays. 

When you come off me oemn, 
your culinary game plan should 
offer a few sBsi^ifles, too. 
Toull score morrpctnts if yoa 
ise NFL Training Table Foods- 
the same basics that tbe players 
eat toe notritton and energy. 
It you're making an afternoon 
d fooHtan-watding, you'll want 
two tn»s of foods: snacks 
throu^ut die^iune, ofoourse, 
plus one bearty~meal, served 
at half -time or post -game, 
to revive flawing fftns. 

Build your- menu around a- 
buflBt - everything prepared in 
advfnte . Your surefire 
spedgly coifld be Ham with 
Pm^ PlumSauce and a crowd- 
pleasing Comerback Coffee 
Pie— or go me stew route, 
wim Blarney Pie and Peanut 
Butter Ring. For a good go- 
together drink, try new Mocha 

And if that doesn't make tbe 
dceptics dedde that you really 
do (ttg football— well, you can 
always keep them <i^et wim 
aaomer serving of post-game 


1 Hormen Curl/ 81 Ham 

1 can Q lb. 13 OS.) purple plums 

2 Tbsps. cornstarch 
1/4 tap. dnnamon 
1/8 tsp. aUsploe 
1 Tbsp. lemoo Juice 
1 Tbsp. CUffoo Soft-Type Mar- 

Cook boneless ham according 
to padcage directions. May be 
served hot or cold. When ready 
to serve, drain plums and re- 
serve syrup. Cut plums Into 
small pieces. In asancepan nix 
cornstarch, salt, dnnamon and 
allsptoe. Gradually stir in 
syrq>. Bdl cm minute, stirring 
oraatantly. Stir in lemcm Juice, 
CMffon and idums. Transfer 
sauce to gravy boat and spoony 
over slices oi ham. Makes31/2 


1 frosen imbaked pie shell, 9" 

1 Tbsp. Soft margurine 

1 Tbq>. unflav(ved gelatin 

l^ CBp cold double-strength 

Chtte ti inborn Electric Perk 


3/4 ciq> hot double -streoi^ 

Ctase t Sanborn Electric Peric 


1/2 eiq> sugar 

1 oq) hMvy cream lapped 

Defrost pie shell and coat 
wim margvine. Prick crust 
well vim a fbrk 00 bottom 
and ^dM and babe aacecdiBg 
to ptdafe Arediou. Cod 
fiioroi#ty. Softoi gelatin in 
cold Chase & Sadwm Electric 
PeiA^ColSee. F«ff tuA toOw 
Ui^\. bowL Sttr in gelatin 
itf^re to <Ssnlve. ^ir in 
sugar. Set bowl of platin mix- 
bve firmly in bowl of ioe. 
Beat UDlU Ugbt and tb^ and 
Brtxtoe bcdds asdt pedu FdM 
in wMppad d(eaffl. PUe mix- 
tet iote eooied pastry AriL 
CltU nlU KTirdarir^ pur- 

dMi iM OTvainsd iMpped 

hearty. New ideas, based on NFL Training 
Table Foods, include Blarney Pie and 
banana cream-filled Peanut Butter Ring. 


> dpes.) Serves 10< 

^6.AipLJhredded cabbogeJ!^ — -.. 
7 Tbsps. Chiffw Soft-iype 
20 Krispy Crackers 
2 cans d 1/2 lbs. ea.) Dinty 
Moore Beef Stew 
Salt and Pepper to taste 

Cook cabbage in salted water 
imtil Just tender. Drain. Toss 
wim 3 Tbsps. Chiffon. Season to 
taste^ S^uite crushed cradcers 
:^B»ltolj«, iaargarlne, 
hot stew into a large, 
shallow casserole. Top iifh a 
cabbage border garnished wim 
cradcer crumbs. To prepare in 
advance, assemble in casserole 
wim(Mit tqpping and refrigerate. 
Reheat 10 min. in 300 oven, 
add topping and serve. Serves 6. 


2 cups sifted all-purpose flour 
1 1/3 cups Domino or Spreckles 
Li^t Brown Sugar 

3 tsps. baking powder 
1/2 tsp. salt 
1 tsp. dnnamon 
1/2 tsp. ground doves 
1/2 tsp. powdered ginger 

1 cup milk 

1/2 cup Chiffon Soft-Type Mar- 

V2 cup Peter Pan smooth 
Peanut Butter 

2 eggs 

Blend dry ingredients 
tboroug^y. Add milk, mar- 
garine and eggs. Mix at low 
speed wim electric mixer until 
moistened, then mix for one 
minute or mix by hand wim 
spoon until thoroughly blended. 
Pour batter into a two-quart 
ring mold brushed wim mar- 
garine. Bake at 350 for 30-35 
minutes. Cool slightly men re- 
move from pan. When 
moroughly cooled, frost top of 
cake wim peanut butter 
frosting.* To serve, fill center 
wim banana cream.* (*See re- 

3/4 cup Ebmino or Spredcles 

C(mfe(^oners' lOx Powdered 

Sugar, sifted 

1/8 tsp. powdered ginger ' 

1/2 Tbsp. Chiffon Soft -Type 


1/2 Tbsp. Peter Pan Crun<^y 

Peanut Butter 

3 to 4 tsps. light cream 

Blend sugar and ginger. Add 
marg^mi and peanut butter. 
Add enoi^creamfbr Spreading 
consistency. Sprinkle top of 
cake wim crus^ peanuts, if' 
desired. ^ 

1 large Chiquita Banana 

1 Tbsp. lemon Juice 

1/2 pint whipping cream 
Domino or Spreckles Con- 
fectioners' lOx Powdered Sugar 
Slice bananas and toss wim 
lemon Juice. Whip the cream 
and add sugar to taste. FolA 
banana Into the whipped cream 
and fill the Peamiti Butter Ring. 


4 cups hot Chase & Sanborn 
Electric Perk Coffee 

2 Tbsps. Chocolate Flavor 

1/2 ciqp medium cream 

4 Tbsps. Domino or Spreckles 

Granulated St^ar 

1 tep. vanilla 

Combine all ingrediente and 
serve in NFL Hall of Fame 
mugs. . 

The Beltone Crusade for 
Hearing Craiservatton says that 
If a chikl is unusually slow in 
learning to talk he Should be 
given a ttorough hearing test. 








hostess can hdp you 
ovw the anxiety of get- 
ting aiH)!iainted in tow 
surroundings and make 
you feel at "Home 
Swe^ Home," ag^n. 

She will bring ]pf ts and 
vital information from 
your neighborhood Inim- 
ttos xm dvif leadon. 

CaU __^27-5685 

rimoiii SMftet 
to Ae Wond» 

When you're not 


LyiHa nnMnn omlerstands 

Ail of a sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not ■ 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago. when 
ladies co|ildn't be as frank as 
we can today, L^ia Rnkham 
reMgnized the prot>lem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natoraf procMS. 

So she turned to nature 
for a rem^. Slw developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots ^nd herbs 
that turned the trtdi^ the 
women 4ne knew. Decaute it 
is a natural anmw to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lj^ia Pinkham's root 
and lwt> remedy to help ymi 
feel bittw, more Nte youitetf. 

LjTilw E. I^ikluun 

SNOWFLAKE TRIMS— Cobwebby orna- 
ments crocheted from glitter-sprinkled 
cotton yarn give a Christmas tree an old- 
fashioned air. For free patterns of these 
two Coats & Clark designs, send a stamped 
self - addressed envelope to the National 
Cotton Council, Dept. PR, Box 12285, Mem- 
phis, Tenn, 

Mr. & Mrs. James Marrin 
Woolf, Jr., son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph WilUam 
Carrington, Jr., son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Perkins 
Barcroft, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. George John 
Theiler, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. WilUam Edward 
Whitehurst, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Howard 
Jeffcoate, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harold 
PuUen, son. 

-Mr. & Mrs. Joel Ronald Hug- 
gins, son. ' 

Dr. 4 Mrs. Sidney R. Denny, 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Martin 
Nelligar, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Cula- 
butan, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ray An- 
sell, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Jdm 
Losciale, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Warren 
Cox, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lynn 
Boswell, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Keith 
Kofa, dau^ter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Roy Jones, 

Mr. & Mrs. Hu^ Cornellous 
Sullivan, Jr., daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Arthur 
Ferguson, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Itttlton 
Wiley, daughter. 

am Neck 20t 
to meet Dec. 3 

NWCA Dam Neck #207 will 
hold their monthly business 
meeting on Thursday, Dec. 3, 
at 9:30 a.m. on the second 
floor of the special services 
building at Dam Nedc 




Miss Stephenson 

Wedding planned in Summit 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanly Pierce 
^ephenson of Summit, N. J. 
announce the engagenwnt of 
their daughter, Lucinda Lee 
^epehenson, of Virginia Beach 
to Gerald Dan Underwood, also 


At their November meeting, 
ttie Kingston Garden Cldb 
was given a deimmstration on 
candlemaUng by Mrs. Thomas 
Fletcher of the Windsor Woods 
Garden Clid). 

A nurser y wllLbe provided, 
and refreshments will be 
served. All military wives and 
guests are welcome to attend. 

at Dam Neck, please call Mrs. 
Mort Dagenkolb at 428-6229. 

of Virginia Beach. 

He is ttie smi of Mr.andkb's, 
Lemwl Herndon Underwood of 
Beckl^, W, Va. 

Miss Stephenson is a graduate 
of tte University of SoothCaro- 
Una and is emidoyed at the 
Hilton WashingtooCldb Inn. 

Mr. Underwood attended 
Marshall University in HuBtii«- 
tion, W. Va. where' he was a 
member of Pi Kappa Al|lHi 
fraternity. He Isandssiletedi- 
nidan third class in the s)i>- 
marine s«ndoa«id4si 

Mrs. Charles Traub, Anti- 
Utter Chairman, announced the 
winners in Uie second amual 
Anti-Utter Poster Contest 
sponsored by the clifl) at,Kings- 
ton School. The first prize 
. winner in the jtmior division 

J-DT fiffther Information^el^.^,,^ wikeHamann, Second prise Presbyterian Church UkStm- 
Navy Wives Clids of America ' dinner DavaJRomanieUo.Intbe n^^* ^ reception will follow 

senior division, Enita Mullen 
won first prize, and second 
prize was won by Natalie Fer- 

E.B.Stanley buys a chance on a television 
set from Ellen Brake. 

Lake Joyce 

The "New Look" In flower 
arranging was explained to Lake 
Joyce Garden Club members 
recently ly Mrs. S. Merwyn H. 
Keller, president of the Tide- 
water District, Virginia Feder- 
ation of Garden Clubs. 

Mrs. Keller said that basic 
design principles (as balance, 
dominance, contrast, rhythm, 
proportion and scale) remain 
constant. Only the application 
dianges. Such changes can add 
interest and zest in tbe new 

A wedding is planned for 
2 p.m. Dec 27 ^ Oie Central 

at the home of 0» bride. 

The coiqde will live inl^r- 
ginia Beach. 

Blue ribbomi for artistic ar- 
rangements were won by Mrs. 
B. G. Hodgins, Mrs. C. E. 
Peverall and Mrs. Ridiard 

A Dime-A-Dip luncheon was 
also held this weedc at the home 
of Mrs. Claude E, Swedwr 
on Prince Phillip Drive. The 
proceeds from dds affair win 
be used for beautification in 
the King's Grant area. 


WinillMlfll Mf AIMM 

•K liN4L SMmM. Ill 

liia (MMHf by cwSiM iniMiiiB 

_ , ^ -\-~~:im 

The drunk driver. 
He helps to eliminate the overcrowding in our classrooms. 

Drunk drivers kill and injure our children. 

Last year, almost 6,000 children under 15 years old were killed in traffic 

accidents. Countless thousands were seriously injured. 

No one can be sure how many drunken drivers were responsibl 

But even one death or one injury is, one too many. 

Vt^at can you do? 

Remember, it's not the drink that kills. Us the drunk, the problem 
drinker, the abusive drinker, the drunk driver. 
Remember, drunk drivers may be sick, aini we've got to give them help. 
But first we've got to get them oflf the road. For their sake and yours. 
To find out what you can do, write the NaUonal Safety Council, Dcpl. A, 
425 Nbrth Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60611. ^ ^ 



Jumpsuit in flam- 
inc ttd paisley 
cfaaliis toHMd with 
black vtlvtt and 
gold braid trim. 
Jr. P«tius»5-ll. 


Scrram Bloody Murder. 

$m Va. tec* BW.. Va. BmAfMUkry^di M ipp lSg O 
Va. Btadi Stow Qua Uuiin nwagrt. M A.Mj».t ^M 
BMxpt MeiiAiT MirrkMi^ • ML. Mttwy CMi aiw 


Virginia iMch Sun 

We<hics<ioy, Wovwnbcr 25, 1970 


tte rniiter meetly of Oit 
CMKll cf tt» City df VirgMt 
B«i^ «U te teU in tt» CoBD- 
dl Cliuqi>«ni of Ok MaiA- 
stnttoo BidUtiig, City HiU, 






■ ^ 
















(CoirtiiHwd from ptfB 1) 
vould vork teautifally as a 
ten^onry college/' Dr. IfeCoy 

Tte dty has aivroprlated a 
dte in the Green Rm Farm 
area for a community college 
to serve tUs dty, Init Uiere 
are no Amds for buiUttngs. 

"Tte Ittt General Assembly 
provided (iterating ftods for a 
ooUfge in Virgida Beach but 
failed to allocde mooey tobdld 
the necessary bdldiflfB to bouse 
tte institation," McCoy ex- 

This lack of floandalsqpport 
from tte state has teougtt tte 
commudty college progrun in 
ma area to a virtual halt. 
Tte only commimity college- 
type tedHty iresaitly avtildde 
in tte entire Tidevrater area 
is tte (»e UtCof re|»resents. 

Fornwrly known as Freder- 
idc College, tte Tidewater 
Commudty College is located 
Just outdde Portsmouth in Nan- 
aemond County. It is scheduled 
to CMisist of four campuses, 
one to serv» eadi Tidewater 
dty, but so far only one caiiqws 

"Our oon^dalnt withitestate 
is not 80 mudi that we are 
not getting enou^ numey for 
(Nur college, for telieve tte, 
no (me is, bd thd Virginia 
Beach, and Tidewater, is not 
gettii^ its fair share of ap- 
propriations from tteVirgida 
Commudty College System." 

He pdds od Oat even Uwuf^ 
Virgida Beach is tte third 
largest dty in the state, "we 
teve nd a trace of collei^ 
adltrtty intte immediate area.?' 

"We will teve more than 
E,000 gradoatingsedors to 1971 
tdio are pdentially college stu- 
dents, tliese pe<^e will teve 
to iMve tte dty if ttey are 
to CMitinue flieir education," 


(Continued from page 1) 

He suggested ttet tte dty 
ml0>t get /nattoMl coverage l^ 
l^idng away noiticms in Vir- 
^da Beadi as prixes on diows 
such as tte IHitli^ Game and 
dter <gait programs. 

Tte cod is low and tte co- 
verage high and wide, te sdd. 

Tte i^mary areas for om- 
oenlration In advert|dng are 
Canada and tte Northeastern 
Udted Stotes, according to tte 
firm. Edmonds said tte targd 
market d 14 states contdns 
38 per ced of tte country's 
p(^pula|ion, ttte majority of ttiem 
prone to travel. 

With few exceptions, tte pre- 
sentation was well recdved. 
Said RotertH. Callis,Jr., 
"Ttere are ody one or two 
things. Fird, it's nd tte Dan- 
ish lady bd tte Norweigan 
Lady," referring to a radio 
advertlsemed mistdce, and 
"second, I don't know If any- 
body has tried to eat a blue 
marlln steak, but I'd te a.Uttle 
reluctant to attempt it." 

Red-faced bd pleased, Ed- 
monds expUlned later ttet tte 
agency haid ody 17 days to pd 
leather a $7,0(K} speculative 
package, including the radio ads 
recorded in liemidiis and tele- 
vidon spds. Tte newspaper and 
mai^iie ads, he sdd, were 
<tone in tte firm's offices. 

Sdd one dty dfidal, "If 
tels Is what Uiey can do in 17 
days, tUnk wtet ttey can ac- 
complish i^n ttey teve tte 
time to work on tbe campdgn." 

Mrs. Harriet EUzateth F,ax, 
95, 713 Fera Court, Apt. A. 

Paul URoy Scofield, 67, 484 
Dam Ned[ Road. 

R.M. Arunachalad), 37, 717 
Burgess^ Lane. 

Edward Allen Gettel, 86, 5620 
Parlian^d Drive. 

Mrs. Jeode Undsay Kekllty 
Church, 84, 411 15th Street. 

Mrs. Gladys Mm Clarkdon 


45, 4912 Bark 


Ronald Lee Mo6hier,23, 1661 
Indiau Street. 

Eu0iDe AOdoson Wood, 5S, 
621 Red Horse Lane. 

Zepk Wilson Davis, 65, 5060 

Dr. Gibson Dies 

I^. CMrddll Joau Gibsoi, 
8S, Uawm tmtae d St. Janes 
^Ideiptl Chv^ In RIekwmd, 
d«! ibmm at Virgida Beach. 

He wM tta ftOwr-ia-law d 
m tttt, .KsMikV^aler, rec 
ler tf AH - Mm tpUospal 

^ Legal Notices 

Prlac«» Amie Stetlon, Virdda 
BmA, Vii^a, Ml Momtaiy, 
Decemter 14, 1970, d 2:00 
P.M. d wMdittliie tte following 
ehasfes d aonbi^ use permits, 

1; AppUcatlon of tte City 
d Vli'gida Beadi for a change 
d ioalag ftom Beddence Du- 
plex Distrid 1 (R-D 1) toRed- 
denoe Suburban District 
4 (R-8 4) on certdn property 
k>cated on Uie Northwest cor- 
ner d Indian River Road and 
Centervllle Turapite Extended, 
rundi^ a distoce oi 175 feet 
along tte North side d Indian 
River Road, rundng a distance 
d 550 fed dong ttie West dde 
d Cederville Turnpike Exten- 
ded, naming a distance of 550 
Itet alongtte Norttern pr(^rty 
line and rumiing % distance d 
670 feet more or less dong tbt 
Western prc^rty line. (Avdon 
Bills Area). KEMPSVILLE 

2. Application of Roy Lee 
McDadel and Md)le Inez Mc 
Dadel for a change of zodng 
from Reddence Sd>urban DIs- 
frid 4 (R-S 4) to GenerdCom- 
merdd Didrld 1 (C-G 1) and 
a Use Permit for E-Z Haul 
Rental and Service on certdn 
property tegindng d a pdnt 
600 feet more or less' South d 
InUan River Road, rundng a 
dstance of 200 feet dong tte 
East dde d Kempsville Road, 
rundng a distance of 577.67 
feet dong tte Norttern prop- 
erty line, running^« distance 
d 169.32 fed dong ttie Eastern 
property line and rundng a^ 
distance d 501.24 feet along 
the Southern property Une. 
(Bonney's Corner Area). 

3. Application d Udted Trd- 
ler Sdes, Inc. by Jay M. BaU 
for a change d zodng from 
limited Commerdal Distrid 
1 (C-L 1) to General Industrid 
Didrid 3 (M4 3) on certdn 
fHfoperty be{>indng^at a pdnt^ 
120 feet East d South MiUtary 
Highway and 668 feet North d 
Providence Road, rundng adis- 
tance d 130.85 feet atong tte 
Norttiern property Une, rundi^ 
a distance d 258 feet more or 
less dong tte Eastern property 
Une, rundng a distance d 126 
fed more or less along tte 
Souttern property Une, rundng 
a distaiUM d 245 feet more or 
less dong ttie Western property 

4. AppUcatlon d^ThaUa Gar- 
den Assoddes to amend the 
existing Use Permit from 550 
redd udts to 590 redd udts 
consisting of 556 apartments 
and 34 townteuses (40 additiond 
udts), d idiidi 266 udts cur- 
rently teing developed on cer- 
tdn prtverty located on tte 
South side d Bonney Road and 
tte East and West dde dBoggs 
Avenue, rundng a distance d 
980 fed more or less dong tte 
Norttern property line dv^ch 
720 feet more or less is tte 
South dde d Bonney Road, run- 
dng a distance d 1520 feet 
more or less dong the Eastern 
property Une, rundng a dis- 
tance d 1240 feet more or 
less dong tte Souttern property 
Une (Norttern property Une d 
Virgida Beach - NorfoUc Ex- 
pressway), and rundng a dis- 
tance d 1910 feet more or less 
dong ^^estern property Une. 
(ThaUaf Qdtlen and Townhouse 
Apartments Area). KEMPS- 

5. A||Ucation of G.J. Gul- 
branson'by Owen B. Pickett, 
Attorney, for a diange d zodng 
from Residence Suburban Dis- 
trid 3 (R-S 3) and Limited 
Commercid Distrid 2 (C-L 2) 
to Multiple Family Residence 
(R-M) and a l^e Permit to 
construd a sewage pumping 
station and a Use Permit to 
construd 272 apartmed udts 
on certdn property located on 
the North side of Providence 
Road and tte West side d Wood- 
stock Elementary School, run- 
dng a distance d 848 feet dong 
the North side of Providence 
Road, rundi^ a distance of 
1150 feet dong tte Wed side 
School, rundng a distance d 
558 feet dong tte Norttern 
property Une, and rundng a 
distance d 1115 feet dong ttie 
Western property Une; sewage 
pumdi% station to te located 
30 feet North of Providence 
Road dong tte Western boun- 
dary Une d Woodstock Ele- 
mentary School. (Woodstock 
Elementary School Area). 


6. Api^eatiofr of tte City d 
Virginia Beach, PoU<% Dividon, 
for a Use Permit to expand 
existing poUce trddng fadU- 
ties on certdn property located 
2400 feet more or less Wed 
d Seabrard'lUad d flie W^em 
terminus d Leroy Drive run- 
dng a dstance d ^32 feet more 
or less dongOwSmrtternprq;)- 
erty Une, rumlM a distant d 
^85 feet more a less dongtte 
Wwtem {ffq^ierty Une, rtmdi^ 
a dlstnee 26^ fed nure or 
tesf akQg ^ Norttern prt^ 
fity ttne and rundi^ adstmux 
d 1180 fed more at ^s $l<mg 
flie Eastern property ttne. Said 

* Legal Notices 

property bdag Irregular in 
i^ape. (Mta^dpd Garage and 
Saolta^oo Department Area). 

7. AppUcatlon d Hampton 
, Roads ^idtation Didrid by 
Edwin Kellam, Attorney, for 
a Use Permit to construd a 
seirarage treatmed i^ad aa 
certain property locded 6930 
feet more or less East d 0^^* 
ana Boulevard, nmdng a ds- 
tance d 3500 feet more or less 
dong tte South dde d Old Dam 
Neck Road, rundng a distance 
d 2600 feet more or less Hoag 
Qie Eastern luroperty ttne (Wes- 
tern property Une of U.S. Gov- 
ernmed. Dam Neck), nmdng a 
distance d 2850 feet more or 
less dong tte Souttern property 
Une and rundng a distance d 
900 feet toon at less dong tte 
Western prcqperty line. (Dam 
Neck Navd Base Area). PMN- 

8. AppUcattcmdE.L. Creech, 
in, for a change d zodng from 
Agriculturd Dtdrid (A-R) and 
Limited Commerdd Didrid 
2 (C-L 2) to General Industrid 
Didrid 3 (M-I 3) and a Use 
Permit to condrud a 275-udt 
trdler park on certdn prqwrty 
tegindng d a pdd 1,000 fed 
more or less West of Oceana 
Bodevard on tte South sid^ d 
Harpers Road. 

Parcel 1: Change of zodng 
from A-R and C-L 2 to M-1 3: 
Begindng at a pdnt 1000 feet 
more or less West of Oceana 
Boulevard and rundng a dis- 
tance of 2080 fed^nere <»> less 
dong tte Norttern property line 
d whidi 290 feet is the South 
dde of Harpers Road, rundng 
a distance d 3390 feet more or 
less along tte Wedern prop- 
erty Une, rundng a distance 
d 4330 feet more or less doi^ 
tte Souttern property Une and 
rundng a dstance or 2975 feet 
more or less dong tte Eastern 
property Une. Sdd property 
contains 124.48 acres more <xt 
'less.-- —'-- '■ — — 

Parcel 2: Use Permit tooon- 
druct a 275-udt trdler park: 
Begindng d a pdd 1000 feet 
more or less West of Oceana 
Boulevard and rundng a dis- 
twce d 1480 feet more or less 
dong tte Northern property Une 
d which 290 feet more or less 
is tte South side of Harpers 
Road, rundng a distance d 
1900 feet more or less dong 
tte Western property Une, run- 
dng a distance d 1735 fed 
More or less dong tte Souttern 
property Une and rundng a 
dstance d 1325 feet more or 
less dong tte Eastern property 
Une. Sdd property contdns 
44.77 acres more or less. (Oce- 
ana Naval Housing Area). PRIN- 

9. AppUcatlon of Bush De- 
velopment Corp. for a change 
of zodng from Agriculturd 
Distrid (A-R) to Multiple Fam- 
ily Residence District (R-M) 
and a Use Permit to construd 
395 townhouses and 323 apart- 
ments, totaUng 718 udts, on 
certdn property located on the 
South dde d Harpers Road, 
tegindng at a pdd 1650 feet 
West d Oceana Boulevard, run- 
dng a distance of 2295 feet 
dong the ijlastern property Um, 
rundng a distance of 1300 feet 
more or less dong tte Souttern 
property Une, rundng a ds- 
tance of 1850 feet more or less 
dong the Western property Une 
and rundng a distance d 1800 
feet dong tte Northern property 
line of which 600 feet is tte 
South side of Harpers Road. 
(Oceana Navd Housing Area). 

10. Application of Charles 
S. Caruana and Olga Caruana 
by Owen B. Pickett, Attorney, 
for a Use' Permit to consfruct 
11 apartment udts on certdn 
property located on the North- 
west corner of Baltic Avenue 
and 24th Street, rundng a dis- 
tance of 100 feet dong tte West 
side of Bdtic Avenue, rundng 
a distance of 125 feet dong tte 
Northern property Une, rundng 
a distance of 100 feet dong 
the Western property Une and 
rundng a dstance of 125 feet 
dong tte North side of 24th 

11. AppUcatlon of Ebbie En- 
terprises, Inc. by Thomas C. 
Broyles, Attorney, for a Use 
Permit to construd a 110-umt 
motel on certdn property lo- 
cated on tte East side of At- 
lantic Avenue tetween Third 
Street and Fourth Street, run- 
dng a distance of 300 feet 
dong the East side of Atlantic 
Avenue, rundng a distance of 
150 feet dong tte South dde at 
Fourth ^reet, rundng a dis- 
tance of 300 feet along tte 
Extern property Une and run- 
dng a distance d 150 feet dong 
the North dde d Third Street. 

'12. AppUcatim of Humble Oil 
and Reiidng Company by James 
M. PiAreU, AttwMy, for a 
Use Pernnit to omstrud a gas- 
oUm su{q;>ly stati<» cm certdn 
property locded d tte Scratt- 
east comer d Parks Aveme and 
tte Virgida Beadt-Norfoft Ex- 
pressway Exit (2l8t Stred), 
ru^^ a (MAmee d 104 iaei 

* Legal NMIces 

dong tte Sodh sUe d tte m- 
gidafiMidi -NorfdnEExprMs- 
way Edt (Zld Sfrc^), rumdag 
a distance d 174.72 feet aloi«, 
tte Eaalem property Una, nm- 
dng a dlstaace d 208.97 feet 
dong file Soo^m pct^urty Une 
and rundi^ a dste^e of 253.04 
feet alcmg tte Westampnqpnrty 

13. AppUcationdEleanoreZ. 
IflH^ for a cteDfe d Kmlng. 
from MoMple fwmf Re sl de ace 
Distrid (R-3) to Mdel-Hotd 
Distrid (M-R) 00 certain pro- 
per^ looted oDtteSodhdded 
16th Stred beglndngdapaid 
150 fedEad d Arctic Avenue, 
rundng a ddance of 100 fed 
dong ttie Souta side of 16th 
Street, rundng adistance d 140 
feet dong tte Eastern property 
Une, rundng a distance of 100 
feet dongtte Souttern prt^rty 
Une. and runduR a distaiiee d 
140 fedahmgtteWesterDirq^ 

14. AppUcatton d Viking Mo- 
tel ApartnMnto, Inc. by Stadey 
A. PhilUps, Attorney, for altee 
Permit to construct 30 udts to 
the Viking Motel on Certdn 
property located on tte Soutt 
dde d 28th Street tegimiing d 
a pdd 100 feet West d Atlantic 
Avenue, rundng a dldance d 
94 feet along tte South side 
d 28th Street, rundng a ds- 
tance d 140 feet d(mgtteWes- 

-tern property Une, rundng a 
distan<» of 94 feet dong tte 
Southern prqperfyJine and run- 
dng a dstance d 140 feet dcmg 
tte Eastorn prc^rty ttne. VIR- 

15. AppUcatlon of Janet H. 
Whitehurat for a Use Permit 
for adogtennel on certdn iff(q>- 
erty located on tte East dde 
d Princess Anne Road tegindng 
d a pdnt 3700 feet more or 
less North d NorttStowe Road, 
rundng a dstance of 150 feet 

~doi^ tte £ast dde w^Prtncess — 
Amie Road, rundng adistance 
d 151.84 feet dong tte Norttern 
property Une, nmdng adistance 
d 173.76 feet along tte Eastern 
property Une, and running a 
distance of 150 feet dong tte 
Souttern property Une. PUNGO 

16. AppUcatlon of W.T. Old, 
Jr. and Margaret Old Parra 
for a change of zcming from 
Rural Reddence Distrid 1 (R-R 
1) and Reddence Suburtan Dis- 
trid 1 (R-S 1) to Planned Udt 
Development (PUD) on certdn 
proi^rty located on tte Ead 
side of Nortt Great Neck Road 
tegindng at a potlit 8200 feet 
more or less South of Shore 
Drive, rundng a distance of 
2675 feet more or less dong tte 
East side of North Great Neck 
Road, rundng a distance of 
2580 feet more or less dong tte 
Northern property Une (Frank 
W. Cox Hig^ School) rundng 
a distance d 1500 feet more or 
less dong tte Eastern property 
Une (Western /Stere of Broad 
Bay) and rundng a distance d 
3700 feet more or less dongtte 
Souttern property line. Plats 
with more detdled informatton 
are avdlable in the Office d 
the Department dCity Plandng. 
(Johta B. Dey Elementary 
School - Frank W. Cox High 
Schod area). LYNNHAVEN BO- 

17. AppUcatlon d Lynnteven 
Bdlding Supply Corporation for 
a Use Permit to construct 76 
apartment udts on certdn pro- 
perty tegindng at a point 130 
feet more or less South d Wolf- 
snare Road, rundng a distance 
d 177.79 feet dong tte West 
dde of Regency Drive, running 
a distance d 890 feet dong 
tte Southern property Une, run- 
dng a dstance d 200 feet dong 
tte Wedernj)rqperty Une and 
rundng a distance of 837 feet 
dong tte Norttern property 
Une. (Regency Apartments 

18. Ai^Ucation of Alton M. 
Butler and Rd)ert G. Moore 
for a change of zodng from 
Limited Commerdal Distrid 
3 (C-L 3) to Multiple Family 
Residence Didrid (R-M) and 
a Use Permit to construct 36 
apartment udts on certdn pro- 
perty located on tte East side 
of Birdneck Road, tegindng d 
a point 33.15 feet ScHithdChin- 
quapin Lane, nmdng a dstance 
d 131.7 feet dong the East dde 
d Birdneck Road, rundng a 
distance of 374.6 feet dong tte 
Northern property Une, rundng 
a distance of 129.87 feet dong 
the Eastern property line and 
rundng a distance of 268.3 feet 
along tte Southern [nroperty ttne. 
(Birdneck VlUage Apartments 

19. AppUcatton d Sarah Sad- 
ler Sdiool d Dance for a Use 
Permit to operde a dandng 
school cm certain property lo- 
cded on tte East side of Bird- 
aedi Road and North of Old 
Virgida Bea^ Road, tegindng 
d a pdd 216 feet North d OU 
Virgida Beach Road and 195 
fed mm a teas East dmrd- 
neck Rotl (Woodlaad Area). 

•Legal Ncrtlois 

^. ^piAcatton d Grayson 
M. WUtdwrd, Jr. oA Mim- 
sards Aptrimeds ^ Jdm E. 
ariae and Anoda^ for a 
diange d smlng fr^m Red- 
dence SdNirban Distrid 1 (R-S 
1) and ResMMce SdMntenDls* 
trld 2 (R-S 2) to mm.^ 
Family Residence Didrid 
(R-M) and a Use Permit to 
coMtrud 424 t^iartmed ndfi 
on certdn property teg^mdng 
d a pdd 1679 feet more or 
less North d WiU -O -Wisp 
Drive ud 385 feet EastdFlrst 
Colodal Road, ruimlng a dis- 
tance d 1221.52 fed dong ttie 
Wedern ^opertf Une, numlag 
a distal)^ d 1248.38 feet dong 
tte Norttiem property Une and 
rumili^ a distance d 899 led . 
dong tte Eastera property Une 
and ramilngadsbaKie d llM.Ol 
fed atoog tte Smdtern pr<^ 
erty Une. O^neral Hospital d 
Vligida Beach Af ea). LYNN- 


21. Appttcati<Ni d James E. 
Uadsey toe a (^ange d zmlng 
from Reddence ^burlnn Us- 
frld 3 CR-S 3) to Gemrd Com- 
merdd DIsfrid 2 (C-G 2) (m 
certain peopiTty located on tte 
North dde d Newtown Road 
tegindng d a pdnt 1425 feet 
more or less East d Goodman 
Road, rundng a distance d 175 
feet along tte Souttiern prq;>- 
erty Une d whidi 70 feet is tte 
North dde d Newtown Road, 
rundng a distance of 614.28 
feet dong ttie Western property 
Une, running i distance d 234, 
22 feet dong tte Norttern prop- 
erty Une and rundng adistance 
d 465.3 feet dong tte Eastern 
property Une. Sdd property is 
irregular in shape. (Bettte F. 
WilUams Elemedary School A- 

22. AppUcatton d Northamp- 
ton Associates by John E. Slrine 
and Assodates for a change d 
zodng from Reddence Duplex 
Distrid 2 (R-D 2) wIttaMotd. 
T(Hvist and RestauradL (T-2) 
Supplement to Multtple Family 
Residence Didrid (R-M) witt 
a Mdel, Tourist and Redau- 
rant (T-2) Sui^lement and a 
Use Perfldt to condrud 56 
apartmed udts on certdn pro- 
perty located on ttie Nortt dde 
d Stell Road across from Ma- 
harls Road tegindng d a pdd 
324.76 fed East d ttie inter- 
sectton d Norttiampton Bode- 
vard and ^11 Road, runi^ a 
distance d 430.29 feetaloiigtte 
Nortt dde d SOieU Road, run- 
dng a distance d 253.^8 fed 
along tte Western property Une, 
rundng a distance d 425.90 
feet d(mg tte Norttern property 
U^&jjid rundng a distance d 
411.S^ feet d(mg tte Eastern 
property Une. (Ukeview Park 
TING OF OCTOBER 12, 1970: 

23. AppUcatton of tte City 
d Virgida Beach, Departmed 
d Planning, to estal)lish av 
Historic and Cdturd Conser- 
vatton District (H-C) suiqple- 
ment to tte exlsttng Generd 
Commerdd Distrid 3 (C-G 3), 
Limited Commercid Didrid 
3 (C-L 3), limited Commercid 
Didrid 2 (C-L 2), Residence 
Suburban Distrid 3 (R-S 3), 
and Reddence Sd>urban Dis- 
frict 4 (R-S 4) on certdn pr(^- 
erty located North and Soutt 
d Princess Anne Road, teunded 
on tte West and rundng a dis- 
tance of 1100 feet dong tte 
Eastern Brand) d ttie EUzateth 
River, naming a dstance of 
1500 feet more or less dong 
tte Norttern property Une, nm- 
dne a distance of 1350 feet 
more or less dong tte Eastern 
property Une or whidi 1100 feet 
more or less is tte West dde 
of Bonney Road, rundng a dis- 
tance of 1250 feet more or 
less along tte Souttern prop- 
erty Une which tegins 200 fe^t 
more or less West of Kemps- 
ville Road extending in a Wes- 
terly direction to tte Eastern 
Branch d tte EUzabeth River. 
The following property and im- 
mediate grounds are included in 
tte H-C District: 1. Aaron Hud 
House; 2. Pleasant Hdl; 3. 
Courthouse and Jdl; 4.SdH)(»c« 
The surrounding properties are 
included in a Historic Tran- 
dtional Zone as provided for 
in Section 680.2.2 of tte Or- 
dinance estabUshing tte His- 
toric and Cdturd Conservation 
Districts. Plats witt more de- 
tdfed idornuitton are avdlable 
in the Office d ttie Departmed 
d City Plandng. (Kempsville 
Corner Area). KEMPSVILLE 

RIdiard J. Webten 
City Clerk 


Tte Virgida Bead) Planning 
Commission wiU teld a PubUc 
Hearing m Tue»lay, DecendMr 
8, 1970, d 1:00 P.M. in ttie 
Coundl Chamters of the Ad- 
mlddrattm Bdlding, Princess 
Anne Courttiouse, Virginia 
Beach, Virgida. Tte following 
mifdlcattcms wiU appear on tte 

1. AppUcatton d ttie City 
at Virgida Beadi to amend 

*Legal Notices 

tte Prinees Anne C<Mnty Code, 
ttie MM^r Z(ata^ (^rdludiee 
d ttie City d Vlr^nla Beach 
and ttie Code d ttie City d 
Virginia Bead) relative to 
dgos, UlOioards. and poster 
patett. More detail ii^^ma- 
tton is avdlable in tte OffiM 
d ttn Department d City Plan- 

2. Andlcatton d Angelo M. 
Alexander for a Use Permit 
to construd 96 apartment milta 

00 certain property located on 
tte Ead dde d Birdmdc Road 
tegindi^ d a pdd 251 feet 
Nortt d Old Virgida Beach 
Road, rundng a distance d 
434 feet al<»g tte East dde 

^fll.Blrdittefc Road, ruimlng a 
distance d 429 feet along tte 
Norttiern proper^ Une, rumiing 
a dtatance d 428 feet timt or 
less dong ttie Eastern peop^Tiy 
Une and rundng a distance of 
457 feet dong tte Souttern pro- 
perty Une. (Woodland Area). 

3. AppUcatton d OCR Cor- 
poration for a chann of zodng 
from Residence SUmutem DIs- 
frid 4 (R-S 4) to Mdttple 
Family Residence Distrid 
(R-M) and a Use Permit to 
condrud 320 apartmed udte 
(m certdn prc^rty located 
Wed d Uttle Neck Road and 
oa ttie Sbutt side d Proposed 
Extehdon d Ednburgh Drive, 
tegindng d a pdd 525 feet 
more or less Wed at little 
Neck Road, rundng a distance 
at 635 feet dong ttie Soutt dde 
d Proposed Extension d Edn- 
burgh Drive, rumiing a dstance 
d 2065 feet more or less 9iaag 
tte Western prc^rty Une, nm- 
dng a distance d 1047 feet 
more or less dong ttie Souttern 
property Une d wdch 887 feet 
more or less is Vbs North d(fe 
d Nortt Lynnteven Road Ex- 
tended, and rundng a distance 
d 1270 feet more or less d(mg 
the Eastern iffoperty Une.^Sdd 
property contdns 27.01 acres. 
(Grovelahd l^k-Kings Grant- 
Soutt)em Terrace-Belle Haven 

4. Appttcatton of Bartert(m, 
Incorporated by Wallace B. 
Smitt, Attorney, for tte dls- 
conttnuance, closure and aban- 
donmed of a portion of E. 
Sfreet, rundng a distance d 
475 feet West d Bartertd) 
Drive. Sdd street teing 50 
feet In width. (Birdneck Village 
AreaJ. tVNSHAtttC BOR- 

5. ^Ueatfon of Sdpvlew 
Pdnt, Inc. for a change d 
zodng from Reddence Duplex 
Distrid 2 (R-D 2) witt a Motel 
and Tourid (T-1) Supplemed 
to Residence Duplex Didrid 
2 (R-D 2) Witt a Motel and 
Tourist and Restaurant (T-2) 
^I^lemed and a Use Permit 
to condrud 16 additional motel 
udts, including 13 effldency 
udts and 3 penttiouses, on cer- 
tdn property located on ttie 
Northeast corner of Page 
Avenue and Jade Steet, run- 
dng a distance d 329 feet dcmg 
tte North dde d Page Avenue, 
rundng a distance of 533 feet 
along tte East side of Jade 
Sfreet, rundng a distance of 
443 feet along tte Sodh side 
ot Ctesapeate Bay, rundng a 
distance of 595 feet dong tte 
Eastern property Une. (Lynn- 
teven Steres Area). LYNN- 

6. AppUcatton of Lessie M. 
Gimbert by Owen B. Pickett, 
Attorney, for a change d zodng 
from Residence Duplex Distrid 

1 (R-D 1) to General Indus- 
trid Didrid 1 (M-I 1) on cer- 
tain prq;)erty located on the 
South side d tte Norfolk and 
Souttern Rdlway Co. Right of 
Way tegindng d a point 1380 
feet g»re or less West of Soutt 
Lynnteven Road, rundhg ads- 
tance d 691 feet along tte 
Eastern property Une at which 
190 feet more or less is tte 
West side of Virgida Avenue, 
rundng a distance of 215 feet 
do^ tt)e Soutt dde d tte Nor- 
folk and Souttiern Rdlway Co. . 
Ri^t d Way rundng a dis- 
tance d 582 fed more or less 
along tte Western i^opertyllne 
and rundng a distu)ce of 365 
feet dong ttie Sodtern property 
ttne. (Doyletown Area). LYNN- 

7. An>Ucatton of tte Chesa- 
peake smd Potomac Teleidione 
Company d Virgida for a Use 
Permit to ccmstrud ateled>one 
bdldng for a did center on 
certdn i»-operty located on ttie 
Souttwest corner dSioreteven 
Drive and North Great Neck 
Road, nmdng a dstance d 
339 feet along ttie West dde 
d Nortt Gred Neck Road, run- 
ning a distance d 611 feet dong 
tte Soutt side of Shoreteven 
R(»d, rundng a distance d 
448 feet dong tte Wedetn pro- 
perty lin^ and running a dis- 
tance d 681 feet doi% ttie 
S<w^rn property UK.(Melfdr 
Acres Area). LYNNHAVEN 

8. AppUcatton of Dal PhU 
Ccnrporatto by Edwin Kellam, 
Att(ff ney, ftM* a dumge d zmIi^ 
from Reddewx Sd>urbtn Dis- 
trid 4 Ot-S 4) to Reddence 
Duplex Didrid 2 (R-D 2) on 
otrtdn {ttuperty located oo fti 

* Legal Notice* 

Nortt dde d Stere IMve te- 
tween Bayberry Street and 
Wdcefored Street rundng a 
distance d 230 ftef d^ite 
Nortt side d Sbon Drive run- 
dng a dldance d 130 feet along 
ttie East side d Bay berry 
^red, rundng a dstance d 
230 ftet dongtte Norttern pro* 
perty Une asA nmdng a dis- 
tance at 130 fed dong ttie Wed 
dde dWakeforestStreet.(Cape 
Story by tte Ses-Cipi Henry 
Steres Area). LYNNHAVEN 

9. AppUditlon d George A. 
and Maritt) D. Garrett tor a 
change d zodng from Red- 
dence Subuilban District 3 j(R- 
S 3) to General Commerdd 
Didrid jS (C-G 3) and a Use 
Permit to construd a Gaso- 
line Supply Station on certdn 
property lodtted on ttie Ncnrtti- 
east comer d Birdneck Road 
and 24th Street, rundng a ds- 
tance d 164 feet dong ttie East 
dde d BirdncTck Road, running 
a distance d 269 feet dong ttie 
Norttern prcfierty Une, nmdng 
a distance d 89 feet Haog ttie 
Eadern property Une and run- 
ning a distance d 198 feet drag 
ttie North dde of 24th Street. 
(Birdneck Village Area). 

10. An)Ucatton of Jerdd R. 
Vaudian and George F. Davis 
for a Use Permit for a teen- 
age dance hdl witt Uve en- 
tertdnmed on certain property 
locded In ttie Lond(» Bridge 
Business Complex located 350 
fed more or less Wed of Gred 
Neck Road ud 390 feet more 
or less Nortt d Virgida Beadi 
Bodevard. (London Bridge Bus- 
iness Complex Area). LYNN- 

11. AppUcatton d WilUam 
H. Perry for a Use Permit 
for a diurchoncertdnproperty 
tegindng d a pdnt 825 feet 
more or less No^th of Vir- 
igida Beach Bodevard, rundng 
a dlstu)ce d 150 fed dong tte 
East dde d Rudde r R(»d, nm- 
dng a distance at 132 feet atong 
tte Norttern property ttne, run- 
ddng a distance d 150 feet 
dong tte Eastern property Une 
and rundng a dldance d 132 
feet dong ttie Sodtern property 
ttne. Sdd lota are shown as 
Lota 13, 14 and 15, revised 
Pld of North Duke Town. 
(Oceana Gardens Area). LYNN- 

12. AppUcatton d M, Dan 
Dalta for a Itee I^rihlt to 
operate a parking lot on cer- 
tain property locded on ttie 
Northwest corner d^nd Street 
and Pacific Avenue, rundng a 
distance d 159 feet dong tte 
West side at Padflc Avenue, 
rundng a distance at 264 fed 
dong tte Nortt dde d 32nd 
Sfreet, rundng a distance of 159 
feet dong ttie Western property 
Une and rundng a distance d 
264 feet dong ttie Norttern 
property Une. VIRGINIA 

13. AppUcatton d Windsor 
Holland Company for a d)ange 
of zodng from Residence Su- 
burban Dlstirid 4 (R-S 4) to 

, Multtple Family Reddence Dis- 
trid (R-M) and from Mdttde 
Family Reddence Didrid ^- 
M) to Limited Commerdd DIs- 
frid 3 (C-L 3) and from Umlted 
Commercid Distrid 1 (C-L 1) 
to Multtple Family Residence 
District (R-M) on certdn pro- 
perty located on tte Nortt dde 
of Holland Road, tegindng d 
a point 4600 fed more or less 
East d Independence Boulevard 
and located East and West d 
South Plaza Trdl Extended. 

Parcel 1: Change d zodi« 
from R-S 4 to R-M. On certain 
property locded on tte Nortt 
side of HoUand Road tegindng 
d a pdd 4600 feet more or 
less East d Independence Bou- 
levard, rundng a distance d 
900 feet dcmg tte North side 
ai Holland Road, rundng a dis- 
tance d 1 180 fed dong tte Wes- 
tern property Une, rundng a 
distance of 930 fed dong tt)e 
Northern property Une and run- 
dng a distance of 1225 feet 
dong ttie Eastern property ttne. 

Parcel 2: Change d zodng 
from R-M to' C-L 3: On cer- 
tdn pr(9>erty located on tte 
North dde d HoUand ^ 
tegindng d a pdd 5500 feet 
more or less East d Indepen- 
dent Bodevard, running a dis- 
tance d 910 feet more or less 
along tte Eastern pr<^rtylUie, 
rundi^ a distance at 730 feet 
more or less doi^ ttie Norttiern 
property Une and rundng a dis- 
tance d 650 fed more or less 
atong ttie Eastern property ttne 
(ytmt dde d PropoMd Sodh 
Plaia Trdl Extended and ^• 
dng a distance at 720 fed more 
or less dong tte Nortt dde 
d Holland R(»d. 

Parcel 3: Change d z(»dng 
from C-L 1 to R-M: On cer- 
tdn property located on ttie 
East side of Prcqiosed South 
Plaza Trdl Extoxfed tegindng 
d a pdd 1770 feet moTB or 
l^w NorttdHollaadRoad, nm- 
dng a ttstatee at @0fed more 
or less ikg^ ttie East d(fe d 
Proposed S&ih Plata UrdlEx- 
tenifed, rm^ a <ttstai)ce at 
IWS fed mx% or y&m aki« 

* Legal NotlcM 

tte Northempwpfflrty Une, run- 
ning a dUtante d 610 fed ahmi 
ttie Eastern property Une snd 
nmdng a distance d 1220 fed 
mure or Ims aloiigttieSodften 
property Une. Plate with feor« 
detailed idonmaUan areaiall- 
i^le In tte Office d ^ iJe- 
portmed d City Plan«ln| 
(Wtadsor Oaks^est Area) 

14. Application d Level 
Green Corp<»«tiaii for a Use 
Permit to condnid a sewage 
pumping station on <»rtdn pro- 
perty located on ttie East dde 
d Level Green Bottlevard(pro- 
posed) tegindng d a pdd 325 
feet Soutt d ttie Virgida Elec- 
farlc and Power Co. Right d 
Way. Sdd property teing 50 
feet by 50 fed In size. (Level 
Green Area). KEMPSVILLE 

15. AppUcattcm d Emancm 
Company, Inc., for a Use Permit 
to construct a gasoUne sundy 
^tloB on certdn i^operty lo- 
cated oa ttie Nortt dde d Pro- 
vidence Road begindng at a 
pdd 1250 fed more or less 
Wed dKempsviUe RMd, run- 
dng a distance d 20Q fed dong 
ttie Nortt dde of Providence 
Road, rundng a distance of 
200 feet d(Nig ttie Western pro* 
perty Une (proposed extension 
d Lord Difflsroore Drive) run- 
dng a distance d 200 fed dong 
tte Norttern pn^rty ttoe and 
ruimlng a distance d 200 feet 
dong tte Eastern property Une. 
(Fdrfield Area). KEMPSVILLE 

16. Application of E. V. 
WllUams Company, Inc. for a 
Use Permit to deepen an ex- 
isting terrow pit on certdn 
property locded on tte South 
dde d Indian River Road and 
West d Kempsville Road known 
as tte Ferrell Farm tegindng 
d a point 1020 feet more or 
less West d KempsviUe Road 
and 735 feet more or less Sodh 
d Indian River Road, rundng 
a distuiee d 2900 feet more 
«r less altmg tt)e Eastern pro- 
perty line, rundng a distance 
d 1810 fed more <^ less dong 
tte Souttiern property line and 
ruimlng a dimnee of 3780 feet 
more or less along tte Western 
property ttne and rundngadis- 
tance d 900 feet more or less 
dong ttie Norttern property 
Une. Sdd property c(»tdns 104. 
259 acres. (Bonney's Comer 


17. AppUcattcm d H. Geprge 
Schweitzer for a Use P^mlt 
to condrud a gasoUne sui;q;)ly 
station on certdn property lo- 
cated oa ttie Nortteast corner 
d Shore Drive and Greenwell 
Road running a distance at 192 
feet dong tte Wedern prc^erty 
Une d which 170 feet is ttie 
East side d Greenwell Road, 
nmdng a distance of 199 fed 
atong tte Norttern property 
Une^ rundng a distance d 165 
feet dong ttie Eastern property 
ttne and rundng a distance ot 
147 feet dong tte North side 
at Stere Drive. (Bayville Park 

18. AppUcatton of Newtown 
Road Corporatton and tte Boron 
Oil Company for a change of 
zodng from limited Commer- 
cial Distrid 3 (C-L 3) to Gen- 
eral Commerdd Distrid 1(C- 
G 1) and a Use Permit to con- 
strud a GasoUne Supply Station 
on certdn property locded on 
tte Norttw«d corner of New- 
town Road and Lake Edward 
Drive, fronting 175 feet dong 
tte Wed dde d Newtown Road, 
ruimlng a distance of 175 fed 
dong tte Norttiern prcqierty 
Une, miming a dstance d 175 
feet dong ttie Western property 
Une and rundng a distance of 
175 feet dong ttie Nortt side 
of Late Edward Drive. (Lake 
Edward Wed Area). BAYSIDE 

19. ^TpUcdlon d Late Ed- 
ward North, Inc., for a Use 
Permit to omstract a gasoline 
suiqily statton on certdn pro- 
perty locded oa tte Scwtti- 
east comer d Baker Road and 
Hampshire Lane (proposed) 
rundi^ a distance of 175 feet 
dong ttM Ead side d Bater 
Road, running a dlstan<» d 200 
ted dong tte South side of 
Hampshire Lane (in-oposed), 
rundi^ a distaiK^e of 175 fed 
d(mg tte Etftero property Une 
and nmdng a dldance of 2(K1 
feet along tte Souttern laroperty 
Une. (Lake Edward Area). BAY- 

20. question of F. Wayne 
McLestey, Jr., for a Use Per- 
mit to constmct a gasoUne asp- 
ply stdloo on certdn property 
located 00 ttie Souttweit mrner 
at Stffn Drive and Evit Gray- 
son Drive nuuili^ a distance 
d 211 feet doog ttie South 
dde d ^re Drive, nddng 
a AstanM d tlQO feet alo^ tte 
WmI dtedEadGraysonRoad, 
niutfag a dstance d 156 fed 
alo^ ttie So^Mm property 
Une, aad nuliy a distanee d 
305 fed ik^ tte Westerapro- 
perty ttne. (Ocean Park Ar^). 

21. A||>ttcdl(» d Da^Ccr- 
Mr Pi^rtlM Co., ^ Om§ 
B. Pickett. Attorae;. lor i 


HsMmtiamt^. 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


* Legal Ndticeft 

diange of wsAst ttom Resl- 
dti^ Subi^iu District 4 (R- 
S 4} to lAi^tple Funlljr Resl- 
denet District Oi-M) and a Use 
Pernrit to oonstrw^ 160 apart- 
mefli writs on certidB property 
\a&^ <tt Uk Soutb side of 
VIrglBito Bea^ Boulevard be- 
glnirf^ A a poiot 925 feet 
more or less East of Fair 
Meadows Road, nnming a dis- 
392 fe€^ along te Norttem pro- 
per^ line of iilfldi 160 feet is 
the SiMtt tide ofVirglnia Beach 
Bodevtfd, running a distance of 
2277 feet along tbe Eastern pro- 
per^ Um, mining a distanee 
of 259 feet along tlie Southern 
property line and running a 
(Hstinee of 1^2 feet along Oie 
Western property line located 
at tte Eastern extremity of 
Elam Aveime, Coliss Avenue 
and Larry Avenue. (Fair Mea- 
dows Estates - Boulevard Ma- 
nor Areas). BAYSIDE BOR- 



22» Apidlcation of the City 
(A Vtrgfnia Beach, Department 
of Planning, to establish an His- 
toric and Cultural Conservation 
mstrlct (H-C) supplement to ttie 
«dstUig General Commercial 
District 3 (C-C3}, Umited 
Commercial District 3 (C-L3), 
Limited Commercial District 2 
(C-L 2), Residence Suburban 
District 3 (R-S 3). and Resi- 
dence S«teurban^Distrlct-f<R-^ 

5 4) CD certain property located 
Norttt and South of Princess 
Anne Road, bounded on the West 
and running a distance of 1100 
feet more or less along the 
Eastern Branch of the Eliza- 
beth River, running a dlsbuice 
of 1500 feet more or less along 
the Northern property line, run- 
^g t distance of 1350 feet 
more or less along the Eastern 
^operty Hnecrf which tlOO 
feet more or less is IK^ West' 
side of Bonney Road, runMi« 

6 distance of 1250 feet more 
^ess along the Southern la-o- 
perty line whldi begins 200 feet 
more or less West of Kemps- 
viUe Road extending in a Wes- 
terly direction to the Eastern 
Branch of the Elizabeth River. 
The following property and im- 
mediate grounds are included in 
the H-C District: 1. Aaron Hunt 
House; 2. Pleasant Hall; 3. 
Courthoise and Jail; 4.Saltbox. 
The surrounding properties are 
included in an Historic Transi- 
ttonal Zone as provided for in 
Section 680.2.2 of the Ordi- 
nance establishing the Historic 
and Cultural Conservation Dis- 
tricts. Plats with more detailed 
Information are available in the 
Office of the Department of 
City Planning. (Kempsville 
Corner Area). KEMPSVILLE 

All intorested persons are 
Invited to ^tend. 
Charles C. Carrington 
Director of Planning 



In the Cl^lc's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17th day 
of November, 1970. 

Alice Allen Wilson, Plaintiff, 

WIlUe J. Wilson, Defendant. 


The object of titfs suit is 
for ttie said plalntltr to ob- 
tain a divorce a vinculo ma- 
trtmmiii from the said defen- 
dttrt^ qpon ^ gnnnids (tf Two 
Year Rule. 

And an affldavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
genee ^m been used by or in 
behalf of the idaintiff to as- ^ 
certain in whidi c(wmty or cor- ' 
ponton tte defemtei^ is, with- 
out effect, the last known post 
office address being: 416 N. 
Pnyton Street, Alexandria, Vir- 

It Is ordered that be do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
doe pobUcatloD hereof, and do 
wlat iMy i» necessary to pro- 
ted his ii^r^ In Vt&a suit. 
A oopjr-Teste: 

J(»eiii A. Jortto, Jr., Atty. 
1228 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Norfoik, Virgiida 23504 
^ 11-25-4T 

la «ie Clerk's (Mice (A tl» 

Cir^tt Court of the City ct 

Vl^Wt Be«^ on tte I8th 

d^«f Noven^ur, 1970. 
Bettie Loiise Chestney, 

E#(Mtf Ur^ atrtav, De- 

* Legal Notices 


The object of thU suit Is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matromonti 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of tiie 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 357 
East North Street, New Castle, 

It is ordered that he (&> a|>- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret %, Brugh, D.C. 
Lee Kelberg, Atty. 
807 Plaza One Bldg. 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



In the Clerk's Office <A the 
Circuit Court of ihe Cl^ of 
Virginia Beac^, on the 20th day 
(tf Noveniber, 1970. 

Pauline Joan Lamberty, 

Cleo Paul Lamberty, Defen- 


The object of this suit is for 
said plaintiff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Mensa Et Thoro from 
the said <lefendtart, upon ttie 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by or in 
behalf of the plaintiff to as- 
certain in n^ch coui^y or cor- 
poration the defendant is, with- 
out effed, the last known post 
office address being: 206-12th 
Street, Apt. D, Virginia Beach, 

It is ordered that be do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days ^ 
after .due > publleation.vhereof, 
wA do what may be netessary 
to protect Ms interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Nathaniel J. Cdten, Atty. 
Brydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 LasUn Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17th day 
of November, 1970. 

WilUam Riddick, Plaintiff, 

Willie Mae Troutman Rid- 
dldc, Defendant. 


The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant, upcn 
the grounds of 2 Year Rale. 

And an affidavit haVing been 
made and filed that the defendant 
Is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, the last known post 
(Miti address being: 340 13th 
Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. 

It is ordered that ^he <k> 
appear here wittiin 10 (ten) 
days after due pidftUcation here- 
of , and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect her Interest in 
this suit 
A copy Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
J(»e(A A. Jordan, Jr., Atty. 
1228 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Noriolk, Virginia 23504 


* Legal Notices 

A copy Teste: 


Margaret W. Brugh, DjC. 

Robert H. Anderson, Jr., Atty. 

Goldb[latt, Upskin, Anderson k 


804 One M^q Plaza East 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



In the Cterk's Office of the 
Cirtjult Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 30tti day 
of October, 1970* 

Janette Whitaker Key, Plain- 

Bobby Gray Key, Defendant. 


The object (A this suit is 
for the said plainttff to ob- 
tain a divorce a vinculo matri- 
monii from the said defendant, 
upon the grounds of two years 
seinration of the parties. 

And an affldavi(»having been 
made and filed that the de- 
fendant is not a resident of 
the State of Virglnia,^ the last 
known post office address being: 
Forsythe County Jail, Wlnson- 
Salem, North Carolina. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
David H. Mams, Atty, — — — 

3115 J^adfic Avemifr 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 


In the Cterk's Office of the 
Circuit Coifft of file City of 
VirglnU Beach, on the nth 
day of Novemi)er, 1970. 

Carole J. Anthony, Plaldllf, 

Steven M. Anthony, D^en- 


The object of tUs suit is for 
the said plaisMff to drtaln a 
divorce a vinculo matrimodi 
from the sdd <tefenda^, iqnn 
the grounds of having lived se- 
parate aiKi iwart withoirt mi 
cohabltetion and without ider- 
roiMon for more than two years, 
to-vit: June 18, 1968. 

And an affid»rit having been 
matte and filed Uiat the de- 
tefilnrt Is not a reiddent of file 
State of Virginia, the last known 
poit dflce address being: 444 
84tt Stre^, Apartment I2A, 
New Ywk, New York. 

It is wttered MU he do ap- 
pear tere iHttln 10 (^) (^ 
after tee piMte^oo hn«(tf, 
and do what ujf be necessary 
to ^-oteet Us ttiirett la Ms 

* Legal Notices 


TAKE NOTICE that pursuant 
to the terms of a certain Deed 
of Trust, executed by Edward 
G. Day and Patrida P. Day, 
husband and wife, dated Janiary 
17, 1968, duly recorded in the 
Cterk's Office of tU^ Circdt 
Court of the City of Chesapeake, 
Virgida, in Deed Book 1504, at 
page 392, default having oc- 
curred in the payment of the 
note thereby secured, and at 
the request of the holder of the 
note so to do, the undersigned 
Trustee will sell at public 
auction to the M^est l)i(Mer cm 
on Friday, November 27, 1970, 
at 10:00 a.m., on the steps in 
front of the Circuit Court of the 
City of Chesapeake, Virgida, 
the following described pro- 
perty to-wit: 

All those two certain lote, 
pieces, or parcels of land, 
situate, lying and being in the 
City of Chesapeake, Virgida, 
and being known, numbered and 
designated as Lots Nine (9) 
and Eleven (11), in Block Thirty- 
six (36), Subdivision ^ "F", of 
file property of the Hampton 
Roads Land Corporation, known 
as Indian River Park, as shown 
on a certdn plat thereof en- 
titled "Plat Showing Subdivis- 
ions A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I 
and J, Norfolk Highlands", duly 
recorded in the Clerk's Office 
of the Circdt Court of fiie City 
of Chesapeake, Virgida, in M^ 
Book 17, at page 79. 
^^^^HiiB'lsroperty will be sold 
subject to a ^ior Deed d 
Trust, the amount of wUch will 
be announced at the time of 

A bidders deposit of $450.00 
will be reqdred when the pro- 
perty is sold and settlement in 
foil shall be made within 10 
days thereafter. 

TERMS: Cash 

.. , .. U-19-2Tin; 

^^ih^iiti^m*mtnA^^A 1 1 ■■■ ■I " *> ■ ■—■III 1 I ■ii*« ■■■■ i- 

%%& Clerk's Office of the 
Circdt Court of the City of 
Virgida Beach on 27th day of 
October, 1970. 


NEY BROWN, Respondents. 


THE OBJECT of tds sdt is 
to obtdn the partition of the 
following described property in 
(me of file modes prescribed 

ALL of those certdn lots, 
pieces, or parcels of land dr 
tuate, lying and being in the 
Lynnhaven Borough of the City 
of Virgida Beach. Virgida with 
the bdldings and improvements 
thereon being more particularly 
designded as Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6, 
7,8, and 9 in Block 2 on that 
certdn plat entitled "MAP OF 
BEACH BLVD." which pld is 
dded December 1927, was made 
by C. R. Mdnttre Eng. and 
is recorded in the Clerk's Of- 
fice of the Circdt Court of the 
City of Virgida Beach, Virginia 
in Map Book 8 at page 43, 
reference to sdd plat being 
hereby made for a more par- 
ticular description and location 
of sdd property. 

And an affidavit having been 
m«ie and filed that the re- 
spondeds are not residents of 
the Stote of Virgida, their last 
known addresses beint as fol- 
lows: Virgida Maxey Hirsch, 
2335 N. W. 22nd Street Apt. 
218, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; 
Margaret Maxey Johnson, 4305 
Ranchview Road, Fort Worth, 
Texas; and Susie Guemey 
Brown, 3406 Woodford Drive, 
ArUi^on, Texas; it is ordered 
fiid Vhey do i^^ar here within 
ten (10) days after due publi- 
cattw hered, and do what may 
be necessary to protect their 
inters in tds sdt. 
A Copy Teste: 

by J. Curtts Frdt, D.C. 


Chrysler - 1967 Newport 2 dr., 
hardtop, dr condttoned, power 
steering and brakes, by owner, 
call 497-0741. 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
cellant Conditton, 42$ hp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597. 

Jaguar-7 modhs old, 4 plus 
2 coupe, new car condifion, 
air condittoned,derotiq;)e,AM- 
FM radio, other extras, $4,975. 

VaUant - 1966 2 dr., standard, 
new tires $750 - 464-5767. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
Crown Imperid, light blue, 
black vinyl hard t(^, wdte lea- 
ther and black satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptiondly 
clean. $3,000, price firm. 425- 

- ' 

N Special Noticel 

■ ■ I !■■ — ■■III, ■ J -IIMII ^.IIIIB I ■■■ <l 

If you have it and don't want 
it, caU: 

Used Furdture 1800 Monticello 

622-2102 ^ 


Part time bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done in my home or your 
office. Free Jjick up and de- 
livery. 420-5340. 

in DreMmaking— SewlBg 


so Bnilnest OppMimiHIes 


antee work. P!U}ne 497-4628. 

CUSTOM-Made Drapes & 
Sheers-Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies, Hilltop Area. 
Phone 428-0544. 

S4 Guttering— Roofing 

Leaks and Repdrs 

All work guaranteed. 

Gutters and down spouts re- 
placed and roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed 

36 Home Maintenance 

Electrical Contractor 
Installation & Repdrs 
Free Estimates 427-1146 

tSMohOe Homea 
For Sale er Rent 

New Moon - 1969, 12' x 60', 
carpeted and fordshed, A-1 
condition, $300 and take over 
payments. 497-6133. ^ 

pdnt interior and exterior. 464- 

Sped^ fall cleanup and close 

Have opedng for lady to sell 
Electrolux products in the Vir- 
gida Beach area. Excellent op^ 
portudty to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interviews held at our office 
between 9 a.m, and noon, any- 
iay tds week. Ask for manager. 
Electrolux Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia Beach Blvd. 

1 ■■ ■■■■.II !■ ■ ■! I lll-^ 

Business is buzzingandweneed 
two experienced sales agents. 
Apply today. Call Tom Kane 
497-4851 Nights 340-1760. 
Grow with Hedtors. Stohl Re- 
alty Corp. 

Women 18 ancl up wear and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry in your 
spare time, no investment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

■■ TRAIN TO BE A ■■ 


J.Ufji ta opeistt Buitdo/eri< 
Oraglin«s. Cfines. Scrapers, 
loadeis. trencheri, ett.. jI 
our modern Ucilitf. A M(h 
Mid ciieer is oocn to imbi- 
tiOuS men inMOtkci ikMu. iia 

Univcrtil Hn»y 

ConttructlM ScliMtt 

•*t #BN-WJ 

7Mt WIMMsa Drin 

NMltIk, Va. IlStI ' 


•mevti rN vtraBan 


Lhasa apso pups-AKC reg^- 
tered, raw gcAis. Also, re- 
0stered YorksUre territr. 

Midature Sdmaazers Pupptes- 
ears cropped, permanent sbds, 
wormed, males and feouttos, 
will hold for Christmas, 464- 

Pure Black German Shepterd- 
8 weeks old, weaned, decen- 
dants of Holland von Starken- 

Poodle - 6 modhs, bla^ nlal- 
ature registered, will 8611 for 
$50 or will trade for a tisgr 
cdhudiua. 497-5561. 

> ' 1 1 I 

Poodl^-4 small wMte toy fe- 
male, 8 weeks, clttmd(» Idood 
Une, AKC registered, $100. 

Toy Poodle Pups-7 males, AKC 
registered, 6 weeks old, 426- 

Poodle GrotmilBg and AeQ«H(- 
ories, Chardaoe Poodle Hooae 
5689 Va. Beach Blvd.,.t|0rtolk, 
7:30 am - 6 im Tuesday fiirn 
Saturday, 420-4790. ^ 

vice. Beagle and Poodle - 42S- 




IM Room* For Beat 







_-. 13,920 ./, 

EUNICE E. t H A R TL V E', ' 
Pldntiff, d V 

'?;■>' ■ ■{'•'•Mi- >■ 



The ob]ed of this sdt is fefr 
the sdd pldntiff to obtdn an 
adjudication that she has the 
right, under the will d C.W.. 
HarUove, deceased, to dispose 
of tiie real estate devised ttiere- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat the following 
defendants, if they be living, 
are nd residents of the^ State 
of Virgida and that diligence 
' has been used by and on behdf 
of tile sdd pldntiff to ascertain 
in what county or corporation 
they are, withod effect, and that 
the last known post office ad- 
dresses respectively of the sdd 
defendants agdnst whom publi- 
cation is asked are as follows: 

Mary Virgida Dunton Jus- 
tice, Belle Haven, Virgida. 

Alice Dudon Balachi, Route 
#2, Box 222, ^em, Virgida. 

Bertie Dunton Flemming, 409 
Deep Creek Boulevard, Ports- 
mouth, Virginia. 

Nellie Dunton Davis, Parks- 
ley, Virgida. 

Edgar Taylor, Suffolk, Vir- 

Theodore Taylor, Suffolk, 

Arthur Taylor, Suffolk Vir- 

Elizabeth Taylor Austin, RFD 
#1, Suffolk, Virgida. 

Stanley A. Taylor, RFD, 
Prince George County, Peters- 
burg, Virgida. 

And the tdll dcomplaidsUting 
that there are or may be per- 
sons interested in the subject 
to be disposed d, wh(se names 
are udmown, and making ttwm 
parties defendant by the gen- 
eral descrt^cm of "parties 
unknown", and affidavit having 
been made and filed that tiiey 
are unknown, such imknown par- 
ties being the wi<tow and heirs, 
devisee and imc^sors In title 
of C.W. Hartlove, deceased, of 
Princess Amie County, Virgida, 
who di«d May 16. 1947, and if 
any ol tt^ fore^ing umed 
defeidants be dead, the widow, 
heirs and devisees and succes- 
sors in title of tbem. 

It U ORDERED ttiat ttie sdd^>l{^dwii4^Rud0ns, Jr., p. q. 
aforenamed dtefeodants, If 0^ Af^wfdLaW 

HySINESS SBCVICES up. 25% dscoud for all work 

done in the next 60 days.Cdm- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repdr. Dampers installed or 
fixed. Furnace deadng. Atlant- 
ic Bdlders & Mdntenance. Call 

GROW YOUR own frdt. Free 

be Uving, and ttie nid persons 
made defenbnts \n tbe general 
description of ^'parties w- 
Isown*' do aivttr ItUiiteDdiO 
(bys alter (taeibblicdim of ttds 
order tmd do wtnt is necessary 
to prded tt^ir iderest. 
A o^^-Teste: 

J. Curtts Frdt, D.C. 
Gro^r C. Wrif^, Jr., Atty, 
SSOI I^dfle Avemw 
Virgida ^a<ft, Virgida 


2625 Princes Anne Road 
Vir^a Beadi, Virgida 23456 

"■- ^ I - I ■■ -■ — — I ^ 

Tte VIrpda Beach Zodin; 
Board d ^iipeals will ctmduct 
a PutoUc Hevi^aiWedM^y, 
December 2, WO, d 8 P.M. 
in ttie Mudcipal Court Bdlding, 
ap^d» ewrt i^m, City Hdl, 
^IrgUia fieach. Virgida. The 
fdtowb^ ap^edloiffi will ap- 
pMr ootte i^endk. 

One room to a house fulU No 
job too smdl. Call: 

1800 Monticello 622-2102 

^^* Legal Notices 

>'i\ I«iMartinL.Swersky.requests 
a • variwcjB'^ lO' ^eet-frora 
r#qdrea 3b feet to 20ieetfrod 
yard setback and a variance 
d 6 feet from 10 feet to 4 feet 
side and rear yards setbacks 
d Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 
and 14, Block 2, Atlantic In- 
vestment Co., Inc., 16th Sbreet. 
Lynnhaven Borou^ 

II. Richard I. Hanes requests 
a variance of 28 feet from 
reqdred 75 feet to 47 feet lot 
frontage and variance of 6146 
square feet from reqdred 
10,000 square feet to 3,854 
square feet of part of Ld 15 
and Lot 16, G.L. Bonney Plat, 
89th Street. Lynnhaven Borou^ 

in. Powell 4 Huntley Inc. 
requests a variance of 4 feet 
from reqdred 6 feet to 2 feet 
side yard setback of Lots 5, 
7, and 9, Block 1, Centrd 
Park, Reef Court. Virginia 
Beach Borough' 

rv. Elsie Vvppas requests 
a variance of 10 feet from 
reqdred 30 feet to 20 feet front 
yard setback of a parcel, Lef- 
fler Lane. Lynnhaven Borough 

V. Ashton H.>fijmi, Jr. re- 
quests a variance of Section 
3-F, Motd-Hotel District, of 
Lot 6, Square 21, Hughes Plat, 
2101 Atlantic Avenue. Virgida 
Beach Borough. 

W.L. Towers 


In the Clerk's Office of tiie 

Circdt Court of ttie City of 

Virgida Beach, on ttie 9ti» day 

of November, 1970. 
Jean Frances O'Sullivan, 


Geor^ FrederickO'Sullivan, 



The (^d of ttiis sdt is 
for ttw sdd pldntiff to ob- 
tdn a divorce a vinculo mdri- 
raodi from ttie sdd defendant, 
upon the grounds of deserticm 
and al)andonment. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tiiat the de- 
fendant is nd a resident of 
ttie State of Virgida, the last 
known post office address bdng: 
9 PlyinMiBrAveBoeWest,Gro- 
ton, C(xnecticd 06340. 

It is ordered thd he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due ptfttteation ^reot, 
and do whd may be necessary 
to i^ded his Iderest in ttris 

A c<vy-T«te: 

Ibrgaret W. &ni||k, D.C. 
Cdtoao wA CofiMB, Attys. 
5172 Virgida B^di Blvd. 
Vtn^da BMcb, VirgliU 23462 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you with that new 
home • additions - or repairs 
We can fttriiish materials Irom 
' basement it ^tiic and aid you 
in finandng. 
Phone: Kellam & Eaton, Inc. 
(1) 427-3200 


TUTORING- Certified Teacher, 
Tdoring after school in ele- 
mentary subjects. 4r 1-2681. 

Theory, Repertoire 
James 4 Frances Morrisson ^ 
Accessible from Expressway, 
Va. Bch Blvd, First Colodal 
or '.askin Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

copy 48-page Planting Gdde 
Catalog in color—offered by. 
Virgima's largest growers of 
frdt trees, nut trees, berry 
plan^, grape vines,landscaping 
plant materid. Sal^people 
wanted. Waynesboro Nurseries- 
Waynesboro, Virgida 22980. 

Sales and service. Prompt ef- 
ficled repairs. Pick up and 
delivery.'Phone 428-4222, Fuel 
Feed andBuildingSupplies, Inc. 

Antiquf -shipment jiet arrived 
in tin. r Christmas giving, 
• ^weli it Gallery, 1454 Tide- 
^.ater ., Norfolk, off Exp. 
64. Op«;. i -5 pm 583-5000 


70 Dogs-Cato-Otber Pete 

Bost .: i'errier- male, 7 weeks, 
regisi^ered, terms. 340-4609. 

Labrador puRrfes - 16 weeks, 
AKC registered, wormed, all 
shots, males $125, females 
$100, or best offer. 627-8696 
or 439-1833. 

Tmciency Afartraent^prlvstti 
home, private edrance, or wltti 
one bedroom. 428-5942. 

MarshdI'i Hdel 66tti and Ocaan 
One ro«n effidracy $125 
monthly $32.50 weekly. Two 
rooms $190 moi^y $48 weeidy, 
includes ultiUties, T. V. and 
mdd service. 428-6841. 

I^jeated rooms. Maid service. 
Dagr, wack or mon^ 806 20tti 
Street -'^ '"'■ ■ '""-' 

128 Red &tate Wasted 

Prc^erty to sell ,or ttxk, 
cUeflts-walttDg. Call 340r0740. 

Home & Ai4. Listings Needed 

for Sale Gt Rent 

Mendier of Virginia Beach Ifd- 

tiple Listing Service.- 500 

salesmen will help s«ll your 


Cooper Realty 

2807 Pacific Ave, 
Ph 428-1330 

n^ A S 'T]\i Clash li'ed Ads, 


to Work For You 


Compose your own classified od 


dhmm mmikar Is mw •#«« WEEKLY RATES 

Minimum Charge 1.00 Under rour Lines NO. c^ weeks 













«» En ti fir 

5% discount If run 4 weeks 

Raw, ^ 

kMrm /I 


Mall It 


f. 0. lai k%1, 

Vlfilidtlaadi.Vt. 11457 





P^i TO 

Virgintfil DMdk Sun 

Wedntiday, »teyyibgr 25, 1970 

Whoever heard of squealing football players! 



Powder Puff Queen Craig "Bubbles" Davi& Ricky Futrell, Freddie Evans, Steve Ci 
Cheering fortheSeniors were (left to right) rin, Richard Davis and Bobby Gimbron 

(}uariirbacl( Terri Sawyer carries the ball for the Juniors. 

f^itst Extramural 
Winners A nnounced 


Mike Riywr ti 3(M Harfrmw 
Kelltm Iftilt Stidliini w« 
flUcd vitb lia(ipr»vidodoataBd 
iiHiddy Midon and tmrni, 
defeated, but etioaUy n^uddy Jo- 
oiors as Oie. senior Urte 
tHMiooed Uk jmior (iris 12-6 
in Keilam's^xthAmuHaPow- 
<ter Puff Gridisra Clanlc, 8t^ 

Xbrpae «tarted ««Uldrll» 
senion. After for<^ fte Ju- 
niors to pifflt on a Idnrtii Anm 
pUy, tDe seniors got ttie ball 
for Hie first dowp on Oieir 
emu 37 yard link. Af^ ite 
buddle, tireak and Unins v, 
■tolar quarterbaek Wendy Ho» 
«^ saddenly stood op. Willioat 
oOling timeout, Wendy afked 
eeirter Ron! Fecmdio to ind 
her tlK ball, vfaidi R(»i did 
in a hiUi^ movement. Woxty 
tbeniialked toward Ibe fldeUMi 
tlMMitinr 80ffletitti«iboat it be- 

ii« "Oie wrong ball", and sud- 
denly she br(^ uround the dde 
for a 67 yard TD without any 
pursuit. R^eree John CotikB 
ruled it legal, and the seniors 

Hobie Cats to 
Sail Fri..Sat. 

tlie First Annual Turkey 
Hobie Cat 14 Regatta will be 
held Friday and Saturday in 
Broad Bay, starting botti days 
at noon. 

The event is being sponsored 
by F. Ferebee Trafton of One 
Desip Sailboits. 

A skipper's uMetihg will be 
held at the Mariner Motel at 
11 a.m. Friday andre^stration 
will be held prior to the meet- 
ing* Registranta willbe cfaarged 
ahoninal fee. 

;iad Vbt first score. The next 
time Wendy handed the ball, 
she scored again, but a pen- 
alty nullifted tt» play. Shortly 
after, WenH^ brcAe off for a 
47-yard rw aoA the seccmd 
senior tov^down. 

After Ibe early fireworks, 
tile pune TMOlted in a battle 
of Junio^MdHBHtos versus 
a cornmooiFiii'ny^flsliufe 
mwfliole in the middle of the 
field. Mudi of the spectator 
interest switched from the 
graceful {dopli« of the girls 
to the d^Udtdy un-feminine 
antics of &e ^eerleaders and 
Drill Team. 

At half-ttme, the procession 
of queen hc^itfuls came cmtodie 
field. Craig "Bubbles" Davis, 
a senior, won the crown as die 
candidates wisely avoided the 
free-for-all thi^resulteda- 
mong Hie nwrnbeni of the Drill 

Team and the cheerleaders. 
In the second half tiie seniors 
could not pull off another score 
as their game centered around 
the running of Wendy, Joella 
Caldwell and Bobette Beers. 
The Juidors finally got going 
as their mudi publicized pas- 
sing game materialised In the 
form (^a tou^downjBss from 
Tert Sawyer To ^bbielPayne. 
An onside kick r^ulted in the 
Juniors nearly pulling off a tie, 
but four passes later the clock 
ran with a final score, senoirs 
12 and Jtffiicffs 6. The general 
concensus is that the N.F.L. 
has nothing to fear— yet. 

If all printers were deter- 
mined not to print anything till 
they were sure it would of- 
fend nobody, there would be 
very little printed.-BenJamln 

H^ your business they want, 

They deserve It, too. 
— Not became the places that em- 
ploy handicapped people are doing 
a good thing. (Which, of course, 
they are.) 

But because they also do good 

You see, "sheltered workshops" 
are establishments run for people 
with various kinds of disaijilities. 

However, a "disability" often 
hides a lot of other kinds of "ability." 

So sheltered workshops that 
create jobs for the handicapped do 
just as good vKM1i«aOM more usual 

places of business. 

The State-Federal vocational re- 
habilitation program wants to let 
you know this. We call our pr^ram 
HURRAH-which stands for "Help 
Us Reach & Rehabilitate America's 
Handicapped." < 

The HURRAH program ihvites 
you to send us your name and ad- 
dress—without obligation, of course 
—if you might be interested' in let- 
ting a sheltered workshop otSiTipete' 
for work that your firm farnris Out. 

What the( sheltered 
are asking from you ai €pffsi0^'. 

man is simply a chance to bid on 
your work, along with other firms. 

Naturally, you'll get a nice feel- 
ing if you give a sheltered workshop 
that chance. 

Butthat's not the point.The point 
is, you'll find they do nice work. 

Send your name and address to: 
WORKSHOP, Box 1200, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 20013. 

HURRAH. The State-Federal Pro- 
gram of Rehabilitation Services. 

Tll» mtithte Beach Public 
Schools, through Uie Depart- 
ment of ReiSh ind nqrisical 
Educition, has announced Qie 
windir tit the first exti'amurals 
for ffil sAdol year. 

The eventa were held at six 
schools Satofttay. Each member 
of ft wittilag team and eadi 
inditdduU ^tmt will be re- 
eog&ind tk the individual 


ThiKtfrto soeeer tounnsMnt 
was^atB Kempsville Junior 
High with First Colonial de- 
fcattiiKettpsrille Jhnlorinthe 
flnaUi, MenAiers of the First 
Colonial team were Viola Eth- 
eridge, Cheri Lorden, Nancy 
Maaseo, Joan Jugo, Vanessa 
Moody, Vidde H(^^, aiar- 
leen Adams, Mary Snyder, 
Laura Hanck, llna Slagle, 
Charnel Etheridge, Chris Lem- 
mon, and Lynn Stanton. 

The beginoing field hodcey 
pHydfbmvre tMUi It Cox m|h 
School with the host schod 
winning by bettting Plasa Ju- 
nior in U» final game. Mem- 
bers df the winning Cox team 
were Valerie Brodsett, Perejr 
Majer, Carol Stedroan, Ksihy 
Rineker, Unda Hall, Jerri St. 
Onge, Joanne Gilbert, Karen 
Garrett, Lucy Garcia, Sally 
Wats(Hi, AnnGuthrie,EllenSar- 
gent, Kim Opallio and Beciv 

Hie girls advanced field hoc- 

key tournament was held at 
First ColcMiial with Princess 
Anne defeating Cox in tte fi- 
nals l^ a score (d 1-0. Mem- 
bera of the Princess Anne team 
were Lisa Grant, Karen Ven- 
able, Francis Badonsky, Kathy 
Krets,'Deblde Bulger, Debbie 
Clark, Gina Garcia, Vicki 
Teets, Laura Badcer, Helena 
Nichols, Carolyn Williams, 
Debbie Vlck, Debbie Moore, 
Donna llgnor^ and Nan Dick. 

The ninb grade boys soccer 
tounameitf was won by First 
Colonial over Cox In ttie final 
game being played at Kellam. 
Members pt the winning groiq> 
were John Korte, Barry Ether- 
idge, Larry Baler, Brian Ke- 
gan, Sandy Doyle, Walter Pot- 
ter, Ray Moore, Cheyneg Cole, 
John Brock, Wayne SUni, An- 
thony Salemone, Ron Columbus, 
John Wri^t, Ron MolonviUe, 
George Sadowski, Russ Taylor, 
SDohhle ffttiglns, Pete Scoppa, 
Mike Eak, BiU Undwel, and 
Jim Torbii^. 

The speetflball results Mwre 
held at Kempsville High with 
the wimiers from Cox defeat- 
ing Princess Anne 7-4 in the 
finals. Members of tbejCoK 
team were David Brumfleld, 
.Hmmy Basnight, Billy New- 
well, Tom mil. Randy Robin- 
son, Luther Cuffee, Randy Lat- 
timer. Bill Bennett, Mike Card- 
well, Robin Watson. Tom Doxey. 



All .ii*. ^21.95 


1948-F Dtamofid Springs Rd. 
Phon« 464-3516 

Steve Prevette, Ray White, and 
Howard Lewis. 

The teiA grade touch focA- 
ball tournament was held at 
Princess Anne wi&k Uie win- 
ners coming from Bayslde High. 
The diampionship game was 
won in overtime by the score 
of 12-6 over the team ftom 
Princess Anne. The winnii« 
Bayslde team players were Syl- 
vester Carrington, John Mier- 
avey,^ jbmes Edwanls, Jeff 
Jeter, Rich Wilson, Herble 
Hawkiia, Nil Cooper, Kim Bas- 
sett, and Kenny Harrell. 

Winners in the Tennis Torna- 
meiU held at Princess Ame 
were as follows: lOke Skalt- 
sounis of Kempsville High in 
the siii|gles and Brodosi Williams 
and David Swingte of Cox In 
the doubles. 

The next set of extramurals 
will be held at the conqdetion 
of the first semester and will 
^include ttie activities ccitiified 
In the second unit of instruc- 



The Living Christmas Tree, 
so popular with Girl Scoute 
and their parents last year, 
• will be held again at Princess 
Anne Hi^ School Stadium on 
Dec. 20 it was announced at 
the monthly meeting of Girl 
Scout leaden; of Unkhoin Nei- 

Each Girl Scout and Brownie 
will bring a can (^ food which 
will go to needy families. 
Troops are donating food for 
Thanksgiving baskete also. 

Two new Brownie troops and 
one mw Junior troop have been 
formed in the Neighborhood. 
The troops are all holding their 
meetings at W.T. Cooke Ele- 
mentary School. Any girls in- 
terested in joining ^ould c<mi- 
tact the Troop Organizer, Su- 
sie Sdieer, at 428-6951. There 
is always a need for adult 
leaders too. 

The next nei^iborhood meet- 
ing will be held at First Pres- 
l^erian Church on Dec. 10. 
Everyone is asked to bring a 
few of their favorite holid^r 


Jdm D. Haralson of ^ Ca- 
valier Golf and Yacht Club, 
Virginia Beadi, will be among 
more tiiaa 150 top aowteor 
golfers from ttiroughout ttie 
United States wlu wiU compete 
during tb» Thanksgiving itedc- 
endvin the; 19TO St. Lode Fla, 
Coimtry Clut^ RMOrt Amateur 
Ii^tattoial Champl(»sUp. 

The tournament Is a 72-hole 
medal pl^ event featuring 
nightly eirtertainment by many 
of NashvlUe, Tennessee's top 
reconfing Stan. 

Called "the toarnameiit 
where everybody has fim". Hie 
competition is divided into 
men's and women's fUiJitB 
accordli^ to handicap, giving 
everyone a chance to win. In 
addition, a diampionship divls- 
ton will play firom tcratdu 

Adding to ^ house party at- 
mosphere at ttie resort will be 
singing star BdMqr GoMsboro, 
plus Ronnie Prc^t and his 
jEiAnilou^ one-man show and te 
popular sounds (A the Nash- 
vlUe Brass. 

The tournament is played 
over ttie St. Lade Cou^ 
Club's two reowned 18-hole 
championship courses, the 
6,S47-yard Saii^ and 7,010- 
jnrd Sinners. This is ttie nlitfh 
oooseciMve year a top ama- 
teur tournament hat been pUyed 
here over ttie Thanksgiving 




With only 12 seconds left on 
ttie dock, FirstColonlal's Mike 
Branldi lofted a 10-yard toudi- 
down pass to Clinton Bcadshaw 
to lift ttie Patriots to, a 26- 
20 win over Granby in the last 
Virginia Beach football game of 
the ieaion. 

The fame, idayed Saturday 
nii^ beeaoie of wet groiads 
ttw night before, left Uia.Pa- 
trioto with an impressljq^ 7-3 
seas<m and provided a happy 
ending to a seuon ttiat lAarted 
out slowly. Granby, 4-4-1, gets 
(mly four days' rest before 
meeting unbeatoi, U^-ruiked 
Maury on Thadaglving Day. 

Hie Comete carried an 8-6 
lead Into ttie lodnr rdom at 
^ half on a one-yard rai by 
Pat Orem and a oonversioo km 
caught W Dave Hoyer. The A- 
triots'- first half scoring was 
limited to a spectacular 38- 
yard tfllop by Walton Cowell. 
A oonversioe run fhlled. . 

First Cdonlal gained a 12. 
8 lead In ttie ttiird quarter uten 
Cowell returned a Granby punt 
65 yards for paydirt. Tiie Co- 
mete came badi witti a 15- 
yard dash by Buddy Walker and 
Jack Pickler hit Moyer for 
anottier six pointe after ttie 
Patriote had gone In froirt 20- 
14 on Br ads haw's two-yard 

pttier Virginia Beach high 
sdiool foottnll actton ended a 
week earlier. 




Monthly Payment Conventional Type 





210-25th St. Virjrinii Beach Va. 

Phone 428-93,31' 

Over 104,700,000 motor ve^ 
hides were traveling U. S. 
streete and highways t^ ttie end 
of 1969. Of the totol, some 
86,560,000 were pumnier 
ears, acmrding to ttw Vlrgiala 
Department of Hii^iw ays, , 


You'll find a 

friend where you 

see this sign. 

For more informay^n 


uutmm BUCH sum 


Vol. 1 No. 11 

November 25, 1970 

A WEEKLY picnmi 



■J^f > ■■ 3»Sif;«#iA'" ^'-Sf -■; 




Trantwood Elementary School saw all kinds of story- 
book characters parading thru the halls last week. 
The occasion was Children's Book Week and the 
characters were students dressed in the costume of 
their favorite book character for a contest whidi 
was held at the school. CINDY BOWMAN was Meg, 
EILEEN COAKLEY was Gretel Brinker and JACKIE 
HASKILL was Jiminy Cridcet. More pictures on pages 
8 and 9. 

Above Left 

IN SIGHT wants to wish all of our readers a safe and 
happy Thanksgiving. This old Tom who makes bis 
home on MR. CECIL FLANAGAN'S farm at Pungo, 
won't have a very ha^y cme U»ug^, cause even tboi^ 
he probably won't be anyones Thanksgiving dinner tUs 
year many of his girl friends will. 


DON VINSON, JR. made his first solo fUght in a 
g^der Sunday. DON, a freshman at Baj^ide Hig^ 
School, has been interested in sailplanes for about 
two years birt could not solo until he became 14 years 
ok). Here DON and his instructor JACK FULGHUM, 
wait for the tow plane to iaks up slack. See pages 
2 and 3 f(H: more pictures. 




VINSON of N. WitcWuck Road, is only 14 years old 
but be's doing something Out only a handful of pec^e, 
in this country, have ever done, DONALD is learning 
to fly saiUdaoMi. The IN SIGHT ptaotc^^pber Wsited 
with DONALD and his friends in the Tidewater 
Soaring Society, Inc. at South Norfolk Airport Saturday 
to get these pictures. 


DONALD and his instructor, JACK FULGHUM, check 
over the clvbs two place sailplane before going 19 for 
a lesson. "^ 

Here the stdlplane is Just letvii^ flie. ground nd has 
left the "wing-man", MIKE ERICXSON, behind. 

DON and fellow club members, also of Virginia 
B^ach, Mlia: ERICKSON 16 and TED KERCHER, 
look over a Diamant sailplane. The IMamant, made 
in Switsa>land, is a competition plane and is owned 
by LT. J.G. TED GRAfiOWSKY, member of a seal 
team at Uttle Creek. 

puUished each NMnesday by the Beach Putilishir« (k>^^ 

publishers of The VifRinia Beach Sun 
Gordon B. IMtclwli, Managor 

3108 Pacific Avenue, ViiKinia Beach, Va. 234S1 
The WoiU'sLaigest Resort Cily 




INSIGHT Wednetddr. Nov. 25, 1970 Page 3 

rhe Diaroant, even with her sleekness, looks ungainly 
uid out of place being towed down the runway but — 

.* .^' i •■(<■ Vti jp .a » (.' ttLJ g 3^~^- T W' ■ 

The Tidewater Soaring Society's two sailplanes are in the fore- 
grmind ol tMs picture of South Norfolk Airport. Hiere are only two 
odier > siottfi'ng clubs in Virginia, one in Roanoke and the otl^r in 
Lei^i^ltoa. The Tidewater Club has thirty members who pay cxily 
for lowing fees. To beconie a glider pilot requires Uie s^licant to 
pass a written examination administered by the Federal Aviatioir 
Afency, a <^e€k ride by an F.A.A. inspector and ten hours of flying 
ttme. To solo a student must have made thirty-five glides. DON 
VIISON 14, made his first solo fli^t Sunday after these pictures 
were taken. 

— in the air she assumes all the gracefulness of a huge bird and soars quitely with only the whoosh 
of wind over her airfoils to disturb the silence. 


for Our Losf 


■•fore Ckrisfmas! 

LtMtrn to make yotir own Imliiliiy dc'-<>r«H<ini< 
lor )h» lort-ltnil riiridtman ever; Coliittlrle 
Klt-ciim of tria in floi-k. ^ 

Uyaway Chrwtmas TraiiH Now. 20% OFF "¥ 
on «l HO and N Gatfge frains and accassorias. j* 

Virsiiia's Hobby & Craft I 


"Tidewater's Oriffinal" 

Pacific Ave. At 25tli St. 
^ Viririnia Beack 




151 E. Little Creek Rd. 
Wajds Comer Norfolk 

Pa8>t4 INSIGHT Wadnekday, Nov. 25, 1970 

Scoiits Tour 


Press Facilities 

liemlMrs of ttie Brownie Scout Troop 280 toured tlie facilities <tf tlie 
Beach Publishii« Corporation recently. 

They were quite interested in the typesetting equipment which perforates 
computer tape for printing the text of the Virginia Beach Sun and Iisight 
At the machines are MELISSA JONES and KATHY SMITH. MRS. FRED 
HOCHMUTH is troop leader andMRS^JOHNHENDRIKSENls Asst. Uader 

MIKE RAPER explains plates, rollers, fountains, ink and pt^ier used on the 
offset press whidi is used to print six newspapers. 

Advertising Paus 

Call 428^2401 

Planning a party? 

!•<•- •,'* 

Invite Sandler Foods first 

A Complete Selection of PARTY FOODS 


DeUcate Patty Shells 
Assorted Hors d' deouvres 
Assorted Cold Canapies 
Wing Ding Orumettes 
Barney Egg Rolls 
Swedish Cocktail Meatballs 
Franks in Blanket 
Variety of small party Pizzas and 

Pizza Rolls 
Full Assortment of Crackers and 

Potato Chips 


Frozen Oaqueri Mix 
Frozen Whiskey Sour Mix 
Mrs. "T" Bloody Mary Mix 


Sharp or Blue Cheese Spreads 


Crab Fingers 
King Crab Legs 
King Crab Meat 
Fresh Backfin Crabmeat 
Fresh Special CraEmeat 
Peeled & Deveined Shrimp 

(asst sizes) 
Jumbo Cooked Shrimp 
Frozen Jumbo Shrimp 
Variety of Fresh Fish 
Fresh Oysters & Clams 


Cooked Smithfield Ham 
Cooked Turkey Breast 
Cooked Roast Beef 
Boned & Rolled Turkey 


Sweet Mixed Fancy Pickles 

Cocktail Olives 

Tomato Pieces — 

Pickled Corn 

Hot Cherry Peppers 

Fancy Relishes 


Assorted Frozen Pastries 
Cream Puffs and Eclairs 


Plastic Glasses for Parties 
Fancy Peanuts of All Kinds 
Delicious Party Rolls 


Full line of Coiwenience Foods 
Ready to Heat and Serve 


All Items Available In Assorted Sizes 
Many other gala holiday party foods too numerous to mention 


IZZ4 llMnNHIO SwrUfiS nU* ^^ Northampton Blvd. Bridge Tunnel Rd. 

** at Route Y and 13 Y fotenection 

nione 464-394 (Hien MMfiiys Til 6 nN «^ 


INSIGHT Wedmtdny, Nov. 25, 1970 Pom 5 


Councilman REID ERVIN bolds tte Iiedge shears with 
which he cut, the rihiwn at formal (^enlng of the new 
Western Auto store in King's Stopping Center at London 
Bridge. Managers of all Western Auto stores in the 
area and company officials were present for the grand 
(^ning. Manager of the new store is ROBERT HECK 
who was formerly manager of die Portsmouth Store, 



Aldridge & Chambers, Inc. at London Bridge has set 
up a diapostic center for small engines. GENE ERB, 
mechanic and VERNON BURRIS, lawn mower depart- 
ment supervisor, can now check out a motor on the 
bench and give a more accurate estimate of the cost 
of repairs. 


SANDRA HOLLAND is a young lady who has faith 
in Virginia Beach. There is a move afoot to get more 
Beach merchants to stay open year round and bring 
shoppers to the beachfront. SANDRA has bought the 
Mexican Shop «t 206 23rd Street and plans to keep 
the shop open year round. She has a fine line of native 
• crafts wui a pretty smile for everyone. We irtsh ber 
well ami hope that other merchants wiU follow her 

Service Mgr. 


•Free Lubrication 

•Tune up Speclol— 

Install PliwB* Points* 
Condenser. Complex 
Ei«ioe Check Up & Road 
Tested $14,95 

G«fi«rai Motors / 

Pf BMinoiit Antl-Fr— zo $2.75 gel. / 


21st. A Pacific Avs. Ptione 428-2132 

Pqge6 tKSJQHT Wodnesday, Nov. 25. 1970 

Second Annual Home Crafts Show 

Tbe Second Annual Home Crafts Sbow and Sale will be held at ttie Dome December 
4, 5, and 6th. JIM MATHIAS, muiager of tbe Dome, arranged for some of ttie exhi- 
bitors to set up their wares for the IN SIGHT photographer. MI^. GLADYS CADDY 
displays some (A her handnade Jewelry and lapidary work. MRS. CADDY cuts and 
polishes slab gem stone and also tumble polishes stones to leave them in their 
natural shapes. 

CIOEF and MRS. H.D. STACY are shown here with daughter, KATHT, 18 months, and 
some oMheir home crafted candles. The STACY'S make Icmg burning scented candles 
In all shales and sises. 


MARSHA CHENMAN is only 13 years oUtatsbe'U Jww taer own booth at te HoiM Cafts Jtar. MABSfiA 
says she has a Uttte bit of wreral tUop. loclnled in MARSHA'S booth wiU be artteteftit^tdtoila realn. 
key rings, beads and ilngB, 'modpoc^', and decoratid taraady sniftera. 

MRS. JOHN E. CROCKFOSD aad tor tateBd win teaded dMt 
a(tfl«s, caafflt Inidars aad daeonUsM, 1^. CSOOffORD eipUMd 
lilt ite flan ti ait to Ito dedzsd siii^ aad adiBs snoottod. Ito iMd 
is OwB meldad arowd fl» glaii m fltt JoiBls^oidered. 



INSIGHT Wtdntiday, Nov. 25, 1970 Paif^T 


„ t 

MRS. CHARLES TODD (PAULINE), Master Accredited Judge, presented The theme of her program, which featured Christmas design and flowdr 
A program before the Feder^(n> of Garden Clubs of Norfolk & Vidnity. arranging, was "Christmans All Through Your House". 

Wa0t an unusual pet? Hie Virginia Beach S P C A gets some unusual ones from time to tinw for ^^drto 
find homM. At present- Pepi LaPew, a four month old deodorised skunk, is seeking a home. Pep4 is very 
gentle, having been raised in a home, and will make a fine pet. VirginU law does not allow wild animals 
to be kept w pets but in Pepi's case, sioce be was raised as a pet, permdssioo has been granted. 


In ti j! CleaHout Seryit.^ 




At Shore Dri?e 


Color Specialists 

Sales and Senriee 


Be SatUfied With Baiftitk 



Delivered FuKy Equipped in Norfolk 

00 $ 



'With Ap^foved Credit) 

ToMt prk* SI849. S49 do«m. $1800 to finonct, 36 
monthty poyiMnltoi S59, iinonct chorgts S324, telol 
ol (ontrac* $2124, onnvol patctntog* rot* ) 1 .08%. 

McuMSTini I ucns rn ui nMViiniiM m nmumn 
tiMKs rm stmcf mshcim kk w nuMW wun 

runiHS: • 4 ilHi iK Mh • *-m>t M|t lltwlni tm- 
I • Mm MNMb MM Mb • ShM ^pM MlV qtlM 
I WW Ml ril iMr ■ aMMi • li Mgi opNl^ i-qMl 
M IhIv-MMMv ' l-Mil ibckit Bkn ■! tal M iMriiiiM 
I* tl wilMMMNll MMll • MMHIH iMf 
Wk~M«lwr* Mortnto* MMkmrin* 4Inr 
• IM* MlMll IIIM • Mto riM •ftiMr lllll • 4 
m|M^|9Ht»^mi^^9t»i^ mlti aim * UUUm^m 
• MMr Ml • fiB ■« !■> Mm M tal 





PogtS IN SIGHT We<inesday, Nov. 25» 1970 

TnaUamod Ekmmtmy Sekml 

Creative Costumes Promote Book Fair 

Becicli-Bclnp Ilise 

The students of Trantwood Ele- 
mentary School proved last week 
that they have been doing their 
reading lessons. In conjunction 
with National Children's Book 
Week, they held a book Mr 
and costume contest. The IN 
aCHT photdgrai^er visited the 
school auid took i^dures of 
some of the winners. 

It took two youngsters. MARY ANNE STURTRIDGE and SHARON ELUS ^^^ff'jj^^\^'^^^^^^^^^^ 

to make up on of the alltime favorites to children's stories-Black as Pocohantas and ELIZABETH FUCELLA was a graamamer cioca. 

These three young men posed with a couple of (4her story-book diaracters, Blackbeard is really young 
MIKE KARANGALEN, BRUCE GORE is the Cat in Hat aiKl CHRIS DE HART is Johnny Appleseed. 

Even thouf^ the "Great Pumpkin" didn't show, again tMs year, for 
Charlie Brown be did coow to the Trantwood txxA Mr in the person of 
PAIGE SEARLE. PAULA COVILL was Old Mn4ber Hubbard and TOMMY 
JORDAN was Captain Crocric 



INSIGHT Wednesday, Nov. 25, 1970 Page 9 

From Black Bgard 


Winterised $14 
Stored $3.45. 


Call 340-8265 

Snoopy, USA TURNER, as the 'World War One Ace" shows Babe, the Blue Ox, JI 
a book about Charlie Brown's dog. The Blue Ox was ROBERT PERNA and MARK ^ 


Y9U never know when you'll need H.E.LP. 

Hospitel and madical costs are at an alt time high 
... and still going up. You could be swallowed up 
financially . . . unless you have H.E.LP. It's the new 
plan of Health Expense Loss Protection that safe- 
guards you against mamnw^h medical bills* pon't 
take chances with your present benefits. They may 
be too old for today's heavy costs. 

If your protection Is out of date 


You'll be thankful you did. 

KeXtcuH, -catcH 





entire stock of over 300 bicycles 
was damaged by 


They Are On Sale At 







1350 Kempsville Road AtAeredak 420-8810 

■M w i « i ji i^ Bljj i jjiiiijie^rtp y i Dj i a 1 jii -. i .jLi 


Pag* 10 INSK>HT Wedneiday, Nov. 25, 1970 

to Cafrtiin 

New Exec. Officer 

COMMANDER VIBGIL J. LEMMON, who U presenttsr tbB drcraft malntoiiuiee 
officer at Navtl Air S^^km OcMma» started Us career as a seaman and mui 
reoeirtly selected for tbe node at captain. His selectioo came two years abead 
of tbe DormallF aUotted time. CDR. LEMMON is tbe first man ever selected 
for captain from tbe aeronaotical naintenance duty flffieer designator. 
CDR. LEMMON bas been associated ivltb aviation maintenance 'slnoe 1943 
wben be was an aviation medianic. He made dii^ petty officer in less ttan 
four years and in 1953 received Us commissi(». At age 35 be was flie ofatest 
ei»ign in ttie Navy. 

Naval Air Station Oceana bas a new exectuive offl<»r. CAPTAIN HAROLD 
F. GERNERT reUeved CAPTAIN JOHN LAVRA wbo rettred from tbe U.S. 
Naval Reserve on October 30, 1970. Prior to coming to Vir^ida Beacb, 
CAPTAIN GERNERT bad been in tbe office of tbe Chief of Naval Operations 
since April 1967. 

CAPTAIN GERNERT, wbo was bom November 3, 1923, has attended Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute and Bridgeport Engineering Institute. 


The only Picture paper 
covering Virginia Beach 


Atlantic A 31st Street 



BuBineiMmen Lmitelum finm 9S4 tip 




Per jTMr Diahw EatarteinMBt- 
U?e Onu M uk by Larrr Maw 

TlHniajr, Mtey, Satwiay aiid Baaity Ereaiaia 

awtrtted tbe Vietaamese Navy's Staff Service Me^ Flnt Class. Tbe presotitloo 
was made on bebalf of REAR ADMIRAL TRAN VAN CHON, Vietaai[|Me Navy cUtf 
of Mval Qperatifliis, during oareiBOBias beld at Us Stf |bn fesad9arta»8. 
Tbe 38-]^rHAt MrtMUt CMm^idu- irai cited to Us oubrtaattnr tflwts trtlte 
serving as an Malyst of opwi^foari information on the staff of tte oommaader 
of U.S. naval foreet'te VietaaB dmriac Ibe paft year. 




INSIGHT W»clnet<fciy, Nov. 25, 1970 Poga 1 f 

Holds Attention 

of Fifth Graders 

H The fifUi grades at W.T. Cook Elementary School are^ 
^ studing space. Last week some members of Squadron VC 4 

at Oceana Naval Air Station took a movie about space to the 

school. While tture they invited the classes to come to^ 

Oceana as their guests. 
On Friday 120 fifth graders were guests of Squadron VC 4 — 

in hangt r 200. The students were treated to cookies and 

punch and were told about space travel and jet planes and 

"G" suits. 
Assembled in hanger 200 the students listened to a lecture 

on Jets and Jet travel. 

^ — ■ 


The ^^TJ^^suit was a very pdpular 
toi^c and drew many questions f^om 
the boys and girls, (at ri^t) 

DON MATtHEWS, AMHAN, modeled the "G" suit while KEN 
DEWEESE, PR2, explained it's use and ftmctions to KEITH MOODY, 














Pflf^ia INSIGHT W«|»^tay, Nov. as, 1970 

First Colonial 


A Salute To Football 

High School News 

Varsity Coaches L to R Hard-driving Une coach STEWART 
DOUGLAS and touchdown hungry, FRED BRITTON 

Jr. Varsity Coaches L to R JERRY LOAR, TED PHELPS 
Finished wttfi a Wimdng Seasra 



"Head Coach & Athletic Directw 

First Cobnlal Varsity Squad: Kneeling Left to Ri^t: Clintcm Bradshaw, Jay Van Kleek, 
Mike Brannich, co-cai^ain. 1st row left to rightt Dean Pulley, Jim Owens, Jay Klght, 
Vince Nsyxilitano, Jim Lauka, Otis Cuffee, Scott Reed, Steve Taylor, Richard Hogue. 
2nd row left to ri{^t: Curt Sowery, David Bradshaw, Howard Wyle, liflckey Cowan, 
Carter Sinclair, Ridcy, John Shelton, Mike Wareing. 3rd row left to rig^t: Ridcy Gore, 

Leonard Berry, Tex Marlowe, Ron Galyn, Steve Johnson, Gary Brumley, Allen 6^ner, 
Lee Pontes, WeltonCowell,TomSofleld. 4th row left to right: Butch Fiore, Keith Baker, 
George Myers, Dick Hepler, Scott Davidson, Tom Stovall, Mark Lett, Rick Romano, 
Tom CoIUns. Coaches left to right: Frank Webster, Stewart Douglas, Fred Brittoo. 

Junior J. V. Coaches L to 



Good Season (considering ttie 


Ass. Editor 
Sports Editor 

M. Courtney Rsportsrt 
K. Dudcstt J. Hooks' 
J. Hooks S. Walker 
J. CInlMay J. JaanbiB 
B. Barber , K. Dudntt 
ft Barbara Klrkpotrldt 

Hard Worttng lllllaieni t to R GARY GREGORY. BRIAN RABE 




m^-}.: X ■■} 

t. '■■■■■« ; 







Pag* 13 







llie MireUng Band inter tte (Bnctfoo of MR. R(»f LEVI 

i i 


jtHfiv ■* 

i» ' f 



Jr. Varsltjr Cheerleaderg..wAD<l tte Spirit Moved Tb»n 


Ttie DriU Team sponsored by MISS PEGGY GARVIN 


Pago 14 INSIGHT 

> Nov. 2^ 1970 

Pig Parlor??? 

' t 

Ever heard of a "pig parlor"? MR. R. LEE CAREY las a "pig parlor" at tiis 
on Indian River Road. Actually we could say it's a maternity ward for sows, 
.use iiiien one of MR. CAREY'S sows is going to give birth to some little 
gs she goes to Qie "pig parlor". 
Each pen in the pig parlor has steel rails running the length ci the pen in the center. 
This allows the sow, or' mother hog, to lay down on either side but not in a corner 
or next to a side of the pen. By forcing her to lay down in the middle of the pen 
ttie young pigs can nurse without the danger of being smothered. 

JIMMIE WELLS, caretaker of the pig parlor, holds a 17 tby old Duroc pig which 
be said will wei^ about twenty pounds. 



avaftr'f JTmI Umuiud 6M Sht^ 

Shop In Hm Old Tyae Conntry Atnotphtre 


(At Prineew Thefttre) 

Mof).-Fri^_1_0 _• 5^ _ SundgyJ - 5 


OVER 125 

Just as you've always heard, hogs like to eat md feediag time is a noisy time as ttiey all oonw nmning and 
fl^t over ttie.trou{^. 

Lincoln, Mark 111, Cougars, Montigos, 

Comets, Mercurys and 100 

Usod Cars for January Dallvary 

237S VirfW. Im^I ihA ^ i^„^ ^ ^ 3 < im t 

INSIGHT Wdnetday, NOV. 2S, 19T0 Page 15 


As An Introduction to our new 

^wee1cIynctoriai;Tou May 

— ^-,-™ 


Subscribe to 

VA.BEACH IN S\Gi\T WbbMy F'mrhl 

. ) 



R^ularly 5.20 • year 

Both For One Year For Only $5. 00 

aip And MaU Tlw Introductory Coupon tolow 




ric ioto d dioclt or Monoy Ordor Andltotumto- 


"« « 


Page 16 IN$10^T Wednesday. Nov. 25, 1970 



' <'yyj < »>J 



Independence Blvd. & Bonney Rood 

Invites You To Our 




6 Pack 

(Plus Dcpoiit) HlHUlMiJmiMIIIII 








Jim Cornell, Monager 497-4601